Civil War brewing? More than 200,000 protest in Egypt’s Tahrir Square against Morsi’s dictatorial decrees

Obama was quick to throw Mubarak under the bus 2 years ago as people flooded Tahrir Square. But now that Egypt finds itself in a similar circumstance, I don’t see Obama running to the microphones and cameras to call for democracy and the ousting of Morsi, even as 200,000 people flood Tahrir Square calling for an end to this new regime:

YAHOO NEWS – The same chants used against Hosni Mubarak were turned against his successor Tuesday as more than 200,000 people packed Egypt’s Tahrir Square in the biggest challenge yet to Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

The massive, flag-waving throng protesting Morsi’s assertion of near-absolute powers rivaled some of the largest crowds that helped drive Mubarak from office last year.

“The people want to bring down the regime!” and “erhal, erhal” — Arabic for “leave, leave” — rang out across the plaza, this time directed at Egypt’s first freely elected president.

The protests were sparked by edicts Morsi issued last week that effectively neutralize the judiciary, the last branch of government he does not control. But they turned into a broader outpouring of anger against Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, which opponents say have used election victories to monopolize power, squeeze out rivals and dictate a new, Islamist constitution, while doing little to solve Egypt’s mounting economic and security woes.

Note that it’s also being reported today that Egyptian Judges have joined the protesters.

I was listening to Ted Shoebat discuss the protests in Egypt on a radio show yesterday and he believes that people shouldn’t be fooled by these protesters. It’s true that they don’t want to be ruled by a dictator and that is what they are protesting, however Shoebat points out that they still want to be ruled by Sharia and cites several reasons for that. He also suggests that with the current level of outrage against Morsi that Egypt will find itself embroiled in a civil war before too long.


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  • Haywoodjbl

    This will either be a VERY BRUTAL or very short lived regime……….Be careful what you wish for Obama

  • Niall Ferguson predicted this. When Morsi starts the crackdowns he will need a foreign enemy to justify it. We all know who that will be. I have linked that morning joe interview from 2011 so many times. I watch it again every time there is more bad news coming out of Egypt, which is often. It’s very eerie and scary.

  • SoLongSong

    I wish WE could gather a few million and overthrow THIS regime! With a coordinated effort to also dismantle the lying, corrupt media thrown in for good measure…

    • stage9

      Dude, I’ve thought about that from every angle and it never ends well for us. Until a Morsi-like situation occurs where some radical seizes absolute control of the federal government, we would only be seen as rabble and those plans squashed.

      With a dictator in power you MIGHT BE ABLE to garner some support from military personnel and law enforcement but that is chancy.

      And then with all of the surveillance technology in use today, it would be very difficult to raise an unseen army before it is squashed by the feds.* I site many of the so-called “militia movements” that have been broken up.

      I would suggest, if the Lord tarries, you just prepare yourself and your family for that eventuality. “Lose” all of your weapons and just wait. This ridiculous governmental incompetence can’t sustain itself forever.

      (*Note to FBI: It’s just talk, don’t get your undershorts in a bunch)

      • Nukeman60

        *Note to Stage9: You’re on their radar now. Welcome to my world. 🙂

  • They don’t want a dictatorship. but they want sharia… what am I missing here. (rhetorical)

    I see people protesting en mass over there…. what amount of crap will it take for us to protest over here?

    • They want Sharia? Ha! I think that’s media propaganda. I have been following the bloggers from this movement for some time. They would state differently–> Down with Shari’a in the constitution via @sandmonkey #Egypt

      • colliemum

        Thanks for that link – a very interesting article by the ‘sandmonkey’.
        I didn’t know he’d ‘come out’ – and I hope nothing bad will happen to him.

        • YVW 🙂 & Me too..I fear for sandmonkey. Keeping him in my prayers.

    • stage9

      It’s tough to give up a society in which your wife is forced to eat spaghetti through a slit in a sheet pulled over her head.

      • I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic. Lord have mercy, I don’t know how women would put up with that. I’m no feminazi, but I’d never put up with that crap.

        • Marridge

          Left wing women here would do it if obama told them to. They think he’s their messiah and all good flows from obama. Seriously. They will follow him right into hell.

          • Betsey_Ross

            They are stupid, aren’t they?

          • Constance

            No kidding. I’ve never seen such weak and wimpy women as I have on the left. Take care of me! Take care of me! I can’t do it for myself! A bunch of losers.

        • stage9

          I can’t help but laugh at the guy sitting in the background watching all of this. lol.

          You can literally read the guys mind. He’s like: “OK, this I have to see. How in the world is she going to pull this off?”

      • sjmom

        If you think about it this is OBAMA’S WAR ON WOMEN because if not for him interfering this might not have happened. Mubarak was bad but this is worse!

      • colliemum


        Well, at least nobody can see the tomato sauce smeared all round their mouths thanks to their, well, ‘novel’ eating of spaghetti!

    • sjmom

      I had the same question because they are both brutal.

    • Nukeman60

      Our masses will protest in the thousands when the latest cell phone is running short, or when food stamps won’t get you lottery tickets. It’s a pity, but it’s what it is.

      We must change the mentality first.

  • stage9

    I heard this morning on the radio a correspondent say that Morsi claims he intends to retain absolute power only until a Constitution is drafted.


    Yeah, because that ALWAYS happens!

    • sjmom

      Just like Obama is only going to raise taxes on the rich. LOL

      • Betsey_Ross

        Turns out we are ALL rich. Who knew?

  • mikeinidaho

    Another total success for the Obama administration and the useless tools in DC who were all over the “Arab Spring” blossoming of democracy in the Middle East. While Mubarack was no saint, (far from it!) at kleast we knew we could control him. Morsi and the radical terrorist inspired Muslim Brotherhood are totally out of control except by those in Iran.
    Way to go all you politically elite oh-so-smart wags in DC!

    • sjmom

      It’s what Obama wants because its what his father wanted; total removal of the Western powers.

      • Constance

        Agreed. Obama is a very bad seed. He comes from bad stock. He is the antithesis of anything American. He is a racist, a hater. He was bred and raised on intellectual bigotry and anger so deep, that he would rather sacrifice everybody in this country in order to retain his reign over what he believes to be rightfully his. He thinks he is the arbiter of fairness against all those white people over the generations who he believes hurt “his people”, although his people are suffering further by his own actions. He pretends he isn’t half white, hoping people forget that fact, now that it isn’t convenient. He cheats and lies, like he has done all of his life to get anywhere. The term “empty suit” doesn’t even begin to describe Obama. Look at his eyes next time you see him speak – there is nothing there. Nothing. He gives me the creeps; he always has. That skin-crawling creeps.

        • sjmom

          Since you mentioned Obama’s eyes what I have seen peering through them is pure evil and I am speaking in supernatural, not natural, terms. If eyes are the window to the soul then there is darkness within. God help us.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Those people deserve whatever happens, they created this mess, so live or die with it.

  • Marridge

    Isaiah 19, folks.

  • sjmom

    So, what’s the difference between a dictatorship and Sharia? They’re both brutal.

    When we look at the unrest in the Middle East we can thank Obama and his administration. They got what they wanted but the people there are no better than they were. Civil war; maybe. Poverty and want; always.

  • colliemum

    This is a very grim outlook – not that I doubt Mr Shoebat.
    It is grim because we can already tell who the first victims of the irate mob (of either side) will be: Copts, and women.

    I dread to think how such outcome will affect the ceasefire, and I dread even more to think about the possibility that al qaida terrorist groups will take advantage and attack Israel through the Sinai.

    May God protect the innocents.

  • anneinarkansas

    He will not do that to Morsi.
    Obama plans to follow in his footsteps here.
    We must resist with all the we have.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Add this as another failure on Obama’s ME policy. Benghazi and now this. How many times does he have to show that he is a total incompetent along with all of the people that surround him? It doesn’t make any difference who he selects for any position in his cabinet or his czars. He and they are total failures. It is now evident that Hillary has tainted herself with hisand her own incompentence. We know Biden is a failure in almost everything. Petraeus just showed us what he was made of and Panetta is whatever he is. Certainly not competent. How do we survive this?

  • I know thousands will die and what I am about to say sounds heartless, but a civil war in Egypt will expose Islam to what it truly is to those liberals in America that romanticize it. Go ahead and fight each other, just leave the pyramids alone.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Am I the only one who has noticed that Tahrir ‘Square’ appears to be round? There’s your Muslim logic for you, in a nut shell.
    😉 😉

  • Sober_Thinking

    Syria 2.0.

    I’d like to believe that Egyptians are smart enough to NOT want another dictator and to want TRUE democracy… but any insertion of Sharia blows that theory out of the water. What a lost country.

    • tinlizzieowner

      There are only 2 forms of government under Islam. An Autocratic Islamic Dictatorship, or a Theocratic Islamic Dictatorship. Islam is still ‘the state’ either way.

  • Nukeman60

    Unlike the first fake ‘revolution’ which was backed by the military and MB, if this one is a real civilian revolution, there will be thousands dead. They will truly know the intent of their leaders now. I’m sure google guru’s won’t be a part of this one.

  • Let them have a civil war. I hope they do. If they are really serious about wanting democracy, real democracy, they will have to work for it and fight for it in order to keep it. THAT is what people in the Middle East don’t get. You have to work at democracy if you want to keep it. It’s easy having your first election in the Middle East. The trick is having your second.

  • Constance

    My feeling is that it’s too late now for anyone living in Egypt that honestly believed the hype about democracy. Morsi is in there, and so is the Muslim Brotherhood. The U.S. supports Morsi, and we are giving him the money needed to keep his country going. There isn’t a chance in hell that the situation ever reverses itself right now, and I blame our idiot fools in Washington and the idiot citizens in this country, including a whole bunch on the right, that ever called this anything other than the rise of radical Islam. For Obama and his minions, this was a goal – because I believe Obama is one evil SOB. For most other people though, this was sheer stupidity…you know, that hope and changey crowd. Ugh.

  • Just to make a light-hearted comment:
    Ever notice how in the middle of the Square there are tents? Must be guys selling shawarma and other goodies. The street sellers must love it when folks come out protesting. Lol.

  • warpmine

    For the life in me, why isn’t the people here protesting the illegal falsified election results?


  • bobemakk

    If the US does not become more conservative and impeach Obama, there will be a revolution in this country. Forget Egypt, we are on the brink and we already see people demonstrating in the streets. If it grows, as Glenn Beck said, prepare yourself.

    The RINO’s left behind are spineless. God help US!