CNN says evidence reveals that George Zimmerman is not a racist

Something I think most of us already suspected, but it’s good to see the evidence already bear it out. But the thing that miffed me about this video is the hack lawyer for Trayvon Martin’s family setting up a straw man that Zimmerman shot Martin because he was wearing a hoodie. But that’s not why he shot him at all. In fact the police said that Zimmerman’s actions were based on Martin’s attire AND the total circumstances of the encounter AND the previous burglary suspects in the community. It’s only this hack-lawyer that spins the report as Zimmerman shooting Martin because of a hoodie.

From everything we know, Zimmerman shot Martin because he was on top of him pounding his face in the concrete and Zimmerman reacted to save is own life. And that’s likely going to be difficult to disprove with all the witness testimony.

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  • According to GZ, he shot the thug after the thug saw his gun and tried to take it.

  • James1754

    They have to brand Zimmrmen as a racist, otherwise there is no media coverage.

    • Only in the liberal media is Zimmerman a “white hispanic racist” and Elizabeth Warren is a “Cherokee minority.”

      • warpmine

        Fantastic point.

      • James1754

        Excellent point.

  • Remember, Zimmerman is a “white hispanic” so all of this national media coverage is justified because it shows how violence against blacks by whites is getting worse because the “white black” President is struggling in the polls.

    Or something.

    • Zimmerman is a White Hispanic because if you look at the FBI Hate Crime records, there is NO column for a Hispanic aggressor…only for a Hispanic victim. For the aggressor column, they lump Hispanics in with Whites. Look it up man…it’ll surprise the crap out of you…

      • The fact that “hate crimes” even exist and are officially recorded tells me all I need to know. You can shoot someone who has somewhat similar skin tone and you won’t be convicted of a “hate crime” no matter how much you actually hate that person. You’ll just be a run-of-the-mill murderer. Chicago’s body counts don’t make national news because black-on-black crime isn’t news I guess. No marches and protests and no “can’t we all get alongs”.

        One man in Florida defends himself and his community and we talk about it for 6 months.

        • tvlgds

          And we didn’t talk about it at all until weeks after it happened and the race baiters got hold of it and twisted facts to suit their agenda. They show a picture of a 12 yr old Trayvon rather than one of the 17 yr old thug he became. If Zimmerman is tried and acquitted, there will be riots like in LA over the Rodney King beating, and he’ll be double jeopardized with a federal trial just like the cops in CA. Hide and watch.

          • Zimmerman’s life is over. The race baiters went “all in” on this one and can’t afford to back away now or they will lose credibility with the only people who support them. Racists.

            • tvlgds

              Sadly, you are right. And it’s perfectly fine for the New Black Panthers to put a bounty on his head and this DOJ will do NOTHING!

              • Ever since Zimmerman got out of jail, I have been expecting to hear another story about him shooting someone in self defense or winding up dead.

                I feel bad for the parents of Martin, they won’t ever get closure on this sad story because they will forever be surrounded by people who will tell them that their son was killed and a “racist” system let the killer walk free.

                • His “parents” trademarked the name “Trayvon” so that every time someone mentions his name in the news they get a paycheck…show me ONE family of a murder-victim that behaves that way…

  • Does this mean hes no longer a ‘white- Hispanic’?

    • Sandra123456

      Maybe he of mixed race, like our president, who, as none other than Morgan Freeman has said, is not our first black president but our first mixed race president.

      Maybe Trayvon was of mixed race too.

      • Mo

        Morgan Freeman sure has changed his tune. Back when Obama-mania was IN, he was crying faux tears over the wonderful Black President, haha…..suddenly, Obama isn’t Black anymore! He is MIXED RACE now! This is what Morgan said about the Tea Party to Piers Morgan:

        “Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What’s, what does that, what underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we do to get this black man, we can, we’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man outta here.'”

        • tvlgds

          No, we’re going to do what ever we can to get that SOCIALIST out of there. We’d LOVE to have a REAL black president-Allen West! Not because he’s black, but because he’s a true conservative and PATRIOT!

  • Boris_Badenoff

    I do notice the Martin Lawyer conveniently omits that the deceased was on top of Zimmerman beating him… minor factor I know but I think pertinent to the issue at hand. I seriously doubt that Zimmerman thought at that moment, crap the guys wearing a hoodie, I better shoot his ass..

    No the lawyer is simply trying to distract from the case issue at hand. Did Zimmerman unlawfully kill Martin or was it self defense.. The lawyer pretty much knows he has a bad hand and is trying to inject emotion into the case in hopes a jury will buy into it.

    As if there has not been enough misrepresentation in this case already.. thanks MSM, Rev. Jackass, Simpleton Sharpton..

    And what the F is a “White Hispanic”?? So using the msm logic should we call Obama a black white man or a white black man or wtf?? No wait.. A black Indonesian white man or a white Indonesian black man.. or..
    Never mind I’ll just call him what I always do .. an a$$ hole.. it’s simpler and more accurately describes who and what he is..

    • toongoon

      LOL! obama, a white black. Scream that loud and clear in the black community.

  • Travons family lawyer, after being presented with some of the facts, such as the FBI investigation finding that Zimmerman did not act out of racism: “None of that matters” There we have it… Why let facts get in the way of a good dog and pony show.

  • 911Infidel

    No. Say it ain’t so. You mean CNN is just now getting up-to-speed? No wonder their ratings are in the toilet. Are they going to now put off the lynching and take off their white hoods? Nah.

    • rich wojcik

      mybe CNN will now put a bounty on New Black Panth…………….ARE YOU KIDDIN”????

      • 911Infidel

        The only thing that CNN puts a bounty on is the truth. Not wanted dead or alive mind you. Wanted dead is more like it.

  • rich wojcik

    ..self-defense is never racist…
    BTW – seen any news about that? I DID NOT:

    “Texas Teen Walking To D.C. With Cross On Back” ………………? ? ?

    He stood in front of WH…guess what gestures were made inside?

  • Joe

    FACTS? –


    Mark my words


    George Zimmerman – The FIRST ever WHITE-Hispanic

  • libertyandtyranny

    What a freakin’ surprise! Just another distraction fabricated by the Left to further class and racial warfare, because Obama’s economy has FAILED.
    Zimmerman is a democrat who tutored black kids on weekends, but only on FOX news did they mention that little detail.
    The real racists are white liberals against successful conservative blacks, and all other conservatives.

  • toongoon

    Evidence? Who needs evidence? A non black shot and killed a black. What more do you need?

    Now if Zimmerman were black who would care? 250+ murders in Chicago so far this year and I haven’t heard any outrage by anyone. Although Rahm Emmanuel did appeal to the murderers values to stop standing near children while shooting. “They do have values. They have the wrong values. Don’t come near the kids — don’t touch them.”

    • StandingGround

      “Although Rahm Emmanuel did appeal to the murderers values to stop standing near children while shooting”….

      Is that not the most stupid thing you have ever heard?

      I’ve seen Breaking Bad and I’m pretty sure this criminal element gives a flying flip about “the children” (the same ones they go after to get them on drugs).

      And, which wrong values would you be pleading to, Rahm, you idiot?

      Poor Zimmerman. It just shows that this kind of thing can happen to any of us, at any given moment and our lives will be ruined forever.

      • toongoon

        They are all criminals. Emmanuel doesn’t want the parents of murdered children banging on his office door and making negative comments about him in the newspaper. He doesn’t care if the welfare recipients and gang members kill each other just don’t make his job difficult and have his own values exposed.

        • StandingGround


      • WordsFailMe

        Ruhmmy referred to the current situation as a “gun crisis” or equivalent. He intimated that it was guns, running wild in the Chicago street and tam way, drinking, carousing and fraternizing other guns of ill-repute, who were causing the deaths in Alinski-town.

        He have been more accurate if he referred to a murder rate higher than New York City’s as being the result of the result of “idle black hands.”

        How does a grown man expect to be taken seriously when he lies and twists like a little girl who stole a cookie?

        Chicagoans! Don’t you ever get sick of eating democrack-stew?

  • warpmine

    The FBI already stated as much but we cannot trust them being that most are white racists themselves.

  • If you wanna see the disparity, search: Jacqueline Gardner murder. No national coverage. No vigils. No calls for arrest w/o bail. No tweets of death threats.

    And it is absolutely infuriating.

  • Remember that Trayvon’s dad was having dinner with his “fiancé” when this happened. Yet Trayvon’s mother is the one who has to sit there next to him in the photo ops. She has much about which to be aggrieved.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I never seen anyone being railroaded like this guy has been.

    • c4pfan

      Yes, we have. During the Olympics in Atlanta with that security guart being blamed for a bomb, those border cops that Bush pardoned (but still have to be on home arrest) and don’t forget the race riot in LA. The press and over reaction has always been a problem.

  • 12grace

    So where are all the apologies of obama and all the leftist thugs that were calling George Zimmernan names and falsely accusing him?

  • Sober_Thinking

    Sickening that this was ever an issue. Disgusting that this is still being covered. Horrific what has been done to Zimmerman’s life.

  • WordsFailMe

    When people say the Zimmerman is not a racist, do they say that because they know that Zimmerman’s grandfather is part black himself? Is it because there is no evidence that Zimmerman ever use epithets about blacks or expressed any racial animosity about blacks while playing basketball? Is it because Zimmerman backed a black kid against the police?

    Is that the evidence that Zimmerman is not a racist?

    Why is racism always about blacks? Zimmerman, half Latin, half black, half white and half Guernsey could be the biggest racist that ever walked the earth .

    Why is no one ever did any research to find out how Mr. Deceased Trayvon Martin felt about Hispanics? If you hate Hispanics or you hate whites, that’s somehow not RACISM?

    That Zimm killed some sob that was trying to bash his brains out has nothing to do with racism. That he was following some hooded sob walking aimlessly and alone in his neighborhood is not racism. When some sob grabs you by the ears and begins to bash your head, what notions of fairness, social justice and political correctness will run through your brain as each breath comes faster and harder the light begins to dim?

    Racism—Weak minds, like juvenile delinquents on the rooftops, drooping water-balloons on the passers-by walking below.

  • JimEdC

    It may seem like a minor point, but I think it is important to get your facts correct. From everything we know, Trayvon was not pounded Zimmerman’s face in the concrete–he was pounding the back of Zimmerman’s head in the concrete. Do you really expect anyone to believe that Zimmerman shot Trayvon while Zimmerman’s face was being pounded into the concrete? That would be quite a difficult feat for anyone to do.

    • Nukeman60

      Get real. Martin had bruised knuckles, Zimmerman had a broken nose, they were on the sidewalk. Therefore the pounding of Zimmerman’s face was hitting the back of his head into the concrete.

      Try not to be Martin’s lawyer, the NBPP and Obama all rolled into one. ‘Pounding his face into the concrete’ was just a phrase. If I ‘beat the crap’ out of you, would you be looking for brown substance on the ground?

      Geesh. You make an account just to say this? Brilliant.

  • c4pfan

    The media is largely to blame. I’m just glad that the investigation is telling the truth.

  • hbnolikeee

    I’m still waiting for recent pictures of Martin. Pictures showing his gold tool and gangster garb. Let’s see the man as he had become that day not his childhood photos.

  • reason1984

    If I had a son, he would look like Brian Terry.

    • WordsFailMe

      THAT, was good.

  • Mr Zimmerman is the equalizer and we already know Mr zimmerman isn’t a racist, we didn’t need the communist news network to tell us the obvious.
    But my question to cnn wold be, what about Obama? CNN, We know what a heavy racist cow he is though at least he is equally racist against blacks, whites, hispanics and the rest of the civilized world.

    impeachment is to good for the marxist half wit.

    • WordsFailMe

      I don’t think of Obama’s chief feature as racism.

      I think Obama shares his contempt equally with each human being who is not Obama.

  • NCHokie02

    Black youths are not the only people wear “hoodies”. When was the last time any of these people went to any college campus?? I doubt the majority of those students would be suspect because they are wearing a “hoodie”. I have 4 hoodies that I wear in the winter time because it’s cold out and they keep me warm, not because I’m some gang-banger. I hate the fact that they are trying to use the “hoodie” as the reason. He needs to own up to the fact that he has no case. It’s a tragic incident and I feel for the parents in losing their child but their child made decisions that led to it and had to deal with the consequences of those decisions.

  • Bobemakk

    About time someone at CNN woke up and spoke the truth.