CNN interviews Gaza resident as bombs explode outside, abruptly cutting him off

CNN is interviewing a Gaza resident as well as an Israeli in Ashkelon and while talking with the Gaza resident, all of a sudden you hear bombs going off, presumably from Israeli aircraft. You then hear more bombs going off until finally the connection is cut off. Apparently the Gaza resident was in an area where Hamas had many targets.


(via Mediaite)

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  • aZjimbo

    What was that noise we just heard? What the hell do you think it was? It’s called war.

    • “What was that noise we just heard?” Made my day! Got the poor fellow sidetracked a lot more than the noise we just heard.

      • aZjimbo

        Lol. That will wake him up.

  • bjohnson55

    What was that noise outside? It’s Israeli justice!!

    • stage9

      That’s what I’m talking about!

    • ImacowgirlinTucson

      Agree 100%…I hope the gaza is blown to Kingdom pun intended.

  • Conservative_Utopia

    Well it took B-Hussein-O 9 days to acknowledge the Gulf Oil Spill… Maybe some of Israel will be left by the time he explains away our lack of involvement.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Skyping from a target are not such a good idea.

    • keninil

      No worries, he was skyping from a Pallywood set!

  • FreeManWalking

    Evidently the Israeli’s bombs had a different opinion on what was going on out side cutting off Useff’s talking points.

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    “Israel-Gaza Conflict” !!! Conflict? It’s a war, let’s be clear. Can’t stand the way lib media dumb down these events with their misleading labels.

    • Good catch. It’s the media’s way of injecting their moral equivocation.

  • 911Infidel

    Note to so-called NGO: Stop firing missiles into Israel. Stop locating missile batteries in schools, mosques and people’s homes. Until that time comes, there is no need to talk anymore. Oh and change your charter especially point 13. Till then, how’s it feel to feel what Israeli civilians feel every day because of the slime called Ham-a$$.

    I have a really small violin playing the song “my heart bleeds for you”.

  • Awwww, stinks when the Israelis fight back, doesn’t it? The “Palestinians” could have peace whenever they want. But their version of “peace” means the total elimination of Israel. Personally, I don’t know why the Israelis bother talking to them at all. They will be fighting endless wars with the arabs for generations to come. That is, of course, until Iran gets a nuclear weapon. Then this matter may be decided within the next few months, depending on when, exactly, Iran gets its bomb.

  • Army Of One

    Hell of an internet connection when close by hits fail to even slightly rattle the video feed from a 3rd world area, and excellent sound quality from a noise loud enough to shut off, or overwhelm, any microphone….especially a computer camera and mic? You don’t suppose this was all more Pallywood theater? With the explosions faked?

    Hell yes, I do 🙂

    I also noticed that CNN removed the West Bank as part of Israel on the map shown.

    You stay classy CNN…

    • las1

      Internet? Internet? I thought that food, gas, fuel and other communication amenities were banned by Israel. At least that’s what we are told by the leftist media ALL THE TIME. Gaza’s a living open air prison camp… right? Isn’t that what they tell us? There just can’t be no friggin’ internet there. No food markets, no fresh food, no medicine, no cell phones and certainly no Skype. It’s such a hell hole we’re told.

      So this must be CNN propaganda with a BBC accent. [sarc. off]

      • Nice avatar las~

        • las1

          Thanks… remember I was kinda hoping to go back to two eyes if Romney won. But alas… I keep a third one handy because I can’t believe what I’m seeing with the other two under Obama. Four years is truly a long long long time.

      • PovrlaChasse

        Their cell phone and internet is provided by Israel. When Israel wants to maintain the sites in Arab territories, they have to go in with an armored vehicle and armed guard.

        • bbitter

          They should not maintain them if their lives are in danger. Let’s face it, the internet is not essential to survival.

  • Conniption Fitz


  • Cindy09

    Now we wait for the Mahdi…at ten, nine, eight…..!!

    • GiantM


  • Cindy09

    Wonder if O is still going to send his troops to Syria now that the war is open between Israel and Egypt, Iran, Hezbollah, etc coming together through Hamas.

    • bbitter

      Obama is having an international nightmare right now. This is a worst-case scenario for him in the middle east… however, he is going to shove everything else he can through executive orders and use this ‘cover’ in the press for his agenda.

      I doubt he’s thinking about troops at the moment. Probably dancing in the halls over the lack of coverage on the Benghazi mess.

  • PovrlaChasse

    The favorite site for a missile launch for Arabs is from the top of hospitals. This applies to Gaza and Lebannon. There second favorite site is from the tops of apartment buildings or schools or mosques. They don’t give a second thought about how many of their own people they get killed. It is all for Allah so who cares?

    As for the video, you cannot trust anything coming from a Palestinian. They fake injuries and atrocities all the time. That who event could have been purpousely staged. They have been known to take cadavers from the morgue, bloody them up, dump the on the streets, then disperse bloody dolls and teddy bears for a CNN photo op. Then put them back when CNN leaves.

    You have to understand these guys have no respect at all for truth or human life, muslim, infidel, men, women, children, even the dead. Nothing matters if it is all for Allah. That is who we are dealing with.

    So when you see pictures and videos coming from them, you just have take it with a grain of salt.

  • Joe

    WHAT was THAT NOISE ???

    ————-Are you that STUPID??????

    Maybe they can aim one at CNN so they can start over!

    • bbitter

      CNN is antisemitic and anti Christian. I wouldn’t give them a moment of my time if I were you.

  • GiantM

    Aaah the poor Jew hating terrorist is under attack. WHY ELSE WOULD HE BE YOU DIMWIT!! Hamas just launched a few hundred rockets towards Israel for crying out loud.

    Once again the aggressor is the victim when it comes to the LSM!


    • bbitter

      yeah, his human rights watch would be better served by watching the rocket-crew and launching pad out his front door. This guy knew he was near a target.

  • keninil

    Is it real ?? Or is it Pallywood??
    Was the interview arranged with a missile truck outside launching missiles to draw fire of the Israeli air force during the interview? Or were the Palestinians just setting off explosives to dramatize a little?

    • bbitter


  • bbitter

    “Who is the victim and who is the victimizer here…”

    Give me a break. Who is the one who offered peace? Who is the one who decided to launch rockets at civilian homes?

    For someone who is so intent on not commenting on what is going on, he sure talked a lot about it. I wouldn’t put it past the pally-theatre to manufacture something like that. One way or another, it doesn’t matter. A human-rights watchdog in the Gaza strip who ignores the rockets fired at civilian homes yet is upset at those who work to stop it is worthless.

    You want to protect human rights, Mohammad? Go get a gun and get rid of those guys launching missiles outside your front door, you know, the guys trying to murder Israeli citizens? Yeah. Go fix that problem and the bombs will stop falling.

    BTW, I love how the Israeli father of four sits there and waits with a look on his face like: ‘are you seriously going to let him lie like that? You’re going to let him feed you that tripe?”

  • WordsFailMe

    Gee I hope Moe’s gonna be alright.

  • Sober_Thinking

    CNN is interviewing Gaza residents… of course they are.

  • mikeinidaho

    I vote we move the Communist News Network and all it’s babbling Obama butt-kissers to the Gaza Strip so they can do live on-site interviews as the IDF rolls over them.

  • Israel: After nearly 700 missiles from Hamas!!! And we should be worried about where Israel BOMBS!!! Tell CNN to send all of it’s reporters to Gaza!

    Missile says: And also tell the idiots in Gaza to keep using anything with an electronic signal of any kind!!! Me like! 😀

  • Laurel Pauline

    Why doesn’t CNN interview Israeli families in danger and racing for bomb shelters? CNN is such an propaganda machine for the Palestinian agenda.

  • mathewsjw

    that wasn’t bombs that was Hamas Launching missiles while this Muslim IDIOT tells CNN IDIOTS that Muslims are the “victims” LOL

  • He pushed the sound effect button on his computer.