Citizen United Productions: Occupy Unmasked

This movie by Citizen United Productions looks absolutely incredible. It features Andrew Breitbart and David Horowitz, among others, and tells the real story of the radicals behind the Occupy movement.

Watch the trailer:

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  • las1

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait!

  • Trust1TG

    Stephen K Bannon did an awesome job with the REAL Sarah Palin story – The Undefeated…the story, scenery, in-depth background analysis, cinematography, music, narration by Breitbart and Levin are all awesome.

    Bannon is a great conservative warrior.

  • I am soooooooooo going to see this the day it comes out.

    • kong1967

      Unfortunately it won’t get the number of viewers that Moore attracted to his “documentaries”. It’s demoralizing to know that there are so many more sheep than there are intelligent voters.

      But, with the message of the alternative media getting louder, hopefully that will change.

  • bbitter

    I am honestly curious. After everything that we’ve already seen about the Occupy movement… Do you think this will change any minds? Really change minds?

    • kong1967

      We have to keep pushing it. It’s a constant reminder of how bias the media is and how the truth is being swept under the carpet. There are a lot of liberals that cross over given time. Without being reminded of the truth that won’t ever happen. They will continue to be mindless sheep.

      Additionally, most young people consider themselves liberal because they have not had the opportunity of experience to show them reality. Generally, people grow into being conservative. The more media we have in our favor can make this trasition faster and with more people.

    • screamingmad

      It is said that if you tell a lie over and over it will eventually be accepted as the truth. Let us try that with the truth.

  • wodiej

    I’d willingly pay to see that. Still hard to below Andrew has left us. What a warrior he was.

  • We need to show the truth any way we can… is time we reclaim our own future.

  • gothicreader

    Nothing but a bunch of losers. These idiots needs to be exposed for who they are – miscreants. They are a threat to our Nation and to our way of life.

    BTW, if any of those mongrels decide to try any of their crap on us they will be looking into a barrel and I don’t mean a barrel of beer. You’ll notice they have only gone to cities that perpetuate this type of behavior. Let them try and come to middle of America. Remember last year when many Britain’s were buying up baseball bats?

  • 12grace

    I can’t wait to buy this…we must get the word out, asap!

  • Dang I miss him!

    • screamingmad

      I am still in shock. I miss him too.

  • wmath44

    Why don’t they go occupy thier moma’s basement?

  • tshtsh

    It is rather frightening since one cannot argue with an irrational mind. These people are incapable of speaking or recognizing the truth. It is also interesting that like Islamist they hide behind mask (like the rats they spoke to never see the light of day). Apparently, occupier do not hear the drivel pouring from their mouths as they label unmasked participants of the tea party. The irony of “occupy” considering the “vacancies” rattling between their ears is apropos.

  • KenInMontana

    It is easy to go down into Hell,
    Night and day the gates of dark death stand wide,
    But, to climb back up again,
    To retrace one’s steps to the open air,
    There lies the problem, the difficult task ~Virgil

  • Trust1TG

    This movement with its lawbreaking, costly policing, clean-up and destruction should have been quenched.

    As I wrote one of the organizers of the Wisconsin union ‘protest’ – taxpayers and voters resent the cost we are forced to pay for these protests.

    Defecating in doorways, on police cars, breaking windows, fires, looting, demanding free food, rapes, body lice, drugs, mountains of trash, shouting obscenities, threatening police, businesses, women and children, etc. are not winning any sane people to their cause.

  • iamhungry

    I hope they show the uncut footage of those ninja costumed protestors smashing the bank. If they do it will show the vast majority of the protestors trying to stop them. They are a small anarchist movement that attempted to use the Occupy protest as cover for their destruction and are not affiliated with the Occupy movement.

  • ProudConservative

    Many thanks for exposing Occupy!

  • kong1967

    Damn that radical Tea Party!! Hail the peaceful Occupy Wall Street!!

    The audacity to argue the insane is the leftist trademark.

  • ApplePie101

    The Occupiers wear masks to hide the fact that they are actually the 1%.

  • drphibes

    When politicians and elite media endorse such a movement, we are up against institutionalized evil.

    • TPDanbo

      Amen,these protesters are just “useful idiots” played like puppets for their puppet- masters who have to be exposed!!!

  • The “Occupiers” are so ignorant and unrealistic. I saw a poster/flier where my daughter lives. It said they wanted to improve education, end poverty, improve health care, stop government corruption. It listed many things. “End Poverty”, that’s the one that got me. Let’s get real here. I’m afraid, no I really know this generation coming up doesn’t have a clue about history and what is really right and wrong in the world.

  • This trailer is going viral – the lies of the occutards will finally be exposed.

  • We must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the presence of these anarchists from whom the long night of barbarism will descend. The right to our freedom will not be subjugated to the jackboot of this neo-fascist peril within our lands. Reclaim our rights, re-occupy our land and re-unite our shared humanity – reject occupy.