This is pretty unbelievable. For Etheridge to react like he did would suggest that there’s some sort of history between them two, but it’s clear that Etheridge doesn’t know who the college student is. And it’s also fairly clear that the Congressman engages the college student aggressively and physically without provocation.

I’m from NC and I hope this gets plenty of play in the 2nd district as November approaches:

I moved this from YouTube to as we know YouTube has a tendency to remove videos like this.

UPDATE: Someone on twitter mentioned he looks pretty wasted, which could be true. What do you think?

UPDATE: Below are the unedited angles from each video camera:

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  • texasgirl46

    This is going viral….it's all over myspace…

    If this guy was wasted….that just makes it worse….

  • jbluv

    this old rotten dems congressman, needs to go!!! No morals. NCs, vote him out!

  • cw

    I don't think he looks wasted, I think he's just ugly. Scum.

  • userlonestar

    Did the Congressman steal the kid's cell phone/camera? Yes my first thought was that he looked inebriated.

  • You know this idiot isn't from some jurymandered district where he can welfare pimp his butt in every 2 years, as his district is rated R+2. He better be drunk, because undrunk and crazy is a deal breaker, after the way the Demonrats have raped America for 3 1/2 years.

  • KeninMontana

    Where I come from, if you grab someone like that you'd likely pull back a stump at worst or a broken arm at the least. Member of Congress or not, you do not have a right to lay hands on anyone.

  • Enoch73

    I'm on your side here, guys, but I'm definitely not a fan of this ambush tactic. If some unknown guy with a mic and cameraman(men) approached me on the street asking obviously incendiary questions, I don't think I'd be too happy either. Grabbing and whatnot, ok, maybe he was over the line. But what can I say about how I'd react to that kind of ambush. Let's kick Progressive butt, but do it in the right venues.

  • Walking away from confrontation is how grown ups handle themselves- This was just a drunk attempt at bullying. He should have gotten his ass kicked as soon as he reached for the head.

  • To this young man and to the guy that got punched in Greensboro;

    PUNCH BACK!!!!!!!

  • To this young man and to the guy that got punched in Greensboro;

    PUNCH BACK!!!!!!!

  • KeninMontana

    Just how is the question “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?” , an incendiary question?These men and women who occupy the seats in The House of Representatives, work for the American People and it is well within our rights to ask such questions and have those questions answered. There is a reason they are called Representatives and that chamber in which they meet is referred to as “The People's House”.

  • It appears that the Congressman took the first phone/camera with him as he walked away….WTH?

  • pearl87

    Thanks for saving this, Youtube cannot be trusted. As a loyal arm of the MSM, they do their masters' bidding. Strange that we somehow wound up in Communist Russia on the road to hope and change.

  • pearl87

    i don't agree with you on this. These guys get paid handsomely for a part time job with plenty of perks and we are all paying his salary. He owes the people civility at the least, and I don't think the question was “incendiary” at all, unless he is ashamed of his record. But that would still be his problem. There can't be any hedging on this – this guy should be in jail, not on the public dole in Congress.

  • Jojode

    Here, Here!

  • Jojode

    Whoa! What the heck was that! How dare he put his hand on someone else much less a kid. I don't care if he was drunk or not, he is responsible for his actions. Did something happen before that could have prompted this? The question the student asked is no big deal so unless something else happened that was off camera, he should be prosecuted. That's one way of getting another dem out of office.

  • Jojode

    Sad but true. I was just on another message board and many are defending this guy. I can't believe it. Everyday I am amazed how far and how quick we have gone down. No understanding of peoples rights and proper behavior. How in the world did this happen so quickly? How have all our young lost common sense and the idea of respect?

  • tomren

    Drunk as a coot owl………..hope un-employed Nov !

  • tomren

    Drunk as a coot owl………hope un-employed come NOV !

  • I think it's a damned good thing that a 39 year old Army vet like myself wasn't the one that he grabbed onto. He'd be spitting teeth and wondering how his shoulders got dislocated so friggin fast.

  • I'll tell you who I am . . . I'm a taxpayer that you work for. I'm someone you're accountable to.

    Press charges! That is known as battery.

  • KeninMontana

    I was checking reactions on some of the other sites, when I came across this post at HotAir,sounds like a great idea to me”By now, we have plenty of footage to make a very telling video montage. Here’s what I envision…Clips of the cut ‘n paste media bemoaning the violence of the Tea Parties, interposed with clips of peaceful Tea Parties. Cue the ominous music, and show clips of Obama riling up the troops (“They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun…Get in Their Faces!…I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!…Hit Back Twice As Hard…So I know whose ass to kick.” Mix that with clips of the SEIU assailant, the protest gone violent in South Carolina, and this clown.”
    Anybody know anyone that is really good with video?

  • Well written Ozzie – first time I saw this video, my knee jerk reaction was that this guy seems drunk! He's a bully!

  • Enoch73

    A few of you (maybe more) didn't like what I had to say about this, so this is a general reply (see below for others who didn't agree). I wasn't trying to excuse his behavior so much as point out that ambushing someone is at best a bad idea. Juvenile, really. Vote him out, send him to jail, or kick his butt when he grabs your head, whatever. I'll have your back. But he shouldn't have been approached like that in the first place.

    OK, “do you support the Obama agenda” is not incendiary by itself, but our congressman here was at least sober and/or intelligent enough to know the direction this was going. It actually could have gone 1,000 ways, but none of them were going to be good for him. It was obvious. It was also obvious that he was alone on the street and being approached by a handful of young, able-bodied college students who want to challenge him over something they weren't happy with. Plain ol' logic says “possible danger.”

    Bottom line, this is not the venue. Think of any conservative you respect and try to picture them with a camera crew cornering a progressive senator on a lonely street. It would be below them, and it should be below us.

  • Enoch73

    See my above reply to Mr. Castillo.

  • Enoch73

    See my above reply to Mr. Castillo.

  • None of that flies-

    First- He is a public servant on a public street/sidewalk.

    Second- You are being absolutely ridiculous that 2 college age kids in the middle of the day with a camcorder or flip are perceived as a threat. Well, maybe if your perception is off by way of being sauced.

    Third- Their job is largely involved with media and so a situation in which they would be questioned by some young reporters or wannabe reporters in suits are something which could have been handled in a non-physical way.

    If you look at his jump to assault and the aggression you can tell that it is way over the line.

    Does a boss not have the right to question his employee? Then how is it that a public servant can manhandle a taxpaying citizen that dares ask him a question? They are not in a different class than us and that kind of thinking (that you posted) is what allows them to get away with the kind of 'drunken' sailor type spending they do without having to answer to us.

    Finally- There are plenty of videos in which journalists approach someone to ask question. You know what happens when someone of sound mind doesn't want to answer them? They keep on walking with maybe a comment that suggests a meeting can be set up if they go through the 'proper' channels. Only celeb prima donna's jump at the cameras- and I guess you can draw a conclusion about what that says about our politicians.

  • Enoch73

    Whoa oversensitive.
    1. I agree that the guy was wrong for his reaction, especially the physical part.
    2. I don't like ambush journalism.
    Can we get past this?

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