CNN: Sorry, we didn’t mean to play Pink’s “Stupid Girls” as an intro to Sarah Palin segment

Newsbusters posted this story yesterday of CNN playing Pink’s “Stupid Girls” as an intro to a short segment about Sarah Palin:

You and I both know this was intentional, but CNN is saying that it was just an unfortunate mistake or something (h/t: Mediaite):

“The music selection was a poor choice and was not intended to be linked to any news story. We regret any perception that they were planned together.”

That’s bullcrap. The producers who set up the bumper music know the stories they are introducing, otherwise they’d be idiots and wouldn’t be working there.

Sorry CNN, but we aren’t stupid.

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  • Joe

    I sent an email to the editor about this BS

    I saw the story and was livid

    I indicated this is exactly why their ratings are in the toilet !

    • Like sending a telegraph to the captain of the Titanic… Warning him of the Iceberg. Then, in their arrogance, they ignore you… And CRASH!!!

      Now under NORMAL circumstance… CNN would fail… But not with Manchild in Office… Oh NO! Faster than a speeding EPA lawsuit… He will “bail out” CNN because they are “Too big to fail”… 🙁

      • Pyrran

        In this case, with CNN being the captain of the Titanic, they’d put it in reverse, gun it, then ram the iceberg again and again!

    • Joe

      Save this link / list

      See something ?

      Say something!

      • Rightstuff1

        I just sent the Communist News Network an email 🙂 here it is:

        “What the heck is CNN doing playing Stupid Girl by Pink as the intro to a Sarah Palin segment? You guys are just unprofessional hacks.

        Don’t insult my intelligence by spouting crapola about you not knowing, and it was an innocent faux pas, I wasn’t born yesterday. You guys are partisan hacks. If you didn’t know it would be played as the intro then you’re incompetent at best and don’t deserve my time and attention.

        Maybe you should get together with MSNBC – you two would make such a happy couple. Hack to hack.

        I’m done with CNN – you just lost another viewer. Congrats!”

    • williamm

      CNN seems to be doing pretty good. Last Thursday Bill O’reilly only beat CNN’s total viewership for all their shows from 5-9 by little over 100,000 viewers.

    • nibblesyble

      go Joe!

  • downright flagrant foul. Sarah Palin should get two from the line.

    • … and the ball.

      OH! I KNOW! the “stupid girl” is the CNN infogrrl.

    • warpmine

      Right, two shots and ball possession.

  • sDee

    This really gets me angry. Here we are in America with a free-market media industry that is unquestionably the greatest, most sophisticated and highly effective propaganda machine in the history of mankind.

    An what do they – do? Deny it. They claim that their subtle and effective techniques are simply a mistake. I am angry and embarassed. STAND UP CNN – claim the credit due you! Have you no pride?

    • Nukeman60

      Jackels have no pride. They don’t kill their own meat. They only cower and steal the hard work of other creatures in the world, and quickly run away should they ever be challenged.

      • kong1967

        Yeah, but those things are vicious in a group and can force even lions off their prey. I guess they just don’t have the skills to kill, because man can they fight in a group.

        (Referring to the real animals and not meant to be a reflection on your statement about the media)

        • Nukeman60

          Methinks the media likes being in a crowd as well. Get them alone, and it’s lights out.

          • kong1967


    • Sober_Thinking

      The MSM is one of the top three threats to this nation imo. They are no better than terrorists and arguably do MUCH more damage.

      CNN and MSNBC are simply the worst. It’s criminal what they all get away with.

      • badbadlibs

        Post of the day…maybe the century.

    • kong1967

      The whole situation with Chick-Fil-A makes me angry. The left gets angry if you even call them socialist….which is obvious. They are downright communinst in many ways. Banning soft drinks, salt, tobacco, and etc. That’s on the light end. If you have a news outlet that disagrees with their views they want to shut it down. Same thing with an internet site. That is pure communist. Refusing to allow a business to operate because they have a different social view….communist. It would be one thing if the view was to overthrow the government or something, but it’s not.

      • sDee

        The Chick-Fil-A issue was a warning from the facists that companies who do not play ball will pay.

        Remember how hard it was to tell Obama campaign ads from Pepsi ads and how Coke acted as a pop surrogate for Obama campaign? Bloomy sent them a little “reminder” too.

        • kong1967

          It’s all bullcrap. Just think what it’s going to be like in twenty years if we don’t put a stop to it.

    • Pyrran

      Guess they didn’t get that box of clip-on spines I sent them.

  • G_unitttt

    somebody should be fired at CNN for being unprofessional or simply incompetent, then maybe CNN’s apology would be believable

    • sDee

      Hard to fire someone for doing their job, simply because someone on the WWW pointed out that they had done their job. This is what the media in America does. No one in the media runs a story on Sarah Palin unless they intend to demean her and/or anyone who supports her.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia

      Na. Fire nobody is my view. That’s what they’re good at calling for. Not us.

      This sort of stuff is great for our cause the way I see it. Shows the true colours of our enemy and how fake they are when they claim they’re objective.

      • G_unitttt

        i should have added, of course we know that CNN is not serious about addressing this and this is not an error in their eyes as it is precisely what they intended

  • DCGere

    Liars. No wonder their ratings suck.

  • poljunkie

    Brillant of the Palins to go to Chick Fil A.

    We all know what CNN are. Even if they are fair from time to time, their true colors remain.

  • detectivedick

    I see a trend from the Progressives, say it and do it first, then apologize.
    CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS, I have a song for you.

    • kong1967

      Perfect song to play for them. I listened to it just because I could, lol. Good song.

    • toongoon

      I expect it to happen more as the democrats get more desperate.

  • Jeez!!! I’d expect this sort of disrespect from MessNBC or just NBC (NObama Bolshevik Channel) I thought CNN (Clinton/Communist News Network) were moving… NO! They”re still stuck there in the mud of socialism and progressivism… Pig in muck… says it all.

  • Uh huh. Commie News Network made a mistake…. just like Jimmy Fallon’s mistake when they played “Lyin’ A$$ B!tch” for an intro to Michelle Bachmann.

    • kong1967

      Lol, I mentioned that incident, too….but my memory sucks so I didn’t get the name of the song right. At least one of us has the brains. Thank you for recalling the right name of the song.

      • Your memory sucks? Man, do I have a sucky memory to sell you! I forgot the price… But I’m sure it’s reasonable… Maybe… erm… What am I selling again? (and no, I am most definitely NOT mocking you! MY memory really seems to sck as much as yours!)

        • kong1967

          Yeah, but we remember the important things and even if we forget the details we remember it happening. That’s all it takes to direct our votes (or our anger) in the right direction.

        • poljunkie

          Ever walk into a room and say, why did I come in here?

          • kong1967

            OMG…..yes. But I think everyone does that….don’t they?

            • toongoon

              Well I’m glad to hear everyone does it, I was beginning to think I was nuts.

              • kong1967

                That’s just lack of focus and getting distracted by thinking about something else on the way. You’re not nuts unless I am, too.

                • No it’s not. It’s something else.

                  I think.

          • ALL the time!! Or I’ll open the fridge and say, what did I need to get? Then remember I meant to go in the cupboard!

      • poljunkie

        Me too.

      • lol, I had to “bing” it to find the song. I don’t listen to that crap, so I wouldn’t have known it otherwise 😉

        • kong1967

          So you’re not so smart after all…..ROFLMAO!!! Just teasing. I don’t listen to that crap, either.

    • poljunkie

      Great minds girl, great minds.

    • poljunkie

      Morning Gurlie…. what part of FL do you live in?

      • Mornin’ yerself! 😀 I live in the hot part lol. Seriously, south western side.

        • poljunkie

          What does that mean south western? Fort Lauderdale? Miami? Tampa? Sarasota? Gimmee a landmark kiddo

          • Sorry, don’t like to be too specific, but we’re across the state from Allen West 🙁 Seriously, we’re on the Gulf side, but inland. South of Tampa, North of Naples. Not so north as Sarasota. Hint, Hurricane Charlie came in just to the north of us by 20 miles, and Wilma came in to the south of us by 40 miles 😉

            • Nukeman60

              Now, take a right at the fork in the road, go up the dirt path and don’t run over the chickens. 🙂

            • poljunkie

              Just wanted to know because we were flying in- layover- quick in and out A quick toodle loo.

              • A layover in Florida?! Where are you going? What airport are you landing at?

                • poljunkie

                  We’re doing a lay over in Miami Next friday….AND I thought of you dear friend.

                • Aw, that would have been so cool! I know it’s cross country for you, but it’s a hard drive for me over there too. Try not to melt while you’re here lol, it’s been awfully hot and humid. Wherever you’re going, safe travels and fantabulous time!!! Maybe some day we’ll get to meet 😀

                • poljunkie

                  I wish we had longer Ab’s. Just couldnt swing it. But I did think of you right off the bat. Count on it, we will get together one day. Bell bottoms and all. 🙂

                • It was sweet that you thought of it. Looking forward to seeing your bell bottoms some day lol!
                  Yeah, we haven’t had the rains we should get- Florida, especially south, summers are the rainy season and should get about 6 inches a month at least. We’ve had maybe 6 since May, if that. Ah well. Weather is wierd all over.

                  Seriously though, I hope you have a safe trip girlie!!

                • poljunkie


          • In Michigan, people hold up their hand to indicate the mitten-like shape of the state, and point on their hand where they live.

            In Florida, you have to drop your drawers (if you’re a guy), so you can show where you live. That’s why wimmen don’t know where they are in Florida. No handy visual aids.

            <insert emoticon here>

  • MaroonRepublic

    Typical CNN. They are singing to their own small choir.

    Remember to support Chick-fil-a on August 1.

  • denbren52

    Didn’t mean to??? Do they use that song as an intro so much that they accidentally used it to intro a story on Sarah Palin? I think I smell the burning pants of a liar whose pants are on fire.

  • Really they should play that song when introducing their female anchors.

  • kong1967

    Lol, what idiots for them to think people are so stupid they will believe that explanation. I think this is part of why people are leaving those channels. The things they do are disgusting at times and even their regular viewers can see the bias.

    This is an accident as much as that rap group accidently played something about “stupid bitch” (can’t rememer exactly) as Bachmann entered the studio. The producers claimed to not know anything about that, either. Whatever, they have full control over what gets played on their stage. They knew.

  • NYGino

    Guess it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.

  • hrh40

    Who’s the stupid one:

    Fantastic collection.

    And didn’t John Hinderaker (sp?) just come out with an article that states CNN is failing because they are passive agressively liberal?

    I’d say playing Stupid Girls and then limply retracting is would be the definition of passive aggressive.

    Edit: Yes, here’s Hinderaker’s article:

    • poljunkie

      Cent Uygur – is such a hater. If you are not a liberal he hates you. I have a sister like that. Its hard to even talk about the weather with those with that sort of mindset.

    • I haven’t bothered with Powerline since they started pushing Pawlenty and undermining Palin at every turn.

  • Sorry… Yeah right! Sorry, I don’t believe you!

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia


    Seen your ratings lately CNN? Jokes on you if you ask me.

  • Sober_Thinking

    CNN is a rag for reasons exactly like that. They have become 3rd world journalism.

    • JohnOfPhiladelphia


      • Sober_Thinking

        Devolved? 🙂

        • JohnOfPhiladelphia

          Lol. I mean to point out that they ALWAYS HAVE BEEN 3rd world journalism! … Not that they have ‘become’ 3rd wo….


          • Sober_Thinking

            Lol… I gotcha. 🙂

    • Remember, CNN was started by Ted “Christianity is for stupid people” Turner. It’s always been crap no news.

  • tvlgds

    Oh sure-can you imagine if this was done to any liberal, particularly female?? I’m sickened.

  • tinker_thinker

    Liars..cnn deserves to be put out of business.

    • Landscaper59

      They are putting themselves out-of-business.

      • Wa-laa, your wish is granted!

  • Don

    In the Hall of Fame for Journalism Trash the winner of their Garbage of the Year Award went to CNN with Newsweek finishing a close second. Since the CNN ratings have been in the toilet the longest, when the president of CNN resigned saying, “CNN needs a new way of thinking”, people couldn’t understand that there ever was any thinking at CNN. Since Newsweek was bought for $1, which is symbolic for a roll of toilet tissue, their single digit subscribers are pleased to receive the runner-up award to anything.

  • WordsFailMe

    Mommy rules for the sissy LIBERALS again. You can be any kind of a****** you want to be but if you apologize. everything will be okay.

    Stick you apology CNN. You are a corrupt, soul-less corporation deserving to be burned at the stake of your cowardice, hate, prejudice and stupidity. DNC is next.

  • donmoffet

    I doubt CNN will change their behavior just because a bunch of conservatives like us complain about something egregious they’ve done. CNN is playing to their audience…what there is of it. If their producers get their kicks from this sort of childish behavior you’re not going to spoil their fun by complaining. Ignore them.

  • Sure… I believe you… Just like NBC didn’t mean to cut out the tribute to the victims of Terrorism worldwide… **

    ** you can see that NBC CUT clip (worldwide saw it, but US audiences saw a interview with well nevermind… )

  • poljunkie

    You guys can correct me if I am wrong but when CNN started in 1980, I dont remember such a liberal slant Of course there was nothing to compare it to. I just remember being blown away by the availablity to see “live’ news 24 hours a day.

    Remember in the late 80’s when the little girl fell into the well in Texas. What coverage!!!! The entire world was capitivated.
    AND then in 1991 the live reporting of the Gulf war. The one reporter Bernard Shaw, remember him? He nearly had a heart attack- on air when the bombing started.

    MTV started soon after in 1981. Ah the good old days when MTV meant music.

    • First video I ever saw was Brass in Pockets by the Pretenders. 😉

      • poljunkie

        Heres what I recall! ( OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!)

        Video Killed the Radio Star
        Better Davis Eyes!
        Just Between you and Me APRIL WINE!!!!!! 🙂
        Hold on Loosely by 38 Special
        Stop Draggin my Heart ( Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks)
        Bette Davis Eyes I know I said that already but thats because they played it every other song.
        Madness One step beyond

        • Video Killed the Radio Star was the very first video to ever play wasn’t it. I remember the April Wine video, and Tom Petty.

          • I don’t know if it was, but supposedly it was responsible for pulling in a bunch of viewers. Obvious, I guess.

            I like the little tidbit of news that MTV was actually the idea of Michael Nesmith, of the Monkees. He passed on making it his, though.

            Dude was one of the more interesting people in music. Also, his mom invented “Liquid Paper.”

            • I had no idea! I always liked him, liked his hat 😉 I didn’t know he was so involved in other stuff. How cool is that!

            • poljunkie

              Hey Hey we’re the Monkee’s, people say were monkeying around, but we’re too busy singing to put anybody down. We’re just trying to be friendly….

              • I really liked the show for about half a season. Once it became teen magazine and tabloid fodder, I was done with it. My sisters liked it, though.

                I liked the music even though I quit watching the show. A few of their songs are perennial favorites on the oldies stations.

                • poljunkie

                  My sister had a crush on Davy Jones. She has since changed teams. If only she had won that date.

                • I always thought Davy was a little light in the loafers.

                  Maybe that’s why a lot of folks liked Mike. He seemed like a regular guy.

                • poljunkie

                  Light in the loafers! ha ha hahahahahah

                • :^)

                  (you get an actual emoticon)

        • Vacation, The Go-Go’s!

        • deleted

          • poljunkie

            Deleted? Oh no, did I miss something important that I would of liked to reply to?

            We are packing up and getting ready. We have I am not kidding about 5 pounds of chocolate. Yes I know you have chocolate in FL but not the kinds my hubby likes. The trick is to get it there without it melting. Then on to the little isle we are going to. I am going to fry, but you know what- I DONT CARE.

            • I’m sorry Pol, I thought you got e mail alerts. If you do, my message should be on there. Let me know… if not, I will send it again (my e mail address) Oh, and good luck, but I think you’ll have chocolate soup lol!

              • poljunkie

                I will sign up for them right now so send it again, then I will stop!
                Thanks! AB’s!


                • 😀 If you can’t get it, respond again here, and I’ll post it for you again. Just be sure to respond again, so I can delete it again! Oh, and if you get it, and send me an e mail, be sure to tell me it’s from you in the headliner so I don’t throw you in the spam pile lol!

                • poljunkie

                  Hi Ab’s I got the “test”


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                  Hi hi hi hi hi

                • YAY!!! 😀

                • poljunkie

                  Oh my, I didnt know the emails posted to the site. Good thing I didnt write any juicy gossip.

                • DOH! They’re not supposed to! I don’t know how you did that lol! I only wanted to know if you got e mail alerts from here to tell you that someone replied to your comments… when I used to get them, it would tell me so and so replied to your comments and include the text and a link to the site. THat’s why I wanted to know, because I wrote my e mail on here- but I didn’t want everyone to know it, so I left it up long enough for you to get an alert so you could copy my e mail lol! If you need it again, let me know- but I’ll only leave it up for a short time 😉

                • poljunkie

                  ha ha

                • poljunkie

                  Lets start on a fresh comment with the emails.

                • OK- I have to go to church in a little bit, so I may leave it on until I get back, so I hope you have a chance to get it!!!!! [email protected]

                • poljunkie

                  In a message dated 8/2/12 3:10:55 PM, [email protected] writes:
                  I GOT IT, OK TO delete!

                  Thanks ! I will email you mine now.

                • YAY!

                • poljunkie

                  I sent you an email.

    • DebbyX

      All true………………….but that’s probably only ’cause they didn’t know if the little girl was a Dem or a Rep 🙂

      I too miss music on MTV

      We gotta’ move those microwave ovens
      We gotta’ move those color TVs.

      • poljunkie

        Money for nothing and chicks for free.

        (Dire Straits)

        • DebbyX

          Ahh, the good ol’ days!

  • BSScoop

    Yes you did and we don’t accept your apology. It’s time we fight back, RS’s by never giving them an inch of wiggle room.

    Don’t Tread On Me

  • MJScanlonOH


    The left denigrates and attacks and marginalizes those who they fear the most! The Arctic Fox will not be stopped by such petty and demeaning tactics….CNN really does not get it….at.all.

  • WordsFailMe

    Think FOCKS GNU’s can go out into the Anchorman’s Warehouse and find the balls to play “God Save the Queen” the next time they run an Obama’s speech?

  • dabbobean

    I call B*LL Sh*T

    Come-on CNN we know that you’re sucking hind tit in the ratings but this is so juvenile.

    I can’t stand Obama and Marxist democrats but that does not give me an excuse to behave unprofessionally on the job. You’re supposed to be a national news network and you act like a community college newspaper.

  • sno_warrior

    I was born at night, but NOT last night!!!!!! I’m not that stupid!

  • CG patriot

    Apology my @$$, and yes they did……RScoop. It’s a slow decay going-on over at “Time Warner”,

    Just this last week, Friday, CNN CEO: Jim Walton has announced he’s quitting. Quote: for lack there of, poor rating’s, and doesn’t like the stagnant direction the Company’s going. He’s done carrying the “O” water my friends. There, I said-it for him. Tick,tick,tick

    Good for Sarah and Todd, I just love her spunk. BTW: just in case some may not be aware of what a wonderful Co. Chic-fil-a is,,,,,,,, Every year on Veterans day, this Company honor’s all our Military by giving them free meal’s and donates their proceeds to the Wounded Warriors foundation. WhooYA!

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    I can see CNN from my house but choose not to. Thank you for getting this video out and for your comments, Right Scoop. Much appreciated.

  • nibblesyble

    They really think we are idiots don’t they? Luckily all this does is galvanize more people to Sarah’s side so they lose in the end.

  • deTocqueville1

    Exactly, Scoop. Lyin’ You know what’s.

  • notebene

    If anyone here believes CNN made a whoops, I’ve got some great swampland to sell ya! The lamestream is shameless and once we get this imposter in chief out of office, I hope we clean out what passes for journalism in this country. Either report straight facts without bias or get the he ll off the air, out of print, and move to the socialist dreamland you wish to be a part of. I can’t believe people get paid to be this vulgar and stupid!

  • CNN lies.

    I prefer to think that it was more of a comment on the CNN anchor. 🙂

  • giomerica

    A mistake, huh?… Kinda like the last time I tuned into to CNN. THAT was an accident, and as soon as I realized my mistake, I quickly tuned in to a different channel.

  • Stupid is as stupid does – CNN – never watch it!

  • mike morrison


    What a joke. CNN is becoming more and more inconsequential with every reveal of pure hatred they have toward the right.

  • Sorry, CNN. You’re not forgiven. Just like Brian Ross and ABC isn’t forgiven for their “gaffe” of trying to link the Aurora mass murderer with the Tea Party.

    I’m tired of turning the other cheek. It’s long past time you were held to account for both the overt attacks as well as the little digs you make.

  • seabrightgirl

    I sent a forceful email yesterday to CNN due to this issue. They can run but they cannot hide. We know they are biased to the left and hate Republicans and Conservatives.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    I just got back from a ladies luncheon where a couple of women (one unmarried and not likely to find someone, the other married but without kids) were so critical of Sarah Palin. A simple question from me “why, can you give me a reason?” resulted in their eyes going all crazy and their mouths almost all frothy. I am not kidding. It’s a phenomena that needs to be observed to be believed. The hatred from the women against Palin is something that even if a thousand analysts are put to the task to tell us how and why, they won’t be able to. Let’s just be thankful we are afflicted with that kind of hatred … it’s a sickness of the mind.

    • benfrank2012

      “Let’s just be thankful we are afflicted with that kind of hatred … it’s a sickness of the mind.”

      Can you say Freudian slip! Thanks for the insight into what really makes your side tick.

  • BS61

    You are right scoop – of course, but the media apologing for the CO shooting and now this, is something I’ve never seen before! I’m encouraged by the pressure to the MSM

  • Why the heck is CNN reporting on anything SP does or says? After all, she is totally and completely IRRELEVANT. Right? right?

  • jerrymbaldwin

    Accidental or not–it is stupid either way!!