CBS News: Who is the real Mitt Romney? He’s not as ‘plastic’ as his critics think

With the title “Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?”, I totally thought this was going to be a flip-flop parade of sorts, especially from CBS News. But that’s not at all where they went with it:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    This may not sound right to say, but this “Mormon message” will not resonate with many Americans. Mormons are not well accepted or respected by many Christians because of many reasons – one of which is that they have another book to compliment or supplant the universal word of God – the Bible. This is considered heresy to many Christians.

    In my opinion, this doesn’t really help him from a religious standpoint. However, it does shed some light onto his character.

    • steprock

      I think that’s a fair assessment. In my experience, Christians I know were at first taken aback by him being a Mormon, but then got over it. If his faith makes a positive impact in his character, it’s a good thing.

      At this point, we are all asking the same question: will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? After 2 campaigns for President, you’d think we would know the answer to that by now.

      • 15 minutes of research on Google will get you those answers … but why bother to look right ? you don’t really care what his story is unless he can tell it in some sort of made for TV soundbite that gets the blood flowing … kind of like Obama did in 2008 right ?

        Why should you look up anything ?

        • steprock

          You can save that for someone else. I follow this political blog and do my reading.

          Your narrative does not work with someone who efforts to make themselves well-informed. I am both well-informed and don’t care for Mitt Romney.

          • xymbaline

            Roger that!

            • steprock

              Appreciate the support. 3 other people “liked” Jeff’s out-of-left-field attack on me, though he himself had no answer to me.

              • xymbaline

                No problem. Keep up the good work. People are listening.

      • M_J_S

        Every time a Mormon calls himself or herself a Christian, REAL Christians starting getting pissed.

        I don’t care about what one’s religion is. Mormons are nice people that do nice things, but they are not Christians. And they’ll be 1,000,000 Mormons in a coordinated attack on anyone who points this FACT out.

        Its like when Establishment Republicans call themselves “Conservatives” it just pisses people off.

        • onewaypockets

          I guess you can vote for the Muslim in the election then.

          • M_J_S

            I love the false choice comments.

            I VOTE FOR NIETHER!

            • onewaypockets

              It’s your right.

        • steprock

          Yeah, I can’t consider Mormons as Christians. By definition (I hate to say it) they are a cult. Really nice folks! Not the kind of cult that blows stuff up or anything, but not Christians.

          His being a Mormon doesn’t bother me anymore. What DOES bother me is that he’s done things in direct contradiction to Mormon teaching and then a report like this one tries to say what a difference his faith has made.

          PS to flamers – I won’t be doing the religious debate on this.

      • kim

        You’ll have to vote for the president to find out what is in the president.

    • The Old Testament says not to add to it as well yet you accept another book the New Testament. The Book of Mormon is Christ dealings with the people in America most likely USA part from 600 BC through 400AD. Would not Christ want to show love for people in America?

      But as to your point it is the Mormons Doctrine and Covenants that is the problem. It teaches there is an infinite number of Gods. Each with a body much like ours. God and Christ can not dwell in our hearts and plural marriage is required. These are all very unchristian teachings. All repudiated in the Book of Mormon.

  • hrh40

    Of course he’s having the time of his life, he has no conscience for what he does to his opponents, i.e., for not nixing any tactics in the quest of winning. Apparently, the Mormon Church doesn’t preach against the ends justifying the means.

    Of course he’s having the time of his life, he’s got all the resources of the Establishment GOP fighting for him. Must be nice.

    Of course he’s having the time of his life, he’s got all the resources of the Mormon church fighting for him. Must be nice.

    Can CBS find any stories like this that aren’t from Mormons?

    • W.

      How do Mormons feel about Romney’s implementation of gay marriage and adoption by executive order violating the Massachusetts Constitution when they were defending marriage on the other side of the country in California?

      Do Mormons approve of Romney’s lies, his huge taxpayer funds bailouts, his ruthless business and campaign tactics, his liberal social policies?

      • NateVandy

        I’m a Mormon and I’m very conservative. Mormon Americans are, in general, more conservative than the average American, but there are liberals among us too. Glenn Beck and Harry Reid are both Mormons. Our church teaches Christian principles and then leaves the members to decide how they should be implemented in government policy. There are only a few exceptions, in which the church has openly supported certain policies. For example, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints was instrumental in passing Proposition 8 in California, which was a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

        Personally, I’m not enthusiastic about Romney. But I don’t get to choose between Romney and Reagan. At this point the choice is between Romney and Obama, and that’s an easy choice. He’s definitely a politician, and since he was a governor in a state with an 85% democrat legislature, we shouldn’t be surprised that he supported some liberal policies. I’m cautiously optimistic that, with a republican-controlled congress, he will be a good president. But I’m not holding my breath for a conservative renaissance.

      • What we ‘feel’ is sadness that the Mass Supreme Court ordered this, and not mitt. He even went to congress to testify against Gay marriage/adoption. But that’s a factoid that won’t gell with you all.

    • dheard

      Don’t be moronic. Every line you typed was your opinion and had no factual basis. Are Mormons the new Jews which control everything and are out to dominate the world through the banking system and politics? Puh-leaze…

      Either you are a troll-plant or you are a less-than-avg intelligence Ron Paul supporter.

      • hrh40

        None of the above.

        I notice you do not actually rebut any of my statements, you yourself give no facts to counter that:

        1. Romney uses any means necessary to get the nomination.
        2. Romney has the entire GOP Establishment working for him. Notice I didn’t say conservative.
        3. Romney has the entire Mormon Establishment working for him.

        You actually made no points in your comment except attacks.

        No, I am not a moron.

        I watched the video posted here and commented on it.

        • Calvin_02

          Romney uses any means necessary to get the nomination.

          It also helps that, you know, people voted for him.

          Romney has the entire GOP Establishment working for him. Notice I didn’t say conservative.

          Again, people voted for him. The GOP “Establishment” didn’t go out and gather up dead voters or pay people to vote for Romney.

          Romney has the entire Mormon Establishment working for him.

          Glenn Beck’s rousing rallying cry of “at least he’s not a commie” after practically endorsing Santorum (having him on the radio practically daily, while Romney has declined to go on during this campaign) is definitely a sign of tremendous (yet surreptitious support from an infamous member of the “Mormon Establishment.” /sarc

          • Marie Osmond said she was rather have food poisoning than endorse Mitt Romney.

            • teri_b

              Actually, she said that rather than get into presidential politics.

              I have no idea why anybody cares what celebrities think anyway.

            • xymbaline

              I know that *I’d* rather have food poisoning than endorse Mitt “The Poodle” Romney.

          • M_J_S

            Romney has 2million LESS votes than all other candidates.

            Romney spent 91% (his numbers) of his ad campaign BASHING Conservatives.

        • hrh40

          Evidence of #2 is right here on Scoop’s headlines: Ailes says Newt won’t return to Fox News.

          Fox News is Establishment GOP and has been pushing Romney since last summer.

        • there was no facts to rebute in your screed …

          • hrh40


  • CaseyGeorge

    I’ve heard this about Mitt…Apparently he is a super nice, giving guy who just doesn’t talk about it or want it politicized. While I’m not totally on board with him politically, I admire anyone who goes out of their way to help others.

    • steprock

      True enough. But I myself am sick and tired of the “he’s a nice person” excuse for politicians’ bad behavior. I don’t care one iota if they would make a great neighbor. We need a pit bull. Even if they are a hard-nosed sonofagun, who is going to go toe-to-toe with the Iranians? The nice neighbor, or the pit bull?

      • actually a properly raised pit bull can be a nice neighbor … don’t mistake mild mannered for weak …

    • StrangernFiction

      And he will be more than happy as president to be a super nice, giving guy with others money.

    • nibblesyble

      ‘idiots’? Nice way to get your point across. Any other magical nuggets of wisdom for us, or just insults…what? Nothing? Yeah that is what I thought!

  • nibblesyble

    Of course they want to build him they can tear him down afterward. I remember Slate magazine(online) loooved McCain..until he was up against Obama. As for Romney being a good guy, sounds liks he may be in his private life, but he allowed hs campaign to mire themselves in dirty politics, that is what colors him for me. You can’t seperate the two.

    • MarkLeisNjConservative

      That is my concern as well. They are running positive stories about Mitt so they can claim they are balanced in their coverage. In the second half in the fall they will have to run the negative stories to re-balance the scale.

      Whether Mitt wins or not, our challenge is to find constitutional conservative candidates we can support who are running in contested primaries and have a realistic chance to win the primary and then the general election.

      In New Jersey we have such a candidate running for the U.S. Senate. His name is Bader Qarmout. You can start to vet him at and also be searching for his videos on YouTube.

      He has a huge advantage in the primary because he has the first position on the ballot in some of the counties. American Grizzlies United added him to their list of candidates. In the primary he is running against the GOP Establishment/Chris Christie endorsed candidate Joe Kyrillos. The winner of the primary will run against Bob Menendez, an extremely liberal democrat.

      In the last governor’s race, New Jersey elected a Republican Governor. This year a strong, constitutional conservative should have an excellent chance in the NJ U.S. Senator race. We need good people in the Senate to keep Mitt in check and repeal Obamacare.

      • nibblesyble

        You are right..thanks for the reply and the info.

  • Trust1TG


    Alinsky Rule – Say or Do Anything It Takes To Get In Power.

  • MiketheMarine

    Nice story, BUT…

    It seems a bit staged to me. No reporters but the homeowner, who is now a minor celebrity had the forethought to video tape Romney, almost exclusively and Mittwitt never looked at the camara. Far too staged. Like everything else about the man, it strikes me as fabricated.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      All that’s missing is Mitten’s cape & super suit.

      However, I’m on a bit of “negative overload” so a puff piece like this doesn’t really offend my senses today.

      • poljunkie

        ….Here I come to save the day!!!!

        ( Was that mighty mouse?)

        • Linky1

          Or, Andy Kaufmann doing Mighty Mouse!

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Maybe Mighty Mitt?

          • Linky1

            Don’t forget the SuperPAC- “Mighty Mutts against Mitt.” Next thing you know, we’ll see Mitt, his mutt and Cesar Milan together, saying what a good dog owner Mutt (oops, Mitt) really is.

            • MiketheMarine

              Too funny. That is great. I bet they won’t show a car in the shot with Cesar Milan and the dog.

    • Linky1

      And you know that this piece will be used as a campaign add, all airbrushed and nicey-nice to show Super-Mitt going to save America from Big, Bad Barack.

      • MiketheMarine

        Yep, give it a month and we will be sick of seeing SuperMitt.

        • Linky1

          I’d give it a week!

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I’m already sick of him. *sigh*

        • I’m sick of it now.

      • sDee

        The left laps this stuff up.

    • Calvin_02

      Yes, it was totally staged. As well as that search for that girl in NYC was.

    • Calvin_02

      Just so you know Mike, I was being sarcastic about the NYC search organized by Romney.

      • MiketheMarine

        Yeah, I know. Most people here are pretty obvious in their sarcasm. I got ya on the first read. LOL

  • StNikao

    If Mitt Romney were from the South, I’d say he was the typical son of wealth, power, privilege, social elite. They believed they were entitled to break rules, have and get what they want.

    They compartmentized their home, church, and business life and the rules were different in each of those arenas.

    They could be two or three or more completely different people as the occasion required.

    I know this all too well…all too well.

    There is a story of Mitt Romney when he was a teen-ager that illustrates my point.
    He wanted to take friends out in a boat that had no license. When the authorities tried to prevent him from doing so, he said to bill the fine to his dad, so he could go anyway. He lost that argument.

    Mitt’s religion is practiced at one level as a Mormon bishop, and like the stories told, he can be compassionate and caring. Yet while the Mormons were defending marriage, Mitt put same-sex marriage into law by executive order – against the constitution of his state. He also implemented gay adoption, abortion and other radical social agendas. He consulted with the same radicals as Obama – Kevin Jennings and John Holdren. Romney was not true to Biblical doctrines. I don’t know how Mormons or conservatives can wink at all that.

    However, as a business man and a politician, he is ruthless, unethical and has violated many Biblical and ethical standards.

    Mitt’s lies are legion, well-documented on numerous sites. I have dozens of links. There were eight at least lies documented in the last two debates alone.
    Numerous lies in his CPAC speech. Romney’s departures from truth are disturbing, if not pathological.

    In reality, Romney is as broken in character and compartmentalized or fractured in integrity as William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

    At least Newt has repented, confessed, gotten help and counsel and has the healing, singlness of heart, purpose, vision, identity and integrity that redemption brings…a whole-hearted adherence to what is true, right and good.

    (Romney critics – The check bouncing in Newt’s campaign account was due to a change of bank accounts and the recipient had delayed depositing it.)

    • nibblesyble

      Well done!

    • Calvin_02

      There is a story of Mitt Romney when he was a teen-ager that illustrates my point.
      He wanted to take friends out in a boat that had no license. When the authorities tried to prevent him from doing so, he said to bill the fine to his dad, so he could go anyway. He lost that argument.

      OH NOES!!! Mitt Romney did something stupid as a teenager!!! Say it ain’t so!!! Alert the presses!!!

    • good lord … have you even gone over Romneys life experience ? if you had you would not see that he has not lived as if he was entitled to break rules, have and get what they want. In fact he has acted exactly the opposite …

      Do you even know when he became “rich” ? I know you assume he inheritied his wealth … you would be wrong …

      • StNikao

        NO – Romney got his wealth with taxpayer bailouts and by unethical, unscrupulous, ruthless means.
        “Romney has a history of surviving poor decision-making by gulping down federal largesse. He’s built up an impressive mythology about someone who makes things work.”

        “Most U.S. tax dollars ever per athlete. Federal spending for the Salt Lake City Games will average $625,000 for each of the 2,400 athletes who will compete. (Not a penny of it will go to the athletes.) That’s a 996% increase from the $57,000 average for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It’s a staggering 5,582% jump from the $11,000 average for the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.”

        “And for the upcoming 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the estimated cost to American taxpayers is 1.3 billion dollars. That’s outrageous Mr. President. And it’s a disgrace,” McCain said. (2001)

        BAIN – Bain Capital was also beneficiary of US taxpayer dollar BAILOUT –

        ROMNEY STEEL COMPANY PROFITS COST TAXPAYER – As this report says, Romney does have a skeleton in the closet, and it involves federal funds.
        “What’s more, a federal government insurance agency had to pony up $44 million to bail out the company’s underfunded pension plan. Nevertheless, Bain profited on the deal, receiving $12 million on its $8 million initial investment and at least $4.5 million in consulting fees.”
        Mitt Romney the “Buyout Baron” is a liar, a con man and a scam artist. He is the founding father of the “private equity” Wall Street scam. They take over a company and inflate its short-term profits by laying off workers, cutting pensions and selling assets. They then take out huge loans in the acquired firm’s name and immediately transfer the money as “dividends” and “fees” to Bain capital. If the now deeply debt-ridden acquired firm goes bankrupt, Bain gets to keep all that money as it is untouchable in bankruptcy proceedings. Bain socializes their losses to banks, pension insurers, etc. and privatizes their gains in the same kind of Wall Street con job that led to the mortgage crisis. Bain donates to Democrats and keeps the laws in place to allow this to go on. Nominate Romney and you will see all of this exposed by the liberal media in the fall. He is a classic Wall Street crook and will become unelectable. If he did win, you can only expect the collusion between big government and Wall Street to become deeper and more endemic, driving the nation further into bankruptcy.

        Ask Mitt about the FTD deal (1994-95) that was essentially a hostile buyout forced on the 20,000 members in writing as a “MERGER” but was actually and legally a SECRETLY held Public Auction that ripped off its members, and was a very questionable legal transaction that was not tested in the courts but was DEFINITELY, morally and ethically, of the lowest caliber. Mitt’s knowledge, participation, and or influence, needs an explanation, with NO platitudes or non sequiturs. The first dots to connect are Meg Whitman and Perry Capital NY. The dots will lead to the money, hundreds of millions.
        Wally Greenlaw (Google “wallyozzy” in quotes)
        BAIN CAPITAL –

        BAIN – “Mitt Romney says he saved Bain & Company, but he didn’t tell you that on the day he took over, he had his predecessor fire hundreds of employees, or that the way the company was rescued was with a federal bailout of $10 million,” notes the narrator in Sen. Kennedy’s unreleased ad as pictures of newspaper articles fill the screen. “He and others made $4 million in this deal which cost ordinary people $10 million.”
        That’s absolutely true. Romney came from Bain & Co. to create Bain Capital. Bain Capital, in turn, pulled a ‘leveraged buyout’ of Bain & Co. — the monster child turning on its mother and eating its own.

        • xymbaline

          This is how most venture capitalists work, sorry to say. I personally viewed at least 50 such cases back in the “Dot Com Boom” of the late 90’s – 2000.

          There’s a reason that they’re non-lovingly called “Vulture Capitalists”. As soon as you and/or your company need to deal with one, you’ll understand, too.

          Compare this to Donald Trump, a man far richer than Romney. Trump got rich by building things. He created wealth where only empty space existed before, and gave jobs to untold thousands of people and his money powered many, many firms.

          That’s Capitalism.

          What Romney did was old fashioned Old Boy financial extortion that has been made legal by the same Old Boys getting laws passed allowing it.

    • teri_b

      The definition of being a teenager is having bad judgment. If he didn’t act like an a$$ back then, he really wouldn’t be human.

      • xymbaline

        There’s a difference between teenager highjinks and between the son of Thurston Howell the 3rd telling a cop to screw off because his old man would pay the fine, so he’d go ahead and break the law anyhow.

  • NYGino

    The time is here to disband the circular firing squad and aim at the real target.

    • hrh40

      With what?

      Romney’s a dud that will never reach the target.

      “Obama’s a decent guy who’s in over his head.” Mitt Romney

      “I think Obama’s great!” Matt Romney

      • NYGino

        With someone in the White House who’s not a Marxist that wants to end our country as we know it even though he’s not perfect and has made mistakes and said things he regrets (haven’t we all?). And with control of the Senate and House. With a President that won’t tilt the Supreme Court all the way left. With someone who’s background and history we know. With someone who’s not in Soros’ pocket. With a DEFINATE non-Muslim who’s leading us towards Sharia law.

        I’ve written this before. There will be only one result after the November election. Either Obama wins or The United States of America survives as a great Nation, can’t have both.

      • teri_b

        I think saying O is a decent guy who is in over his head is a much smarter way to campaign than personally attacking someone. Personal attacks don’t play well with most people. Being “in over his head” says plenty without it getting too personal.

  • Islam_Sucks

    I never understood the whole Mormon thing. Mitt is as Mormon as Hussein is Christian …. which is to say …. not at all.

    • sDee

      Religion of convenience. And that reflects their character.

      • try being a missionary for 5 minutes and tell us all about it being a convienence …

        • M_J_S

          Try dodging the draft during Vietnam.

          How many of Romney’s sons serve out country. OH SNAP! NONE!

  • steprock

    I think this is a good piece to show that he’s a decent human being.

    Does that change the fact that he’s got big-government policies and has espoused beliefs (pro-abortion) that are in direct conflict with the teachings of the Mormon church? No.

    • sDee

      It is good piece to show that even Romney can be made to look like a decent human being. Why didn’t he just send the guy a check for $200 to have the stump ground?

      • Because it was his son’s neighbor. And in ‘our’ community, we help one another.

        • Karl Rogue

          Where or what is ” ‘our’ community”?

        • You mean the Mormon Community?

  • sDee

    Not a publicity event?! Those pictures of Mitt and the shovel are laughable. Look at the homes in that neighborhood. Around here we call a guy with a stump grinder. For the price of their plane tickets and 5 star dinners that night, they could have had every stump on the block ground in less time then it took to dig that one out.

    What a joke. Looks like the lamestream propaganda machine has kicked in for the successor to the regime.

    • MiketheMarine

      As usual, we are on the same page here.

      • sDee

        A good thing, I say.

        • MiketheMarine

          I agree. I just shot an email to Roger Ailes about the story about on TRS from News Max. Had to tell Rog, c-ya.

    • I thought it looked very staged too.

  • 12grace

    If obama was not hated so much I don’t think Romney would win.

    • MiketheMarine

      I don’t think Romeny will win. He would have to excite the GOP base and convince independants he is a better option to Maobama. He can’t even excite serious Maobama haters. That’s a problem

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        I stand with the marine on this one. I’m just not all that convinced Romney can win.

        • 12grace

          I pray that you two patriot friends are wrong. I am so fearful of obama getting into office and him finishing off America next time in office.

        • who care what you or I think … will you vote for him in Nov ? if yes then how about doing everything to ensure more people join you in that vote …

          this stuff looks more like Obama supporting nonsense …

          • nibblesyble

            I care what he thinks! We strive to show posters on this site some respect even if we disagree..

      • Calvin_02

        ‏ @gallupnews

        Presidential Election: Romney 48% (+1), Obama 43% (-2). Get the full trend… #Gallup!/gallupnews/status/192302331172372483

        Obviously, we don’t want to get ahead of ourslelves, but we don’t want to declare defeat either!

      • do “excited” voters get to vote more than once ?

        • MiketheMarine

          No, but excited voters will get off of their backsides and go to vote on the proper day. Voters who aren’t excited might well decide they are too busy to bother.

        • Linky1

          If they live in Chicago, they do.

          • nibblesyble


        • nibblesyble

          No, the non-excited one won’t vote period though.

          • KenInMontana

            I don’t know about that, considering that dead people vote in Chicago and they are a pretty unexcitable bunch, if you know what I mean.

            • nibblesyble

              lol..point taken.

  • aPLWBinAK

    Joe BiteMe calling anybody ‘out of touch’? Priceless….we don’t need to mock people like him, they do it for us.

    • Calvin_02

      Joe Biden has a much higher IQ than you:

      • teri_b

        That was great! Do you have another one where he is bragging about his humility?

        • Calvin_02

          If I ever find one, I’ll let you know. I don’t want to say that I think that Biden likes to toot his own horn, but sometimes I think I hear a faint “toot ♪ -toot ♪” when he’s talking.

  • Rmoneycare not as ‘plastic’ as his critics think, it is more like Jellyfish on the substance.

    “Plastic” are way too stable for this item

  • lambfound

    I cannot wait to see Mr. and Mrs. Romney in the White House. I believe many naysayers will be humbled. He’s a good and decent man who does not deserve all the hate spewed by the sore losers. Let’s try and honor God with our comments.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Yeah, what’s God say about the prideful?

      • why don’t you quote the bible for us ?

    • wodiej

      You start by honoring God then by not writing insulting remarks. What a hypocrite.

    • MiketheMarine

      I think you are misdefining us. Most of us did not like Mittwitt way before today and he hasn’t won anything yet.

    • Sorry, it’s not hate speech here. We want the most conservative leader we can get.

    • StNikao

      Do Mormons approve of lying?

      Of Romney’s liberal acts in his governorship?

      Of his business practices?

      Of his tax dollar grubbing for his private enterprises?

    • Linky1

      Sore Losers? Nothing has been won yet, no one has been crowned or nominated. Put your horse back in front of your cart until the nominations are announced.

    • TJ

      Romney has not honored God with his record in MA:

      “I never … believed there was one code of morality for a public and another for a private man.”
      Thomas Jefferson, In a letter to Don Valentine de Feronda, 1809

      “If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering and to prosper; but if we and our posterity neglect its instruction and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity.”
      Daniel Webster
      (source of quotes:

    • nibblesyble

      Humbled? More like shaking our heads saying ‘told ya so’ except it will be a hollow victory won’t it? I hope IF he gets the nom and IF he wins the White House I am wrong and I will be more than happy to concede that. I just seriously doubt it.

  • I didn’t know about that brunt tree stump story but it really put Romney in a good light.

    +1 for Romney

    Obama sucks.

  • What the he!! is wrong with you people? Romney is the nominee, and by literally everyone who has ever dealt with him, is by ALL accounts a Christian man. Look at yourselves, and ask why you hate the man so much.

    • MiketheMarine

      His track record and his history in politics is why we don’t like him. We are not inviting the man over for dinner. We are electing a US President and Romney isn’t the man we are looking for. He isn’t even close.

      • YOU MEAN, you hate the way he governed as a conservative in a liberal state? That’s where your problem is?


        • MiketheMarine

          Yes, you see, I did lots of research on him and he may have served in Massachusettes as what a Massachusettes voter would consider conservative but for the rest of America, he is what we would call a liberal leaning moderate and with the assault on our Constitution already underway, he is the last thing we need.

          • teri_b

            Not quite. The last thing we need is Obama.

      • StNikao

        I don’t ‘hate’ Romney or Obama.

        I’d like to see them repent.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Uh … look, kid, I don’t think anyone has said they ‘hate’ Mitt Romney. You might wanna dial that back.

    • Karl Rogue

      Don’t hate him at all. Just don’t want him anywhere near the White House.
      You are going to have to come to grips with the fact that there are reasonable people in the country who won’t be supporting Mitt.

      • and by extension you’d be an Obama supported … if that is your definition of reasonable then you can keep it … I assume you want to be considered reasonable … you can say the word as often as you want … it won’t make it so …
        I would consider ignorant or childish better labels but thats just me …

        • Karl Rogue

          “I would consider ignorant or childish better labels but thats just me …” that’s you, huh?

          Thanks for the laugh. You tried to slime me and got yourself. Typical Rombot…you guys are your own worst enemies.

    • StNikao

      Not hate – just not denial.

      Facts, evidence, truth matters the most.

      Better look at yourself, bud. Ask yourself why you excuse a man with his record, lies and tactics.

    • Who crowned him the nominee? I wasn’t aware that the primaries were over. So far, he doesn’t have the delegates.

      As far as Romney being a Christian, sorry not according to the King James version of the Bible.

    • I don’t hate him. I hate what his record is, and I hate that he’s run his campaign so much like the thugs from chicago. I hate that he’s given this nation the ground work for dear leader care. I hate that there were some very good, conservatives running and now thanks to the gop elite we have been stuck with the guy who lost to the guy who lost to dear leader. I hate that this could very well be the most important election in the history of this nation- and we’re stuck with a guy who is only in this race because he feels like it’s his turn.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Hmm. Yeah, whoever called Mitt Romney a modern day ‘Don Draper’ has really summed it up for me, at this point, though I’ll admit I didn’t think that segment above was all that bad.

    • It was Axlerod who called Mitt Romney a modern day “Don Draper” so that says a lot more about you than it does about Romney.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        LOL! You gotta hand it to RomneyTrolls! They really don’t try that hard any more.

        • Nothing to like and/or no trolling involved — Axlerod IS the guy who said it — That’s a FACT. He even said when Romney watches Mad Men he thinks he is watching the evening news. You can Google it, but the fact is, even though you claimed you “didn’t know who said it,” you basically admitted that Axlerod is the one whom you are buying your narrative from.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            “Trollin’, trollin’ trollin …
            Keep those Romney’s trollin’ …”

    • If you aren’t going to vote for Obama in Nov then why bother with this sort of nonsense ? do you all really need to vent that much ? really ??? wow …

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        ??? How am I venting by just making an observation?

    • StNikao

      Actually, only three of the Don Draper’s Rules for Living applies to Romney:

      * Lie to everyone about everything.
      * Be fabulously rich and successful at everything.
      * Look good in a suit, casual wear, etc.

      AFAIK, Romney lives a clean-cut, normal life, except for his constant lying, extreme liberalism, predatory capitalism, tax and pension fund grubbing, ruthless political campaigns and winning dollars and votes at all costs.

  • NYGino

    Ronald Reagan had tons of detractors on the GOP side before he became one of the greatest Presidents ever.

    • Karl Rogue

      The Mitt as Reagan memes is one of the more ridiculous of this election cycle.

      Reagan ran against the party brass as a conservative opponent to their Me-Too Statism. Mitt runs with the full blessing of the party brass, and against conservatives as the Champion of Me-Too Statism.

      • who cares ? you don’t … you want Obama out right ? Mitt must be your choice then right ? try pushing him in the direction you prefer instead of complaining …

        • Karl Rogue

          fortunately, I have the ability to do more than “try to push him”. I can vote for someone else. think about it, and stop complaining.

      • NYGino

        Karl, Didn’t mean to make a philosophical parallel between Reagan and Romney, more an example of how preconceived expectations can be proved wrong. I don’t believe, as those who would change America by changing or ignoring our Constitution, that the Constitution is a ‘living, therefore changeable’ document. I do believe that people are. With Romney we start out with a chance, and a good chance, to win the Presidency as opposed to others we would like but are too far right to win over the middle ground which, realistically, is where the election is going to be won or lost.

        The Senate is up for grabs and the House we will retain. Obama wins we, in time have a very liberal Supreme Court and all the un -American consequences that ensue.
        We lose the country.

        Romney is basically a good man and a true American. This can’t be said about the current occupier of our White House. Is he a dyed in the wool 100% all the way Conservative? No. Is he the best shot we have now to keep our country? Yes.

        • Karl Rogue

          Karl, Didn’t mean to make a philosophical parallel between Reagan and Romney, more an example of how preconceived expectations can be proved wrong.

          Fair enough, but of course the idea that Romney is not in fact what he is presently selling himself as is at the heart of the opposition to him on the right.

          • NYGino

            OK. Let’s assume Romney gets the nod, do you prefer Romney or Obama?

            • c4pfan

              I don’t think Romney will beat Obama. Yes, one poll has him up, but not by enough and last time I looked, it’s by electoral vote, not popular.

              How many lies will he tell by then? For example, he signed a document supporting English as the official language for the US, but went Puerto Rico and stated that they wouldn’t need to make English the official language to become a state! How does a person trust someone like that to get a few measly delegates?

            • Karl Rogue


  • stevenbiot

    The 1% crap again!

  • stevenbiot

    If Obama would have done the community service, every media obamaphile would have been there, like a bunch of groupies.

    • teri_b

      But you know Obama wouldn’t do any kind of service unless he had cameras to play to.

  • stevenbiot

    Overall, story is irrelevant and doesn’t speak on his conservatism qualities.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Because he doesn’t have Conservative qualities?

      • Linky1

        If her were running in Canada, he would be called a “Progressive Conservative”……a bigger oxymoron than “Honest Politician.”

    • teri_b

      Agree, but it goes against the media meme that Mitt is “out of touch”. I think that meme was a media invention and am glad to see CBS giving him fair treatment.

  • Amy

    Why is CBS doing a positive piece on Mitt? Perhaps it’s just me, but I prefer it when my adversaries really hate me and not sing my praises or try to advocate on my behalf.

    • teri_b

      But then Conservatives need to stop screaming about media bias if they are going to complain when they get a fair story written about their presumptive nominee.

      • Amy

        If I see a ‘fair’ story from an admittedly progressive organization, I’m going to question what they are up to. I am not one of those conservatives who suffers from the ‘they like me, they really like me’ syndrome. I don’t want them to like us. I want them in panic mode. It means we’re being effective.

        But if you’d like to still tune in to MSM and see if they’ll change their minds, feel free.

      • nibblesyble

        teri, they are building him up to only tear him down. Anyone who believes that there is no motive there are deluding themselves.

  • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

    I have a sneaking suspiciaon that more Democrats will vote for Romney in the general election if he is the Republican nominee than registered Republicans. His liberal politics are right in line with theirs, and I think they are getting a little nervous with Obama, even though they will never say that. Let’s face it — Romney is a good Democrat.

  • wodiej

    Millions of people do nice things for others every single day. That doesn’t mean they should be president. This clip doesn’t negate the fact that Romney obliterated his opponents with millions of dollars of dishonest ads in essence buying the nomination. This clip does not negate the fact that he doesn’t have a solid stance on just about anything conservative. I don’t hate him but he sure isn’t my idea of someone who can relate to the average citizen.

  • I already knew about the missing girl, which doesn’t influence me one bit. When you’re running for President your background in politics is what I base my judgement on the candidate.

    It’s all well and good that Mitt has helped other people, but Mitt is not and will never be a conservative. He didn’t govern as a conservative and has always surrounded himself with Democrats.

    His wealth means nothing to me, except for the fact that Wall Street money is supporting him. Crony capitalism will remain alive and well.

  • NYGino

    Just a thought for some of the posters today that are complaining about Romney being ruthless, Isn’t that what we will need to fight the Obama regime?

    (I can actually say I’m not ruthless… wife’s name is Ruth)

  • This was an excellent video. Mitt has a ‘servants heart’ without the fanfare or the publicity as others in our party seek. His wife served as a RS president. Another unpaid leadership position she did not ask for. She has had to help wives with food orders after husbands lost jobs or left the family. Ann has help make funeral arrangments for their loved ones. She’s been an listening ear and a helping hand to the young mothers who struggled with their infants. She has had to serve the women of her ward, and look after their welfare. Say what you want about who the Romney’s are. I KNOW who they are. They will be an awesome example in the White House. They raised 5 boys and have 16 grandchildren. None of those grandchildren were born out of nor conceived out of marriage. Mitt has been loyal to one wife. They are doing something right. They are quietly serving. This video of the tree stump was out in 08 on the internet, but few saw it.

    • teri_b

      Well, let us hope that more people who know the Romney’s speak up. Otherwise the media narrative wins.

      • c4pfan

        Excuse me, but Romney has yet to even be truthful about supporting Federal Mandates. What do you mean? I see a false narative that the man is worthy of the nomination!

  • c4pfan

    All I want to know is how he can lie about not supporting Federal Mandates and turn around and say he doesn’t support them, give no specifics on what agencies or funding he would cut and has people that work for him that do the ‘dirty work’ for him.

    I would also point out that Mitt Romney was supported by the GOP by letting Florida break the rules in regards to being a winner take all when the vote took place before April 1st while not letting Texas change their rule (which would have benefited Rick Santorum).

    I don’t like it when people lie and say that Mitt Romney was supported by the voters when majorties were not voting for him.

    I don’t see anyone taking him to task on any of those issues and as long as that goes on, nothing is going to change in DC.

    • teri_b

      Romney had 1.4 million more votes than Santorum when Santorum quit.

      We had a weak field.

      • c4pfan

        How much money did he have to spend to get what he got against a man who had literally no money?

        Why are you still so blind?

        • onewaypockets

          c4, Romney was/is the only GOP candidate besides Paul to actually have a professional organization. Period, end of story. Romney and Paul were the only guys that didn’t bounce checks, didn’t go on a cruise, got onto every ballot with zero excuses, etc.

          At this point, you have a choice.

          1. Vote for Romney, a proven free market businessman.

          2. Vote for Obama, a Socialist.

          3. Stay home (also a vote for Obama).

          Both Rick’s are out of the race. Newt is polling 5%. Cain is out of the race.

          Now, I’m not saying Mitt has all his conservative credentials lined up perfectly, but I know I’m not staying at home or voting for Barry!

          You kinda remind me of one of those Japanese soldiers that they occasionally found on some south Pacific island 30 years after the war…thinking the war was still going on.

          Dude, it’s over. Romney is GOP nominee.

          And you say “But, but, but”

          Take good care now.

          • c4pfan

            Oh, but that ‘professional organization’ still had to cheat to get him the nomation. Yeah, I get you now.

            • onewaypockets

              c4…first off I am a Republican. I will support the nominee, especially when contrasted against someone as dangerous as Obama.

              If you are speaking of Florida moving up their primary, actually Newt had an incredible momentum advantage going into Florida….Romney could have easily lost.

              But I am not really interested in debating item by item with you, it’s actually history and a distraction at this point and we have the elections in front of us.

              Fact is, it’s over.

              And now you have to decide what to do with your vote.

              It’s between Romney and Obama.

              Who are you actually going to cast your vote for when you step into the booth???

              Are you really going to cry and let Obama get re-elected?

          • 4. Vote for another presidential candidate

            This seems to be amiss for folks. There are more than two presidential candidates on the ballot.

            • TJ

              Or write one in

          • sDee

            Romney is no businessman he was a henchman for bankers.

            We do not need a “businessman” in government. Government produces nothing, generates no revenue and is a parasite on the free market.

            We need a leader and statesman who believes that government is bad for a free nation and a free market. Romney believes government is the answer to all the problems government itself created.

          • TJ

            Yes, he was more organized- he’s been running for years. But, you left out choice number
            4. Vote your conscience when it comes to the president part of the ballot. Vote for conservatives in other races.

        • teri_b

          You don’t need to insult me. I was stating a fact that you can’t argue with. He got more votes than the others. Whether or not he raised more money was not my point, but it isn’t a negative for me. It shows strength of organization. I get it that you don’t like Romney, but while he wasn’t my first choice (or second, or third), he still had a larger appeal to the primary voters, as evidenced by the vote.

          • TJ

            Certain primary voters, though typically less than 50 percent in races went for Romney. Two states went for Gingrich. And many maps were colored nearly all Santorum brown, with only a very small number of mostly large population counties primarily going for Romney. Romney’s plan for PA before Rick Santorum suspended his campaign was to dump a huge amount of campaign money (known to be nearly all negative campaigning) into Philadelphia, which I assume is another one of those large population areas.

            Since you say Romney wasn’t your first or second or third choice, if you haven’t voted yet in your primary, I hope you will consider this if you consider yourself a ‘conservative values voter’ or if you will consider giving some space to those who have not yet had the opportunity to speak out from their heart with their own votes:


  • teri_b

    Good for CBS. Credit where credit is due.

    Ha anyone ever seen Obama doing anything that gets his fingernails dirty? I doubt it.

    • sDee

      Larry Sinclair.

      • teri_b

        That was definitely the grossest comment of the day. Thanks. Now excuse me while I take a shower.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I have some mind-bleach I’ll share with you. 🙂

          • teri_b

            Full strength, please.

  • c4pfan

    I guess it’s more of me wanting to see this country get real and stop with the games. This country needs a leader and Mitt isn’t it.

  • c4pfan

    I think the question should be, why do people that support Mitt Romney HATE conservatives?

    I mean the NROs, Fox News, Ann Coulter, etc bashing of anyone but Mitt Romney?

    I mean the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson calling Sarah Palin a disgusting name?

    Why do they not speak out when rules are broken to benefit him to obtain the nomination?

    Or the silence of the entire party when Sarah Palin was blamed for the AZ shooting?

    Why do they hate them with spreading of lies and name calling?

    • teri_b

      I am a huge Sarah Palin fan, but I can understand why she is not to everyone’s liking. I don’t think it is determinate of whether or not someone is a conservative.

      Btw, what did Tucker call her?

      • c4pfan

        Google it.

      • c4pfan

        It’s what? You say that anyone that just says ‘I’m Conservative’ and that’s that?

        • teri_b

          No, I am just saying that being a Palin fan for president is not the determining factor. While I like her folksy ways, I don’t blame anybody else that doesn’t think she sounds like presidential material.

      • wodiej


        • Amy

          Did he seriously call her that?

          Never mind – Google is my friend & Tucker should be ashamed…

        • teri_b

          I thought that was Bill Maher. That is really disgusting.

  • stevenbiot

    He’s our nominee; so we’ve got to do battle for our boy, Mitt.

    • c4pfan

      Battle for what? He doesn’t stand for anything.

      • teri_b

        He stands against Obama. That will have to do for starters. If we give him a conservative House and Senate, he will do fine.

        • c4pfan

          That’s not enough.

          • teri_b

            So what is your suggestion? Let Obama win a second term?

            The primary is the time to fight it out. This primary went on much longer than most. I think you underestimate how many people haven’t moved as far to the right as most of us here. It is a center-right country, and the reason Romney did better in the primaries than the caucuses is because the caucuses attract the activists rather than the average Republican.

            I still think we have made progress. Romney is more conservative than John McCain was.

            With Romney, we live to fight another day for a more conservative govt. With Obama, we get a “fundamentally transformed nation”. No thanks.

    • Karl Rogue

      He’s the nominee? why don’t we just say he’s the President and be done with all of the silly elections?

      • nibblesyble

        Good on you Karl!

    • wodiej

      not yet

  • Xman97

    Befor I get all the “Mitbot” crap thrown at me here, let me preface by saying that I’m NOT a Romney fan. My primary is still to be had (and my absentee ballot is strangely still yet to arrive), and had Santorum stayed, I’d be supporting him…

    AND let me say that as a Christian, I think there are some funny things about Mormons, Jehova’s Witnesses, etc. that bother me.

    BUT… I will say this.. Many (if not most) are really good people. I do think Romney for all his political failings is a “good person”.. AND i do realize that being a good people doesn’t necessarily make one a good governor of the people

    BUT… for those who think that Romney is just Obama with a melatonin dificiency, or Obama-lite, you’ve COMPLETELY missed the above point.

    — yes there is a potential that Romney may just be a status quo guy like the law firm of Bush & Bush or the Fruit Juice magnate or the guy who’s more Tom Cruise than Maverick.. but the big difference is one of character..

    with Obama, there is NO character, moral or otherwise. He surrounds himself with sychophants, race baiters, liers and cheats.. At his core it cannot be said that he is a good person (maybe a good dad).

    So, on his worst day, Romeny doesn’t have the potential to destroy the way Obama does. With any hope and a Republican Congress, maybe some progress can be made.. ie a dance move, 2 steps forward, one step back.. with Obama we’ll be pegged in “R” with the pedal to the floor..

    I get “not voting” on principle.. Bravo for having principles.. but you throw all that “principle” away if you don’t vote or vote for a throw away guy.

    For those of you who are Christians, I’m sure you know that there truly is NO hope for the world on it’s own. Getting back to 1784 is a principled arguement and one that I agree with, but you’re a niave Christian if you think man can fix man’s problems and that includes politics.

    We might not have a candidate this time who is what we want or need, but I’ll vote for Saul over Satan any day..

    • So a man cannot fix man’s problems but vote for Romney anyway because ….

      If one is a Christian and he/she trusts that no matter what God will put the person He desires in the White House through the actions of the electorate, why wouldn’t voting on principles be the best choice?

      By the way, your idea of voting for Saul over Satan is faulty since King Saul and Satan were equivalent. You may need to read up on a bit of Israel history there in 1 Samuel and the evil spirit that pestered King Saul.

      On second thought, one could see that since Saul and Satan ended up the same, proves the conservatives point in the argument that you have Obama vs. Obama-lite both will take you to the same cliff.

      • Xman97

        I meant Saul as in Paul before he became Paul.. you could make the same point with this Saul as well with the diffence being that Saul became Paul.. Satan isn’t becoming Christ..

        Furthermore, your Non-Vote is just as much a vote for Obama as actually voting for him. Now I know all you “purists” think anyone other than maybe Reagan or Jesus is a vote for something, i’m not really sure what.. maybe you equate it to selling your soul to satan.. I’m not bestowing any candidate with the ability to fix man’s problems. But we live in an age where we make progress by slowing the cancer’s of the world, not removing it.. That’s the crux of my point.. you CANNOT remove the cancer of this country or the world any more than we’ve been able to over the past 2000+ years. I’m NOT suggesting getting rid of principle.. or morals or your beliefs.. but when faced with adversity, one uses those principles to make the best decision they can given what their given. “Checkin Out” and deciding not to play is just quiting the fight, the cause, the principles.. Man wars aren’t won with homeruns.. there won one battle at a time.. you win some and you lose some, but you have to make net progress.. Mitt winning the presidency is a nasty won small battle, but that’s better than raising the white flag (or would it be black flag in this case) and handing the war over to the enemy.

        I have just as much loathing for the government, the establishment, the “police state”, etc as anyone on this blog, but I’m not gonna run home sulking because my guy didn’t get the nod.. when the alternative is exponentially more of all this shite that I loathe..

        • TJ

          Ah, I took that you meant King Saul also.

          So you would vote for a man when he zealously went after Christians and delighted in having them persecuted and heartily approved of their being put to death? You would vote for a man with blood on his hands, when he was a persecutor of Christ?

          I am waiting to see Romney’s running mate choice. But if that person does not have a proven record of fighting for the unborn and being in support of true marriage, I will vote for neither Obama nor Romney. I would hope to write someone’s name who does. You say you are a Christian. Romans 14:23-
          Hope you will not encourage anyone to go against their conscience.

          And I hope you will not vote Romney in your primary.

          • Xman97

            Well, if my absentee ballot arrives, I will vote for someone still in the race not called Romney. But barring a miracle (yes I do believe their possible), I think we have to focus on eliminating Obama from our misery. Look I get that there’s a lot of you that have some sort of (I suppose) moral objection to Romney.. that’s fine. But when it comes to November ??, and I have to chose between Satan and Saul (yes I get your point, but neither really are Satan or Saul) then my conscience tells me that one is a direct path to hell, the other is a meandering one.. I may be half-way to dead, but my 4-year old son is not. And if it means prolonging the government, economic slavery, then that’s my (and his) best option.

            If you read anything I ever post, you’re smart enought to see that I have no love for the government and it’s slavery, our police state, the statists of our country or the fools who we produce like Peeps on Easter.. so I still fight the fight.. but I realize, both Religiously and Historically that great (or once great) civilizations don’t turn the Titanic around.. I want to slow the roll, lessen the impact, etc.. and then hope that there are enough us with a conscience, morals, brains and individual ideals left to rebuild before the wolves of this sick society tear us to bits.

            But look, I’ve asked this question to everyone who’s responded in kind. WHO is our solution. Don’t give me a nebulous “write in”.. A write in is NO GOOD if we all write in different people or the write in has no interests (Reagan is not gonna do a Lazarus). If the answer is a brokered convention, or write-in, or 3rd Revolution, then lay out the plan, give me the leader. Hoping for a miracle won’t produce an alternative (maybe praying for one will, but I’ll still have a plan in case God’s plan is to stay out of this one).

            • TJ

              gone under.” – Ronald Reagan
              You said “…there’s a lot of you that have some sort of (I suppose) moral objection”. You say you are a Christian but yet you suppose?

              Did you take time to look at Romney’s record on abortion and the gay activist agenda?


              You are right- your comparison is not accurate- neither Saul nor Satan are running. Two people are running both of whose records plainly evidence who their father is, and it is not God. One is running on the ticket they belong on- Obama, the other is running on the ticket whose record does not match the platform- Romney.

              Now my own family so far as I know is divided on their vote in the general. Every one should not go against the dictates of their own conscience. For me, that means if Romney becomes the nominee and chooses a running mate whose record shows he/she has not defended the unborn nor marriage, that means not voting for Romney, a man whom I believe, based on his record as governor, has the blood of innocent victims on his hands and promoted immorality being licensed as so-called marriage in MA.

              God is in control of setting up rulers and taking them down. (Daniel 2:21, Romans 13:1) And if it comes down to these two choices for the people to vote for, it is further evidence of God no longer blessing America, a country that is wandering far from Him. I need not violate my conscience by voting for either one of them.

              “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”
              John Adams

              “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
              John Adams (The Works of John Adams, ed. C. F. Adams, Boston: Little, Brown Co., 1851, 4:31)

              (source of above quotes)

              “History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed in to political and economic decline.” – Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Pacific during WWII

              “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation

              If we cannot get to an open convention (though suspended, Rick is holding on to delegates right now to help with the platform. Santorum has enough contests won to be on the first ballot if God should work a miracle in those states yet to vote and Romney fails to get the number of delegates needed to wrap up the nomination). I am praying that Rick will win. But God may have Romney in store.

              People becoming Christians, a great spiritual awakening from the dead in our nation brought about by Almighty God is the only solution I can see to keep this country from going into obscurity.

              “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
              Abraham Lincoln

              “If religious books are not widely circulated among the masses in this country, I do not know what is going to become of us as a nation. If truth be not diffused, error will be; If God and His Word are not known and received, the devil and his works will gain the ascendancy, If the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will; If the power of the Gospel is not felt throughout the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness will reign without mitigation or end.”
              Daniel Webster
              (source of above two quotes:

    • sDee

      “”I do think Romney for all his political failings is a “good person”””

      Good men do not lie to an entire nation. Good men do not, in arrogance, intentionally deceive people whose lives and futures lie at the whim of these elitists. Good men do not act against their core moral values for political expediency.

      Two steps left and one back still moves us one step closer to tyranny, financial enslavement and a government of men instead of law.

      • Xman97

        So what’s your solution.. (I should have asked this question from the beginning).. To all of you who are (not)voting on principle, what’s your solution? I get all your talking points (if you’ll re-read my last post you’ll see that) but what is your solution. You sound like Obama just slinging talking points with NO real solution. Should we give up? Should we hope that the country falls apart quickly and hope the phoenix (if there is one) will rise from the ashes? Should we start the 3rd War of American Independence? Should we riot in the streets? What should we do other than piss and moan on Right Scoop, etc etc??

        Tell me your well thought out plan. Are you mobilizing your neighbors to be born-again constitutionalists. Or are you just preaching to the chior every day?

        Look man, Romney is not the savior.. he’s got issues, lots of them.. I think he was chicken-shit for the way his surrogates took down Newt and Rick, but the man is still light years ahead of the slum we have in that White House/Black Market (to steal a corporate reference)..

        But really.. all of you who lambast those who aren’t going to non-vote or support some nebulous Constitutional Party rep that even you don’t know who that is.. what is your solution?

        • hrh40

          How is he light years ahead?


          Cap and trade?

          Crony capitalism?

          Appointing liberal judges?

          Progressive tax code?

          Class warfare?

          Romney supports all of the above. So does Obama.

          Light years?

          • Xman97

            I wasn’t referring to his record, but his person.. Look final point I’m gonna make.. Romney and Obama look alike in politics to many of you, but not in INTENT!!

            If Romney surrounds himself with just a few of those on the VP list, he’s surrounded himself with people with more principle and moral standing in their pinky than all of Obama’s slum factory put together..

            THAT is part of the point I’m trying to make.. Do you want Obama and the trash he drags along with him for 4 or 8 more years?

            Let’s cut the head off the Mamba, hope that the Cotton Mouth that follows is less venomous and pray for a Mongoos to rise in the future.

            AGAIN.. What’s your solution?

            • Linky1

              Three points:

              “Look man, Romney is not the savior.. he’s got issues, lots of them.. I think he was chicken-shit for the way his surrogates took down Newt and Rick, but the man is still light years ahead of the slum we have in that White House/Black Market (to steal a corporate reference).. ”


              “Let’s cut the head off the Mamba, hope that the Cotton Mouth that follows is less venomous and pray for a Mongoos to rise in the future. ”

              You’re cutting the head of the mamba with another mamba.

              “AGAIN.. What’s your solution?”

              A brokered convention.

              • Xman97

                Okay, I’m fine with that.. Who’s the man (or woman)? For a brokered convention to work SOMEONE has to step up to be the man. Santorum won’t, not now.. Paul.. uhhhh.. not gonna happen.. Newt.. okay maybe.. but he’s not making smart strides to make that case.. Who is the man? Who steps forward and says I’m making a play for a brokered convention? Especially now, otherwise Romney does get the votes before the convention..

                Not a bad idea, but at some point are you willing to say “we tried, we fell short, now we have to support the guy who will NOT send us to hell faster than the other guy”?

                • Linky1

                  At what point? When all else fails, if that means a brokered convention. The fat lady hasn’t sung, Romney still isn’t the nominee and if I could vote (I am a Canadian), I can say that I am not about to roll over, play dead and settle for second best.

            • TJ

              Matthew 7:16
              “By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?”

              How then do you separate one’s record from their person?

              The point is, people don’t want a ‘Republican’ whose record proves he does not fear God nor does his record of mandating, ugly campaigning, etc. prove he is running on the ticket he should be. We don’t know yet who Romney will surround himself with, should he be the nominee.

              Christians and others who vote their consciences who haven’t voted yet can send a loud message from their heart by voting for someone whose name is on the ballot in this primary season- someone who has walked the walk of being pro-life and pro-marriage.

        • Solution: Recognize the lie of Romney’s electability, the lie of Romney’s inevitability and the outrageous lie of Romney’s conservatism, and vote in the primary for someone who is not a Liberal/Statist liar.

      • Mike Lee

        All men are human. All men are fallible. You’re looking for perfection. A God. Good men lie and cheat sometimes. Even saints like yourself. Not sure what you think Romney is lying to the nation about. It’s not that I disagree with you. In a perfect world, politicians would be honest. We don’t live in that world. A politician has two choices: be completely honest and definitely lose OR play the game and maybe win and do some ultimate good. I’m not defending it. I don’t like it either. But there it is. Even the most honest man in the world, who thinks he is telling only the truth, STILL might be lying (fooling himself) and/or seen as lying by others.

        Worse, how sure are we that we even know the truth? There are some things in life, where we know the truth with absolute certainty. e.g. Did we have sex with another woman while we were married? That is a black and white answer. However, if we change the question to: “were you unfaithful?”, then we get different definitions and truths. Unfaithful in our heart? In our head? Flirting?

        Romney is a man. Flawed. He does things he shouldn’t do. He lies. He cheats. He sins. And he does good too. He obviously loves his wife and children. Has a good family. He helps other people. I believe that he is basically a good/decent man.

        And this will probably get me flamed and attacked, but I believe Obama is basically a good/decent man too. {runs for cover}. It’s just that he was raised in a very different way than you or I, and sees America and the world through different eyes. I dislike him and his wife very much. I am opposed to just about every single thing the man stands for. Yet, I think he believes he is doing good. He cares very much about what he sees as the right way to do things. That’s what makes it so tragic. I think that those who think he is evil and trying to destroy the USA intentionally are way, way off. Unfortunately, to my mind, that is what is taking place. He must be defeated. But he is convinced he is doing the right thing, which is different than a man who intentionally does harm. For example, Obamacare. I oppose it. Most people do. But what he wants, which is to help less fortunate people have affordable or “free” healthcare, is not an evil goal in and of itself. He is trying to help people.

  • GiantM


    Almost 4 years ago, I knew of 5 fellow born again Christians that voted for Obama. I truly believe they certainly were not well informed and their vote was cast on more of a feel good/momentous occasion vote than anything else. I now am positive they regret that vote tremendously.

    Being a G_D fearing Christian, I realize that Mitt’s beliefs…and yours are no where near what I believe the bible says but…….

    I am not going to sit here and quibble over ones faith when the very country we live in is about to be ruined by a tyrannical extremist. Mitt has my vote and not because I am purposefully going against my core beliefs, but more so I am seeking to save the nation….even if it means my one vote made the difference.

    Because if Obama is reelected, G_D help us all. Oh dear G_D help us all!!!!

  • capelady

    It is nice that he has reached out to help people… though I would be interested to know what he has done for people who are not Mormons or employees. The thing that bothers me, is where is this man on the campaign? His campaign method in 2008 and 2012 is to outspend his challengers on negative ads and smear campaigns to destroy all opposition. He doesn’t define himself and campaign on his record of accomplishment and solutions for America. Karl Rove said he had to come up with a few good ideas several months ago – well he has been running for President for almost a decade -shouldn’t he already have a few good ideas? He cannot connect with people, he cannot communicate conservative ideals effectively because he has no real conservative convictions… it seems to me he is willing to say and do anything to get elected. I think conservatives have been disenfranchised by the GOP establishment and the RNC machine and we deserve a better candidate! They want Romney because he will fit right in with John Boehner and together they will manage the decline of this great nation. Compare what we are hearing from Allen West and what we are hearing from Mitt Romney and tell me that Romney should be our president? I just don’t see it. He is about as inspiring as John McCain and Bob Dole … oh wait, the GOP/RNC pushed them on us too, insisting they were the “electable” candidates… how did that turn out for us, folks? These people have proven they know how to pick losers! And we cannot afford four more years of Obama!

    • nibblesyble

      Here here

  • What a great story and a good man Mitt Romney is. He will be an excellent leader for this counrty. Reading some of your comments, I can’t believe how closed minded some of you are.

    • Remember when the focus of this election was ABO?

      I don’t either………

      • TJ

        It had to do with discovering Mitt’s record as governor and certain campaign tactics of his.

  • Icy1


  • TJ

    While he was helping with the tree during the time he was running for president last time, I wonder if he asked the person videoing him not make the film public during any time he was on the stump of the campaign trail?

    It’s great he helped rescue the girl who disappeared- why is he, according to this reporter, now making this a topic to bring up on the campaign? Proverbs 27:2

    Perhaps some of the reasons people think Romney is plastic (moldable outward appearance, artificial in substance) is a number of his statements as a presidential candidate don’t match his record as a non-conservative governor; perhaps it is while he smiles for the camera and tries to please the conservative crowd with his words, his attack campaigning against his Republican rivals tells the story of someone who can’t run on the whole of his record, so he did his best with much negative campaigning to tear down those opponents he considered threats.

    Having a nice looking family does not always translate to having an inspiring record as a politician.

    • Mike Lee

      Must be nice to think you know someone without really knowing them. To be such a harsh judge of someone you don’t know. How sad for you. Are you convinced you’re better than everyone else, or are you just as unfairly harsh on yourself?

      • TJ

        I asked questions. How sad for me for you “to be such a harsh judge of someone you don’t know”.

  • Jack B. Erhart

    This kind behavior is expected from one having a heart and desire to gain god status, and your own planet to rule over. And the One whose opinion matters, you know, the one who is considered the spirit brother of satan by the LDS church sees it as dead works. Those are the held believes of one trying to earn favor with not only the voters of this nation, but the God of all creation. Mitt falls very short in the one area that matters most. And those who are impressed by his good works are as deceived as he is.

    • TJ

      Isaiah 64:6, Titus 3:5

    • anth Japonez

      Excellent Comment!

    • Mike Lee

      Helping people is bad. OK. Got it. Thanks for sharing that wisdom.

  • It’s a very foolish thought to put Romney in the same brain wave with Obama. To foolishly look for and wait for the perfect candidate to take Obama down would be just as bad as going out and voting for Obama to complete his plan of destruction (which is underway currently). Even if Romney turns out to be left of center, and I don’t think that will happen, he will not be in the loony bleachers with the liberals. The people in this country will have ample opportunities to regain some control of this nation with Romney as president, especially if we give him a conservative house and senate to work with.

    • TJ

      Romney governed on the left and would have been better off running in the democrat’s primary… he fits on that side.

  • sandyfromchesterfield

    At least he’s not a communist.

    • TJ

      Not a ringing endorsement.

  • Mike Lee

    I find the entire premise of that piece insulting and pathetic. The idea that these liberals think they have to discover a good thing or two, as if THEY alone have a monopoly on goodness, makes me want to puke. Of course Romney is a good man. Lefties are so brainwashed that THEY and THEY ALONE are the good ones. It’s so delusional, and especially sad given how smart they think they are. Whenever I speak to someone on the left, this obnoxious self-righteous arrogance comes across loud and clear. They are so convinced of their moral superiority – which is pretty funny given how self-centered, selfish, and amoral (immoral?) most of them are. Yet, the right is “the bad guys”.

  • ArlenWilliams

    The controlled media promote Romney here. The controlled media are tasked with delivering him as the GOP candidate. After that, it will be a school of sharks and the lying Mitt “Mr. Wall Street” Romney has a lot of bleeding red meat for them.