CNN’s Don Lemon rips Obama, says Sarah Palin has a point

CNN’s Don Lemon says that as much as Democrats don’t want to hear it, Sarah Palin has a point in saying the buck stops with Obama with regard to the GSA and the Secret Service prostitution scandal and that he needs to roll some heads at the top of those departments. Lemon also says it’s time for Obama to stop pointing the finger at Bush and take responsibility for this bad economy:

Not a bad segment but very long overdue, and I’m sure for most of you (me included) that it was a bit too delicate. But the sentiment was right and I’m glad it was said on CNN. Kudos to Lemon for having the guts to speak the truth, and even to give Sarah Palin some credit.

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  • Second look at Don Lemon? First he has a civil, almost productive discussion with folks from Newsbusters and Breitbart and now this?

    Try having more segments like these for the next couple years, CNN, and I guarantee you’ll regain your 2nd place status over MSDNC(you’ve done too much harm to your rep to ever overtake FoxNews).

    • Agreed. He certainly seemed to disagree with the conservatives there, but it was a good discussion nonetheless. If you can have those type of discussions on all issues people will respect that.

    • Lime Lite

      How sad is it that when the liberal MSM actually does their job we applaud and think there’s hope? This just goes to show how dumbed down our media and the general population has become that mediocrity is applauded. Mr Lemon et al should have been holding Obama’s toes to the fire long ago instead of being his cheer squad and enabler. If you hire a CEO to sort a tanking company then you’d fire him if the company was worse than four years previously, and if he were still blaming the previous CEO for the mess. Why not Obama?

      • StrangernFiction

        This just goes to show how dumbed down our media and the general population has become that mediocrity is applauded.

        The Overton window has shifted so far left that there is no saving America (ie avoiding serfdom) via the normal political process.

    • sDee

      Fox news has tacked hard to port. These weasels are just looking for their next job.

  • Kordane

    He’ll get thrown under the bus if he makes himself too much of a target to the Left. Conformity – That’s just how they operate.

  • sybilll

    I think this is just pandering for CNN, since Fox has added those God awful commentators Sally Kohn and Jehmu Green. Having said that, of all of the CNN anchors that could have been this fair, I am glad it was Lemon.

    • Lime Lite

      I love it when Jehmu Green is on. She’s a classic example of what the Left is all about. All big talk and no brains. Keep her on, she cracks me up.

      • wodiej

        Don’t know if I’ve been entertained by that one yet. I’ll keep an eye out for her. I have wondered if Fox is putting these people on so viewers can see how out of touch liberals are.

        • kong1967

          I think so. I’ve heard people angry because Fox put on far lefties that make no sense as opposed to more rational (moderate) libs. Well, in my opinion it’s because the left has been hijacked by far left wackos so that’s what we need to see on air. Yes, they are insane, but we can’t defeat what we don’t hear.

      • WordsFailMe

        Seems like that if she wanted a really contemporary stage name she would have chosen “SHAMU” Green instead of JAMOO.

  • nibblesyble

    I remember when Sarah went to the Iowa State Fair, and Lemon followed her around, and she gave him lots of time and answered his questions quite readily. He said at the end, I am paraphrasing, that he was lucky to have had the chance to interview her. I think she made an impression(of course!) and that time with her stayed with him. Good for him for calling out the man-child and giving Sarah credit when it probably killed his producers!

  • wales777

    Uh oh…Lemon’s got a pink slip waiting on his desk…

  • MaxineCA

    Looks like CNN is trying to pick up those us of that have left Fox News to pick up some ratings. Good move CNN. I haven’t watched CNN lately, but I might tune in to see if it’s an overall theme or if this is just a glitch of honesty from one commentator.

    • Nukeman60

      I really think it’s a case of one commentator realizing that if you just mention Sarah Palin, that your ratings will naturally rise. It’s a real testament to how much sway she has over this entire media and most of them have never been able to grasp and understand that.

      Having said that, Lemon may well have already submitted his resume to Fox, as many other CNN personalities have done after seeing the light of day.

    • sDee

      Well it is nearly impossible for me to watch any TV “news”. But just to give it Fox News, I will start to tune in.

  • In other news, Mr Lemon will soon be looking for a new job as he has dared to question Dear Leader.

  • That’s it? Only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I can’t really give him kudos, I’ll give him the ‘ku’ for mentioning it but he doesn’t get the ‘dos’ from me, it wasn’t enough. Yeah Obama should stop blaming other people, technology(ATMs) or whatever excuses it is for his policies failing. He ain’t a leader and he’s sure as hell ain’t a great president. But Pathetic CNN part of the MSM always making excuses for this President, and Don Lemon wants Obama reelected. Everything is Bush’s fault with a Democrat congress, Republicans have the house but Obama gets a pass and the benefit of the doubt. The Democrat controlled Senate can’t even pass Obama’s budget, or even their own budget.

    Who would the media be blaming if McCain were the president with same results as Obama? Sure as hell they wouldn’t be blaming the democrats, oh no way, blame the republicans, it’s McCain’s fault, and they would slam vice president Sarah Palin at every chance more than anyone on the planet… Also this idea that America would be a better place if everything was liberalized is bullshit! and that’s what the lame stream media keeps trying to portray to the american people shove down our throats.


    Are pigs flying?

    Mr Lemon you just got yourself some real respect from America, and a TON of hate from the left coming your way.

    THANKS for being the opposite of Keith O.

    I don’t care if you got tired of covering for progressives, but congradulations for busting out.

    Beware of the thugs (from Chicago) in the WH coming after you. I will say a little prayer that CNN stand up for you and if I got my chance, I would stand for you too saying such brave things.

    Oh, watch out for that VAN Jones guy !

  • leaky_sink

    Good for him.

  • Bill589

    Sarah Palin makes lots of great points. I betcha Obama still hates to hear her name.

    Let Romney win the nomination officially – and then Obama can breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Even Bauer and Rose on sirius satellite who were in the tank for Santorum told the people to stop licking their wounds because their guy wasn’t chosen and to remember that Romney is in NO WAY like Obama and that they would prefer 4 years of Romney than 4 MORE years of Obama who will SURELY destroy the country.

      A chinese proverb says : A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

      I would rather take that journey and step with Romney any day of the week than with Obama!

      • Bill589

        I’d rather not vote for the status quo. The GOPe is corrupt – and we need to fix that if we are to save our country.

        • Well, we can clean the house after we get the toxins out of it!

  • Can you say about…. 4 years late and several trillion dollars short? HAHAHA… Good luck, CNN… this smoke and mirrors crap for ratings just doesn’t cut it… And as my good friend Porky Pig would say…

    “B-deep-babbabababa-deep… That’s all folks!”

  • wodiej

    I agree w your comment RS. I have to wonder how many Democrats will still vote for Obama though no matter what criticism he deserves. While no one should expect a flawless job performance, there should have been some movement in the economy, jobs and mortgage markets by now. There have always been ups and downs in the business cycle but the down cycle never lasts almost 4 years. The reason it has is because of Obama’s heavy handedness of leading America down a socialist path that doesn’t work vs the Capitalist path that does work. Good economic policy like Reagan’s would have had us out of this cycle long ago. I did not like Bush and he rightly deserves some responsibility too. But a good leader would have had the country at least steered back in the right direction and vastly improved by now.

    The longer cycle is also adding to the national debt because more and more people are losing their homes, going on food stamps and even resorting to signing up for disability to have income because they can’t find jobs. Gov. Palin also has a good article on National Review about energy.

  • Terrenceor

    The Federal Government is unmanageable, so therefore the President should not attempt to manage it. Is that the new standard for the Presidency? The Fox News Sunday panel were idiots. They are dumbing down the Job of the Presidency.

  • WordsFailMe

    That’s it? That’s all you got on the guy? Sound more like CNN is pandering to the Independents here than actually expressing an insight about this Presidency. Barrack had a tough week and we could do better? What about the last 3 years?

    Democrats hate Republicans, and Conservatives, more than they hate God and this butt- head is no different. Don’t be fooled by another clown. These democrats will cut your heart out then have a sandwich.

  • J

    best point the finger at Bush— that never gets old

  • kong1967

    I could watch him if he reports like this in general. Obama isn’t responsible for a lot of things happening right now, but he becomes responsible if he doesn’t crack down on them and start rolling heads. Might be hard for the spender in chief who doesn’t do anything but vacation and campaign.

    • wodiej

      My summation is when a new CEO takes over a flailing company, they don’t sit around and blame the last CEO. They get busy and fix what is wrong. Anyone who thrives on being admired for their abilities (most people do), love to be given the responsibility and confidence from their peers to take a problem and fix it. Obama either doesn’t know how to fix it or is just so bent on socialism the he is trying to talk Americans into believing his way is right when it clearly is not working.

  • 911Infidel

    Don’t be lulled to sleep by the shiny object that Mr Lemon is offering here. As a wise man said in a recent column:”To adapt an aphorism from Nassim Taleb’s The Bed of Procrustes, the Left is to human welfare as prostitution is to love. An episodic satisfaction is inexorably followed by human degradation masking as social enlightenment.”

  • Nukeman60

    George Will, as much as I dislike him, said it best – ‘No one controls the Executive branch’. That’s correct. The Executive branch is out of control and it’s high time somebody did something to get it under control. It’s time to ‘throw the bums out’. The buck actually stops with me, the voter.

    • wodiej

      “the buck actually stops with me, the voter.” I’ll second that.

  • HollywoodHick

    Kudos to Lemon. A little shot of truth into the democrat news cycle. I’m stunned.

  • Rshill7

    We can’t afford another democrat again. This last one took the cake, the frosting, and the future with him, in a counterclockwise motion, right down the drain. The conservatives, aka, non-commie adults, are going to have to replumb the entire shabang. Obama will see what rejection and ‘malaise’ feels like, as will Carter’s surviving family when he’s done.

    Our government has become a suicidal, Orwellian nightmare that only wisdom and common sense can begin to change. You know, like what our founders envisioned. This ain’t it.

    • hrh40

      “We can’t afford another democrat again. ”

      That’s why we can’t afford Romney. He’s a DIABLO, Democrat in all but label only.

      • Romney is NOTHING like Obama when given the option of running the country for the next 4 years- we don’t have ANY guarantee of how anyone will run the country since campaigning and governing can be very different. But I would rather take my chances with Romney the way many took their chances with O for a variety of reasons 4 years ago, then to face another 4 years of Obama because WE ALREADY KNOW what he is capable of and this time it really won’t matter to him because he won’t have to worry about re-election!

  • TLaMana

    Look for this guy to be fired in 3.. 2…

    • cudaforever

      I’m surprised they didn’t cut his mic as soon as he said he agreed with Sarah 🙂

  • StrangernFiction

    “It is unfair to blame Barack Obama for the GSA or any of these things because although people think he controls the Executive Branch, no one controls the Executive Branch, that’s part of the problem with big government.”

    That’s funny, because I was under the impression that Barack Obama liked big government. Silly me, I must be confused.

    I give Will about as much credence as Peggy Noonan. George Will a “stalwart conservative?” Hardly.

  • Finally, somebody on CNN had the guts to say it. But I see the GSA and Solyndra scandals more of a failure of a big, bloated, Federal government that has no idea what most if its people are doing. We are literally throwing billions of dollars out the window to keep funding Federal agencies that do little or nothing for this country. Wouldn’t it be great if the Department of Engergy, a department that seems to spend a lot of money but produces NO alternate formes of energy, just went away? Or why not just get rid of the Department of Education? Have the Feds give block grants to the states and have the states distribute the money to where it is needed most. Both of these departments didn’t even exist until the Carter administration (why am I not surprised) and I think the country got along well without them for over 200 years. I’ll bet you if you just got rid of them tomorrow most Americans wouldn’t even miss them, assuming those block grants for education went to the states.

  • cudaforever

    Lastet update, Lemon is no longer working with CNN !! Of course, Sarah is right. She is 99.9% of the time.

    • cudaforever

      The first part was sarcasm

      • bucky321


  • Sarah Palin is a joke. President Obama is the best president ever, 4 more years!!!

    • stillgoing

      your one silly goose Jacqueline!

    • bucky321

      april fools joke– good one–afro

  • Gart19

    Did he miss his dose of MSM kool aid.?.. Is he auditioning for Roger Ailes?

  • Gart19

    Did he miss dose of MSM kool aid ? Is he auditioning for Roger Ailes?

  • Wow, good for Don Lemmon. Fox is losing viewers and CNN is trying to capture them by being more fair and balanced than Fox has become.

  • Rob_Bryant

    Who the hell dressed up like Lemon and did his show?

  • NJK

    I’ll take your word for it, I can’t watch any of them.

  • Can’t imagine Mr. Lemon’s comments will go over very well with Obama. I may have to tune in and see if I could tolerate watching them once in awhile.

  • This is the second time I have seen Lemon be fair to Palin. He better watch out!!!

  • Hologram5

    I am AMAZED at this. The libs are waking up it seems but that might be too much to hope for…

  • rjcylon

    “…and finally tonight, I would like to sincerely apologize to the President, and more importantly, our viewers, for my inflammatory rhetoric and unfair criticism of President Obama. It was wrong. I am sorry. It won’t happen again.”

  • DebbyX

    That’s just shocking, but a welcome relief!

  • …worst recession since the great depression?? If I recall my history correctly, President Reagan inherited an economy with a Misery Index much higher than the one Obama inherited…yet I didn’t see him blame his predecessor even once after he took office. C’mon, Obama is just a lowlife who never took responsibility for anything.

  • Hmm something doesn’t seem right here. The NY Times had a similar piece here

    I’m wondering if the current talking points handed down from the left are to appear as if they are avoiding talking points? Liberals don’t just suddenly stop being Liberals.

  • SaraPFan

    What is going with CNN? Has hell frozen over?



    Just read your post WAY back there, and people LIKE it a lot and so did I.

    I think you got to the heart of the matter when you told us Lemon followed Palin around in IOWA, and actully got a new perspective, maybe. Very perceptive of you. Could very well be Don doing what a decent media person would do with knowlege (not Palin bashing for the sport of it after REALLY meeting her in HER world and NOW giving her credit and repsct she deserves).

    He is very young and showing signs of an open mind and that may be more important than whether he is lefty or righty. He has the goft of learning an getting better, good for him. MAy GOD protect him.

    IF this young man shows signs of moderating (beyond our playful joking), what a concept, that is a positive development for CNN.

    He recently came out of the closet, and may be still finding his sea legs, and with the
    country hopefully moderating from O-BLAME-O’s influence, hope springs eternal.

    Maybe tweeting him is working for his carreer? And he is getting a good influence from that?

    I bet he has a good manager telling him to be FAIR and see all sides. He could wind up being a media star with a nice career and manager would make big bucks too? Capitalism, from the left, Give me more !!!

    He tries real hard, and works long hours on weekends.
    Maybe CNN will give him his OWN Primetime show and be more popular than Cooper.
    Cooper is a favorite son, but his ratings are not that good?

    CNN could really use a FAIR anchor, as our Nation maybe moves to a safer place and calms down. We are skating on thin ice with this WH GOV in charge we have now.
    Senate is the least productive EVER.
    Harry Reid will forever be a punch-line like Jimmy Carter.

    Hey, I know, let’s encourage the media to get better, and let ratings be the driver?

    1 down or in training, 274+ to go, only a few who moderate (on FOX), and some libertarians sprinkled in the mix makes for some balance.

    Always HOPE.

    Thought for the day, hope LEMON gets it some day:

    Election, Impeached, Resignation in disgrace?
    Does not matter to me.

    With GOD, anything is possible!

  • semihardrock

    His contract must be up soon and is keeping his options open to the “other” networks who pay more like Fox News.

    MSNBC already promotes the food stamp/unemployment “IS GREAT” channel!

  • Terry in GA

    Makes a lot of sense to me. Nobody in their right mind believes the talking points. Some just agree to parrot the points in an attempt to cover the failures of this president and his administration.

    Chill, surrogates, Don Lemon has only acknowledged what the rest of the country already knows. Evidence of leadership successes would be the sign of an effective leader, which should be something that the president seeks to somehow accomplish, rather than absurd attempts to blame “Anyone But Obama”.

    Failure of America is not an option. But in order for the evidence to match that truth, we must replace this failed administration with one which is lead by someone who actually knows we are looking toward the light of the morning in America. When times of overwhelming despair (such as the ’70s) give way to an overwhelming pride and yearning for an exceptional future (evidenced by the legacies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher), We The People will walk with that leader in a straight direction toward the promised land.

  • wldbil


    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile…..