Caroline Glick: Why would anyone Jewish want to live in Britain?

This is a must read by Caroline Glick and a really sad state of affairs she finds Europe in:

FRONT PAGE – After participating last week in a debate in London about Israeli communities beyond the 1949 armistice lines organized by the self-consciously pretentious Intelligence Squared debating society, I can now say from personal experience that Amis is correct. The public atmosphere in England regarding Israel is ugly and violent.

The resolution we debated read: “Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy. If settlement expansion continues Israel will have no future.”

My debating partner was Danny Dayan, the outgoing head of the Yesha Council.

We debated Daniel Levy, one of the founders of J-Street and the drafter of the Geneva Initiative, and the son of Lord Michael Levy, one of Tony Blair’s biggest fundraisers; and William Sieghart, a British philanthropist who runs a non-profit that among other things, champions Hamas. Levy has publicly stated that Israel’s creation was immoral. And Sieghart has a past record of saying that Israel’s delegitimization would be a salutary proces and calling for a complete cultural boycott of Israel while lauding Hamas.

We lost overwhelmingly. I think the final vote tally was something like 500 for the resolution and 100 against it.

A couple of impressions I took away from the experience: First, I can say without hesitation that I hope never to return to Britain. I actually don’t see any point. Jews are targeted by massive anti-Semitism of both the social and physical varieties. Why would anyone Jewish want to live there?

As to visiting as an Israeli, again, I just don’t see the point. The discourse is owned by anti-Israel voices. They don’t make arguments to spur thought, but to end it, by appealing to people’s passions.

For instance, in one particularly ugly segment, Levy made the scurrilous accusation that Israel systematically steals land from the Palestinians. Both Dayan and I demanded that he provide just one example of his charge. And the audience raged against us for our temerity at insisting that he provide substantiation for his baseless allegation. In the event, he failed to substantiate his allegation.

At another point, I was asked how I defend the Nazi state of Israel. When I responded by among other things giving the Nazi pedigree of the Palestinian nationalist movement founded by Nazi agent Haj Amin el Husseini and currently led by Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, the crowd angrily shouted me down.

I want to note that the audience was made up of upper crust, wealthy British people, not unwashed rabble rousers. And yet they behaved in many respects like a mob when presented with pro-Israel positions.


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  • “There is no future for Jews in England”
    by Professor of Law William A. Jacobson Jan. 24, 2013

    Caroline Glick: “After participating last week in a debate in London about Israeli communities beyond the 1949 armistice lines organized by the self-consciously pretentious Intelligence Squared debating society, I can nowsay from personal experience that Amis is correct. The public atmosphere in England regarding Israel is ugly and violent.

    I can say without hesitation, that I hope never to return to Britain. I actually don’t see any point. Jews are targeted by massive anti-Semitism of both the social and physical varieties. Why would anyone Jewish want to live there?

    At another point, I was asked how I defend the Nazi state of Israel. When I responded by among other things giving the Nazi pedigree of the Palestinian nationalist movement founded by Nazi agent Haj Amin el Husseini and currently led by Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, the crowd angrily shouted me down.

    I want to note that the audience was made up of upper crust, wealthy British people, not unwashed rabble rousers. And yet they behaved in many respects like a mob when presented with pro-Israel positions.”

    This is what the UK / England is now becoming- a festering swamp of hatred and intolerance- anti-Semtism, which these barbaric medieval arab islamist muslim extremists / terrorists / insane dictators like Iran’s Ahmededajhad, wants to see Hitler’s mission fulfilled, and are succeeding in Western European Nations like the UK, as well as by Obama in America.- ie; the very same evil Hitler spewed.

  • BlueGood

    “U.K”. will hence be referred as “United Kalifate”…

    Bloody Wankers….it is almost degrading to know half of my heritage is so decidedly socialist stupid….

    • Marky_D

      Slight sweeping statement perhaps. You have your share of moronic lefties up there too – as my friends to the south of you do.

      I think we in the UK are a little further down the line than you guys and the US – but we are all heading in the same crappy direction.

      • sDee

        It is all the same global prgressive design. I say the US is but 5-10 years on the coattails of the UK. The infiltration at the Federal Government is complete.

        We will see if the States start to stand up. Our guns and our state sovereignty are the last line of defense. That is why the regime is going after both.

        • NYGino

          That is why I fly the Stars and Stripes (love of Country) and the Stars and Bars (States rights).

        • capelady

          The states are starting to stand up! 26 refused to create Obamacare exchanges which caught Obama by surprise, apparently. They are looking at nullification to defy the EPA and Obama’s executive orders. The county sheriffs are asserting themselves in defense of our 2nd amendment rights and they have power and authority over any federal agent (which is why the DHS wants to eliminate them but they do not have the authority to do that!). We have states passing Voter ID laws and immigration reforms, keeping Eric Holder’s DOJ very busy! And states are passing right to work laws. Scott Walkers reforms in Wisconsin have finally been supported in court and union membership has been reduced by half now that the dues are not deducted by the state! I am convinced that it is the states who will have to assert their rights and save our republic because Washington is too corrupt and too broken!

          • Sober_Thinking

            This a very hopeful and cogent post… I appreciate what you wrote. Excellent.

          • 12grace

            yes, this is good news!

        • notsofastthere

          Rahm Emanuel is going after the two main banks that supply gun manufacturers a line of credit. Bank of Amrica is one. Banks folded when it came to Community Reinvestment Act. I think they may fold on this one too.

          • sDee

            The AR is a modular rifle that easily be assembled from highly interchangeable parts by the consumer. There are thousands of small scale component manufactures who do not need large amounts of capital so……

            Two gun makers killed in two days, and no answers

          • Just a note about guns, Chicago does not need any more guns, they have more than enough, and they can re-supply themselves from their friends down south, via Fast and Furious, and eric can find a way to get some more down there, it’s not the shortest route , but it gets the job done.

      • 12grace

        My prayers are with the good people of the UK. America should learn by the UK’s example but I don’t think they will, etc.

    • 12grace

      This is very sad. I am sorry for the innocent Christians and Jews in the UK.

  • 1endtimes2020

    So what happened to “The Defender of the Faith?” Oh, yes, now I remember. Prince Charles said, a few years ago, the Queen is “Defender of the FaithS” plural. The slippery slope has taken effect, and now its Islam that is respected over Christianity.
    What a sad state of affairs.

    • sDee

      I am not sure it is respected but the politicians feign respect. Islam is a tool of the statist government, placed to be feared and appeased by the (unarmed) citizens.

      Baroness Warsi Accuses Critics of Islam As Being Un-British

      • 1endtimes2020

        Thanks sDee. I appreciate your reply. What gets me, and really puts me off, is the fact a person cannot wear a tiny cross on a chain in a muslim country, but that bold woman can be free to have a broadcasting program, spewing out all he demonic diatribe.
        She should be put on a plane and sent to the nearest muslim country.
        She certainly doesn’t deserve to breathing the air in the land of the Magna Carta. What irresponsible politicians!

        • sDee

          The video Lee B. Dixon posed below explains part of it.

          We have to stop being afraid to speak out. We have to welcome the accusations and hate as the confirmation that they have lost the argument. It is hard – generations have now been conditioned with guilt, and to be embarrassed and defensive of out culture and our religion.

          If we do not start standing our ground soon – there will be no return. How long before this woman’s diatribe comes from our Congres?s……

          New White House Chief of Staff Blamed Mo Video, Called for a World Where Islam is Not Disrespected

          • 1endtimes2020

            Jesus said not to be concerned what words we will need to say. We will be given the words by the Holy Spirit.
            I have never been reluctant to defend my faith when someone says something against the church or the christian religion. When someone uses the word ‘Christ’ this and that, I ask if that person is using the word as a prayer or as a curse. Usually it’s a curse. That’s when I tell them they will have to face Jesus one day, and usually they back off. Sometimes, they resume using the word. That’s when I tell them, without anger, they are offending me, and let them know I am not just going to stand there and keep taking it. One time a woman said to me “Oh, you think you’re so righteous!”, in which I answered, “I try to be”. Later on. the woman apologized to me. But the old habit continued, so I just avoided her. A year later she died.
            sDEE, I always enjoy reading your comments to everyone, and also to me. You’re a good thinker.


      Prince Charlie is deep in bed with Muslims. Not critical of any of them. Their friend.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Really? That must be very upsetting to his mother and father.

        • MLCBLOG

          Read your history. The uncle was big into Muslim sympathizing ever since WW2. The family has some sort of liberal attitude about loving all their subjects and they know about all this. One of the princes titles is protector of something or other having to do with Islam.

          • 1endtimes2020

            Read my history? They hid their sympathies very well. I never heard one thing about connecting that family with Islam.

            • MLCBLOG

              Dig deeper? go broader? I have read it in several credible sources.

  • 12grace

    Irvin Baxter and many other bible scholars believe that the 10 horned beast is the revival of the Holy Roman Empire, that is 10 countries of the EU, will rule. They will emerge as a world power after the war that is coming, concludes. That war is to start in the Euphrates. Hint: Israel will prevail.

    I wonder if Islam will be prominent in End Times rule as they have infiltrated Europe? Islam will not succeed in the Middle East but maybe they will prevail in Europe, although many bible scholars believe the religious leader that will rule with the anti-Christ will be in the position of Pope.

    Irvin Baxter – What Is The Future For Islam And The New World Order?

    Part 1 Endtime Ministries with Irvin Baxter Talks about the Popes

    Irvin Baxter – Interviews Dr. Tawfik Hamid (Former Islamic Extremist)

    WWIII Will Come to America

    Irvin Baxter Lesson 5 – Holy Roman Empire Revived 1 of 6

    Irvin Baxter Lesson 6 – The Antichrist And The False Prophet 2 of 6

    • capelady

      Many are starting to believe that the West viewed Bible prophecy through European eyes, for obvious reasons, and that it will not be a revived Holy Roman Empire at all, but ISLAM that will be the fulfillment of End Times prophecy! There is certainly a case to be made for that for those who are able to separate themselves from centuries of Western tradition.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Russia will invade Israel with muslims, and be defeated. Then the Chinese army will cross the Euphrates river that already has a dam that can shut off the water. They will number 200 million. The Pentagon has already confirmed, a few years ago, that China had trained 250 million soldiers. They are building a huge military, and I don’t believe I need to enumerate what they have in military assets.
        Just check out Google “What is the status of the Chinese miltary?”
        The battle that eventually takes place will lead to the return of Jesus Christ. Traditional Catholics who believe the apperance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, just prior to the Russian revolution to communism in 1917, will eventually convince a Pope to honor her request to Consecrate Russia to her. This had already been done to convert Mexico, and it will happen again. probably after Russian armies have been pushed back by Israel. This will result in the conversion of Russia. See www, and DVD “Heavens Key to Peace”. Look for photos of the Miracle of the sun. There will be peace for a time, but it will only buy time and the antiChrist will copy death and resurrection to imitate Christ, and restore the economies of the world, requiring everyone to be assigned only one I.D. number that can be used worldwide. A cashless society will require scanning to buy and sell, and anyone who protests his rules will be removed from the data base. He will demand people to worship him as God. Many will. It will all lead to war and when Jesus Christ conquers His enemies, He will reign for 1,000 years, and the devil will not be on the earth during that time.

        • capelady

          Well, Russia is and has always been Eastern Orthodox… and though Putin is restoring Bible study in the schools and rebuilding the churches – I don’t see them having anything to do with the Roman Catholic Pope. Sorry.

          I think you have the gist of it but I am always wary of anyone who thinks they have it all figured out with such precision.

          It is safe to say there will be an alliance between Russia and Arab/Muslim nations such as Iran and others to attack Israel, Israel will stand alone with only God to fight for her and she will prevail. Current trends in American politics make that far too easy to imagine because I don’t see this president standing with Israel despite his rhetoric.

          We know the Chinese will be involved in Armageddon… they are the only ones who can field an army of that size.

          Nobody knows when these things will happen, even Jesus didn’t know – we can only recognize the signs of the times.

          • 1endtimes2020

            I haven’t got it all figured out on my own. It’s what makes sense from the Bible and what actually did take place at Fatima, and what the mother of Jesus said. If you don’t want to take the time to take a look at the fatima site, then don’t tell me I’m making things up with my own ‘figuring’.
            Whatever happens with Israel, it won’t be with the present President. Too many other events have totake place after 4 years are up.
            Everything else you replied, I agree with. Don’t be sorry; you’re entitled to your opinions and views, of course, But when you criticize, at least refer to the site provided for your own investigation, first. Doesn thatmake sense to you? I would do the same for you, as I have for others who provided sites for me to see.
            I don’t believe I’m being unreasonable.
            The bottom line, we’ll all have to wait and see what unfolds in its own time. That will provide all the answers.

            • capelady

              What “makes sense” to you may not make sense to others. Where we differ is that you are viewing everything from a Roman Catholic perspective. Many Christians are not influenced by Fatima and Mary, the mother of Jesus, who disappeared from scripture after the second book of Acts… we do not venerate her the way you do.

              As I said…I am just very wary of anyone who provides a tremendous amount of detail for end times events because there is so much imagery and room for interpretation. Jesus told us the signs of the times of course, and we can piece some things together, but we are not given enough information to know for sure and God clearly does not want us to know every detail or He would have made it clear.

              It is not about being right anyway… it is about being ready!

              • 1endtimes2020

                Many signs have been given and received since the bible. Miracles for example, and not always from a catholic source. When some event, like Fatima, has been reported in a newspaper, run by scoffers and non believers, and then have to admit there was a ‘miracle’ of the sun, it’s not a matter of interpretation. 70,000 people stood in the rain in a field. You can see the faces of the crowd. It had been raining for 3 days. After the sun appeared to be coming down on the earth, and return to its place again, everyone and everything—every leaf, was completely dry. How is that subject to interpretation? What makes you think the Catholic church is wrong? Maybe you are. All the other denominations broke away from the original that Jesus created Himself. I listen to the gospel and sermons from other denominations, and they are usually very profound. I feel I have Jesus in my soul when I take Holy Communion.
                The church liberalized in the early 1960s, against centuries of warnings by previous Popes over the centuries, that it would lead to a slippery slope. Once the church liberalized, there was no chance the Pope and bishops in the world would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary. Mary doesn’t want to be worshiped, but she has been given a role by Jesus. It is not something that was prohesized, but Mary said if Russia is not converted because of the lack of the consecration the world would become communist. I think you can see that happening right now. Mary said the consecration of Russia would take place, but “it will be late.” In 2017 it will be 100 years since she appeared to the 3 shepherd children at Fatima,Portugal. I can only end this by saying we’ll just have to wait and see if that happens, and Russia converts. Right now, the Orthodox church in Russia will not allow the Pope to visit there.
                Doesn’t sound like a legitimate Christian religion to me.
                Whatever Putin says about the church is for political reasons.
                When you hear a Pope consecrate Russia, and Russia converts to Catholicism, like Mexico did, it will stop Russia from spreading its errors throughout the world—and that–is the goal Mary had for the consecration in the first place. I think you know Russia spread its errors throughout the world for nearly 100 years, don’t you?

                • capelady

                  Jesus said the he would build his church on the truth of what Peter said, not on Peter himself. Roman Catholics believe that their religion is the only true faith and much of the Christian world disagrees with that.

                  Martin Luther recognized something very profound that the Roman Catholic Church was too corrupt to recognize at that time – that salvation was through grace and could not be purchased. They were selling indulgences, for goodness’ sake. The Roman church was as much about politics and earthly power as faith, and many of the early Popes were soldiers.

                  God did not send Jesus to start a new church, he sent Jesus to complete the Jewish faith. There were no “Christians” in Jesus’ day.

                  All followers of Jesus Christ are “the church”, the Body of Christ. Denominations were created by men. Anyone who believes the gospel and follows Jesus is a member of that body. The differences between us that are doctrinal and resulted in various denominations are a creation of men, not God.

                  Clearly you are Roman Catholic and you have every right to believe anything you want, but having that right doesn’t make you right at the expense of all others.

                • 1endtimes2020

                  How is my belief at the expense of others—at your expense, for example. Surely, what you believe is not at my expense.
                  Jesus said to Peter, ‘On this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell wull not prevail against it. Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Whosoever’s sins you retain, shall be retained in heaven”. That’s what I learned. That doesn’t make me a bad person. As for Martin Luther, he didn’t need to start his own church to argue a point. He could have worked within the church, The practice of paying for indulgences may have had its reasons for the times they lived in, but it was discontinued. The Pope can be wrong on these kind of things, but not on dogma, inspired to him as a representative of Jesus Christ.
                  Yes, I am a Roman Catholic, and I uphold the ten commandments to the best of my ability. They are not a burden. Partaking of Holy Communion brings me strength to resist temptations to sin. That makes me a good citizen, and not a threat to anyone.
                  You seem to have more than a disagreement with Catholics; I sense hatred from you, and anger. You could work on that part of your belief, rather than giving me a talking down.
                  I had a feeling if I brought up my beliefs that touched on ‘religion’. rather than only conservatism, I would ‘get mail’, from someone like you. but that’s okay. It goes with the territory.
                  I’d rather live with millions of people like you, than to be overtaken by muslims, who would kill both of us for believing Jesus Christ died for our sins.
                  I will give you the last word, without reply, if you want that.

          • Sober_Thinking

            I think you’re closer to the truth. Again, good post.

          • 12grace

            You are right that only G-d knows when these things will occur but we can identify the signs of End Times. I understand that their are many ways to interpret scripture and I believe that it is positive that we are having the discussion.

            C said: Current trends in American politics make that far too easy to imagine because I don’t see this president standing with Israel despite his rhetoric.

            12 response:Obama’s F-16 Delivery Could Help Egypt Destroy Israel

            Read More At IBD:

            I used to believe that America would always stand with Israel but we have seen serious breeches of policy since obama got into office. He seems to support the enemies of America and Israel at every turn.

            B. HUSSEIN OBAMA: ‘I will stand with the Muslims. .

            Obama Says We ‘Must’ Condemn ‘Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam’

        • MLCBLOG

          Your analysis agrees with a lot of other Christians, not Catholics. I am trying to see how it’s all connected with the Muslim Caliphate that is now apparently attempting to be established.

          Fascinating. I think it behooves us to remember that this is theory, not fact yet.

        • MLCBLOG

          Scripture Matt 24, Dan 9:24, Rev 6 has it ending with Jerusalem surrounded and Jesus Christ’s return to save them.

      • las1

        There is not one European nation slated for God’s judgement in the Old Testament prophesy. Rome is mention numerous times in the NT… but not once in connection with judgement. On the other hand, all those countries slated for judgement in the OT are the ancient precursors to Muslim held lands. The whole book of Isaiah names them and places them geographically in the Middle East and not in Europe.

        The long and short of it is that Europe is NOT the entity spawning the Anti-Christ, and neither is Rome the seat of that beast. The presently defunct and now resurgent Ottoman Empire is the historic entity making a come back to once again terrorize Europe and surround Israel. And Europe’s supine weakness will be the only contributing factor to the rise of the Islamic Beast known as the Anti-Christ.

        Slowly Euro Centric students of Biblical eschatology are awakening to the reality of Islam by dint of the sheer weight of daily headlines. They are beginning to reevaluate all the palaver they have learned at the hands of guys like Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey and Grant Jeffrey who wrongly place Europe as the great amalgam of nations coming against Israel. Geographical Bible prophecy supports none of it. On the other hand, Bible prophecy zeros in exactly on Muslim nations who are slated for judgement and destruction.

        Walid Shoebat has had an upward climb to wrest misguided eschatology from the Eurocentric view to the Middle East Centric view of prophecy. Joel Richardson is another good source to consult concerning the Beast coming from Islam and the caliphate and NOT from Europe.

        • capelady

          I agree wholeheartedly.

        • 12grace

          I have a great deal of respect for Walid Shoebat but do not think that the 10 Horns of the beast are Middle East, Islam . It seems to contradict Daniel. However, I have heard from reliable sources that the anti-Christ will come from Turkey. I wonder if the EU will be the 10 Horned beast and Islam will rule through Europe. I just don’t get how the Pope will be the head of the One World Region.

          Some bible scholars say that after WWIII the world will be so tired of war that they buy into the notion that if we have no religion, no borders and one government system there will be no more wars. Co-incidentally, this is the same philosophy that the UN and proponents of One World Order believe now.

          Turkey As The Antichrist Nation Seven Scriptural Proofs – Turkey Fallen To The Islamists – Turky In Islamic Prophecy – The Time Is Ripe For A Revived Muslim Caliphate – editorial

          The Holy Roman Empire and the Ottomans: From Global Imperial …
          The Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, especially under their … reformed and modernised, developed into the nation state of the Republic of Turkey.

          End of the Age-WWIII – entrance ramp for the antichrist Part A (1/3)


      • 12grace

        I have heard this version of End Times, as well.

        But, it seems to negate the book of Daniel.

        • las1

          Quote from your article:
          His kingdom will be the revived Holy Roman / Ottoman Empire As discussed in other areas of this book, he will likely be crowned king of the Holy Roman Empire by the reigning Pope and will likely be considered the Muslim Mahdi.

          Holy Roman/Ottoman… how they get Europe out of this is beyond me, but they continue to think Holy Roman hence Europe. And they are obsessed with the Popes. No… the geography is Middle EAst, which is made up mostly of the old Roman Empire. The Ottoman empire is NOT European, and it’s geographic scope took up where the Old Roman Empire left off. I do believe however that the Roman Catholic system which is anti-Israel and hence anti-Semitic still will weaken Christianity and help usher in the AC. It is anti-Semitic for the simple reason of Catholic replacement theology which sees the RC Church sitting in the seat of Moses.

          One thing to do is purge your thinking of the old eschatological paradigm. Hagee is part of the old eschatology. It does not fit the Biblical geographic centre of the coming beast.

          Also… Hagee is wrong about the AC being homosexual. The beast in Dan 11:37. The AC does not regard the desires of women… that is different from Hagee’s assertion that the AC does not desire women. The clear descriptor is one of the AC system which is Islam which suppresses women and has no regard for what women want. It’s not about sexuality at all. Although perversion is what the AC system is all about… so we can’t rule it out… but scripturally the notion of a gay Anti Christ is not supportable.

          • 12grace

            I have the deepest respect for you las1 but we have different perspectives on this one issue. And it seems to me that we can continue to go back and forth and neither one of us is going to change our religious view on this one issue.

            • las1

              If you get us all in a room together we will all have varying opinions… so there is lots to hash out for sure.

            • las1

              Actually… I don’t think we are that far apart on understanding this issue when I look at the sources you reference… and can’t look at it all yet… but thanks I’ll get to the rest of your sources.

          • 12grace

            We will all probably find out in our lifetime what version of End Times is correct. In the interim we must put on the full armor of G-d.


      Of course we know that the Bible is talking about spiritual Rome.

      • 12grace

        Your point is well-taken,MLCBLOG.

        I have wondered if Rome aka the Second Holy Roman empire will be infiltrated by Islam as the EU is largely dominated by them now. Perhaps, Israel will win the this next war in the Middle East and Islam will rebuild from EU soil and gather other nations to go back to attack Israel for the last battle. I have not read this in scripture, I have just wondered about it.

  • Conniption Fitz
    • Sober_Thinking

      Good spin… agreed!

      Fight the good fight.

    • 12grace

      Perhaps this is why G-d allowed England to be infiltrated by and destroyed by Islam. It’s so sad.

      Yes, you are right, we need massive revival!

      • las1

        I believe that the Islamic takeover of Britain today is a direct result of Winston Churchill’s reneging on the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

        The Palestinian Mandate promised by the League of Nations through Britain, which was supposed to make up the Jewish homeland, was carved up even further. Two thirds of the land promised to the Jews went instead to the Hashemites of the Trans Jordan. This occurred under Churchill when he was Colonial Secretary.

        The British have never been reliable supporters for the Jews despite the very Anglican zeal for the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy which was the backdrop for the Balfour declaration in the first place.

  • sDee

    Glick and Greenfield are great thinkers and writers – both at Front Page now. A line in her sidebar stuck me as common, consuming, dangerous, and growing strongly in the Left in the United States – a burning need for hatred – to define and demonize without reason.

    The standard left-wing person never feels more comfortable than when attacking Israel. Because they are the only foreigners you can attack. Everyone else is protected by having dark skin, or colonial history, or something. But you can attack Israel. And the atmosphere becomes very unpleasant.

    It is growing here, not just with Israel, the Tea Party, now the NRA. It is dangerous and the parallels with other totalitarian movements is obvious.

  • This is the result of cultural marxism & it’s happening here in America too.

    CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America

  • Conniption Fitz

    Why would anyone want to live under Obama?

    Food stamp recipients have increased 11,000+ PER DAY under Obama.

    Joblessness – new unemployment filings 300,000 per week on a good week…it’s been much higher.

    • 12grace

      Why would anyone want to live under Obama?

      Greed, Racism, Stupidity, Immorality and Demonic forces.

  • Thanks for putting this up front, Scoop. I was floored by her coverage of the hatred for Jews (much of it “by” Jews, alas) in Israel.

    • 12grace

      It is so distressing to see the hatred that has emerged, in my view, it is a fight between good and evil.

      End of Days Spiritual Warfare – Part 1

  • 911Infidel

    The Jews that she debated are the same level of “Jew” who would be have been the “Kapos” in the concentration camps under Hitler. David Horowitz has aptly named these J Street types as such.

    • WordsFailMe

      Anti Semitism is exactly what attracted muslims to Great Britain. GB helped with the establishment of a state of Israel in the 40’s hoping to get the Jews out of Britain. Britain hates Jews, All Europeans hate Jews.

      It’s a 2,000 year old tradition. How can Americans remain so particularly naive?

      • 911Infidel

        European anti-semitism goes all the way back to the Crusades and the Inquisition. They were calld “Christ killers” who were tortured and executed IMO for spite or sport.

        Any Jew from J-Street or whatever that supports Islam or Sharia against western civilization is a “kapo”.

        “But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” Romans 2:29

  • capelady

    Yasser Arafat’s propaganda campaign and Palestinian revisionist history have managed to deceive much of the population of the UK and Europe… throw in a healthy dose of antisemitism with historic roots there (not to mention their burgeoning Muslim populations with their obvious prejudices) and you have a very bad situation!

  • Landscaper

    My knowledge of the history is lacking in regards to the creation of modern Israel. Even without that knowledge there is one thing that does puzzle even more.
    WHY would Britain not be friendly to them. As a nation, or is it a bias of individuals and their personal views?
    Anyone please?

    • Especially, considering Britain helped set up the State of Israel.

    • Watchman74

      It’s probably a combination of things, Europe’s long history of Anti-Semitism, the dependency on Arab-oil, growing Muslim influence, Anti-Israel propaganda and Jewish conspiracy theories, lack of knowledge of the historical facts, etc etc.

    • 12grace

      Ephesians 6:12

      • Landscaper

        very good

  • I read this earlier and in light of Cameron’s pronouncements on Israel and Jews yesterday I can see where the trend is going.

    If Europe becomes any more complacent they might slip into a coma.

    • Sober_Thinking


  • sjmom

    Last time it was Hitler in Europe and now it is Islam. Europe has really made itself irrelevant over the years and by cursing Israel Britain has cursed itself. I pray the Christian population there will intercede at God’s Throne. I will also.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I appreciate your slant… spot on.

      • wodiej

        Amen to that.

    • 12grace

      Genesis 12:3

  • Sober_Thinking

    Islam is the plague of our time…

  • wodiej

    I had heard awhile back that Europe/Britain was being overrun w Islam. As other posters have noted and based on this report by Glick, Nazi part two is a possibility.

  • And just how much “help” do you think the Europeans, let alone the impotent British, will give Israel once Iran does get its nuclear bomb? I’m now wondering if Europe isn’t actually helping Iran GET a nuclear bomb. It would be a perfect outcome for the anti-semitic Europeans. The Iranians could do their dirty work for them and destroy Israel, a state that was never really supported by the Europeans. And the British always resented the Israelis every since they were thrown out of Palestine after World War II. Israel is just another reminder of what Britain USED to be and all she is now is a faded and weak former power that has to rely on global organizations like the corrupt United Nations for its security. I can’t stomach the British anymore. They are certainly no better than the French and, in many ways, are just like them today, both economically and socially. I really don’t see the need to be in NATO anymore, especially since European interests no longer seem to ever match our interests. Time to send them on their way and make them pay for their own defense.

    • 1endtimes2020

      The U.S. military is in over 100 countries, for one reason or another It’s time to bring them all home. Imagine the savings. America is not appreciated anyway. In the 20th cntury, we spent our blood and tresure in those European wars, only to see, now, filling their countries with muslims. What a waste of time. Let Europe take care of their own region, and that includes the middle east and north africa. We can continue to support Israel, while we protect our borders, and bring our manufacturers home from China. This will provide good jobs producint every day basic products we use every day. I want to see “Made in USA” again, don’t you?
      We have two political parties who believe we have a responsibility to lead the world. That isn’t what I see emanating from the rest of the world. They only look at the U.S. as a dumping ground for their products, while denying any products, other than those they can copy, from entering their countries. Japan still doesn’t want American cars. But it’s somehow okay for them to set up shop in America, even at the expense of nearly bankrupting our own automakers. General Motors makes cars in China, for the Chinese consumer, but the technology is used to build a smarter Chinese military. It can be used against us, one day. Imagine if we imposed high taxes on Chines finished products, and used that money to pay the debt we owe them.
      Have you ever heard a politician or economist ever saying anything like that? You won’t, because they are more involved with a new world order, and believe the need to build up other countries for a level playing field. Those countries don’t want to adopt a free enterprise system. They prefer to bring us down to their level, when we have to be dependant on the good graces of the governments we Socialism leading to communism. elect. Let Nato keep to Europe and tell the UN to get lost. Our sovereignty is not for sale, and we don’t need an International court to override our own supreme court, as it can do right now. We need a whole new crew in both parties that will focus on the people who elected them, not to work for other countries around the world who couldn’t care less what happens to us.
      We gave up our means of livelyhood and then wonder why we have so much debt. So much for the new world order.

  • kong1967

    This is what a leftist media does. People believe the untruths and lies become facts.

  • England will be subject to sharia law. It is collapsing before our eyes. It looks like the muslim conquest is going to be bloodless, and will take a little longer.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Some of the Brits are getting the message. 😉