CNN Covers CNN’s Coverage Of Missing Jet, Determines Over-Coverage “Gets A Bad Rap”

This morning, CNN analyzed their analysis of the story they’ve been covering regarding the possible causes or reasons for the missing Malaysian jet airliner, which included conjecture about zombie planes and black hole blame, to determine whether or not their speculative coverage was over-coverage or too little coverage or if their porridge was juuust right, and in covering that coverage determined that over-coverage is over-covered and gets bad coverage from other networks coverage. For America.

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“We have to stop reflexively criticizing over-coverage or non-stop coverage,” says Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple. “I like it.”

And according to the ratings, so do a lot of other people. Nevertheless, this meta discussion has the sad undertone of a network desperately trying to prove that they are right and everybody else is wrong and also maybe it WAS aliens so shut up you’re not the boss of them!!!!

h/t Nathan Wurtzel

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  • Nukeman60

    There’s a big difference between ‘staying with a story’ (perhaps Benghazi would be a better choice here, CNN) and ‘over-coverage’ of the same tripe day after day.

    If there is any new info, sure bring it forth. But I don’t think ‘black-holes’ and ‘zombie planes’ would constitute new info. It’s not like CNN would use non-stop something like, say, the bombing of Baghdad to promote their fledgling network, now is it?

    Oh, wait…

    • poorhardworker

      Spot on!!!

  • CitizenVetUSA

    I haven’t changed the channel to even check on CNN. Was eating at a BBQ sit down and FOX News was on the big screen, a nice change.

  • Sandra123456

    Even FOX News has almost gone wall to wall with plane coverage. I will not be watching the story of “We Don’t Know” for hours on end.

    Time to sell the TV anyway.

    • olddog

      AGREE 100%..Just 24/7 ..”What do you think happened”??/10,000 times a day…I’m now an EXPERT on “What do you think happened”???..ABSOLUELY INSULTING…

  • Crumpled up note found in wastebasket after sekrit meeting among cable channel news execs:

    Until another blonde hottie gets kidnapped from an exotic island resort, we’re running the plane thing, nonstop.

    • $12112543

      Otherwise they might get stuck talking about Obama running the country into the ground.

      • Interesting choice of metaphor. They can’t seem to find the debris from that crash, either.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      That’s funny. When I became a news junkie after 9/11, I nicknamed Fox the missing blonds and car chase channel.

      • Yep. Got old, reeeeel fast.

  • Rosalie

    They’re desperate to be relevant.

  • olddog

    CNN= (D)ivert (D)eflect away from the Obagger (D)ude..”Cult Member (D)evotion”…

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Tune in to CNN tonight, Larry King is going to come back and do a special interview with me so I can expound on my theory that the plane was hijacked by Bigfoot.

  • NYGino

    CNN should take steps to regain any credibility they may have had (if any), They should hire Dan Rather.

  • Al Bumen

    In fact, today’s notions of democratic socialism in Europe are mostly the result of French conceptions of human social relations introduced by Saint-Simon over ten generations ago.