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OH MAN. This is your red meat for the day. Ted Cruz totally calls out John McCain over his ‘motion to instruct‘ suggestion that the Democrats not use the budget to raise the debt ceiling:

4:07 – But what’s happening on the Republican side? Well some have suggested we ought to just have a motion to instruct. Now the problem with a motion to instruct is the motion to instruct is non-binding, so it’s a purely symbolic gesture. But even a motion to instruct not to raise the debt ceiling would lose. Why? Because there are 55 Democrats and the 55 Democrats would vote against it.

And here’s the dirty little secret about some of those on the right side of the aisle. There are some who would very much like to cast a symbolic vote against raising the debt ceiling and nonetheless to allow our friends on the left side of the aisle to raise the debt ceiling. That to some Republicans is the ideal outcome because they can go to their constituents and say ‘see I voted no’ and yet at the same time wonderfully they lost and they didn’t actually have to stand up and stop what was happening.

And so that is an outcome, I believe, that there are some on this side of the aisle who desire.

And that’s just the beginning. He also calls out McCain for impugning the character of Republicans in this debt ceiling fight and more. You’re gonna love this clip.



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