DeMint: I think Romney wins South Carolina


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) told Mark Levin that while he could be surprised, he believes Romney will win South Carolina:


UPDATE: Full interview added:

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  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad a strong solid Reagan, tea-party, conservative like Flip rominee is going to win South Carolina.

    8 years of Flip is exactly what this country needs right now.

    *eyes frikin roll*

    • Anonymous

      Fortunately, Willard is most likely to go the way of Dole, McCain, and GHWB (after people realized he wasn’t the third term of RR).

    • With a Romney win in Iowa and NH the focus is now totally on South Carolina for the Consrervative cause. Because South Carolina is a pretty good representation of the more Conservative repubilcan voter a win in SC for Romney will be the great ending.

      I discount New Hampshire because it is an open primary where DemocRATs (knowing Obama was unchallenged in his primary) crossed over in droves to vote the weakest Republican candidate for Obama to be against in the general.

      I don’t think many caught this on FoxNews last night but Bret Baire said that 51% of Huntsman voters in NH thought that Obama deserved a second term. Also for all you people living in denial Donna Brazile laided it out pretty clear last night after the debate. ”Mitt Romney is the candidate the DemocRATs want to run against Obama”. How telling.

      A Romney win in South Carolina will tell Conservatives our message and messinger is weak and does not resonate with the American people.(disheartening) If he (Romney) wins in SC, it looks like the Republicans will screw up again offering another Dole/McCain candidate to the American people.

      What has become of America….????

      Is it really true as Pat Buchannan states so clearly ” The fall of America, is the greatest light of Freedom the world has ever seen being extinguished.” How sad that Conservatives are unable to organize and prefer to eat their own allowing even NutCase Ron Paul to beat us through his use of smear and mud slinging.

      South Carolina will be the writing on the wall. Will Republicans wake up to their founding principles that get their roots from Jefferson and Washington or have the liberals truely taken over both parties neutering the American nation into a bunch of policially correct whimps???????

      So now it comes down to this…which Conservative is the best to win against Mittens and Paul…

      Santorum – 25%
      Gingrich – 13%
      Perry – 9%

      New Hampshire
      Gingrich – 10%
      Santorum – 9%
      Perry – 1%

      Clearly Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are pretty much tied for the Conservative section of the GOP. While I like Perry, I think the writing is on the wall, he should back one of those two. Continuing further is only going to keep the field split and reduce the chance for a Conservative to step forth. (That is FACT not Fiction)

      Come on Conservatives!!!!The time is NOW to rally to one of the two stronger Conservatives. Newt seems to have gone overboard with this Bain crap and has really done himself a disservice so I think the logic is clear.

      Rick Santorum is Conservatives BEST chance at taking the Primary back for our Conservative cause not giving it to Romney because we are sooo split.

      Ok Gingrich and Perry people….you can smear me all you want but what I am saying is the HEARTFELT TRUTH….! We conservatives are split and will not win divided.

      • Anonymous

        I think your analysis is honest and accurate. Conservatives have to rally and unite behind a conservative candidate NOW.

        With Perry and Gingrich are all over this demoncrat-speak about Bain and other insignificant topics (“I love to fire people”) with Romney and as they mud sling and employ the progressive’s deplorable tactics, they too will diminish, while still splitting the conservative vote. I’m not saying they should drop out… but we have a solid two way tie (Santorum and Perry) for the most conservative position and Gingrich is the transitional candidate between Romney and conservatives.

        I mean no insult to any of these candidates but 13Krieger is absolutely right… as long as conservatives are split, this lame-stream media endorsed moderate (Romney) will be the next impotent opposition to the current tyrant in the WH. This is the best we can do? Seriously America?

        Unless we get this right, once again we will be forced to hold our nose and vote for a moderate RINO. Only remembering that God is in control, keeps me from losing it over all this.

        • Anonymous

          um… They are uniting.

      • Trust1TG

        Romney was a limp rag appeaser in Massachusetts; he complied with every demand of the sin-sick, promiscuous, rebellious, ungodly, rabid liberal left.

        Romney is likely to bow and comply to the even greater pressure of the Islamo-fascist insurgents if by some miracle he is elected, over what is the most cunning political machine and adversary of the century.

        Obama is a deadly combination of all the radical agenda groups in one; he is the perfect spiritual, moral, fiscal and political storm.

        Only GOD can bring this conglomerate of evil down.

        The Conservative troops are divided, compromised, distracted and blinded by our sin and for having focused on our own selfish pleasures and desires.

        We need a champion selected and anointed by GOD, who like Gideon, will weed out and send away the false-hearted conservatives, will not compromise with those who do not really fear GOD and keep only those who know, follow and worship Him, who understand the value of GOD’s Law on which this nation and its laws and Constitution were founded.

        Romney has not shown that kind of courage or strength in the past.

        In the meantime, Obama is growing bolder and bolder, will not defend marriage, will not defend our borders, is busy ignoring and even challenging state and federal laws to suit his agenda, taking over every venue of communication, law enforcement, and is appointing more and more leftist radicals. Obama’s goal is to make the US an Islamo-fascist totalitarian regime – the 58th Islamic state in OIC. He/they will stop at nothing.

      • Anonymous

        Agree. Gingrich really disappointed me with his talk of Bain Capital. While you may not like how some business’s operate thats capitalism. Some companies were failing and Bain ended it instead of dragging it out. Others flourished. So did Bain end some jobs, yes. But it also created jobs. Thats capitalism! Capitalism is not a socialist utopia where everyone is employed and never gets fired. People get fired, people fail. Thats life!! The left makes the same arguments that Gingrich made. Obama makes the same argument about automation!! They aren’t looking at second and third order effects of these actions, just that Bain closed a company and Joe lost his job. Poor Joe. C’mon people.

        I’m in for Santorum after that. I was leaning his way after Iowa and started looking at his beliefs. Not only do I think his economic ideas will benefit the country but his moral beliefs as well. It would be good to have a God fearing man in the White House.

        The thing that concerns me about SC is that Nikki Haley has backed Romney. I think he’ll get a large portion due to that alone. I hope Santorum stays till the end. I can’t stand to think that somone who routinely only gets 25% of the vote will be nominated. How can we elect a guy when 75% of us don’t think hes’ the best choice??

        • cabensg

          Yes lets be disappointed when Gingrich tells the truth because it doesn’t suit Rush and Levin. He tried running a positive campaign and was brought down by lies. What ever it takes I hope he uses it as long as it’s the truth and with Romney it’s not hard to find. Romney may not be an Obama clone but he sure operates in his shadow.

          • Anonymous

            Newt and Perry are making Mitt to be some evil capitalist in this light though. Mitt did nothing wrong in working for Bain Capital. Bain does something that is needed in the market and however unpleasing it may be to some because some people end up losing their jobs, thats life. Attacking Mitt for participating in capitalism because you feel bad for people that were fired is ridiculous. I’m sure most of those people got other jobs. Some are probably better off now.

            Again, Mitt did nothing wrong in working for Bain and Bain does nothing wrong in the corporate world (assuming that nothing illegal goes on) by performing the function of restructuring companies.

            I’m no fan of Mitt but attacking him on this issue is ridiculous. Attack him on his ideas that he wants to put forward or lack thereof.

      • Rio2010

        Santorum’s record on economic policy is as a spendthrift. He is for social engineering through the tax code just like the Democrats. While totally agree with his analysis is that the family is broken, government is not the solution! I love his passion for the Life issue.

        Santorum is also unpleasant. He is a scold. It is just a fact of life that most all voters vote on their “gut” and Santorum is just unlikeable. I love his passion for the family. I love his passion period but if you do not agree he comes across as thinking he is morally superior.

        His record in the Senate on spending is deplorable. He is pro-union. He supports/defends the Davis-Bacon Act. (The Davis–Bacon Act of 1931 is a United States federal law which established the requirement for paying prevailing wages on public works projects. All federal government construction contracts, and most contracts for federally assisted construction over $2,000, must include provisions for paying workers on-site no less than the locally prevailing wages and benefits paid on similar projects.)

        Newt or Perry are much more conservative than either Romney or Santorum.

      • Anonymous

        Santorum’s record on economic policy is as a spendthrift. He is for social engineering through the tax code just like the Democrats. While totally agree with his analysis is that the family is broken, government is not the solution! I love his passion for the Life issue.

        Santorum is also unpleasant. He is a scold. It is just a fact of life that most all voters vote on their “gut” and Santorum is just unlikeable. I love his passion for the family. I love his passion period but if you do not agree he comes across as thinking he is morally superior.

        His record in the Senate on spending is deplorable. He is pro-union. He supports/defends the Davis-Bacon Act. (The Davis–Bacon Act of 1931 is a United States federal law which established the requirement for paying prevailing wages on public works projects. All federal government construction contracts, and most contracts for federally assisted construction over $2,000, must include provisions for paying workers on-site no less than the locally prevailing wages and benefits paid on similar projects.)

        Newt or Perry are much more conservative than either Romney or Santorum.

        • Fine Rio2010….your attack is exactly what I mean! All you are doing is keeping the Conservaitve message split. It is time to circle the wagons put the petty differences of the three COnservatives aside and concentrate on the strongest of the 3 Conservatives and that is Rick Santorum. Then make sure that we stay united to put a Conservative in as the GOP nominee!!!!!!!!!!

        • I agree and Newt is 2nd in National polls was highest in national polls until MSM and tens of millions in lies took him down. He is close to Romney and far above rest in important southern NC which elected Obama last year. We need Gingrich who is ruling in Key states like his hometowns of GA & VA (also lost to Obama) and FL which just recently Gingrich slipped to 2nd after Romney’s 3 weeks of attack ads there against him. All good leaders are master debaters. We need Gingrich his superior debating skills, his quick witt, his southern & military roots, his achievements, his solutions. No one is better!!

          Newt 2012! He isn’t afraid to crush media lies with facts either.

          No politician alive has more conservative achievements then Newt Gingrich.. He is our Churchill/Reagan mix!!

      • Anonymous

        C’mon. If you back Rick Santorum–you’ll be backing Barack Obama. Rick Santorum can’t win–he’s an angry man just like Newt, just not as much of a communist. Mitt Romney is the strongest candidate we have–we need to stop fighting and support him.

        • Romney is not the answer. He is a progressive just like the type currently in the White House. Romney is not Conservative by any reasoning.

          He is a liberal moderate progressive Republican…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cabensg

        I have no intention of smearing you for a valid opinion. I do however disagree. I really don’t care what Newt has to do to get some traction. The only reason he isn’t higher right now is because of false ads put out by Romney surrogates. Newt’s surrogates are at least telling the truth no matter how distasteful Rush and Levin find them. If anyone thinks liberals haven’t already thought of what to use against Romney including Bain…give me a break. I wish Santorum would drop out and back Gingrich. A Gingrich/Santorum ticket would bring out a strong conservative Republican electorate especially after they heard what Gingrich has to say. Every town meeting he speaks at he changes minds, I think Independents and middle of the roader’s would also agree with his message.

        • It’s not Newt’s pacs….its Newt and Perry themselves saying this about Romney and Capitalism. That is the problem. That is the issue….not the PACs. By law you are not allowed in any way to talk to a PAC supporting you because it is not suppost to be associated with your campaign directly in any form. That is the law. The candidate can distance themselves from it and call it bad…boo hoo but that is not the issue. The issue is it is the candidates themselve…Perry and Gingrich that are discrimintating against Capitalism.

          • Please list when Gingrich has every talked against Capitalism… He hasn’t!! Gingrich has done more for Capitalism then any politician alive! Read his 21st Century Contract with America & Solutions while you are at it. His plan is touted as the best economic plan by economists for a reason!!

            Romney is a sleaze bag and has lied about creating 100,000 jobs, and took money, $54 Million, from tax-payers (Government) to wreck thousands of lives while he pocketed millions and sent jobs overseas.. No, Romney & Bain is not Capitalism. McDonalds & Ray Kroc ; Steve Jobs & Apple; Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook is Capitalism. Romney has no soul as Huckabee said.

            Newt 4 The Win

  • And Obamacare is Obama’s Waterloo. DeMint is happy with Romney (affectionately “Flip”), enuff said.

    • Anonymous

      Did you listen to the interview? That isn’t what I took away at all!

    • Don’t know that he’s hoping for the VP nod, but he was definately in the tank for Romney. I just listened to the radio interview (still listening) and he seemed to be offended that Romney was being insulted when the same happened to Newt and I didn’t hear an interview standing up for Newt while he was being attacked.

      GOP needs to go- Sadly, it is too late for a third party to gain ground…..the stakes are too high.

  • Jim Botts

    Romney wins SC, he wins Florida. At that point its over. Brokered convention would be the only thing that could stop Romney, but since he is the establishment guy it won’t happen.

    But you bet your bottom dollar if Palin had run and clinched the establishment would do their best for a brokered convention.

    • Anonymous

      It will be brokered, between Romney and Paul.

      • Anonymous

        Keep dreaming. The Ron Paul drones should start to wane.

        • Anonymous

          You probably said the same thing four years ago. Good call.

    • Everyone who thinks in terms of ‘establishment’ vs ‘anti-establishment’ is an ignorant fool. Because a well known Republicans support a particular candidate, in this case Romney, that it is some kind of conspiracy.

      Actually idiot, well known people are endorsing Romney because he is articulate, intelligent, compitent, and electible. What a concept! Go vote for Ron Paul you F*ing idiot.

      • K-Bob

        You signed up for Disqus just to insult a commenter at TRScoop? I shortened that last line. Don’t come here to start a fight. Welcome to the site. Read a while, and respond to people without direct insults.

      • Anonymous

        even if i give you “articulate, intelligent, compitent, and electible”, romney doesn’t reflect our political beliefs or values. the same things were said about obama 4 years ago.

        so what’s your point?

  • Anonymous

    From what I have read there is no love between the SC Tea Party and Mitt and the Evangelicals are not going to storm the polls for him either.

  • 11Steve11

    Go Romney! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

    • Anonymous

      United in Romney and the Republican Establishment? That pretty much ensures a continuation of the last 9 years. We will be standing alright, as we all bend over.

      • 11Steve11

        What is the Alternative? I mean really?

        • Anonymous

          The alternative is to just stop the Progressives. Anyone but Romney or Huntsman at this point and we MIGHT have a chance to save our freedom.

          Romney is not substantially different. He is a guarantee to get more of the same, just in different feeds and speeds.

          • 11Steve11

            Romney is better then Obama.

            • If Romney is our candidate, then it’s time for a Hail Mary play. Letting Romney win would be the same as submitting ourselves as the GOP’s bitches…..existing only to give them their votes without having any say in who our elected officials are.

              Romney is not good enough- and if Obama wins a 2nd term, then it is not a failure of the people, it is a failure of the GOP…..I’m not going to feel guilty. It is not our responsibility to succumb to our party, it is the party’s resposibility to appease our wants, just as it is our government’s responsibility to do the same.

              I will support anyone except for the establishment candidate because I refuse to give the establishment any power and acknowledgement that they own our [the conservative] vote.

              • 11Steve11

                Obama winning is not an option! You are the establishment, I am the establishment! Romney is the Anti – Obama candidate.

                • I am an individual, Romney is the establishment. GOP owns Romney’s vote, I own my vote.

                • 11Steve11

                  Romney is a man, unlike the god obama. What is this establishment bullshit?(that is so 1960’s) What is it that you speak of, the bourgeoisie establishment, lets all hold cigarettes funny grow goatee’s, stop showering and listen to someone pick on some sort of stringed instrument while we say some poems that we created in some sort of drugged up stuper and contemplate marxism while we put down the man. Or, better yet, lets all grow up and become men (or women, depending on how GOD made you, of course) and get that communist out of office.

                • You can be force-fed if you want; I don’t like it and will not play that game. I’ll be glad to turn down the crap sandwich….hope you find it enjoyable- at least if I go down, I’ll know I did the right thing. If your guy goes down, it will happen with you bending over at the waist. Who’s the woman/man again?

                • 11Steve11

                  I am not here to make enemies, I would hope that we have similarities in our love for America. I just want to be clear. I want Obama to lose! I am not a conservative in voter registration, because there are to many racists that register conservative. I am registered Republican, but I am a conservative with christian values. I am pro Jesus Christ, I am anti gay (yes , I want people to be unhappy), I am anti abortion. These are the 3 issues that I am most passionate about. Whichever candidate that I feel has the best chance of winning and most closely shares my views on the issues that matter to me, I will support. I love my family and my country. I love the freedom that my relatives fought and, some, died for. I do not think that my relatives died, so that some marxist could over through America. I will vote for the Republican Candidate that is chosen! I am convinced that Mitt Romney is and will be the Republican Candidate, and I support him whole heartedly. I am through trying to support the candidate that I wanted. It was Perry, if you care to know.

                • Anonymous

                  The Rebublican Party is not what you think it is. Eventually if you keep researching and reading you will see that the same money and power structures that gave us Obama are working to force Romney on us.

                  Look at Scott Brown. As soon as he won he voted with Hussein Obama. Romney will be no different – all trails lead back to the same place.

                • Anonymous

                  With respect sDee, Scott Brown’s voters, 100% of them, live in Massoftwoshits.
                  The US Presidency is different. If O’ gets whooped landslide fashion, Romney will flip over to the light side, especially if he wants two terms.

                  In this way, his ability to flip, flop and roll, will be pragmatic, in a good way. It’s a working theory 🙂

                • Anonymous

                  I pray you are right Rshill.

                  God help US all and deliver us from the progressive machine.

            • Anonymous

              Perhaps….kind of like McCain was better than Obama. I really went away from Romney when he talked about his tax plan on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.
              WALLACE: One of the knocks against you is that at a time when Republican voters want dramatic change, that you are offering fine tuning.

              Let’s start with taxes. Rick Perry calls for a 20 percent flat tax. Newt Gingrich has a 15 percent plan.

              You would keep the top tax rate at 35 percent. And in contrast to most of your rivals, you would not lower the tax on capital gains and dividends for anyone making more than $200,000 a year.

              Question: aren’t you basically right there with Barack Obama, the rich should pay more?

              ROMNEY: No, I’m just saying don’t raise taxes on anyone. I want to make sure that with the precious dollars we have, that we can provide tax relief, that those dollars go to middle income Americans.

              The people who have been hurt in the Obama economy are not the wealthy. The wealthy are doing just fine. The people that have been hurt are the people in the middle class so I focus those precious dollars that we have, I focus that on the middle class.

              WALLACE: What’s wrong with the 15 percent flat tax or the 20 percent flat tax? You’re keeping the top rate for the wealthy at 35 percent.

              ROMNEY: Look, I would love to see a tax system which brings down rates, which is more broad-based tax system which eliminates some of the deductions and exemptions. The Bowles-Simpson plan, for instance, I think has a lot to speak for it. And I’ll work on a plan of that nature.

              The policies that I’ve seen put forward of that nature have represented dramatic reductions in tax for the very highest income people. I’m not looking to dramatically reduce taxes for the wealthiest in our society, not that there’s anything wrong with being wealthy. I’m pleased to have done very well myself. You understand that. Others do.

              But my intent in running for president is to help middle income Americans and a plan that dramatically cuts taxes for the very, very wealthiest is in my opinion not the right course.

              WALLACE: You talk about helping the middle class but your plan that would eliminate the tax on capital gains and dividends doesn’t help them. A recent study showed that a family making $75,000 a year in terms of what they would receive by eliminating capital gains and dividends, $167, sir.

              ROMNEY: Well, first of all, $167 is not zero. And number two, one of the reasons people don’t save their money is that they don’t see an incentive to do so. They put it in Roth IRA’s and Keough plans and they have to put together these nanny programs to try and save money and the tax advantage basis.

              What I do is allow middle-income families to finally be able to save their money tax free. No tax on interest dividends or capital gains for middle income Americans.

              WALLACE: But the argument is middle class people can’t afford, they don’t have enough money to have a lot of capital gains and dividends.

              ROMNEY: Look, I recognize it’s not a huge tax cut. It is a tax reduction and it allows middle-income folks to participate in making a brighter future for themselves and for saving.

              And you’re going to find in this country that if there’s no tax on savings, middle-income people are going to take advantage of that to save for college, to save for retirement, to save for things that they want. And saying, look, let’s provide that same break to the high income people, that costs a lot of money, and is really not a tax cut that’s needed there.

              That is just too weak of plan for me. He sounds just like Obama there, which Wallace even said. “The rich are doing good enough…I”m gonna save the middle class about $200 bucks a year. What do ya say??”

            • Anonymous

              when the republicans were in the minority in the house two years ago, they voted unanimously against everything obama put forth.

              now that they are in the majority, 50% of them vote with obama on continued spending that will bankrupt the country.

              if rommey, the author of obamacare, is elected, 95% of republicans will support whatever he puts forth.

              romney is to the left of ted kennedy….what will remain of conservatives?

              he is the “white” obama… enemy within.

            • Anonymous

              That’s just what the banksters want you to think. Or not.

        • Anonymous

          well the non-romney candidates could set aside their egos for the good of the country and decide among themselves to back one and the others drop out.

          • Anonymous

            Well 6 months ago I would have rejected that but now we have come down to a candidate who will turn our free fall into a controlled crash vs the other candidates coming together and perhaps, give the Nation another chance at being a Republic.

            We the People have the power to stop them with our vote. First we have to realize what the Republican party is and why they intend to force Romney on us.

    • Anonymous

      Squish… squish… squish.

  • Steven

    Why didn’t Jim DeMint run? For that matter, what is Sarah Palin thinking right now? God, we’ll never get a true conservative leader in this nation! Without one, we are toast.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe God is telling you something, if you’d bother to listen….

    • Anonymous

      DeMint is trying to get more real conservatives in the Senate. And he has sponsored some really strong (successful) candidates. I hope this election is a repeat of 2010 that gave us Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul – there are more but the names escape me just now.
      If you want to support his efforts, he has a senate conservatives fund. Much better than donations to the RNC! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The banksters are behind Romney. They have only one natural enemy and we are in la la land.

    • Bankster? Van Jones, is that you?

      • Anonymous

        Easier than typing Romney’s top donors: Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Bank of America and JP Morgan.

        Pretty much the same donors that placed Hussein Obama.

        They have run the board in the EU as well.

      • Anonymous

        Scoop, have you listened at all to Ron Paul’s ‘Case against the Fed’? There are valid and necessary functions for lending institutions, but there are negative consequences to an unaccountable fractional reserve system.

        I vetted Ron Paul and tempered my support because of his foreign policy position with respect to Israel and the fact that he bases his worldview on agnostic rationalism, but he has repeated sound arguments from the Austrian economists that point to the root of our economic woes.

        Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, all made their millions by borrowing from the same imaginary till that Uncle Sam (and Newt for his big government policies) does. This means they won’t change the system (except for Paul, Palin, and maybe Newt.

        Newt reminds me of the Joker (the freaky broke back one) when he’s standing in front of the big pyramid of cash when he’s splitting up the loot with the mobsters. He lights the pile of money on fire and the mobsters think he just double crossed them, but the Joker says….”no that’s my share”.

        It freaks out the mobsters because suddenly they see he’s motivated by something they don’t understand. ……….oh, that memory gives me the creeps…!

  • Anonymous

    If you were watching Cavuto when Dukockis was on you would have found out exactly how Willard teleprompter left the state of massachuettes. Not very good. The state was rated 47th
    While he was in office. I didn’t see all of the interview, but what i did see it was not very favorable to willard. I wish they had a video of this interview. This could be shown in south
    Carolina and Florida. Scoop if you have the video of the whole interview could you please put it up. Thanks!

  • I thought Sen. DeMint was a leader, but he decided to go silent and not run or endorse. So now we have Romney.

    Same goes for Paul Ryan and Mitch Daniels. They keep telling us how important this election is and how no one is talking about the big issues, but they don’t step up.

    • Anonymous

      DeMint is not a leader. He didn’t run. He didn’t take back his 2008 endorsement of Romney. He won’t challenge any sitting RINO’s.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that the American public knows that Romney has “won” the first two primaries. (There may be some contention about Iowa, but if there was a miscount the average citizen hasn’t heard that.) On top of that the media keeps telling everyone that a Romney victory is inevitable and he is the only “electable” candidate. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is what they want and why they keep saying it. We are doomed to this scenario unless we can wake up our friends and neighbors to the reality that only a very few delegates have actually been granted. We need to make sure we help them to see the records of the candidates so they choose one with the record of accomplishment that will best benefit us at this point of time—a limited government, state’s rights, jobs enabling conservative! (Hint: Think Rick Perry)

    • Anonymous

      I agree with Levin, this primary process must be changed.

      • K-Bob

        In 2010 and most of 2011, Levin was pretty low key about that. He’d just shrug off comments when people told him we needed to change the primary process. He’d just ask them “what do you plan to do about it?” But he wouldn’t get all intense and state “We must change this process!” I was wondering if he’d ever call for it with any intensity at all.

  • Anonymous

    If true, WE ALL LOSE in SC and Romney goes on to officially lose in the general.

    • K-Bob

      If I had to bet right now on a Romney v. Obama contest, my money would be on Obama.

      He’ll end up with it anyway.

      • Anonymous

        You’re fired! 😀

        No way O’ gets back in. Wake up sir. Splash some OJ in your face or something. Romney will kill O’ in the general.

        The only way O’ gets back in is if Jesus is ready to return, in which case, I’m outta here!

        • K-Bob

          Hey, we all have out bloody-minded ideas. That’s mine, I guess.

          But I don’t think Mitt can pull it off. Obama will walk in on the back of Romneycare. My magic 8-ball says so.

  • Anonymous

    What is amazing is the a conservative, tea party republican like Demint is probably close to endorsing Romney. Goes to show that he is just another politician at the end of the day.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say that is an unsupported assumption. DeMin’t focus is getting conservative senators elected as he doesn’t see the RNC take any interest in changing the complexion of the party. I hope he keeps doing what he’s doing!

  • Anonymous

    For those posting comments here suggesting that DeMint is or will be endorsing Romney, I suggest you go back to the first short clip. He doesn’t endorse him, just giving his opinion on what is going on in SC right now given all of the recent bashing.

    I’m really sick and tired of the Tea Party politicians that won (because of “We the People”) last year won’t come out and endorse a candidate and their REASONS why they are endorsing one and NOT another. Will it be Santorum, Perry, Gingrich? Who do they think would be the best POTUS they could work with to turn this country back in the right direction? Their endorsement won’t necessarily change my mind, but it might give me something to think about before my final decision. Or maybe I’m just too hopeful and live in la la land to think politics would change.

    • Anonymous

      If they have been in politics very long, someone owns them. We have the power to vote them out. Will we use it?

      Romney has won about 25% of a few hundred thousand in 2 small states and everyone is buying into the inevitability.

      It is time to consolidate and fight Romney, and the narrative.

    • Anonymous

      DeMint endorsed romney in 2008. He said he would consider endorsing romney this year if he would repudiate romneycare…..

      He never even came close to saying he would endorse anyone else.

  • DeMint’s just giving his opinion as he sees the race going right now; he said he’s been wrong before. I’ll give Good Ol’ Jimmy a pass on this, still support the Senate Conservatives Fund.

  • I’ll add as others in here have: Romney’s ‘win’ in Iowa was by 8 votes.

    • Anonymous

      Check the predictions! Romney was not suppose to do well in Iowa and certainly was not expected to place first or second.

  • Is there a dumb virus going around? Mark, how does Romney supporting TARP justify Gingrich trashing the market system vis a vis Bain? Huh?

    • K-Bob

      Where did he say that?

  • And with that Romney SC win will the tea party enthusiastic Nov 2010 victory momentum be dead? I bet democrats are going to be smiling with glee.

    • K-Bob

      Yep, they could vote for Romney and still get to keep Obamacare.

  • JBD

    I figure it is a given that in tuning a business for success some head has to roll. Those unlucky enough to be involved with unsuccessful products will have to go. You are fine tuning the company for success.

    Now, the question that has not been answered, and in point of fact has been tellingly side stepped by Romney, is whether he figures the US government is the business he is supposed to optimize or is it the nation and people’s prosperity of the country as a whole.

    Optimizing the government brings more government. The government is more successful telling you and me how we may live our lives and taxing us for the privilege of living our lives. The more successful government is leaner, maybe, and certainly is bigger overall.

    Optimizing the nation trims off the financial drains of excess government optimizing your lives and mine. This means smaller government, likely much smaller government.

    Which way does Romney see as the fit application for his Bain talents? By observation he will optimize the government, growing it so it can better control the recalcitrant public. Unless Romney can convince me otherwise I’ll probably go get my nails done on election day, to hell with the polling places.


    • In Massachusetts, Romney wanted to expand the empire, so he raised taxes and fees on the private-sector by over $740 million dollars.

      Then his final year in office, he called for another $170 million tax increase on private-sector businesses… only to have the request blocked by the Democrats. Yes, blocked by the Democrats. Apparently, Romney’s tax hikes and fee increases became too much for even the liberals.

  • Anonymous

    Very disappointed in DeMint.When we conservatives really needed him to stand up and endorse a real conservative,instead we get this hands-off “let Romney win”claptrap.Guess I will remember that in his next race.

    • K-Bob

      He also said Palin wasn’t a “serious” candidate, before she decided not to run. He’s said some strange things from time to time, but he’s pretty solid on being a conservative.

    • Amy
      • Anonymous

        Didn’t say he did.He is simply not endorsing an authentic conservative challenger to the Massachusetts moderate who has more flip-flops than summertime in Myrtle Beach! Thus the term”hands-off”,

  • Anonymous

    Romney used a teleprompter for his victory speech… very telling.

  • Trust1TG

    If there’s even a chance of Romney beating Obama, Americans Elect will run Trump or Cain as a third party candidate to divide the vote to assure Obama’s election.

    Then there are the newly-minted Amnesty-‘Americans’ that Obama is ushering in to vote for him.

    The lack of Photo IDs will enable an even greater manipulation of the election.

    He’s not the least bit worried.

  • G Tegs

    Rampant Romney derangement syndrome on this blog. Romney will get the nod and easily beat Barry in November. And he will stop Obamacare.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, like Hussein promised his base he would close Gitmo. Romeny is playing to the base. Romney will never ever stop Obamacare. He was assigned to pilot it in Mass. He will feign opposition and then blame a do-nothing Congress for not repealing it.

      Government healthcare is the ultimate control point for a Central Government. Romney will never be allowed to give it up. Ever!

    • Anonymous

      Sure, like Hussein promised his base he would close Gitmo. Romeny is playing to the base. Romney will never ever stop Obamacare. He was assigned to pilot it in Mass. He will feign opposition and then blame a do-nothing Congress for not repealing it.

      Government healthcare is the ultimate control point for a Central Government. Romney will never be allowed to give it up. Ever!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know Mark. Will the Evangelical South vote for a Mormon? My money would be on Newt or Santorum because they are Catholic or even the evangelical Perry winning in SC. We’ll find out in 10 days.

    I’m stuck here in VA where I only have two poor choices on March 6th. I hope the courts will allow the other candidates on our ballot.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Senator…endorse DeMint….Romney will sweep!

  • Anonymous

    Have I mentioned that I hate Romnen?

    • Anonymous

      I’m trying hard to like him, but his record keeps getting in the way.

  • That’s who should have been running for POTUS.

  • Anonymous

    Appears likely to me as well… already has the momentum of 2 primaries, plus the governor’s endorsement. Santorum should do better here than NH, but I wouldn’t expect him to surpass Mitt.

    • He just needs to come in second. He is second in delegate votes now, which would put him against Romney in the end, if he can maintain second place. Don’t forget, the Iowa Caucus was a virtual tie, the closest in history. So, if they say no one has become president without winning either Iowa or NH, well, it was a virtual tie. He is still viable in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care who Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) believes will win South Carolina. I want to know who Jim DeMint ENDORSES.

    These politicians campaign on being the smartest and best candidate for their office, but always afraid of making an endorsement. That is the test of a true politician. Give us some information we can use, please. This prediction is a waste of time. If we knew who was going to win in South Carolina, we wouldn’t need a primary.

    Why can’t a reporter at least ask this question, “Sen. DeMint which Republican Presidential Nominee would you hire to be President TODAY IF that decision was left SOLELY up to you? Pick one…….”

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is really starting to show their true colors and frankly I don’t see conservatives, I see frauds. Romney is too bitter of a pill to swallow. Does this country need to be destroyed before we get on the RIGHT track? That’s the feeling I’m getting.

  • Anonymous

    Just watched the 30 min. video on Romney [Bain] from Newt’s SuperPAC… devastating IMO. New note to cohort: Don’t start fights with people who make movies for a living.

  • Anonymous

    So… it’s O.K. for the GOP “darling” Romney to sling mud at Gingrich, and it wasn’t just some random ad’s here and there, it’s was with both barrel’s firing 24/7 for the entire Iowa caucus etc: Ask yourselves this…. if it you were running and the Establishment already deciding who they have chosen as the front runner, this person automatically gets “a pass” for starting the IN-FIGHTING?

    I cry foul and to bad, “pick your battles wisely Establishment” and sorry, you cannot have-it both way’s. I’m on Newt’s side, the Establishment has no love loss with Newt. So’ Newt decided to fight back and now enters Bain…..” and sadly there is more coming:

    From this day forward– the Establishment will be on “damage” control. If anyone deserves the blame for this in-fighting…. it’s Romney. If he would have just kept his ARROGANCE and EGO in-check, and stayed focused on his own record??? going after Obama instead of Gingrich, this would have never become the GOP debacle that’s playing out now.

    As for Jim DeMint, sadly another disappointment, sucking-up to the Establishment. I think it’s obvious who Mr. DeMint will endorse… Oh’ boy, what a mess!