Awesome: Dan Bongino on why he’s running for the Senate

Another excellent speech from Bongino as he explains why he left the security of a job to run for the Senate. This guy really gets it.

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  • badbadlibs

    I never heard of him until now, I researched him….WOW! This guy is amazing! Sure hope the voters of Maryland aren’t demoncrat zombies.

    • warpmine

      Unfortunately, for all of us, they are the walking dead in every sense of the expression. No matter the acts of crime or the terrible results from a one party state by the DemonRats, they vote in droves for the party of organized hate. Shoot, even the real dead come out to take up their exercise their franchise.

      • badbadlibs

        Sounds like the state I live in, if a demoncrat looses, somehow they manage to find these extra boxes of uncounted ballots…..low and behold they’re always from one heavily demoncrat county and the votes go for the demoncrat.
        Yet, most people act like that’s just a normal thing to do….

    • Having lived in Maryland for the last 36 years, I can assure you they are. I see Bongino signs all over the state, but will not be at all surprised when Cardin wins handily.

      • badbadlibs

        That’s entirely too bad.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    he will win i hope, we need more like him !!

  • Patriot077

    I had to clap my hands along with his audience. What a great speech! I’ve heard him before but this one is tops.

    I hope he will be on Mark Levin’s short list for a Levin surge.

  • JeffWRidge

    Excellent speech! People like Mr. Bongino are what this country needs to survive. In order to fix what the left has broken, we need to cut spending and taxes. Smaller, less intrusive government is the answer to most of what plagues this nation.

  • white531

    Are any of you as amazed as I am that there is a growing number of black Americans who are waking up to the disaster that is the Democratic Party? You think it might be a shift of some kind among the black population of America? I think so. I love this guy. I would put him right up there with Colonel Allen West and Mia Love. A change is coming across this country, as many black Americans realize what the Democratic Party has been doing to them all these years. It’s about damned time. I cherish these new black, conservative leaders. I hope you do, too. It can only be good for America.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Completely agree, and I too am very happy that more black americans are realizing that the left has done more damage to them than anybody else.Dont know why this guy hasnt gotten more publicity and exposure, but as he said in his speach we all can help him, one way to do it is by spreading the word. I pledge to share this with at least 5 friends of mines I hope everyone here does the same.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Oh, this is an easy question to answer. He is a Conservative.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Yes I was very impressed by his confidence and would love to see him in the debate.

    • CalCoolidge

      I have no way to quantify Black realization, except on election day. Bush got 11 percent of the black vote (a number near what Reagan got), while McCain drew 4 percent of the black vote going against Obama. IMO, to support the idea that there is a “growing” disaffection with Democrats, Romney would have to get AT LEAST the 11 percent of the vote that Bush and Reagan got.

      New media and FOX make it easier for us to be exposed to black conservatives. Tea Party energy elected two of them in 10.

      However, IMO, you are talking about an EXTREMELY race conscious segment of the population that sees voting Democrat as part of being black. I just don’t see them tossing out the Little Richard records (in the form of Obama) to listen to Pat Boone (in the form of Romey) sing Tutti Frutti.

      Black solidarity is alive and well.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Great absolutely great, this guy does get it, I want to see all of us backing this guy with our support, I live in florida I am going to help him by what i can donating. And I want to have Mark Levin, sarah palin, and all the tea party behind this guy, another guy that deserves our clap and deserve our vote.

    • Hello fellow Hispanic Conservative and Floridian. I too will follow suit and join you and countless others to donate to his campaign and help true Conservatives get into elected offices throughout the land.
      And we must make sure that Mccain and the other Rhinos in the party don’t get to hijack these great candidates. All the best to you my friend.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        We must……its too important, and like Romney said is a fight for the soul of america

  • This guy gives me some hope that there still is an America.

    I don’t know why but it seems to matter to me that he is non-white.
    I am so used to having the race card applied to whites who are espousing mere common sense, that to have someone non-white call it like it is, in common sense language, means to me: ok, it’s not we whites who believe in this American experiment, this America ideal, it’s anyone with a courageous enough brain to think independently…
    It matters.

    Get this guy, and other men and women, like Mia Love and Allen West, up there front and center at the convention, and, by God, I think that we just might save this country.

  • buzzkill59

    I’ve heard this guy speak several times and I’m always impressed!He understands the problem and will be part of the solution if elected!

  • When he says
    “Another guy says ‘we can’t fix it’ — No, we can. We can fix it. That’s what makes us different.”
    And then he goes on after that… That’s when I stopped seeing some black dude giving a speech and saw something different: a real American with the courage of his convictions.

    Obama and Pelosi and Reid and… who else? Jack Murtha… Maxine Waters… John Conyers… Patty Murray… ???

    Can you imagine any of them saying : That’s what makes us different.

    And by “us”, meaning: all of us.
    Even those they disagree with politically.

    I’m starting to feel like the future belongs to the conservative argument.

    • sDee

      Yes! Us.

      Us, as in We the People. It’s meaning has been sloganized. The real and eternal battle is between us, and those who always seek govern over us instead of for us.

      It is about liberty vs servitude. Not Donkey or Elephant. White or black, Hispanic or Asian. I am so tired of Americans letting themselves be sliced, diced, categorized, compartmentalized into voting blocks.

      • Patriot077

        Agree 1000%! In fact his race didn’t even register with me until I read comments here. I’ve heard several of his speeches and never attached a “label” to him – other than “articulate R” who really gets it.

      • Wisewoman2

        I am too. Obama is the master butcher who does the more slicing and dicing than any president in modern history.

  • I got to meet him a few weeks ago in Maryland…

    • badbadlibs


  • This is the type of guy we need in the Senate. If we elect a GOP Majority and they follow Mitch McConnell, what will be different? NOTHING!!! We need a Conservative Majority in Congress to lead us out of the ditch, and strengthen our National Defense. Romney with the current GOP leadership will be W.REDUX!!!

  • NCHokie02

    Only part I sort of disagree with him on is when he said that (paraphrasing)

    “Virginians used to consider themselves Virginians first. Now thats not really a way to run a government.”

    The states are sovereign. Yes, people don’t hold such strong allegiances to their states as they used to (go ask a Texan, sarcasm) and much of that is due to the ability to move quickly and freely across the nation. But then he argues that why leave if there is a fight there….exactly…it’s your state, your home. You want to feds out the states business.

    Other than that good speech though. And I honestly thought he was Italian and didn’t realize he was black, not that it matters though.

    • I don’t think he’s black.

      • sDee

        One drop TRS – between black, Hispanic, Asian, and Indian….run that family tree and DNA far enough back and everyone in America is a minority. 😀

        My youngest came home one day in high school with a pile of papers for clubs, grants and scholarships. Someone in school (technically) determined, without talking to us, that a Cuban grandfather made her Hispanic. We marched down and told them to shove their pandering, she did not need any special help – she was an American.

    • He may be bi-racial…. Italian father and black mother. The best thing about him is that he is an American first. Remember we Conservatives don’t see color, race. creed or put people into groups. We see him here as an individual who truly respects an abides by the true Republican principles of our great Republic.

  • toongoon

    The fight is everywhere, if you continue to run from the fight eventually you will be running for your life.

    Bongino is a great motivator, He may lose the election but it won’t be for lack of effort.

  • With guys like him there is REAL HOPE for CHANGE!

    • ” But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them (the people) under absolute despotism, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” Thomas Jefferson
      White Wolf 2009: Hello my friend-We Conservatives need to provide this Republic with new sentries who adhered to and abide by the very principles of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution Of The United States.
      These new guards must be firm and diligent in the Republican form of government for which our great Republic was founded on and is govern by.
      They must be able to stand-up to the tyranny of the left, and their enablers in the media, in education, in government unions, in the Democratic party, and the Hollywood left.


  • opditch

    I invite all conservative Veterans to join us at
    Add Your Name to the list.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Mr. Bongino is good enough that the Democraps are probably attacking him in some fashion every day now. I appreciate his sincerity and enthusiasm. I wish him luck in the coming election….we need more candidates like Mr. Bongino.

  • Yazz55

    Where is the Republican party political establishment?
    They should be here in full force to support their candidate.

    • toongoon

      The Republican leadership doesn’t like having conservatives draining the swamp that they and their liberal friends have worked so hard to create.

      • Exactly. That’s why they still haven’t embraced the Tea Party.

    • Betsey_Ross

      LOL! In Maryland? It’s mostly non-existent. Very seldom do Republicans in MD have the common sense and charisma that this one does. They assume that people understand taxing and budgeting because so many of them work for the government. Even then many, many are just deliberately clueless.

      Maryland Republicans are beginning to figure it out and it is the young ones that are. I don’t know if there are enough of them yet, but this guy is going to get them. Hopefully he gets more.

  • He is what the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States are all about. Never retreat from what you feel is right, and always go forward. Never aloud the struggle or the obstacles you will surely face to detract you from the fight. Mr. Bongino will make an excellent senator and I hope Marylanders come out in droves to vote him into office.
    “Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.” Thomas Jefferson

  • tinker_thinker

    Oh wow! Excellent! I like this guy!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Dan Bongino and Sarah Steelman are the next frontiers. We helped Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Mourdock, etc. – time to help these worthy folks make it too.

    Give as you can.

    • sDee

      We do this. Sometimes we can afford more than other times. When we have time, we call. It is not the amount that is important, it is the support. These candidates need to know we are out here!

      Not to mention the great feeling in reading off the list of true conservatives we support to RNC and Romney staffers who call asking why our donations to the elephants have stopped. 😀

      • Sober_Thinking


        I’m getting bombed by Romney letters asking for donations. I send them back to them with a note: Nominate Allen West as your VP choice and I’ll start donating to your campaign.

        I appreciate your work and support sDee. We can do this. 🙂

        • Wisewoman2

          I’m a former 45 year African American Democrat who voted for and financially supported McCain. Every time I get bombed by the Romney campaign for donations I send them money even though I am retired on a fixed income. I will do every thing in my power to keep Obama from having a second term. I strongly advise all to do the same. We have to give until it hurts in order to get all of the right people into office.

          • Sober_Thinking

            I respect and salute you for doing so. You are a patriot!

            I’m being stubborn I guess. Romney ran the dirtiest campaign I’ve ever seen during the GOP Primary and frankly, I feel he was the absolute worst choice among those who ran to represent the GOP, being the architect of Obamacare and all.

            I agree with your sentiment. I don’t support Romney at all but I will vote for him. All my donations are going towards other races and important causes: Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Mourdock, Steelman, Bongino, etc. That way, no matter who is elected as President, the Senate and the House will keep that person under control.

            God bless you.

  • marketcomp

    Bongino is a real student of Thomas Soul and a really good speaker but I want to know more. I like that he says take the fight to them! Perfect for all of conservatism.

    • Patriot077

      I think your spell checker hasn’t been fortunate enought to have read any Thomas Sowell. 🙂 Sowell is one of the all time greats so Bongino picked a good one to learn from.

      He has been endorsed by Mike Lee & Joe Walsh but I didn’t recognize many of the other names. I hope Jim DeMint is looking at him.

      This is his postion page:

      • marketcomp

        Sorry, about the spell checker. In an effort to hasten a response sometimes I did forget to spell Thomas Sowell’s name correctly because he is certainly one of the important go to sources to decipher this liberal psychobabble. But that’s what perked my interest in Mr. Bongino. anyone who cites Thomas Sowell is far ahead of the game to me. But, we must guard against being caught up in the rhetoric and good feeling like so many Obamaintes. We want, I want substantive candidates who can articulate and communicate conservatism and live those conservative values. So that when people like Linzy Graham or John McCain try to co-opt them then they get no where, kinda what I think as happened to Marco Rubio. I just have reservations which are probably unfounded.

        • Patriot077

          Oh, I don’t think your reservations are unfounded at all! To take everyone at face value without corroborating their actions is what got us here in the first place. And we all know we have experienced disappointments and turncoats.

          There’s an old saying about once burnt, twice shy.

  • Joe

    Bongino speaks from the heart


    obviously knows more from being on the “inside” as a SS Agent

    Bongino is an Italian American
    (FYI – I am as well and know of these “tings”)

    On Mediaite – reference is made to him being from Italian-Mediterranean descent –
    I don’t know what Italian-Mediterranean means – actually I do – but don’t want to put my foot in my mouth) and (My anti-virus program won’t allow me to open the Mediaite page fully)

    My guess is that he is at least part Sicilian – which would explain his deep skin color and hair

    In any event Dan seems sincere has the right message no matter what and knows how to kick donkey butt.

    He would be an interesting addition to the DC scene.

  • Greg Halvorson

    Maryland? Good luck…

  • sjmom

    I wiil pray for his victory. We need more like Dan.

  • metsss

    Lighting in video might not be great. I don’t think he’s black.

    • marketcomp

      I don’t think the color of his skin matters. But, I want to know his belief in this country, the respect for the rule of law, and his conservative principles. That’s it!

      • But his words are golden.
        That’s what matters to us.
        Although “they” don’t know that now, they will.

        • marketcomp

          Well Chris words can sometimes be a window into the soul of the person. I mean Barack Obama also had golden words of utopia and enlightenment, Well, we see what that got us. We have to learn to look beyond flattering words and fake made up personalities if we are to move this country forward.

          • Wisewoman2

            I disagree. Obama’s words were nonsense wrapped in a colorful bow. The man made empty speeches that said nothing of substance. He was able to hoodwink the voters with smooth talk.

            • marketcomp

              But with that Wisewoman2 he got the majority of the vote which is why we are experiencing what its like to have a Marxist in the White House.

    • white531

      I think you’re right, metsss. I went and looked at some other youtube videos because I wanted to find out more about him and he looks Italian, just dark skinned. But it doesn’t matter what his heritage is, the man is a great conservative speaker. Future leader for sure. Hope he wins his Senate race.

      Here’s the video that made him famous. It wasn’t even a planned speech. Someone just asked him to get up and say a few words. Over 12,000 hits on Youtube so far.

  • anneinarkansas

    A man of Honor! Hope he is elected.

  • mediaaccess1

    debt=slavery –

  • Marky_D

    Damn it – he just made me feel warm and patriotic about Maryland…

    … and I couldn’t even place it on a map!

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for this guy.

  • AimToMisbehave

    Awesome. Sending money his way this week.