Democrat Rep: It’s a privilege to be rich in this country and they should pay up

Another totalitarianistic freak:

Mark Levin asked a good question earlier in his show that if it’s a privilege to be rich in this country, who doles out that privilege, the government? I bet Democrat Rep. Joseph Crowley wouldn’t answer that question because it would reveal more about what he believes than he wants you to know.

The truth is it is not a privilege, at least in that sense, to live in this country. And when normal people say that it is a privilege, they simply mean that they thank God they were born in America where the individual is free.

Crowley is making the typical Democrat argument that to continue the current tax code for all Americans is really giving a tax cut to the rich, which means it will cost the government money. But how would keeping the current tax rates the same for all Americans cost the government money? Well in reality, it won’t. But Crowley believes the government has a right to more of your money (especially if you are ‘rich’) and if we don’t change the law to make you pay more, then he believes that government isn’t getting money that rightfully belongs to the government. Thus, it’s costing the government money.

See, totalitarianistic freak, just like Obama.

(h/t: RCP)

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  • johnos2112

    Again when taxes were raised in 1993 from 35% to 39.6% the GDP dipped from 4.3% to 0.7 under qtr one of Clinton. In 1997 the capital gains taxes were REDUCED from 28% to 20%. As a result the revenues to the GOVT went from 66 billion a month to over 100 billion a month. I would like you Crowley to explain to the American people right how cutting capital gains taxes in 1997 that increased GOVT revenues that you and your party disagree with? Tell us please! Go to and look up clinton vs. obama tax policies under archives for the source! BTW raising the taxes to Clinton levels would provide about 8 days of govt spending, which is disgusting, and that amount is 80 billion for that tax increase. Hey Crowley you are gonna be on the losing end of this argument!

    • warpmine

      He can’t explain it and further if you press him on it, he’ll call you a name and change the subject matter.

      • johnos2112

        It would be priceless to see his response to that though.  I look at it as an open ended question.  Tell the viewing audience what you really believe.  Common sense will win over more and more undecided voters every day by calling this people out on their BS!

  • Arrrggghhh

    I loved Rush’s explanation of why “intellectuals” hate capitalism. In case you missed it, he asserts that intellectuals don’t like capitalism because they feel that it’s not fair that they aren’t rewarded simply for being so intelligent. Because capitalism doesn’t recognize and reward intellect in and of itself, it MUST be unfair. They feel that hard work and risk taking (especially by the “stupid” and “lucky”) are unfairly rewarded. In other words, they feel, “I’m so darn smart, how come I’m not rich?”

    That explanation never occurred to me before, but it makes a lot of sense.

    • warpmine

      Yes I heard that segment and it rings of truth.

    • freenca

      I loved that analogy! And thought that Rush hit that nail squarely on it’s head! The green face of envy, rears it’s ugly visage in those that think they are above their harder working cousins via their higher TEST scores!!!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Okay, let’s punish people that become wealthy through hard work or through innovations that results in them achieving wealth. That ought to persuade others to pursue dreams of being wealthy in the United States…NOT. Wealth envy is a terrible thing. Most of us would like to be rich, but not all of us have the motivation, the brains, or the internal drive to push ourselves to achieve that goal. Why punish success? I know Nobama’s theory is to redistribute the wealth…what a bunch of socialist crap that is!!!!!

    • warpmine

      Elect me as your next president and I’ll make sure they all live by what they preach. They couldn’t move out of here fast enough for me to grab their money, that’s what EO/dictatorships are for.LOL!

      Thing is, I would send that money to where it’s really needed, the national debt

      • Army_Pilot1967

        I’d vote for you, Warpmine. It’s good to know you would address one of our most critical problems, unlike some of the yahoos in Congress at this time. Way too much money is wasted even though NoShowobama swore he was going to cut soooo many programs that weren’t needed. If he cut any, it sure hasn’t help reduce the national debt by much, if any.

  • M_J_S

    HAAHAAHHHAAA! Dems are going down badly in this election and I’m glad they are making it easier for people to see the very clear, very distinct difference between liberty and tyranny.

    Obama’s entire hope after he loses decisively is, as Levin mentioned, to claim the election was stolen, voter suppression, etc to damage Romney’s Presidency. It won’t work.

    • jdbaird

      I don’t know if my ulcer can handle another court battle over election results like in 2000, with John Roberts in there who knows what might happen?

      • M_J_S

        True, which is why we must come out in overwhelming numbers to offset the fraud. Nevertheless, Obama is going to try to take everyone down with him, no matter how much it destroys his party, and his own image.

        • jdbaird

          For sure… I’m out in Mexifornia so my vote is pretty much meaningless, but I’ll be going to the polls in November nonetheless, gotta keep fighting!

  • sDee

    Chinese Communist type State Capitalism is the goal of the poltical class. They drool and wet thier pants over the power it gives them. It is facism with a smiley face.

    Yes Mark, it is a privilege to be rich under State Capitalism and yes, the Central Party does dole out, and take away, that privilege.

    And do not think for a minute it cannot happen here.

    And by the way, someone needs to start asking candidate Romney some really hard questions about it because his big dollar patrons are driving us there. A hybrid model of private venture capital and central government regulation is the path for the US. Sound familiar? We just need someone to “restructure” us.

  • 911Infidel

    “The truth is the enemy of the state” eh Mr Crowley?

  • sDee

    Is there a John Galt?

    This is one of the very few really good news stories I’ve read in a very long time. I have not had the time to research how much of it is really happening – but if it is and more states follow suit – we might just have us a Capitalist Revolt.

    Pennsylvania’s Capitalist Revolt

  • warpmine

    A 160K tax cut if they kept the same rate. WHat the PoS really means, he’s advocating for an increase of at least 160k for those earning 1 million.

    In my humble opinion, the only people that need a raise in their taxes is Soros, Lewis, Heinz/Kerry, Obama…get the picture. Time for a real rate adjustment. All who vote DemonRat must now pay a non adjusted rate of 95% on anything over 25k. No deductions allowed, not even charity…wait they don’t do charity, never mind.

  • Sandra123456

    We have to enact a flat tax in this country to shut up these socialists. A flat tax system where everyone pays and everyone pays the same rate, no deductions.

    This constant class warfare is getting stale, and annoying.

  • he pretty much tossed off the statement that the dems controlled both houses for awhile after obama took office…’barely’ he said…does he mean that the dems are so stupid and inept that they can’t get anything done when they have total control? maybe…i think they’re so cocky that they believed they would be in charge the entire time obama is president…enter, the tea party…now, they’re in panic mode while at the same time looking like they know what they’re doing…they don’t…it’s going to be a landslide…and i’m looking forward to that day like none other…

    • sDee

      Leftists and and Progressives operate on some basic principles of propaganda. Assertion is a very powerful technique because the media never, ever, questions their assertions. When some one like this GOP guy does question the assertion, they are dismissed condescendingly, and if the truth seeker continues to question the assertion, Name Calling, another technique is applied.

      Conservatives try to win arguments with reason, fact and truth. This makes us easy targets for a corrupt sound bite driven propaganda media.

  • stevenbiot

    So Obama determines who’s rich enough and who’s a peasant!?! Being poor and disenfranchised is a state of mind, not a permanent reality.

  • freenca

    Seems like he’s trying really really hard to make our country LESS ATTRACTIVE. My My My- if you can’t achieve the fruits of your hard earned labors in America, then where? We won’t let anyone rise to the top of the mountain?? No shining city on the hill in YOUR future, no matter who what when where or why, Bottom line, that IS this guy’s message to deliver. That’s the message of old dead gray COMMUNISM IMHO!!!!

  • It’s a privilege to have amazing geniuses like this guy creating the rules that govern every aspect of our lives. We should all be grateful… oh, and pay till it hurts to show that gratitude!

  • Joe

    I wish I had a job like his – then retire after 5 years

    As of January 2010[update], the annual salary of each Representative is $174,000.[15]

    The Speaker of the House and the Majority and Minority Leaders earn more: $223,500 for

    the Speaker and $193,400 for their party leaders (the same as Senate leaders).

    A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it. Congress sets members’ salaries; however, the Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits a change in salary (but not COLA[16]) from taking effect until after the next general election. Representatives are eligible for retirement benefits after serving for five years.[17]

    Good salaries for idiots :Not bad eh!

    PLUS kickback $$ – OOPS! – Did I say that – Sorry!

    • stevenbiot


  • agas84363

    this guy is as stupid as his idol obama

  • StrangernFiction


    – All but 3 House ‘rats have lower Heritage Action scores than Crowley (17%).

    – Repubican Don Young’s choice in the Hawaii Senate race Mazie Hirono has a lower score (10%)

    – Repubican Tom Coburn’s choice in the WV Senate race Joe Manchin also has a lower score (14%)

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s forest fires of ignorance like this in Washington that is destroying America.

    If this bonehead and the other freaks who support this point of view really believe that squeezing a few more dollars out of successful Americans is the way to go… then I say, “Lead by example.” Take a “normal” salary that is equal to the private sector. Give up all your Cadillac healthcare. Pay taxes. Cease the insider trading perks. In fact, cut all your perks and accept the privilege of serving your great country with humility, honor, and reverence like our forefathers did.

    You do what you think is right for America and show us what it means to “do what’s fair”. Lead, follow, or get the hell out ofthe way Cupcake.

  • Explaining economics to a liberal is like trying to describe the Mona Lisa to someone who was born blind. They simply don’t have what it takes to fully understand what is being said.

  • nibblesyble


  • Listening to this democrat oath breaking piece of human feaces, makes it really hard to be humble.

  • Jay

    Greeeeaaaaat. Every time they raise taxes on the “rich,” I get laid off. Do they not get it or do they think they won’t be standing right next to us in line for a stale cabbage? These idiots should look at the commie counties to see how little room there is at the top.

  • wodiej

    The privilege comes from living here and having the opportunity to be successful. That requires integrity, sacrifice, hard work and investment. Even so, everyone is not going to be wealthy. Democrats need to quit playing God. Live the life God gave you and do your best with it.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Well said!

  • bobemakk

    It is not a privilege, it comes from hard work and they should not be penalized since they create so many jobs. A typical democrat lefty opinion.

  • bindare

    This creep is just dying to get his sticky fingers in other peoples pockets. If these Donkeys would cut spending we would all pay less.

  • MiketheMarine

    Das vedania, comrade.

  • Are there no Democrats that aren’t brain dead idiots?

  • Conservative_Hippie

    The Rep has it backwords; it’s a priviledge that this country has wealthy, innovative, and entrepreneurial people that are willing to live Here and open up new businesses, innovate, and share theri knowledge with others. Maybe the Government should give these extraordinary Americans there money back and more, so that they can create more jobs, which is what these loser Dems in Congress should be worried about!