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Despite the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare last year, there are still several current challenges to Obamacare in the courts that could end up unraveling parts of it or all of it. The most common one that most are aware of is the challenge to the HHS mandate, but there are several others:

CBN NEWS – The legal argument gaining the most steam – and most likely to succeed according to some court watchers – is the challenge to the law’s contraception coverage mandate.

Religious business owners and faith-based organizations argue the mandate violates their religious beliefs by forcing them to cover the morning-after pill and similar drugs in their insurance plans.

“The case is about whether the government can say, ‘We’re going to force you to violate your faith or pay a fine,’” Kyle Duncan, general counsel with The Becket Fund, said. “Today it’s contraceptives and abortion-causing drugs. Tomorrow what else is it going to be?”

Another challenge takes aim at a 15-member panel, called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, created to keep Medicare costs in check. Opponents argue it would wield incredible influence and violate the Constitution’s “separation of powers.”

Yet another challenge could put the fate of the entire law in jeopardy. Last June, the Supreme Court ruled that the “individual mandate” is a tax.

The Constitution requires all taxing measures start in the House. But opponents argue the final version of the bill that became law actually originated in the Senate.

“If that lawsuit succeeds, then the Obamacare law was passed in an unconstitutional manner, and it would be stricken,” Malcom said.


I don’t have to tell you not to get your hopes up considering what John Roberts did last year, but I pray that he’s reconsidered his actions and would like a ‘do over’. If that were the case then there is opportunity here for him to do the right thing and strike down this unconstitutional law.

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