Dem Congressman To Unions: Time To Get A Little Bloody

You’ve probably read about this clip all day long. Well here’s the clip of Congressman Michael Capuano (D-MA) telling the Unions that they are going to need to get a little bloody when necessary.

As soon as someone dies in Madison, I expect the MSM to play these remarks over and over and over and over just as they all showed Sarah Palin’s target map over and over and over and over. Yeah, I’m sure it’ll happen.

Thanks to RCP for helping me find this video. It litteraly took all day long!


UPDATE: Mark Levin used this audio today on his show. Thanks Mark Levin for the great hat tip!

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  • Leel004

    RS….you must be OBSCENE in your thinking….OF COARSE NOT, this dignified politician is a socialist type Democrap…oops I meant to type a democraT, so of coarse NOT, the media will play over and over and OVER how Gov. Walker instigated this violence with his attempt at ‘busting’ the unions with a balanced budget that isn’t busted, AND that the WI surplus was spent by the gov in his ‘wasting the time of government’s time on this ‘balanced budget issue”.
    Come’n on now get on board with the union stance.
    OOPS, I forgot, you are one of those “thinkers” that I’ve heard about.

    • Ex-Pat

      The unions had their time and place in American history and I respect that. However, nowadays they are parasites, leeching off the public, driving costs higher, and moreover, protecting inept teachers and other workers, to the detriment of society.

  • KeninMontana

    Molon Labe, congressman. I realize what the translation actually is,it’s the sentiment conveyed. Come get you some, I have plenty to give.

  • Anonymous

    Violence-endorsing thugs in government? Who would have ever suspected such a thin–ugh, screw the sarcasm. This is what all disputes between or over government come down to ultimately, who has more weapons or bigger muscles to make the other people do what they want. Is the reality getting through to anyone else yet about this system?

    Government isn’t what makes anything civilized, government is the antithesis of civilization. To think, if we didn’t have people like this guy “we’d all be killing each other in the street”…oh, wait…

    • Anonymous

      “government is the antithesis of civilization”; you are spot-on right. The Founding Fathers knew that organizing a society that promoted individual rights, unimpeded by government, with every member subject to the Rule of Law was the best course. We are about to live through a Constitutional crisis that will awaken the writings of these fine gentleman from over 200 years ago.

  • Smoking gun number 3425.

    The Big Lie: all the violence comes from the Right. Can anyone name a comparable Right-wing organization with jack boot thugs like SEIU?

    • Anonymous

      BATF. FBI. IRS….

      • Hmmmmm… seems to me we have a Marxist college professor in charge of these now.

        • Anonymous

          Instruments of the state have nothing to do with right or left; you asked about other jack-booted thugs. Waco, TX was BATF; training at Ft. Hood, TX, in direct violation of the Posse Commitatus Act of 1878, under the guise of alleged drug activities/gun violations at Branch Davidian compound. FBI took over and sent in Army tanks and helicoptors. These jack-booted thugs gassed, shot with AUTOMATIC machine guns, and burned to death over 100 innocent men, women, and children. All surviving members were tried, and exonerated, of murder charges( 4 BATF agents) in Texas courts. Not one scrap of evidence was found to substantiate weapons/drug allegations by BATF or FBI. IRS, well, they are a separate brand of thugs that answer to no one….

          • “Instruments of the state have nothing to do with right or left;” Thank you so much for shooting yourself in the foot.

            My original statement stands. There’s nothing comparable the violent, blood thirsty gangsters of SEIU on the Right.

            • Anonymous

              Still not getting my point. As long as you simplify the equation with left vs right, you lose. Left-wing/right-wing; where is the narrative on violations of the Constitution and Rule of Law ? Keep up the simplification of political affiliations; you are playing right into their( Codevilla’s Ruling class) game. Long after this current regime is booted from office, the government apparatus police-state will be firmly entrenched; hence my BATF, FBI, and IRS illustrations. If that logic is too hard for you to understand; it looks like it’s back to your I-phone app web-promotions Nick….

          • “Instruments of the state have nothing to do with right or left;” Thank you so much for shooting yourself in the foot.

            My original statement stands. There’s nothing comparable the violent, blood thirsty gangsters of SEIU on the Right.

  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    Hey, it’s Senator Foment from Long Island. I wonder why he thinks he’s speaking for the “middle class”. He only represents people with no class

    • poljunkie

      standing on my chair applauding you!

  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    Oh, is this guy a Spendo-crat?! I thought he was a Republigoon at first. If we booked a sports arena, say the Houston Astrodome, and filled it with partisans, assuming they’d all fit, maybe they’d just kill each other and leave the real middle class alone to take care of nursing this nation back to health. Did they ever fix the roof on the stadium in New Orleans? We could use that for overflow.

  • Anonymous

    Just more of that civility the President and Dems said we needed. I cannot ever remember the libs/left/dems ever having any decency, honesty, civility or respect for opposing opinions. This party has moved farther and farther to the left and now so closely resemble the tyranical regimes that they so openly praise in Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea and Russia. They are the anti-American party, the anti-freedom party, the treasonous sell or give our political and military secrets to our enemies party [and the secrets of our allies, or is it ex allies], the insult and abandon our allies party and most certainly the anti-Christian party. What is there in this party that could possibly appeal to any American who wants to succeed, who cherishes his freedom, who wants his family to survive and prosper and wants his country to survive. The answer is absolutely nothing. Plain and simple this party offers Americans nothing but the loss of their freedom, the loss of their country and ultimately the loss of any hope or life. Congratulations Democrats and all of the useful idiots who support you, quite a legacy to leave your children and grandchildren, the end of the American Dream. Shame on all of you.

  • Anonymous

    I think that this liberal, pathetic, thug Congressman in a cheap suit is inciting violence; be careful there pal, poke the caged bear one too many times, WE just might bust the door down…

  • Paladin

    When Congressman Allan West was asked how you deal with muslime extremists who want to die for the cause of their extremist misslam ideology, his reply was, “We kill them.” If Capuano wants to play mafia thug and get a little bloody…..? Caprice?

  • Anonymous

    He looks and sounds like a drunk mob boss from Jersey instead he is just a mighty fine leader and an honorable member of Congress.

  • Pauline

    The American people are learning that Unions and Democrats are bullies and the duo can threaten blood shed until the sun goes down but it isn’t going to win them more money from the tax payers…

  • Anonymous

    He is just another example of the DemocRATS showing their true colors,(red). If they seriously try using violence, whatever sympathy there is for their cause will evaporate quickly. If they persist, the backlash will bury them.

  • de

    “Thinkers”, oddly enough, learn the difference between ‘coarse’ and ‘course’, and use them appropriately in a sentence.

  • Tracycolorado

    yeah , I Was in A Union , You go to the Union Meetings and in the Parking Lot ALL the Cars Had ” BUY AMERICAN ” Bumper Stickers on Them . The Funny Thing About That is the Majority of ALL the Cars , Were FORIEGN MADE . A Bunch of Fricken Hyprocrites , Nothing More , Nothing Less

  • Dmoc1

    Pretty sure he means bloody as in you have to commit your blood sweat and tears, not bloody as in violent.