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CBS News ran a segment last night on Romney’s claim that Obama cut $716B from Medicare, pointing out that while these cuts are true, they really aren’t bad cuts. Also Paul Ryan’s House budget included the same cuts that all but 4 GOP members voted for:

I watch something like this and my initial thought is “where to start?” because there’s so much misinformation in one news segment. Fortunately, Yuval Levin wrote a great piece for NRO debunking the very claims that CBS News included in their segment, before it even aired. In fact his article was really quite prescient which means correcting CBS News will be easy.

Let’s start with this claim that Yuval Levin calls the “Obamacare Medicare cuts aren’t very serious” defense. He explains:

The second Democratic defense, the “it’s not so bad” defense, suggests the Democrats don’t grasp just how the fee-for-service design of Medicare that they’re eager to retain forever actually works. The basic argument the Democrats are trying to make is that because the cuts consist mostly of reductions in provider payments, they’re not actually cuts to benefits that seniors get but only to money given to the people who provide them with coverage or care.

He’s right. CBS News made this very argument: “According to the Congressional Budget Office, it’s not the patients who would lose money. It’s the providers.” 

Levin continues:

But in a fee-for-service system, cuts to fees are cuts to services, especially because administrative price controls create supply shortages, which means seniors will have fewer options and less access. …

Health-care providers have to make a profit to survive, they’re not just cows to be milked by Medicare. And blunt reductions in payment rates within a very inefficient fee-for-service system that stands in the way of real productivity improvements mean that these providers just won’t be able to keep treating Medicare patients. The actuaries of the Medicare program itself (who work for Barack Obama) have made it clear that they think taking $710 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare is likely to create serious problems for current seniors, writing shortly after the law was enacted that:

providers for whom Medicare constitutes a substantive portion of their business could find it difficult to remain profitable and, absent legislative intervention, might end their participation in the program (possibly jeopardizing access to care for beneficiaries). Simulations by the Office of the Actuary suggest that roughly 15 percent of Part A providers would become unprofitable within the 10-year projection period as a result of the productivity adjustments.

So even Obama’s own Medicare actuaries say that his massive Medicare cuts would hurt current seniors. Wow! That’s interesting because at the end of the segment, CBS News argues that the cuts are actually good for Medicare by making it more efficient and extending the life of the program. But how can cutting hospital reimbursements make Medicare a better program when their current reimbursements are already too low? How stupid do they think we are?

OK, on to the second claim that Yuval Levin calls the “Ryan did it too” defense, which is exactly what CBS News claimed in their segment: “In fact, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s proposed budget contains these same reductions“.

Well, not exactly. Levin writes:

The “Ryan did it too” defense is perhaps the most amusing of the three, as it succeeds in being simultaneously untrue, irrelevant, and an admission of the basic charge against the Democrats. Even as they call Paul Ryan a cruel and merciless budget cutter who cares not for the weather service and would gladly see children exposed to E. coli, the Democrats justify their taking $710 billion out of Medicare and spending it on Obamacare over the next decade by pointing out that Paul Ryan didn’t put that money back into Medicare in his budget. So if he had, would that have made their cuts unjustifiable? Well it so happens that he did. By repealing all of Obamacare’s spending, the Republican budget does not spend the money Obamacare took out of Medicare and thus those funds are used to extend the Medicare trust fund.

So basically, Obamacare takes the $716B out of Medicare and spends it on something completely different. The money is gone. But Ryan’s budget would repeal Obamacare and thus would take the cuts made by Obamacare and put them right back into Medicare instead of spending them on a new entitlement. It’s really the same thing as not making the cuts at all.

So to say Paul Ryan’s former budget is making the same cuts as Obama is just not accurate. And it’s also irrelevant because Romney isn’t running on Ryan’s budget. He’s running on his own budget that would ensure those massive cuts never happen in the first place.

And lastly, they claim that Obama’s massive Medicare cuts don’t come out of the Medicare trust funds. How can that be? There are two Medicare trust funds that contain taxpayer money that pays for the entire program. If Obamacare is taking $716B out of Medicare and it’s not coming out of the very trust funds that pay for Medicare, where in the heck is it coming from? Pixie dust?

I think they are trying to hide the fact that it’s coming out of the trust fund by calling it “savings” or a reduction in growth or some other nuanced terminology. But the bottom line is you can’t rob Peter to pay Paul without sticking your hand in Peter’s pocket.

The way the segment ends you’d think Obama has won the argument. But that’s only due to inept reporting by CBS News which unfortunately will mislead many into thinking Romney is lying.

And they wonder why we say they are biased.

The funny thing is Krauthammer addressed much of this in his segment on special report last night:

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  • Orangeone

    Why is the MSM doing O’Bambi’s campaigning? I know, this is a rhetorical question but thought I’d just throw it out there.

  • sDee

    Notice that the CBS talking head said ” 716 MILLION dollars”. It was 1000 times more than that. MORE THAN ONE THIRD of Medicare’s budget!!

    Ryan needs a simple animation graphic for this because, for most voters, anything over a million dollars is just an abstract thought, These propagandists at CBS know this, and they will continue to confuse this issue.

    It is simple outright scam of the American people. Obama transferred one third of Medicare’s budget to the Obamamcare balance sheet to make it look nearly 1 trillion less expense than it really is. They were then planning to later borrow an additional $700 billion to put back into Medicare by passing the the “Doc Fix” bill in 2011. Surprise! The Tea Party showed up.

    Ryan has got to find a dead simple way to explain this because it exposes the blatant deception and fraud committed by Congress, the media, and Obama.

    • Sandra123456

      …and the sooner the better.

    • Nukeman60

      I noticed that slip, too. It’s a testament to the fact that people watching this on TV can’t wrap their brains around a million, billion, or trillion. They are just big numbers to most people. Sad.

      Obama’s way of figuring numbers is why he needs no budget and why they haven’t passed one in almost 4 years. Just juggle the amounts around is all they need to do. I think I’ll try this stunt with my credit card (of which I presently own only one).

      I’ll get 5 cards, max out card A, pay off A with B, and when B is maxed, I’ll pay off B with C. Maxing C, I will pay it off with D and then finally with E. Once E is maxed, I will pay it off with A and continue the cycle until I either die of old age or they catch up to me.

      In either case, I will have actually paid off zero debt, but spent my life building more debt that is unsustainable. Sounds like the government, doesn’t it.

      • sDee

        ‘cept you can’t print money, or send IRS goons over to your neighbors house to take the money you need.

        • Nukeman60

          It’s the same thing as printing money or grabbing it from my neighbors. With the 5 card rotating payment scheme, there is no need for money until the piper comes to call way down the road. Much like our government does.

      • badbadlibs

        That really cleard up alot of things for me, thanks for the simple, yet telling way of explaining what bo and the dems have been doing.

        At some point it all will colapse and the only thing that has been postponing the enevitable is the federal government’s ability to print money, is that correct?

        So, what bo and all dems are counting on is that they will be dead by the time the piper comes calling? Or exactly how do they think it will never catch up to them…if you have any idea.

        • Nukeman60

          The very reason many liberal and RINO politicians decided to retire rather than attempt re-election. The scheme is finally catching up to them and the Tea Party scares the living daylights out of them. A two-fer, in my opinion.

          • badbadlibs

            Wow….when God said there’s wickendness in high places, He must have been including the dems and rinos.
            No wonder the Tea Party scares them and have to be vilified by the left. satan just hates it when he gets exposed…

      • BigMamaTEA

        That’s also a version of “kiting” and that will come back and bite you on the butt!

      • FreeManWalking

        If our Debt was 16,000,000 (Sixteen Million) Each of the 314,145,394 citizens owe. $0.05
        A Family of Four owe $0.20, or the 114,143,018 Taxpayers $0.14

        If our Debt was 16,000,000,000 (Sixteen Billion) Each of the 314,145,394 citizens owe. $50.93
        A Family of Four owe $203.73, or the 114,143,018 Taxpayers $140.18

        If our Debt was 16,000,000,000,000 (Sixteen Trillion) Each of the 314,145,394 citizens would owe. $50,931.83
        A Family of Four would owe $203,727.32, or the 114,143,018 Taxpayers $140,175.02

        If we account for our total unfunded Liabilities it would be a tad more. 114,500,000,000,000 (One Hundred fourteen and a half Trillion) Each of the 314,145,394 citizens owe. $364,480.91
        A Family of Four owe $1,457,923.65, or the 114,143,018 Taxpayers $1,003,127.50

        It becomes unfathomable when it goes from a billion to a trillion

        a graphic version…
        The Debt Clock…

        I hope it is readable…

        • Nukeman60

          Does that mean I have to cut out that Snickers bar tomorrow?

          • FreeManWalking

            I knew that would be taken wrong!

            Just buy the regular size, not the Giant Size.

            If you make that sacrifice for a million years, you will be surprised how fast it adds up…

            • Nukeman60

              I was just kidding. I liked your post. :)

              • FreeManWalking

                I got it… I’m with you… that is why I used the sacrifice for a million years…

                You make a lot of sense out of the nonsense…

                The sad thing is they (MSM) can come out with a Million instead of the Real numbers a billion and most don’t know don’t care…
                I appreciated both yours and sDee’s comments.

                • Nukeman60

                  I love that debt clock. I use it a lot. There is so much info there to use.

                  Another clock I love is this one:


                • FreeManWalking

                  Thanks Nuke, that is almost like turning back the hands of time.

  • marketcomp

    This is such a distortion! If you notice the report does not say that everyone, Sinunu, Romney, and Ryan, has cited $716B coming from the CBO report itself not a letter that Boehner sent to the CBO! Moreover, indirectly by showing the services that seniors are not getting right now this report admits that services are being cut, now, today, not in the future as Obama has been saying to everyone that those are future cuts. Paul Ryan did tell us that cuts are happening now! The point is to get Government out of health care for all of us and allow the free enterprise market to reign and give us the opportunity to choose for ourselves.

    • sDee

      “The point is to get Government out of health care for all of us and allow the free enterprise market to reign and give us the opportunity to choose for ourselves.”

      Exaclty!!!! Replace Obamacare with…………………NOTHING. Unleash the greatest, most talented, innovative, and compassionate people on the planet!

      • marketcomp

        Right on, sDee!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Great posting Scoop… excellent insight.

    This shouldn’t even be an issue… but, true to form, Obama and his flying monkeys have once again turned something into an issue that distracts from the campaign. They are once again employing fear to scare and bewilder the elderly so they will vote for a pack of lies.

    This is what Obama meant by being the most transparent presidency ever. He’s as predictable as a sunrise.

    • Rshill7

      Fortunately he’s going to have to ride off into the sunset…

      ON A RAIL!

      • Sober_Thinking


  • sDee

    Conning the con man?

    I noticed in the Romney speech that TRS posted, that he referred to Obama taking this money out of the “Medicare Trust Fund”. It caught my attention because THERE IS NO TRUST FUND, and a businessman like Romney must surely know the difference between a $700 billion budget line item and a $700 billion trust fund.

    The Medicare and Social Security “trust funds” were set up to remain separate from the general budget. They were raided long ago and replaced with “chits”. They are “unfunded liabilities”. Why would a renowned business man and the congressional budget guy try to hide this from us?

    Romney and Ryan have the high ground on this. Obama and Congress scammed the American people. End of story. However, if they continue propagating the myth of a trust fund, this will simply degenerate into a debate between two competing con men.

    Oh what a tangled web you weave when first you practice to deceive?

    “”there are no funds in the Social Security “trust fund.” There are no funds in the Medicare “trust fund.” As Fortune magazine’s senior editor-at-large Allan Sloan explains in today’s Washington Post, those “trust funds” contain nothing but “funny money.”””

    • Sober_Thinking

      Great post sDee… like always. :)

    • Lilly Kobold

      THERE IS NO TRUST FUND, and a businessman like Romney must surely know the difference.
      “”there are no funds in the Social Security “trust fund.” There are no funds in the Medicare “trust fund.”


      • BigMamaTEA

        Yes, correct. All funds are driven out of the General Fund. Years ago, funds were
        taken from the so called “trust funds” and replaced with IOU’s. So those supposed dedicated funds were borrowed, with nothing of value as collateral but FUTURE General $.

  • Michael

    CBS…SAY NO MORE….NO ONE WATCHES….they did the story so Obama can run an ad to defend themselves. But I think when Ryan explains it more and more….CBS will look foolish as usual. I love that 716 billion does not come from MEDICARE….yes CBS it does…over 500 billion comes from the cuts to MEDICARE ADVANTAGE…which of course CBS never mentions, just as they never mention the CBO or the fact that the Ryan/Wyden plan is not Romney’s Plan….but lets be clear…this is to provide coverage for Obama…

    Here is the problem for CBS…SENIORS in Florida do not favor Obama on Medicare and in Florida Obama’s Approval is down to 42 percent. Here is the deal Seniors have known for awhile that Obama is using Medicare to pay for Obamacare and they know Medicare Advantage is being raided big time!!

    Bring it on CBS!!

    • sDee

      We work with seniors on Medicare. The vast majority understand nothing about this. In Florida, seniors were nearly 100% behind FL Senator Nelson when he promised them that Obamacare would not touch their Medicare. They may not like Obama, but this Medicare scam is still well covered up.

      We are hearing more and more complaints, problems and medical issues from Medicare patients that are clearly due to doctors not being able to get full or even partial reimbursements. There is an increase in doctors who will not accept Medicare.

      Medicare supplement premiums are going up and/or coverage being cut back. This a direct and immediate result of Obamacare, yet most we talk to are already complaining about the “greedy” insurance companies and do not connect the dots at all.

      In Massachusetts things are no better where we see very similar patterns from Romneycare – but it affects all insurance customers there – not just Medicare. Ironically, Medicare patients in Massachusetts are fairing just as poorly as in Florida.

  • johnos2112

    Reduction in provider payments. Uh who the hell is the provider and what will happen when providers get SCREWED? NO MORE MEDICARE patients in my office and reduced services in hospital unless patient is code blue! When Medicare cuts in hospitals those very institutions will shut down Medicare services like same day surgery, endoscopy services and other day surgeries. These folks will be forced to come out of pocket for these procedures or take the risk nothing will happen at an advanced age. I guess death panels are true!

    • Sandra123456

      Here we go with biased wording. “Provider” means insurance or insurance provider to many. So in their minds: Good, screw the evil insurance companies.

      The reality is the Doctor/hospital is getting screwed, and we are destroying the best medical care in the world.

  • Michael

    Oh and nice job Charles…..I love this….hey Doctors we will be giving you LESS MONEY for Medicare patients….DUH!! CBS….oh that is not a cut….Doctors…Hey Obama we need to make up for that money…CBS…oh that is not a cut…Doctors….Hey patients sorry you know WE HAVE TO RAISE YOUR FEES because OBAMACARE GIVES US LESS AND WE NEED TO STAY IN BUSINESS….PATIENTS….OUR COST JUST WENT UP???….IT MUST HAVE BEEN THAT 716 BILLION DOLLAR CUT IN MEDICARE…..who they HECK does CBS think they are fooling!!

    Anyone, especially seniors know, if you cut payments to providers the providers will charge THEM MORE!!

    Ryan call for REPEALING OBAMACARE which means the providers will NOT BE PAID LESS hence no 716 billion cut…..but again they will be working on the ROMNEY PLAN!

    • DebiAnn

      The doctors will simply stop accepting Medicare patients and start charging more to the ins. patients.
      You will have to go to the local health dept and wait hours and hours, even with an appt.

  • Laurel

    As I have said they don’t understand the system. My Dad has Kaiser paid for by Medicare. His co-pays have more than doubled. Medications have more than doubled and one jumped 1000%! Some services no longer are available. People on a fixed income simply cannot afford Obamacare.

    • sDee

      The psychology of this still confounds me. My mother in law despises Obama and Obamacare. Already she had to find a new Medicare supplement last year, her new primary doctor has stopped to accepting Medicare, her copays are going up, her meds are going up, her new supplement premium has already been increased.

      I have explained to her how this is a direct result of Obamacare raiding Medicare. Yet everytime she opens another bill, she laments how everything used to “be free” and starts complaining that her Medicare Supplement Insurance company is ripping her off.

      The beauty of fostering an entitlement mentality in a propaganda world.

      • Laurel

        Because my Dad has Kaiser he cannot purchase a supplement. Now he could dump Kaiser and use his Medicare elsewhere but he would have trouble finding a doctor and pharmacy. Even the Walgreen’s in his area is now limiting what they carry that Medicare covers.

        I am opposed to entitlements but I agree with Ryan in that we can’t simply leave seniors twisting in the wind when their whole lives were planned around it. They are serving as a horrible warning about trusting government though.

        • BigMamaTEA

          Trusting the government they did. My grandmother, born in 1911, said to me when we were talking about SS and Medicare “THEY PROMISED US!” She was a young adult when SS started, and had just graduated her last baby when MC came in.

    • badbadlibs

      Perhaps your father’s experience is an example of why the majority of seniors fear obamacare over Ryan’s budget….they are actually LIVING what obama care will do and it hasn’t even fully kicked in yet.
      Justice roberts will forever remain a villian to my way of thinking.

      • Laurel


  • toongoon

    On it’s face, without explanation, cutting funds from any programs means that somebody is not getting paid. If someone is not getting paid they stop offering the services.

    The best thing though, is that with age comes wisdom. Seniors will not be fooled by this.
    Something Zero will never, ever understand.

    • sDee

      Exactly! – somebody is not getting paid – that is the objective and the control point.

      Much of our family works in the provider side of the healthcare industry. Americans have to stop thinking about healthcare as some nebulous concept of fairness and entitlement. It is an industry, and we all work hard to provide the best services, products and care in the world, but we have to make a profit, a living to feed our families. Just like anyone else in any other industry.

      I ask people to just think about what they would do in their industry, if after investing in 6-10 years and 100’s of thousands of dollars of education and certification, the people of America and the government came in and said their company must provide the goods and services to anyone who walks in the front door regardless of their ability to pay.

      Then imagine when you could no longer keep your doors open the, government stepped in and took control of all accounts receivables and cash flow to your business through insurance regulatory control.

      Then imagine the government started telling you it would stop those payments unless you follow their rules, provided the services and products they prescribe and charge only the prices they determine.

      Then imagine one day they come in and tell you whose, lives you can save and who you must leave to die.


      • toongoon

        Puts a whole new spin on John Lennon’s song doesn’t it?

        They the doctors quit because of obamatax, I have no doubt they will be replaced with muslim’s who have proven themselves to have no concern for life.

        Obamatax must be repealed!

        • sDee

          “I have no doubt they will be replaced with muslim’s who have proven themselves to have no concern for life.”

          That my friend is real. Pick you doctors carefully. Let your family and primary physician know you concern.

          When we pulled my mother in law out of the “medicare mill” that nearly killed her in florida, Her doctor was “an Egyptian”.

  • Johann Streit

    The fool said MILLION!

    • The Right Scoop

      So did Sununu the other day in his interview with Soledad.

      • Johann Streit

        But that was in the heat of the battle. And Soledad wasn’t listening anyway.

  • Nukeman60

    But where did that $716 billion figure come from? From here – If the President’s Affordable Care Act is repealed, spending for Medicare would increase by an estimated $716 billion‘ – CBS report

    I must be dense here. I keep hearing this line and I don’t understand how repealing ObamaCare [thus stopping Obama from robbing $716 billion from Medicare to pay for it] causes Medicare spending to increase this amount. Am I seeing something backwards here or what?

    Granted, the cuts in Medicare would technically be lost, causing the spending to go back to it’s original cost, but it doesn’t cause Medicare to cost more than it originally would have. This bogus reasoning is the same as saying keeping the Bush tax cuts in place will cost the government more money. It doesn’t. They just don’t get to spend what they hoped they could spend in excess.

    Obama steals from Medicare, whether it’s in hospital payments, doctor reimbursements, or patient services. Putting that theft back into Medicare doesn’t create a new cost, it merely restores the staus quo.

    No wonder people are confused and close their minds when they hear about these shell games. Geesh.

  • marketcomp

    “ CBS News argues that the cuts are actually good for Medicare by making it more efficient and extending the life of the program. But how can cutting hospital reimbursements make Medicare a better program when their current reimbursements are already too low?” So, because the cuts are in the fees to the service providers then that makes it OK. Nurses and physicians go to college for many years and many have even more specialized training so are they supposed to work for free?! This is journalistic malpractice because CBS and the rest of lame stream media really thinks we stupid!

    So, if you were a business owner of say of a bakery and someone said you need to cut the money used to buy supplies, pay the utilities to operate the bakery, but you still need to provide services to give a quality product to clients who service the bakery then you would say no way. You would have to cut employees, cut back on supplies or buy less expensive supplies, cut hours of operation, and on and on. Its the same thing that service providers must do or they do not provide the service. Simple!

    • sDee

      Spot on. If everyone in America would try those pants on for size in their industry, they would immediately realize why and how all the government regulations, legislation and services for healthcare, are designed to collapse our healthcare industry into government control.

      And it does not stop at healthcare providers and payers. Healthcare is intertwined with hundreds and hundreds of other industries.

      It is sheer insanity. Many of us are already getting out and there is no getting back in. Americans are going to deeply regret our ignorance of what the government is doing.

  • odin147

    where do I begin, the one cuts medicare now not to save medicare but to spend on obamacare which no one wants, and then he blames ryan who has no cuts, restores all the money the one raided and ryan is the one who is ending medicare. He expects us to buy this.

    • sDee

      many many millions of Americans will buy it – because that is what they WANT to believe.

      The news in America is nothing more than sophisticated propaganda fine tuned to what those who tune in, want to hear.

  • Chris Dias

    Come to Hungary, see how those cuts work out. 😀

  • EpicCenter

    Krauthammer had a good response to the defense that the cuts are only to the medical providers. I would have liked to here also a response to the Ryan plan having done the same thing. I guess it would have been that it does do the same thing but only in 10 years and only because of the option it gives to choose private insurance?

    • Joseph

      Epic – I agree Charles did a good job but he should have explained it better, and may have in the actual broadcast. However, it is explained in the article that accompanies the clip that “by repealing all of Obamacare’s spending, the Republican budget does not spend the money Obamacare took out of Medicare and thus those funds are used to extend the Medicare Trust Fund”. I know this stuff is complicated and the media spins certainly distracts and confuses everyone, but for them to say he does the same thing, could not be further from the truth. Thank God we have places like the Right Scoop to show us the light!

  • Darrell Griffin

    And if it had been GWB who had cut that money, what would CBS say ?

  • RestlessLegs

    This is journalism? This is CBS reading talking points from the Dem playbook.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Bob Sheethead even got the amount wrong……he said “$716M,” when in fact it is $716B. Geeze, he can’t even get the simple stuff correct. Do your homework, Bobbie, then attack Republicans and cover for the Dims.

  • LiveFreeOrDieTryin

    The truth is going to get out , it always does.
    they can lie all they want.

  • kong1967

    The spending would increase by that amount in order to keep up with the increasing number of recipients and to be able to maintain current benefits. A cut is a cut is a cut, and benefits will have to be cut in order to pay for Obamacare with the $716 billion stolen from Medicare.

  • FreeManWalking

    Shetfer “yes thank you very much for that gop attack”. what an ahole

  • Jake Christie

    This article is pointless without sources; any dumbass can argue their point without proof of factual information. (… and sadly other dumbasses will believe their every word)

  • TeaPartyReaganConservative

    “CBS News argues that the cuts are actually good for Medicare by making it more efficient and extending the life of the program. But how can cutting hospital reimbursements make Medicare a better program when their current reimbursements are already too low? How stupid do they think we are?”

    “they claim that Obama’s massive Medicare cuts don’t come out of the Medicare trust funds. How can that be? There are two Medicare trust funds that contain taxpayer money that pays for the entire program. If Obamacare is taking $716B out of Medicare and it’s not coming out of the very trust funds that pay for Medicare, where in the heck is it coming from? Pixie dust?

    This says it all right here.

    The fact that the 716 Billion dollars cuts, which was stolen from the Medicare Trust Fund to slush fund Obamacare, was also double counted to make a false argument to say Obamacare would be deficit neutral, obviously a lie which was pointed out at the time by Republicans as well as the CBO.

    It’s amazing how these CBS media hacks can just sit there and blatantly lie about the facts, right to the America public, without blinking and eye. They have absolutely no shame whatsoever.

    They are trying make the public somehow believe that math doesn’t even exist, ie; subtracting 716 Billion dollars from a govt entitlement program will somehow magically make it more efficient and better and more affordable, etc.. Why, because in their illogical warped liberal ideological mindset, which comes from their leftist indoctrination- if it doesn’t flow with their political agenda plan, to ensure their leaders stay in power to continue that plan, then just make it so. Make the laws of mathematics, science, and physics whatever they say it is.. Make credible by stating it so on national media platform outlets and networks, particularly on prime time TV.

    These liberal media hacks are absolutely inane, inept, and delusional, but worse, they’re complicit co-conspirators in their national deception to deceive the America people with false misleading information- that is the far left Obamaland lie, all to justify their liberal agenda and cause, ie; the end justifies the means, sacrificing whatever integrity and self-worth they may have ever had as so called professional journalists.

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