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Other than his service in Vietnam 45 years ago, what exactly are Chuck Hagel’s qualifications to be SecDef?

H/T Joseph Klein via FrontPage Magazine.

According to Joseph Klein via FrontPage Magazine, maybe it is the glowing praise from Medea Benjamin who said in 2008 that “Hagel would be a good choice (for SecDef). I think he’s shown himself to be an outspoken critic of the terrible policies of the Bush administration.”

Or maybe Mikey Moore’s statement is more relevant: After reflecting on Hagel’s objections to the Iraq War Mikey wrote, “thank you, Chuck Hagel.”

When people like Benjamin and Moore speak well of someone, there just might be a problem with their opinions.

CAIR likes him too.

Lets examine Chuck’s views on Iraq and other issues:

Hagel once described the surge in Iraq as “the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam, if it’s carried out.” He was wrong.

John King once asked Hagel whether requiring “a Muslim man to stand nude, bark like a dog, and have pictures of scantily-clad women around his neck” crosses his threshold of outrage. “Well, of course it does,” Hagel replied. “… I was in Vietnam in 1968. I carried a rifle. I saw a culture develop that was a very bad culture that ended in disaster for this country.” What an absurd answer.

“Hagel believes that U.S. foreign policy has been skewed too much in Israel’s favor. He ascribed this pro-Israel tilt to the power of what he called the “Jewish lobby,” which he said had the ability to “intimidate” members of Congress. While serving in the Senate, he boasted that he was not sent to Washington to serve as an ‘Israeli Senator.’”

“Hagel is also beloved by Israel-haters and anti-Semites, including the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Iranian regime’s TV network mouthpiece, TVPress, because of the extreme anti-Israel, anti-Jewish views that Hagel has expressed over the years.”

More reasons to oppose Chuch Hagel from AT.

Uncle Jimbo over at BlackFive responds to Dana (He’s out of his depth) Milbank’s opposition to our opposition of Chuck Hagel’s nomination.

This video was from 2007. He only got one thing right. Yet this clip shows both Hagel’s cluelessness on the Jihad being waged against us and his anti-Israeli bias: It is short but to the point.

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