Chaffetz: McConnell debt ceiling plan is a ridiculously stupid idea!

Wow talk about backbone. Chaffetz is slamming McConnell’s plan on the debt ceiling as a stupid idea and he uses those very words: (via Townhall):

Everybody understands stupid. That’s what I think of that idea! You don’t turn over this authority unilaterally to the President! It’s a duck and cover so the members don’t have to take a tough vote. C’mon! We didn’t get elected here to go punt the ball down the road again and make voting easier and put all the blame on the President. That’s not what we should be doing!

Part of the reason we’re in this mess is that Congress has failed to do its job and hold down the spending through the years. That’s partly why we’re here right now. … We’re elected to represent the people… We’ve got to make these tough decisions and not just punt them. So I think this is a ridiculously stupid idea.

Awesome! Way to stand for the people Chaffetz!

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