Conservative college student denied entrance to Michelle Obama rally, told rally for “supporters only”

This is ridiculous:

FOX NEWS – A University of Florida student said he was denied entry into a campus rally featuring Michelle Obama because he was wearing a John McCain t-shirt.

Matt Pesek told the website Campus Reform that he had a ticket for the event but was turned away while he was standing in line. An Obama staffer allegedly told the student that he would not be allowed inside because the First Lady’s speech was for “supporters only.”

“I was waiting in line wearing a ‘Gators for McCain’ shirt when a guy (representing the Obama campaign) comes up to me to just intimidate me,” he told Campus Reform. “(He then) asks me for my ticket saying…this is an event with only Obama supporters.”

Pesek said he offered to turn his shirt inside but was still denied entry.

A university official told the website that Obama officials could refuse entry to whoever they wanted because it was a private event. But it was being held on a public university campus — paid for by taxpayers.


Why would anyone want to just give a rally to supporters? I mean I get the idea of rallying the base and all, and it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do to wear a 2008 John McCain shirt to an Obama rally. Maybe that’s akin to wearing a Braves hat to Yankee stadium. And I understand that they want to avoid potential hecklers and what not.

But to be singled out and refused entrance simply because you are not a Democrat seems a bit much, especially with the offer to turn the shirt inside out.

“One of the things I learned as president is you represent the entire country. If you want to be president, you have to work for everyone.” – Barack Hussein Obama “mmmm-mmmm-mmmmm”

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  • poljunkie

    Petty little people.

    • yobabe

      I have two daughters @ UF…I spoke to my freshman last night and she mentioned that one of her classes was cancelled due to the event…hmmmmm…seems as though the space used for the first gal’s speech-o-lies was in the same building as her class…i thought Sikes said this was not a school sponsored event…then why was my child booted from her class? Lord knows I didn’ t sign up for paying per hour for political speech to get in the way!

      • Don

        When the president of the United States openly discrimiinates against people who disagree with him, it is a suppression of free spench and the right to assemble. Is there any part of the Constitution that he agrees with? He is making a mockery of the “United” States as his entire policy is to divide and incite racial hatred and class warfare at every level. This is an attack from within, plain and simple.

      • Orangeone

        And did you get a refund for the lack of education your daughter received because of Moochier’s fat @ss event?

        • yobabe

          Seriously…the UF spokesman said this was a private event…well, then why did my child’s class get cancelled?!? Why did my child get deprived of class-time for which I paid…I am writing Mrs. Spikes today expressing my displeasure.

          • Orangeone

            You go dad!  Be as public as you can be.  Do you have a FOX network that might cover the story? I’m surprised it wasn’t mandatory attendance for the brainwashing session.

  • chatterbox365

    Nothing surprises me about this Administration anymore. It’s not like McCain is a real republican, but that doesn’t matter. If this happened at a Romney campaign, the media would sh*t all over themselves.

    I hope this story spreads like wildfire and people stop sending this university any money. Governor Scott…the University of Florida should be the first school on the list to get their budget reduced.

    • Orangeone

      University of Florida needs to lose all public funding and the administration needs to be removed and sued for infringing on the educational rights students have paid for.

  • stage9

    Was he not a apart of the 47%?

  • FreeManWalking

    SCOOP you hit it with your ending quote from that guy she slept with…

    I suppose this happened before the quote actually aired, so we can’t hold it against her.

    This is the first time in my life I am NOT proud of the Flotus, actually that’s a lie… but I think I can get away with it.

    • canscrap

      Another GREAT ad for Mitt, Michelle denies access to Conservative student…. also, that woman in Detroit saying now I don’t have to pay for gas, food my mortgage etc. there’s a plethora of material, in their own words, that should destroy them without ANY ads. If the corrupt media was actually representing the American people, we might have a chance to get our country back. I hope & pray that we unite behind Mitt and make it a landslide victory for him.

  • I wonder, did these people have to show photo IDs to get in? Yeah, I thought so. Hypocrites.

    • poljunkie

      When I relayed the story to hub he asked me that. hahahahah

      • LOL Mr. Poljunkie is a brilliant guy!! 😉 But then again, he did marry you so, we figured that already!

        • poljunkie

          Im blushing and my posts on the other thread are sounding desperate.
          Maybe I had tooo much (diet) Mt Dew today?

          • lol. I wouldn’t worry about it girlfriend. I don’t hear any desperation except about turning this country around, and in that, we’re all on the same page.

          • Nukeman60

            We are all desperate – desperate to change the narrative to something sane. And anxious – anxious for November 6th to arrive.

            I used to see Nov 6th from my front porch, way off in the distance. But it keeps getting closer and closer and closer….

            • poljunkie

              I agree.

              Thank you NM

  • Obama should surrender his ACLU lifetime membership card. He is channeling Stalin more and more. Even Castro is ashamed to have him as a member of the dictator’s club.

  • #LIBTARDS don’t want to debate…they want to tell u how to think. #BARRYOMUSTGO

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Well what happened to being the President and 1st lady of ALL the People ??

    Humm.. Whats up with that… He just said Today he was President for ALL Americans…

    I guess a conservative college student is not American enough for this administration.

    What B.S.

  • Certainly not part of the 47% I presume.

  • NYGino

    “…If you want to be President you have to work for everyone”

    Right, and we’re sure you passed on this bit of Democrat folklore to your Attorney General.

  • PFFV

    Handpicked crowds? Oh My! I never would have thought they would do such a nasty thing!…sarc. off. Hee.. Hee..

    I can’t imagine going to any of the Obama’s events, my head would most certainly explode with all the lies they spew constantly. If they gave a damn about our economy they would have followed the Reagan model of proven recovery. Economic prosperity for all that wanted to work hard to achieve it. He revived the American Dream. Obama is killing the Dream with the fist of government, never ending regulations, increasing taxes, devaluation of the Dollar, workforce record low participation rate, record setting debt and spending, ObamaCare and more taxes.

    Who in their right mind would hire anyone with all this economic uncertainty and anti-job environment? This isn’t an accident or a problem that takes years to solve. Obama is trying to change this nation into a Socialist one, its as simple as that. He is anti-colonial, anti-free market and anti-Israel.

    Romney / Ryan in November!

  • So Christians cannot have a club at a university unless they open their leadership to any person who walks through their door, but if it is Obama it is okay to turn away anyone based on what one believes/is wearing on such a campus.

    Got it!

  • DCD+in+Indiana

    Hey Michelle. Aren’t McCain voters Americans too? Or are you just working for your 47%?

  • white531

    If Michelle Obama fell down on the sidewalk in front of me, I would step over her and continue on my original course. You may hold me in contempt for such ugly behavior. I hold her in contempt, because she hates America, and she is just ugly, period.

    • 1217Chic

      I would “accidently” step on her as well…….Can’t wait for her, her rent-a-kids and the old lady to pack up in January and GTHO.

  • Not4TheGimmeParty

    Considering she is the first lady of the United States–this is unconstitutional actually. Supposedly, he is everyone’s president.

  • Yazz55

    This is profiling!

    Liberals & statists should be screaming out loud complaining about profiling by the Obama regime.

    • Orangeone

      And if the student is white he should claim racial discrimination as well as gender discrimination and state the Demos have a War on Men!

  • JoeMontana16

    This is wrong. Having said that the kid should give me that McCain T-shirt so I can line the inside of my doghouse. I dreamt I had a McCain T-shirt on once and then I proceeded to fall down a cosmic rabbit hole.

  • One word: OBAMUNISM

  • The big question I have is why was this event held on a public university campus (paid for by taxpayers) in the first place? If it was a “private” event, then have it at a private location paid for by the Obama campaign, such as a hotel ball room or an rented hall or arena. Why are our tax dollars paying for an Obama event?

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    An event on a public university campus, paid for by taxpayers (you think the DNC is going to foot the bill for this?)

    The student had a ticket; how can you NOT let him in?

    Queen Michelle is to be obeyed!!! Let them eat fried twinkles!!

  • This gets weirder and weirder. Looking up the event, I found mostly vague coverage with photos of The First Lady and bland captions. I wanted to know what the event was.

    For example, if she was there speaking on behalf of, say her good nutrition initiative, and the rally was for better nutrition or something, then I’d say it’s fine to have her speak at a taxpayer-funded school event. Even if she subtly works in talking points about the President. Even if it wasn’t just for a club or something.

    But this appeared to be a major, campus rally to encourage students to go out there and vote! Yay!

    (I saved a picture if they decide to yank it)

    But wait, it was also called: “Grassroots Event with First Lady Michelle Obama”

    What? “Grassroots,” as in “from the bottom, up?” So what’s the First Lady doing there?

    Further, the news reports pointed out she expressly campaigned for Barack Obama at that rally (as she did at several places in Florida that day).
    Mclatchey News reports that she mentioned how slim the margin of victory was last time, “and coached her audiences not to take a day off for the next 50 days and ‘work like you’ve never worked before.’
    First Coast Newsquoted her as saying: “If we win Florida, we will be well on our way to putting Barack Obama back in the White House for four more years”

    She spoke in a large venue (you can see video at the First Coast News link), with all kinds of “Forward” posters (including on the podium), and televised coverage (okay, its the First Lady, so that’s expected).

    But the Republican equivalent (Go back to that McClatchey News link) was a bus tour where they spoke to a “few dozen” students in the “Young Republicans Club”.

    Anyone want to bet the Michelle Obama event wasn’t a University-sponsored (meaning NOT just a club) event?

    “Grass Roots” my eye! Someone should go to jail for this. You don’t use taxpayer money to support a campaign. EVER!

    Bill Whittle is exactly correct.

    • And I would say the same thing if Romney’s campaign got the same treatment.

      We need a Constitutional Amendment that expressly forbids all forms of taxpayer funding of campaigns. Including that stupid, “matching federal funds” crap.

  • Sandra123456

    Wonder if you had to show ID to get in.

    Did you have to get a ticket to enter in advance?

    • The NewsMax story added, “he said he had a ticket,” before the quotes you see above, in Scoop’s article.

  • wodiej

    Look at it this way-this is just another example of why not to vote for obama and support Romney.

  • Should have pointed out that his shirt was 47% made in Kenya, and 53% Made in America.

    Why he would *want to hear her speak* is beyond me. I wouldn’t go to a NObama event if they paid me to attend – like they do most of the crowd so as to make it look like there was a large crowd there – I turn over the TV the moment her or Manchild appears – I won’t submit willingly to evil.

    When he offered to turn his shirt inside out and they still wouldn’t let him in – That’s victimization, intimidation, and profiling right there.

    • Nukeman60

      What I would like to do is go to their rallies and film the back side of the audience, from a distance so that we could actually see the size of the crowd. Every time you see an Obama rally, it’s always closeups and zoomed in shots to show no more than a dozen people at a time, in order to hide the small crowd that is actually there.

      • Indeed… Just like moving the convention indoors “for weather safety” from a 74 thousand areana to maybe a 20thous. Had nothing to do with the fact that they couldn’t fill the original place despite bussed in Union workers and paid “supporters”, no it was the weather… Riiiiight! The weather.

        • Nukeman60

          Well, it was the weather – the political weather that seems to keep dumping on his parade. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. 🙂

          • 🙂

            • Nukeman60

              Excellent video. I’ve always loved it.

              “From where I stand, the sun is shining all over the place.” Yep, just like on November 6th. 🙂

              • Another one for you that you might like:

                (Mr. Blue Sky – ELO) A song I’m going to play on Nov 7th with great glee just thinking of the joy we will be feeling having unchained ourselves from the Socialist pResident!

                • Nukeman60

                  Perfect, wolfie. I’ve saved this video for Nov. 7th as well.

                  What I’d like to see on that day is a video with this music in the background, having the sun rising in the East; showing people coming out the polling stations the day before dancing, laughing and rejoicing; newspaper clips of the final election results; families hugging each other all across the country, as they look up at that rising sun into the new dawn of a different day. What a day of celebration it will be.

                  We could honor it as “Post-Obamination Day”. This is the first day of the rest of our lives!

                • That woudl make an awesome video! You should suggest it to the Romney camp as something to make for WHEN they win! 🙂

                • Nukeman60

                  You will never see the Romney camp make one like that after the election. It’s too much like ‘spiking the football’ and a true American President tries to bring everyone together after the fight.

                  However, I would love it for my private collection. Perhaps a right-leaning site would do it with leftover monies.

    • cathmom

      “That’s victimization, intimidation, and profiling right there.”

      No its not because they are libs.

      Now if a conservative had done this, they would be raked over the coals by the MSM.

      • (Slaps back of hand) Or course! What was I thinking! 🙁

        MSM (Muslim Socialist backing Morons) Making a mockery of journalism each and every day, printing all the manufactured news that fits their agenda!

  • I like how Michele Obama said Barack knew there was “no way” he would ever go to college without financial aid.

    I wonder how Walter Williams managed to go to college? Clarence Thomas? Hey Team Obama: ever hear of “working your way through college?”

    Howbout just “working?” Ever hear of that? Evidently not.

    • NObama wouldn’t work to warm himself in the middle of winter. He’d sit on his ass and wait for someone else to provide the fire and then have the gall to say “you didn’t build that fire – someone else built it” Ingrate!

    • By financial aid, are we talking about student loans or other “aid”? Like aid for foreign students? Student loans have traditionally been a very small percentage of the overall cost; they wouldn’t even put a scratch in the cost of a law degree.

      This guy doesn’t strike me as being too bright; I’d really like to know how he got into Harvard.

      • That’s news to me. I thought “student loans” were what lawyers and doctors spent 25 years paying off.

        Even so, I knew guys who went to law school at night, and paid for it out of pocket, because they worked day jobs to be able to do just that.

        It wasn’t Hah-vahd or some other prestigious law school, but they passed the bar and started practicing law just fine. (They also had relevant industry experience, which made them worth something once they got their law degrees.)

  • aposematic

    Only leftist brainwashed idiots allowed… Obuma’s America…

  • johnos2112

    I beg everyone to not look at the polls and make sure ALL of your family and friends VOTE. Ignore the polls because this IS a referendum on Obama.

    • Nukeman60

      I disagree. I think everybody should look at the polls, see their demographics, and adjust the results to more accurately reflect the D+0 (or, in reality, up to R+3) numbers that are closer to 2004, not the D+8 (or up to D+13) that the more recent polls are trying to push. Also, the polls should be showing likely voters instead of registered voters.

      If we shout out the real adjusted poll numbers, people will start to see that Romney is actually leading in the polling and it will dampen the effect that the OPM (Obama Propaganda Media) is trying to force on us.

      Here are a nice couple of charts that K-Bob passed on to me the other day that shows exactly what they’re doing.

      If we know it’s a lie and we proclaim enough times that it’s a lie, then other people will finally realize and pick up the chorus as well.

      • johnos2112

        I know.  I am just in a panic like everyone else that gets it.  If you took a poll of real voters I would be very surprise if the majority did not vote Romney.  This is gonna be a referendum on Obama.

  • ClassicLiberal

    G8R H8R.

    • Yes, Michelle is indeed a hater. She hates the 53% of us that pay for her vacations and temporary stay at the WH. NObama is a millionaire. Why aren’t the Occupy crowd calling for him to “pay his fair share”? Nevermind, it’s the usual Liberal selective outrage again.

      • Nukeman60

        She also hates the 47%, as well. They are just ‘useful idiots’ to her.

        “Let them eat cake! I’m too busy vacationing to worry about the little people.”

        • Good point!

        • ClassicLiberal

          If she hates the 47% and she hates the 53%, that doesn’t leave much to like.

          • Nukeman60

            And they say liberals can’t add!

            I have to admit, although she couldn’t find a time to like this country unless it elected her husband to the Presidency, she still always likes the power, money and the lavish vacations. Oh, and I’m sure she liked that $300,000 job that they didn’t have to fill after she left Chicago, as well.

  • Orangeone

    R Squared needs to find this young college student to do an ad saying “O’Bambi doesn’t represent me and prohibited me from attending an event on a public school campus.”

  • “One of the things I learned as president is you represent the entire country. If you want to be president, you have to work for everyone.” Yea, right. That’s why he said, “I’ll tell you what, except for Romney sign, I’ll buy beers for ten people,”. Somehow, I don’t think a republican would have said that. To the contrary, Bush would have said, “…even the guy with the Obama sign”.

    One thing this clown doesn’t know how to do is take the high road; he’s a child in a man’s body and doesn’t hide it. He has been blatant in everything he’s done and makes no bones about it. His first year in office he cancelled the National Day of Prayer and instead had 5000 Muslims up to Capitol Hill.

  • Ha ha ha. This non-news would be less news if they just let the guy in to the event!

  • Ha ha ha. This non-news would be less news if they just let the guy in to the event!

  • rich wojcik

    with all the millions of dollars FuBar Ack and you have, can’t you fix those buckteeth?
    Parents: put that photo of her in front of a cookie jar – no kid will ever come close!!!

  • kong1967

    Didn’t Obama just accuse Romney of dismissing half the country?

  • demographicallychallenged

    Sometimes you just need a bigger tent.-Forrest Gump

  • ed wedge

    You have to work for everyone except – Republicans, Catholics, white males born in this country, working people, people who believe in right to life, right to work etc. etc. etc.

  • BikerHoop

    “Why would anyone want to just give a rally to supporters?”

    Because that’s the only base he even stands a chance of retaining. He’s losing the others by the bushel. Oh yeah, and he hopes one of them will faint so he can stoke his ego some more.

  • immykal

    He should have worn a Che Guevara shirt – they would have given him a front row seat…