Democrat Rep: It’s a privilege to be rich in this country and they should pay up

Another totalitarianistic freak:

Mark Levin asked a good question earlier in his show that if it’s a privilege to be rich in this country, who doles out that privilege, the government? I bet Democrat Rep. Joseph Crowley wouldn’t answer that question because it would reveal more about what he believes than he wants you to know.

The truth is it is not a privilege, at least in that sense, to live in this country. And when normal people say that it is a privilege, they simply mean that they thank God they were born in America where the individual is free.

Crowley is making the typical Democrat argument that to continue the current tax code for all Americans is really giving a tax cut to the rich, which means it will cost the government money. But how would keeping the current tax rates the same for all Americans cost the government money? Well in reality, it won’t. But Crowley believes the government has a right to more of your money (especially if you are ‘rich’) and if we don’t change the law to make you pay more, then he believes that government isn’t getting money that rightfully belongs to the government. Thus, it’s costing the government money.

See, totalitarianistic freak, just like Obama.

(h/t: RCP)

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