CBS News describes harrowing details of how Ambassador Chris Stevens died at the consulate in Benghazi

CBS News reporter Elizabeth Palmer went to our burned-out consulate in Benghazi and gives us an inside view of where Stevens was when he died. She says in her report that there were no signs of heavy weaponry used at the consulate, just lots of soot and black everywhere. She also interviewed a commander of one of Benghazi’s most powerful militias who says he met with three Americans on Sept. 8, one from the embassy, and that he warned them of deteriorating security:

“Benghazi is disaster now. Benghazi is not safe. Don’t stay a long time here.”

He told Palmer that his impression was that his advice was shrugged off.

They then switch to Margaret Brennan who gives more details on what happened the night of the ambassador’s death, saying that men broke in the consulate, sprayed diesel fuel everywhere and then lit it on fire. Stevens was sealed off back in his bedroom area but was unable to escape through the window like his personal security guard. His guard went back for him but due to the heavy smoke he was unable to locate Stevens.

Watch the full report below:

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  • drphibes

    Thank you, CBS. These moments of coverage are surprising, but don’t be fooled. The MSM is soulless and sold out to The Regime to the bitter end.

  • Black Americans will have been set back 30 years politically after the dust settles on this scandal, thanks to Obama fulfilling the stereotype completely.

    • No they won’t. This is America.

      • And the only stereotype he fullfills is the one of the lifelong hardcore Marxist.

        • Seriously? He’s excelled in every category…

          • kong1967

            The only stereotype I think that’s fair to level against blacks is how they vote Democrat no matter what. Not all of them do, but it’s close enough to all that it justifies a stereotype in my opinion.

          • WHAT???

        • Jazzee

          check out
          interesting article about obama’s weddin’ ring

        • kong1967

          You got that right.

    • sDee

      Black Americans were set on backward trajectory nearly a 100 years ago by the left’s progressive exploitation of segregation. The Great Society joined blacks into a fatal embrace of the very party that instituted segregation and Jim Crow laws – this pushed blacks past the point of no return.

      With the election of Hussein Obama, black Americans found themselves making history as the catalyst of a perfect storm, electing a half-black Alinskyite community organizer dedicated to nothing but his own greed and perverted ideology.

      Now we all face a great opportunity to unite against a common enemy. The great divide in America is not between white citizens and black citizens, it is between free citizens and a central government that can find no other path but to divide, conquer and enslave us all.

    • not true, Obama is a failure for many reasons none of which is because he’s black.

      • His whole meme is based on his blackness, Latino-ness, and muslim-compatible-ness… his ability to reach out to demographics that have, in his opinion, not previously been serviced politically due to an abundance of whiteness.

        It’s all a lie, and has everything to do with his race which shaped a large part of his morals and attitudes. Many voters, including blacks, voted for him because he was black if not primarily for that reason. Hillary was far more qualified.

        While he may not be failing only because he is black, his and his administration’s willingness to play the race card at every turn indicates the odds you are correct that his race is a minor factor approaches impossibility .

        • Their playing of the race card has little to do with “blackness” as you suggest, but rather with the Marxist belief in gaining power “by any means necessary” and that the “ends justifies the means”. Obama doesn’t care about black people, or poor people, or Muslims, or women, or anyone except as far as they can be USED to further his quest for centralized power. The race card, or the vagina card, or whatever card they play is only for expediencies sake, because in an effort to win they will use ANY weapon available to them. He has no loyalty to black people per se. It doesn;t have to do with race, it has to do with MARXISM, ie. centralized POWER. Get over the race thing. Who CARES if he is black. It is the fact that he is RED that we should be more concerned with.

        • “Hillary was more qualified”….LOLOLOLOLOL. For WHAT? Hillary was EXACTLY as qualified as Barack Obama to be President, which is to say NOT AT ALL. Cripes. Hillary is running the State Department as we speak. Do the words “Arab Spring”, “Nuclear Iran” or “Bhengazi Consulate” mean anything to you??? Good grief.

    • unclesamnephew

      you are making a joke, right? if you believe that, as Mr T. would say i pity you. look around. it is not because Obama is black, rather it is his socialist policies. when i say look around, there are several sucessful people coming up thru the G.O.P. who are black.

      • No, I’m not joking.

        One could also argue that socialist policies are black policy, though not exclusively, but a big part of the palms-upturned class warfare.

        Yes, Allen West and Mia Love are doing well, as they should be and have earned it. Rice and Powell before them. But many more out there who can’t be Republicans because blacks won’t let them. Alan Keyes comes to mind.

      • Several? No, MANY.

    • kong1967

      I don’t think so. I don’t think people will hold the entire race accountable for what one man did. It’s the entire Democrat party that’s the problem. Obama wouldn’t have, and shouldn’t have, gotten anywhere if the Democrat party would have put their foot down when they found he’s a bad weed.

    • While I did not vote for him, I actually though that he would be good for ALL Americans. I thought that he would lift the black community up and demonstrate their abilities…INSTEAD….he destroyed any hope for them….He sullied their existence and yes, put them back by at least 30 years.

      Obama has been a disaster for the entire country…but for his own race, he has been nothing but a noose around their necks.

      But we do have greats such as Col Allen West…..I look to men like him…

    • capelady

      No, we just need to elect a black American who loves this country, like Allen West! I don’t think any conservative will refuse to vote for another black man… as long as it is the right one!!! It is not about color for us… only the Democrats make it about race.

  • Jim_McCarty

    This is the beginning of the end for Obama! Even CBS is not in a coverup mode on this one.

    • Don

      You are probably right, Jim. Even propaganda machines, like CBS, will cover their biased reporting before becoming obvious babbling fools. You can bet this story did not reveal the true horrors our ambassador went through in his last hours. The mainstream media is too corrupted to even have the integrity to present news in an objective and unbiased manner. They like the progressives are incapable of the truth.

    • PurpAv

      NBC is breaking ranks too…

    • REHLV

      Be careful everyone. CBS just did not wake up this morning and become the good guys. I can see many spins coming off this report.

      51 seconds into the report the reporter makes the statement “if the men that attacked this embassy used heavy weapons, there is no sign of it “. This just jumped out at me.

      Please be careful when you play with snakes.


    …empty ruins sounds like a good place for the Obama’s to reside once they are VOTED out of there White House Digs.”

  • Sounds like CBS is still carrying water for Obama, they keep suggesting Stevens didn’t want more security, when the truth is he was demanding more from the Obama admin, but was refused. We’ve seen video of Ambassador Stevens being dragged by terrorists in the street and he’s still moving, this witness report is a lie.

    • Orangeone

      My thoughts too. And the story seems to be pretty cooked up too. All 4 security members had to leave to retrieve arms yet there was a “bunker”? What bunker doesn’t contain weapons. And the Ambassador’s security man went outside without the Ambassor right on his heals? Doesn’t sound like the truth to me, seems fabricated.

    • I don’t think they are suggesting that at all. It could have just been so vague that whoever the 3 Americans were, there just wasn’t much they could do with it.

  • I suppose BO will never burn in hell.

    • If he lives normal life expectancy, taxpayers will be saddled with 30 years of preventing exactly that from happening before he buckets.

    • tofubamboo

      If God metes out proper punishment, yes, he will.

  • PFFV

    Obama and his administation of idiots should hang high for this but we all know the Affirmative Action Marxist and his Chicago Thugs in tow will never be held accountable for their endless crimes because anyone that tries will be branded racist.

    • NJK

      And their accusations of racism should be ignored. It’s not important, what these people think. Obama is not above the law. Clinton and Rice are not above the law. Skin color does not make you above the law.

      • Oh, someone is going to go, it’s just never who it should be.

  • Bravo to CBS for actually doing their job.

  • Joe

    I’m sorry – I can’t watch this – I have seen all I want to see about this tragedy –

    but thanks for posting it

    I guess the bribe check for Ms. Palmer did not get to her yet

    This will go nowhere fast –

    The MSM will cover for him


    • proudhispanicconservative

      I can’t watch either, to me its painful enough that they died, but to see how it was covered up its just unbelievably sad.

  • sjmom

    The more I hear the worse it gets and the angrier I become at the administration. Am happy to see the MSM is reporting Benghazi gate because the American people need to know the negligence of their govt.

  • Obama lied about the terror attacks there. A freaking lazy liar.

  • NJK

    Obama lied. He blatantly lied about this. He’s a Muslim Brotherhood Operative. He’s not one of us.

  • Wait. So, CBS news team made it there for the video shoot and yet FBI could not? Just 12 hours while being heavily armed and supported? Wow.

  • Strange, isn’t it, that CBS News crew can easily reach the consulate and yet FBI, heavily armed and with military support, was able to “stay” for just 12 hours.

    • 3seven77

      12 hours? The article I read said the FBI was only at the consulate for 3 hours.

      • Sandra123456

        14+ days after the attack!

  • 57thunderbird

    Wow!A random act of journalism by the MSM.You could knock me over with a feather.

  • The MSM loves Obama but there are some….not many that can see the danger being bought on by this President. This story just continues to expose lie after lie after lie. To think how many times this ADM was warned and advised and DID NOTHING but have locks on the door??? This is Political Correctness to the Death. I cannot conceive how horrible this Ambassador must have suffered as well as the others in Libya…..Makes the skin crawl in utter disgust. Obama should resign for this horrendous handling and blantant cover-up!

  • BOMBSHELL: Republicans made secret trip to Libya ahead of hearings – Democrats Furious

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I’m glad there are some in Congress who care enough about what happened to investigate!

  • MaxineCA

    I watched this twice. Did anyone notice the reporter “on scene” said there was no evidence of heavy weapons being used and then quickly shifted to the fire? I wonder which building she looked at, obviously not all of them. I also found it interesting when she was reporting behind the doors that locked from within there was absolutely no soot on the panes.

    IF, and I stress IF, Stevens had a security team, I seriously doubt they would leave him. This is a crock of the same old crap. I also find it interesting that reporters have easy access to the scene, but it took the FBI a couple of weeks. Give me a break!

    Hopefully, Scoop will put up a link to the Congressional hearing tomorrow.

    • I’ve posted several comments here. One is the link to the notes from the press conference today that outlines what really happened in Libya. The other is the link that shows Republicans (aka. Issa) sent a secret fact finding team to Libya without Democrats knowledge. Scroll the comments to find my posts for the links.

      • MaxineCA

        I saw your comments and links. There wasn’t a “press conference” today, it was a conference call and Fox News was excluded. (Guess they were worried Catherine Herridge would ask too many tough questions.)

        Anyone with half a brain had it figured out since 9/12. We’re just sick and tired of being treated like we would just buy the BS they were selling. Guess they really underestimate the NEW media.

        • So, a press conference call isn’t a press conference? Geez. I need to get out more…

          The bigger point was the secret fact-finding team Republicans sent to Libya. At least, that’s what I thought.

    • davienne

      yeah, that report doesnt add up to the previous reports… that chris stevens was missing for 5 hours, that he was gang raped and torchered.. it was a democratic spin thats for sure… bars on the windows , but yet they got out the window… Hmmmm…

  • This has got to be the most incompetent diplomatic incident in America’s history.

  • So UN ambassador Susan Rice spent a whole Sunday selling a fictitious line of BS as the honest to God truth, an American citizen was rousted from his So. Cal. home at midnight to answer for his moronic YouTube video, and there still is no proposal to retaliate against AQ for the attack that killed an American ambassador …

    Isn’t that precious ?

  • Spartan4Palin

    I applaud Lara Logan and Sheryl Atkinson for EVERYTHING they have been doing to tell the story! The STORY. Not someone’s version of it! I truly believe that this thing is not only a cover up, but the dirtiest deal for a buck! The reporter at the end said it to that affect. ‘Even though this event went so badly, they still expected them to come back to continue to make deals!!!!’

    This thing will make the ‘oil for food’ scandal a minor ponzi scheme in the end! There is no doubt that this goes to the top of each department. Obama and Hillary have the top spots in this thing!

    • hbnolikeee

      Charles Rangel indicted perhaps as many as 23 times and he won re-election…

  • Spartan4Palin

    Y’all get your popcorn ready!!!!! But it is now starting!!!! State Dept just stated that they NEVER connected the video to the attack! I really think tomorrow during the hearing we are going to learn some very interesting things! And the cover up of the cover up is now beginning!!!! I think that is why Fox was left off the conference call earlier with State!!!!

    The cronies are getting ready to pick which side of the Dems they are going to be on! And I betcha Bill Clinton is in the background telling some folks to start choosing your future!!!???? Us, or the administration taking the party down the crapper????

  • 1mgsjake2

    CAN’T FIND VIDEO ON on Andrerson’s death —so I watched Obama make a fool of himself, talking to a four year old, who neither knew or cared about what he was saying—-like most of us !! You know——– just like when he was speaking at the first debate !!!!!!

  • I am grieved and appalled that Obama left Mr. Stevens unprotected. I just cannot fathom that an American president would do this. I think Obama will answer to the American electorate for this. I know that one day he will answer to God for it.

  • 1mgsjake2

    Why does my comment leave out the box for ‘like”??? Jake

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      You can’t “like” your own comment.

  • BMinPA

    Here is what I want to know. The attack began at 9:40pm local time. Ironically, it is probably around 3am in Washington. How could Obama or the military sit around knowing the consulate is under attack and do nothing?

    • Sandra123456

      No, 5PM 09/11. The President and the White House knew of the attack in real time, but did nothing. WHY this is not more of a news story is outrageous.

      Nothing was done “…Doing so without Libya’s permission could represent a violation of sovereignty and inflame the situation…”

      Read more: “Benghazi Was Obama’s 3 a.m. Call”

      • hbnolikeee

        Reagan would have turned that city into a parking lot and said, “Who’s next?”

        • Sandra123456

          That’s what should have happened. If for nothing else Obama should lose the election because of this.

      • BMinPA

        Where is this concern for sovereignty when he sends drones to Pakistan on a daily basis? A US ambassador is minutes away from getting killed. How can you sit around? One AC-130 Specter gunship would put a ring of fire around that building that no one could get through.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Guys I need help with my theory? I can’t seem to fit the puzzle pieces together and it struck me tonight what it could be other than R2P? Or both?

    A couple of years ago during the BP scandal, Megrahi was to be released back to Libya for health reasons. As a part of that transaction, some oil deals were made by Obama and Tony Blair. Lets say as a part of the deal Ghadaffi was to keep his yap shut and not make a scene over it? But that didn’t happen and Ghadaffi’s son was the one who took the news and greeted Megrahi at the plane. Oh how they played the Americans, it was mused! Months later Megrahi is still kicking around. An event happens in Libya that gives the administration an opportunity for payback? R2P is used under the guise for the UN deal to take Ghadaffi out for his atrocities! Slam bam thank you ma’am we got rid of Ghadaffi and still keep the oil deals. But Cairo happens and it’s too chancy to try it twice? So you use social media to do the dirty deed. Hillary’s buddy sees a chance for her family to have power and influence over the west. But they learned a very valuable lesson. Test their responses to 9/11? The world already see us weak and pulling out of Afghanistan. The Libya deal was only a couple of months. And now on the ground they are even weaker. Egypt wants the blind sheik. Lets see how weak they are when we attack them on their anniversary? That’s why Morsi want the blind sheik? I think there’s a lot more to come if we don’t change course and vote Obama and Hillary out!!!!

    Let me know if I’ve gone into the weeds too much here? But I think all this started back during that BP crisis? Hope this makes some kind of sense? I’m about to fall asleep? Thanks guys.

    • Spartan4Palin

      I need to apologize for the rambling on the above statement. I was very tired last night when I wrote that. But I have this feeling that some of the dots are starting to be connected? It is very disturbing what is trickling out about this attack. I read an article last night that if Obama loses the election, that the flood gates of information are about to break open on this guy. That those with information will no longer feel the pressure or the harrassment to keep quiet.

      How different will the world see us when they realize, when we realize that the biggest fraud perpetrated in the history of the world is revealed? How will we react?
      It seemed so daunting when they made are those legislative deals. It seemed we would never be able to beat back the tyranny of an out of control government? But we made it. We have a long way to go. But how do you react to a group of people who have been lied to for over forty years, and have suddenly been shown the truth?

      How will they react when the people they helped prop up as the ‘pinnacle of leadership’ are now exposed as the fraud and liars we knew them to be? How do we keep them from falling farther back into an abyss to desperately find someone to make up for the shortfalls?

      We are going to need to pray and ask God to keep us on the right track to fix this great nation and her people!

  • They asked for help!!! This is so sad that someone – especially the President of the US would do this for political gain. How sad it would be to know your son or family member was murdered because of someone’s ego! Why doesn’t CNN and the others report THIS!!

  • They asked for help!!! This is so sad that someone – especially the President of the US would do this for political gain. How sad it would be to know your son or family member was murdered because of someone’s ego! Why aren’t they reporting THIS on CBS, NBC, ABC?

  • This horrific scandal is like a game of musical chairs. The music is about to stop and all that’s left is to see who is going to be left standing without a chair. I think we’re about to find that out tomorrow in Congress. It will be interesting to see if Hillary Clinton allows herself to be thrown under the bus, or if she’s going to take Obama down with her. My guess is that she’s going to take Obama down by putting all the blame on the White House. If she does, this is going to be huge. I just can’t see her taking all the blame for this, unless she feels comfortable letting somebody else at the State Department hang out to dry. Knowing Hillary, she’s going to blame somebody else. I doubt she’s going to be willing to take one for Obama. Not with her ego.

  • 12grace

    obama sides with our enemies because he is one of them.

    Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’

    • ConnieConservative

      Thanks 12grace!
      Your link is shocking. Obama’s ring is the Muslim profession of faith.
      Of course MSM has no interest in this. I sure do. Explains a lot.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    And what does Obama do?

    The next day after these very murders he is out in Vegas fund raising which makes it pretty obvious the security of Americans is NOT his priority.
    Then after getting his ass handed to him i the debate he spends the next week talking about Big Bird…

    It is past time for the adults to take over..

    Obama has become nothing but a half assed stand up comic.. But he IS the joke.

    And it has cost some Americans their lives.

  • jeepwonder

    This still doesn’t match the arabic stories from Lebanon.

  • Jazzee

    why do we never hear all these internet stories on television???? the mainstream has ignored this scandal from the getgo…………?????

  • opinionatedhermit

    This is going to end up as a fight between the Whitehouse and the State Dept.

    Or, maybe as I “Hope” … a Pay-per-View Cage Match: “Obama vs. Clinton”

    Because, in all honesty, they will never be able to determine which one of these Bozos is the real culprit of stupidity.

    Both are guilty as hell. And, neither are as smart as they think they are.

  • kong1967

    CBS is doing some great reporting on this.

    This tragedy is why we cannot have the news media at the beck and call of a politcal party (for example). Doing so allows the party to be as corrupt as possible and get away with it. Lately Obama hasn’t been so lucky. Some of the MSM has actually started doing their jobs in certain cases.

    See ya later Obama. Have a nice flight back to Kenya.

  • Aside from all the other stuff…WHY did we send a woman there..they hate women..
    Why not send a member of the military to do this kind of inquiry.

    We never learn….do we?

  • Oh yeah…and Scott Pelley….drop dead. Commie pig.

  • A burning consolate in Benghazi, our Ambassador being dragged thru the streets, and a phone rings and rings and rings at an empty desk (and chair in the Oval Office). Ozero yukin it up in Vegas while the Arabic Spring becomes a political winter. Ozero is an enemy of the American people and should be tried as such

  • Amjean

    Does anyone know the details on the supposed over $350 million State Dept. budget cut that congress voted in after the 2010 elections?

    I wonder if the “Republican Budget Cuts to State Department” will be blamed for this

    It doesn’t excuse what Obama, Hillary and others did or did not do, however, I am looking
    for democrats to put the blame elsewhere. If the LSM can create a firestorm over the
    repubs cutting funds right before the election, it could be harmful to Romney.

    • Dodoforever Canspell

      Nice try …. but won’t work.

      • Amjean

        Your intellectual curiosity failed you this time.

        Exactly what I surmised has occurred. The democrats are blaming the republicans
        for cutting funding.

        It has no bearing, however, that has never stopped them before for making
        outrageous claims.

  • wodiej

    Lots of unanswered questions.

    HE LIED,HILLARY LIED&Ambassador STEVENS&3 other AMERICANS DIED- THROW the Red COMMIES out of OUR GOVERNMENT&charge them as TRAITORS,GITMO is STILL OPEN….& recently renovated with a NEW SOCCER FIELD.
    Congress DO JOB EXPOSE the FRAUD BarryO.

  • So why aren’t any of the news outlets – including FOX – covering what really happened to Chris Stevens? It’s mystifying.