Dana Loesch fights back as Chris Matthews paints the Tea Party as racists

This was a great clip! Finally Chris Matthews has a conservative with brains on his show and she fights off, and I might add with much awesomeness, these racist claims that Matthews was trying to stick to the tea party. I think I have a new hero!

In the words of a famous commercial, “I’m lovin’ it!”

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  • RedDogReport

    Dana absolutely rocks in this interview! She's made of 100% awesome with sprinkles of brilliance. Chris Matthews had no answer for her.

    Brian O'Connor

  • m_quick

    Wow, she is amazing. The woman from Princeton wasn't horrible either. But she would have just ran with Matthews and painted the opposition as uninformed, racist, homphobic and what have you if Dana wasn't there. I think when these MSNBC people see they've mistakenly brought on a rational conservative that they have no chance to win in the free market of ideas.

  • kayellenz

    I googled bush hitler and obama hitler as she suggested. About a million more hits on Obama. But a more realistic comparison would be to compare just Bush's first year with Obama's first year. I am sure her “comparison” would fall apart. On her website she states “It does honest political discourse a disservice” when people shift the focus away from the issues. Isn't that EXACTLY what she did?

  • kayellenz

    Au contraire – she did not have an answer for Chris. She just started comparing to how she perceived things under Bush.

  • Anonymous

    Lisa is my new hero she kicked hard balls and turned them to mush.

  • Anonymous

    Dana is my new hero, she kicked hard balls and turned them to mush!!!

  • Huladeb

    Chris Matthews looks tired. Poor Chris. It's hard swimming against the tide, isn't it? Even with the motor of propaganda the lefty press can't change the tide.

  • principledpilgrim

    Death Threats Against Bush at Protests Ignored for Years

    Case closed.

    • Dyted

      I’ve only heard two people say they wished that a sitting president would be assasinated and both of these folks happened to be nice compassionate liberal attornies.One did add the provisio that if not Bush then maybe Cheney. That’s just coincidence I’m sure

  • robinbishop34

    The professor's 'psychological diagnosis' of those who belong to the Tea Party or Conservative movement made me laugh. She's just one of millions of useful idiots out there that offers no rational discourse on ANY subject but only subtle name calling and pigeon holing in order to silence what they know is a knowledgeable and potentially influential foe. BTW.. It really, really bothers the leftists when women, especially white women are conservative. They've tried for decades to own and exploit white women like they do all minority groups. Their grasp of young women is becoming more tenuous everyday.

  • Tyler

    She only did that for a few minutes and she was right at that. The majority of that interview was nothing more than her CORRECTING his BS.

  • CDG24

    Searching Bush Hitler on Google brings up 6.47 million results and searching Obama Hitler brings up 6.82 million results. That is not a big difference.

  • Tyler

    What “issue,” kay. The whole point of her coming on is to point out the hypocricy of the media making such a huge issue out of something that they have really no proof of. They're taking the signs out of context and trying to demonize the right from every possible angle known to man in an intellectually dishonest manner. That's the only issue and I think she focused on that real well.

    There's a number of reasons why Obama's already got more Hitler hits than Bush and why Bush's first year was treated more smoothly than Obama.

    Bush didn't try to change the country so radically and spend our country into oblivion until his LATER years where Obama in his first year has already quadrupled the national debt, passed this massive healthcare entitlement which in his own words is only a “step” towards Single Payer. Basically…if the American people don't want it yet, then the idea is to get them to BEG for it by the time the “evil insurance man” has skyrocketed prices due to the bill not addressing the true reason for cost increase.

    On other words, Bush was more slow and subtle about his approach to greater government where Obama has clearly stepped over Constitutional boundaries in a way that is not even the slightest bit gradual or subtle.

    Folks need to remember that the Tea Party DID NOT START with OBAMA. I was a Tea Party protester during Bush's last years…protesting TARP. So, to say that the Tea Party is all about racism is just intellectually dishonest and is even more so when they just take the signs out of context instead of showing actual proof of any sort of racial slurs or violence.

    • Cookiepuss2010

      No, Bush just got us into two wars, one that probably has no real hope of ending with us “winning”. Pretty radical move. And then he took us into the biggest recession our country has seen since the Great Depression. Radical again.
      But give me Obama any day – a man who thinks that the greatest country on the earth has a responsibility to go with that title and that the citizens deserve better health care than the insurance companies dictating what they will and will not pay.
      And the TP may have started before Obama – but admit that the racists have highjacked your party and it is nothing but a angry white mob who can’t deal with living in the 21st century. It is not your party any more.

  • Tyler

    Oh…lemme ALSO remind you that Andrew Breitbart has offered $10,000 to that Congressman if he can get any ACTUAL AUDIO or video with CLEAR AUDIO of that guy calling him racist names. As many cameras and camcorders as there were, I'm sure it would've appeared by NOW if that had been true. That's just my opinion though. Maybe it WILL…but I highly doubt it.

  • CDG24

    Hardball probably thought that they were going to make the Tea Party look bad by having a little known (at least to MSNBC viewers) radio host be on with a professor from Princeton.

    Matthews probably thought Lacewell would do his dirty work and when she didn't, he decided to go after Loesch himself. By the end when he realized that he wasn't successful in making her look bad, he looked frustrated.

  • Tyler

    Kind of like Ed Schultz when he tried to interview that one Republican who pointed out his Dick Cheney's “rip out his heart” speal and then backpeddled all over it, then said “Sorry, folks. That didn't go how it was supposed to go at all.” Gee…REALLY ED? Haha.

  • pjean

    Wasn't there a movie about the Bush family? Didn't that movie ponder the idea if Bush had been assassinated? Please Progressives, I know it's hard, but let's show some REAL intelligence and be intellectually honest. What's fair is fair. Progressives also show their idiocy when they throw out labels of racist just because they're to lazy or robotic to debate the core issues. Next they'll start psychoanalyzing our childhood to validate their Alinsky tactics.

  • pjean

    Now it's $100,000.00!!

  • Sometimes Nothing Helps ©

    God, what a moron matthews is…

  • catholicuniversityboi

    I am a black man and I was called a nigger by a tea party activist because I wore a shirt that says “healthcare for my community NOW” to the tea party rally.

    Tea party is very one-sided and anti-black. Nobody called the man out!

  • mwwe

    I laughed when the professor spoke. She just seemed so hilarious when explaining her “intellectual” points. Yes, I followed her train of hilarity in getting down to the basis for all those people to have become “so angry about change”… too funny!

  • michaelgingerly

    hahahahahaha – Mathews the clown. The Professor gets taught by Dana. Who the hell watches this crap show anyway? Hello? (crickets)

  • aereoplane


    Sorry I don't believe you. Who do you work for?

  • threadkiller

    Here is one of those racist “birthers” caugh on tape!


  • buffman

    “I am a black man and I was called a nigger by a tea party activist because I wore a shirt that says “healthcare for my community NOW” to the tea party rally.”——————————frickin LIAR

  • buffman

    “I am a black man and I was called a nigger by a tea party activist because I wore a shirt that says “healthcare for my community NOW” to the tea party rally.”————————–frickin LIAR

  • athyrio

    Why is it not possible to be opposed to this without being a racist. Many of us see this for what it is, a dramatic expansion of Federal power at the expense of our liberty. Nothing that has ever been undertaken by the Feds to this point compares to this. It will destroy the private health care system in this country and will eventually make us wards of the state. To conservatives, this is blindingly obvious and it is infuriating to be labeled as a racist or reactionary in the face of what we believe to be a complete disaster.

    The professor talks about authoritarian impulses and racism as if we need to fear a tyranny from the right. Tyranny almost always comes from the left and many of us believe that this is an important step down that road.

  • shipwreckedcrew

    Secessionist language?????

    The most prominent use of secessionist language was Lawrence O'Donnell on the McLaughlin Group the week after Kerry lost. He outright said that coastal states should move to divide themselves from the south, midwest, and mountain west which continue to vote for GOP candidates.

  • thunderstormpatriot

    Gee, this did not go so well for Chris Matthews did it? I imagine that he picked Dana Loesch because his wonderful elitist sensibilities told him that Dana would be overwhelmed by the intellectual gifts of a Princeton professor.

    I was also humored by the fact that the Princeton professor invalidated the premise of Frank Rich and correctly pointed out that transitional social change is the catalyst for the Tea Party anger and not racism.

    Dana was very strong and handled this debate in a truly masterful way. She was there with the right answer every step of the way. Dana Loesch is definitely on my radar as one of the great patriots defending our nation.

  • cpcod

    I can't deny there are jerks who are too stupid to respond with anything but an ugly slur. Your tee-shirt slogan would upset many people who don't feel YOUR community deserves healthcare. In the community called USA, people have equal opportunities and it is up to them to make choices. If there are circumstances beyond their control, the community of USA will provide for them. A response to your tee shirt would be to call you a moocher.

  • cpcod

    -I can't deny there are jerks who are too stupid to respond with anything but an ugly slur. Your tee-shirt slogan would upset many people who don't feel YOUR community deserves healthcare. In the community called USA, people have equal opportunities and it is up to them to make choices. If there are circumstances beyond their control, the community of USA will provide for them. A response to your tee shirt would be to call you a moocher.

  • Beautifully done.

  • stevegibsondallastx

    The left knows that the cry of racism usualy puts and end to any opposition. Their perception is this must be the only reason someone would oppose this fine young president and his wonderfull careing programs.

  • nameRAS

    nobody watches Matthews. he has 6 viewers on a good night.

  • Matthews concentrated on George III being unelected, but failed to mention that Parliament was elected. The problem was that British North America had no MPs, which meant that they were being taxed with no representation

  • MikeWms

    Dana's last appearance on Hard Boiled…lol. She's sexy when she's slapping down dumb liberal argument.

  • Tyler

    Oh, come now. We all know THAT'S just CODE for “nigger.” Right, catholic? HAHA!! Of course we ALSO ALL know that the actions of one man is representative of the whole group as well. I mean…c'mon now. Yeesh. I think the ONLY people I've EVER been racist to are the ones who decide to pull the card. If yall WANT to pull the race card, then I'll GET racist with you JUST BECAUSE. But then again…America's FREEDOM depends on me biting my tongue instead. I'll wait until we've finally won the fight and THEN start calling people like you out on your BS again.

  • mitchblatt1dot1com

    It's not about the 10th Amendment, it's about freedom.

    Socialism is wrong whether it happens at the state level or the national level.

  • I just Googled 'Blue states secede' and the first page brings up article after article in Nov. 2004 through 2005 that I looked at talking about how or should the blue states secede. There was also talk about annexing states to Canada.

    The secession talk was huge after Bush was re-elected in 2004. Funny how the Liberals have amnesia about that.

  • gregatisus

    Checked Google..
    Bush Hitler 6.4 Million
    Obama Hitler 6.01 Million
    Bush Obama Hitler 3 Million

  • Photoman41

    Chris Matthews and Frank Rich are indiots. The tea party movement has nothing to do with diversity or any other lame argumnets put forth by the Left. We are just sick and tired of the federal government and the Left trying to force their socialist leaning policies on our lives. What a crock. Dana chewed up both of these idiots despite their efforts to talk over her. Dana used sound points to counter the silliness by the other two. Great job Dana.

  • catholicuniversityboi

    Calm down.

  • catholicuniversityboi

    I think you should defend me, not the person who called me the n word. Only a jerk would find something wrong with my t-shirt.

  • Tyler

    There's not a lot we can do other than acknowledge the fact that “nigger” is a term which from Latin means “lower than dirt” which was used towards slaves hence why there's no way in heck it can ever become an “acceptable” word to use in normal language.

    I'm not going to say that you're lying when you say you were actually called a “nigger” by a Tea Party member. It's just the fact that the Tea Party as a whole is being demonized because of these few hateful, ignorant racists that gets me angry.

    We weren't racist when we were protesting Bush's TARP bailout in 2007. Why in the world are we suddenly racist as a whole now just because the president's black? Why is it all about him being black? Is it because we're white?

    This whole nonsense about racism and the “rousing of violence” is all just a giant distraction, so we won't pay attention to what's really going on with the White House as we speak.

    • Cookiepuss2010

      The whole tea party becomes demonized because when a woman is kicked in the head, or a member of the press is handcuffed and detained by private security, the heads of the TP don’t say anything. But they don’t say anything because they are inciting this violence and don’t know how to control their mob. Nor do they see how this will all come back on them.

      • Dyted

        You’r so silly! Here’s a good visual N.Pelosi walking through the crowd of conservatives carrying a giant gavel and gloting after using an inappropiate concilliation vote to shove Obamacare down our throats

  • Tyler

    What?? Wow, dude.

  • m_quick

    I don't see how Google search results are a good measure of anything. Most of the people using the term “Obama Hitler” were probably only quoting “dumb tea-party folk” and making fun of people who had those Obama Hitler signs (which was the left wing LaRouchePAC guys, not tea partiers).

    You may get the same thing with people defending Bush against “Bush Hitler” stuff, but I think it's fair to say the media loves Obama more than Bush, and he's probably got more defenders out there.

  • kayellenz

    I think someone has managed to delete some of the references because when I first googled, I got about 7.5 million on Obama. But my point is, Obama has only been president for a little more than a year. So you are comparing 8 years of Bush to 1 year of Obama. A more fair comparison would be if you were able to compare Bush's first year ONLY, with Obama's first year. Bush had a lot of support during his first year even though he was appointed by the Supreme Court, not elected in a landslide as Obama was.

    • Guest

      He had two terms and your so called point only applies to his second victory, try to be rational.

    • Guest

      He had two terms and your so called point only applies to his second victory, try to be rational.

  • bobbydobalina

    If this lady is one of the “smart” ones, heaven help us.
    PS – secession is not the same as succession.

  • I just did a google search on the same thing (5/11/2010)

    bush hitler: “About 6,440,000 results”
    obama hitler: “About 6,440,000 results”

    Does google cap out all search results at “About 6,440,000 results”? Or did someone at google, after hearing about this interview, write some code into the search engine to come up with the exact same search results when the search terms are entered out of a sake for political neutrality?

    Well, when I put the search terms in quotes (“bush hitler” and “obama hitler” I got the following results:

    “bush hitler”: “About 67,800 results”
    “obama hitler”: “About 38,700 results”

  • Your response is not necessarily accurate either. The amount of people using the internet today is way much larger that in 2000. And the use in the past year and a half has probably increased exponentially compared to the time span between 2000-2008,…so a year and a half id enough time to catch up.

  • tigertim

    Hoping that the Tea Party doesn't squander its
    momentum by being co-opted by 'the usual suspects'
    on the BOGUS right –and cluelessly enmeshed GOP.

    Hoping that they turn out tainted, Red China sellout
    faux 'America-Firsters' (i.e. Red China sellout apologists )
    like Pat Buchanan.

    Hoping they demand their 'partial' conservatives a la
    Ann Coulter START addressing this looming, indeed,
    gargantuan issue. So far the 'outspoken daring' Coulter
    has maintained STONE COLD SILENCE on the overawing
    question of the time 'WHO lost America —-to Red China?'


  • monochrome

    I am a Canadian. I love vacationig in Cuba because there are no Americans there. You tea partiers are fing rediculous – you are a fing bunch of racists. Just a new (or old ) premise fot the same OLD bigetted American way of thinking. We are all just human beings…..

  • Cookiepuss2010

    Dana Loeshe has yet to state what the TP would do if in power. She speaks in vague terms and giggles when confronted with her inaccuracies. She’s a pretty girl who has been playing the “cute cheerleader” card too long.

    • Dyted

      Dana Loesch is not intimidated she is fearless and you must be stupid to bring up her looks!

  • Echoplt.yahoo.com

    Outstanding Dana. This is one lady who can hold her own. I have seen her on a few different interviews. Check out how she rips into Elliot Spietzer.

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