Democrats EXPOSED by Peter Schiff at the DNC: Let’s ban corporate profits!

This is brilliant! Peter Schiff takes to the DNC to find people who want to ban all corporate profits, and he has no trouble whatsoever:

(h/t: PJ Tatler)

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  • Arrrggghhh

    Thank you public teachers unions. Not one of those people, and the majority of Democrats, have absolutely NO understanding of economics.

    2 months from today!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on my friend.

    • sDee

      Not true that their education did not include economics! There was a Muppet named Keynes who had a great little series on economics published on the back of Cocoa Puff boxes.

    • I wish they taught from “Rich Dad Poor Dad” in high school.

      • Arrrggghhh

        One of the best books on economics that I’ve read is “A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy” by Thomas Sowell. It was excellent, but fairly lengthy and detailed. I wish he’d write a book that was greatly simplified but that would still get across the basic laws of economics. Perhaps written at a tenth grade level or so. He tears apart many commonly held ideas about things such as price controls, price gouging, minimum wage, etc. Mr. Sowell, are you listening? I’m thinking short, simple and cheap.

  • The Democratic Party isn’t filled with communists and socialists? Naaaa, that’s just a rumor. Um, well then I think somebody should send that memo to Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, a SOCIALIST. I’m just surprised I haven’t seen him at the convention yet. You mean to tell me they didn’t give him a speaking role? They should have had him introduce Obama tonight. Now THAT would have been appropriate.

    • williamm

      I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should introduce Obama. They both want to destroy the USA and Israel.

  • This scares me soooo much…apparently, these people are so sad and disillusioned with their lot in life that they are unwilling to accept the GIFT that God gave Americans that allows us to make our lives BETTER than some pre-determined social status! Screw that…let’s just punish everyone else that TRIES and succeeds (i.e. all those people rubbing their success in the Liberals’ faces, making them feel bad for their laziness)…how lonely, scary, and depressing it must be to be a Democrat.

    • Spartan1975

      hence why most of Democrats seem to be bitter and angry at life!

    • Sometimes I wish the country could split up, the liberals could all live in the North East and could have most of the left coast. I want them to be able to enjoy their entire litany of silly ideas without ruining the lives of the rest of us. The People Republic of America full of liberals and leeches could wallow in the misery they create. Meanwhile, the remaining sovereign states of the United States of America, unshackled by the stupidity of the communist, utopian loving elites and their free-loading serfs, could enjoy the prosperity built by bathing in free markets and personal liberty.

      Also, I could enjoy serving in the Military a lot more if the liberals had their own country instead of having to grin and bear it whenever, the liberal wanted to send me off to another stupid nation building exercise, undermine a war, or prolong a war unnecessarily. This would be a marked improvement over the anger I felt after the 2006 and 2008 elections…really I’m risking my life to defend a country full of idiots that vote for democrats?????

      • Mmmm. Just the Northeast. We need to scare them out of California, and get that state working again. The NE is hopeless, from Northern Virginia to Massachusetts.. The lefties may be chock-full-of-nuts in Cali, but they aren’t as in control of old industry and unions there as the Northeast is.

        • Orangeone

          My thought is to divide at the Mississippi River, a natural defense point. We will take the west, they can have the east.

          • You are a generous person!

            • Orangeone

              Well, I’ll really like to ship them all to Guam but it could fall over according to the Dems and that would cause WAY to much pollution in our ocean waters.

          • Wait, we should get the Great Lakes, too. Or at least half of them. Superior and Ontario. And a trade to be named later.

            • Orangeone

              I’d be okay with that as long as we don’t take Detroit and Chicago!  But I do want Indiana.  We can be very creative with our borders 🙂

              • traderjim7

                Let’s not get too creative. We don’t want our borders to look like election districts drawn by democrats to keep their commie friends in office.

      • notebene

        I’d like to one up that idea by sending all Liberals to their own planet! They are so out of touch and illogical that it would seem more appropriate to just send them off on their moony way!

        • tvlgds

          I think Ur-anus would be perfect for them! 😀

          • notebene

            Highly appropriate for a group of fools whose mascot is an a s s!

            • tvlgds

              As is

              “Do not try to win over delusional people. You’re not the Jackass Whisperer.” 🙂 Wish I could post it with the picture I have.

        • Orangeone

          I hear O’Bambi wants to explore Mars. How about that for their destination?

        • SineWaveII

          Reminds me of the plot of “Marching Morons”

      • Orangeone

        First, I want to thank you for your service! You are defending this country’s freedoms and the liberal idiots won’t realize it until their freedoms are taken away.

        Neal, we actually can and should split the country. It was tried once and almost succeeded. If O’Bambi is re-elected, time to try it again!

        • while I realize that states should have the right to leave the union, based on our nations history I am not confident that such a parting would go well.

          • Orangeone

            If O’Bambi wins a 2nd term, it will be the only choice left for freedom.  I think the results would be much different this time.

            • like minded people would need to move to the right states for it to work best

              • Orangeone

                Or we could simply give the wrong minded people the boot across the river.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Van Jones… the biggest criminal behind the scenes of them all. He should be jailed for life for all he’s been involved with. He makes Pelosi seem palatable.

    All these interviewed people don’t have a clue what it takes to make a country or Americans successful. It’s hard to imagine how this many people are so dang stupid… how can they live in this country?

    Hearing these people talk makes me furious.

    • notebene

      I don’t believe that they are as stupid as we think. I think they are intentional in wanting all of us to work our butts off for their lunacy. Many of these folks are pro’s at playing the welfare system and utilizing the affirmative action and union system to get to where they are. What they are is lazy, and they resent those who don’t want to “share” their wealth that they worked hard for. They don’t have enough brains to run their own savings accounts, or speak for themselves, so they have union thugs do it for them. They resent people who really work to get where they are, instead of waiting around for the handouts. What they are is lazy and greedy, not stupid. We are stupid for letting these folks get control of our country and being oblivious for all of these years to what they were really up to! Now we know, and we won’t be allowing more of it on our watch! The blinders and the gloves are off!

      • Orangeone

        When you limit profits, you limit the work business owners will do to expand. Watch unemployment jump again before the election as business owners identify their liberal employees. There is a movement to lay them all off and given them the gov’t teat they’ve asked for.

        • notebene

          The election willing, I hope the most lay offs occur in the public sector! The leeches in the public sector need to see the real world and get jobs in the private sector! The US postal service needs to go private, the GSA needs to be disbanded, the Department of Education is irrelevant and should be handled at the state level. Let’s not forget the folks at the FDA and the EPA, who also cost way more than they are worth on our tax dollars!

          • Orangeone

            And all state colleges need to go private and attendees need to pay their own tuition in $$$ or private scholarships.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Very well said… excellent response.

        Clarification – by “stupid” I mean, how can they believe or support this stuff… not how they are supporting this stuff. From the shadows, they’ve don a very good job at wrecking America. Public schools, unions, the media and infiltration into the Government to name a few… very sneaky and smart. But their cause is completely ignorant.

        Again, great response! 🙂

  • Once again…yes they really are that stupid!!

  • Sorry, John Stewart, but Peter Schiff made me laugh harder than you did. In fact, I did not laugh at all at the Comedy Central bit a few posts ago. But Peter pretending to be liberal to catch Democrats off guard … priceless!

    • las1

      I thought Stewart was laugh-out-loud funny. Why? Because for the first time a few grains of reality have been sprinkled on their liberal grits… so much to the point that they are left with no other alternative than to see liberal fraud for what it is. We can discuss what Stewart may have thought he was doing, but something Freudian was percolating through their liberal skulls.

      As for Schiff. It was not funny in the least. It was pathos at it’s best. I didn’t laugh. I cried.

      • He’s counting on the famously short memory of the proletariat. If he starts treating the Dem side as a hopeless bunch of morons, he’s all good to go for the landslide. Heck, he could even act like he’s part of it.

        • librtifirst

          Schiff went out and tried to reason with the OWS people as well. He should have won his senate race. Can’t help but to love the guy. This video is so funny, because he is the CEO and President of Euro Pacific “Capitol”. Van Jones knew who he was.

          • las1

            Van Jones knew who he was.

            That was pure gold… the other lib/Democrats… no clue.

  • Mindless drones.

  • I don’t know how Peter kept a straight face. It shows the obscured thinking these lost sheep will follow. Scary!!!

    • Orangeone

      They just keep drinking O’Bambi’s kool-aid. Looks like O’Bambi learned one thing in his life, studied Jim Jones. And look at how well that worked out for Jones’ followers.

  • iaintlyin

    I’d have liked to see these people answer a coupla follow up questions. The questions would be, What percentage of your income did you donate to the needy last year? Would you be willing to show me your tax return to prove it?

    • In their minds, there is NO ONE more needy than they are…

    • Orangeone

      If I may add another follow-up question. Shouldn’t we also cap how much your are paid and earn from other sources?

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Wow. Welcome to Cuba, which is what it will be like when corporations have no profit leftover to invest in new things, open new markets, create more jobs, increase wealth for all ….

    Arrgghhhh is absolutely right, thank you teacher’s unions for brainwashing our kids with communist ideology. These people are proof.

  • The Monster

    This is weapons-grade stupidity.

    If a corporation can’t make a profit, then they’ll stop producing the goods and services these morons buy every day.

  • JeffWRidge

    How about a cap on how long anyone can work in politics? I wonder how many of them would support that?

    • Good one!

      To paraphrase Obama: at some point you’ve made enough people miserable

  • SierraBear

    At all the entrances to the convention center there must be signs that read “Check your brain at the door.” These people have no capacity for critical thought whatsoever, only the ability to regurgitate the propagandist leftist line. Then there was the woman who indicated that she was on board with whatever her president wanted to do. That would seem to have very broad reaching implications, would it not? Lemmings all, I rest my case.

    • Orangeone

      That’s assuming any of them had a functioning brain to begin with.

  • unclesamnephew

    did you hear? anything, everything that Obama desires is okay.

  • Stunning NOT!! Dems are leeches….they want everything and work for nothing!! They live off the government dole because they think they are entitled. Hence why the majority are mindless drones that any dictator could easily rule and fool!!

    • sDee

      “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. Sell not liberty to purchase power.” Benjamin Franklin

    • librtifirst

      I wonder what percentage of the crowd worked for unions and government?

  • Landscaper

    The day I can’t make a profit (curse), I’ll just vote for Obummer to stay in office forever and sit on my ass (sarc). NEVER going to happen idiots, take some basic economics class 101.


    … if these DEMONUT’S and there supporters happen to get Mao Obama re elected TURN OUT THE LIGHTS IT WILL BE , Good Night to America.”(period)

  • I’m a little surprised you posted this with your anti-Paul opinions. Schiff is a brilliant guy though.

  • Drrop the whole voter id thing. The greater threat to democracy is letting stupid people vote. Mandatory IQ testing for all voters!

    • I’d be happy if they could figure out the square root of 1.

      • sDee

        uh…. umm – is it a turnip?

        • Orangeone

          Silly, it’s O’Bambi! He is the answer to all of their questions.

    • I’m not sure you do. While they have been used historically to discriminate against blacks, I’m guessing they would be used today to discriminate against conservatives. With how corrupt elections already are, I don’t think you want to give them another weapon.

    • sDee

      Some people are hopeless – natural slaves who just want to be governed. Some intend on ruling us. There are many many of those and their ilk . That is why the Founders knew only a Republic would work.

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” Benjamin Franklin

      People vote based on the information provided. That information is provided by a propaganda based media, “entertainment” industry and federally controlled school system

      We have to fix the source of people’s information, not what they do after it has influenced them.

    • Orangeone

      No job, no taxes paid, no proerty owner = no vote. That will take of it.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I could only watch about 30 seconds of that garbage, then I puked on my keyboard. What a bunch of commies!!!! I understand what Peter Schiff was doing…letting the Dims spout their tripe/garbage, but I just couldn’t watch it. Difficult for me to believe those are Americans.

    • Lets be respectful of the Dems and use the hyphenated name- Idiot-Americans

      • Army_Pilot1967

        LOL….you had me worried when I read the first three words, but you saved it wonderfully with the last two words. Thanks for a good laugh!!!

    • iaintlyin

      First off, thanks for your service. You did your share to protect our rights, one of which, apparently, is the right to be an ass 0 and the right to vote for one. I would believe that for a majority of military vets watching these people cavort around is more taxing than paying taxes. I promised myself not to watch any thing relative to this weeks orgy of perverted thoughts and people but find myself sneaking in too many snippets of it. I think its because I need to verify that so much of the countries population is absolutely self hating bleeding heart liberals. Its very scary. The sorry thing is, if we don’t infiltrate the teachers unions this is only gonna get worse. Again thanks for tryin’. Imagine having a father that passed away while serving to protect our values and then seeing this 4 day parade of fools. God help us if he hasn’t high tailed outta here yet.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        It was an honor and a distinct privilege to serve alongside so many fine Americans over the course of twenty-six years. The teamwork, camaraderie, and desire to accomplish a mission was great and can’t be matched in the civilian world. I try not to think about the changes in this country over the last twenty years, but it can be very depressing. It seems like the Liberals don’t care if this country seems to be slipping away from us, meaning the spirit of America has changed dramatically and not for the better in my opinion. Liberals are so hateful and mean-spirited, and are resentful of anyone that has been successful in their life. They can’t stand it when corporations make profits. Liberals want things given to them even if it means the government takes it away from others by force. I’m concerned about the welfare of our nation.

  • oh my gosh these people are so stupid ! profits pay the salaries , so no profit no salary. lets just cap profits and run all the business’s out of the country

  • This is pathetic on so many levels. One woman actually declined to give an opinion because she didn’t have enough information to form one. Thus, giving the faux impression she was a discerning, self thinker. Seconds later, she states anything and everything that Obama wants is fine with her. Unbelievable!

  • These aren’t Americans…they are something else.

    • sDee

      Oh they are Americans alright! – or soon will be under Presidente’ Hussein’s Dream Dicatate.

      In a democracy these are the people who win because they vote for free stuff, free money, and for the power that comes with taking all that from us. This is why the elephant party is putting the Nation in grave danger by abandoning the Founding principles of the Constitution and limited government.

      We would be fools to think the Republican establishment and Romney are going to save us from these people. Only our Constitutional Republic provides a means to save ourselves from majority rule.

      • librtifirst

        “We would be fools to think….”
        We may go down because of the establishment selling us out, but we won’t be counted as “fools”.

  • Hacker5988

    Maybe he should ask if ok to ban corporate profitis would it also be ok to ban corporate loses ? They would never get that one ????

    • librtifirst

      The accounting for that would be a nightmare. 🙂

  • Kordane

    Ayn Rand described their mentality as “hatred of the good for being good”.

    Read more:

    • sDee

      Fits with the discussion on “projection” on one of the TRS posts yesterday.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Is it no wonder how the boy wonder got elected in the first place?

    With people like these running around voting it’s amazing we have lasted this long..

    They were all more than willing to be led where ever Peter was taking them, They thought he was one of them so there for he must be right..

    Think back and remember the exit interviews done outside of the polls back in 2008 with Obama voters.. They were clueless… We are dealing with ignorant sheeple here..

    Peter has a great sense of humor… besides being one hellishly smart individual..

    Great video and one that should be shown to prospective liberals ..

    Duhh.. This is your brain on liberalism… Daa 2 + 2 = daa let me think for a minute here…

    Love how Van Jones ran away form Peter.. Avoiding the truth at all cost..

  • sara holy land

    Such ignorance.

  • Orangeone

    Shows how truly ignorant (stupid) the liberals are. They have no idea that corporate profits are used to expand the company and hire people. Ridiculous. Just another reason why business owners should not hire liberals and should lay them off first!

    • Kordane

      It’s not ignorance. It’s hatred.

  • Yazz55

    I’d separate these interviewees into two groups.

    The first are just useful idiots and foolish sheep who will follow their messiah anywhere with their tongues hanging out. Not really as concerned about them. They just spew hot air. Otherwise relatively harmless.

    The second group – the ivy league educated zealots and the Van Jones type marxist/bolsheviks are the ones I’d be most concerned about. They are the really dangerous ones who can cause the most serious damage.

    • sDee

      I agree – slaves and masters. But these slaves are quite dangerous because they will grow to a majority with the help of their masters.

      The danger is that the elephants have have abandoned all our protection against majority rule – the Constitution, limited government, rule of law and state sovereignty.

      • librtifirst

        They have practically led the way on selling out our sovereignty, though both parties do it. I remember the pubs selling us on free trade in the early nineties. Even without the internet everyone knew that it would shut down our industries and move them overseas.

  • tvlgds

    Atlas is shrugging.

  • FutureOnePercent

    “I will support anything my President wants to do”

    Mindless f$%^$%n zombie.

  • Peter Schiff is awesome. The sick minded people he interviewed, AKA democrats, are NOT awesome.

    Caps on profits will do nothing but limit productivity and more than likely increase prices on goods.

    • librtifirst

      He played it well. I really liked when that woman said “you are the smartest person I have met so far”. Too funny.

  • kong1967

    Is it any wonder that Obama’s approval numbers hit a rock bottom that is a lot higher than 0%? These people are so dumb I had to slap myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

    So much for businesses competing to get the best CEO’s they can find. So much for any CEO’s being hired because no one will invest or build a business with a 0% return.

    Wouldn’t you think that people at he convention would be a little smarter than this?

    • librtifirst

      I have been listening to Schiff for a couple of years now. He is a staunch capitalist, but he does rail against corporate bailouts and government subsidies. Obviously he wants free market capitalism, and not what we have.

      • kong1967

        Of course. The free market works best when government doesn’t pick winners and losers.

        He tore up the OWS people thinking they could teach him a thing or two.

  • James1754

    Where do they think jobs come from? How do these fools think the market works, where do they think that investments come from? Clueless.

    I love the one who is interested in education, she has no idea what profits are and how corporations work, but at least she admitted it.

    The uneducated sheep are most definitely with us in Charlotte this week. They have all bought into the idea that corporations are bad and need to be restricted by the government. What a bunch of loons.

    Though I really liked the last one, what a klutz.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    This video is but a glimpse of how Ignorant people become enslaved by Socialism/ Communism/ Marxist around the planet.

    The fact that these sheeple are Americans is a testament to the dumbing down of America.

    A great man once said something to the effect of:

    “It’s not that liberals don’t know anything, It’s just so much of what they know is wrong.”

    • Marky_D

      Without looking it up, that sounds like one of Thomas Sowells – but then that great man is a one man quote machine! I actually have one of his quotes inscribed on this iPad 🙂

      • MikhailKennedy

        “The road to hell is paved with Ivy league degrees” – Thomas Sowell

      • Boris_Badenoff

        Thomas Sowells is a truly great man but the quote is Ronald Reagan to the best of my knowledge..

  • mgrawl

    This is scary. You never can tell about people….unless of course they’re wearing a red, white, and blue outfit with American flags on their heads and wearing Obama pins.

  • msverde1

    This is the most glaring video expose depicting people at the height of unenlightenment in the history of our nation…pardon me for the slight oversight in judgement…the history of civilization. Give them enough rope and they will surely execute the obvious. Love it!!

  • msverde1

    “…one of the smartest people I’ve met since I’ve been down here…” I’m speechless, but ah so happy when clarity in commonsense dominates.

  • Why not make a rule stating that anyone who works for the government can earn no more than $30,000 a year? Where is the incentive?

  • mediaaccess1

    That’s what they are doing in Hungary – another one in Jan – evil bank!! Come here to see how it works.

  • Marky_D

    That is frightening – even here in the UK you would find it hard to gather that large a herd of anti-capitalist morons in one place.

  • The Jersey Shore cancellation restored my faith in humanity, but Schiff’s video drops it to new depths.

  • DebbyX

    How ignorant! Jones won’t even shake the man’s hand!

    • librtifirst

      Schiff is Jone’s economic arch rival.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Peter probably scares the crap outta him…

  • Amazing stuff Peter, I would never believe that many democrats could be that DUMB ! We have a great battle in front of us folks …. every one of those democrats Peter interviewed probably represent at least 10,000 democrats who think the same way… REGISTER INDEPENDANT AND VOTE REPUBLICAN 2012 …. Get rid of ALL the anti-Christ, anti-American, anti-Life, anti-Marriage, Racist, Bigot, democrats …. Next time we’ll begin to clean the RATS out of the Republican party.

    • librtifirst

      We had better. We are running out of time.

  • A_Truism

    The very last interview! LMFAO!!!!

  • Theophilus2

    I would like to Thank you for your service to America and remind you that the True American will not retreat in the face of godless “liberalism” (read marxism).
    We must stand and defeat it because we have been given our great American Heritage to treasure, protect and pass on the the next generation. We are THE MAJORITY, but we have been silent too long. It’s time to stand up with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and send the Culture of Death in DC packing.
    We do this because America expects it and the world expects it.

  • Theophilus2

    I would like to Thank you for your service to America and remind you that the True American will not retreat in the face of godless “liberalism” (read marxism).
    We must stand and defeat it because we have been given our great American Heritage to treasure, protect and pass on the the next generation. We are THE MAJORITY, but we have been silent too long. It’s time to stand up with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and send the Culture of Death in DC packing.
    We do this because America expects it and the world expects it.

    • librtifirst

      Do you really see Romney/Ryan as an anti-establishment ticket?

  • Wow! How do these people make a living and get through life?