CNN’s Jake Tapper did NOT like Trump’s press conference, tells him to STOP WHINING

Jake Tapper was not happy with Trump’s press conference at all, calling it unhinged and wild:

He really hones in with his distaste for the presser here, telling Trump that he won and to stop whining about his election:

I don’t get that last video from Tapper. Trump was just responding to the accusations in the media about Russia. He wasn’t whining, nor was he trying to justify his election. He apparently has a longer memory than Tapper and apparently sees all the Russian accusations now just like the ones in November and December after his election. He sees them as an attack on his victory and is just defending himself. Tapper missed it on that one, I think.

In general I found the press conference extremely entertaining, but then I’ve always enjoyed when Trump hit back at the media in these type of back and forths. And I don’t feel sad for the press at all. After the way they’ve treated him in these last few weeks over this Flynn non-troversy and how easy they let Obama slide on everything for the last eight years, I’m glad he went at the media so hard. There has been a lot of fake news lately surrounding these leaks and they deserve it.

Of course Trump isn’t presidential. I was disappointed over that in the beginning, as we all were hoping he’d be. But clearly he wants to be true to himself and his own style, and that is what he’s gonna do. I’m not saying it’s the best thing, but considering many of his policies so far have been very good, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and not get outraged at things like this. He may not be the ideal president, but if he’s pushing out good policies then I can let other stuff slide.

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