Chris Matthews: Romney “arrogant” to run against Obama, shows “certain kind of disdain” for Obama

Matthews lips are so firmly planted against Obama’s posterior, it’s hard to tell where Obama’s posterior starts and Matthews’ head ends. I mean, this is first rate partisan hackery if I’ve ever seen it (via Mediaite):

How could Romney have decided to run for president before Obama was inaugurated when he didn’t announce he was going to run until June/2011? Also, Ann Romney has said time and time that she told Romney the last time (in 2008) she never wanted to run again. So basically Matthews creates a straw man for him to demonnize Romney with as a racist or something.

And it’s super lame anyway.

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  • poljunkie

    You’re right Chris. you utter tool. We should just let Obama have another term, unchallenged because you think so.
    Well Tingles, its not going to happen. There are at least 48% of us, and I pray even more who have disdain for the President. The other 3 or 4 , or 5% I am hoping will like Romney just a little bit more.

    • marketcomp

      What arrogance! Where was this idiotic logic when John Kerry ran against George W Bush or when Ted Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter in the primary but went on to lose to Pres. Ronal Reagan. Chris Mathews is always going to be a racist liberal.

      • I firmly believe that “Thrill up my leg” is drunk, on mind-altering drugs, or just plain demented. It could be all of the above, but I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

        • LibLoather

          Spot on, Chris. I’m also starting to believe that Matthews is a closet homosexual. He has too many slobbering ‘man crushes’ to come across as a straight guy.

          • I just watched a video of a Latino man who claims to have chauffeured Obama as a state senator, used cocaine with BO, & had gay episodes in the back seat. He also claims Obama was well-known in the gay sex scene in Chicago & has been amazed at Axelrod’s ability to suppress it coming to light.

          • Mae Walker

            I agree that Chris Matthews is a closet homosexual. He is simply waiting for Obama to give him the okay to come on down. I wonder how Michelle feels about Chris NOW!

    • Don

      As the lunacy of the leftwing zealots become exposed as never before, their bigotry will spew forth until even the most brainwashed lemmings are embarrassed for being the tools they have always been. Matthews represents MSNBC(Mentally Sick National Bigotry Corporation) for a reason. He, along with O’Donnell, Schultz, Sharpton. Maddow, represent one of the most hatemongering casts of liars ever assembled in our history. It is only natural they represent Obama in the manner he dictates.

      • Mae Walker

        I believe that all of these people are mentally distrubed as well as the networks that continues to employ them. You forgot Scarborough. He is a turncoat and I find equally disturbing.

  • tofubamboo

    impossible to even comment on this foolish “journalist.” Mindless…

  • Deb

    For awhile now I’ve bee thinking someone should do a humorous skit showing that Romney was racist to even THINK about running against Obama.

    • Joe

      You mean – He’s not a racist ?

      • hbnolikeee

        Well think about it. He did criticize policy didn’t he? What more proof do you need?

        • Conservative_Hippie

          LOL! I love this banter!

        • Joe

          WAIT –

          The word PROOF – I have seen that before

          Let me look that up in my SECRET CODE book


          PROOF and TRUTH

          BOTH are RACIST secret words

          • warpmine

            Look up in that little code book of yours and see if the “N” word has a new secret meaning. I ask because time and again we here city hoodlums refer to each other that way. Perhaps it really means “smart upstanding comrade”.

  • Joe

    I can’t take this man seriously at all

    He is mentally deficient and

    I truly feel sorry for him !

    • You said EH! Joe, are you a closet Canadian?

      • Joe

        Could be !

    • All he needs is white face paint, big floppy shoes, a red curly-haired wig, and the clown suit. He already has the big red nose taken care of. Maybe he doesn’t need the face paint either.

  • NanNJ

    OMGosh Chris, have you no dignity left?

    • poljunkie


    • If he had, he’d not be working for msnbc

      • Joe

        WRONG there Winston my friend

        Every one on MSLSD has BIZARRO dignity

        • Dignity is not in their job description or as Dear Leader would say, above their pay grade.

    • Joe

      As Chrissy would say


    • I wasn’t aware he had dignity to begin with?

  • What?

  • poljunkie

    I’m thinking cocktail hour came a little early today for Chrisy.

    • Joe

      Silly poljunkie,

      It’s ALWAYS 5 o’clock somewhere!

    • If I have to listen to anymore of this drivel, cocktail hour will be permanent for me and I don’t even drink anymore!

      • poljunkie

        We didn’t drink for nearly 21 years while we were raising our son. We dont drink much now either. We could easily partake daily if we caved. I try to give in only to CHOCOLATE.

        • LOL chocolate!! mmmmmmmmmm chocolate!!!
          My brother is an alcoholic, and when I started to see the signs in myself, I gave it up. I have had a very odd drink- last one maybe 3 years ago, and it was just a dollop of JD in my Dr.P. I just can’t do it- but my word, the things going on now make me want to drown.
          Pol, we need to be careful about stuff going on now, and as we get closer to the election. You guys be vigilant out there, and be safe. I love my wild bell bottom lovin’ sister!

          • poljunkie

            You’re so SWEEEET…..And back at you!!!! My brother is an alcoholic as well. Well on again off again now. But we never really know for sure. He hides it better now that he is older, until he melts down.
            Things are crazy now, I totally agree with you. We are doing our best to remain calm, carry on- and yes always stay vigilant, ready and prepared.
            Toooo funny about my jeans.

  • PhillyCon

    He should have just taken it to the logical end and just said, “How dare the Republicans run anyone against Obama.” I mean that’s what he’s really saying … its not about Romney. Its more about the utter worship of and “deification” of Obama when you “try” to break it down.

  • Why do we even take this clown seriously?

    • conservative58

      Why do we even take this clown seriously?
      WE don’t! But there are obviously some fools who do!

  • If Chris Matthews’ head were any further up Obama’s butt, it would be coming out Barry’s mouth.

    • Or every time El Presidente spoke, he’d sound like “Thrill up my leg”.

  • NYGino

    Running against Obama shows a certain amount of disdain? Too bad you are blinded by the disease Matthews. You are unable to see the disdain that the whole world sees in your guy and in your fawning towards him.

    • PhillyCon

      Oh, but it was OK to have disdain towards Bush for 8 years and call him Hitler. That was fine.

      • poljunkie

        You Got That Right.

    • Disdain for El Presidente, “Thrill up my leg”? ABSOLUTELY!!!

  • I suspect Mitt is going to be a lot more prepared than these people give him credit for. Having said that, know this: the media is going to filter every answer Obama bumbles, and refilter every correct answer by Romney into something he didn’t say. They (the MSM) have already convinced 25% or so of the voting liberals that Romney is using some old propaganda once favored by the KKK. It’s very frustrating, trying to get out a conservative message against so much opposition.

  • LadyPenguin

    The man is unhinged.

  • PhillyCon

    “I believe that when Obama was elected these Republicans did not believe Obama should be President.”

    Isn’t that the whole point of being the opposition party then? That you don’t believe the other guy should be power?

    Are these people that dense? Seriously? Does anyone feel like they are transported back to kindergarten listening to these people? No wonder our parts of our society is dumb as bricks.

    • “I believe that when Obama was elected these Republicans did not believe Obama should be President.”

      Neither did the educated ones who did not drink the “Hope and Change”, “Yes we can” Kool-Aid and actually researched his background…something the fawning MSM, including “Thrill up my leg”, refused to do.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      And some, like Chris, are babbling foolishly, while others are dumbfounded at the lunacy they are hearing.

  • p m

    Arrogance – thy name is Obama.

    Chrissie doesn’t ‘like the look of it’? Boo hoo – take a pill. Then take a few more.

    • hahahahahaa! that was good p m! 😀

    • kong1967

      He’d be doing himself a favor if that pill contained cyanide.

    • CptNerd

      I think he’s already taken too many, along with his breakfast vodka…

  • bayway48

    Here is the reality ladies and gentlmen, regardless of MSNBC’s ratings and regardless of what Chris Matthews says, does, opines, et. al., people listen to him. Chris Matthews makes headlines, just like he is now. Matthews face and comments are in the top 10 of at least the last 5 blogs and websites I have visited in the past hour. Match that exposure to Mark Levin. Don’t get me wrong, Mark Levin is tops! However, this is the only site were I have seen his (Levin’s) opinions posted and shared. I guess what I am saying is, regardless of how Matthews expresses his political views and maintains his prevalent firewall for Obama, they get coverage and listeners react to it. It is like an ant pile….whether you deliberately kick it in or accidentally step into it, the ants react in the same way. You remember getting stung a heck of alot longer than you remember reading the rules or behavior of the ant.

    • Nukeman60

      Matthews face being on multiple sites is much like a train wreck reaching every news agency. The train wreck is fascinating, but I wouldn’t want to be in one. His viewers are infinitely fewer than Levin’s, but people love to laugh at him, nonetheless.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Hey, Chrissy, there are millions of true Americans that have disdain for obama, not just Romney!!! And it’s not because he’s (half)Black, it’s because he’s incompetent…just like you, you liberal Hack!!!!!

    Re-electing obama is like backing-up the Titanic and hitting the iceberg a second time!!!!

    • rich wojcik

      hating his 50% white part is not racism?
      matthews, get back to your dreams about Klinton StephanoCopulating Martians…..devil only knows the details inside your skull…

  • You are absolutely right Chris. We have disdain for Obama. Next!

    • rich wojcik

      if I ever win lottery:

      I walk into matthews room and shout:
      “I just bought this place for one day!
      RAUS! Ferfluchte schwine!!!”
      If he says a word, he’ll hit my bodyguards fists with his brown snout…
      and he’ll leave with an imprint of my shoe on his arshe… 😉

  • Kristophr

    I think Mathews does not have his blood sugar under control.

    It’s effecting his brain. Very bad for a diabetic.

  • I’d hate that clown if he didn’t make me laugh so much. I seriously think if the Obama campaign starts flailing, Matthews might end up naked and jacking it in San Diego on November 7th.

  • Linky1

    “Matthews lips are so firmly planted against Obama’s posterior, it’s hard to tell where Obama’s posterior starts and Matthews’ head ends. ”

    Judging by these latest fawning comments, Matthews head should be at about Obama’s esophagus now, with this kind of crapola being spewed.

  • GuessWhoFan

    It’s called the electoral process, you flaming a-hole. We’ve only been doing it for over 200 years.

  • Mitt Romney is a successful business person world wide! All business has good & not so good circumstances! World wide business people who are success oriented, do not need to manipulate others out of assets! A successful business person who encounters fast & loose operators, protects himself and companies he holds! A fast & loose operator drops out of site when he has sufficiently looted a companies assets! Foreign policy experience is built from the two types of business people! [email protected]

    • rich wojcik

      green of envy that you and your god, FuBar Ack can’t do that?

    • Would fast and loose be better than fast and furious?

  • Ritamalik

    Wow! How dare other people run for president when Messiah is on the ballot?!!

  • Matthews wants to replace Michelle with himself.He’s been obie’s cheerleader since he was sworn in office ’09.He’s got his head so far up obies’s rear until he’s dizzy from the funk.

  • This man is a pimple of a human being. How a person can be so hypnotized by a Marxist is beyond comprehension. This no lips loser has a man crush for Obama that borders on psycho! Not sure what planet this fool is on but whatever their is not intellible other life around. He is a hateful little man with a show with 5 viewers of which 3 are his alternate personalities.

    • Nukeman60

      Not sure what planet this fool is on but whatever their is not intellible other life around‘ – m

      He comes out of the seventh planet from the Sun.

  • rich wojcik

    matthews is getting another jolt up his leg ——-> toward the place where he has “lower lips”, not a manhood.
    Upper lips preoccupied with kissing FuBar Ack’s arshe.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.
    matthews is fighting Algor for the “Idiot of a Century” Award.
    iilii <—- this is my middle finger salute to you, you imbecile.
    It was nice to learn that when somebody shouts: "hey, a**hole" – you turn around.

  • Chris, bless your heart… you are ridiculous.

  • Rocco11

    this guy is a full blown trainwreck. does he have an undetected venereal disease or something?

    • nibblesyble


  • Sweet fancy Moses….he’s built a shrine hasn’t he?

  • brendawatkins

    That makes two of us that has disdain for Obama.

  • B-Funk

    Dude, the media has gone down the toilet. They should all be shut down. They have no possible relevance any more. Hannity is always saying that media died in the US in ’08. I believe that, which means that what we have now is the zombie apocalypse. Every time I see Matthews now, I just think he wants to reach out and eat my brains or something. :-/

  • Did I hear a sports reference, “#1 draft choice”? That’s racist as hell of the Mayor.

  • Nukeman60

    We all know what happens to #1 draft choices. They usually end up on the third string while the guy who was overlooked works hard and gets the starting nod.

    Just a point of order: I hope us watching this clip doesn’t count toward his viewing audience, ’cause if it does, I won’t ever again click on another video with him in it. His ratings should have flushed by now, don’t you think? Someone needs to get a plunger.

    • kong1967

      “They usually end up on the third string…”

      Except I don’t want Obama even acting as bench warmer or even water boy. I want him cleaning our toilets with his own toothbrush.

      • Nukeman60

        You’re going to force him to go back to Target for a second time. 🙂

        • kong1967

          Nah. He can still have Matthews as his errand boy.

    • toongoon

      This will take Roto-rooter.

  • SierraBear

    Chris Matthews has his head so far up Obama’s a$$ that everytime ol’ Barry smiles his teeth frame his portrait.

    • kong1967

      Lol, I’m going to use that.

  • What a JERK!

  • kong1967

    Obama is so good that Republicans are arrogant in even putting up a candidate. I almost pity Matthews. It’s pretty pathetic how Matthews idolizes Obama.

    • brendawatkins

      Imagine how crushed he’ll be when Obama confesses to him that he’s just not that into him.

      • nibblesyble


        • rich wojcik

          remember “Larry Sinclair” on Youtube? 😉

          • nibblesyble

            Yes…and yuck!

      • kong1967

        I don’t like seeing a grown man cry, but in this case I’d love it.

        • brendawatkins

          Me too! There are few people who provoke me to want to punch them in the face repeatedly, and he’s one of them.

          • nyctreeman

            I’d pay big money to see you punch Chris Matthews in the face, repeatedly 😀

            Just don’t hurt him too bad … make his nose bleed a little, and fatten his lip


            • Boon Companion


            • brendawatkins

              If I ever got the opportunity I don’t think I’d stop. The way I see it .. I would be doing a good deed and putting him out of his pathetic misery.

              • nyctreeman

                now now, Brenda!

                be a good Christian girl and just give him a good bitch-slapping 😀

                we don’t need anymore libtard martyrs

                • brendawatkins

                  Oops.. I got carried away with my fantasy. I could claim temporary insanity.. it would be true. 🙂

          • kong1967

            Lol, I’d like to see that, too. Give him something to cry about.

    • toongoon

      Matthews is pretty pathetic period.

      • kong1967

        No denying that, lol.

  • BigD

    Not first rate. More like stupid

  • AmosDWright
    • EWWWWWWWWW!! That is completely disgusting! but it does remind me of liberals in general.


    Mathews, you really are a small person. You are a living, breathing shame machine. What a slobbering mess of liberalism and embarrassment. What will you serial sychophantic suckups do when Romney wins? I would hope you would go gently into the night–catch a plane and head for your favorite communist country–and stay there!

  • deeme

    How can anyone take these people seriously anymore, Rachel Maddow is on with the Washington Post , the M.E. is on fire , and their story line is Romney doesn’t have the temperment to be President..are you freaking kidding me..I think I understand why my liberal friends have been so nice to me, even they see through this…The temperment, so getting upset about our embassy now waving an AlQueda flag requires a certain temperment..too bad they have a blind eye for the lack there abouts of the real guy they should be watching.What really Irks them is how presidential the guy who’s not President acts..

  • Holy crap what an IDIOT!! Talk about arrogance! A two time senator, who during most of his second term was spent….. CAMPAIGNING for president!! He voted present most of his terms, and before anyone had heard of him, he had 2 books ABOUT HIMSELF published and tingles is calling mittens arrogant?!
    What a schmuck!

    • Actually, not even a two-term US Senator. He spent 1 term as a Illinois State Senator, then moved to the US Senate in 2004. So he had all of 2 whole years as a US Senator before he started running for the presidency.

  • tri_m

    Chris Matthews is a self serving, narcissistic, delusional, individual prone to fits of hysteria and psychotic ranting and raving. He is the epitome of the looney leftist liberal.

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    And of course Obama isn’t arrogant at all right Chris? Of course not! He’s the mostest, mostest humble President we’ve ever, ever, ever, seen right Chris? Sure, now just go and lie down and I’ll have someone bring you some milk and cookies!

  • Insanity, thy name is Chris Matthews.

  • hongryhawg

    I don’t know why I do it to myself. It’s like a 20 point blood pressure increase is a high. I’m telling you, folks; this is our opposition. The only things these mouths that look like anus’s are interested in is obama’s color and his socialist agenda. They have no interest in the middle east, other than will it advance obama, which is hasn’t. They have no interest in what it means to be American. I could have just as well just watched an al qaida rep rant against the US. I told you; these f’ers are insanely stupid and don’t even bother to pretend. liberals + muslims = difficulty for AMERICANS, but not defeat.

  • nibblesyble

    Chrissy is becoming hysterical more and more..if this is who Obama has on his side..then I say keep yapping Mr. Tingles…it only helps our side!

  • effinayright

    Methinks Pissy Chrissy is hitting the “Irish Happy Sauce” during commercial breaks. Hitting it hard.

    “Rumor has it”, Matthews has a working poteen still in his back yard.

  • repubboy

    Why do we bother even listening to this south bound side of a north bound jackass….

  • Sober_Thinking

    I won’t listen to him.

    • I’ve had a better time piercing my eardrums with an ice pick.

      • Sober_Thinking


        Seriously though… what’s the difference?

  • Mathews is pathetic at an epic level!

  • nyctreeman

    Girlfriend Chris stinking up the room … close your legs bitch!

    • Jay

      You sayin’ Tingles forgot the Vagisil today?

  • tvlgds

    So, nobody should run against Obummer??? I can’t think of ANY president being unopposed. Is he INSANE??? Oh wait…..never mind.

  • feralcat

    It is really hard to tell where Obama’s rectum ends and Matthews’ cranium begins. It would take a team of the kind of surgeons who separate Siamese twins to cut them apart.

    • Jay

      Uhhh, you think that’s covered by Obamacare?

      • NYGino

        Yes, it’s obviously a pre-existing condition.

  • I just want to know why Willie Brown was doing his best to look like he’d had his neck vertebrae fused prior to that appearance. Was it to inspire sympathy? Because that was a remarkably silly statement. It’s pure “trash talk”, with no substance behind it.

    As to Chris Matthews? I long and long ago decided that he’s drinking heavily so that he can say what’s written in the script without thinking about it.

  • 911Infidel

    The chickens are comming home to roost in the ME. Hate to break it to you Prissy, but that thrill up your leg is about to become a cramp because your butt buddy Barry is looking more and more like Jimmy Carter. Remember what happened in 1980? Yeah me too. Landslide…

  • tjp77

    Wait, did he just said that Mitt Romney doesn’t have any ‘street’ in him? What the hell does that mean? And why is that a bad thing?

    I dunno. Sounds like it might be a racist dogwhistle to me.

  • What do you call a Presidential Candidate who is behind in the polls against a President who is “worse than Jimmy Carter” ?

    • Ronald Reagan? He was behind awful Carter in virtually all the “polls” until the only one that counted.

    • Mark81150

      Mitt’s pulling ahead according to Rasmussen’s latest..

      so what do you call a president that’s worse than that impotent asswipe Carter who can’t get a significant bounce from either a convention, or a national security crisis? Who can’t put away a candidate the democrats say is a criminal and who murders the spouses of former steel workers for fun?

      Barrack Obama…

      You can’t lie your way out of a failed presidency.. but nice try..

  • orringtonmom

    i think i just threw up a little in my mouth…

  • payleryder45

    What do you do with a number one draft choice who has failed to perform over four years?

    • FIRE HIS ASS!!!! And not just his donkey related animal!!

  • armyvet10

    So let’s take this video clip in context shall we.
    Chris states that Gov. Romney isn’t really qualified to be a politician…

    Obama’s only qualification is to play golf, suck up to liberals, turn his back on American Allies, invest tax payer money in dying corporations, lie cheat and steal. (Chicago Politics)

    The guest speaker Chris had on his show states that the Republican Party has convinced its self that Obama shouldn’t be President, but can’t throw him out. Well on the first part DUH! Many people think that Obama is in way over his head; only the main stream media can’t figure that out. On the second part; to quote Obama, “Yes We Can”

    The last point the guest speaker made is that Obama is the first round draft pick he always has been. Well…so was Greg Odom, Ryan Leaf and Cade McNown. All 1st round draft picks that were busts. Obama could easily be the next big bust.

  • rich wojcik

    much saner than matthews are locked up in mental asylums. You brainless cretin!
    But I am glad that when somebody shouts: “hey, a**hole” – you turn around.
    Sometimes even imbecilic oaf like you can’t deny the obvious………………………

  • It doesn’t even make any sense. Who really cares when Romney wanted to run? The important thing is that he IS running, we’re fortunate to have a decent candidate running against Obama, and that Romney is going to win. So Chris, find another day job. The one you have is way too complicated for you.

    • NYGino

      I don’t want to know what his night job is.

  • Matthews is one of Obama’s most prolific performers of fellatio.

  • Mark81150

    I won’t listen to this walking puddle of drool… he’s progressed from merely saying that no republican is fit to run against his God-King… to even running at ALL is a racist act akin to lynching the local party chairman…

    Can this hysterical fool get any more delusional?

    He acts like every single republican has personally “offended” him just by merely existing.. The ultimate partisan, just the fact that somebody somewhere, for what ever reason… has a different point of view.. just drives him insane, inducing in him a rage so intense it’s impervious to even the basics of human decency.

    in short.. Chrissy is no different than his democrat party Klansman fore-bearers..

    Just as the Klan was the terrorist wing of the democrat party after 1865.. the progressives (like Chris) see any, ANY opposition as not just annoying.. but EVIL.. To a retard like Chris, just saying Obama has poor taste in neckties, is not only proof that you’re a hater, but a dog whistle comment that you’d like to put a rope around Obama’s neck, (necktie?) and lynch him. That is the logic of the Messianic fanaticism of the progressive lunatics.

  • BostonBruin

    More evidence that the internal polling is not painting a rosy picture for the incumbent President.

  • This guy is a dope. When will his network fire him. I can’t wait until the presidential debates when Romney destroys Obama. I wonder if teleprompters are allowed for The Messiah/LOL.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      He won’t need a teleprompter – he’ll already have the questions beforehand and have his lies ready.

  • Who watches this drunk? Other drunks perhaps.

    • stevenbiot

      Honestly, sometimes when I’m drunk, I will watch him. It takes that beverage that puts you right over the 0.08 mark to muster up the courage to watch Chris “I’ll have another drink” Matthews.

      • When you’re drunk, Matthews makes perfect sense. Then when you sober up and have a huge hangover… You’re there thinking “Never ever again… . Will I watch Chris Matthews… I’ll drink like a fish, but never watch that moron again!” 🙂

        • Has he ever gone into Rehab? Because he’s long overdue. I wonder if there’s a way to put the mainstream media out of business? Maybe that’s never possible? Any suggestions?

          • Hmm…. Buy them all the free drinks they can drink? They’ll all end up like Matty. Blustering buffoons!

  • Many of us, if not the vast majority of people here were against NObama from BEFORE election day, nevermind inauguration day! Because he’s black right? That’s what the Liberals will say, but the reality is it’s because it’s a Socialist who’s idea of “fairness” it to “spread the wealth” by government fiat and who’s idea of success is the destruction of the Capitalist System and the American Way of Life! That’s my take, and NOTHING I’ve seen from NObama has ever shaken my initial belief that his election would be anything but a complete disaster and it has been! 4 more years? If I could I wouldn’t vote to give him 4 more minutes!

    • NYGino

      I’d vote to give him 40 years, in the slammer where he belongs.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        with no possibility of parole?

    • stevenbiot

      I know it’s wrong; and revolutions never work out for the host country. But, I’m really getting in the mood to throw down with the left.

  • stevenbiot

    There’s no way we all don’t want to punch Chris in the face, right? No, sh%$, Willie. I sure as hell didn’t want him in their before, or after the election. You have that spot on.

  • NYGino

    Geez Willie, don’t suppose you’re feelings have anything to do with the fact that the Impostor is also black, of course not. Or does it have anything to do with a certain intelligence level that you both share?

    I know you’ve followed his career in detail and are convinced that everything he has done has been in the best interests of our country. Of course. We are in much better financial shape and we have worldwide respect as a result of his initiatives. That must be it.

  • NYGino

    A total fool. Isn’t the basis of our form of government free elections? Does this man have a clue? Are we to believe that anybody running against an incumbent is arrogant? Chrissy, in case it has slipped your mind (or what passes for one) we are in the United States of America.

  • Conservator1

    Matthews has played the race card so often that it doesn’t hurt anyone but this dolt. Racist because Romney decided to run for President before Obama was sworn into office – give me a break. He’s right up there with the with the principal at Harvey Scott K-8 School in Northeast Portland, Verenice Gutierrez, who inferred that a peanut butter sandwich is racist, after one of her teachers used the lunchroom staple in a school lesson last semester.


    Is Peanut Butter Racist?

  • kamiller42

    Chris Matthews talking about Romney as arrogant as they show an Obama quote where he smuggly said “I am the President.” That’s humility?

    Floating around the social networks is a picture of Obama standing at the podium at the DNC. (Can’t find it at the moment.) The camera is a from below show with Obama giving his best “I am emperor” look and to the right it says “I am the President.” It’s a pro-Obama picture, but it captures well the smugness of the one who should take more pride in calling himself a servant of the American people.

  • MarcF

    Project much, Matthews?

  • 2besusie

    All that can be said about Chris Matthews can be epitomized by the photo accompanying this article. Excellent work, RS.

  • The more extreme, obvious, and over the top the media gets in its corruption and forfeiture of objectivity, the more amazed I become that ANYONE pays them any heed.

    Why would anyone listen to these fools?

  • I was going to order a fruitcake, but was scared they would send Chris Matthews to my house.

  • louisiana_mom

    What an idiot! Every president starts their run for the presidency at least 4-6 years before the actual election! But he’s counting on his 10 viewers not to know this fact.

  • Orangeone

    Can’t bear to listen to the slime but in case he monitors this site, best if you take your head out of O’blameveryonelse’s butt and breathe fresh air for change.

  • SKL53

    OMG someone please get this guy a dog to satisfy his tactile sensations!

  • Matthews is such a stupid wad of sludge ai’m surprised he can sign his contract renewal for his viewer-free show…

    And WILLIE BROWN!!! What Motel 6 did they drag his sorry ass out of? And who did that makeup???

  • jellynjam

    “Dog whistles”! “Code words”! I laughed myself silly for days after watching CM and co. on msnbc during the RNC….That cast of loons were better than the old SCTV comedy shows.

  • rich wojcik

    YES, matthews, we hate his 50% whiteness!!! And the rest too!!!
    And what are you going to do about it, you brainless imbecile????
    Start licking Romney’s shoes – you’ll be begging him for an interview after Nov. 12

  • Guest

    Chris – You are acting more and more like a hysterical little school girl. Think maybe it has anything to do with KNOWING all the lies you and the rest of main stream have perpetuated are now coming to light? WE KNOW and HAVE KNOWN all along. You just have to learn to accept it. We are going to show you the truth on November 6th when ROMNEY/RYAN win.