DAMNED TO CHAOS: PJTV Trifecta on Obama admin. proposing race-based school discipline system

Another outraged Trifecta:

The White House thinks that schools are providing too much discipline to black students, and it is proposing race-based quotas for school suspensions. That’s right, affirmative action for school discipline. Could Asian students be disciplined more to meet quota requirements? That’s what Trifecta thinks. Hear what race-based school discipline means for American education.

If you’re pressed for time, at least listen through Scott Ott’s answer where he posits some excellent questions and a prediction that’s dead on:

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  • Army_Pilot1967

    I sure like straight talking Bill Whittle, and he’s correct about the current occupant of the White House setting race relations back a generation. Why does he do that? Oh, never mind, I have my own theories.

  • PovrlaChasse

    One of the deepest fears of Liberals is the idea of true equality where people are judged only by their merits. If this were the case then the power of the Left to pick and choose winners and losers would not exist. The power of perpetual ‘victimhood’ would diminish. Essentially, class and race warfare are the tools of the Left. These are the tools that empower and enable them. They create and use these tools with ease. That is why they will never cease until the Leftist movement is wholly marginalized.

    • NoToTyrants

      You’re absolutely right!

      Victimhood, covetousness, envy, and indignation are the Marxists stock and trade. Without these base emotions, the Marxists would never achieve power.

    • MaroonRepublic

      I believe a big problem is that too many don’t care that they are slaves to the govt. but a bigger problem I also see is that a growing number of them wants to see us all enslaved.

      They don’t see a way out and they think they might as well take everyone down with them.

      • virginiagentleman1

        MR, your first paragraph is spot on, with enslavement being the key word. As for the second my friend, they are losing that battle because there are more of us then there are of them!
        It will still be a long battle, but the outcome is preordained, we win, they lose.

        • MaroonRepublic

          I agree. They won’t succeed. Chick-fil-a day was the tip of the iceberg. We are not just sitting back taking it.

  • virginiagentleman1

    This latest desire of Obama clinches it for me, liberalism is the most severe from of insanity. The only other possible explanation is that socialists are braindead from birth!

  • sDee

    Next term he plans to order a raced based quota system for prisoner releases.

    But maybe that would not work because while we have been stupid enough to relinquish control of our children to the Central Government we appear to have not given them control of our criminals.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Interesting point.

  • B-Funk

    Excellent! Yah, I think Americans are mostly non-racist. Meaning, while we may notice the color of melatonin, we don’t really let that effect how we feel about each other. It’s these race-baiters that make the rest of our lives hell. Again, it’s a distraction for these elitist scum to exact their revenge on their masters… US!

  • sjmom

    From Obama’s point of view this makes perfect sense. When the goal is to destroy a nation from within you turn everything upside down and everything which is right becomes wrong and everything wrong becomes the right way of doing things.

    As one who believes destruction is Obama’s purpose I believe this falls in line with the hope and change, or should I say hell and chaos, he promised everyone 4 years ago. Just another item to be checked off his list of how to destroy us.

  • Joe

    One of the reason I love this blog is :

    The way SCOOP presents the story in his headline

    As such I get the idea of the video within 10 seconds of reading

    I am becoming so enraged with these arrogant jerks in the administration
    that I refuse to watch some of these videos

    That being said – I can’t watch this – eventhough I love the Trifecta and Bill Whittle

    This administration is INSANE!

    95 days left – I pray every day this ends well

    • Sober_Thinking

      I feel EXACTLY the same way… Scoop often spares me the pain of having to watch their garbage or listen to their lies and evil hate.

      That being said, I’ll always listen to these three… they’re informative, usually entertaining, and very insightful. I braved the waters of this video Joe… while it won’t bring peace to your heart, it will bring a little peace that people are paying attention this time around and keeping score.

      Hang in there my friend. Iron sharpens iron and I appreciate your sharpness. 🙂

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    This Obama fraud has got to go. He would destroy our society to further his Marxist ambition. May God provide us wisdom and strength if he is still trailing in his insider polls come October. He will take no “means” off the table to stay in power and reach his desired end.

  • PAWatcher

    Thanks PJTV for another well presented reason to get this administration out of DC this Nov!

  • Nukeman60

    The sooner we get rid of these two shameful, devisive, honorless men, the sooner we get them out of office, the sooner the centuries long process of real healing can begin to be resumed‘ – Whittle

    Well said, Bill. There is no other way to begin the restoration than to clean house. Holder, Napolitano, Pelosi, Reid, Obama and anyone who wants to believe in their pompous, racist rhetoric has to be purged from the government, to be able to get back to where we ought to be – of the people, by the people, and for the people.

  • MaxineCA

    I love PJ Media and hop over a couple times a day. Love their articles as well as PJTV.

    Back to the topic here. I believe Mark Levin commented in one of his recent radio shows that our founders gave us our great freedom, because they believed we were a civil society. Without a civil society – freedom doesn’t work. Isn’t that what they have been doing for the last 3 1/2 years?

    So now what do we have? Let’s not teach children the truth of our history or founders, or even how to behave in class? Guess if you have the right skin color the rules don’t apply to you any longer. (Black or Hispanic, you get a pass). Hey, great idea if you want to ruin our country in order to take away our freedoms….. just destroy the CIVIL SOCIETY.

    Hum…. sounds like a good plan if you are against freedom.

  • People should be disciplined based on whether or not they violated the rules.

    Racial disparities don’t prove discrimination.

  • ryanomaniac

    My mother worked in the school system for twenty five years. She retired early. Why? Cause the black kids were driving the teachers crazy. Not because they’re black but because their parents are not around and when they are around its to make noise about their kids being punished. The teachers have to walk on pins and needles because they are scared of being sued for discrimination. The black kids run crazy in the schools and there is nothing my mom could do about it. These kids antagonize the teachers. No punishment.

    My dads friend who worked for the same company for thirty years retired. He got a job here in town as a bus driver. He quit after a week. Think about that. He couldn’t stand a week of it. Why? Take a guess. I’m so sick of this $hit. All this stuff is creating resentment. Its so disgusting.

  • Betsey_Ross

    This has been going on for years. Lack of discipline in the home. Not only that, but the schools have been hugely wrong on their policies. They have taken upon themselves to be everything that parents aren’t and yet they still can’t get it right. The reason is: Children need two parents who are involved. The schools cannot be nannies. All they are equipped to do is teach.(Don’t even get me started on their indoctrination policies) For now, if you can homeschool, do it. You will never regret it.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Another brillaint commentary by these three. Love them.

    Race equality has indeed been set back thanks to the divisive racists in charge of this country – especially by Barry and Holder. But hey, I thought it was the Tea Party who is putting the blacks down and destroying all the progress we’ve made. Um, no. You don’t hear the Tea Party marching on the White House and calling for equal rights at the expense of blacks. That mantra is bred by racists and liars who have an agenda and a race to exploit. But that has NEVER been an earmark of the Tea Party.

    Race wouldn’t even be an issue if these ghetto pimps didn’t keep making it an issue. America judges the content of a person’s character and what’s in their heart… these liars have no character and are heartless… and so we regress. Now we must suffer through “payback” of the white man or something like that it seems.

    The bottom line is that these guys, these people (let’s not forget the NBP, the CBC, Jackson, Sharpton, black liberation theology, the NAACP, etc.), are destroying their own cause and are hurting black Americans in the process. I could go on about how they are using blacks, enslaving them, keeping them racially angry, etc. but you get all that.

    And finally, any American, red, white, black or blue, who supports this twisted and sick way of thinking or these tactics, is equally guilty of this race-baiting insanity. All of this plays into the hands of class warfare and splitting America up. It’s their only power – however fleeting and dealy it may be. Satan must be laughing.

  • Obama is covering the problem up much like what my cat does in his litter box. We will never have equality in this country until minorities get honest with themselves.

  • Joseph ewing

    Glad my kids are out of school.

    Modern day parents are going to have to keep an attorney on retainer.

  • higgie1948

    every day president obama gives me one more reason he should not get another chance at a second term.he to me seems dumb as a rock.he has not done anything that would make any sence since he got in office and has made ups pay the price that we dont have to cover what he is diong. we need to get this rookie wanna be president out of office in november. i hope you all feel the same way your vote means everthing to getting him out of office.