CHEAP SHOT – Occupier assaults female cop in the back of head with snare drum

Her back was turned and she totally didn’t see it coming. But that didn’t stop this Occupy jerk from nailing this shorter female cop in the back of the head in LA yesterday. This just burns me up. We need to make this photo famous to ensure he gets arrested:

Watch below:

(via The Blaze)

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  • EchoMike

    Occupy’s War on Women!!!!

    • tinker_thinker

      You beat me to it, I was going to say the same! Yes, he saw it was a woman and slugged her because he could. This guy needs to go to jail!

  • That’s why god made AR-15’s

    • bjohnson55

      Amen brother!

  • Why does OWS continue? They have tacit support from the Left>> In the words of Nancy Pelosi, “god bless them”. Sickening.

  • johnos2112

    It is gonna be a very scary and bloody summer folks! This people relish in violence!

    • kong1967

      Yep, all the way up to the election. What do you think OWS will do if Romney kicks Obama’s butt? Will they settle down or become irate on steroids?

      • johnos2112

        The democrat feces will never go away.  What is just as critical as ridding of Obama is winning the senate with a majority of republicans.  If that does not happen there will be continuing resolutions and more and more spending.  Bottom line is to support state senate races just as much as the presidential race.
        PS I think there is gonna be a race war if Obama loses orchestrated by Louis the nut job, Sharpton, etc.  They will call for violence and it will be time to institute martial law.  Romney is gonna have a rough go in his first term!

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        kong1967 wrote, in response to johnos2112:
        Yep, all the way up to the election. What do you think OWS will do if Romney kicks Obama’s ass? Will they settle down or become irate on steroids? Link to comment

        • kong1967

          It’s a disgrace that politics has come to this. Liberals are creating one crisis after another for political power at the cost of the nation.

          I just watched a debate on Fox about how Obama is dividing the country. The leftist’s defense was that Obama has been stopped by the Republicans and is finally fighting back. Then she said that Bush was divisive, too, and the country was very divided at the end of his term.

          The big and important difference is that Obama is pushing for and causing division just for division’s sake…divide and conquer. Bush did not politicize the war…the liberals did. The media constantly demonized him and the left tried to undermine the war. Bush did not use the war against the left for political gain, but the left did against Bush.

          The division is being caused by the left now and it was caused by the left then, too.

      • They’ll riot whether Obama wins or loses. If he wins, the riots will grow out of the street gatherings celebrating his victory; if he loses, the crowds will gather to protest the “stolen” election, then, with the latter as an excuse, begin rioting.

        Mark Levin is right about the destruction of the civil society: Obama, and these OWS crowds, regard American society with such contempt and antipathy, they feel no inclincation to treat it with civility — on the contrary, they see it as a collective enemy of progress. You don’t treat the enemy with civility, you destroy it.

        • kong1967

          The idiots don’t realize that the opportunities they have are miles above what they will have if they succeed. The organizers don’t have the same goal as them. They are just useful idiots. The day will come when they realize the end result doesn’t match the rhetoric or the stated end goal and it will be too late. The ruling class (liberals) have no intention of a wonderous utopia for the people. The utopia they see is complete liberal control over the masses.

  • denbren52

    Why are we letting cops be assaulted like this? Open fire on the freaks and end this nonsense now. Those cowards will run home to mommy so fast they’ll leave entrails!

    • kong1967

      If they do that there will be national riots…bad ones. I’m all for opening fire with something like rubber bullets or tons of tear gas, but not real ammo.

      • denbren52

        Actually, I’d love to see a variation of an idea someone posted yesterday: Use paint ball guns to mark any protester caught breaking the law then nab the marked protesters as they run. Bank security, business owners (in target areas) and police can all be issued specially colored and identifiable paint balls to ensure that protesters are not marking themselves to confuse police.

        Those suckers hurt and it would make the cowards easier to catch when they run away, as they always do.

        • kong1967

          That’s a good idea until you plug someone who was trying to stop them from committing a crime. I guess the message would be to stay off the streets or you could be associated with the crimes that others commit.

  • G_unitttt

    99% of the Occupiers are libtarded, and the remaining 1% have a clinical syndrome

    • KenInMontana

      Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind.

  • Arrrggghhh

    I can’t wait until Eric Holder sees this. There will be heck to pay. I pity the fool!

    I wonder why he picked the really small woman instead of a really large policeman? It wouldn’t be because he’s a big wuss?

  • NYGino

    If Obama had a son he would be a percussionist just like this coward. He’s be proud.

    • kong1967

      If Obama had a son he would be stuffed in his locker every day.

    • Crap, I knew I should have read the comments first. NY, do you find it scary that you and I think alike even when I’m floating on vicks and nyquil cough and flu? I gotta go nap.

      • NYGino


  • Psyphurr Lock

    That was assult. Nothing done. Should have tazed his ass on the spot. Taze him until he pisses his pants and begs for his mommy. Do this to the lot of them. Consequences…..

    • Arrrggghhh

      Do you have any idea what that would have done to his self esteem?

    • kong1967

      If this were the Tea Party I’m certain it wouldn’t be tolerated. Janet Napolitano stated that the Tea Party was a national security threat even though they are very peaceful. OWS isn’t peaceful, so let’s dig out the rubber bullets.

  • bjohnson55

    I hope this punks parents were watching this! If that were my kid, I would Kick His A S S then hand him over to the cops so they could kick his A S S.

  • They have his picture…now find him and put him away in a dark cell with Bubba who loves little drummer boys…

    • Joe

      It shouldn’t be hard to catch the little turd

      He can’t really hide that drum in his pocket

      Hopefully he has a rap sheet with photo

      pa rump – pa – pa- rump (or whatever)

    • NYGino

      Maybe he’ll get a real rim shot.

  • I would guess that we are unlikely to see a real crack down on the occupy crowd for now. I am thinking that the plan is to let them simmer over the summer and come November if the Democrats are not doing well in the polls they will be prodded by some made up crisis. The ensuing violence may keep many away from polling places or even used as an excuse to suspend elections. Take a look at Germany in the late ’20s and early ’30s and you may see how useful these tools can be.

    • kong1967

      This is what I see coming. I hope not, but Obama spent his life studying on how to subvert our Constitution, destroy capitalism and install Marxism. Somehow I don’t see him lying down and saying “ok, I’ll leave”. Not the dictator in chief. I fear he might be setting it up to put us under martial law. These people don’t just show up to protest. There are organizations pushing it. Soros and company.

  • welltempered2

    A perfect encapsulation of what the left is all about.

  • Joe

    Not enough Police force present

    AND bad formation

    AND too much restraint

    That should have never happened!

    That POS is now emboldened to do worse

    I hope he gets caught –

    Democratic District – I hope they are proud

    I still say – send in a squad of Navy Seals for some FUN!

  • kong1967

    I just don’t get this at all. The idiots CLAIM to be mad at government and Wallstreet, so why do they find it so necessary to be violent towards innocent people and even cops? Do they think the police sit down and write the laws? Come on, you morons, have more sense than that. If someone started beating the crap out of this moron he would be screaming for that female cop to come to his aid.

    I think they are just people with too much time on their hands and they want everything handed over to them. The only thing this behavior will get them is jail.

    • Watchman74

      They don’t know what they want, they just believe the lie that the grass is greener on the other side, which it isn’t. They are young malcontents who have been co opted by the Marxists and made into useful idiots. Once they have outlived there usefulness they will be the first to go.

  • If dear leader had a son…… God help us.

  • sal52

    What a punk!

  • Joe
  • I hope this guy does some serious time with cops using him as a punching bag in solitary confinement.It is a bitch when no one can see what is going on behind closed doors. Then you put him in with the general population to service Tyrone. He would also make a great taser practice target.

  • Bridgett

    Fat idiot is most likely an illegal alien .

  • That kid is the poster child for what the left does. The anger in him, the sense of entitlement and injury, are the driving forces in his worldview — in his view of the country he calls home. Frankly, I feel sorry for him, though I feel even worse for us: he’s missing out on the happiness of celebrating his good fortune at being born in the greatest country that has ever been; instead, he’s hoping to destroy it for the rest of us.

    Unbelievable, that the United States was duped into voting for a man who sat in a church whose preacher called for God to damn America. I can never get over that. What could Jeremiah Wright have declared that would have been too much for Obama voters? Called for war upon the United States? Suggested we burn the country down and set up a communist paradise on earth? I don’t think it would have made any difference. The MSM drones — including many in my family and among my closest friends, incidentally — would have found some way to disregard it as insignificant.

  • wodiej

    All these occupiers are is people brought up to live a life of being a victim. No accountability, nothing is their fault, there is an excuse for everything. They are more prevalent in liberal cities. If you don’t want to put up w their behavior, MOVE somewhere there is sanity.

  • RanierWest

    The idiot kid thinks he can do that with impunity. He probably casually walked to the Starbucks afterward and drank his favorite beverage and bragged.

    • Hell just wait a day or so and the idiot will probably brag about it on his twitter account. That seems to be the modus operandi for most criminals nowadays.

      • RanierWest


  • What a fucking faggot

  • Is it a He or a She or is it Wonder Snare Person.

  • PJRodman

    The cops have obviously been instructed not to retaliate…as soon as this gets pushed too far and one of the little snowflakes gets clubbed really good or shot all hell will break loose against the “pigs”….and don’t doubt the OWS goons aren’t using these useful idiots to be the first victim to incite the revolution…kinda like Occupy Jihad Martyrs…I can’t believe that an officer had to take that crap.

  • jackl92

    God do I hope that LAPD catches that fat punk. You have to love the left.

  • Know what would’ve been really funny? If she’d’ve turned around, put her gun barrel to his chest, and blew a hole in his back. Or, better yet, brought that club down so hard on the crown of his head, she reshaped his skull and broke the baton.

  • Al Waishard

    If “Trashcan Boy” had his knees beat in by the cop,.I’m guessing that would be ‘police brutality’. The majority of the Occupy folks that I’ve seen personally – are filthy, communists/progressives, anti-semetic and drug users. These folk make the hippies and beatniks look clean.

    Fire hoses and teargas would serve us well,..clean ’em up and knock down the odor at the same time.

    God save the U.S.

  • Denise Betters

    What happened to the tea party member who stomped a woman’s head
    in 2010? Did you report that to the police, or did you even think
    it a travesty?

    • Typical liberal. No, Denise, that person should also have been arrested. Yes, it was a travesty. That’s what happens when people have free will and the freedom to be as stupid as they want to be. Their affiliation with certain political causes does not make them immune to prosecution for their criminal acts. Nor are they representatives of the movement they espouse to represent. There are lots of imbeciles out there Denise. All you have to do is go for a drive…