CBS News: Foreign Workers Taking Stimulus Jobs

This is the problem with government just handing out American tax dollars to companies – there’s no accountability. And thus some of that money is being used to fill American jobs with foreign workers:

Way to go Obama for wasting more of our hard earned tax money.

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  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    This is cause Americans no longer have the expertise to do what our fathers and grandfathers did……

  • NYGino

    They say they’re not breaking any laws by using foreign workers. Maybe there aren’t any laws against using them, but this sure goes against the intent of our money being used for American workers jobs condition being improved. Another example of ‘unintended consequences’ by Obama’s inept administration.

    • yeah I totally blame this on the Obama admin. for handing this money out anyway. This kind of stimulus idea is just crap anyway

    • freenca

      Isn’t Energy Steven Chu’s domain, maybe he just doesn’t know any American technicians, huh ? Wait til the HSR gets going here in CA, the spanish design and chinese parts won’t likely be the panacea as promised either, but you’ll be able to go from farms to farms, really really fast. 🙁

      • NYGino

        Bet you folks are REAL happy about that. Should cure all of California’s fiscal problems and stem the tide of businesses fleeing. A great testament to Progressive thinking and our government’s foresight!

        • freenca

          Yeah and it’s gonna cost gazillions of $$$ first it was near 40B, then it was near 100B, then it was 68B. It changes week to week, but the consultants and P/R folks are getting fat off it, ho-hum. It’s getting sillier and sillier, I’m hoping that we can get it back on the ballot again in November so the voters can consider a recision on this money-pit project, for now anyway. We need water storage far more at this time.

      • Yeah, Chu wouldn’t know any Americans given that he grew up in Missouri and went to school in California.

        • Bucketheadbaptist

          I do not think you read freenca’s post correctly. He never made a comment against Chu’s nationality.

          • How is one to interpret “Isn’t Energy Steven Chu’s domain, maybe he just doesn’t know any American technicians, huh ?” ?

  • It’s worse then that. It’s not our hard earned tax money. It’s my grandson’s grandson’s hard earned tax money. More likely, the property I own now that will belong to Foxconn instead of my progeny. After all, when the debt is due, Fanny will hold all he deeds which is really all we will have that is worth anything when the creditors come a callin’. This is the plan, folks.

  • This is the new world order that the people in that floating cocktail party called the UN are patting themselves on the back about while sipping their cafe lattes and swigging their champagne.

    And sooner or later ( much sooner ) the American farmer will not be able to produce crops because some farmer in Brazil or Africa will be able to supply similar crops next to nothing.

    it is happening all over the Western world and Socialists are ecstatic about it.

  • sybilll

    How did I know it was a Sharyl Atkisson piece even before they showed her? She is one of the few remaining journalists.

  • WordsFailMe

    First it was White-Hispanics. Now its unions who are complaining that a Korean worker has taken a job that two American Union Members could be doing.

    – all betrayed by President Limo Lizard Lips and his Cocaine Constabulary.

    You voted for Obama, now suck it all in, commie scum, and smile…

    • NYGino

      “”President Limo Lizard Lips and his Cocaine Constabulary”

      Cracks me up, absolutely great line. Would also make a great name for a band.

  • Joe

    I don’t see what the problem is here

    We are friends with Korea

    OH WAIT! – I get it – the money was supposed to be spent on US JOBS!

    This is not the first time – The last time was in Oregon – again with Asian firms,/b>

    AND we are supposed to trust ZERO with our healthcare ? YEAH RIGHT!

    Why aren’t the unions raising a stink ? – ZERO IS a zero

    • WordsFailMe

      Joe: Liberals are like cage chickens.

      When one of the caged hens is injured and bleeding, even accidentally, the other hens will start to peck at the wound.

      If you don’t get the injured hen out of the cage, the other hens will kill and eat it. They don’t know why, it’s just the nature of the mindless beast.

      You want to see an example among humhens, just watch what Debbie Wasserman Shultz does to Hilary Rosen over the next couple of days.

      • Joe

        Hens or Hags

        These “people” are really screwed up

  • 12grace

    Every day we get more and more information about horrible things obama is or has done to the American people. Why would anyone vote this monster back into office?

    • Joe

      Because he “supports” them

      If he gets out – “they” may have to get a real job

  • dk_in_tn


  • capelady

    These financial “rescue” programs were thrown together with such haste and without any vehicle in place for oversight, the distribution was completely irresponsible. I read that Fannie Mae was responsible for allocating some of the stimulus funds and outsourced it to another organization that had no required accountability at all. I really feel like government has gotten so big, dealing with billions and trillions of dollars that is all like Monopoly money to them. They don’t even count the zeros any more. We have to vote out all of the politicians from both sides of the aisle who have been complicit in this mess and replace them with representatives who remember why they are there and what they have been sent to do, and restore some fiscal sanity to Washington DC!

  • Alot of Americans don’t understand what “redistribute of wealth” means – it means exactly what the government is doing – the wealth of American is being redistributing to poor countries. Some Americans thought it meant the rich in America was going to have to give them some of their wealth. It’s an agenda that most Americans are for, until they find out they are not the ones to receive. It’s easy to see if one sits back and watch what’s happening.

    • Trust1TG

      The Gibson Guitar people were told their troubles with the EPA would ‘go away’ if they hired out their labor to a foreign factory (in an Islamic country, of course).

  • Trust1TG


    They must look like or think like him.

    The DOJ under Holder has ONLY hired THEIR people:‘every-single-one’-series/?singlepage=true

    BILLIONS of US Taxpayer Dollars go out to HIS people.

    The latest is HAMAS — Hillary and Obama are going around congress to fund Hamas:
    Passover Betrayal of Israel – Hillary and Obama are going to go around congress to fund Hamas:

    Obama has ties to the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood.

    These are his people.

  • If our economy were growing at a robust pace, like every other recovery after a recession, we would have a rapidly increasing economic pie which would benefit most of us, including these whiny union workers. Obama and the Democrats are creating an economy where we are all fighting over a shrinking number of pie crumbs.

  • TJinNJ

    I think Barry said Redistribute and Transform but nobody asked questions and we’re paying for it.

  • MortimusMaximus

    Your all missing the real story. CBS just ran a not so flattering piece on the Obama administration and it’s stimulus program. Whats next, MSNBC telling us the truth about all failed green energy projects?