Colorado Gov. says he will support bill limiting magazine rounds because of Sandy Hook shooting

Despite threats from gun magazine manufacturers to leave the state, CO Gov. Hickenlooper says he will support a bill limiting magazines to 15 rounds if it passes the Senate and gets to his desk. And he says the shooting at Sandy Hook is the reason:

“You put yourself in the shoes of that principal and that resource officer running for their lives and trying to save the kids and what’s in their minds; and him just flipping around and he’s got a 30-shot clip. He’s got two 30-shot clips taped together. Is the convenience of someone at a target range not having to change their clip quite so often worth the risk to citizens and people in their neighborhoods?”

Here’s the full report:

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  • Betsey_Ross

    Apparently the silly gov. isn’t feeling the pressure from the constiuents.

    • His constituents are too busy smoking a fatty and eating brownies

      • Sober_Thinking

        Lol! So dang funny… and likely true enough. 🙂

      • johnfromjersey

        Wow Joe, what you said opened up a conundrum. Although I’m trying to get into the medical marijuana program here in NJ and don’t necessarily believe that pot should be a banned substance, you’ve made me rethink my position. Just think about the subterfuge involved in legalizing the stuff. Keep the idiots stoned and do whatever the hell you want in the state houses. I must admit, the thought scares me a little.

      • Jazzee

        how funny this all is
        take away 2nd amendment rights and give the potheads legalization
        yet treat us smokers like &^%%holes……….seriously?
        this gov is an idiot
        where are the supporters of 2nd amendment rights? doesn’t anybody get it yet????? this has zero to do with Sandy Hook….look at the drugs all the shooters were on
        and of course hollywood/videos gets a pass………….the sandy shooter was obsessed with video games…… so tired of this
        I guess people won’t wake up UNTIL it all starts to happen and they see it with their own dumb eyes
        God help us

        • We’ve been calling and emailing for months. They don’t listen to us. The Senate President arrogantly said he is “granting us the right” to own scary black rifles. I was stunned.

          • warpmine

            Should have them all powder coated pink and then see their reaction to warm and fuzzy colors.

      • You know, I wondered what happened to Colorado. It used to be part of the frontier, rugged individualism and all that. Then I realized. About 20 years ago, people started fleeing California and brought that liberal poison with them. OK Texas, we need to seal the border now!

        Got that Gov. Perry? 😉

    • physicsnut

      he is probably reading the BUNK on lib sites. They are blabbering about Trayvon and ALEC and that the NIH can’t do their favorite “studies” so lib sites can quote them – after cherry picking and distorting everything and totally ignoring the Constitution. Everybody ought to read “How to Lie with Statistics”. In addition to digging up Trayvon and trying to make a hero, they are also digging up Betty Friedan. Talk about ZOMBIES. Sounds like that cop who wanted to cannibalize his wife.

  • bolo

    Hick and looper??? It just tells us all about the mental state of his 2 grey cells…

  • Pyrran

    I hope old loopy doesn’t plan on getting re-elected.

    • Sober_Thinking


  • Sandra123456

    ” He’s got two 30-shot clips taped together.” Doncha think if he only had 10 round clips he would tape them together?

    It’s the guy with the gun that’s the problem, not the gun. Can’t believe the stupidity on this issue.

    • JungleCogs

      I always found three 10 round magazines were easier to carry than one 30 round. Besides they only take two seconds to change-out.

    • DCGere

      Facts don’t matter. Control is their agenda.

    • factsobill

      I got your point, but I think taping two 10rd magazines together would render them both useless. Try to do it and use them taped together.LOL!

  • Better to remain silent and be thought stupid than to open your mouth and remove ALL DOUBT!!!!

    • deTocqueville1


    • Pyrran

      Oops, too late! Loopy has burned the bridge he was standing on.

  • they are MAGAZINES!!!!…..not clips.

    here’s a little tutorial Governor

    • SHHHHHHH!! Let them ban the mythical 30 round clip. We who use 10 round, or less, clips to fill our 20 and 30 round magazines, Lee-Enfields, Garands, Mausers, Springfields, Mosin-Nagants etc will still be totally Constitutionally legal 🙂

      • 🙂

      • 1776 Freedom Fighter

        Ssg David Medzyk, you have won me over!

        First you note our Constitution. But there’s more . . .

        I tend to notice avatars, and yours has blown me away. Elegant, somber, powerful, clean lines, a real tour de force! You’ve pulled both NYC and DC into one compact image. Let us always remember those who perished on that horrific day.

        I’m a newbie here at this site, like you. I lack the street cred to be part of the Town Elders here, but let me live dangerously and say . . .


        Thank you for your service. God bless you, and **all** who have served, past and present.

        • Welcome to both of you! Your presence makes us stronger! 🙂

          • 1776 Freedom Fighter

            Awww shucks, thank you, Wolfie! You and many others here have made this newbie feel most welcome.

            I’m still rearranging my Disqus patterns to include more time here. Yesterday I was a stranger, putting my focus on the MOTUS site, and praying for a fierce blogger who has the handle of Zilla. She is a heroic lady, and yesterday her husband had surgery.

            He pulled thru OK, thank God, so now I’m back here, and other places. Thank you, sincerely, for making me feel welcome 🙂

            • 🙂

              As Ben Franklin said: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

              • 1776 Freedom Fighter

                Amen, Wolfie!

    • stage9

      If he is too ignorant to use the correct terminology then he has no right to impose an unconstitutional restriction nor speak to something he doesn’t understand.

  • c4pfan

    No surprise there.

  • ryanomaniac

    Ignorant liberal. Its so damn frustrating to listen. These guys have no idea the price they’re gonna pay for this crap. Many Democrats love their guns too so be ready liberal tool. Pleeeaassssee keep pushing this stuff…..all the way to 2014!!

    • johnos2112

      Oh they will keep pushing it. Obama is in the front lines of blaming republicans and those that support this crap will vote for dems to run the house. Those of us that embrace common sense understand gun control, higher taxes, more govt spending, etc., do not work. Unfortunately many people do not and that is gonna be a problem come 2014.

  • mikeinidaho

    Another Lefty who just doen’t get it. Sad. The people of Colorado are on their own. Not only are the Feds after them, so is the governor and the state legislature. This country is pretty much doomed, I’m afraid. We will either die on our feet defending our freedom or live on our knees serving the communists in government.
    I know which one I’ll be doing, how about YOU?

    • Patriot077

      I feel sorry for the citizens of Colorado because their state was taken over in an organized attack funded by a couple of billionaires. It happened so fast they couldn’t have known what hit them. It is all in the book “The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care)

      Montana has been under attack for years and they have their eyes on Texas.

      Every red state should be paying attention to what is happening in their state and local political arena. In fact, the story scoop posted about the skullduggery in North Carolina is part and parcel of this scheme. One of the organizations involved is Blueprint NC.

    • johnos2112

      The only person I will be on me knees to is Jesus Christ! And guess what, so will everyone else!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Amen. I said the same thing… spot on.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Good point.

      However, I’ll be on my knees (praying) to defend this country and give glory where it’s due.

      Spot on though… this could turn VERY ugly very soon.

    • famouswolf

      Option number one.

      Stone cold.

  • Rshill7

    What is a Hickenlooper?

    Family: Homo Stupidus
    Genus: Dingius Battus
    Species: Democratis Foolinium

  • johnos2112

    You know governor I grow tired of this. If that principal HAD a .357 revolver she could have stopped the massacre from getting worse. As a result of NOT having a revolver, she had NO CHANCE OF STOPPING IT OR SURVIVING. Common sense does not mean a thing to people like you. The only way to stop these barbarians is to have a weapon to fight back if need be!

  • Nukeman60

    “If we could only stop crazies from taping 30-shot clips together, we could stop mass killings”. REALLY? That’s what will stop someone from coming up with another way to kill innocent children in a “gun-free zone”? And 15-shot mags are so much safer than 30-shot mags, ’cause we all know you can’t tape 15-shot mags together. Oh, the insanity of it all.

    How about we ban duck tape? Then he can’t tape those magazines together (yes, Governor, they are called MAGAZINES, not clips) and it would save thousands of lives, maybe even millions.

    I do agree with banning fracking, though. I didn’t like it when they used that word on Battlestar Galactica and I don’t like it being used now. It’s a poor substitute for the F-bomb (oh, did I say bomb? That’s bad).

    • Sober_Thinking


  • deTocqueville1

    An irrational panderer.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Fool. Absolute fool.

  • Nukeman60

    ‘“You put yourself in the shoes of that principal and that resource officer running for their lives and trying to save the kids and what’s in their minds’ – Hickenlooper

    One, she was probably thinking, “Oh my God. He has two 30-shot clips taped together. If he only had two 15-shot clips taped together, I would be safe.” – Right?

    And two, if I were in the shoes of that Principal, I would have been packin’. Instead of running toward a crazy gunman with nothing but my student handbook, I’d have been putting 10-15 slugs in his torso. Period.

    End of discussion and end of mass killing attempt.

    • jom52652

      You are absolutely right Nukeman60, had either of those women been armed, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.

      Whenever I think of Sandy Hook, I think of those two brave women, running unarmed toward the nutcase with guns, hoping to save those kids. They probably could have hidden themselves somewhere, but instead they gave their lives trying to protect the kids. It still brings tears to my eyes.

  • These Morons will never get it…. Moaning about him having 2 30 round magazines taped together… As if THAT was the problem and not the maniac wielding the gun. Is he to suggest that if he only had 2 15 round magazines taped together the gunman would have been out chasing butterflies instead of being a homicidal maniac? What buffoonery!

    And when and if this “ignorance law” passes, I’m sure every potential mass murderer will ensure that he only has 2 15 round magazines for his gun… He wouldn’t want to break the law while murdering innocent victims or anything now would he?

    No matter how hard you try, the dope in the video gives more proof that you just can’t fix stupid!!

    • OneThinDime

      So CO is outlawing the magazines. What’s to keep someone from taping together smaller ones or simply doing the quick exchange? Still crickets on the thousands of dollars worth of violent video games found in Lanza’s place, the real root cause along with his alleged mental illness (haven’t heard if he was adjudicated mentally ill or not)

  • James1754

    Yes having a standard capacity magazine(they are not clips. These fools do not even know what they are banning) is not and has never been a problem. When my agency was looking at replacing our Glock 22s with Glock 37 In .45GAP. The reason we did not was because of the loss from a 15 round to a 10 round magazine.
    Now of course, law enforcement is exempted from these stupid laws, but not the law abiding citizen.
    And if the governor thinks that the crooks are going to turn in their guns and magazines, he is a bigger fool than I think he is.

    • Les_in_NC

      Never doubt the stupidity of a liberal.

      • James1754

        It is not stupidity. These liberal governors are look to run for president and want to be able to show their left wing base what they have done. They are also pushing this legislation through quickly before the voters have a chance to start yelling about it.
        And in this case, the state will loose about six hundred jobs when Magpul leaves the state or so the estimate goes. But this does not seem to bother the governor either.

        • Les_in_NC

          Okay instead of stupidity I’ll call it what it truly is, TYRANNY!

          • James1754

            People control would be better. Personally I wonder how many of the folks who will be loosing their jobs will feel about this.

  • That’s it. I’m done. Called the Governer this morning to kindly let his office know that I’m leaving the state for a state that respects our freedom.

  • JungleCogs

    And it will do nothing to stop further shootings. What a worthless Lefty loon.

  • Kordane

    Quote: “Is the convenience of someone at a target range not having to change their clip quite so often worth the risk to citizens and people in their neighborhoods?

    Having any clip/magazine size we want is not just a matter of “convenience”, it is a matter of us having the “right” to do so. Reducing it down to a matter of convenience is just like reducing it down to a matter of “need”, where it has been frequently declared “you don’t need clip/magazine size x” or “you don’t need weapon type x”. The issue isn’t need or convenience. The issue is whether we have unalienable individual rights, or do not have unalienable individual rights. Unalienable means unalienable though, so I already know the answer.

  • Stuck on Stupid.

  • jleinf

    Four hand guns were used at Sandy Hook no 30 round mags or AR 15s. The governor needs to explain himself or be removed from office for incompetence.

    • James1754

      That story has been debunked several time. An AR-15 was used.

      • factsobill

        Debunked by who! The Original report stated the AR-15 was found in his vehicle after the shooting! If you have no facts, quit passing made up BS and STFHU!!

        • James1754

          You might want to read the information from he medical examiners, as the children were shot with .223 not handgun ammo.
          Also the police stated it was an AR-15. Now if you want to argue that the proposed laws are stupid, fine I’ll be happy to join you. But stop with the argument that just makes us look like a bunch of nuts.

  • stage9


  • Well, 15 rounds is A LOT better than the 7 or 8 demanded by Governor Cuomo for New York State. Colorado is actually ahead of the game! Pity none of this, NONE OF IT, will save any lives. Criminals will get whatever they want. Average citizens will just have to sit there and die. And even then, liberals will never admit that they were wrong. That’s why they are so detestable.

  • OneThinDime

    Here’s his #(303) 866-2471 but the message says “The person you are trying to contact is not accepting calls at this time.”

  • famouswolf

    The idiot is too ignorant to know those were magazines, not clips. One uses clips to load magazines. He is also too ignorant to know what a combat reload is.

    In fact, he is too d**n ignorant to be governor of kindergarten, much less in any position to make such decisions. He should have left the governorhship to an adult and stayed at home and played sims.

  • LiveFreeOrDieAmerica

    This man is without a single clue about firearms use. 6 x 5-round magazines aren’t a whole lot more difficult to use than ONE 30-round magazine. A magazine change takes about 1.2 seconds. This argument is completely without base.

    • famouswolf


      Possibly the best battle rifle ever made, the M1 Garand, uses eight round clips(yes, clips, gov, not magazines in this case). Even today I would choose it over any black rifle in 5.56 for serious social purposes.

  • Lives4Freedom

    So many of our representatives are just SOOO utterly clueless….and this guy is nothing compared to what I just found out about my state of Oregon. They are scheduled to vote on a bill next week, that is off the chart in liberty violations. For interested parties, this is the bill:

    Nutshell notes….
    Prohibits semiautomatic rifles that look scary (grandfathered owners must register)
    Prohibits magazines over 10 rounds (grandfathered owners must register)
    State Police may perform inspections for compliance and safe storage (biting my lip now)

    I would be surprised if it passes, but pray for us please. Passage of such a bill would be a REALLY SERIOUS problem. Representatives who vote for something like this should be arrested for treason.

    • famouswolf

      Something similar being fought off in Washington State as well.

      The liberal fools are really going for it.

      They are about to push the country into a civil war.

    • warpmine

      Problem is, nobody will lift a finger or better yet load their gun and do something about it.

      People: War was declared by then mental defective Libs. What are you going to do about it? Pound you keyboard until it breaks or go hunting for liberal carcass?

  • RKflorida

    Chickenpooper is a turd. A waffling turd. Colorado has finally imported enough California dems into the Denver area to destroy the state.

    • He’s from Philly. It’s not just California Dems that are ruining this state. It’s leftists from all the leftist failed states.

  • Gov. Doofenschmirtz unveils his latest -inator, the Magazine-size Limitinator. Success!

  • Gov. Doofenschmirtz unveils his latest -inator, the “Magazine-Size Limitinator” success!

  • factsobill

    Hickenlooper just doesn’t understand what this is about! It most certainly isn’t about convenience at the gun range. It’s about the right to defend oneself from all-comers granted by birth on this planet!

  • This guy must be one of the producers of the pot, he also uses the shit. Dope state of America.

  • FreeManWalking

    Do they think the only place a 30 round clip can be manufactured is in a major gun factory?

    These iDIOTS don’t realize that a clip would be one of the easiest components of a gun to manufacture.

    If the criminal can’t get it on the open market, they will move the black or overseas and if they can’t get one that way they will make their own.

  • sickandtired

    Another one bites the dust…..

    What is it with these dumb people? Why are all the dumb people IN OFFICE?

  • NCHokie02

    Ah yes, “he had two thirty round magazines taped together” So if he only had two 10 rnd magazines then all of the sudden your bravery would kick in and you’d charge him when he was reloading? Right…

    A bill to be able to hold gun manufacturers liable if their guns are used in a crime??? How about a bill to hold auotmobile manufactures liable if their cars are used in a crime? How about a bill to hold alcohol manufacturers liable if someone is drunk and commits a crime?
    Perhaps they should add the manufactuers of the bullets and the magazines of said weapon used in a crime as well?
    How about a bill to hold manufactuers of any object liable if their product is used in a crime? That would stop it all wouldn’t it?? Well that settles it. I’m never moving to Colorado. Shame cause it does look nice there.

  • nimei576