Coulter is a Coward

Everybody has given their explanation of what went wrong in the presidential election. Some say that the electorate has changed, some say that the party has to be less inclined to nominate moderates, some say conservatives have to give up on abortion and amnesty, some say nobody could have won against Obama, and some say massive unprecedented voter fraud in Obama’s favor was the only reason he won.

I read Ann Coulter’s fractured column from Wednesday only because Mark Levin linked to it. Coulter wants it to be clear that Romney wasn’t the problem, so don’t blame him for the loss. I don’t read her stuff regularly anymore like I used to. I don’t watch her on TV, I don’t listen when she is interviewed on radio. I don’t like frauds, I like people who are honest and forthright, straight-talking and who can connect with me on a “we are all Americans” basis. Someone who sees me eye-to-eye, not one that looks down at me. As a huge fan of talk radio and an observer of American politics, it has been clear now for about a year that Ann Coulter is not who I thought she was, and I have written extensively about it.

Wednesday’s column was very telling, and you can tell Coulter directed it at one person. Mark Levin.

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Levin, and I summed up why a long time ago on a forum while defending him. I surmised that the reason I defended Mark Levin, was because he defended me. This was years ago, I had no other connection with him than his voice on a radio, but I knew this guy would defend my way of life. My American way of life. Mark defends the coal miner, the mechanic, the truck driver, the farmer, the construction worker, the people who work with their hands who build things and work for others. Beyond that, he marvels at the work they can accomplish, wishes aloud sometimes that he could do the great things they do. Great things that we look at as all in a day’s work, for a paycheck to feed our families. The knowledge that a person far removed from your everyday mundane life understands your world and more than that, respects it, why, that is a powerful bond. And it’s real.

The opening paragraphs of Coulter’s column-

Small minds always leap to the answers given the last time around, which is probably why Maxine Waters keeps getting re-elected. But the last time is not necessarily the same as this time. A terrorist attack is not the same as the Cold War, a war in Afghanistan is not the same as a war in Iraq, and Mitt Romney is not the same as John McCain or Bob Dole.

But since the election, many conservatives seem to be coalescing around the explanation for our defeat given by Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots, who said: “What we got was a weak, moderate candidate handpicked by the Beltway elites and country club establishment wing of the Republican Party. The presidential loss is unequivocally on them.”

Coulter called Levin small-minded and instead of using his name, picked on Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots.

Now, you may ask how I know Coulter was speaking of Levin. I know because those of us who are faithful listeners know that they have had a quarrel for some time, and Levin has talked about how the establishment picks, the Dole, the McCain and the Romney picks are all moderates whom the base rejects. This recent column of Coulter’s, in my view, is a spill-over from probably some harshly-worded emailing.

Coulter’s action is the action of a coward. I can’t believe it, but even Conor Friedersdorf and David Frum mention Mark by name when they try to diminish him in the eyes of the electorate, so we have to wonder why Coulter will not call Levin out.

See, it is easy for a coward to fight someone whom they feel they can step on without consequence, given that Coulter is speaking from the moderate wing of the Republican party, and Martin is tea party. From the establishment’s point of view, tea partiers are neanderthal meddlers in politics who, not long ago I might add, received harsh reprimands from Coulter for not getting involved in politics sooner. In Coulter’s view, the coal miner, the mechanic, the truck driver, the farmer, the construction worker, and all the retirees and veterans that make up the tea party, ought to shut the %&@# up and go back to whatever it is they do while she is trying to get more PR.

What is not as easy, is aiming your insults at the person you mean to diminish, especially when you know that by doing so, the blow-back may take you down. Frum and Friedersdorf don’t hesitate because they did not play at rallying the conservative base at anytime in their career, and that is why they aren’t taken seriously. But Coulter did, and she recognizes the danger she is in.

Are the powers-that-be in the Republican Party sure that they want Ann Coulter as their chief cheerleader and spokesman? I noticed that Ann backed Chris Christie last year and wanted him desperately to get in the race. I noticed he never acknowledged her. I noticed she fiercely defended Romney when it was clear Romneycare was his big elephant in the room, and I noticed that Romney and his people didn’t publicly acknowledge her efforts. When it came time to pick a VP, Ann pushed Christie again saying that the Romney people owed her. But Romney picked Ryan. And now, after the fact, she is still defending Romney and a certain type of Republicanism, and yet nobody holds her out as the prime example of what a loyal Republican should look like. I wonder why?

Do those moderate Republicans really want her driving a wedge between conservatism and whatever it is they call their brand of republicanism? I don’t think so, and it’s clear why they won’t acknowledge her.

She built her career off of her wit and ability to cause a stir. I know now that her PR addiction was the driving force behind many of her most outlandish stances and comments. Some conservatives, including me, mistook her fire for conservative upheaval of the status quo. I know moderates did. But I liked her all those years and they didn’t. They went to great pains to distance themselves from her, not wanting to be associated with her rhetoric.

So now that it seems she is trying to make her place amongst the moderates, seemingly pushing openly for Christie in 2016, defending the brand of politics that Christie represents, hoping that in four years, she may be able to be part of another New England republican victor, this one with a big mouth like her. (Just a theory.)

This tight-wire Coulter is walking is wreaking havoc on her nerves, (just an observation,) because as she slams Jenny Beth Martin she uses this line,

As Trotsky said, in moments of crisis, people with no politics tend to develop the worst possible politics.

and then goes on to trash Cruz, Reagan, and anyone else that the tea party connects with. Anyone who knows anything about Reagan will instantly see red if they bother to read the rest of her column. That said, she may not realize that in her efforts to push Romney’s ‘awesome’ points, she sharply shows that he had no tea party support. And therein lies the fact of why Romney lost.

As I said in my opening, everyone has their theory as to why Romney lost. Mine is this. Romney lost because he did not get the votes of Reagan Democrats. Obama lost millions of voters this go-round because many many blue-collar people who traditionally vote Democrat could not bring themselves to vote for Obama and could not bring themselves to vote for Romney. I think this because unlike Coulter, I actually live and talk and move amongst people like me, people that work with their hands, and struggle in their daily lives.

As an aside, it was clear during the primaries that conservative Democrats were not going to vote for Obama, and already did not like Romney. When Romney was the nominee, they tuned out until there was something they could see that he would do to understand their lives and where they were coming from. But hey, Obama’s a nice guy, and he doesn’t know how to create jobs. Reagan Democrats have jobs. They will work 17 hour days before taking a handout. Both Obama and Romney had no clue.

But the Republican consultants laughed at me and others when we pointed out that Romney wouldn’t get the Reagan Democrats, and that we needed them to win against Obama. The consultants said that the way to win is to get Democrats to vote for Mitt, and Democrats are not all that keen on the conservative side of the social issues. I was told also, that since I live in the middle of nowhere, by demographical standards, I don’t speak for the rest of the country, so leave them alone and go back to whatever it is I do.

They are so wrong. And now, I and millions of other tea partiers are left without a reason to argue for the Republican party. We are being rejected, quite obviously, and unless there is an intervention within the party, where strong elected conservatives argue on behalf of the tea party patriots across the nation, the Republicans cannot win.

Ann Coulter is just trying to find a place to be where she is comfortable. Perhaps she thinks the tea party is going away. Perhaps she believes that fiercely opposing those that do not agree with her is a good way to rally herself to a new height of PR. Unfortunately, that tactic only works when you are fighting the establishment.

I can’t think of anything more stupid than to go after Mark Levin, and Coulter can say she didn’t because she didn’t name him. But, she has attacked Palin, the tea party, Reagan, conservative candidates, you and me. Even if she didn’t come out and say Mark Levin is small-minded, she clearly insulted everything he stands for.

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  • Conniption Fitz

    The RNC establishment rejected conservatism and the Tea Party to embrace Romney to their discredit.

    Hopefully, Conservatives will form their own party.

    “Vote with The Conservative Party for Fiscal Sanity, Economic Recovery and Moral, Legal, Judicial, Congressional Accountability and Responsibility.”

    Now that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

    • jrt1031

      Reagan was a conservative Republican. We dont need a new party….we need to weed out party of the left leaning , excuse making, finger pointing… weaklings….AND we need to convert the left to right thinking and expose the obama machine and its lies.

      • capelady

        The Republican Party has suffered great damage since the days of Reagan and I am beginning to agree with Herman Cain that it cannot be re-branded. I understand the third party risk, but Boehner and co. are so firmly entrenched, how long will it take to vote all the RINOs out or to outnumber them so that we can begin to promote conservative principles when Boehner hates conservatives and has neutralized them in the House? If we were to create a fresh new party that is founded on CORE conservative principles that appeal to the majority of Americans (which is the key) and offer American voters an alternative to the two parties that nobody trusts to fix what is wrong with this country, we may succeed more rapidly than trying to reform the GOP. Unfortunately, however, I do believe that massive voter fraud may have been the reason that Obama won. Not one state that had voter ID went to Obama…. and nothing is being done to address the fraud. If we don’t eliminate the machines and go to paper ballots, restrict early voting to in-person with ID, and require ID in every state and begin to establish some integrity in our election process — we may never win another election. Of course, four more years of Obama could bring our entire economy crashing down, and if that is the case all bets are off.

        • Sandra123456

          Seems like a good time as ever to start a new party. Maybe 2 goals we ahould have for 2013 is to establish a new party and agitate for impeachment of Barry. I feel worse than I did when the King of Lewinskys was re-elected.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            Impeaching Showbama will never happen. We really need to give that up.

            And, yes, I certainly believe he deserves impeachment.

            • NJK

              I remember telling my spouse that Zero could start mass murdering people in the streets and it would be 50/50 anyone stopping him. I now believe no one would stop him. I think they’d say, look how beautiful he weilded the knife.

              • Let’s concentrate on electing Tea Party conservatives in two years and give Boehner and his wimpy friends the boot for good. .

                • anotherworriedmom

                  Agreed. Lets stop all the hand wringing and focus on the Senate in 2014. You can bet that the D party already is. We took the House in an off year election. We can do the same in the Senate. But we have to start now.

            • pdxlady

              I think that he could be impeached, E. Lee; if we take back the Senate in 2014. There are 20 Dem seats and 13 Repub seats up for re-election.

              And ALL of the House seats are up for re-election. We need to plan now and have people that are able, move to these districts and states and challenge the seats, many of whom run unopposed (i.e. Boehner), year after year. Here is a link to the 2012 seats, and you can see who ran and who they ran against (or not). Just click on the state.,_2012

              Can you believe that John Conyers (MI-12) has been in Congress since 1955! He’s 86 for heaven’s sake; and John Dingle (MI-13) since 1964! He’s only 83 tho. We have to do something about these people in Congress who think they have life time appointments!

              And, if we start now to do what we can to implement impeachment & to make a loud noise, and keep the pressure on the cover-ups; Fast & Furious and Benghazi; I believe there are enough of us to make a difference.

              WE THE PEOPLE are mad as H3ll and we won’t take it anymore!

              • bobemakk

                We need new blood who are very conservative, that is the only answer.

                • pdxlady

                  You’re right bobemakk; new blood and very conservative is the only way. We have our work cut out for us, finding and supporting those people.

              • serfer62

                conyers & dingdong are black, they’ll get reelected long after they’re dead.
                Impeachment conviction requiew 67 senate votes…no way that’s gonna happen.
                The rino lost the ’14 & ’16 elections already so we have 5 years to build a national candidate.

            • warpmine

              The dirtbag(s) need to be arrested, tried and executed in a swift manner or you’ll never get it off the ground. It took them just over a century to put all this in place and they’ll never step aside, down or relinquish any power they have now without killing all of them and you can take that to the bank of truth.

              I know it seems harsh and worse, I may seem like a nut but history of facts says I’m right. These people are as evil as the the fallen one himself and those that want to negotiate with them are plain ignorant.

              Anyway, I hope all of you have had a blessed Thanksgiving.

          • Impeach him on what grounds?

            High Crimes and Misdemeanors is very narrowly defined.

            • NJK

              I think ignoring four people in Benghazi when they are under a terror attack, and lets them die, falls under high crimes and misdemeanors. And then goes on TV, and blatantly tells America and the world that this is due to a video falls under that category. It was not faulty intelligence, it was a lie.

              I think trying to frame American gun dealers in Fast and Furious under the charade of trying to catch drug lords, who then turn around and murder two federal agents and hundreds of others, falls under high crimes and misdemeanors. Don’t let the rhetoric of the cowards fool you. This guy has been impeacheable for a long, long time. The fact that he hasn’t been only shows half of Congress is criminal along with him, and the other half are the color of yellow. They’ve gotten away with this for too long.

              I’ll say it, since no one else will. Obama’s a murderer. He’s a third world despot. My hope is that God takes care of him, and those that let this man continue where he is. God’s keeping score. I don’t think there’s a person in the cesspool of D.C. with an ounce of conscience in them. If there was anyone in the CIA or FBI with a conscience, they’d leak every bit of info on Zero that they could access. They have the means to do it. They need to do it. They need to leak everything they know about him.

              Tales from Fast and Furious Part 2: Victims of a Rogue Government

              • Actually it doesn’t fall under that. Now if you can prove he was lying about it under oath then maybe. As I said it is narrowly defined and rampant emotionalism won’t change that definition.

                Please study up on it.

                • NJK

                  Like hell it doesn’t.

                • Okay you keep posting rampant emotionalism and see how far you get. Keep screaming impeachment pretty please.

              • Jazzee


              • Gosh, you don’t think West has an ounce of conscience in him?
                There are some people calling for accountability in Fast and Furious and Benghazi. They just aren’t in the majority even in Boehner’s majority.
                Let’s not be drama queens and call it what it is.

            • BS61

              On tape and saying our FF didn’t go far enough and that our Constitution is wrong… h

          • Jazzee

            sandra: me too at least clinton (bill) knew he was a liar
            obama is mentally ill….and old hillary well she hitched her wagon and she is just like obama……didn’t agree with old bill all the time and his behavior was beyond sick for a president but….he had some common sense…

          • hbnolikeee

            Remember who owns the DOJ though.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          Only do that if obscurity is something you enjoy. Branching out on our own is no way to build a future.

          • Rightstuff1

            Spot on Zimm. A third party is the route to failure. Margaret Thatcher inherited a Conservative Party in 1975 which was “wet”. The “Wets” far outnumbered the economic “Drys”. Thatcher was an economic Dry. Ronald Reagan did the same thing with the Rep Party. It has been done before so it can be done again.

            The Tea Party has been very successful. It is doing what it set out to do.

            I did not like Romney during the primaries. He calumniated some really great Conservatives in order to be the nominee. Obama then went all and did – outdid – to Romney what Romney had done to Newt and Santorum. Then we had to listen to Romney call Obama a nice guy and a decent man after what Romney had said about Conservatives that was nauseating.

            My initial anger was towards those conservatives that did not turn out. OK, past that one. We need to find a candidate / candidates that will speak conservatism from the heart and the mind. They need to feel it, intuitively Conservative, viscerally Conservative just like Thatcher, Reagan. Only then will we speak to the hearts and minds of real Americans. Only then will there be a route back to power. We can but pray that there will be something left to us that can be salvaged from the wreck that will be the US economy.

            God Save the Republic.

            • NJK

              . A third party is the route to failure.

              Like the constant failures we have now?

        • hbnolikeee

          The problem with addressing the fraud is look who is head of the DOJ.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          A third-party would be a good idea, but we are going to have to suffer for a couple of election cycles so that the new party can gain popularity, and recognition.

          • PapaLouie

            Get real people. A house divided cannot stand. If you can’t take over the Republican Party, you don’t have the majority. And if you are in the majority, there is nothing to stop you from electing conservative candidates and taking over the Party. Think about it. Shouldn’t it be easier to reform the GOP than to start over? Even a viable third-party would allow Democrats to finish destroying the country before it has time to gain enough popularity to make any difference. Let’s concentrate on electing Tea Party conservatives in two years and give Boehner and his wimpy friends the boot for good.

            • ApplePie101

              If the house you are referring to is the republican party, I don’t want that house to stand. If you’re referring to the house of representatives, THAT house is not divided, and there’s the problem. They are united against us.

              • No, they’re divided too. Boehner and the establishment vs. the Tea Party Caucus. Wonder what that’s about?

            • NJK

              I think our only hope is waiting until Boehner and his ilk, die. He smokes and drinks, so maybe…….

          • We won’t survive Democrat control past 2016 or 2020. God forbid.
            We won’t be around by then.

        • Sober_Thinking

          I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said.

          I especially like the voter fraud solution you propose. To me, a national voter I.D. which includes a current photo, Social Security number, address, and a bar code (or something similar) that has your vitals (including an authorized voter I.D. number)… which is renewed every 4 years or so… in combination with voting in person ONLY and in combination with some of the other things you propose, would be a great step towards fixing this problem.

          And with Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McCain, Graham, etc. still around, the GOP is doomed.

          • TXBonnieBelle

            Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McCain, Graham, etc are getting older and older (as am I) so I wouldn’t worry about them – look at the hot conservative young guns that are being elected. That should excite you. Ted Cruz from TX (cheers everyone!!) is fabulous, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Paul Ryan, these “kids” are the future of the Republican party. Don’t worry about the “old” list – they will be replaced by the young ones because the new kids have ambition and they will knock off the oldsters – its the way it should be. It’s the way the world of business and politics works.

            • Sober_Thinking

              As am I… 🙂

              You make a valid point. I appreciate your response.

        • I am toying with what Herman has said but is he forming a new party or just talking?

          It is certain that something has to give with the GOP. Either reform it or dump it.

          • capelady

            I think they are floating the idea, as Palin has… not sure if they are trying to frighten the GOP or if they are seriously considering it. We would have to sacrifice an election cycle or two to become established, but it won’t matter much of the GOP keeps pushing liberal-lights. Nothing will change anyway. The time might be right.

            • Forget giving Obama 8 years and Hillary 8 years. We’ll be gone by then, possibly nuked by then and we’ll win no more elections ever again since people will be too dependent on government.
              Besides, the people this party will try to elect we might turn on them after 8 years anyways. Don’t think they won’t try to infiltrate it if it picks up.

        • Juan999

          With this sorry economy and such a foolish president, anybody should have and would have crushed Obama in an election. The ONLY way Obama could and did win was by massive cheating in the swing states.

          • MsContrary

            My intuition screamed that cheating by the Marxists would happen, and my intuition was proven right. The Marxists bribed, lied, and committed voter fraud everywhere they got Democrats onto Election Boards all over the Country. They even imported the U.N. watchers who were going to pounce on Election Boards’ results that didn’t go Obama’s way if the election had been extremely close, which is what was expected. What no one knew for sure is how many idiots would NOT vote for President. In 2008 it was 10% of registered Republicans who just wouldn’t vote for McCain. I’m still waiting to see the breakdown of the millions who chose not to vote for Pres this time around. I know one thing for sure. They’re idiots.

        • NJK

          We lose now with the Rhino party, so there is no risk and going third party. I’m done with the Republican Party. We supported their candidates, and they lose. I already told my spouse, I will not vote Republican again, with a Jeb Bush type as a candidate. I’m done.

          Boehner is now grabbing more power for himself, and bullying House members. I’m going to be perfectly blunt here, my hope is that he dies soon He smokes and drinks, so I’m hoping. He thinks the seat is his, and not the peoples. He rode into his position using the Tea Party, that would be you, and I, and millions of tax paying, hard working, God loving citizens, and then, he gives us the middle finger like his golf buddy, Zero.

          This guy needs to understand, that he will be leaving office, one way or another. We are poised to pounce.

          • pdxlady

            I don’t wish him to die; just that SOMEONE would challenge him and remove him from office. We’ve got him because he runs unopposed (I hate to sound like a broken record)!

            Boehner has ascended to to his position, and he is very proud to be Speaker and wield a little power. I’m sure that he believes that he could and should be president.

        • Very well said. Its obvious that many people do not vote because they don’t trust either party. If we worked hard, and get the message across, people would get behind it.

        • BlueGood

          Well said CapeLady!….

          Conservative Party of Canada works well in the Great White North….we use PAPER BALLOTS, we demand ID, Driver’s license, OR two pieces of mail showing residential Address….as an ACTIVE Conservative, who worked on our last two elections (Federal & Provincial), as a Supervisor over 4 polls, I can categorically state, we had NO PROBLEMS!….No voter complaints, no voter frauds…in my Riding/district!

          It appears from this observer, that the GOP have become more of a problem than a solution to the cronyism and back rubbing at the expense of the taxpayers.

          I too believe a new Conservative Party may succeed faster than one might expect.

          WHY is Sarah Palin STILL so very dearly loved by millions?

          Because she DOES NOT speak with a Forked Tongue and her ACTIONS as a politician resulted from her respect for TAXPAYERS and her heartfelt beliefs in doing the right things.

          THAT type of Politician MUST be encouraged to step forward to help America resolve the all too familiar fiscal and social problems!

          In other words, INTEGRITY must once again Reign Supreme!

      • sjmom

        They do not want us and until they wake up and smell the coffee we will be pushed aside. The GOP is not our answer; let them go the way of the Whigs.

        • Don

          Great point, sjmom. If Romney had embraced conservatives he would be president now. Even the conservatives who voted for him had to hold their noses. RINOs are the third party and they will never change and never hold the presidency again. Morons like Rove and Coulter can run their mouths all they want to, but nobody is listening. Coulter is the epitome of a dumb blonde joke. She exposed her limited intelligence when she was slobbering over Christie for president.

          • Actually I think Romney was trying to embrace conservatives by picking Ryan as his VP. I think this election was lost for multiple reason and not one singular reason.

          • TXBonnieBelle

            Absolutely not true. I’m so conservative I make Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal and I voted for Romney because I did my research and homework and didn’t buy the BS about him that was rhetoric and superficial without basis. Romney at his core was a solid businessman with an astute grasp of finance and how to make budgets and money work. I too am a businesswoman so we have that in common. I did not hold my nose when I voted for Romney. I wanted him to turn things around and he would have – in a new way that would have surprised you. Romney did great things for MA which was what MA wanted. He would have done different things in TX because we are different here. You do what works in different climates – that’s business. One model doesn’t work in every situation – that was what made him better than the others – his experience in business – proven success. He actually walked a fine line down the middle which I think in the end didn’t work. He didn’t explain himself well enough to each group so no one really embraced him but the one thing that should have mattered was his success in the real world of business. Nothing else mattered or matters. Rove is not a moron – he is one of the most brilliant minds in the field of political campaigning statistics. What slipped everyone up is the fact that Obama’s campaign was totally without integrity and didn’t follow any prior plan ever used so there was no statistic available with which to measure results. It was a new ball game with rules that no one knew because there were no rules – this was Chicago thug winner take all Hunger Games campaigning. I do agree with one point you made. Ann Coulter made a fool of herself over Christie. I have no idea what that was about but it was demeaning not only to her but to all women. It just goes to show that no matter how successful a woman is she can still be reduced to an idiot screaming mentality teenager over a man.

          • hbnolikeee

            I never understood why she got so hot and bothered by Christie either. Some say that his embracing Duh Bumbler during Sandy was the death blow for Mitt.

      • PapaLouie

        Reagan was a Democrat before he became a Republican. He also signed abortion legislation while governor of California. He had a more liberal history than Romney. If he was running for President for the first time in 2012, you would not like him because of his past liberalism. You would call him a flip-flopper, too. We did not find out that his conversion to conservatism was real until AFTER he was elected President. Hindsight is 20-20 with Reagan, but we will never know how conservative Romney would have governed because so many voters stayed home. Only 38 of 80 million Evangelical Christians even bothered to vote. You can’t just blame Romney for that. The turnout has been similar in previous elections. As the Bible says, “faith without works is dead.”

      • As a TEA party co-founder, we’ve tried convincing, infiltrating, and subsidizing the Republican party back to it founding principles of Abe Lincoln and, more recently, Ronald Reagan. I’ve wasted the past 4 years trying. They are Rinos who are interested in where their next fundraising event will be held.

      • warpmine

        It will never happen that way. They are entrenched with roots spanning to all aspects of the liberal dominated old media. If conservatives stayed home for the next cycle as well, the GOPe would just point to what their saying now that we have to ditch social planks. This is the reason a new party must be formed and now before it’s too late(reality slaps us all upside the head, the country is DEAD!) let he who is on the Lord’s side come unto me…it’s their choice.

        We’ve been outcasts, we’ve been relegated to the backseat or back door. Bottom line is they cannot win elections without us so they better get use to sitting in the back of the bus heading for the executions or get their head out of their butts. A hot war is brewing and rest assured these GOPe will sell us out to the enemy for their 30 pieces of silver even fastener than Judas Iscariot. Fact is they’ve already sold the principles of conservatism out so it should come as no surprise at all that they would sell us out as well. No, let us form a new party with clear and definitive language inviting those that desire a return to constitutional government as the Founder’s conceived.

      • bobemakk

        Well, lately I am seeing republicans that are so called conservatives (RINO’s) looking to reach across the board and start to agree with Obamas new doubling down on tax proposals. Conservatives are far and in between. Under Obama we are doomed. It WAS ALL VOTER FRAUD. Romney conceded too quickly and should have demanded a recount.

    • Constance

      I am all in. The GOP is in my rear view mirror. They do not represent me anymore.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Then you’re heading the wrong way.

        • Constance

          Oh well, won’t be the first time. At some point, it’s time to turn out the lights and shut the door. I’d rather work toward real conservative change than continue to play the same game of chess with the GOP. It never really changes, does it? Has anything of substance been done since Reagan, in the GOP, that promotes conservative values? They just renominated Boehner for Speaker of the House, including all the tea party people we sent to Washington. Something tells me the GOP is not my party anymore. Changing corruption on the inside only words when those on the inside actually try to do it. I don’t see that, I’m sorry. If I’m proven wrong, I’ll gladly admit it. And, I won’t specifically vote against GOP candidates just to make a point. I will support anyone conservative. But, at the same time, I would prefer moving on to a conservative party that may flounder at first, and may take a few years to get its legs, but in the end, will be a place where I belong. Winning elections doesn’t seem to help the GOP much.

          • Rightstuff1

            Constance I understand your sentiment. It is very attractive to many Conservatives to say “very well then, so be it, alone!!!” Very tempting, very inviting, so easy and so wrong. Reagan did not inherit a Conservative Party in the GOP. Margaret Thatcher did not inherit a Conservative Party when she took over the “Conservative” Party in the UK. It took them years. One could argue that in the case of Reagan the Party didn’t shift enough to the Right until 1994.

            We will not be leaving the Rep Party. That is what the Dems want. That is actually what they need us to do. That way lies political wilderness for generations. That way lies Democrat one party rule.

            We have to stay and change it from within. We can do it because it must be done, the country needs us to do it.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      No. That’ll never happen, and, if it does, it’ll spell doom for Conservative policies forever.

    • Once again. We need a party of and for the people.!/groups/246453535484363/

      and I’m on twitter [email protected]

      we just started Monday, we need help from who ever is serious and willing. We are already growing even though we just got off the ground. We are regular people who are willing to fight and work for changes, and who are sick of the crap in Washington from both sides.

      • Constance

        Hey there, I have sent those links all over heck and back, and I have asked every one of those people to forward on, and so on. You’ve got my support, and I may be just one person, but a whole bunch of ‘just one’ persons can result in a whole bunch of persons! Think of all the people out there who have different strengths and talents, who could embrace something like this, and add their own ideas. Sure, it’s scary to contemplate something this big, but then, our country is going down the toilet. I’d rather do something and fight with all my heart and lose… than just keep playing the same stupid game.

        • Amen sister! Well said! Can I quote you on that, seriously? That’s exactly the spirit of what I started this for. Thank you Constance. You’re a blessing!

    • Don’t know if you noticed or not, but Romney got more votes and won more primary’s than the other people in that extended race. Just saying, it was we voters that got him as the nominee, not some fictitious ‘establishment’. And yes. I’d vote for Romney again in a heartbeat.

    • aposematic

      If a Conservative third Party were large enough; it could force the GOP elite to at least acknowledge their base in elections as they then could not take Conservative voters for granted. But most likely it would be more like the Libertarian R’s and ignored if not demagoged. The most detrimental to our Nation is base line budgeting. It is now normal for Government to spend $4T more every year than it takes in and call it a balanced budget. And all under no budget at all. If in 2014, there is zero deficit spending, our Government would still have spent $6T more than revenues…we are screwed as any attempt to stop this nonsense would turn our streets into EU streets. We are now a Big Gov. Socialist Nation and four more years will bring US to our senses or bring US to a Plantation Nation. To start a third Party now is fifty years too late. The writing on that wall was painted over back in the 70’s.

  • jrt1031

    The problem: The dems now lie and cheat to win elections. We needed someone to fight this machine harder and Newt would have done so. Why doesnt Romney stand and fight with West and get to the bottom of the fraud votes and fraud counts of votes. O would be nothing without the MSM that has to disected as well.

    • sjmom

      The GOP is in cahoots with the Dems which is why Newt went nowhere. They will destroy anyone who does not fall in line; hence Romney’s and McCain’s milquetoast campaigns. Look at the candidates the GOP shunned.

      • Don

        Another great point, sjmom. The relationship between the leaders of both parties is incestual with the RINO’s role being on the receiving end. The only difference between McCain and Romney is Romney got 3,000,000 less votes. The RINOs shunning the conservatives running for office cost them the presidency and will always cost them the presidency. Conservatives have had enough of the cowardice of the RINOs. It is imperative that 2012 is like 2010. Conservatives rallied and took back the House. We need to send more conservatives to oust the cowardly CryBaby Behner. He is a disgrace as a leader. 2010 AGAIN.

        • sjmom

          Unfortunately, it is not just John Boehner. It is the media elites like Coulter and Kristol among others as well as the Roves, the Bushes and the country club set. This is who the public hears and they wanted Romney and demeaned conservatives like Bachmann, Perry and Gingrich.

          IMO the only way to do this is to separate ourselves from among them and stand together. The Tea Party unfortunately is too many separate groups and unless united and of one mind as in 2010 will not succeed. We need a another political party where all can gather under one banner and under our founding documents. Then, we tell the GOP to take their wigs and go the way of the Whigs.

          There’s a reason we’re the “Right” because we’re on God’s side and He is always RIGHT about everything. Keep the faith, we will do this.

      • Wisewoman2

        Keep thinking like that and keep losing.

        • sjmom

          Apparently, you are part of the problem rather than the solution. Open your eyes.

          • Wisewoman2

            My eyes are wide open and what I see is a party that continues to lose. I am dismayed by that because I truly think the Republican party along with the Tea party is the answer to what the country needs. The main problem seems to be that they think there are 55% true blue conservatives in the country who will automatically vote for another true blue conservative. That is bullsh*t. The conservative cause must be seen as a process of steering the country onto the right path. That may take 2 or 3 elections to accomplish. The process will never begin as long as GOPers eat each other alive to the detriment of the country. That is all I am saying. We need conservatives to SAVE the country. I am a former AA democrat who left the party because it became so liberal I did not recognize it never to return again. I watch them tear the country apart and I despise their tactics. That is why I feel as strongly as I do.

            • serfer62

              Wise? Woman…insanity is doing the same thing over & over but expecting a differnt result.

              Does dole, mccain, jeb bush & coming uo in ;16 sound familiar?

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      FYI: Conservatives know history, and the Dem-machine has been stealing elections for decades, if not a century and one-half. Unfortunately, as the Dem-machine controls the media, there’s little to be gained in fighting them, especially on vote fraud.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I think you’re wrong, fighting the voter fraud is going to put it in people’s minds and soon after that a narrative is going to be created, a narrative that says that Democrats only win by fraud.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          No, it’s not. Like I said, Conservatives know their history, and, if anything, we know that there’s very very very little to be gained from fighting voter fraud. Being proactive — requiring photo IDs for voting — is the only positive way to affect change at the poling place. Anyone with half-a-brain knows how far-reaching the Dem-machine has instituted fraud; pointing it out at this point is only preaching to what’s left of the choir, and that ain’t much.

          • Actually the narrative is becoming that elected officials are not the official of anyone because they were fraudulently elected. Is a leader really a leader if the people do not recognize him as such?

            • E. Lee Zimmerman

              ??? Last election results I saw showed Showbama won.

              • What I am saying if people perceive any election win as cheating then they won’t recognize the winner. Who will they lead when no one follows?

                • E. Lee Zimmerman

                  Sorry, but that’s patently absurd. We’re not a banana republic.

                • No it isn’t patently absurd because it is happening. Many are saying he isn’t ‘their’ president because he cheated. We aren’t a banana republic….yet. Keep on the path we are on and we will be.

                  What exactly is it that you are so angry about in all of your posts all of the time anyway? Is it that you seem to not comprehend things?

                • E. Lee Zimmerman

                  Me? You’re the one spewing insults, Laurel.

                • Uh no. I haven’t spewed even one insult. Projecting on your part is less than helpful.
                  For whatever reason you are loaded for bear like so many these days…especially since losing the election.

                  Since you don’t deem to want to discuss things rationally and with some intellect then I will ignore you then. It’s a pity.

                • E. Lee Zimmerman

                  Right, Laurel. Right. All one has to do is read your last two posts to determine who’s spewing insults and who’s not. Happy trails.

      • I agree to an extent. Voter fraud should be fought because it is wrong….PERIOD! Just because it has happened for decades doesn’t mean we ignore it either. To an extent I agree with you but to an extent not.

        Murder has been happening since time began…should we give up fighting that as well? What about theft?

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          You’re practicing moral relativism IF you’re equating murder with voter fraud. That’s never a good foundation to win an argument.

          The point I’m making is that since there have been elections there has been fraud. The only way to effectively combat it since neither side apparently gives two squirts about prosecuting it IS to have mechanisms put in place that make it harder and harder for voter fraud to actually happen.

          Also, if you’ve read any of the history of elections, then you’d know that (a) Republicans far more than Democrats have tried to institutionally fight against voter fraud but it’s gotten them nowhere and (b) Democrats institutionally erect barriers to allow voting fraud to continue. Therefore, I say the only way to really make any strides in combating it is to make it harder and harder for it to take place; that way, we can forget about prosecuting it b/c neither party has any great track record at that.

          Why continue to beat our heads against the same wall?

          • No that isn’t moral relativism. What you are looking for is moral equivalence, and no I wasn’t practicing that either.

            Yeah I have read the history…so? Democrats have been practicing voter fraud since the end of the civil war. So?

            Wrong is still wrong and it IS moral relativism to ignore it. You either fight against wrong with right, fight against evil with right…or you don’t. To give up is to give in.

            Now if you are suggesting a new method of fighting against that wrong then I am listening.

            • E. Lee Zimmerman

              Sorry. Can’t help someone as angry as a Ron Paul voter. Learned that month’s ago.

              Happy trails!

              • What in beejeezus are you talking about? What does RP have to do with it?

                • E. Lee Zimmerman

                  Right, Laurel. Right. All one has to do is read your last two posts to determine who’s spewing insults and who’s not. Happy trails.

                • WOW!

  • Joengima

    There is a video out there with Coulter saying if we nominate Romney we’ll lose. Her words came true back in 2009? So she has no room to talk.

    • hbnolikeee

      Looking for perfection is idiotic. Everyone makes mistakes and those that throw them under the bus for them are making that mistake. No one is perfect.

      • Rshill7

        Mitt threw Newt under the bus in the primary, without mercy. Absolutely trashed him. (So did Glen Beck.) Mitt got trashed right back didn’t he? I guess what goes around often comes right back and punches you, bulls-eye fashion, in the slanderous mouth.

        Ann, Mitt and others need to realize that when you “run a democrat against a democrat the democrat always wins”. One needn’t be anywhere near the same quadrant as “perfection” to realize that.

        • hbnolikeee

          When you run a democrat against a democrat the democrat always wins? Well Socrates glad you cleared that up.

          • Rshill7

            You’re quite welcome. So is a doormat. Pardon me for wiping my boots off on your face.

            • hbnolikeee

              Any time boy. Name the place and watch as your jaw gets wired.

              • Rshill7

                No precious, just an illiterate creep, who’s all up under your thin skin 🙂

                • hbnolikeee

                  As I thought a coward. Oh yeah under my skin alright WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

                • Rshill7

                  I see you found the perfect caption for your stone-headed avatar. In all caps too. Good job.

                • Easy myBear.

                • hbnolikeee

                  You bear SH*&s here quite often. Apparently that’s okay.

                • hbnolikeee

                  That picture is from a statue at MMA a place that your little pea head couldn’t possibly grok.

                • For some reason I couldn’t reply on the other one. I know I hear it and see it- but does that mean I have to like it? I don’t like it when things get out of hand, and that’s what I’m trying to keep from happening.

                • hbnolikeee

                  Once again genius the letters next to the avatar are lower case. Apparently with all your other self professed skills you can’t get that straight either.

                • GreenBeretWay

                  Geez a Chia Pet verses a Bear?

                  My money is on the Bear.

                • No personal attacks please hbnolikeee

                • hbnolikeee

                  After this thing calling me an illiterate creep you tell me no personal attacks? Sounds a bit like a stacked deck here.

                • It’s not. I warned himtoo. And edited.

                • hbnolikeee

                  Yet it continues and I don’t see anyone else called out…

                • hbnolikeee

                  By the way, you just admitted to being an illiterate creep. Way to go genius.

        • You will never out liberal a liberal as my daughter puts it.

    • proudhispanicconservative
  • jrt1031

    I never liked Ann Coulter. She is only out for Ann Coulter…… she doesnt care about America

    • hbnolikeee

      Mitt definitely should have fought the voter fraud. The problem is that the legal costs for such a battle would have been enormous. Look what happened to West for just a seat in Florida.

      Mitt is not a thug and not a dirty fighter. Unfortunately in today’s political arena, this is a requirement. With all the cards (race and media) stacked against him, I wonder if even Reagan could have beaten these Chicago thieves.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Wrong. Mitt fights plenty dirty against Tea Party types and Conservatives. PLENTY dirty. The problem is he wouldn’t fight Showbama and the Dem-machine.

        • hbnolikeee

          The dirty required to go up against Duh Bumbler and company is orders of magnitude greater. Unfortunately they all fought dirty during the primaries which hurt them all.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            Sorry, but when you’re only willing to say repeatedly that Showbama’s a nice guy in over his head then you don’t DESERVE my vote.

            • hbnolikeee

              I wish he called Du Bumbler what he is. But Mitt just isn’t that kind of a person and perhaps that was he biggest problem that he would not attack that way. Perhaps his handlers told him that going negative (even though true) would not gain him ground.

              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                Precisely. Calling Showbama out would’ve gone a long way toward bringing some of those voters out to the polls. Unfortunately, Mitt and his handlers made a calculated gamble based entirely on suppositions of the consultant class. Hence, he lost.

                • hbnolikeee

                  I wonder if he lost for that or from the MSM and massive voter fraud.

            • I agree that was stupid but I hope you aren’t one of those that stayed home because in the end Obamacare is now permanent and we just moved the electorate leftward with a seismic shift due to that alone.

              Socialism has been made permanent.

              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                No, I voted.

      • Wisewoman2

        I agree he is not a dirty fighter and he did not pick a dirty fighter to help fight for him. Ryan bought nothing positive to the table but some youth and he could not parlay that into helping with the youth vote. As i said from the start the only way romney could have possibly won is that he put Rubio on the ticket. However, ultra conservatives would have rejected him even further. Republicans must learn as the democrats have not to eat their own. That is a lesson they do not want to learn so they will have a very hard time winning any election. I do believe they must learn to appeal to the blue collar workers who are “democrats” the so-called Reagan democrats. I am so disappointed in the repubs because if I am hearing right many stayed at home like they did with John McCain and helped to allow the “cheater-in-chief” to win. SHAME ON YOU GUYS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THE COUNTRY. You are not going to convince me that Romney was not a conservative person in his record on lower taxes, cutting govt spending, smaller govt and social issues like pro life. His record proved it. His Romneycare was not a govt takeover of health care. It was a mandate based on the private insurance market that said thatf ree riders in the system would no longer be able to ride free. Most people would agree with that concept. It was and should remain a state issue not a federal govt one like Obamacare.

        • sjmom

          Mitt Romney is a good man with a great family and an excellent businessman but a true blue conservative he is not now nor has he ever been. If he was he would have never been elected governor of Mass. He also did not articulate a conservative message nor did he stand with conservatives in the primaries; he destroyed any conservative who tried to get the nomination and this was a carryover from 2008 where he did the same thing.

          I did vote for Romney but he was not my choice; he was the establishment’s choice and they would not have picked him if he was truly a conservative. We did not allow the “cheater in chief” to win the establishment did by picking the wrong candidate, not once but twice in a row. SHAME ON THEM!!

          PS. Try to explain to average Americans who get their news from the MSM Romneycare is unlike Obamacare. ROTS OF RUCK!

          • Wisewoman2

            Why don’t you explain to me what a “true blue conservative” is. Please be specific in listing these qualities.

            • sjmom

              If I have to explain you must not be familiar with one.

              • hbnolikeee

                That answer is a bit of a cop out don’t you think?

              • Wisewoman2

                Just like I figured your answer would be. These are the conservative characteristics I know about Romney. He believes in small govt policies, low taxes (as low as possible), balancing the budget, addressing the debt and deficit through spending less and growing the economy, he is pro life (does believe in exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother), he does not believe in illegal immigration but does believe in legal immigration, he does not advocate gay marriage, abortion on demand or govt providing birth control pills or abortion pills willy nilly at the expense of faith-based entities. He demonstrated each of these characteristics many times during his governorship in MA, his business dealings, and his handling of the Olympic crisis. You may say he was not a good campaigner but you can not truthfully say he was not a conservative or once again how do you define one?

                • sjmom

                  Who are you trying to convince and why? The election is over, I voted for Romney, he lost and he probably will not run again. Move on.

                • Wisewoman2

                  I was trying to have a thoughtful response to your charge that Romney was not a conservative. I was not trying to convince you or any other person on this site. As a person who truly like this site I try to keep my responses on point. I desparately want the repubs to win elections because I know that unlike the dems they will at least try to take the country down the correct path of job growth, work instead of handouts, smaller govt., and christian principles. Enough said this is my last response to you.

                • sjmom

                  And it was a good one. 🙂

          • hbnolikeee

            Here’s a major difference. If you don’t like RomneyCare, you pack up your beetle and drive to another state. What do you do with Duh Bumbler care, get on your jet?

            • sjmom

              Move to a state that won’t set up the health care exchanges. There’s a few of them.

              • The health care exchanges will be set up by the Federal government for the states that choose not to set them up through their own state…either way Obama’s healthcare is going to happen in all 57 states!!! (that alone should have made Obama unelectable for another four years!) We only have 50 states!!!

                • hbnolikeee

                  He was referring to the 57 mooslim states which are all he cares about.

        • If you think Rubio is more conservative than Ryan then you aren’t paying attention. Do you want to win on conservatism or just pandering? Rubio used the Tea Party to get to the establishment and has become establishment by far and away.

          Also I am seeing a lot of ‘eating of their own’ and divisiveness just on this thread alone. I am sure the Democrats are happy.

          • Wisewoman2

            How do you really know who is more conservative. Since you asked the question what I want is a candidate at least as conservative as Romney one who can not be bought out by the rich elites to win in order to begin the process of bringing this country back to sound economic and social conservative principles. Thanks to Bush and Obama that is a process that will not happen overnight but one that should be the goal of conservatives. If that means putting someone like Rubio on the ticket to help accomplish this goal, then I certainly would applaud that move. Your question of whether I want to win on conservatism or pandering is ludicrous on its face. The conservative in the race was Mitt Romney not Barack Obama, the Liar-in-Chief.

            • No it isn’t ludicrous by any stretch. Rubio is pandering to Hispanics and has waffled on taxes and fiscal conservatism. Ryan has not.

              As to the rest of your post…what rich elites? Last time I checked they couldn’t vote for every single solitary person in this country. They can persuade people to vote a certain way but in the end they cannot vote for people. If people are continually swayed then they get the government they deserve.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      I disagree. Mitt should’ve fought BEFORE the election. He didn’t. Well, he fought the Conservatives in the Republican Party, and, thusly, he disenfranchised the people who could’ve stood with him.

      Seriously look at the vote count, and you’ll see that the bulk of the votes Mitt didn’t get were in California and New York, two states he didn’t have a prayer of winning anyway.

      And you’re right about Annie: she’s all about herself these days.

  • Without even reading, I can agree. Why? Because the same thing happened during the primary. Her article on RomneyCare, attacking Newt and Perry. And this is not just her. Many people did this, if only in a subtle way.

    • hbnolikeee

      Newt is great, but his personal baggage would have killed him against Duh Bumbler. Mitt had little to no baggage and look at the smear campaign.

      Regarding RomneyCare, the mistake made was not pointing out the greatest difference between Duh Bumbler Care and RomneyCare which is that is you didn’t like RomneyCare you could move to another state. No such option with Duh Bumbler Care.

      • Wisewoman2

        You are so right.

        • Rshill7

          No he isn’t.

          • hbnolikeee

            You are a jerk and the gift that keeps on giving.

            • 401_Unauthorised


      • To an extent you are right but not totally. I think Newt would of fought hard and brought some dirt of his own.

        Conservatives are looking for a warrior champion. Romney certainly was no warrior.

        • las1

          Newt was Obama’s worst nightmare. Newt understands the left, he understands poseurs like Obama, Newt understands political philosophy and history, Newt’s baggage like his infidelity issue was handled nicely in Georgia . Newt could hit hard and filet the blubbering nonsense of Obama in ten seconds flat.

          Mitt was a deer in the headlights on these issues, except for the first debate where Obama though he could phone it in. After that Obama’s machine just took over with malevolent debate moderating and a compliant media.

          When there was gold lying in the streets for Mitt to use against Obama… he just could not deliver.. he was utterly chickensh%t and partly because of his own lack of understanding and knowledge of the radical left and partly because of his establishment handlers.

          Even though I too was a big Coulter fan, but have gone very lukewarm for her lately, in this sense Coulter is right… “if we run Romney Obama will win.”

          • As I said America needs a warrior president and in my view so does the world right now.

            Yes Romney is a nice guy…heck so was Dubya and they are finishing last.

            • las1

              I think it may be fair to say that Mitt wanted the primary more than he wanted the Presidency. Because he went after Newt with more passion than he went after Obama.

              • Great observation. I think his campaign manager blew it. For some reason they have it in their head that it would alienate the independent electorate to fight hard. They are always a beat off or out of step. Maybe the last two elections that was the case but not this election. The electorate is fightin’ mad. They never can seem to get in a timely manner what people are thinking or perceiving. thye need to stop pandering and just run on conservatism because people will naturally flock to it.

                • las1

                  they need to stop pandering and just run on conservatism because people will naturally flock to it.

                  Agreed… they are afraid to sell the brand. The brand appeals to common sense. The same thing here in Canada… they all try to be “liberal light”. It’s maddening… and it’s a losing message. Go back to basics, hammer it through marketing, and people will get it.

  • hbnolikeee

    Calling Coulter a coward is certainly a way to get people to look up. However, to suggest that she is a coward and afraid to directly address her criticisms at their targets is ridiculous. How many times have you seen (oh right you don’t watch her) her surrounded by liberals making minced meat out of them? Does that sound like a coward?

    I suggest that you are the coward as I have never seen you surrounded and holding your own against a panel of liberals nor have I seen you speak directly to Coulter. You only seem “BRAVE” when you’re separated by the internet.

    Please look in the mirror a bit. Like her or not she has shaken up more than her share of liberals and certainly more than you have.

    • Rshill7

      “Occasionally you can find a good biscuit in a garbage can, but that’s not the place to look.”

      I’m not saying Ann is a good biscuit though. I’m saying she is the garbage can. She swallows good biscuits. Perhaps it’s the shape-shifting she admired in Romney. It was probably like looking in a mirror before and after hair and makeup was applied.

      By the way, no one has seen you do any of things you delight in Ann either. Make sure you send Matt Drudge a slobbering congratulatory note too. He deserves just as much spittle as she.

      • Rshill7

        Jen: Thumbs up…again.

      • hbnolikeee

        And the only perfect people, those that commit no errors are in the cemetery. Shape shifting Romney… so you voted for Obama?

        • Rshill7

          Yeah, I voted for Obama (sarc).

          You voted for your navel right? Ann is in the cemetery to me. So is Matt. So are you.

          You are all therefor, “perfect”. Perfectly dead nimrods.

          • hbnolikeee

            And you sir are forever a moron. Just like liberals that have no trouble eating their own. You’re a troll in training.

            • Rshill7

              Well, as long as you keep it classy you can feel good about yourself. Since you can’t, I’m glad I was able to hurt your wittle feelwings.

              I might be able to see this from your point of view, but I just can’t get my head that far up anyone’s ass or that far down anyone’s toilet to approximate that point of view.

              Flush with caution.

              • hbnolikeee

                You would like to think that you hurt my “WITTLE FEELWINGS”. Just like the Palestinians that think they won this conflict.

                “Perfect dead nimrod”. You fired the first salvo and lost. Keep it real fool.

                • Rshill7

                  Thank you score-keeper. Got any snow cones or pretzels? How about some stadium filling organ music?

                • hbnolikeee

                  What a stupid retort. Is that all you can come up with? Perhaps it’s time to empty your diapers now.

                • Rshill7

                  OK. C’mere a minute.

                • That made me laugh mybear, but you’ve got to quit it.

            • Alright- both of you quit it. People have a right to disagree. We all do it often. But quit the bickering and name calling- or take it outside. It doesn’t belong here on Scoop.

              • hbnolikeee

                My apologies to you AmericanborninCanada. If you check the thread you will note where the first bit of spittle came from…

          • Sorry myBear. I gotta be fair. 🙁

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          Erm …. last I checked, Showbama made no errors.


          • hbnolikeee

            Well after he stopped the oceans from rising (except in NY), he made his errors disappear.

          • Larchmonter

            Something about Benghazi . .

            • E. Lee Zimmerman

              Yeah, so far, that’s working out real good for our side, no?

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Precisely. As I’ve long said, Ann deals in snark. When you have nothing to be snarky about week-to-week, then you have to make it up.

    • jrt1031

      it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that Ann and her fame persona only cares about Ann’s next book so she can support her fame persona. She is enamoured and gets more made up ever time she is selling something and kissing up to the MSM. She actually did the Joy Bayard show. Why give these people the satisfaction and the time of the day…

      • hbnolikeee

        She actually did the Bayard show as in she confronted a pack of liberal hags. But this author has confronted “IN PERSON” whom? After you answer that, you can defend her calling someone else a coward.

        • StrangernFiction

          Going on The Spew simply legitimizes those hags. Ditto to going on with Bill Maher (much less calling him a friend), etc., etc.

          • hbnolikeee

            Perhaps. But if you want maximum exposure and an opportunity to hopeful reveal liberal stupidity this is a way to do so.

            • Rshill7

              And isn’t it nice that you have your very own opportunity to reveal whatever it is you are, right here at the Scooparium? We get a lot of stupidity here. Some of us like to shine light on that stupidity.

              I trust you have a high quality pair of sunglasses. They could protect you from burned-out retinas which would cause further blindness. You might just skip that though and go seeing-eye-dog shopping.

              • hbnolikeee

                I trust you have night vision to see with your head so far up your butt.

                • Rshill7

                  No, I use wisdom, preferring to see darkness for what it is, while others like yourself stumble clumsily around in the midst of it.

                • hbnolikeee

                  Glad you think so. Don’t break you arm patting yourself on the back. That you THINK you’re wise is laughable. Who told you that you see what is? Are you that deluded?

                  Really you “prefer” to see … like you have a choice what you can and cannot in your dim bulb of a brain perceive. How amusing and revealing. Keep it coming you’re just proving what a dolt you are.

                • Rshill7

                  If it’s laughable, why all the whining? Start laughing. Your picture looks like a baby that needs a fresh Huggie and some warm milk.

                • hbnolikeee

                  And yet the troll keeps returning attempting to sound like more than the moron he/it is.

          • I personally think the MSM cabal is all in it together to play everyone. It is massive manipulation and it is working.

        • Cindy09

          Hey, ANN COULTER is that you??!!

          • hbnolikeee

            Hey Rosie O’Donnel is that you?

    • Constance

      She is a coward when it comes to Mark Levin. She can’t hold her own against him, and she knows it. He calls her his friend, but he calls her out, and rightly so. She never mentions him in her tirades against “purists”, but everybody, including Levin, knows who she is referring to. I caught on to that some time ago. It takes incredible courage to stand up to honest and unflinching conservatism. Standing up to liberals and screaming mimi’s isn’t courageous – it’s a pillow fight.

      • hbnolikeee

        Has she made remarks specifically using Mark Levin by name? If not paranoia comes to mind here.

        • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

          Attacking everything Levin stands for IS attacking him. And, not to forget, he was magnanimous enough to have her on his show to promote her book…something even Ann commented made him one of about 2 hosts who did so.
          She’s not even worth contemplating.

          (I’m contemplating Bill Whittle; he’s good medicine.)

          • hbnolikeee

            As I recall on several of Mark’s shows he said he support Mitt although not his first choice. Also, do note that when you say “everything” you will “ALWAYS” be wrong.

            • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

              Mark fought hard against Romney in primaries but supported Romney against Obama, as did thinking Americans.
              Ref your last remark: “Definition of colloquialism : A saying that expresses something other than the literal meaning of the words it contains” [from].
              Good luck.

              • hbnolikeee

                Excusing bad language skills with a dictionary lookup doesn’t cut it.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          I think you need to listen to some Mark Levin in order to get the perspective here. It’s very clear — at least, from listening to Mark — that Ann and he are at odds. Yes, Ann has used some of Mark’s exact wording to refute Tea Party positions, and Mark has admitted that they’ve exchanged emails. That’s where I think the point of Jen’s argument for this column is.

          Do we know for absolute sure? No, but that’s the point of the piece, if you read it.

          • hbnolikeee

            Yes that’s fine. However, if every time that someone disagrees with you or someone whose opinion you value, you smear them calling them names, then I think you would be lowering yourself which is my point.

            We all make mistakes and hopefully discover these errors and correct them.

            • Ahem…you have been exchanging craptastic posts throughout this entire thread with Rshill7 and you have the nerve to post that? You think you are taking the high road because you didn’t call him a name?


              • hbnolikeee

                Craptastic … making up your own language? When did they let you out of the ward for the mentally deficient?

                • Is that supposed to be a rebuttal? And yeah I like slang.

              • hbnolikeee

                I don’t take kindly to vitriol and if you note the first attack was from RSht.

                • Rshill7

                  No it wasn’t. You called me a “moron” right out of the gate. Then you graduated to “illiterate creep”. That’s where the name-calling started. Now you are lying about it repeatedly.

                  My first “spittle” remark was referring to Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge, not you. Try reading it again. I thought it quite plain. You need to learn the difference between being called names and being disagreed with. The personal name-calling began with you as is evidenced by how many of your posts were edited versus mine. Also what was edited in your posts were completely vile and disgusting. What was edited in my posts were very mild responses.

                  Also I didn’t post another single remark to you after ABC came in and objected to it. You on the other hand continued with others as well as myself. You still have a few that need to be edited at this moment.

                  I guess the low road suits you. So please, take that road again and have the last word as the most appropriate _________ to side with Coulter. The word ‘sycophant’ should go in the blank space. I wouldn’t consider that a personal attack though. Others might. I would consider it a plain fact.

                • If you don’t take kindly to vitriol then why are you being so vitriolic? Whatever message you are trying to get across is being lost.

            • E. Lee Zimmerman

              Show me once where I called you a name.

              • hbnolikeee

                I was referring to the author calling Coulter a COWARD.

                • Rshill7

                  You called me a COWARD too.

    • You need to re-read the article…you think it takes courage to take on liberals? Show-biz. That is her job, and it is how she gets attention and promotes her career. But she is a COWARD because she won’t bite the hand that feeds her- the RINO-infested GOP establishment, which desperatly is in need of a good reaming, by BRAVE people like Levin.

      • hbnolikeee

        So she beat on liberals and not on Republicans so she’s a coward? When this author can do the same, she can talk. Until then it’s just as self serving as Coulter taking on the liberals because “it’s her job”.

        • Your logic is lacking.

          If Coulter is brave for taking on liberals then I would have to say Jen Kuznicki is braver for taking on her own.

          The author is trying to tell you and Coulter a bigger message and you seem to be missing it.

          • hbnolikeee

            My logic is lacking? Let me stop laughing for a moment. I have a degree in Computer Science and have been working with logic for about 35 years now, and you?

            • tshtsh

              Admit I am a person of average (or below average in comparison to you) intelligence. Though I agree with some of your posts, you come across an an unlikeable person.

            • So?

              If you have to put up your resume then I think I hit the mark. Your logic is lacking.

              Yes I have several degrees…So?

              If you are so good at logic then why is it you are missing the point? Why are you attacking the author?

          • Anybody can be a tough guy screaming on the internet.
            It’s not brave.
            I don’t think even the liberals who’ve attacked Coulter all these years would call her a coward.

            • I think you had better re-read this column and all of the comments and see why the author has called her a coward.

              Then you had better remember just as Coulter is entitled to her opinion, and the right to voice it in the manner she does, so does everyone else.

              I doubt Coulter would dispute that as well.

              • She does have a right to her opinion, I didn’t dispute that either, but it’s still not particularly brave to act like you’re tough on the internet.
                What’s braver is confronting a person face to face.
                People can say anything at all on a computer screen all they like until they’re red in the face. People do, in fact, say a lot of things they would never say in person, it shows another side of you. You know that, everybody who’s been on the internet for long enough knows that.

                • Alex my dear…writing a column with your name and photo attached and posting it on a very popular blog is the same as saying it in person. Actually in many ways it is worse because it is going to get more attraction. Ann doubled down on her stupid remarks and it is going to hurt her. She came out of the starting gate this election season attacking conservatives who disagreed with her and now she is sticking to it. Ann has her salient points but she stepped in it this time.

                  Oh and P.S. Ann Coulter attacks the exact same way the writer Jen does and did. There is no difference.

                • If by in person we mean on TV that would still get more attention than saying it on our humble blog.

        • Gtrjag

          There has been a battle in the Republican Party since the days of Goldwater between Conservative and Moderate Republicans. Winning this battle is just as important as winning general elections. Conservatives have an ideology and a vision for the Country. We want to reverse the expansion of government and return to the Constitution of our founders. The moderates are not concerned with this. They just want to win elections and gain power for themselves. Moderate republicans will not reverse the growth of Government. They will just lead us on the road to stateism and eventual collapse more slowly. That is why we saw a growth in Government and no major reforms during the Bush years. Too many moderate republicans.
          Anybody who joins the moderate wing of the Republican Party is my political enemy. Anne Coulter by attacking Conservatives and holding up moderate republicans has made it clear which side she stands on. Frankly I’m glad she has chosen the way she has because I never cared for her course language, her slutty attire, nor her intellectually vapid commentary. Let the moderates have her.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Precisely. That’s all about Annie’s branding. She HAS to do that. She knows that she sells X percent more books when she goes on the Today Show than when she goes on Hannity. It’s business. That’s all.

    • CO2isGood

      I don’t particularly believe coward is the right word for Coulter…although to consider her brave is also a misnomer. She makes millions antagonizing Liberals so she is extremely well paid for making “minced-meat” out of them.

      I would call her arrogance colossal for extending that same antagonism to the good conservatives that make up the Tea Party, and now that she has been proven wrong via her slash & burn Romneyism, and with her livelihood/conservative credibilities in question, she blames everyone other than herself.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Welllllllll ….

      You make a good point. Methinks all Jen was trying to say is that the Ann’s actions in Ann’s most recent column ARE those of a coward. I think you get that when you read the piece. When you respond only to the title, yeah, it’s probably not all that great.

      • hbnolikeee

        I appreciate that as everyone else at the site can’t seem to realize that. The title smells of yellow journalism. We all are affected but our initial/first impressions which over time, hopefully evolve converging on the truth.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          On that, we agree. I think yellow journalism has its place, too. I’m just not sure the title of this piece really does more than serve its author in much the same way Annie serves Annie’s interests. I don’t blame either. Like you, I’m just sayin’ …

        • I am not a journalist. I am calling Ann Coulter a coward because she is a coward.

          • hbnolikeee

            Hard to refute such a cogent argument.

          • That is your opinon!

    • There is no doubt that Ann has done this. I have seen her myself but I wouldn’t constitute that as bravery.

      Now is she brave for taking on her own? Quite possibly but remember it is a fine line that separates bravery and stupidity.

      Regardless the overwhelming majority of people are clamoring for a conservative not a moderate in any form. They will get what they want or stay in the wilderness. It is as simple as that. Three million conservatives stayed home this time…that alone lost the election for Romney. Next election it will be even more until the GOP reforms or dies or simply gives the people what they want.

      Ann needs to drop Christie because he won’t be re-elected either.

      • The majority of the American people are not looking for a conservative-that is NOT where most of America is-they had their chance in the primaries to pick from the lot that was-it didn’t happen-the vote wasn’t there! If the American people are waiting for the perfect candidate it will never happen….they cut their own nose off to spite their face and they took the rest of us with them!

        • Cheryl to an extent I agree but many would also tell you that there weren’t any real conservatives in the primary either. You are right they need to quit with the perfection but Romney could of sold himself as perfection, he was right on the cusp, and didn’t. His campaign banked too heavily on the ‘anybody but Obama’ factor.

          Those that stayed home need to be dropped kicked. They lost the presidency and the Senate. You vote then you push to the right once you win. For whatever reason the right doesn’t get that. Notice the left does. They are already pushing Obama for payback. I think I’m up to my tenth news story about it now.

    • you suggest that I’m a coward because you have never seen me do what? Who cares? I’m a writer, and Coulter is a coward, and you have low reading comprehension skills.

      • hbnolikeee

        Really where did you go to school? You care or you wouldn’t have responded. Tell me more about your writing “skills”. Published anything lately other than on toilet paper?

  • What is outrageous to me is her blaming of the pro-life cause, and her understanding that abortion is ok in cases of rape ( ). I do agree Romney was somewhat special, he was a true leader, a businessman, someone who stood up for challenges all his life, but although he was a amazing person, he didn’t build a case for himself, he didn’t build a case for economic freedom ) and let people see him as the bourgeoi and obama, poor as a leader as he is, it’s the avatar for the progressive world, obama represents a idea, not a person.

    • jrt1031

      abortion is a horrible thing but it should be between a woman and her doctor. This is where I agree that a conservative candidates should not fight the fight. Leave it to those that are passionate.

      • keninil

        The Dems previously always said “Abortion should be safe, legal, and rare”, but they never worked on the rare part. The Reps should take up the same mantra when campaigning (and not say anything else!), but work on the “rare” part when they get into office — like defunding Planned Parenthood, etc.

      • You agree with that because you agree with abortion.

      • No it shouldn’t. It is murder the baby is a separate life. If you shot and killed a pregnant women why is it that you killed two people? Why should it be any different if you are the mother and you kill your unborn child. Have some courage and take a stand for the defenseless in our society! It is America’s downfall!

  • Constance

    What a great post, and I absolutely agree with you. Of all the national radio hosts, Levin is my favorite, for the same reasons you indicated. He connects with me on that level of average, God-fearing, hard-working, Mom and apple pie Americanism. I have heard him often speak of his respect for the truck drivers and the fishermen and all those people who put in long weeks and think the best time in the world is putting your feet up and having a steak on the BBQ at the weekend. He is shunned by a huge swath of the GOP – Romney never once made an appearance on his show, despite it being, what… 3rd highest in ratings in the country I believe? That was very telling to me. Although I, as did Levin, supported Romney once he was nominated, and I did vote for him, I was not a believer. Ann Coulter shoved Romney down our throats and openly insulted us throughout the primary season. We were told by her that nobody else could win against Obama. We were told the same thing by all the other so-called conservatives across this country who obviously just don’t have a clue. I stopped listening to Ann Coulter quite some time ago. And, when Mark Levin openly starts calling her out as he has done for a few months now, then something is terribly wrong. She does not belong with the conservatives. She belongs with people like Bill Kristol and the Bush family. Moderates who are far more comfortable in a democrat setting than with the base of their own party.

  • Linky1

    Ann Coulter is nothing but a bleached blonde so-called conservative wanna be who is long past her sell by date.

  • maynardb50

    I quit reading Coulter’s columns over a year ago as she was expressing so much love for Chris Christi (pre Romney).

    • E. Lee Zimmerman


    • poljunkie

      Yep, the Chris Christie love fest was very odd.

  • Amberson

    Coulter is a mixed bag, as are all moderates, and they all do some good. The havoc they wreak, however, in their attempts to gain power and/or popularity is reflected accurately in this article. She lost me when she went on Maher and giggled. Ick. This just confirms more where our real battle for Liberty, E Pluribus Unum, and In God We Trust lies.

  • Larchmonter

    Read this article in WSJ:

    Romney faced a wall of stupidity, and Reagan could never have won. You Reaganites are delirious if you think Ronnie would have won in 2012.

    The five million stay home libertarians (except in Utah where they defeated Mia Love) were misled by Ron Paul. He has always been a selfish, single-minded leader whose best strength was to mislead. If a few of them came into the vote, results would have been positive.

    When you lose by less than 400,000 votes in 4 states, you didn’t get beat. You are screwed by stupidity, the monolithic Mass Media which is more rigid in their cult worship than Xinhua in Mao’s day.

    And most blue collar men voted for Romney. Silly single women who wanted Daddy to give them free stuff were too numerous to overcome. And if any rigid Right Siders think that the two bozo Abortion Talk Senate candidates didn’t sabotage Romney-Ryan then they are also too stupid to deal with. It reignited Single Females to move back to the Cult Leader. Romney had cut into that group until Mourdock opened his dumbass mouth.

    Add Sandy to the campaign as Romney-Ryan was surging, a five day blackout, and we have a loss.

    Romney leading the ticket was perfect. His campaign wasn’t. No campaign is flawless. Obama’s campaign was a mess. What saved him was Sandy, the two bozos, a few Libertarians, and America’s Mass Media ideology.

    We need to face the FACTS. The facts are in the WSJ article, not words from Levin or Coulter. And the Tea Party has to accept responsibility for not maturing into an organization that can elbow out of the Party the Rhinos, instead of just doing their work on election ballots. This is a two Party system, and if you want to change the government you have to control one of the Parties. The Dems all get that. The Right/Conservatives don’t. And you will never have power unless you step up to that reality.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Wellllll …

      True Conservatives aren’t really whining right now. They’ve already focused in on the next fight … but you make a good point to those of us who are trying very hard to play the part.

      I think you don’t quite understand the Tea Party if you think they need to accept responsibility for what happened in this election. The Tea Party IS only about the ballot box. That’s where they’re specifically focused on bringing about change.

      Methinks there are a lot of simple reasons — like you do — that just added up to this being a perfect storm on behalf of Showbama and the Dem-machine. We could probably dissect these results a hundred different ways, but all that matters in the end is that we lost b/c we ran a candidate who didn’t appeal to enough voters. People don’t vote on ideology; they vote for who they like. Not enough people liked Romney. ‘Nuff said.

    • Wisewoman2

      As an AA and fomer 45 yr democrat, leaning republican you make the points I have been trying to make. No member of a party should insist that the leader agree with them 100% on every issue otherwise they lose their support or they stay at home. This is what some republicans are doing in additon to critizing their candidate excessively. Also although I strongly supported the tea party when they stayed away from social issues and advocated for smaller govt, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility now I have my doubts. They have allowed themselves to be taken over by as you say “the rigid right siders” whose only true issue is no abortions. They have allowed types like the GOP guy in Missouri who refused to resign after making a really stupid remark and the Murdock types to sabortage their issues. They played them like a fiddle. I truly hope they reassert themselves on their own issues otherwise the media will help to cast them on the negative heap of histroy.

      • America’s problem and downfall is its moral decay; no matter how many balanced budgets, healthcare and jobs you promise, there is NO WAY this country will ever find its footing if it doesn’t CHANGE their stand on Abortion. Whether you like it or not the country had at its beginnings Christian principles that they built on (if they hadn’t they would have never gotten rid of slavery) The light and truth of the gospel brings life- we have strayed from that path and now we are in serious decline. Prayer, may bring us back to the truth but not without much suffering and its is only beginning. The blood of the millions of babies thrown away does not fall on deaf ears-God hears their cry and He will defend them!

    • You make some good points albeit a little on the nasty side. However you are totally incorrect about Reagan. Reagan could indeed win today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

      The reason he could because he was and still is “The Great Communicator”. The man was smart and knew how to neutralize with communication his opposition. The left hasn’t changed much since the 19th century so in reality they weren’t any different in the 80’s as they are now. A little bolder and a little more corrupt maybe but their ideas have not budged in over a century.

      Yes the Tea Party needs ‘maturing’ but since you used that word realize in order to mature it takes time. That time will come provided people like you that have actual brains as evidenced by your writing do not let cynicism and disappointment cloud their judgment and cease their efforts.

      the author of this column makes some valid criticisms as do you. As I posted earlier there is no one single reason Romney lost however columns of criticism like this one force some conformity if not unity that is indeed required to win elections in the future.

      Ann Coulter is great at dishing it out. Let’s see if she can take it.,

      • hbnolikeee

        If the media doesn’t broadcast your words, how can you communicate? I don’t think the media was anywhere near as in the bag then as it is now.

        • Good point but it possible albeit more difficult.

      • Democrats weren’t always the hard-core progressives they are today. Case in point: Grover Cleavland was one of our best Presidents.

    • hbnolikeee

      You left out the national voter fraud. It’s hard to out vote corpses.

      • Actually I pointed to that earlier.

  • jrt1031

    This article is written very well!! The conservatives need to find a way to take down the MSM that includes the Ann Coulters of the world.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    The Republican Party and the Conservative Media outlets are all guilty of aiding and abetting the biggest fraud ever committed by any politician in the history of our country. They chose to ignore the fraud and crimes and thus the United States Constitution and the rule of law hoping they would be able to defeat the worse President in the history of our country. They all (including Coulter and our only TV outlet Fox) took a long shot gamble using America as their poker chips and LOST.

    If any of the fraudulent and criminal activity that the Obama administration has been guilty of were associated with any Republican nominee the Liberal Media outlets (every last one of them) would have never stopped until they destroyed the candidate, pursued a prison sentence and the Republicans would have been left scrambling. The Democrats bring guns to the fight, the Republican’s bring butter knives. If you think I am lying, so soon you forget Scotter Libby, who committed a minor offense compared to the fraudulent and criminal activity of Barack Hussein Obama.

    You know what I am talking about. Obama has been flaunting a criminally proven forged April 27th, 2011 birth certificate. And I mean flaunting in that he has the certificate on campaign coffee mugs, campaign certificates and T-Shirts. He has been bitch-slapping the Ann Coulter’s of this world and the entire Republican sissies (cowards). Barack Hussein Obama also used a fraudulent selective service registration enabling him to qualify for public office, he didn’t register with the selective service until Mid-2000 and it was a fraudulent registration. Barack Hussein Obama’s SS# was flagged by the government FRAUD site called E-Verify more than once. Private investigator Susan Daniels pursued an investigation and discovered that it was indeed FRAUDULENT. By connecting the dots it is safe to say that these fraudulent and criminal activities are all related to the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a “natural born Citizen.” The cowards listed above have given us a second term Usurper in Chief.

    Jen Kuzniki, the evidence is all still available, sitting in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Phoenix office just waiting for a true to the the heart journalist to set up an appointment with America’s Sheriff and Susan Daniels and Arpaio’s lead investigator, Mike Zullo. If you choose to remain silent please spare we patriotic birthers the pain of your complaints.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Absolutely magnificent my friend thank you.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      BOOM! There it is.

      And I’m no patriotic birther. I just think facts are facts, and I’ve yet to see any F-A-C-T-S to support Showbama’s legitimacy as a candidate.

    • The fact that neither democrat or republican wishes to abide by the Constitution and seeks not to make sure things are done legitimately tells us all where we stand! We have our work cut out for us if we are to save America! If it is even possible!

    • I always thought E-Verify was a good program so illegals don’t get into our jobs.

  • ClintonDryCleaners

    Levin should ask Mrs. Thurston Howell to be on his show to settle this. Some of us cultural conservatives are sick and tired of the parasitic country club conservatives like Ann.

    Wondering how long it will be before she does an Arianna Huffington and switches teams. Seems pretty easy for that type of “conservative” elitist snob. She is dead weight and conservatives should cast her overboard (along with her books).

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      What team is she even on?

  • poljunkie

    I absolutely love Mark Levin.

    I am at best interested in hearing what Ann Coutler has to say like I am interested in eating a stale hunk of bread with a lump of moldy cheese.

    That said, in regards to the election, I’m weary of the post mortem blame game. There is already a deep divide in the country with red vs blue-
    I don’t see what good it does to further sub-divide the right side of the aisle as well.

    • poljunkie

      PS, AND …a huge lesson learned from this election- the turn out matters, and not in every state.

      The Conservative message needs to ring true in all the “swing states” and the states with electoral votes with the highest numbers which will present the greatest impact.
      As the Obama camp showed—they set up camp in 08 and never left those states.

      The “Right” needs to do that NOW. Get the stage in place, and insert the candidate in 2016.

    • hbnolikeee

      Well the left handles those that don’t tow the line differently. It appears that they take them to locked rooms with either a rubber hose or a barrel of cash as the situation requires.

  • ClintonDryCleaners

    Levin should ask Mrs. Thurston Howell to be on his show to settle this. Some of us cultural conservatives are sick and tired of parasitic country club conservatives like Ann.

    Wondering how long it will be before she does an Arianna Huffington and switches teams. Seems pretty easy for that type of “conservative” elitist snob. She is dead weight and we should cast her overboard (along with her books).

    • Constance

      Mrs. Thurston Howell – now that’s funny. 🙂

    • Linky1

      Best description yet.

  • I’ve been attacked for calling her a media whore before.
    shes a republican at best, and that is a political party not a principle.

    • jrt1031

      It should be quite obvious to all that your observations are correct.

    • carmtom13

      Coulter like Christi is a RINO!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Scoop before I make my comment I will like to say this, with your blog I can see the passion you have, and why we all love you here and love your site. Ann Coulter is officially the spokesperson for the establishment Republicans, and a coward at that, I wish Mark Levin does not spend a lot of time of his precious three hours talking about Ann Coulter because this is what she’s looking for, like you I am a huge, huge fan of Mark Levin and listen to him religiously every day. Her rants are not getting the attention from the left that she craves for, and she lost all credibility from the tea party, from the Reagan revolution and people like us a long time ago. I hope this giraffe neck just goes away already.

  • Great job picking apart Ann’s BS column. Mark Levin is so right, the Tea Party is the only thing that stands between Liberty and Tyranny.

    I personally stopped reading Coulter’s stuff when she kept saying in the primaries that Romney was the only conservative in the race. Her attacks against Rick Santorum were totally off base. It was just like the Paulbots calling their cult leader the only conservative in the race. Neither Wrong Paul or Romney were conservatives, one is half libertarian half George McGovern and the other is a total moderate Republican.

    Man how things would have been different had Rick Santorum won the nomination.

    • Wisewoman2

      Yeah it would have been a thousand times worse.

  • sjmom

    I stopped listening to Ann Coulter a while ago because she, like many others, showed her true northeast liberal colors. Laura Ingraham is another and what many who do not live in the northeast do not understand is in this neck of the woods a moderate is considered a “conservative”. This is why Chris Christie, my governor, is hailed as being a conservative; but he is not and I wrote about this more than once. The GOP establishment does NOT like conservatives, Rush has said it many times and, as with much he has said, he is so right.

    Everyone has their own theory about why Romney lost; I have mine also but the truth is we do not have a political or economic problem but a spiritual problem. What made this country great is God’s Hand of Blessing, our founders knew this and wrote about it but past generations and even more so our own have failed to continue in their footsteps. I believe with all my heart things can be changed but we’re not going to do it without the Lord and His wisdom. Prayer changes things, the Gospel preached changes hearts and our God never fails. Neither will we if we listen and follow Him.

  • Larchmonter

    Coulter is an entertainment figure. How can anyone get upset with a fifty-year old who can yank Bill Maher’s chain (so to speak)?

    Levin could have changed everything he if would have had a Spanish version of his books. He has worked on the inside of administrations and knows the dirt, and now wants to work outside and stay clean of it all. That inconsistency has made the movement weak. Politics and policy are like sex and satisfaction. It’s not unmessy. There is always the wet spot when you’re done.

  • anneinarkansas

    I do not like Ann Coulter. She is cocky and an exhibitionist….her long locks and exposed skinny limbs are not attractive.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Wellllllll …

    I agree the bulk of the piece. Methinks the problem with the central argument is that I don’t believe Ann Coulter HAS the support of moderates. In fact, I’d argue that moderates run from folks like her and even Chris Christie (to a lesser degree) because they represent the Beltway mindset all too often. Now, to Christie’s advantage, he comes off more as a homespun hero (certainly WAY more than Annie does), and that’s why methinks the Republican machine will be pushing him hard in 2016, though I think that’ll spell certain doom as much as I thought Romney spelled certain doom but was browbeat for saying.

    Annie’s problem principally is her own branding: snark. The only way to sell snark, especially when you have nothing to snark about, is that you have to MAKE it up. Consequently, she’s turned into something of a political shrew that — as Jen clearly demonstrates — smart politicos run from b/c she offends so many folks. There’s nothing wrong with offending people so long as you’re making sense, but Annie hasn’t made a lot of sense — pure, old-fashioned common sense — in ages, which is why I parted ways with reading her regularly some time back.

    At this point, I don’t know that ANYONE supports Annie. The establishment doesn’t seem to. Moderates don’t seem to. The Tea Party certainly doesn’t. She’s built herself an island where she’s the only population.

  • Larchmonter

    For those you think their perfect campaign would have done better, I suggest you get into the fray and discover that the people you need to win in a close election are not open to your ideas, methods or political genius.

    The jerks who stayed home, and the jerks who voted the wrong way would not have been won over by your perfect campaign.

    Politics was more decided by ignorance than by cleverness and righteousness. Those 350,000 votes we never got were people who don’t want to accept responsibility. Another form of stupidity.

    • poljunkie

      To the people who stayed home : Thanks for nothing!

      • Constance

        I gave them my usual curse… May you all get a rash that never goes away, in a very embarrassing location on your person, that causes you to scratch in public.

        • poljunkie

          Hmmmm, I’ve been seeing a lot of people scratching lately!!!

  • loriannringold

    I am with you. I stopped listening to Ann a long time ago, too. When she started attacking true conservatives and the tea party, I lost all respect for her. I am not a fan of Chris Christie. His association with the Muslim world and appointing Muslim judges has shown his true colors. No respect for our constitution. The reason Ann Coulter likes Chris Christie is because they are alike in many ways. They both insult with no regard for who they insult. Ann Coulter cannot hold a candle to Michelle Malkin. Malkin is smart, beautiful, and gets what the tea party stands for.

    • scoop did not write that post. Look up and see.

      • loriannringold

        ah Brian
        Thank you for pointing that out. I did not even notice. Thank you. Anyway I agree with Jen. 🙂

  • Haywoodjbl

    Not as big a Coulter fan as I used to be but Levin small minded? Far From It


  • It is hard for me to take an article seriously when there are missing semicolons and hyphens, and the author chooses to end not only a sentence, not only a paragraph, but the article with a preposition. I just can’t get there from here. Sorry peeps.

    • Constance

      Well, pardon us for not being grammatically correct on all fronts at all times. Let me correct YOUR post for you as follows:

      It is hard for me to take an article seriously (insert comma) when there are missing semicolons and hyphens, and the author chooses to end not only a sentence, (remove words ‘not only) a paragraph, but (remove word ‘the’ and replace with ‘also’) the article with a preposition. I just can’t get there from here. Sorry (insert comma) peeps.

      From my calculation, you had a total of four errors in your very small post. And, when I say very small, I mean it in every sense of the word.

  • I don’t follow Coulter or Levin, exept what I see here at RS. I don’t have a pony in this race. What I can say is that those who believe that fraud now elects our D.C. power elite don’t really care about the arguments of why one person lost or won. Many are now leaving the republican party, and this is a good thing. Corruption in the two parties runs so deep now that there literally is no real difference between the parties. Republicanism is something that is now so liberal that conservatives cannot relate with it. This has been the case for so long that it has changed the party permanently.

    Reforming the republican party is now paramount to reforming the democratic party to represent conservatism. Why would anyone want to do that?

    Some of our founders warned about parties as being something that could destroy our republic. They were right. If we really want to change the system, we need to look at simply supporting conservative independents, or possibly create a conservative party that is radical in its party mandates toward conservatism, and also rejects those who compromise on their supposed principles.

    Buying into the argument that a third party can’t win will only serve to feed the corruption of the two parties. The media sounds off this message because they are establishment controlled, and don’t want a real grass roots political revolution. That is exactly what we need, because when the establishment can elect whoever they want through fraud, there is no hope of change through the two parties.

    It seems to me that Coulter tries to get ahead of whatever trend she thinks will take hold. When you can more or less predict or drive the next trend, it gives you credibility where none may exist otherwise. Coulter is a media whore who does whatever it takes to get attention. I don’t see her as being so principled in conservatism that she is willing to support it no matter what the trends are.

    I don’t agree with Levin on everything, because he has been pretty brutal toward the Libertarian wing of the conservative philosophy. Many agree with him on this, but it is essentially conservative isolationism, of which Libertarians are often accused of. Libertarians have been the ones saying that conservatives of all kinds need to get together and make things happen, and for many years now.

    I believe that Reagan was a decent president. I don’t call him great because he failed to follow through on things that he had the power to change, said he would, and didn’t. This is politics, and what politicians do, and not what makes men great.

    No person should be put so high on a pedistal that they create divisions every time someone has a criticism about them. We need to be able to criticise everyone, even the best because even the best are going to fail to do what we expect them do. This comes directly from the fact that they say many things to get elected, and often times the reality is that they don’t have the ability to do it, and never did. When they do have the ability, and don’t do what they said they would do, we need to criticise and even reject them because of this.

  • GJPinks

    Hold on a minute everyone. We are continuing a favorite Republican practice, the circular firing squad.
    Was Romney perfect? No, but he was and is 1000% better for the USA than his oneness. He governed to the right of his state, you may believe that was easy because it’s Messachusets, Romney Care was a state program and States are where these kinds of plans should be tried. If they fail, they can be ended, if successful, other states can adopt them.
    Romney governed in a fiscally conservative manner and handled his own money in a giving and caring way. (That is how it should be)
    I believe he would have trimmed away the wasteful and most likely the unconstitutional programs and allowed the government to get out of the way of business.
    What went wrong? We must investigate and revise our efforts for 2014 and 2016. Obama is deploying his forces for wide spread use in 2014 and beyond. The single key to Obama success has always been identifying and taking advantage of weaknesses in the system…. key precincts in the Iowa Caucuses, the two step primary in Texas, Labor Union control of voting places in Nevada… the key voting areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida to evict Republican Poll watchers so that 100%+ voter turnout could occur unchallenged.
    What did Romney do wrong? he should have personally answered the lies about killing that steal workers’ wife and explained how Venture Capital and Bain actually worked. He could have offered a more open hand to Ron Paul. He wiped the floor with Obama in the first debate and he should have continued instead of backing off in 2 and 3. His ad people kept putting out great commercials, but they kept doing that over and over, you need to reach the right people enough times with the right message to break through the fog of Advertising… cutting the number of different ads by 1/3 would have been far better… What went wrong with ORCA??? I suspect both over confidence from the programmers and CyberAttacks…
    However remember this, going into the election, Obama support was projected to be way down and Romney Republican enthusiasm was way up… Reports everywhere were coming in, huge increases in early voting from Republican strongholds and reduced or flat from Democratics, PLUS long lines voting everywhere.
    In the end it was reported that Obama vote totals were off almost 7 million and Republican down about 2 million from Palin. Something is fishy and it ain’t Red Lobster.
    Part of me wants to demand that Republican Electors boycott the vote so there is not a quorum and have the House and Senate pick the President and Vice President (Romney/Plugs). Let the riots begin!!!
    Let’s back off the hate for Republicans and Conservatives we disagree with, no one is perfect and no one gets it right all the time. Let us all unite, analyse what went right and wrong, implement it in 2014 and go balls to the wall with it in 2016 (if we still can).
    Don’t hate Ann, her heart is in the right place, she may have been wrong about C.C., but I have faith she will be right 90% of the time and that is far better than wrong 90% of the time like His Oneness (finally giving the green light on OBL, not sure what the other 9% right would be, but I’m feeling charitable at this moment.)
    Remember, my hero Ronnie Reagan supported abortion before he realized a life is a life, signed amnesty for illegal immigrants when he thought that would be a one time end to the problem and he signed a tax increase into law when he foolishly believed the Democratics would honor their promise to cut spending.
    Now, let’s get out there and take back our country…. #WAR!

    • hbnolikeee

      Be careful suggesting such a thing here apparently gets the big boy RTRILL’s panties in a dither.

      • Rshill7

        Your skin is thinning as you type. You just dropped another kidney and your spleen.

        • Constance


        • hbnolikeee

          Careful your dementia is thickening.

  • Susitna

    We are losing time analyzing the GOP Party and why we lost. We need to regroup and fight back with the sole goal of getting rid of Obama and Biden. There is no time to lose. We know what we want: less debt, more jobs, no Obamacare, defend the Constitution and Christianity. If we cannot do nothing about the massive voter fraud, then we should focus on the impeachment process against Obama and on an psychological test for Biden to remove both as soon as possible from Office. We are in danger, the World is in danger and there is not time for tears and discussions why we lost. We can do some “group therapy” at a later point. And it is true that as long as the Dems have control over the polling stations it will be more than useless to have Mr. Perfect as GOP candidate to run for President. It is about the “doctoring” polling machines, stupid!

    • Those machines are programmed by their manufacturers, and there is no independent scrutiny of the machines or the storage cards which have been proven to be programmable to flip votes.

      80% of all votes counted with these machines. We had states that Romney was supposed to win calling it for Obama with only 5% of the votes counted, but that was backed up by the final count. (ofcourse)

      You are right about having to deal with the election process, but democrats and republicans won’t change the tool that they use to elect who they want.

      Our elections are now a total fraud. If this is not changed, there is no point in putting all this effort into deciding who to vote for, or what to do next. The establishment is now dug in hard, and it includes a Boehner controlled house.

      • poljunkie

        I like to go back to manual voting only and every vote being counted before the election is called.
        No exit polls or other “data” being used for calling states.

        • Constance

          Bingo. They can poll all they want prior to the election, but silence should prevail until each and every vote is counted, and each vote has been proven to be legitimate. If that takes six months, then it takes six months. There should be equal numbers of oversight people from all major parties, verifying that votes are properly vetted. No closed door counts or guessing or magically appearing boxes in back rooms. All votes in by midnight on election day, except for overseas military who should have a little extra time. Any other votes found after midnight? Discarded. Period.

        • That needs to be done in every election, including primaries and local elections. Fraund can pick and choose city council members with these machines.

          I wouldn’t care what the polsters do or say if elections are not rigged, but it is a problem with the media being the only ones with a real voice, and most people not really knowing what is actually happening in their own country.

          We are the exception to the rule on political knowledge. It sucks that you have to consider limiting free speech and media because people are ignorant.

      • Constance

        I still believe as you do, and I’ve been appalled at the silence on this issue from the GOP. I still honestly believe we were cheated in this past election. Rush can’t believe it. Hannity doesn’t say much. Really, Levin hasn’t either. However, in my gut, I know something went terribly wrong. We were had. I will go to my grave believing that, unless I am ever shown proof otherwise.

        • There is more than enough proof to warrant having a new election, but nobody is doing anything about it. There are multiple organizations that track election fraud, and the ones that I have heard from say that the fraud is more prevelent and prominent than it ever has been. They gain new ground every election, adding more and more machines to the state and local election process’.

        • How could so many people/experts/analysts be so wrong?

          • My great grandfather said that the definition of “expert” is a retired drip.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Well said Scoop.

  • Wisewoman2

    Could it be that 3,000,000 less people are now republicans and if they still are they voted for Obama?

    • Larchmonter

      Mass voting numbers are meaningless in the Presidential election. It is about states. And the election pivoted on four swing states. When it started it was 12 battleground states. The election came down to “new voters” recruited and made certain they voted for Obama. If we merely got 350,000 or so of our registered voters or created some of our own “new voters”, we would have won.

      It is very easy to think Romney was not conservative enough. Or that Rhinos would never allow a real Conservative, or the Tea Party didn’t annoint him.

      It is faulty thinking.

      Obama and his Cult of worship did what they do. Most of that was to block and destroy. Some of their work was done by bozo Conservatives.

      If you want to win, you button your lip and work to get the victory.

      If you want purity, build a Temple and start a new Cult of your own.

      It is impossible to run a Presidential candidate or ticket or campaign that is pure to Conservative principles, and win the election.

      There has never been a static majority of Conservatives in America. The Revolutionary War was not a majority backed war. The Constitution is an amalgam of compromises, checks and balances of principles. Nothing is pure in government or politics. Read some history books.

      Everyone has to get real about reality.

      • hbnolikeee

        I still believe that voter fraud turned a close election into a loss.

        • Me too. Romney had the rallies,the momentum, the reasons NOT to vote for Obama-many people were disappointed in Obama-I too think that it was close enough to lose by fraud, but I never thought so many would have stayed at home and not voted!

    • sjmom

      There could be a lot of reasons but yours is not one of them.

      • Wisewoman2

        Why not?

        • sjmom

          It is not that there are 3 million less Republicans but 3 million less who voted. Per the news, if you can believe it, there were more new Republican registrations than Democrat in the last few years. I would be quicker to believe the Ron Paul people stayed home. Then there were some Christians who did not like Romney’s Mormonism. It doesn’t matter and what does matter now is moving onward and upward.

          • Post election analysis tells a story of the Liberty movement people going three different ways. They either didn’t vote, voted for Gary Johnson, or voted for Romney. I would say that more voted for Johnson than did the other two things.

            • sjmom

              You could be right. The point is not enough voted for Romney because the GOP
              establishment has alienated the base and they’re unwilling to budge from their place of power. So my thought is it leave them there and by the time they discover nobody is following them they will be home by the fireplace lamenting “the good ol’ days” and not understanding what happened.

              • There really is no way to verify how many voted for Romney. There could have been five to ten million votes that were flipped, so all of the analysis’ of why people voted any certain way could actually be the opposite of what they actually were.

                I will say that the swing states are the critical ones, and they are all electronically controlled. The machines are actually programmed by the manufacturers and that storage cards are sent out before the elections. Nobody verifies the programming on the machines, or the memory cards, and it has been proven that the cards can be programmed to cause the count to be what they want it to be. Trends, polls, and algorithms have proven that the elections are rigged.

                I know that, in 08′, four companies owned all of the machines that were used for the election, and 80% of all votes were counted electronically. They have added about 600 electronic machines since 08′.

                It really isn’t hard to figure out what happened, we just need to do the research.

                The establishment no longer cares who is voting, or how they vote. They have the elections under control.

                • sjmom

                  Cannot disagree but it is time that we, the people, come out from under the control of the establishment.

            • What about Virgil Goode? I would assume it was split four ways.

              • I haven’t heard his name circulated much in the RP liberty movement circles. The discussions were mostly about the options that I mentioned.

    • Constance

      That I can’t believe. As much as I dislike the current state of the GOP, I do not believe that a previous McCain voter in 2008 would have become an Obama voter in 2012. It is too difficult to believe. Oh, I’m sure it happened here or there, but not in the millions. People do crazy things at election time. They deliberately stay home or vote for an obscure candidate as some protest vote. They occasionally vote for the other major candidate, also as a protest vote. I find those people to be ridiculous, because their actions accomplish nothing. Only when millions of people actually decide that neither the GOP or the democratic party is worthy of their votes, and they form a third party that carries some real weight behind it (like the conservative party idea being pushed here on this site) will anything of substance be done. I’m all for forming a legitimate third conservative party, and I have already forwarded the documentation and links on it to many people who are in turn forwarding it on. That’s how change is made. Positive change, that is.

      • Interestingly enough, voting for Gary Johnson may have been the only vote that would have counted for the person that you intended to vote for. The electronic vote flipping is focused on the two major parties, which essentially is just using your vote for those two parties for the purpose of manipulation in a pre-determined election.

        A vote for Gary Johnson was most likely recorded as such, and would actually help that party gain financially in the next election, if that was a person’s goal.

        In the end, a vote for Gary Johnson was the only legitimate vote.

  • Wisewoman2


  • The Republican party knows the Tea Party will always support a RINO/republican in an election, due to the inability of the party to promote a conservative, because we have no choice but to get someone in who is NOT a liberal awashed in sympathy for liberals. That’s the problem. Coulter is too busy carving out her notch on the bedframe when she’s trying to screw-over constitutional conservatives, by directing people down a road far, far away from “menacing and embarassing right-wingers” towards her own “intellectually-induced” hyperbole. She has used us. She has abused us. She has discarded us. Now, we leave her behind so all she does is amuse us.

  • Wisewoman2

    Were you following the primaries closely? It was Newt and his 5 million dollar sugar daddy that viscerated Mitt not the other way around. Additionally it was Ron Paul who savaged Newt in the Iowa caucas not Mitt. Mitt main retort to Newt came much later when Newt accused Mitt of having off shore accounts from some of his investments. When Mitt replied that Newt had some of the same type of accounts and similar issues, Newt was toast. The reason being that he was accusing Mitt of something that he was also guilty of doing. Newt did more damage to the nominee than anyone else because Obama used Newt’s playbook to help him defeat Romney. Those are the FACTS.

  • Wisewoman2

    How do you back up those comments?

    • Rshill7

      If you want to ask someone a question and possibly get a response, consider “responding” to them rather than posting in the naked ether to no one.

      • Wisewoman2

        I did reply to the commenter. I don’t know how or why the comments did not appear in the appropriate space below those comments.

        • Rshill7

          Well, at least you didn’t call me a moron, an illiterate creep or something that should be flushed down the toilet for pointing it out. I appreciate that. You must at least be an adult. Thanks 🙂

  • Bill Greene

    everyone should chill and stop the name calling. I’m a huge TRS fan and I think Jen raises some good points, especially on Reagan Dems. I’m just not down with the coward label. At last count, Obama got 59M votes. Combined House GOP candidates got 57M. 2 million vote difference (in a nation of 310M) is no reason to wage internecine warfare…which is what i see happening on the right. The bigger issue to me why we lost with 10 million LESS people showing up to vote.

    One other thing: Anne’s slap at Akin at the end of her column was not warranted because Akin was never the tea party “guy.” Her words: “the party’s problem.” To me, that misconception is the column’s most objectionable point. It is now settled moderate-lib opinion Akin cost the election…and it’s a ‘twofer because the analysis goes after pro-lifers and tea party.

    • Do you really believe that Romney got less votes than McCain, and the country really voted that much for Obama?

      Republicans and many independents wanted Obama out more than any other president in history. I don’t see Romney getting less votes than McCain.

      Electronic “election” fraud now determines who our president is. The rigged the system to counter the insurgence of people voting against Obama, and made it too obvious this time by creating such huge number differences from the polls and common sense.

    • Wisewoman2

      Don’t forget part of the 10 million less vote was due to less voting in blue states like NJ, NY, and other east coast blue states as a results of hurricane Sandy.

  • ssenecal5000

    I swore off Coulter back during the GOP primary ,as well as Drudge.
    Both pushed for Romney, who obviously was a liberal with Romneycare.
    It does not matter that Romneycare was a big state level program and Obamacare is a big federal program. Most people who are not for big federal government mandartes are also not for big state government mandates. They both force you to buy a product against your will.
    Even if the detail draw deep distinctions, they are not deep enough to the general public when they were weighing between Obama and Romney.

  • carmtom13

    Great article. I love listening to Mark Levin, he is the great one and a real American patriot. Mark loves this country as many of us do and has said so many times and is willing to fight for it and the constitution. Ann Coulter sloberring over big mouth Christi, who loves the tv cameras and was kissing up to BHO with compliments instead of Christi thanking BHO for going to New Jersey and seeing the damage from Sandy. That would have been sufficient. Coulter is a DC insider who claims to be a conservative. She pushed Romney just like Rove and the rest of the DC establishment did. Coulter never once defended Governor Palin, Michelle Bachmann or any other conservative woman when she was on her friend Mahers show. Her actions in not doing so spoke volumes that she could careless and would not defend political savvy conservative women such as Governor Palin. Perhaps she is jealous like so many are. Rove and the rest of the DC GOP elite establishment just to name a few. Coulter you want to go after Mark Levin? Why, because he calls you out when you are wrong. You indeed are a coward and I like so many others are sick of your BS and don’t watch you when you are on tv. Coulter you are by no means a conservative you are a RINO with a big mouth just like your friend Christi.

  • She is another east coast RINO moron…

  • bongobear

    I believe that Jenny Beth Martin got it exactly right and if the Republicans don’t change their tactics they will continue to lose. I doubt Ronald Reagan could get the Republican nomination in today’s GOP.

  • JungleCogs

    We can blame anyone we want, but the real fact is that until we get Voter ID and no same-day registration in crital states, future elections will just be Groundhog days of this one.

  • As a young Conservative, I am distressed when people in the Republican party are trying to get the party a bigger tent. I don’t like that. What I find interesting is that Levin was saying that Glenn Beck was dividing the country when he was calling out these establishment republicans like McCain and others for being moderates! I hope Levin gets it now what Beck was trying to say. I respect Levin and I’ll keep reading his books and watching him on TV and all that suff. Love the post!

  • TModelTom

    The conservative message cannot win until we have a Palin or West, people with a backbone , willing to fight back!!

  • Jen…I loved the article. It seems that you knew what I was thinking. I think I know why Ann took the leap to the middle.

    She wrote soon after McCain was defeated that she had always assumed that Romney would be the nominee (Romney was my choice back then with a much weaker field). During those primaries, Ann never endorsed anyone. I think Ann felt responsible for McCain getting the nomination due to her criticisms of Romney’s various stances. No conservative that I know of wanted McCain!

    She did not want Obama to win and thought that Romney with his organization and money and Krispy Kreme Christy with his populist appeal would do the job. Basically, she lost faith in the American People.

    I am a big fan of Mark Levin as well (and I love your website). As Mark says, we don’t need to give up our values; we have to educate the people to let them know that our values are the same as theirs! I am hoping that the newer crop of Conservative Republicans will do a better job of communicating the message!

  • Gtrjag

    I never liked Coulter even when she pretended to be a Conservative, because she is not a lady. I much prefer women like Michelle Malkin and Michele Bachman. They are true to their convictions and they can express themselves without being vulgur.

  • JEN great article. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Ann Coulter is a jerk. I havent liked her for a while now. Going after mark was really dumb and shows shes fool with an agenda against conservatism. I so wish Hannity would stop having her on, or atleast someone to challange her when she is on (from the right)

    I have to run wish I could say more but no time.
    I highly recommend this article

  • I have to agree with the author. Coulter was given a gun to shoot the left and instead managed to shoot herself in both feet first. Add Kristol and his magazine Weekly Standard as well as Laura Ingraham and more than a few others to the list.

    Rove needs to be shunned entirely. Reince as well.

    Conservatives are going to see the wilderness for quite some time. Third party elections divide us and elections are won on majorities but there is no doubt the base is unhappy.

  • stevethird

    The difference between a Levin and a Coulter is that Coulter is really only worried about returning power to the Republican Party which has long since forgotten what is best for America and AmeriCANS, in favor of what is profitable and expedient. Levin wants to return us to greatness. Ann is sometimes right, and sometimes articulate, but she’s also a spoiled brat.

  • halfmadjesus

    If the true blue Tea Party-type conservatives had gotten behind John McCain, we wouldn’t have Obamacare right now. If they’d gotten behind Romney, we wouldn’t be looking forward to four more years of the destruction Obama will do to this country — destruction that may end up being permanent.

    It’s fine, in the primaries, to support the most conservative possible candidate. Heck, I’m with you on that. But when an “establishment” candidate gets the nomination, conservative-minded people who choose to fall on their principles and not vote — when they agree with more than 50% of what the so-called “establishment” Republican stands for — are being idiotic. You’ll notice Democrats don’t have this problem. They’ll support a convicted felon if it defeats a Republican and gets one more of their number into office. In any scandal or controversy, they circle the wagons for anyone with a (D) after their name. If we ever want to stop the tide of Progressivism, it’s time for the self-defeating infighting to stop, and at least in the national elections, for Conservatives and Libertarians of all stripes to get on board the same boat. Act like the Democrats for a change, at least in this way.

    I happen to agree with Coulter, that not unlike Romney, Reagan had to take a number of positions as Governor of California that made him look less than 100% conservative. He negotiated with Democrats and raised taxes while president, for crying out loud. If Reagan had been held to the same standard today’s Tea Party Conservatives insist on, he might never have been elected. I also agree with Coulter that Romney might very well have surprised people by governing more conservatively than many expected. Now we’ll never know.

    Talk of conservative third party dreams is nonsense — best you’ll ever achieve is a Ross Perot-like percentage of votes. We have a two party system in this country. Fight your battles of principle at the state level, by trying to elect the most conservative possible candidates there. That’s what will effect the change you want in the long run.

    • AR turned red for the first time since reconstruction!! It was won through the hard work of concerned citizens working locally to inform people!

  • johnos2112

    A true conservative would demonstrate the difference between a conservative and a democrat. That is what is needed. When Romney stated that millions supported Obama because he is giving away free stuff he was right. People like Jindal, Christie say he is just a sore loser. I am paraphrasing but you all get the idea. At some point someone needs to stand up and hold ALL lunatic leftists accountable and make the choice as easy as deciding on sugar or vegetables!

  • wodiej

    I read the first paragraph of your long column and skipped the rest because it is clearly obvious that conservatives do not want to be accountable for what happened. Romney is one person. He is not anointed as the Holy One to part the waters. God gave us free will. He presented the best conservative this country has ever seen-and in my opinion, even more so than Reagan, in Gov. Sarah Palin. I heard many say they liked her but, oh no, she’s not ready. What they meant to say was “she’s a girl and that doesn’t fit our narrative of a leader.” Up next was Gingrich who although was not Palin but was quite qualified to take on the challenges of the US. But oh no, he wasn’t good enough either.

    So PLEASE STOP W THE WHINING, BLAMING, CRITICIZING. I don’t give a rip what Coulter said. She’s nobody to me. The plain and simple truth is conservatives haD a CHOICE DURING THE PRIMARY SEASON AND THEY BLEW IT.

    • you missed a lot.

    • Whether you like it or not the country is not made up of mostly conservatives-especially like Palin or Gingrich or Santorum. At least at this time none of them caught the country by fire!

  • BTW folks…stick with the Tea Party! You are seeing some false starts and growing pains with them but they will prevail. Yes they have put up a few bone headed candidates but for the most have the beat. Don’t let Tea Party candidates be overtaken by RINO’s either.

    It takes time to gain traction.

    I also think Tea Party needs to rethink Jenny Beth Martin.

    • PVG

      I agree wholeheartedly!!

    • What do you disagree with Jenny Beth Martin on?

  • DocBarry1

    great article – coulter is a friend of Bill M – the pig – must I say more

    She is a fraud and a coward and I know it won’t happen but I hope The Tea Party will see her for what she is – too faced.

    Let her go with the GOPe – she is vile like Bill M – let them be together

    I stand with Mark, Gov Palin and The Tea Party.

  • nibblesyble

    Coulter was dead to me when she attacked Palin and then Newt and did ‘Three Cheers For Romneycare”. This article exactly states how I feel about her and other wishy washy, ‘only in it for me’ type republicans. So three cheers for..Jen Kuzniki!!!

    • Constance

      I forgot about her article defending Romneycare. That was a disgrace. I remember reading that and wondering if someone had hacked into her information and posted it for her. It was just a ridiculous defense of something indefensible.

    • Gtrjag

      and Perry

      • nibblesyble

        Oops…thanks for pointing that out..yes Perry too. It seems she attacks anyone who is a true conservative!

      • poljunkie

        Yes, I remember Ann Coulter was sooo concerned over Gov Perrys “performance”.

        So rather than give the Gov another opportunity to fight on she dismissed him.

        We gave up on a strong , Pro life, 10th amendment man from humble beginnings…. with a Military background, a social conservative, someone interested in addressing tort reform…..Certainly debates weren’t his strong suit…..but …….Thanks in part to Ann……
        ……we ended up with a “smooth operator” named Obama.

      • Yep. I was already poed that she insulted Palin and the Tea Party but, AC jumped the shark with me when she dissed my Governor, Perry, during the debates. (ugh, the back pain moment) She sounded like a Liberal and never apologized for her stupid remarks.

        I think Ann Coulter needs to get out the Beltway bubble more and see what real Americans and Conservatives in Realville have to offer.

  • Cindy09

    Jen, what a well-written article!! I think you nailed it.

    There is a lot to say about Coulter but in one word, the term that sticks better is that, she is a Coward (with a capital C)!

  • 911Infidel

    I’ve been saying for quite awhile that Coulter is not worth listening to anymore. She’s a shill for herself. She’s out to sell books while making waves. But her real poltics is something between a Christie and Casper Milquetoast.

    I threw out all her books months ago. Bye Ann. I don’t miss you.

    Way to tell it like it is JenK.

  • Michael Friesen

    In the tradition of George Washington and others like him, we must calmly yet assuredly fight on for our founding, Constitutional values and the great cause of liberty. The hardest wounds to bear are from those we thought were our friends.

  • PapaLouie

    I think Mark Levin did have something to do with voters staying home. I love his books and listen to his radio show. But he was “Mr. Negative” on this election. He promised to support the eventual Republican nominee but spent more time criticizing Romney for not being his perfect candidate than he spend criticizing Obama. That had to dampen enthusiasm among his tea party listeners. Tell us how Mr. Negative Levin did anything to help win this election for Republicans. At least Coulter had some positive things to say about out candidate.

    Does anyone really think that Levin’s choice of Bachmann or Santorum would have fared better in this election? Bachmann barely won her own district and Santorum couldn’t even hold on to his seat when he had incumbency. Neither could beat out Romney in the Republican primary, which has more conservative voters than the general. Besides, social conservatives have no chance of winning a general election if the majority of Christians continue to stay home like they have for at least the last three presidential elections. So Before criticizing Romney for losing a close election, give us the name of a more conservative candidate who would have fared better.

    • wodiej

      That is why I don’t listen to talk radio or watch much news. These people get paid for ratings.

  • UnCL3

    I am so sick and tired of the RINO influences. We need to show the stark contrast between what they and the libs are doing to the country, and what conservatism following the Constitution can do. How? I don’t know…I hate to throw the baby out with the bath water, but maybe it’s time.

  • Joseph ewing

    Coulter did NOT go on to “trash Reagan…”. In fact, she wrote:

    “…he {Reagan} is in the top two best American presidents, Reagan’s example is worth studying…”

    Coulter went on to accurately portray Reagan’s political stances.

    She later writes, “This is not to diminish Reagan…”

    I’m not here to defend Coulter. She is often “out there”.

    But if you are going to go after someone, have the integrity to tell the truth. If the author is accurate in saying she used to “read Coulter regularly”, she’d know Coulter revere’s Reagan. As do I.

    But wearing rose colored glasses does no one any good.

  • shield1

    Ann Coulter is overrated. I liked her until she came out in support for Christie, who I know is a no conservative; Christie who appoints terrorist connected Muslims to places of authority in his state… for donations and support I have absolutely no doubt. She, like the RINOS, will follow the wind whichever way it blows.

  • Ann Coulter is no coward and she writes great books that expose the under belly of liberals and their lies like Republicans were racists but KKK was democratic arm. Joe McCarthy was right and so on. I too was shocked of her support of Chris Christie, he is a big blow-hard politician. If he does not get love from Republicans I predict he will become a democrat. But between Coulter and Levin I take Levin hands down. His real support of Palin, Tea Party and conservatives is rock solid. Romney was a good and decent man really unable to get his message out because of bruising primary and late convention damaged by no media coverage and storm. He also was no match to the chicago thugs, how do you counter lies and slander that the media will not expose. I believe we can not win with the media an arm of democrat party agenda. I predict this will be a term of scandals, cover-ups, disgrace that will leave a bitter and poorer country.
    2016 movie will be prophesy, Obama already is pledging $60 billion to green energy to Asia. Money will flow out of America to 3rd world countries on our backs and dismay.
    The servitude of America is 4 years in what until we will have no healthcare, energy,or defenses from Muslim terrors like Iran and dictators like Putin, North Korea, Mulas, Saudi Arabia and China. Obama is just their handmaiden. But heck he tweets fun stuff and those Obama phones and SEIU purple shirts will remain to torment America.

  • drphibes

    Many good points here, but the “Coulter is a coward” statement is an ugly lead, based on speculation. Possibly a good educated guess, but speculative – there is not sufficient footing to level the charge.

    Yes, Ann has much to answer for, especially for rallying us to a candidate that ultimately didn’t sell. Her own brand is damaged, and it’s worse for the big-mouths like Ann than it is for, say, Dick Morris, who has some humility, who admits when he is wrong and apologizes.

    Now, we get to see the burned Ann. The petulant Ann who has backed herself in a corner, who has no one to blame but herself, but her silver-tongued instincts won’t permit it. She looks defensive. She reflexively deflects and blame others. More brand damage. Sad. I think she sees a vision of a future that scares her: Copies of Mugged and Demonic at the Buck-A-Book liquidation stores.

    • She is a coward because she attacked the tea party gal instead of naming the guy she was talking about, Mark Levin. She is a coward.

      • Rshill7

        Right you are. She is a coward with a kapital K…among other things.

        You got one heck of a thread here sister 🙂

        I’ve made some lovely friends here myself. Aaahahahaha.

  • NJK

    Excellent article, thank you. We stopped listening to her, and buying anything from her, a while back. She backed Christie even though, he:

    Four Hamas Supporters on Gov. Christie’s Muslim Outreach Committee
    November 15, 2012 By Daniel Greenfield

    Christie is either very dangerous or very stupid. I think he appointed a judge in NJ with ties to radical Islam, also.

    Ann has very poor judgement. I think you might be onto something in your article, although I think there was enormous fraud. I remember when Michael Savage was saying Romney refused to go on his show, and I thought to myself, he’ll go on all of the communist, Goebbles media shows, with David Gregory, and his ilk, but won’t go on Savage? This is a guy he dined with just last year. Didn’t he want their votes?

    Romney wouldn’t go on Mark Levin’s show. That’s another thing I couldn’t figure out. I’m a nightly listener to Mark, because he’s one of the smartest people on the radio. I was first taken aback by Mark’s loud voice, and his in your face truth telling, but now I can’t go a night without it. This guy knows his stuff. He’s respected by some of the most brilliant people in America, and was dissed by Romney. If you appear on Mark’s show, you will increase your chances of winning an election, unless of course you happen to make the mistake of appearing on a leftist show, and they ask you a dreaded abortion question.

    One of the mistakes of Conservative/Constitutionalists is appearing on these shows to begin with. They are beneath any Conservative appearing on. Do you think George Washington would have given the likes of David Gregory, Brian Williams or thier ilk the time of day? Heck no, he would have told them where to go.

    When Romney listened to these moron’s who make millions running their campaigns, instead of themselves they will lose. I voted for Romney, because I could see he was a very decent man, not perfect, but decent. When he dissed Michael Savage and Mark Levin, and lowered himself by trying to get the votes of people who aren’t worth the time of day, he dissed the people who are loyal listeners to these shows also. I can’t tell you how many union members, truckers, and surgeons who have called Mark.

    Talk Radio gets its bad name from those who are threatened by it. People need to remember before the commie, Goebbles TV media came along, radio was it. Radio was here first. They’ll never learn.

  • MsContrary

    Jen, You and Mark and Ann and all the others who write and talk for a living are venting your spleens publicly. All of us who are part of the GOP are frustrated, sad, angry, depressed, to name a few emotions that have resulted from the loss on Nov. 6th. I am trying to turn those negative emotions into something constructive. How is it possible that I can like Tea Parties and the GOP establishment and Levin and Coulter? The answer might be because I care more about the whole than I do the parts. In other words there has to be room for everyone. There has to be a spectrum. There has to be a united effort each and every time. That is the challenge for the GOP. The Democrats do it. We can too. Sorry, but I’ve decided winning is more important than ideology; OR, we have to make an ideology everyone in the GOP can embrace. Some kind of combined Conservative and Moderate Republican brand.

  • MadMadJack

    Coulter and Christie? I wonder who gets to be on top??

    • wodiej

      that’s vulgar and irrelevant.

  • ApplePie101

    Setting Ann Coulter aside, since she’s irrelevant, I have to wonder why tea partiers would feel ‘rejected’ by the republican party, instead of liberated. Like battered wife syndrome: no matter how much abuse the GOPe doles out, conservatives keep hanging on because they think they can someday ‘change’ them. We will never change them; they will change us, if we don’t walk away now.

  • stage9

    Coulter is a punchline like the rest of the GOP establishment. She lauds herself as a defender of the Tea Party while hobnobbing with the very party that has worked alongside liberals to destroy it. She’s a big mouth and nothing more. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her one day jump the aisle.

  • CG patriot

    Spot-on JenK&TRScoop, here’s my thought’s in regards to turn-coat Ann Coulter.

    This woman in every since of the word is a “POSER”. Ann Coulter is a beltway SNOB; it’s all about her, her view’s, and what she believes to be Conservative values. Being Moderate is not true Conservatism.

    Ann, like the rest of these out-of-touch ivy league types, these so called Republican’s have been stuck-on “snobbery fence sitting” for to long. The “GOP’s image” is that of a blurred vision looking through a telescope, which in turn is of themselves. “They cannot get out of their own way”

    Ann the “POSER”, is demonstrating nothing more then behaving like spoiled sore loser. Romney lost because the GOP/ RINO’s are in disarray, the party is broken. Instead of embracing the Tea Party movement, to help shape and mold us into a dynamo force I know we could all be together……….No’ they chose instead to blame and kick dirt in our faces, the very one’s who gave them back the House. This is the thanks the Tea Party get’s……… !blame! Shameful pathetic fools, is what the GOP has become.

  • Ann Coulter is just going after the “Democratic-Light” candidates like Dole, McCain, and Romney, all of whom could not motivate a bucket of spit to vote for them. Coulter now thinks that only a RINO can win, one of those “compassionate conservatives” that simply spend a little less than their liberal Democratic brothers. You already see people like Jindal and Rubio selling out the Tea Parties, saying that we have to do a better job “explaining” conservatism to people, especially minorities, if we want them to vote for us. Bunk. Reagan passed amnesty for illegal aliens and it didn’t get him a lot more hispanic votes. Blacks, hispanics, single women, and probably Jews will vote for Democrats no matter what. The Democratic Party simply hands out too many goodies to them for these special interest groups to vote for anybody else. What we need is a real conservative who isn’t ashamed or afraid of conservatism. But, with the mainstream media and the mass culture poised to mercilessly attack any conservative out there, it will be a daunting task to fight whoever the Democrats pick in 2016. Which is why unless the Republicans nomiate a real, unapologetic, conservative candidate in 2016, the Republicans will lose again. Go ahead, get another “compassionate conservative” like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. And then you’re going to start arguing over who we’re going to nominate in 2020.

  • gothicreader

    Anyone who keeps company with Bill Maher, one has to wonder. And for me she has lost credibility a long time ago.
    I could name others who I have lost interest, since their interest is not for our benefit, but their own. Some that come to mind: Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly.

    • cabensg

      I never like O’Reilly. Could’t watch Beck, lived in the country with Antenna. But I can’t think of a better patriot then Hannity. Before Obama was elected and ever since then he’s been a purveyor of truth about Obama and I thank him for that.

    • Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and right now I’m really fond of Glenn Beck.
      Do you know that Mark Levin repeatedly attacked him because Beck called out the GOP establishment and progressives in both parties?
      O’Reilly runs a pretty good show. He’s not always right, but he’s still a straight shooter you can depend on to call out nonsense most of the time.

  • Ann is the first conservative voice we hear on the liberal media. She is not perfect but look at the big picture.

    • wodiej

      The big picture is Coulter is friends w Bill Maher. No explanation needed. if you still don’t get it, you need to inform yourself.

  • RobertMahoney

    Screw the Republican party, let em have the name. It dioesn’t man anything when you actions rip any meaning from the words.

    Create a new party and reuse to let the like of Coulter, Rove, Morris and the rest even near it and I am in.

  • Jazzee

    seems to me no matter what Ann or others say (the elite repubs) the proof is there to see: mccain/romney
    moderates who had no guts nice people but lousy at winning……they lost both of them so there itis..plain as day…for me if the republicans don’t wake up and do things right….I am done…no support no votes from me ever again…………they are now acting like wimps won’t turn over the party to young bright creative people…still the same old crap
    boehner needs to go…………so should old mitch and we should get this party moving but….don’t have high hopes they suck…look what they gave us 4 more yrs of a Marxist who is completely take this country to its knees proud ????

    • The American people gave us FOUR MORE years of Obama! (If you discount voter fraud)

  • I almost never watch Fox either. This is my first source, then Beck, then Facebook. That’s it for me. I’m sick of it all.

    • MsContrary

      Beck is first for me. He’s building a network. I subscribe to him on DISH, as well as online to help him build a network that will eventually rival the others. I don’t watch Fox News. I go to about ten conservative blogs each morning. I love Right Scoop.

      • TMZ2

        I follow a few people. But mainly I listen to Mark Levin, Rusty Humphries, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dana Loesch and Michael Savage and their podcasts while I walk or at the park or listen to them on the computer on weekends or evenings.

        KSFO in San Francisco does daily podcasts of their shows and I download the hours with Savage, since he is back on there and sometimes the hours with Hannity on if I want to hear what he is saying.

        I have no way to hear Laura Ingraham anymore as I do not subscribe to her podcast or get her show on the radio so I only hear her every blue moon when I can stream her show live or in replay on some station feed.

        I only follow three Fox News shows, which I see only because I record them. And they are America Live, Fox and Friends, and Your World with Neil Cavuto. I occasionally also record Red Eye for Comedy.

        I joined Glenn Beck’s site back in 2009 to get podcasts. Since then he has expanded to his tv network. My gripe is that he put Jay Severin on his radio feed, but I have no way of getting podcasts to the show.

        As for websites, the top five I follow are The Blaze, Townhall, Daily Caller, American Spectator and News Agregator BadBlue. Of course I follow Right Scoop since I found it a year ago. I also read things posted on Free Republic whereas Hannity’s Forums are more for debate than discussion of articles.

        • You should try as well.

  • Redford1974

    Anybody who has done their homework, realizes the majority of Tea Party candidates LOST their congressional races…

    How’s that ‘tea’ working out for ya

    Coulter speaks the truth

    • Martin2717

      Yeah…. with most of that having to do with the GOP stubbornly not backing them. You, Coulter and the rest of the establishment are wrong as usual.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    The only solution to the “elite” holding and ruling the Republican nest is for the Tea Party to separate from them entirely. I doubt anything else will work. There shouldn’t be apprehension or fear of going for a third party … it’s needed just like the need was apparent at the time of the event in Boston from whence the Tea Party patriots got their name. Doing the right thing should not give you any doubts.

  • ernst1776

    I gave up on Coulter a while back when i realize I had nothing in common with her. You’re right, she talks down to us. Levin is the only talk radio host I listen to daily. (others I listen to occasionally) He is smart, articulate and understands the heartbeat of America. And most importantly… if he had to live out the rest of his life in obscurity he’d be content.

    • He slips under the radar most of the time from the media when they attack the right and their leaders whenever they say something. I have noticed that.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Say what you will about Ann Coulter, she still looks pretty good for a gal that’s going to be 51 on the 8th of next month.
    😉 😉
    I own most of her books. Sometimes I agree with her, sometimes I don’t.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Ann spends too much time seeking anyone who will answer her primary question with a resounding, “Why of course you my dearest, Ann”. What question is this? “Who is the fairest of them all”? Her mirror on the wall shattered years ago.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Knew Ann Coulter was a female narcissus from the very first time I saw her. Anyone who keeps fiddling with her hair with that “look at my hair, so pretty, so pretty” kind of look she has while doing it, whether consciously or not …. should tell you that. Also, her dislike of Sarah Palin …. yup, it’s there, she can’t hide it although she tries, tells volumes, and couple that with her praise for Christie …. and what do you get? Pick any one of the dumb blonde jokes and you have your answer.

  • Great read Jen! I can honestly tell you that your no longer small time…everyone I know heads to ‘The Right Scoop’ daily to get our info. You’re a honest teller of the truth. Thank you for what you do.

  • I remember that Ann Coulter was against Romney before she was for him. Well so what, so was I. But I was always going to be for whoever the nominee was and I was for Romney all the way once it was sure he was the nominee. Coulter’s first assessment, which was even before the primaries were underway, was that the Republicans would nominate Romney and he would lose. First impressions are right. The villain then was the Republican establishment, and i agreed with her whole-heartedly.

    But once the primaries were underway it was as if Coulter wanted to join the Republican establishment. She went all out for Romney. I kept hearing her earlier words that Romney would lose, and I agreed. I convinced myself later that maybe he could win, and I think he could have and would have if only he were a conservative.

    As for those Reagan Democrats, I’d like to believe that they still exist. But I think the truth is there aren’t anymore Reagan Democrats. Those that haven’t died became Republicans. There are no conservative Democrats anymore. So it’s the Republicans that didn’t vote that elected Obama. Less than 500,000 votes in battleground states would have given it to Romney. If he were a conservative he would have got those votes. Alas, nobody got them.

  • Szary1

    Here, here – agree 10,000%!! The women really irks me almost as much as the libs all over the traditional media outlets! I have never bought any of her books and me thinks her days of big books sales are gone! Good riddens ann, go back to your country club Rhino buddies in Fairfield County, maybe they will by the crap you are selling!
    I say ann, rove, bill crystal and newt all need to leave the stage, or we need to start throwing rotten tomatoes at the lot of em till they get the idea and be gone for good!

  • I bet Ann Coulter wasn’t very happy with her buddy, Matt Drudge’s, recent banner headline of Chris Christie, pictured on SNL and yucking it up, while people in his state were still suffering from the effects of hurricane, Sandy.

    I remember she and the Republican establishment, telling us ad nauseam that only Mitt Romney could beat Barack Obama, and yet, it didn’t happen. Yes, there is a war over the ideological direction of the Republican party, and I will continue to champion the candidates and polices of conservatism within the party. Having said this, however, as someone who is a stanch conservative and who vehemently opposed Mitt Romney during the primaries, I still believe he was an acceptable enough candidate to defeat the Destroyer-in-Chief, especially with his pick of Paul Ryan. From his business experience to his scandal-free family life, he was an attractive alternative to what we had been living under for the last four years, AND he was touting the things that I as a conservative wanted to hear, from repealing Obamacare to growing this economy with lower taxes and fewer regulations. In fact, after the first debate, when Romney eviscerated Obama, I saw conservatives, who like me, swore they would never vote for him, sing his praises.

    As Rush said, we lost because too many on our side didn’t vote and Romney wasn’t playing Santa Claus.

    So there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for those Republicans and those so-called, “Reagan Democrats” that sat out the election, knowing all the destruction that Barack Obama has inflicted upon this country, NO EXCUSE. For ANY conservative to sit on their behind and refuse to vote that Islamic-loving Marxist out of power, infuriates me much more than having a moderate be the nominee.

  • kong1967

    Why take so much offense to her referring to Levin without mentioning his name? So what. He goes after her, too.

    I’m not trying to defend her views or anything. I like Levin as well, but it’s not as if it’s a one-sided affair. Insults go both ways.

    I happen to agree with her that the loss wasn’t because of Romney, but it’s probably a combination of many of the things listed above. We could have had a better candidate, but Obama couldn’t have been any worse. A monkey should have beaten him. All the polls looked very bad for Obama, and conservatives just didn’t go vote….for whatever reason. Additionally, the takers don’t want to lose their free ride, and Romney was the man with the hatchet. A stronger conservative may have riled up the takers to show up in larger numbers along with conservatives, but we’ll never know.

  • cabensg

    I remember (what seems like an eternity ago) when Ann was so outrageous and controversial that many conservative websites wouldn’t link or have her articles on them. She was at that time a voice in the wilderness to those of us who longed for some hard and humorous lambasting of liberals and Democrats and she did an outstanding job. Finally even the conservative websites joined in and she was no longer outlandish or the only one. Many of us thought she was on our side because she spoke out and took the slings and arrows because of it. Sadly, even though she’s against Democrats she isn’t against liberals. She is in fact a pseudo-conservative who doesn’t like Democrats but likes liberal Republicans.

  • TXBonnieBelle

    I disagree with about 50% of this article. Romney lost the Reagan Democrats because the Obama Democrat machine did such a good job of demonizing Romney starting 9 years ago and the Republicans did a poor job of pointing out all the positives of Romney and how he was a lot like Reagan on the economic side. Back all those years ago Romney wasn’t good at selling himself and we didn’t help him at all for years – we didn’t want him either. By the time the momentum was behind Romney and people began to see him as positive it was too late to shift the bell curve of negativity that the Dems had built against him. I’m no longer a fan of Ann Coulter either but I’m not going to insult her publicly regardless of what she says. We do too much of that in the Republican party. We eat our own and that’s a big problem we have. We don’t unite ever. I’m sorry Romney lost – I think he would have been a great President – better than many of you think. Perhaps if we had all gotten behind him and helped him from 2007 to 2012 we would have won in 2012. We were fickle and now we have Obama back for another 4 years. It’s our fault our we have to carry the blame – we dropped the ball. We have to follow our own philosophy and take responsibility for our loss – we built it – we own it. We lost and we better do better next time or we will never win again.

    • REHLV

      Finally a voice of reason……… Thank You TXBonnieBelle. I wonder how many tea party people did not vote? I wonder how many Christians did not vote? I wonder how many people were willing to compromise their values. Romney is an honorable man, however, he only got one vote. The rest was up to us.

    • To an extent you are correct but for one thing your math doesn’t add up. Obama garnered 10 million fewer votes. Yet it is obvious Romney didn’t get those votes or he would of won. So in conclusion Romney didn’t get the Reagan Democrats.

      Ann C frequently eats her own so while I agree it isn’t good to do that, she is obviously reaping what she sows. She eviscerates anyone who disagrees with her and the bottom line is going along just to get along hasn’t worked out so well for Republicans. It has done nothing but breed resentment.

  • Mr_A56

    Throughout the past year I could not understand why, in her efforts to support Romney, Coulter felt it necessary to trash and belittle all of the other primary candidates and those who liked and followed them. She really lost a lot in my eyes with lines like, “Anyone who doesn’t see that Romney is the most conservative Republican in this race is INSANE!” That kind of hyperbole against fellow Conservatives in the Primary simply made her seem a bit whacky and incredibly strident and borderline desperate. Now she is grasping at straws and creating straw-men to explain why the candidate she pushed so intensely is not at fault losing his own campaign. Coulter seems to be one of those people who cannot admit when she is wrong and has to lash out instead. Shame, because she has a lot to offer Conservatism when she isn’t turning and biting her own.

  • Stopped caring about her opinion in 2011.

  • Coulter & others are why I will never register Republican. I am a Conservative & the Republican party refuses to listen to me.

  • serfer62

    I have been against a 3rd part until Boehners reelection without a conservative at all in leadership.
    The Kommiecrats will win the next 2 election because of this & that The Establishment has already selected jeb bush for ’16
    So we have 5 years to build a federal 3rd party while state GOP florishes
    Couler became a leper since her vile attacks Palin & her irational promotion of Crispy Cream.

    • Jeb Bush doesn’t have to be the nominee. I mean, are primary voters really going to elect another Bush? I think people will get the message next time. And his very most important issue is his passionate love for amnesty, yeah, that’ll win the base.
      Even a third party could be viable then if Jeb is the nominee if ever it will be. I think 80% of people think another Bush would be outrageous, and Hillary will have Obama’s taint.

      But would you like the left in control for 16 more years? I don’t know if that’s wishful thinking.

  • Alborn

    There were a number of groups of people that would not vote for Romney. With that and the fraud in Va Pa Oh and Fl that was enough to kill Romney’s chances. Local local local elections must be fought for to get honest strong people in positions to stop the fraud. But with that being said I agree that a third party is necessary. The tea party folks and the Libertarians need to get together and form a party NOW to get ready for the next presidential election. FREEDOM is what it is all about.

  • Ann Coulter isn’t a moderate. She’s a firebrand conservative. In fact, liberals hate her for speaking her mind and supporting conservatism. They call her “offensive.”

    • Szary1

      Sorry there sir, but firebrand conservative??? True constitutional conservatives do not put down Reagan and sing the praises of Rino’s like crispy cream christie! Ann is stale goods and needs to go find a bar stool to wear out in some country club in Ct!

  • klaffner

    I think this is way over done RS. Coulter is great and so is Levin. Their differences are small and inconsequential. In my opinion Romney ran a flawless campaign until the gallup poll showed him up by 5 plus for about a week in October. He went into a four corners, when he should have pressed his advantage. Even if he had done the right thing, Sandy, Christie, a four year give away of cell phones, food stamps, etc that set up a staggering large voter turnout among those earning under $30,000 and possibly wide spread voter fraud all set this up for an Obama re-election.

    Net net. I suggest you stop the petty inter party stuff.

    • chatterbox365

      Stay off the Kool-aid, the election is over. There are several reasons why Romney lost and it originates when the establishment started nominating RINOs for the presidential ticket.

      Coulter was wrong just like Rove, Morris, Christie and all the other GOP RINO clowns.

      And no, Romney did not run a flawless campaign. His campaign was McCain 2.0 with lots of bugs.

      • The American people gave us FOUR MORE years of Obama! (If you discount voter fraud)You should blame them!

    • Romney couldn’t get out of the huge 8 years of Bush’s shadow. I guess voters thought it was only fair that a democrat get a chance of 8 years to screw it up or make it better.

    • Exactly!!!

  • chatterbox365

    I have never been a real fan of Coulter, but as others have stated, she lost me by trashing other GOP candidates, the Tea Party and their supporters (aka: us folks). Coutler’s only interest is herself and nothing more.


    until we have voter ID laws in every state the Republican party will never win another presidency.

    • carolyn50

      and closed primaries as well. let conservative republican voters decide who they want as their candidate, not the demoncrats, the lame stream media or the gopestablishment.

  • Jay

    I used to like Coulter until she turned on all the R candidates except her beloved Romney. She sounded just like the Obamatons and the Paulbots with their cult-of-personality blinders.

    • radioone

      Peggy Noonan was “outed” during the 2008 campaign. Looks like it’s Ann’s turn. Levin IS “the Great One”. Coulter…not so much.

  • Fireplug52

    You make a very valid point. Though I am still pondering my next move in 2014, I will either vote for some off the wall candidate in 2016, if the Republicans cannot come up with someone that can project and promote conservative values.

    As for Ann Coulter. Well.. lets just say I have put her in the old trash bin of pretend conservatives, along with Bill O’Reilly, Megan McCain, her daddy sugar plum John McCain, Bob Dole, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and any other candidate that is a lame excuse for a conservative.

    Let them keep bashing those conservative principles of less spending, reasonable tax rates and constitutional government, that used to provide a security blanket for the citizens and the country and you may see more of the same in 2014 and beyond, what just happened on 6 November 2012.

    I already see them going in the wrong direction as indicated by the “fine” Senator from Georgia Saxby Chambliss. Go ahead compromise your principles and raise our taxes. It can only benefit the ones who are not working anyway and those who are friends of the ruling class.

    No matter how they say it, that it will not affect those who make below a certain income, it somehow always affects us more.

    So for Miss Coulter and her cronies, I am done with you. Can I impact her and the others in believing she has really pissed me off, more than Obama? Time will tell.

  • Bob

    I can’t stand this lady, as others already pointed out for her constant lambasting of the previous GOP candidates during the primary.

    It was sickening….

    Watching Romney giving his concession speech was equally sickening for several reasons, one of them was thanking Matt Rhodes (who worked in cahoots) with Matt Drudge to smear all the Republican candidates (especially Newt) during the aforementioned primary cycle.

    This election cycle REALLY woke me up to the long battle between Conservatives and Moderates (as they are called) for the battle of the nomination.

    I can never watch FOX News the same way, read the various Republican websites or listen or watch or respect people like Ann ever again.

    I felt bad some time ago when she got a pie thrown in her face at the University of Arizona, I know longer feel this way.

    Of course she received a much larger pie thrown in her face on November 6th as her nobody but Romney was defeated rather quickly and her love affair with Christie.

    I NEVER liked that guy, ever!

    She is no leader of anything other than her long blonde hair, consistent twitching and nauseously annoying ego.

    But she’ll keep going on FOX News, talk shows and such and she’ll continue selling books and giving speeches like the Karl Rove crowd who will once again crash the GOP in 2016.

  • repubboy

    Here is a case of were a very old saying should come into play ” If you have nothing good to say about a person don’t say anything at all”. Ms. Coulter has been a very opinionated writer and political analyst for a few years. A mere babe in the pun intended !
    Mr. Levin on the other hand has true experience in the real world of Washington, DC. Mark know his stuff ! he is a true patriot and a person of great character, a fighter for the all that is ” American”, Both Coulter and Levin had opinions regarding Mr. Romney. As far as I see it those two constituted two votes for POTUS. Thats it just two votes ! So I must respectfully dis-agree with the writer, The fault or failure of the last election lays not with the commentators but with the people themselves.. ” We the people of the United States”
    Look inward not outward to why our cause failed ! It was a righteous fight for a better America, It was just the wrong time.. Too many with the hand in the cookie jar and not enough bakers.. its all going to crumble. So sad for us that love this country.

  • Nicely written piece! I especially enjoyed and agree with the blue collar paradigm.

  • Joseph ewing

    Throughout her career, Coulter has attacked practically every person alive – liberal and conservative. She often appears (where no other conservatives do) in the lion’s den of Liberals – such as College campuses, and liberal TV shows.

    During the 90’s, when conservative got “sensitive” and quiet, Coulter was one of the few out there screaming bloody murder about the abuses of the Left.

    Call Coulter what you wish – it’s a free country.

    But the idea that she’s somehow afraid of Levin, and went after another person she deemed weaker, it not supported by her history of attacking ANYONE she sees fit to at the time.

    I’m convinced if you look up under one of those short dresses she always wears, you’ll find a large set of male testicles.

    Coulter goes places and has debates in unfriendly territory where this story’s author might not.

    But, I’d never stoop to calling Jen a coward.

  • dlg1956

    Ann who?

    When she came out for Mittens, a RINO, I lost all respect for her. She ignored the fact that Obamacare is the same as Romneycare, Mittens was for partial birth abortions before he was against them and so many other flip flops it was amazing.

    Mittens was Imam Obama’s first choice to run against and Ann helped deliver him to the slaughterhouse. Now Ann wants to cover her scarecrow ass and become relevant again? Not on your life.

    • Please stop-the American people (if you discount voter fraud) delivered Romney…not anyone else-noone held a gun to your head…besides the country isn’t as conservative as you think! It is time to face reality and stop blaming everyone else. We lost-but so much more than just an election. I don’t care if every man and woman that was in the primaries had won collectively the hearts of too many Americans are immoral and unethical-it is seen time and time again. Noone wants to live a pure and chaste life it is too difficult so they swing with the ebb and flow of the culture as it becomes more debased. The only thing left to do is to pray and remain faithful to God who gives you breath each and every day. He is the only one that you can count on to have your back-remain faithful to Him and your soul will be safe. Because in the end that is what counts! The rest I cannot possibly predict!

      • How about we teach people conservatism rather than continually fret about what the nation has become, we don’t know all of what happened, but you sound as though you are ready to take what’s coming to you while praying. Praying is good, but the long-view of teaching fellow Americans must be done. Unless you do not care about the future of the country. If you are correct, and the country is not conservative, the republicans will never win. I think the majority are, and the proper candidate would get enough votes to win. I’m not sure the outright lying can continue forever, and the economics of the Democrats will surely not.

    • carolyn50

      when she kept pushing chistie that made it even worse for me. next she will push jeb or rubio

  • SKL53

    Ann Coulter is NAUSIATING to listen to!

  • Ann just likes selling books. It’s as simple as that.

  • Myptofvu

    Not a big fan of hers always thought she would make a great Liberal but I do agree that it wasn’t Romneys fault, it was the peoples fault. I have seen poll aftre poll for the last 4 years and when asked the #1 concern on folks mind was jobs and the economy. So you gave them a guy that could do that but when it came time to elect someone all of a sudden other things were #1 to them like free abortions and condoms and amnesty for illegals.

    Another point to make is that for all the Ron Pauler bashing Levin did we now learn that Ron Paul would’ve beaten Obama in the election. He would’ve have gotten the youth, hispanic, independant and libertarian votes he still would’ve lost the woman and black vote. I haven’t heard Mark Levin remark on this however.

  • jimmie smith

    It’s been said, “timing is everything” that would seem to apply in the bid for a third party. As I see it, now is the time to get started. We have four years to get the message out. I like the idea of a Palin/Paul ticket for a conservative America?…

  • klaffner

    My take is that Coulter is talking about Jenny Beth Martin. Not Levin.

  • deecal

    Dear Jen,
    You’re right on target. I too will no longer buy her books. And I cannot watch her on TV or listen to her on radio.
    From an informed commentator, she has become a haridan, a wicked, scolding woman.
    I’m reminded of David Brock, former writer for the American Spectator, now heading up “Media Matters for America,” the far left blog site that always achieves new lows in journalism.
    Can Coulter be far behind?

  • BMinPA

    She did say we will nominate Romney and then we will lose. This turned out to be more accurate than a lot of other pundits. I have cooled tremendously toward conservative pundits after they led us astray for years. How can Hannity and O’Reily and yes, Levin be trusted after they so messed up the last time? What are O’Reily’s “taking points” worth anything anymore? When 9pm rolls along, I have often found myself watching Pierce Morgan. Yes, he is a liberal but he does ask tough questions too and he is the kind of guy whom I want to question my side. I can’t stand another Hannity panel that claims to know what will happen next in politics. Been there, done that. I don’t know what the path forward is but it certainly isn’t going back to my old listening and watching habits.

    • Linky1

      I think Ann Coulter was channeling Karl Rove in her assertions.

      Got this in an email from the blog “USA SURVIVAL.” He nailed it to the wall and had all along, when he talked about Rove setting up Romney to lose.

      “Dear Friend of America’s Survival:
      In my September 24, 2012, column, “Why is Romney trying to lose?,” I wrote, “Here is the dirty little secret: some conservatives have told me that they think former George W. Bush strategist Karl Rove, known as ‘Bush’s Brain,’ wants Romney to lose so that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush can run for president in 2016 against Hillary.

      The belief, supported by the available evidence, is that Rove is in hock to the Bush family and promotes their interests. He runs a Super PAC in 2012 that pulls in millions of dollars on pitiful advertising on behalf of Romney.”

      Well, look at what the New York Times is reporting. “Jeb Bush for 2016?”…….

      Makes a lot of sense, considering how Romney’s opponents were systematically slandered and defeated by a less-than-passionate Romney and a million dollar Rove-led SUPERPAC.

      I’m no fan of FOX-have not watched it since before the election. Since I live in Canada, I listen to SUN News-there’s much more balanced and fair reporting on US Politics than FOX could ever dream of. Between that blogs such as here @ TRS and the one I mentioned above, that’s where the real story is, not the faux-conservatives and talking bobbleheads populating FOX NEWS these days.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Voter fraud, entitlements, liberalism and illegals have killed America.

    Liberalism has encouraged the entitlements to be given to illegals. In Chicago when the Dream act was announced, the first thing out of the mouth of a illegal mother was, “How much more money will I get”.

    Now add voter fraud which is encouraged by SEIU and the unions, a encouraging democratic party, a spineless republican party and America is doomed. The hard working Americans that value American values and what hard work can do for their family’s are outnumbered by those that expect freebie’s from the govt. Once amnesty is given, America will become what the illegals ran away from because they will vote for what they know, govt support.

    Reagen was a man of his time. Comparing him to today’s political environment should be done. His system would never work. He had people that worked hard and expected the same as others supporting him. We don’t have that now.

  • poljunkie

    We need:

    Closed primaries—enough of the Democrats voting in the Republican primary to “pick” the candidate they prefer!

    Voter ID’s: Its insane to continue without having to show an ID—EVERY STATE should have the rule. NO ID- no vote.

    We should seriously consider going back to manual voting- not electronic

    AND when are we going to STOP- STOP!!!! calling elections based on 1 or 2 % of votes being counted, and using exit polls and “other data?” No concession until every vote is counted, at least in the critical states.

    Also, the Republicans should and need to be in the SWING and high ELECTORAL STATES NOW. Just like Obama did. I’m sure the Democrats haven’t packed up.

    They need to be building an allegiance with a new/stronger base. Working the community and establishing a connection with the people in the neighborhoods. When 2016 rolls around we can supplant the candidate.

  • Great article finally exposing the rino problem in the party!

  • soulskeep

    Personally. I will stand with Ann Coulter over the author of this piece anytime, anyplace. My belief goes further; there will be violence in the future between the people of this nation. Does of us that still believe in an honest day’s work will eventually get fed up with providing the free ride for the leaches and illegals in this country. Decent people will one day stand up and say “enough”.

    Till then we will continue to slowly bleed away the rights, freedoms and legacies that our fathers fought to pass on to us.

    I can do quite fine under the liberals. I can manage to “live off” the system. It is just that I would like to leave a country for my son and (hopefully) future grandchildren. Or for that matter your children and grandchildren. I would go better to my end with knowing that my country would still be there for the future.

    • JRD1

      You can have Coultergeist! Can’t wait to hear you give us lip 4 years from now when she is telling you you have to vote for the Jebbie/ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOObio ticket.

      I stand with the author of this brilliant piece along with other Tea Party Patriots.

      Listen good, I’m not voting for Jebster, Rubio, or Krispy Kreme. Moderates are toast. Jebbie and ROOOOOOOOObio campaigned with Romney and they couldn’t even deliver Florida.

      The gopE is dead. A.N.D. so is kinder, gentler, compassionate conservatism. No Bushwackers need apply.

      • soulskeep

        Oooh, like I really care about your response. You’re the kind I am hoping will end up in the field of view of my target scope.

        — America Get Your Guns —

  • friskyness

    Why does anyone care what this stupid woman ever says? She is irrelevant! Only says what the GOPe want her to say…………………….

  • BS61

    Thanks Jen – I totally agree!

  • You are right about the Reagan Democrats. I know many who stayed home. Many people are just fed up with both parties and the stuffed shirts we nominate, and seeing no alternative, they just wash their hands of it, stay home, and focus on other things in their life.

    These are the folks the Right has to reach and get re-engaged.

  • paulejb

    Who knew that 51% of the electorate had turned into the OJ jurors from his first trial.

  • Mark Levin has responded.

    It seems every conservative has a place where they have chosen to make their stand for the cause. The problem is, they need to recognize that it may not be the same as everyone else’s.

    Coulter’s chosen place is to be a devastatingly factual researcher of history. Her books make arguments that lay open the hypocrisy, fatuousness, and falsehood upon which the left is built. But she is a weak political analyst.

    Coulter clearly does not understand the terrible urgency of the restoration movement, and what she herself cost us in terms of that battle. While she has made a career out of showing the long-term consequences of amoral philosophy, economic illiteracy, and the rejection of man’s spiritual side, she is blind to the currents of popular sentiment and the need to undertake major political risk in attempting to restore the Republic. And that is the problem with this past election. All arguments about why and how we lost revolve around the question of “how much are you willing to risk in order to restore liberty, as the founders envisioned it?”

    Consider the question: “Should Republicans work hard to appeal to Mexican immigrants?” That is a question of risk. It seems far too risky to many Republicans to avoid pandering to those who arrived from South of the US border. They think we are risking too much by failing to act like the leftists, and promise “hispanics” (whatever the heck that means) lots of free stuff.

    Consider the question of the social conservatives. The ambiguously conservative Senator McCain has been quoted today saying Republicans need to moderate their position on abortion (or basically shut up about it). Again it’s really dancing around the question of risk. Are we afraid we will lose another political battle because of abortion? Really? And what price do we pay for falling for this new, risk-free environment he would have us participate in?

    Ignore Senator McCain and Ann Coulter on these issues. Obviously the biggest risk of all is to become what the left wants us to be. Becoming like them means the game is over. Not just in peril, but OVER. Every good and decent thing accomplished from honoring liberty as the founding principle of this nation is now come to an end.

    Do we really accept that? I choose not to. Republicans can go their own way, and continue selling themselves as Democrats with one or two moral principles. We must continue to find a way to restore liberty.

    As I have written before: If ending slavery, passing the

    So I can appreciate Coulter’s work in writing her books. I choose to ignore her political commentary, since she’s clearly out of her depth there. I also choose to ignore anything Senator McCain says on any issue, even the rare times when he is correct.

  • paulejb

    I believe that it is time to target the leftist media masquerading as objective journalists. It is time that these partisan hacks are exposed for who they really are.

  • I saw that column. It was over-the-top how she said Romney was more conservative than Ronald Reagan. And how she defended his passivity on attacking Benghazi. It was pretty condescending too how she thought anyone who thinks abortion in cases of rape are bad is “fringe”, even though Paul Ryan thinks that.
    I don’t sympathize with anyone who sat this out though. And he was right about a lot of people being takers, even if it was harsh.

    You have to remember, though. She’s had two projects within this year she’s been outspoken about that others don’t want to join: one is promoting Romney and Christie as perfect and infallible, the other is talking about the unfortunate effects of the changing demographics and immigration, something few of our other people want to touch. Let’s face it, Mark Levin probably wouldn’t have the guts to say something like this column.

  • What about Virgil Goode?

    • TMZ2

      Much better than Romney.

  • Double.

  • This is nitpicking, but when were Latinos ever enslaved?

  • mark1955

    I’m with the Massive unprecedented Voter Fraud!

  • Good article. Coulter has always been a pathetic fraud.

  • armykungfu

    I am a member of the Tea Party because I do not want the government in my business. I do not want them to take my money and spend it on things that I detest. I do not want them telling me how I can live. I believe in freedom. Freedom for me and freedom for every other American. I spent a career in the military fighting for freedom. At least that is what I thought I was fighting for.

    We lost this election because a large part of the populace is afraid that “Conservatives” want to take away their freedom.

    If the people are afraid of you you are doing something wrong.

    I will never vote for a Democrat because I know they want a large powerful government so they can control the populace.

    If you put another [email protected] A$$ on the ballot who talks about abortion or gay marraige I will not vote for them either. I am not voting for anyone who wants to use the power of government to control people.

    We need a new party alright. We need a party that stands for freedom.

  • TMZ2

    Coulter lost me when she wrote that Three Cheers For Obamacare back in May. That was when Mark Levin called her out. I was confused how she went from trashing Romney in February at CPAC to supporting him by May. She jumped the shark. I was highly upset about it because her books against democrats were good. She is trying to support Northeast republicans and I do not agree. I was part of a small site call Nobama for two years and I quit when they all pushed Romney. It felt like Mitt Romney Central so when I disagreed I was opposed. I was against Romney until September when I caved in and decided he was better than Obama so I would vote for him. But I am opposing him and his ilk again. I almost voted for Virgil Goode, but I wanted Obama out. But now I dislike the republican party and I will re-register as Independent. I love the Tea Party and America. We need a new Conservative party.

  • It will take less time and less work to clean out the Republican Party by electing conservatives than it will to establish a new political party. However, voting conservatives into office is not the only way to orchestrate change within the party.

    Conservatives must get involved in their local Republican party establishments at the precinct, county, and state level. We must attend Republican party caucuses to propose platform changes and to elect conservative officers to the Republican National Committee.

  • Idahoser

    the only thing she is, that I care about, is ‘wrong’. She can feel any way she wants.

    Bush was not a victory for conservatism, he was the best democrat president ever.

  • DevastatingLegDrop_22

    This column is a whitewash. Romney was good enough to beat a disastrous president. Rushbo, whom is essentially contradicting Levin here, said as much. And Romney, in the end, got more votes than McCain. Of the swing states, only in Ohio did he do worse than McCain.

    If people thought that Romney was too good-looking and successful to vote vote for him, then they’re ignorant. Really, they’re probably fairly rotten people.

    And if people don’t feel enough personal hardship yet because of numbing government welfare, then things in America will have to get worse before they get better.

    This column is simplistic, and probably symptomatic of one of the stages of denial. It is now very evident that there are underlying problems with modern Americans.