David Horowitz on Glenn Beck: The difference in big money on the right versus the left

This is a quite revealing interview where Horowitz discusses his new book and how the disparity of money from the right to the left is freakishly huge. They even break it down into sectors like immigration and environment.

Watch below:

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  • Rocco11

    I love David Horowitz, we don’t hear from him nearly enough..

    • PVG

      Totally agree. Brilliant, humble man!

  • aquaviva

    David Horowitz is like a Rosetta Stone to Leftist thought.

    His “Discover The Networks” ( http://www.discoverthenetworks.org ) is an under-appreciated jewel.

  • badbadlibs

    It’s a bonified miracle the right ever wins at anything. Conservatives face an asset Mt. Everest from the left. The right can’t earn a penny without it being demonized when the actual demons are the leftists. I’ve said it a million times, without the media being the left’s lap dogs, spinning everything their way, liberalism/progressives/marxists/democrats would be relegated to the dung heap where their beliefs belong.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Great post!

      I also contend that if we’d adopt the Fair Tax, it would remedy a ton of this insanity immediately and even the playing field dramatically.

      • badbadlibs

        Thanks, friend.
        And I agree with the fair tax too, however, it leaves the power hungry without much power….

  • notebene

    With that kind of cash cow…why the h e l l is Odumbo whining and raiding people’s weddings?! This is absolute proof that our power as conservatives has nothing to do with money and everything to do with being tenaciously savy with our resources! The left may have money, but we also have seen time and time again that they are clueless when it comes to keeping their hands on it and running a successful ground game! Look at the ridiculous OWS movement…millions have been pumped into it’s ridiculous, pointless existence. Now take a look at the Tea Party…a true grassroots movement with razor sharp focus. The Tea Party has accomplished far more with its limited funds than OWS with its endlessly deep pockets! That scares the bejeezus out of the left because they have no concept of what it truly means to be an American and those of us who do understand it, know that it is American principles that have made our country and its citizens the envy of the world. The left is made up of nothing more than spoiled socialist brats with big fragile egos. The American conservatives are made of way tougher stuff and will indeed outwit, outplay, and outsmart the progressive movement. Failure is not an option!

    • Rshill7

      Nicely said notebene. Right on target.

    • PVG

      Indeed! Failure is NOT an option!

    • Linky1

      Amen to that-well said!!!!!


    Our tax money at work my friends. God bless Glenn Beck and David Horowitz.

    • Linky1

      The $4.95/month fee for GBTV is the best value for money. This was another amazing interview – Horowitz, coming from the left over to our side, is one of our best allies around.

      • PVG

        This is Beck at his best. But when he puts on his tin foil hat or goes on one of his tangents, I’d need a refund.

        • Linky1

          Depends on what you consider a rant or tinfoil moment. Many mainstream cable shows have those moments as well, it’s all what you define as “out there.” There are times when I disagree with Glenn, but it hasn’t stopped me watching the show.

          I watch that, along with along with Real News from The Blaze, which is right after his show. Much better info, more honest discussion and way less commercials than mainstream TV.

          • NCHokie02

            I need to get that to start seeing Andrew Wilkow on there. I listen to his radio show as much as i can and he is just awesome. Love the guy wish he was more in the mainstream.

            • Wilkow fills in for Beck on GBTV on many occasions. Beck takes very little time off, but when he does people like Dana Loesch, Eric Stacklebeck, Wolkow, etc. fill in admirably.

        • las1

          Pvg… you raise a point… but it’s one that won’t support what you contend.

          Look… there are many conservative voices out there like Beck and Rush, Levin. In Canada we have Coren and Levant (guys worth checking into btw). They occasionally say things I disagree with. But it’s a big leap from disagreeing with some of their view points to then begin to throw terms around like “tinfoil hat” nut jobs. These are the name-calling memes of the left. The right shouldn’t be playing that game.

          You can always find points of disagreement with anyone. When these guys talk and talk and talk… it IS their livelihood afterall… they will undoubtedly say controversial and even dumb things. Many conservatives fail to grasp this truth. If people don’t understand that they are indeed human after all- and the first whacky thing they hear is grounds for calling them “extreme” or “tin foil hat” nutbars- then you will find nobody to you liking unless they are milquetoast wishy washy squishes.

          So I agree with Linky1 on this.

          And P.S… what are the “tinfoil” ideas that you attribute to Beck anyway?

  • keninil

    David Horowitz made a key point about foundations – tax them. One way would be to only allow them to exist for 20 years after the funder’s death or loss of control, then what is left goes to the govt. So the idea is for them to spend all their money while possibly still following the funder’s philosophy.

    Note: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Buffet foundation have “sunset” dates after their deaths. This is a good thing.

    • PVG

      Great point!

    • las1

      I don’t agree with you about the Government limiting their longevity. This is proposing a statist solution to a political group you and I both disagree with. And government has no place in saying what group should be “alowed to exist” unless it’s a security issue. Cutting their tax status hamstrings should be sufficient.

      Here’s where I will agree… tax the sheit out of them. I was not familiar with the political limits and the political leeway given to these groups in the United States under the guise of charity. Horowitz made it clear that supporting a candidate or party defines them as political, but advocating for a “political” position is NOT political. Therein lies the problem… and that gap needs to be closed.

      Here in Canada Revenue Canada makes this political distinction more clear. The foundations have been flaunting the law here and it is only finally being exposed as to what a real charity is. So Canada is becoming more aware and the Government is beginning to get the message to clean up its act and comedown on the violators. But we at least have the law in place. We can thank Canada’s Sun News Network for exposing this. How do you think the enviro-extremists, who have been laundering Tides Foundation money, reacted to being exposed. They blamed those evil extremists at SUN News. Too bad FOX is not doing its job to advocate for closing the “charity” status loophole in the US and doing what our only conservative News Network is doing here.

      • Linky1

        Charity begins at home, not in the boardrooms of these leftist foundations.

        Thank God for the SUN News Network and their exposure of this sham and scam. As much as the lefty elitists have tried to spin it, the bottom line is that these so-called charities are nothing more than fronts for socialist and liberal elites trying to impose their agenda on Canada and the U.S. Here in BC, July 1st brought another cent added to gas and heating oil-the Carbon Tax. It just goes to show that left unchecked, these groups would have us all living in moss-covered caves, munching on shoots and wearing nothing but the skin God gave us.

        FOX News is a shadow of SUN News – again, they sold their souls to the lefty infulence of George Soros and his Open Society.

      • keninil

        The point is John D Rockefeller died in 1937. If his foundation had been paid out by 1957, his descendants would not have had cushy jobs and we would not have this lefty foundation. If John Jr. set one up, since he passed in 1960, his would have been sunseted in 1980. The idea being not to stretch the life of the foundation out so that the funder’s philosophy is distorted.

        • las1

          All those conservatives set up foundations taken over by the liberal left. The main point is government should have no say whatsoever in what the philosophy of the foundation should be nor should it reserve the right to cancel them or grandfather a predetermined end.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Great interview. Thanks Scoop and thank you Glenn for standing watch on the wall all these years!

    It’s sickening that everything bends and flows to the left. If we didn’t have God on our side, then right would not survive. I pray that Americans as a whole wake up and help turn the tide. Change our fate… It’s the little guys like us who donate $10, $20, $50 or more to our favorite conservative candidates or causes that makes the biggest difference. We can shorten the disparity in funds for the right by giving what we can. It hurts and it may not be too much… but it is honest and effective.

    Pray, fight, vote!

  • Very intimidating numbers, but not nearly as intimidating as a sea of angry voters just waiting to get a chance to vote in November to throw Obama out of office. Americans were able to teach the far left a hard lesson in 2010 and now it’s time to do it again. And we will. I’ve never see so many motivated people before willing to help the Republican cause. We can do it.

  • librtifirst

    So, apparently, congress passes this funding?

    • NCHokie02

      That or the groups apply for grants from departments (e.g. DOE) directly. I personally think that no group should get federal funding.

      Hey Joe Citizen, you want to support “open borders”? Then you contribute YOUR money to that group. YOU contribute YOUR money to Planned Parenthood. Don’t tell me where I have to contribute mine.

      • librtifirst

        After doing some research today, I finally realized that the federal government can tax and spend for whatever it wants, constitutionally, as long as they can justify it as providing for the common welfare. They don’t have to apportion it equally either.

        One thing that I will say though, is that taking our income by force of law to fund the murder of innocent babies is more than adequate justification for a tax revolt. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that it is our duty under moral precedent, and our right via civil disobedience.

        • NCHokie02

          True, they can tax for whatever reason as long as that reason is in the powers given to them by the constitution.

          I’m sure people at PP would say “But we only receive a small amount from the federal gov’t. It’s not that much.” I say “Good then it won’t be a big deal to you when you stop getting it.”

          • librtifirst

            The sixteenth amendment took away the only limitation. Their powers are unlimited now.

  • Leftism is evil

  • Nukeman60

    Ahhh, but that horde of right-wing money is evil, while the left puts their meager amount in tax-free, philanthropic endeavors to better our miserable lives. Aren’t they just grand?

    Sometimes, the truth just stands up and slaps them in the face.

    • NCHokie02

      As Horowitz pointed out “They have a problem. They are fighting reality.”

  • 12grace

    Horowitz is a patriot and a gentlemen.

    David Horowitz knows his stuff. He is always impressive.

  • MacSwain

    This has come about because of the growth of government. It is a cash cow that has come under control of communist/socialist operatives by taking programs and foundations over from the inside.

    The only way to “fix” this is to tear down the power of the present “Federal Monster.”

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Thank you for posting this Scoop. I took screenshots of the various charts so I can show the numbers to my liberal friends next time they’re complaining about the evil rich republicans who only win elections with money!

    Horowitz is very hopeful and optimistic, and that is very comforting to me right now. Ever the optimist myself, I am always looking for that glimmer of hope somewhere to latch onto. I totally agree with Horowitz on his one statement about Obama serving as a wake-up call to Americans. I’ve been saying for a while that if there’s one silver lining to this fraud of a president, it’s that he has been the progressive bucket of cold water that was thrown on our complacent society. We may not see it now, but hopefully history will show that without this much-needed slap in the face, the slow progression of socialism would have continued on, with the complacent allowing it to happen because they didn’t realize what it was until it was too late. We can stop this now. We are awake. People who were never involved in politics or have never given a political donation in their lives have been called to arms. We are fighting. And we will stop it.

    One final story of hope. On Thursday, after the SCOTUS decision, my 25-year-old son bravely posted as his Facebook status “SCOTUS decision: one step closer to Communism” and within a few minutes received 30 likes. I took those likes from his age group as a sign of real hope — a sign that even our young adults are starting to get it, since it’s their future that is mostly on the line right now. I’m not so sure the left owns the 20 and 30 somethings anymore, now that so many of them are back living with their parents!

  • physicsnut

    And I remember seeing Al Gore speaking at La Raza. I read that the Ford Foundation was giving La Raza a million bucks a year, back when it was 12 commie lawyers from Los Angeles. How about we demand that the Ford Foundation give us a million bucks a year to UNDO what they did before. How about the Ford Foundation publically APOLOGIZE .

  • Don

    David Horowitz knows the left from the inside out. His early years as a leftwing liberal set the stage for his conversion to conservatism. He has lived life from both sides of the spectrum and his prospective is based on the understanding of the threat that the liberal agenda can be to our country and our way of life.

  • kong1967

    Ford funds the environmentalists and the left?

    Now I have to go sell my truck and buy a Toyota !!

    • DebbyX

      Remember back when everyone was selling their foreign cars and buying American? Even my dad traded in.

      I have a Toyota Venza………………runs like a top!

      • kong1967

        Lol, I can’t buy Toyota. I am a Ford man through and through. Built Ford tough. It does annoy me that they fund environmentalists but I generally don’t boycott products. If they supply a good product I don’t care about their politics. I will fight their politics in the political arena.