CNN: Democrats running from Obama

Apparently Democrats aren’t wanting to be seen with Obama much anymore:

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  • 12grace

    The country doesn’t want to be seen with obama as president either.

    Anyone want to improve our economy, nullify obamacare and put a system in that people want, change public opinion of America;’s weakened state?

    Try, convict, Impeach and Imprison the self proclaimed King of America.


      …Right On 12Grace Right On Right On .”

      • 12grace

        Your comment is much appreciated, L.

        It makes me feel better that there are people that still love America and freedom.

    • Sentinel

      Very eloquent and spot on.

      • 12grace

        Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Isn’t it a bit late for the Dims to be putting distance between themselves and the dictator-king of America? They should have been doing that all along in my opinion.

    • MattMusson

      “It’s not my fault. I didn’t read the bill!”

      The Democrat Party Platform 2014

      • iaintlyin

        And knowing that we’re dealing with symantic experts the next question needs to be, “what bill are you talking about?”

      • $13245463

        True that but..Amnesty for Illegal Criminal Aliens

        The Republic Party Platform 2014

    • toongoon

      Voters have a short memory, these democrats still have another couple of months to praise Obama before any damage to their reelection chances are affected. I wonder why they are prematurely jumping ship.

  • BikerHoop

    I think after the way he basically nullified the separation of powers last night you’re going to see more and more Dems abandoning him and (hopefully) more Repubs and Dems speaking out against his imperial-style governing.

    • RWrad

      How about prosecuting him for high crimes and misdemeanors.

      • BikerHoop

        That absolutely works for me, too!

  • iaintlyin

    Yeah, they’re runnin’ from him. BS. Lets wait until Bills are passed that show America is running the right way. Believe zero of this until the proof is in the yeas or nays of the senate and congress floors. The creeps appearing to be running are either up for reelection or are in office by the skin of their teeth i from a purple district. They ain’t runnin’ they’re camoflagin’.

    I haven’t seen the sotu speech but if more dems are runnin from him I have to believe he didn’t promise more free stuff.

  • stage9


    • $12112543

      Short, to the point. (We’ll overlook the typo).

  • Sentinel

    Because they also don’t have any clothes on… the only difference is that they are beginning to feel a little self-conscious. They built this boat and they need to sink and drown with it too.

  • DarkKnight2016

    I remember watching the 2006 midterm elections and I remember when they called the Rhode Island Senate (and others for that matter) race where Sheldon Whitehouse (D) defeated then-Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee. In the Exit polling they asked if they approved of the job that Chafee was doing and 65% said yes. The reason that Rhode Island voters ousted him from office was from their disapproval of the Pres. Bush and the war. I have a feeling that regardless of how “popular” some candidates (Mark Warner) are they will be defeated out of disapproval of Obama.

    In other election news, Rep. Jim Bridenstine has announced he will not run for Sen. Tom Coburn’s seat. Today Oklahoma Speaker T.W. Shannon announced his candidacy for the seat. Shannon will go head to head with Rep. James Lankford (John Boehner lackey). I endorse Shannon.

  • NYGino

    It’s not only Obama the person that is toxic, it is liberalism that voters are turning from. They can avoid being in his presence but they’re still liberals.

  • $12112543

    They may be running from him now, but if they win in November – they’ll be back voting with him 100% of the time.
    There’s your campaign slogan.

  • lawngren

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bunch of hypocrites. They supported everything until they saw the continuing backlash and the words “November 2014” began to haunt their dreams. They’ll fall all over hillary when she announces, and unlike obama, hillary is intelligent enough that she doesn’t need a handler. She is far worse poison than obama ever dreamed of being.

    (I know that’s hard to believe. But remember, when Benghazi was going on, obama went to bed. hillary stayed awake and watched it. Don’t tell me there are no vampires.)

    Running from obama, my big fat fanny. They’re running from the Tea Party and conservatives. And they’ll stop running as soon as they’re re-elected.

    Maybe that’s a good sign. Maybe it means they still don’t trust vote fraud to get them elected.

  • timerunnersc

    Sorry but I will believe Democrats are running from Obama when I see hell frozen over. The facts are obvious, This is only another D.C. Democrat / RINO scheme coming from these liars, traitors and their puppet main stream media.
    I’m not from the show me state, yet even so, when this American sees the Democrats in the US Congress, US Senate move towards working with the Republicans and towards Impeachment of Obama then I’ll start seeing hell cooling off, maybe.

  • Crassus

    LIke hell. They’ll still kiss Obama’s ring even if he keeps it in his back pocket.

  • Exodus2011

    DEO GRATIAS! Keep working to DETHRONE the “king” Patriots!

    btw – did you hear that Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize? How ironic would it be if Snowden won, after exposing the ‘non-peaceful antics’ of the 2009 **winner** of the same prize? HA!

    IMV, these are the two main issues that are SINKING this Malevolent Spitehouse Phoney, because these are the issues that cross idealogical boundaries:

    • Bill in Tennessee

      Actually, I’d love to see that. I can hear Snowden’s acceptance speech now…”From one Peace Prize winner to another, President Obama, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!! Let me come home!” Perfect.

  • colliemum

    They may be ‘running from Obama’ in their constituencies – but they won’t be running from him while still in DC.
    Watch them when the debt ceiling debate comes up next month: they’ll do the emperor’s bidding all right!

    • NYGino

      They don’t think the LIV even knows what a voting record is, they just don’t want to be seen with him. The LIVs look at the comics section, they don’t read the news. Just keep giving them the free stuff and all is good in Obamaland.

  • Conservator1

    They can run, but they can’t hide their voting records, especially for the schmucks still defending Obamacare.


    I remember back when he was running the first time and never looked back when I seen who and what he was . Acorn was the first clue , but he did have me fooled , I’m glad I took a good look , and he was an empty suit then and still is now.

  • phil

    the only guy who loves to be seen with Obama is Christie…

    • palintologist

      Yeah, even after his lover spurned him.

    • NYGino

      You forgot to mention Chris Matthews.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    I think I saw Eric Cantor also with Pres. Moonbat…at the very first when he enters the coliseum, with the wild cheers of the mob and the hungry lions waiting… smiling and waving…and Eric Cantor right behind him. What’s up with THAT??!!

    • WordsFailMe

      Obama entered the room before Cantor’s lips became un-stuck?

  • Just the way Pelosi was on every ticket in 2010.
    Obama will again be on every ticket in 2014.

  • WordsFailMe

    When one of the hens in our hen house got injured and was bleeding, we had to take her out and isolate her in a cage and care for her for a few days..

    The problem is that when fowl see blood, they attack. I think the democommies need to cage the the yellow bird for a few days.

    • NYGino

      …but they all bleed the same blood, only Obama is more visible.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      A Dem pecking party… what a great fantasy to entertain.

  • DarkKnight2016

    And people expect that Hillary will win in 2016. Well first of all re-elected the same party 3 times in a row is a very difficult thing to do. The preceding President has to be very popular and that sometimes isn’t very dependable. Her husband Bill was super popular during the 2000 election because of how good the economy was and it was basically a peace time for America so many thought that the incumbent Vice President would be a shoe in to win the 2000 election.

    As much as many hate Karl Rove and disapprove of a lot of things George W. Bush did, they ran a good campaign regardless of how close Florida was, he still won Florida. They were great in going to all part of Ohio and other battle grounds and getting out the vote (GOTV). Barack Obama won out of the unpopularity of Bush, the wars and the then-recent economic crash (McCain-Palin were leading before the crash).

    Given Obama’s unpopularity and that the Senate is all but certain to go into Republican hands, it seems that the idea of another Democrat succeeding Obama is somewhat unlikely…unless they are better at getting out the vote which they were in 2008 and 2012. Looking at the battleground states of Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Colorado (If won then Romney would be President) we lost by less then about 500,000 votes.

    I think someone should start a Ready for Sarah PAC (In response to the Ready for Hillary PAC) and attempt to recruit Sarah Palin to run for President of the United States. The liberals will laugh but if we get the vote out and she win? The liberal media would spend the next few months saying to themselves “what the F just happened?”

    The states that I think we could turn: Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire.

  • jgilman1

    Huh. Liberal impose their wonderful policies and the eat each other because of it. Need a fork?

    • B-Funk

      Cockroaches tend to be that way.

      • jgilman1

        Whoa, what did cockroaches ever do to you? They are majestic creatures next to a Democrat.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Like this?

  • thisissilly

    One can hope that the next State of the Union will have a little less clapping, that has to be tiring for the Democrats. The NSA will probably be featured in the next address. Invasion of privacy is a fear of all Americans. As the threats from abroad lessen, it is time for Congress to put a stop to the surveillance of American citizens. MadMen will likely not be referenced because I believe women’s rights in 2014 are only going to get better. I also believe the next SOTU will feature some type of immigration reform. As a graduate student about to enter the workforce, I hope for a very positive future SOTU in 2015.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Nothing new, the rats are leaving while Captain 0 goes down with the sinking ship of state. The progs walk in lockstep until they perceive their survival may be in jeopardy, then become feathers on the wind.


    The Rats are leaving the ship .