Community Center? Mosque built near Ground Zero not living up to its claims

A paired down version of the planned mosque has been living near Ground Zero for over a year, but there are no signs that it is anything close to a community center as was promised:

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  • TruLevinian

    You mean they’re not teaching the love and wonder of Islam? Shocking!

    • Jazzee

      yeah shocking ….not surprised more friends of bama LIED

  • Rshill7

    It should be paired down even further, the occupants should be evicted for lies and unpaid back taxes, and the building turned into a pork emporium.

    D,d,d,d,d, dat’s all folks!

    • Conniption Fitz

      BBQ Pork Ribs – it’s what’ for lunch during Ramadan.

      • Bacon sammich for breakfast and baked ham for dinner.

        • NYGino

          With a nice Chianti.

          • Thank you NY! I knew you’d know just the perfect thing to compliment it 😀 Mornin’!

            • NYGino

              You’re up and running pretty early today ABC, ‘morning back at ya!

              • lol. Some folks think I have 56 hour days. It sure seems like it, and I sleep about 3 of them.

                I had a bit earlier, but re freshed the page a few times and it seems to be working better now. Could be the site is busy. That seems to mess up disqus for me.

                • NYGino

                  You don’t need Discus to tell you that I Like you.

                • You guys should get a room 🙂

                • Knock it off silly. Everyone here knows how much I love my Scoop family! 😀

                • NYGino


                • ♥ Gino, you Give a whole new meaning to I ♥ NY. 😀

              • I have the exact same problem. I think it’s a Disqus thing.

                • NYGino

                  Thanks Wolfie.

                • NYGino

                  Wolfie, it’s five hours later and I still have that problem with Discus. Do you?

        • notebene

          I think we should show up with some drag queens and a pork roast and announce, ” We’re here for the community cooking class!” I’d do it just to film the stupid expression on their faces!

    • keyesforpres

      Along with a brewery.

  • Sandra123456

    Are homosexuals welcome at the mosque? Just askin’.

    If homosexuals are not welcome at this mosque maybe some leading NYC liberals should ask, Why not?

    • Orangeone

      Maybe some should just show up and bring along some atheist friends and see how well received they are

  • NYGino

    Why should anybody be surprised? Truth means nothing to them, lies are an accepted, even encouraged, tool to advance their world domination agenda.

    Wonder what Bloomberg has to say about this now.

    • Rshill7

      Bloomberg impersonation:

      If you see any of the little darlings in possession of a 17+oz. Coke, let me know. I’ll grant them a Coke/Pepsi waiver. But by all means, lets all be tolerant right up to and including the moment we are beheaded.

      In summation, don’t figuratively lose your heads over this, the time will come when you can demonstrate how tolerant you are by literally donating your head to the cause. Cause we’re all infidels.

      Yikes gotta go, there’s a calling-all-cars emergency down at one of the local hot dog stands! The Coke is flowing like a river down there! SWAT team! Arrest those sugar-suckers. One of them has a cigarette too! Egads! Bring back Old Sparky!

    • neko_dachi

      Truth means nothing to them, lies are an accepted, even encouraged, tool to advance their world domination agenda.

      Are you talking about Muslims or Liberals?

      • NYGino

        Different groups, same game plan.

  • Conniption Fitz

    History of the Muslim BroHood and Islamic Jihad dates back to the 1930s and the rise of Nazism. Both movements are aggressive, malevolent, violent fascist/totalitarian and target primarily the Jews, but ultimately all other nations.

  • detectivedick

    Gee, a Con Job by Ms. Kahn

  • Well gee, imagine that. Who would have thought Rauf and others would gloss over the truth.
    It’s always been about conquest of Islam in America. The only reason they picked this place is because it is the place where their jihad was successful in killing over 3000 people. They used the 1st amendment against us, using America’s liberty of the freedom of religion.
    Too bad the church at ground zero which was destroyed that day has had nothing but battles to rebuild and is still not finished.

    Let the dhimmitude continue.

  • RKflorida

    Not living up to it’s claims?? Isn’t that a mushy way to say they lied?

  • Nukeman60

    No one who complained about this Mosque is surprised (let me show you my shocked face :-0). And no one who supported it is even visible these days (no surprise here either). It’s easy (and a liberal tenet) to lie about something just to get it done. Look at Obama. He’s been lying from day one and it doesn’t seem to slow him down.

    I loved what Trump said the other day when asked if he would buy the Mosque, now that they are way behind in their payments. He said he would not buy the Mosque, but he would buy the property, implying that he would tear it down and build something else.

    I liked it.

    • Orangeone

      Their tax burdens will be waived shortly…Bloomie is waiting for the $40 billion for Sandy relief funds and will use that to pay all past and future taxes.

  • I’m shocked, utterly shocked I tell you! Oh, I’m coming across all light headed… I best sit down… Someone pour me a very stiff drink! (waves hand to face)… I’m not sure I will EVER recover from that shock!

    • unclesamnephew

      sorry wolfie, in a mooslim society acohol is banned, as large surgary drinks. there there now, sip some water

      • I bet all those rich muzzies drink alcohol till it runs out their ears! They are as hypocritical as they are psychopathic.

        • NYGino

          …and watch porn every day.

  • notebene

    Once again, ignorant liberals will claim they were duped. No, you just closed your eyes to the truth. Historically, every Mosque that has been built was built out of spite right after a brutal Muslim victory over an infidel foe. It is meant to be an insult and those who opposed this one were right to be outraged! This evil demagogue has repeatedly shown who they are and what they are about and repeatedly, stupid, ignorant whimps have let them get away with it! Muslims count on the ignorance of others to push their evil agenda. This was dhimmitude in high gear and the NYC leadership bowed shamelessly. Fools!

  • WordsFailMe

    New York City- Sucker-punched again. Muslims have made you look like weaklings and morons again.

  • It will take alot more activism like this to get people aware of what the end game of immigration policies are becoming in the WEST:

  • Bill Whittle had this nailed way back in Aug,2010

    Bill Whittle: Ground Zero Mosque Reality Check:
    Bill Whittle talks about how policies of appeasement encouraged our enemies in the years leading up to World War II. Are modern policies of appeasement encouraging Islamic extremists? Will we pay the price for Obama’s cowardice? Find out as Bill Whittle gets fired up on this edition of Afterburner.

    Worth a watch!

  • colliemum

    It’s taqiyya, plain and simple.

    Amazing, isn’t it, that the metro-“elites” in the meejah and in politics are still so uneducated about some very basic elements of islam.
    It is even more amazing given that we, the uneducated peasants, know so much more about islam than they do. How can that be!

    I suggest that some of the females of that “elite” still seem to be secretly dreaming of living with a lusty sheik in his tent, sigh whenever one of these robed males turn up and lose their mental faculties in an instant …

    • Well said sister! Mornin’ mum! xoxo

      • colliemum

        Good afternoon, ABiC!

        It’s cold here …

        • It’s rainy here in the Sunshine State lol- but we needed it! 😀

          • colliemum

            Rain or no rain, cold or not – we don’t really mind, but we like to rub in the noses of the leftie ‘globull warming’ religion whenever it’s cold, because they told us we’d be too hot by now.

            • lol I know! Same here. Once in a while it gets cold enough to snow in the north central part of the state. Last time it snowed in Orlando, I laughed. Danged global warming!

  • Haywoodjbl

    Just BLOW IT UP New Yorkers….

  • “Pared”, not paired. Not the grammar police, but I do enjoy using correct English.

    • NYGino

      Me to.

      • Me tree… Likez wot dem too abov sed! Type English proper like wot I does! 🙂

  • Lies, always lies from the radical Islamists. The best revenge would be to open up a big gay bar right next door to it. Just say that it’s an “outreach” program designed to build bridges of “tolerance” within the city. And then add that Wednesday night will be “Come dressed as your favorite Islamic prophet” night. I’m telling you, this could be big and really spread “diversity” (among other things) in New York City.

  • Muslims lied? I’m shocked.

    Since their support was based on lies, they should be forcibly evicted by Seal Team 6 and the building torn down.

  • According to a report in the Daily Rash, the Ground Zero Imam and the Florida pastor who burned a Koran last year have agreed to appear on the reality TV show “WifeSwap”

  • well well , i wonder why i m not suprised ???

  • keyesforpres

    Muslims….you lie!

  • Biggbear52

    What prey tell, was your first clue. The victory parties or the known plan for yet another attack on our once sovereign land??