CNN: Obama looks foolish on The View while Clinton meeting with world leaders

So apparently it isn’t going unnoticed by the press that our Campaigner-in-Chief has made an “error in judgement” in not sitting down with world leaders while they are in the country. Though you gotta love how the one CNN host tries to dismiss it as no big deal.


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  • GEDouglas

    Anything to avoid work and possible criticism at a critical stage in his presidency. The man has no character whatsoever.

    • dontdrinkthecoolaid

      He has character, the type that plays well on shows that insult housewives’ intelligence. He’s campaigning for his next gig – being a Kardashian.

    • IwjwI

      Ever think that the Obama puppeteers are the same puppeteers that are positioning Clinton for 2016?
      Soros always has a backup plan.

      • deeme

        Everyone would have to have total amnesia and forget everything that happened on 9/11/12 and the way she handled it , to consider her for President..never mind libs don’t have brains…just feeeeelings…..

      • Who’s worse her or him?

  • denbren52

    “What’s the outcome anyway?” Possible WW III? The total destruction of Israel? Iran with nuclear weapons?

    • steprock

      ASIDE from that. Come on, he can’t worry about every little bump in the road. World War 3? Sounds like more background noise.

    • white531

      Ahmadinejad declares Israel will be, “eliminated.” Has no right to exist.

    • 3seven77

      Is that female completely clueless or what? Who ties her shoes for her?

  • sandynsavannah

    I am so disgusted with this display of flippant appearances on “popular” shows.
    They should be very rare… if ever.

    I want a president who is serious about foreign affairs and national defense!

    Any person who uses the term “wee-weed up” should be automatically disqualified from the position of President of the United States of America…..period.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Nonsense. It’s perfectly acceptable for the Celebrity-in-Chief to let his hair down and talk about what makes his day stressful with the ladies on The View. If not now, then when?

      • 12grace

        Are you kidding? Yes, we are on the verge of WWIII, why not hob nob on the View instead of talking to world leaders like Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

        obama is just like Nero when Rome was on fire, Nero played his fiddle. Ironically the two dictators have something else in common, Nero and obama set the fires that burned their nations.

    • BlueGood

      A STUNNING SENIOR MOMMENT- Was it Ronald Reagan meeting B.Hussain O’Bama??

      A self-important liberal arts student walking along the beach took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen resting on the steps why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation:

      “You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one.” the student, (O’Bama), said loud enough for all others to hear.

      “The young people of today grew up with televisions, jet planes, space travel, man walking on the moon. We have nuclear energy, ships and cell phones, computers with light speed….any so much, much more.”

      After a brief silence, the senior (Reagan),citizen responded as follows:

      “You’re right son. We didn’t have those things when we were young…so we invented them.

      “Now you arrogant little schit, what are you gonna do for the next generation”???

      The applause was amazing….

  • anneinarkansas

    Sorry, but I can not listen…the picture is hard to look at for me.

    Eye Candy? Isn’t that a term for sexy, dumb, painted-up, semi-clothed young women hanging out with old men? Well, at least Elizabeth is not old.

  • Boy how true….Obama is truly a false prophet….this has been warned about in the Bible! Beware of them! Obama sits like a king, acts like an imperial dictator and absorbs self love like a sponge in a sink absorbs water. Clinton loves people coming to speak at his Initiative again for the attention. The reason Clinton and the Marxist hate each other is because they are both Egotistical Neophytes!

  • Landscaper

    I complained to my dad that what he had me do was hard. He looked at me, maybe 12 years old and said “it’s work, sometimes it’s hard.” Lesson learned. Obummer is lazy and has never had to work, it’s too hard!!!

  • detectivedick

    Barbara is sitting with the the LIAR and asks about a Disaster. He is the Disaster!

    • steprock

      Was that not a fair question? “Mr. President, sir, if Mitt Romney is elected, should people be terrified and barricade their doors, sir? Are you really and truly our best hope and savior, sir?”

      How is that not a fair question?

    • 12grace

      Barbara and all the supports of obama are the reason we might lose our precious, America.

  • Barbara asked Obama, “Would it be disasterous for the country if Mitt Romney were elected?’ Good lord that woman is a disaster. Obama does not want to risk saying someting stupid or being seen bowing again so close to the election.

    • PhillyCon

      “Would it be disasterous for the country if Mitt Romney were elected?

      I could not believe the blatant cheerleading. Babs belongs on MSNBC with her pal Chris Matthews.

      Clearly, these people never leave their insulated cities and see how “disastrous” their Messiah is, and even if they did, it was Bush’s fault.

      • Landscaper

        People in penthouses with doormen or gated communities never see US.

      • poljunkie

        Oh but Barbara Walters took the train once. She’s a commoner Too.

        Remember there was a kerfuffle with Glen Beck? Apparently as per protocol Beck had reserved seats and Barbara didn’t like it or something, and caused a minor scene with the transport authority.
        The kicker was Glen was either on his way to or had just appeared on the View.

        If the train was late—I’m sure it was Bushs fault.

    • steprock

      Ever see her clip with Jimmy Carter? “Be good to us” she crooned. Kiss kiss kiss.

      She loved her some Carter, no wonder she loves his reincarnation.

    • poljunkie

      She asked that? What a dolt…

      Our Country is so divided it is almost to the point of being intolerable.

  • Nukeman60

    Yes, of course, we all know the issues on “The View” are far more important than these petty issues of the world leaders. After all, who knows the names of many of these world leaders and have they ever spent time with any Hollywood stars? I mean, really.

    • NYGino

      Good point nukeman. It’s not like any one of them did “Dancing with the Stars” or anything. They’re probably a bunch of those guys who think soccer is football, you know those types.

    • Walda Gagnon

      Eastwood was right, the empty chair

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    There are no words. The disaster of this president is really “self-evident.”

  • jgilman1

    Thats one hulluva clip for cnn to Play. America is strong enough to survive 4 years of Romney. America isn’t strong enought to survive one more year of President Paris Hilton. The irony of him being on the spew is that it’s two bad shows I can’t wait to be cancelled.

  • Joengima

    You know, there are days I wish I was a wiz with video software I’d create an ad titled just that:

    And how since 2007 Obama hasn’t stopped Campaigning. Lets list all the statistics, of the first 100 days, how many days were spent in the White House? It was less than 30 I believe.

    While he campaigns, you’re left worrying how to pay the mortgage. As he talks with the View, how many people are working starting the shift at their second job?

    You know, we need to frame this debate. Is he the President of the United States, or is he a Man who thinks he’s ABOVE the office?

  • Arrrggghhh

    Two things really struck me. First, the dark haired anchor woman tries to carry water for O by saying that, yes, Obama is missing the meetings, but rhetorically asking whether they would have accomplished anything anyway. The middle east is on fire and O is shooting the breeze with the cackling hens. Seriously?

    Secondly, the blonde woman is apologetic in her questioning of Obama. She couches her criticism by saying it may have been a “little” bit of bad advice or a “little” bit of an error in judgment. Seriously? It’s an ENORMOUS mistake and she knows it. Can you imagine the level of criticism if Bush had done this? The knee-pad media would be apoplectic!

    • PhillyCon

      Can you imagine the level of criticism if Bush had done this? The knee-pad media would be apoplectic!

      Yeah, I know. That pretty much has been the overall theme of my posts lately.

      The fact that we are not in the utopia as promised by Obama is somehow lost on these useful idiots as well.

      • steprock

        They think it’s working; it’s just that Bush screwed the US up worse than anyone imagined and Obama needs 4 more years to “fix” it. Then another decade of super left Democrat rule, get rid of those pesky Republicans. Lap dogs have dreams too.

        • PhillyCon

          That’s right, thanks for alerting me to the reason why we all don’t have our unicorns yet. This is always the case, “oh, we have poverty b/c there are not enough gov’t programs or rich people are not paying enough ..” blah, blah, blah.

          That’s the thing with socialism (and central planning), it always needs tweaking, fixing, or “more of” for it to “work properly.” So, its actual goals are never achieved. Hence, the endless excuses and justifications of “more” government involvement to “help” people, or “educate” children.

          • steprock

            Yeah, I’ve heard the Lefties say how they wished there wasn’t so much debate, or the Republicans just get out of the way, or bumper stickers saying to turn off FOX news.

            I’m glad there is balance and a back-and-forth two party system. I just wish there wasn’t such a huge ideological divide. Then again, I’m a traditional Conservative who has a crazy idea that thousands of years of moral values can’t be wrong.

            • PhillyCon

              Then again, I’m a traditional Conservative who has a crazy idea that thousands of years of moral values can’t be wrong.

              Liberals consider themselves God-like in thinking they can alter human nature by tinkering with policy here and there. And that, history starts with their birth, everything else preceding it, is wrong. This is why they are ignorant of history.

      • badbadlibs

        My dad had a word for those women: “Yentas”. These “yentas” haven’t felt the effect of bo’s policies, they live in that “utopia” world, living their days without worrying how to pay the bills this month, or what it will be like when they can’t pony up for the cost of obamacare and on and on.
        They’re useless and worse.

        • Emma_Goldman

          Do you realize that “yenta” is an anti-semetic slur, the equivalent of spic, and others?

          • poljunkie

            NO its not.

            Its a yiddish word. Often used for older women who like to gossip.

            • Emma_Goldman

              You and your father keep telling yourselves that.

              • poljunkie

                Look it up Emma, and it wasnt my father- it was the other poster.

                Here, I’ll do it for you:

                Yiddish for gossip

                Yenta or Yente is a Yiddish female name which is used generically for an old gossip.

                In the age of Yiddish theater, it started referring to a busybody or gossipmonger.

                The word has since become Yinglish (a Yiddish loanword in American Jewish English).

                The name was used as the name of the matchmaker in the Broadway musical hit, Fiddler on the Roof.

                • Emma_Goldman

                  I can tell by the line breaks that you cut and pasted. More of that Republican book larnin’. I wish you cared as much about not bashing our black president as you do a fictional jewish character.

                • poljunkie

                  Yes I typed it in the dictionary. Thats why it is CUT AND PASTED. I SAID I WAS LOOKING IT UP.

                • Emma_Goldman

                  I must be really getting to you.

                • NYGino

                  “Guest” why don’t you do the right thing for once and get lost.

                • NYGino

                  Sorry, you are lost.

                • poljunkie


                • Emma_Goldman

                  Fictional name, and ethnic slur. More Republican book larnin, I see. Serious question: DID you go to college? Community college does not count for my question.

                • Walda Gagnon

                  get a life obama zombie

              • poljunkie

                EMMA_GOLDMAN Edited account to guest. WHY?
                Why bother posting and then deleting?
                Take responsiblity for what you write.

                • Emma_Goldman

                  I already answered. It’s something having to do with Disqus, and I don’t care enough to track it down, frankly. Why is THAT what you care about? Guest and Emma are both pseudonyms. Right wing paranoia…

            • Emma_Goldman

              You and your father keep telling yourselves that. You yourself listed negative attributes your father attached to the word.

              • poljunkie

                EMMA_GOLDMAN- Edited account to guest.

              • badbadlibs

                Wow, were you born this stupid or did you take lessons? It’s NOT poljunkie’s father, it’s MY FATHER. And it is NOT a slur, but then all the left does is lie, so how could you possibly reconize the truth…you can’t.

          • badbadlibs

            It most certainly is NOT an anti-semetic slur. I am Jewish my father is Jewish, it’s a yiddish word, but then you must be from the ignorant and uninformed left.
            P/S, it’s MY father not poljunkie’s, but then that fits with your ignorance to not even know that much.

          • Walda Gagnon

            yenta is not a slur, it just means granny busy body & we all have those !
            In fact the greatest laugh about this was harvey Kormon (jewish BTW) on the carol Burnett show, when he came in the door with this enormous bustline the cameo pin at the neckline & wearing that white shawl. LOL a classic !

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Really? Meh. It just looked like the latest episode of CNN’s ‘Good Cop – Dumb Cop’ routine to me.

  • Grumblton

    Can’t get myself to watch it. He probably figures one more glorious speech at the UN will be enough. At least it will be, for the majority of MSM. WWIII would just be another bump in the road on his way to shmoozing with celebs.

  • Zaphenath_Paneah_II

    What more can be said about this fiend of a human being that hasn’t already being said?

    Thanks but no thanks CNN. Please, stick to shilling for evil; Suits you much better.

  • welltempered2

    This looks like a scene out of Being There. President Chancey Gardener.

    • Linky1

      Jut another Obama “Nero” moment – here he is fiddling with the slathering, butt-kissing, cheerleading dipshidiots on the “View”, while Rome burns.

      • cathmom

        They feed his narcissism so much better than world leaders do.

    • Nosmo King

      I was thinking more like the Star Wars bar scene.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is one of the most egregious and pathetic things I’ve ever seen. The Liar-and-Chief wants to hob nob with friendly, supportive, T.V. shows and disrespect world leaders. He shirks his responsibilities and the LSM says it’s okay. Juan Williams on FNC last night was saying that he’s the President and that he has a right to do this because he calls world leaders on the phone. Juan, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest of the trash are so dishonest about this that I just want to throw up. They lambasted Bush for golfing, for finishing a story after the World Trade Center towers were struck, and for every other little thing (even hurricane Katrina)… yet Obama gets a pass?

    Irresponsible. Corrupt. Dangerous. Sickening.

    • badbadlibs

      His behavior seems to fit in with the theme of 2016.

      • Walda Gagnon

        I agree, but as d souza pointed out BO scenario is not that complicated
        He wants to diminish America & her middle class citizens & spread wealth citizen to citizen & nation to nation

    • cathmom

      Just plain intellectual dishonesty.

    • white531

      Most inept President I have seen in my lifetime.

  • But….ROMNEY TAXES!!!!

    • cathmom

      Ok Romney has now brought out his tax returns for the last several years. Now let’s go after Obama for his college transcripts, etc.

      • Emma_Goldman

        Two. Two years. Not several.

        • cathmom


      • It was a joke.

  • Nosmo King

    In NoBama’s world…These NAGS are world leaders…

  • BiscuitCrumbs

    The lady to the right (sorry don’t know her name and not losing sleep over it) sums up the liberal loser attitude…”What’s the outcome anyway?”. Use advanced technology, phone ’em, shoot ’em a text. Or make it more personal…Skype ’em!

    Eeehh…no thanks. I prefer knee cap to knee cap, belly button to belly button.

    • badbadlibs

      I’m not sure bo has a belly button….

  • Army_Pilot1967

    That’s perfect and it shows that obama is disconnected from America and the world. He’d rather sit on a sofa and gossip with the girls of The View, rather than meet with world leaders to discuss significant ongoing problems around the globe. Simply mind-boggling behavior from a president!!! I’m having trouble believing that EVEN obama would do something so stupid….yet he has millions of admirers that still believe in him. Gimme a break!!!!

    • white531

      Its like Glenn Beck said, he’s going after the Idiot vote.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        …and unfortunately we have millions of idiots in this country.

    • Walda Gagnon

      The scary part is that BO “dosen t know what he dosen t know” the most fearful trait a person can have. I have run into this many times in medicine. Most everything is intertwined in medicine, someone may educate them selves on the internet about a particular condition, BUT none of these illnesses occur in a vaccum
      there are always extenuating circumstances involved ( the persons age, their over all health, how fast they got treatment, etc many things that can alter the outcome)
      of course this goes for WORLD POLITICS too ! BO & Hillary so naive, such a danger.
      They cost that poor ambassador & his guards their lives ! So sad about that !

      • Army_Pilot1967

        Walda, you may be right that obama “doesn’t know what he doesn’t know” or he may know, but it run counter to his true innermost feelings about things. I can’t figure him out. I don’t know how he feels about America, and I’ve never said that about any president. I wonder if he has more concerns and interests in other countries than he has for the United States. I’ve never had any doubts about the loyalty of previous presidents, but I have doubts about obama. Something just isn’t right about obama and how he behaves toward America and its citizens.

  • stevenbiot

    Government media is turning on the mother bird that drops food into their little beaks? Say it ain’t so?

    • steprock

      It ain’t so.

      But they have to sorta kinda tell both sides sometimes to keep up the illusion that they are balanced. Hard to believe, but the idea of being balanced is still important to these shills.

  • this is the American people’s fault… everyone watching american Idol, survivor, the jersey shore.. he is playing to that demographic…. brilliant if you ask me, there are way more lemmings who vote than informed ones who do…. if you want to avoid another obama, we have to change that…

    • cathmom

      Let’s make sure the rabble think voting takes place on Nov 7.

  • ryanomaniac

    Its the Teflon president. How in the world can this Guy keep the numbers he does? Ill answer my own question. The Media. Its disgusting and I’m MORE tired of the Media getting away with their indoctrination than what Obama is doing. Why? Its like blaming a small child for being a spoiled brat when in fact its the parents fault. Obama would be twenty five points behind if not for the Media. They are the crappy parents of a spoiled brat.

    • stevenbiot

      I think the polls are fudged. They are put out to discourage conservatives. All we have to do is go to the polls in November and do work, bro. Let’s kick his a$$!!

      • WordsFailMe

        I love the polls showing Romney behind. Keeps the rabble less likely to vote.

        Heard the Black Panthers are taking the pro-active approach this year and plan to hand out free, medicinal marijuana at the polls.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I agree WFM. If the lazees out there think Obama’s got it in the bag, they’ll stay home. The rest of us are motivated to vote, no matter what the polls say. Their strategy to deceit us with manipulated polls is working against them.

          • Walda Gagnon

            MSM seems to think the *anti BOs* are brain dead zombies like the dear leaders supporters. not so dear media. We are awake, alert & ib charge.
            Happy to report that my 20 something son & his girlfriend have moved & not re registered in the new spot ! (yipee) & I am babysitting my cousins Alzheimers husband so she can go vote, hmmmm on second thought she can probably bring him
            & have him vote as he is not dysfunctional, he just cannot be left alone.
            Folks take note of your relatives & neighbors who may need some type of assistance to get to the polls, help them out if you can !

        • cathmom

          That’s a good point, if the rabble think Obama is winning they will be less inclined to go to the polls, figuring Obama won’t need their vote….!!

      • badbadlibs

        Someone posted this link yesterday:

        I hope they’re right.

    • cathmom

      Plus there is a certain amount of ignorant voters who just plain choose to be ignorant, and they are Obama morons.

      • tshtsh

        Oh, they did not choose, they like b.o. do not know they are ignorant.

    • PhillyCon

      You are right-its the MSM. He has a billion dollar PR machine at his disposal. There’s no way a Republican would have the Obama poll numbers with an economy like this. Instead, the Republican would not be “allowed” to use his predecessor as an excuse the way Obama does.

  • steprock

    How bad was it? Was anything important going to happen? Surely, he can skip a few Intelligence briefings, a few key meetings with world leaders.

    Gag me with a fork.

    Oh, and he ended the war in Iraq? Didn’t realize that was all mopped up.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Next on the agenda is a round of golf with JayZ and then off to a showing of Mamma Mia!

  • WordsFailMe

    Presdiennt Butt head on Romney and how to pick the next Presdient

    “The question just becomes, ‘Whose policies are likely to lead us to where we want to go.'”

    I would add: Whose record doesn’t include: a) dead gay men in Chicago; b. sales of weapons to drug gang members; and c.) flying to Las Vegas the day his employee was male-raped and murdered in Benghazi.

    You know, picking a President is really getting a lot easier these days. Think I’m gettin the hang of this.

    • cathmom

      Yeah where Obama wants to go is certainly not where we want to go!!

  • smmy33

    killing Bin Laden… that’s not a foreigne policy strategy , by the time bin laden was killed he had become irrelevant, and that’s a tactic not a strategy …. The press just mindlessly repeats whatever the Obama camp wants them to

    And I didn’t know ending a war , Afghanistan after 10 years of scarfice , leaving your enemy in advancement was a successes, I guess the media should call Vietnam a sucessful war.

    Leaving a Iraq, a nation you fought and won , with no negotiated terms and partnership with the new government , leaving them weak to outside forces against your interests , so years of scarfice and lives lost become irrelevant, sucess , who knew.

    • white531

      That is the real truth that no one is talking about.

    • Walda Gagnon

      BO wants the US to be emasculated & he & Hillary are *inviting* anybody to come forward and fill the resulting power vacuum. To them, Muslim brotherhood that will be okay any Islamist group, a theocracy whatever they are cool with all of that!

  • conservocop

    ” … where we wanna’ go ” ?! We certainly don’t want to go to hell, … which is were your intentionally taking us !!

  • syvyn11

    Yeah, Obama. We survived four years of you. Barely.

  • 12grace

    Let’s hope that obama is a huge noisy bump in the road in America’s past history. Perhaps, obama can get a job in Libya after he gets thrown out of office.

    • tshtsh

      Will the job actually require work? No. Oh, wait he actually has a life time experience at that type of job.

  • Kordane

    I don’t see how ending the war in Iraq and ending the war in Afghanistan are foreign policy ‘achievements’, given that VICTORY has NOT been achieved in either case. Arguably, it is only when victory has been achieved that one can ever say that it is a foreign policy ‘achievement’. In fact, I would argue that leaving Iraq and Afghanistan has been a net loss for the United States, since who will take over – Islamists who will enforce full hardcore sharia law, and jihadists who will spawn from those states like flies from a pile of turd.

  • poljunkie

    I couldnt watch.

    Did noJoy take the opportunity to bash President Bush? She loves to do that so.

  • deeme

    His allies otherwise known as “Noise”, traveled thousands of miles and his more pending business is the view…this is the most UnPresidential moment I have ever witnessed…

  • Wow, if even CNN is noticing what an empty suit Obama is, things really must be bad. And, after our embassy was attacked in Pakistan, don’t you think it’s worth a little “face time” with the Pakistani leader to find out what the heck is going on in his country? Or, better yet, how about our president meeting with the president of Egypt and telling him in no uncertain terms that if our embassy is attacked again, he can expect to see an American carrier battle group off his coast. Nothing spells intimidation more than seeing the US Sixth Fleet steaming off your shores. These could have been “teachable moments” for the leaders of these shabby little nations, yet Obama decided to spend his time with a bunch of bimbos on a couch. Who does he think he is, Bill Clinton?

    • WordsFailMe

      You get an A+!

    • joyfulgiver

      your comments would require a leader with a spine :o)

  • Rocco11

    He’s the cult leader of the morons.

    • Walda Gagnon

      They are Obama zombies, did nt you see them at their convention, the one that wasn t attended by very many actual Dems running for re election. So there was much, much more room for the every day zombies ! They could weep when they saw him, tear at their hair & clothes in ecstasy. Salivate in delight when Michelle told then that Obama was their husband too.
      Free life transforming abortions for everybody !!!!! Women & men !!!!!
      yes zombies its all there for you !!!! Free contraception !!! 24/ 7
      Zombies line up ! Such a deal !!!

  • poljunkie

    I hear he will be on the Cartoon Network on Saturday.

  • joyfulgiver

    “whose policies have failed many millions of families like mine? YOURS! Here are a few ways that your policies have affected my family, personally.

    husband – 3 bouts of unemployment due to closing facilities, downsizing, and not enough work. currently under employed.
    decreased annual income ($5000 at least)

    gas prices up from $1.84/gallon to $4.03 in my area today, my husband is an outside sales man, he drives a lot. Our fuel costs are over $700 a month.

    my family food budget has increased by over $150 per month, 3 years ago I could buy a cart full of groceries for about $83, that same cart full today costs me over $113.

    utilities are up: water $30/month, gas and eletric $30/month, phone just the fees and taxes have increased from about $6 to over $18 per month.

    credit card interest rate went from 7.99% to 14.99% in order for the CC companies to reduce the rates of people at the high end (unresponsible borrowers) We, the responsible borrowers that only have debt due to the bouts of unemployment, have to pay more. Their words!

    savings account has decreased by over 50% in order to stay afloat. Have you noticed any interest on savings accounts, not a penny earned on our savings in the past year.

    I’m not wining, I’m just making things personal for those that want to believe that everything is hunky dory! Life is difficult and I’m sure it’s worse for others. But, this administration has absolutely NOTHING to offer us. His goal was and is to “fundamentally transform” America. I won’t let that happen on my watch. Our children deserve better than this.

    Romney and Ryan, 11/6/2012 NO MATTER WHAT – America deserves better!

    • WordsFailMe

      Very nice summary- My retired wife and I experience much the same

      Did you see Romney’s speech at Clinton Global Initiative? Looks like he may have “hit his stride…” Maybe Scoop will post it.

      Thank you for sharing this.

    • poljunkie

      I feel your pain!!

      Where do you live? Our cost of living is much much greater! Our utilities are so much higher I cant believe it.
      Here’s a run down:
      Gas (reg unleaded sunday) 4.06
      Groceries: roughly 45.00 a BAG ( no alcohol, cigarettes, magazines, books, red meat)
      Utilities: (for 2) Water 100.00 electric 400.000 ( equalizier payment) natural gas 300.00 landline 45.00 ( recently reduced) Cells (3) 160.00
      Theres more (garbage, internet, etc)

      I often wonder when it will end?

    • RestlessLegs

      Similar situation with me here in Illinois:
      *Private Christian school shut down in our town after 38 years because of the poor economy. Parents lost their jobs and couldn’t afford tuition. Enrollment dropped by 50% since 2009! As the principal put it: “We survived Carter, but we couldn’t survive Obama.”
      *Grocery prices are getting scary, especially meat.
      *Utility costs up dramatically.
      *We all know about gas prices…
      *A local factory owner says he has trouble finding competent workers because they’re “all addicted to welfare, food stamps, and unemployment.” He’s has people tell him frequently that they’d rather stay on “government help” than go back to work.
      *A friend who works at a grocery store says food stamp use has “skyrocketed” at her store since Obama came into office.
      *Housing market stinks here. Several houses in our nice neighborhood have been on the market for YEARS. People are afraid to invest, even with low interest rates. Speaking of which…
      *Low interest rates make bank savings a joke. My bank is now offering a one-year CD with a 0.45% interest rate! (So, a $1,000 CD will get you $4.50 in interest for the year! Woo hoo!)
      Obama makes the Carter years look like a boom time.

      • Walda Gagnon

        Sadly, restless you are in Illinois which along with California states that are due to implode faster than the rest of the US in this coming economy. Your state is & will continue to be strapped to UNION pension pay offs, at some point almost all of each dollar collected in taxes will go to UNIONS. Business will leave & new business will not locate in Ill, services will be down scaled, police, fire, library, road work, schools will all be down sized. You are headed for a crash, high gas & fuel will accelerate this too. A tough, tough row to hoe !

    • Walda Gagnon

      Obama has a *mission* to bring down the American standard of living, he s been to Kenya & grew up in Indonesia he has seen 3 rd world poverty up close & he wants Americans to experience this too !

  • johnos2112

    This man continues each and every day to hang himself and yet he is supposedly up in the polls? According to who?

    • Walda Gagnon

      Johnos you know how all these polls MSM touts are all rigged ?
      Let me explain, For every (lets say 100 people) they ask 80 democrats & 20 republicans who they will vote for? Surprise BO wins that set up! Most often Independents are disregarded in these current polls, though BO is down 11% with that demographic. Naturally including the independents would make BO look unpopular as he actually is & that would tend to turn the electorate against him. And we know how impossible that is for the MSM swallow. So just like they were surprised when their fake poll ruse did not work in Wisconsin (gov Walker versus the Unions) MSM is not above trotting out this same sham assessment to open all their newscasts with
      “Latest polls show BO winning in all these swing states etc etc”
      The headline is what counts to the MSM, they figure their dem sycophants won t pay attention to the details!

      • johnos2112

        I know they are rigged but it still pisses me off. I still think election the media is going to be surprised when Romney wins big!


  • menschmeyer

    The fact is: Hillary Clinton IS the acting President of the United States! Not only “couldn’t she have written this moment better,” she DID write it! Hillary is certainly the one who had The Amateur sent to “talk about the issues with the girls on the couch,” while SHE was off “meeting with all of these world leaders.”

    Yes, Barry “looked a little foolish” on the Vue. And Clinton is looking more and more “presidential.”

    I think Hillary was also behind Obama’s “decision” to ignore Netanyahu and go have fun with JayZee and Beyoncé, and with Pimp with a Limp and Letterman, etc. etc.

    My prediction: Hillary and not Obama, will be the next president of the United States. I think she has known it since 2008.

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      she is as despicable as barry, who would want her? the clintons plural are a disgrace, perjuring, lying, morally corrupt individuals. lol at how the dems sashay slick willy around like he is something glorious. hillary is a com mie same as barry. this whole admin corrupt.

    • tshtsh

      How could that happen? I remember looking at the line of succession when b.o. was first elected (the horror). It is still bad Hillary would have to knock off Biden, crybaby Boehner, and Sen. I want to be in Guinness World Record Book from HI, first. The best bet is the last guy on the list, VA Secretary. Boehner probably like to be pres. (only if he can keep the gravel too).

    • Walda Gagnon

      Hillary, OMG no way….. She is more of a marxist/ socialist than BO

  • poljunkie

    I still blame President David Palmer from 24 for Obama. David Palmer was a well respected President thru out the series putting the Country before himself.
    (His wife was another story)

    He’s the Allstate guy now.

    He was a “Democrat” President that worked closely with Jack Bauer to keep the country safe. In one of the series the current President was incompetent so David worked behind the scenes for the good of the country.

    How this relates is that Daivd would never go on the View. Heh!

    His real name is Dennis Haysbert.

  • Spartan4Palin

    The Middle East is in turmoil and rather than meeting with those individual leaders, he’d rather talk to the low rated View? His reasoning, to avoid a news topic that could be used during his re-election efforts. So if we are attacked say on a naval vessel in the Strait of Hormuz, he’ll avoid conversations about the real nature of it and blame the students who produced a video ragging the First Lady about her stupid diet plan as the reason for the attack?

    I think I got a bead on this? Granted, it has taken me a long time to stop using my brain to come to this reasoning!

    • Emma_Goldman

      The View reaches an underserved demographic, and our President wants to reach everyone. He addressed the GA with a beautiful speech. Everyone got attention. Romney has been on the View, also.

      • tshtsh

        I am sorry what is GA?

        • Emma_Goldman

          Um, General Assembly? More of that Republican book larning, I guess. 😉

          • Walda Gagnon


      • anyonebutbarry2012

        the president wants to reach out to everyone?? yet he has no time to meet with bibi when the middle east is in crisis. imo can’t see what demographic the view reaches. the stay at home food stamp collectors?

        • Emma_Goldman

          College educated women. It has a high DVR audience, so they don’t have to be at home. He gave a GA speech to the UN. That was a political statement as well. He’s the president. Americans should respect his decisions until someone else is in office (and frankly, don’t hold your breath, know what I mean?)

          • anyonebutbarry2012

            respect? his decisions? his wh leaks? his EO’S? his going against congress for example the dream act was voted down last year, so he just does what he wants,with a EO giving amnesty to how many.
            in 2008 thanks in part to the media, we were saddled with this inexperienced, socialist. its 2012 no excuses for supporting this guy. none.

            • Emma_Goldman

              I’m sure you’re right.

          • poljunkie

            Its nice that you feel so at ease coming here to stir the sh*t. We engage in your conversation which you easily bait us into joining. Its very well to agree to disagree. I’m happy to discuss with you most anytime. It’s cool —What I dont understand is why you “change” your name to guest when you leave?

            • Emma_Goldman

              Now, THAT, I don’t know. It’s something to do with Disqus. It actually does amuse me how easy it is to draw you people out and get you sputtering. Whatever I do, you take the bait. I don’t hope to make any points here — all arguments degenerate into conspiracy theory and chest beating. I really won’t be entertained much longer, but it would be nice to have the kind of discussions I have on the “intellectual elite” boards (again, another misconception).

              • Goodbye troll.

              • DebbyX

                Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya!

                Is that intelligent enough for you? /sarc

          • poljunkie

            I wasnt fond of what he said in his GA statement. It doesnt represent my values and beliefs.

      • poljunkie

        Romney may have been on the View but he didnt time it to be the same day as the UN General Assemby . That, in my opinion showed a lack of priority, on the Presidents part…
        OR MAYBE NOT….His message came across loud and clear.

        • anyonebutbarry2012

          this was just posted on allen wests fb page

          In his speech today to the United Nations, President Obama stated six times that the attacks across the Islamic world are attributed to a silly video. Furthermore, he refused to use the words terrorist attack in referring to what occurred in Benghazi Libya at our US Consulate on the 11th anniversary of 9-11. He continues to offer up apologies instead of defending our hard earned First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression. There is no message to this silly video trailer, and it is beneath the dignity and esteem of the Office of the President of the United States to mention it at all. When tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide. I shall not be tolerant of the intolerant. I know about the UN Resolution 1618 which would make any statement deemed by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) “offensive’ to Islam a crime…..NOT ON MY WATCH FELLAS!

          • poljunkie


            I love this man.

            • anyonebutbarry2012

              I do also

        • Emma_Goldman

          But he spoke to the GA also. How he breaks out his day is his call.

      • Walda Gagnon

        Romney can go anywhere he wants, He is a private citizen running for president.
        OBAMA however IS the president. He has a duty to serve the interests of the people who elected him ! He DOES NOT do this ! He continually finds was to shirk his responsibilities. He behaves as a man who *could care less about the US & its everyday citizens* He thinks the typical American has too much anyway, Mr & Mrs Average American need to know some misery & poverty of Kenya & Indonesia & he will help us in this direction with soaring gas & heating oil prices. The northeast uses
        plenty of heating oil in those cold winter months, so do businesses, malls, restaurants those costs will be passed on to us consumers plus increased costs of trucking in
        foods we need to get by in winter. Very sad situation of great contry is in with this Glamor Hog president.

    • tshtsh

      It goes back to his inappropriate shout out preceeding serious issues. b.o. is absolutely beyond clueless.

  • notebene

    Thank you, Imposter in chief, for sticking to what you know…nothing. Why further embarrass us with your lack of ability to lead? It’s so much easier to impress those as empty-headed as yourself! Can’t wait to vote for a real leader in November and get this self-important tool out of the White House!

  • poljunkie

    Headline at Hot Air:

    Obama on “The View”: “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here”

    Wow. How Presidential. FAIL.

  • Paul C.

    Me, Me, did I mention ME.

  • sjmom

    Don’t know who was worse on the View; Obama or the people in the audience who clapped for him.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    he is a total fool, hope some wise up and vote this loser out.

    • poljunkie

      Will they, or will they hold out, just because “they can”. If you know what I mean, and I think you do.

  • He is more concerned about maintaining his pop culture
    status. He knows his base isn’t interested in politics.
    They aren’t working and have empty lives so *of course*
    they are sitting around watching daytime tv.

  • PJRodman

    Progressives know what agenda they are pushing. They rely on the stupidity of Americans. The majority of Democrats have no clue on any issues and probably don’t care to know. Pushing him as a celebrity icon is very effective. Dumb butt democrats vote for images…life is a picture book. That has to be why all it takes is crafty and well made iconography with feel good catch phrases to get a total idiot elected to POTUS.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they argue for the O image to replace his name in the voting booth…so as not to discriminate against those voters too stupid to obtain an ID.

    I catered a fundraiser for a young republican State Rep here in KY last night. He is the incumbent, but the man he beat last term has been boosted with a big money bomb from Gov Beshear’s left over campaign funds. He’s killing him with advertising, so the young man has been pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and trying to explain the issues to the people. He says that an alarming number of people don’t even know there is a presidential election this year…and the one’s who don’t are 100% Obama lovers. They don’t know why they love him…but they do. They usually agree with the conservative issues when asked…but still loves them some Obama.

    They don’t care that Obama didn’t talk to world leaders. They wouldn’t have a clue who they are are where in the world they come from. The View was the best campaign bet.

    Speaking of that…have y’all seen the Howard Stern YouTube interviews of Obama supporters in Harlem?

  • jim

    Obama just doesn’t get it! It’s perfectly acceptable for Bush, Cheney, Romney, McCain,, to go on The View or Leno or Letterman or FOX. But if fake outrage has taught us nothing it’s that if Mitt Romney is all that stands between us & 4 more years of Anti-Colonial, Kenyan, Sharia-Nazist-Socialism, than fake outrage it is!!

    By the way look at the DEFECIT! WOW-IE!!! You didn’t see massive government expansion & waste when those fiscal conservatives brilliantly guided to US economy to collapse in 2008!

    • poljunkie

      It wasnt the View, it was the timing.

      • NYGino

        It was the fear of having to face adults, knowing he is not capable.

  • MsContrary

    He’s the President of Entertainment of the United States of America. He is the Greek mythology Narcissus in the flesh. Anyone with a functioning brain can see that he is an example of the Peter Principal. He has reached the level of his incompetence. He is an apparatchik. He is being propped up by Team Obama probably via Moscow. Hillary Clinton is his handler. She was Bill’s handler too.

  • indthinker

    Speaking of stupid women, I heard on Rush today about the Madonna ‘Obama glorification of having a black muslim in the WH’. I believe he was going to post the transcript on his site.
    These women all embarrass me.

    • poljunkie

      Was she being sarcastic about the Muslim part?

      I read part of it, she was telling her fans to vote for him for re-election. They will probably think they get a free Madonna T-Shirt at check in.

      • indthinker

        She’s such an idiot .. who knows.

      • indthinker

        She’s such an idiot, who knows. I don’t think the people who go to her concert vote.

      • PhillyCon

        I think she was being sarcastic too.

    • Indthinker I tried to watch her video but couldn’t get through it. I had to go throw up –
      I will be bulemic before this election is over.

      • indthinker

        I couldn’t get through it either but your explanation is much better. Funny how she lost her Brit accent,eh?

  • NJK

    Madonna: ‘For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House’ — VIDEO

    Speed up to 2:00.

  • James1754

    Her we have another Obama apologist(s). How in the world is being on the View more important than doing the job he was elected to do?
    God protect us from these people.

    • NYGino

      Good point James, lets file this under malfeasance or dereliction of duty.

      • James1754

        It is obviously more important for Obama campaign than to conduct the business of his office. How many times a year to all these leader come to New York?
        How many missed opportunities? How many leader feel insulted?

  • I love the way he has to surround himself with drooling, slobbering worshipers. He could have taken a crap on each of their chairs before the show and they’d all be grateful for the “gift”.

    • PhillyCon

      LOL. But, you know he’s already surrounded himself with drooling, slobbering worshipers each day at press briefings and interviews.

      Don’t you remember Brian Williams bowing to him?

      Also, doesn’t it remind you of Saddam Hussein footage, where everywhere he went there was fawning children giving him flowers??

      • I think the gift of flowers was probably some sort of ritual in Saddam’s day, as a request to “please not let his sons rape, torture, and murder us.”

        If so, it probably worked in a few instances. For a little while.

        Good thing for the Iraqi people those monsters were taken out.

  • Words escape me.

    • Suzyqpie

      Words escape a lot of us. Our Pres 0bama had no time for the Leaders of the World. What was he thinking? What were his advisors thinking? Is Pres 0bama not Interested or sufficiently engaged to at least be curious? Is he interested in promoting our culture or values? Pres 0bama won a four year stay in a five star resort.

  • I can’t believe this crap show has never been cancelled. I suspect that their viewers consist of nursing home residents falling asleep in front of the TV.

    • Another thing to look forward to in my retirement.

      With any luck I’ll be totally nuts by then.

    • PVG

      I work in skilled nursing, we use the View instead of Ativan.

  • Hope and Suzy, that was my initial reaction as well. I am almost in total disbelief! Is he so arrogant he believes he is untouchable or just totally dilusional? Is he trying to do everthing he can to lose the election? Because if not, he has the worst team of advisors I have ever seen. Unless they realize how totally incompetent this man is and are protecting him from any hardball questions that reguire a remark like “a bump in the road”. He is clueless. He doesn’t want to meet with world leaders because he knows that they know he is clueless. Let’s keep it save on the View…..yeah – that ought to do it.

  • To many Nuckleheads and bigots posting in here, this was tape early. President Obama was just relaxing before spanking all the nuckleheads and took Mitt Romney to task on his speech to the united nations. I ALSO THINK IT WAS HILARIOUS TO SEE THE FACES OF MITT ROMNEY AND PUAL RYAN AS THEY WATCH THE PRESIDENT SPEECH TO THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD AND KNOWING THAT THEY ARE IN THE BIG LEAGUES NOW.

    • I gotta admit, when the crazy talk gets this weird, it tells me the Obama supporters are almost out of oxygen.

      • PVG

        On life support!

    • Walda Gagnon

      where do YOU get off calling people knuckleheads ?????
      We know a shirker, Hollywood lovin, lame pres when we see one !
      YOU bigot, what the hell does his lack of performance have to do with his race?

  • lostnspace

    i don’t watch junk tv thats why i have never watched this show. oboma has never done his job as president of usa. he has brought nothing but division to this country. he has done nothing in foreign policy. he is worse than jimmy carter could ever be, crooker than nixon ever thought about, lying more than the devil. if you put him back in there you have the brain of a gnat.

  • indthinker

    Eye candy my a$$.