UPDATE 2 (TRS): Here’s the interview with ACLU Jay Sekulow on this:

Note that Sekulow says that the pastor isn’t getting any medical attention even though he’s been beaten and tortured.

UPDATE (TRS): Just broadcasting at noon on Sunday on Fox News is that Pastor Saeed Abedini has received a sentence of 8 years in Iran:

FOX NEWS – Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, an American imprisoned in Iran on charges of evangelizing, was sentenced this morning to eight years in prison.

According to the American Center for Law and Justice, Abedini was verbally sentenced in Tehran by Judge Pir-Abassi, known as the “hanging judge,” to eight years in prison for threatening the national security of Iran through his leadership in Christian house churches. He will serve the time in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison, known as one of the most brutal.

The evidence, the ACLJ reports, was based on Abedini’s activities primarily during the early 2000s, when house churches were not considered a threat in Iran.

Jay Sekulow from the ACLJ says that 8 years in Iranian prison is basically a death sentence. He said it’s not like the Western world, but that they are unlikely to release him after 8 years.

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FOX NEWS– Iranian jailers turned away the family of an American pastor on trial Iran for his Christian family, telling them Saeed Abedini is not in the infamous Tehran prison where he’s been held for several months.

The development was the latest disappointment in a turbulent week for supporters of Abedini, who is accused of undermining national security by establishing a network of home-based churches in his native country. On Monday, at the outset of his trial, state-run media said Abedini had been granted bail, but family members said officials refused to accept the payment or free him.

“The fact that his whereabouts are unknown to his family and attorney is cause for concern,” said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of American Center for Law and Justice, the organization representing Abedini’s U.S.-based family.

Abedini, 32, an American citizen who lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife and two children, has been kept in Iran’s Evin Prison since September, following his arrest on a bus. His supporters say he has been beaten and tortured in the prison, and that he was only in Iran to try to start a secular orphanage.

Saeed’s wife, Naghmeh Abedini, has not traveled back to Iran for fear of being arrested herself. But other, Iran-based members of the family who visited the prison were not told where Abedini is now being held, said Sekulow.

“We know that Pastor Saeed has undergone intense pains after beatings in interrogations while in his current prison ward, and a transfer [to a medical ward] would allow him to receive improved medical care.

Abedini’s attorney, Naser Sarbazi, asked the judge on Monday to move Abedini to a facility where he could get medical treatment. Although the judge agreed, neither Abedini’s family nor his legal team was notified of such a move,

Read the rest here.

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  • Keeping this pastor and others in my prayers. God knows where he is, and is with him. Lord please ease the hearts of your servant’s family and friends.

    • 12grace


  • SFCDeano

    Just read he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for evangelizing.

    • Godisright

      Just saw that as well. Just wondering how many other Christians are under lock and key in that prison.
      I am imagining a jail break induced by a Navy Seal strike force. A quick visit to the judge’s home on the way out would be frosting on the cake!

      • sjmom

        This administration won’t lift a finger because he is a Christian.

      • Orangeone

        If only we had a true potus.

    • 1endtimes2020

      The Iranian leadership is putting more nails in their own coffins.

    • 12grace


    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Hmmm…what is the official religion of Iran? So much for the “tolerant” religion of “peace”, eh?

  • deTocqueville1

    And where are the Fraud in Chief and the forgetful Hillary?

    • notsofastthere

      It took less than four years for them to render America impotent in foreign affairs. Aren’t the Leftist lucky to get rid of that Texas Cowboy mentality out of the White House.

  • Godisright

    Lord, deliver this man of God, in Jesus name.

    Our POS is a Muslim and to give aid to a Christian when it has no direct benefit to him is against his Islamic way. Our State Department is under Osbama’s thumb.

  • nosilasunny

    He and his family have been in my prayers for awhile now. If we all had just an ounce of this man’s courage to step out in faith, think about what we could accomplish. I will continue to pray for his protection, comfort for his family, and that he will be reunited with them soon.

  • sjmom

    I cannot even begin to express my anger and disgust at the US State Dept and the Obama administration over their lack of concern for the pastor, a US citizen. My prayers are with the pastor and his family.

    • notsofastthere

      Hillary to Abedini “what does it matter”
      Hillary to Dr. Afridi “what does it matter”
      Hillary to the former Marine in a Mexican jail “what does it matter”
      Hillary – none of this affects my life personally, so “what does it matter”

      • Godisright

        So, what difference does your post make? Lol

  • 1217Chic

    Madam Clinton, Lurch, anyone????


  • 1endtimes2020

    The Pastor took one heck of a chance going to that country, with the present leadership that is so fanatic.
    A normal President would at least contact that leadership, and ask them to release him and send him home to the U.S. To be silent shows Obama condones his imprisonment. He doesn’t care about a Christian, and he is a muslim himself. Even if he would say something, I doubt he would mean it. The Great Pretender and Deceiver in action.
    The question now is, where are the republicans???

    • Rshill7

      “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” (John 15:18-19 NIV)

      The Republicans are busy putting the final touches on their own prison, as well as ours. Carpenters of another sort, which include workers in iron. Craftsmen and women, forging fetters, chains, and securing them to granite.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Good commentary. Both parties are responsible for their actions and inactions. Everything beneficial moves so slowly. I wonder how slow the reactions would be to a sudden attack on the U.S. again.

        • Rshill7

          The US might consider all those gun owners as very important parts of the nation if it came to that.

          • 1endtimes2020

            A few years ago, the Pentagon said China had trained 250 million soldiers. I want American citizens to have guns too. At least 250 million of them. In the Battle of Armaggedon. the bible quotes “200 million” soldiers surrounding Israel. Yet, Jesus will intervene and save his people. He promised it, and you can rely on Him.

        • notsofastthere

          They would be in shock and awe
          They would point fingers
          They would say we have to have a dialogue and national discussion
          They would be sympathetic to the attackers, and understand their reasoning
          They would have bunkers to run to, while the rest of us get blown up

          • 1endtimes2020

            Good stuff there.

      • Nukeman60

        They are busy building “Boomtown”. What a glorious pagan idol Washington has become.

        • Rshill7

          There’s an explosion of some sort coming. Many fuses have been burnt right down to the quick.

          • Nukeman60

            It will be simultaneously very good and very horrendous, lol. We live in interesting times.

            • 1endtimes2020

              Truer words have not been spoken for a very long time. Good thinking.
              I feel ‘it’ too.

          • 1endtimes2020

            So many people I talk to know there’s something ‘going on’ that isn’t right. Even some people who have no religion. Something in the air. Thouhts travel, so there must be a lot of thoughts floating around. Bad ones.

            • Rshill7

              What do you think of this?

              • 1endtimes2020

                Amazing nighttime video. Especially since I’ve never been to Miami.
                It makes me think I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of God in times like that.

              • Nukeman60

                Interesting that they said it was just a training exercise and they did it at night not to frighten the citizens. Wouldn’t you think that they would post something in the daily papers and on the local TV and radio stations the day before if they didn’t want to frighten the locals?

                That’s what we did at the Nuke Plant when we did our massive terrorist attack drills. Fear is an awesome creature. Just ask Orson Welles.

                • colliemum

                  If this really was a joint police/military training exercise, one would like to know for which locality (high rises, urban environment) they were training?
                  Unless, as some commentators to that video say, it was an exercise in de-sensitising the people to having helicopters flying above them, shooting …

                  Pretty scary stuff.

                • 1endtimes2020

                  De-sensitizing is the perfect word.(de-sensitising may be the correct spelling) Regardless, the word sure describes that event. I would have liked to have seen it. ‘Betcha there was a lot of buzz emanating from those highrise residents.

                • 1endtimes2020

                  Orsen Wells—that’s right. The video reminded me of that.

              • 3seven77

                No one was notified of this “training exercise”? I find that weird. Joint Base Lewis-McChord is in my area and whenever they are doing training exercises they publicize it beforehand.

                Maybe this is another “photo-op” like the low-level flyover of Manhattan the Obama publicists did with Air Force One. They informed no one, including Nanny Bloomers, and thousands of New Yorkers were sent running from their offices because they were scared sh!tless that it was another terrorist attack. And I guess, in a way, it was.

        • 1endtimes2020

          That would be so funny if it wasn’t so serious. “Boom” town

  • Constance

    I truly wish that American citizens would stay out of these countries. I know their hearts are in the right place, and they are trying to bring about good things in terrible places, but surely there must be better ways than actually going into these countries. They end up kidnapped, tortured, sentenced to death, or killed. Please Americans, stay home. Think of the pain his family is going through over this, and for what? I am not blaming the victim here. I just believe though, that going into Iran is foolish for an American. The likelihood of returning home is very slight. Stay HOME!

    • Rshill7

      His life is not his own. He has given it away. Laid it down.

      “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13 KJV)

      This world is not his home. He’s just passing through and making a mark for Christ. Christ first endured many marks for him.

      It reminds me of a southern gospel song we used to sing in church in South Carolina:

      “This world is not my home, I’m justa passin’ through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue. The angels beckon me from Heaven’s open door, and I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.”

      • nosilasunny

        I agree. He is answering God’s call and furthering His kingdom. I am encouraged by his faith and courage. I am not happy about his suffering. It makes me angry that our leaders have done nothing. But thankfully God is the one in control.

    • 1endtimes2020

      Good timing is very important. This is not the right time. He should have used the internet. Many Iranians would welcome that.

    • Godisright

      Unless your a fetus

  • Resistwemuch

    Or ,in the immortal words of Hillary Clinton, ” what difference does it make now?”

    • 1endtimes2020

      People will be applying those words to a lot of events.
      I like your comment, even tho ihis actions make a big difference to others.

  • StrangernFiction

    He acted stupidly. He clung to his Bible.

    • 1endtimes2020

      There you go. Using an event to slander the bible.
      You better take the time to read it. You’ll soon see the wisdom of God’s Word, and see that events today coincide with His prophecy.
      The man acted with poor timing and wrongly, in my opinion, but not stupidly. I’m sure his imprisonment is converting souls just the same, by clinging to his bible.

  • colliemum

    Doctors and nurses thought him ‘unclean’ because of his Christian faith and so didn’t treat him?


    I’ve got no words to express my anger.

    • notsofastthere

      And the Left would say……we’d better not let this information get out there. Al Gazerra and Islam are our friends and peaceful. We report only the news that you need to know.

  • Nukeman60

    He has been beaten and tortured. I just heard on Fox this morning that he was sentenced to 8 years in prison, which is virtually a death sentence. They said a blogger was sent there after being beaten and lasted only a couple of days before he died. This is sad indeed.

    No word from our administration, but don’t you dare talk out against a muslim or they will throw you in jail here in the US and make a video of their own to pass around the muslim countries, apologizing for your actions.

    What a world we live in.

    • Orangeone

      Speaking of unknown whereabouts, where is the videomaker? Barky’s goons hauled him away in the middle of the night, now crickets…..There was a bounty on his head, did Barky or Clinton collect it?

      • Nukeman60

        According to Wikipedia (if you choose to believe them):

        “On July 2, 2012, a “Sam Bacile”, who was later identified as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula [then legally changed to Mark Basseley Youssef], posted English-language promotional trailers for Innocence of Muslims on YouTube. The videos were later dubbed into Arabic and posted on the Internet in September 2012″.

        “On September 27, 2012, US federal authorities stated Nakoula was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly violating terms of his probation. Prosecutors stated that some of the violations included making false statements regarding his role in the film and his use of the alias “Sam Bacile”. On November 7, 2012, Nakoula pled guilty to four of the charges against him and was sentenced to one year in prison and four years of supervised release.”


        “An Egyptian court sentenced him, along with several other Coptic Christians and anti-Islam preacher Terry Jones, to death in absentia for defaming Islam. The sentence is unlikely to ever be carried out because the “defendants” are all living outside Egypt”.


        • Orangeone

          Got it, so where is he?  Is he really in jail or was he given to the slammmms? I saw somewhere a while back on Twitter that there was a $1m bounty by the slammmmms

          • Nukeman60

            You know, I can’t find that anywhere. A US District Court in California sentenced him, and he has been remanded to a “Southern California Prison”, according to AP, but they never say exactly where. Perhaps some of our California posters can help us out with that.

            • Orangeone

              I have a great Twitter follower from CA, I’ll tweet what you have in other post on his identity.

          • Nukeman60

            I did a thorough search of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation site, under the header prisons, and found no entry for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, Mark Basseley Youssef, or Sam Bacile. Hmmm…

            Very interesting. So the news media says he was sent to a Southern California Prison, from the US District Court and there is NO verification that he is in any prison in California. I think we’re onto something here.

            Wait, I hear the sound of rotors again. Must…get…to…bugout…exit…………..

  • colliemum

    The State Dept dragging its heels – now that’s novel! /sarc

    They couldn’t even get the retired Marine out of Mexico prison until a heavy campaign!
    They couldn’t even defend their own Ambassador in Benghazi!

    So this poor pastor is just another bump in the road for the POS – and as far as Hilalry is concerned, what difference does it make …

    God sees it all, and while praying for that pastor and his family, I believe that Hillary and consorts, and that POS, will be judged by Him, and perhaps in the present already, not only on the Day of the Last Judgement.

    • Orangeone

      Hi mum, the State Dept didn’t get Jon Hammar released, it was ordinary citizens and some great effort by Bill O’Reilly and FL elected officials like Los-Rehtinen that got him released. The Mexican Chamber of Business paniced with the Twitter calls to boycott Mexico and also chimed in. BTW, we need to forever boycott Mexico for the false imprisonment and because of all of their illegal aliens in our country.

      • colliemum

        They sort of got involved by sending a consular representative, after all happened as you described.
        So in a way the crept along, on the coattails of BOR, Rep Ros-Lehtinen, and the twitter community.

        • Orangeone

          token consular rep….There is a great veteran patriot on Twitter, he and a veteran friend dedicated a website for Hammar and pounded Twitter continually. I know they are changing up the website for another great mission, just waiting for the unveiling tweet.  And Rubio tried to take credit too, just sick.

      • Nukeman60

        I, for one, am certainly boycotting Mexico. I will never buy another bale of marijuana from those drug cartels again. And my assault rifles are only going to come from the Chicago gangs from now on, not those Mexican friends of Holder.

        I’m done with them.

        • Orangeone

          Score 1,000 likes for that post!

        • colliemum

          That’s the ticket, Nukeman60!


  • c4pfan

    Is this the guy that was let go and re-arrested?

    • mickeyco


  • Orangeone

    O/T but great that the Washington Times has picked up the Milwaukee Sheriff telling people to arm up!


  • Yazz55

    Expect the regime of the obamessiah to support this pastor about as much as he provided support to Americans in Benghazi on 9-11.

  • And the west is still OK with Iran getting a nuclear bomb? Doesn’t everybody get it by now? According to the Iranians, anybody who isn’t a Muslim needs to be eliminated. Let’s not even talk about what they want to do to the Jews. This Christian pastor is just another example of how badly the Iranians want to kill the “infidels.” Ironically, the Iranians even hate fellow Muslims, like the Sunnis or the Kurds. Just shows you how crazy these people really are. So, I reapeat, the west is still comfortable allowing these maniacs getting a nuclear bomb?

  • stage9

    This sad story is repeated over and over and over again in closed countries all over the world. These are the true modern heroes of the Christian faith and are precious in God’s eyes for what they have to endure for His glory.

    Christians in these countries are treated like second-class citizens, beaten, raped, murdered, evicted, imprisoned all because they are Christians bringing the message of the Gospel. That is their only crime.

    And THIS is why we must take a stand for religious liberty in this country. Because when you lose it; when governments like his are instituted, there is no getting your liberty back.

  • Don’t expect this State Department to do anything… by the way, this isn’t Jay Sekulow in these videos, it’s his son, Jordan Sekulow.

  • 12grace

    My prayers are with this brave pastor and his family. We must all contact ALL of our representatives and complain about this…we can’t let this stand.

  • chatterbox365

    Very sad situation, but I don’t understand why people with families, especially men, go to these terrible countries. I can’t rationalize why anyone would take such a risk and disregard their families.

    Lots of prayers to end this man’s suffering.

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    Lord hear our Prayers