CNN shows how illegals are actually getting deported on ICE AIR in sob story segment

CNN aired another sob story segment today on how ‘bad hombres’ are getting deported by Trump. But it was pretty interesting to see what constituted the arrests and deportations of illegals under Trump.


CNN explains that illegals are deported via an airline actually called ‘ICE Air’ that is run by ICE agents. The cost of the deportation flight is an average of $2,000 per illegal.

They also interviewed several illegals to find out why they were being deported.

The first guy they talked to, David Padilla, was arrested because of a DUI – and he definitely blames Trump for his deportation, noting that if Trump hadn’t been president he’d be allowed to stay. Well of course! That’s part of the problem!

They cited another illegal that had a DUI back in 2008, one who would only say his crime was domestic violence and another who was a convicted felon.

But then near the end, to add the other slice of bread to the sob story sandwich segment, they interviewed Guadalupe Figueroa. Her only crime, they say, was deportations, pointing out that she’s not a dangerous criminal and that she can’t understand why she’s being separated from her two children.

To cap it off they go back to Padilla, who said “They don’t treat you like a human being” while pointing out that ICE had cut off his shoe laces. He told his kids he’d be back.

As I’ve said before I empathize with their circumstances to a point, but they really have no one else to blame but themselves. The law says what it says for a reason and they will now have to work out how to be on the right side of the law.

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