DESPICABLE: Hatetalker Mike Malloy taunts Christians after FRC shooting

This might just be the most hateful and disgusting rant I’ve ever heard from hatetalker Mike Malloy. I normally don’t quote YouTube commenters, but one summed it up fairly well: “That was just evil. Period.”

Be forewarned he uses very offensive language.

(h/t: Radio Equalizer)

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  • badbadlibs

    satan’s on his last leg and is delighted to have useful idiots like the vile man in this video speak on satan’s behalf.

    • michael carpenter

      Sounds like this guy is on satan’s leg. I usually kick those kind of dogs.

      • GreenBeretWay

        After listening to the Devil’s spawn you can pour me one too.Make it a double!

        • badbadlibs

          It’s enough to drive one to drink….I don’t but I’m even thinking come election night I just might need a sip or two of wine….

          • GreenBeretWay

            Liquor & ammo sales have skyrocketed since ’08’.Wonder why?

            I intend to drink a glass of Red for every state we win.

            I better stock up.That’s 50 glasses.LOL or is it 57?

            • 12grace


            • keyesforpres

              It’s actually 60. He said he’s been to 50….50..7?? states? With one more to go….they wouldn’t let me go to Alaska or Hawaii!

              Hope you have a lot of aspirin!!

    • I wonder if he’s in any way related to Bill Maher? They both do well when it comes to insane, vitriolic screed.

    • sjmom

      Satan is laughing at this fool for doing his bidding.

      • Cindy09

        That’s the Biblical left.

        • sjmom

          Most of the Left wouldn’t know what a Bible is, let alone what is written therein.

          • 12grace

            Great point, sj.

            Satin, the lefts “savior” knows Jesus very well and that’s why the left is discriminating against and persecuting, Christians. They don’t have must more time and they need to destroy as many souls, as possible.

            • sjmom

              The difference is: we as Christians know whose we are and who we serve, but they don’t. This is why Jesus said on Calvary; “Father, forgive them they know not what they do.” Those fools are blinded as the Apostle Paul writes and they neither know whose they are or who they serve. Most will be very surprised when they reach their eternal destiny. The Heavenly Father desires all to be saved and so we must pray for them that they receive our Lord and Savior before breathing their last.

              Having said that; have you noticed how the Left is becoming more and more reprobate? This can only mean to “look up” because our “redemption is nigh”. Praise the Lord!

          • keyesforpres

            They think it’s used for “thumping”, as in “Bible thumpers”.

  • “That was just evil. Period.”

  • I’ve seen and heard more evil today than I can imagine I ever would. My heart weeps. This guy, he hates Christians, hates God, but he sure does fling the Lord’s name about enough.

    My heart weeps. Please come soon Lord Jesus.

    • badbadlibs

      You’re so right, it’s been a day of evil listenings. And of all the evil that has been revealed today, the fact that the Canadian medical whatever declared a “fetus” is not a baby until he or she is born is the saddest, most dispicabe, most evil of all.
      Which then therefore makes all bo’s supporters cut from the same evil cloth since he would agree with such a statement.
      Baby murderers are the worst of the lot.

    • sjmom

      The war is only, the battles are growing more and more intense but keep the faith because we win.

    • Cindy09

      I really feel the same since yesterday… and since reading about Ahmadinejad’s comment on Israel. Then the Tunisian christian that got beheaded. You’re right too much hatred…

      I second you on this wish: Please come soon Lord Jesus.

      • 12grace

        Please add a third that awaits the quick arrival of Jesus.

        I saw the video of the brave Christian man being tortured and beheaded by Lucifer’s children in Tunisia and it is beyond heart-rendering. It is all in bible prophecy but we have to hold onto the promise and blessing in Revelation.

        Irvin Baxter on Daystar Endtimes part 1 of 8


    • 12grace

      In the end, we know that G-d will prevail and martyrs and others that love HIM will live with him in Love on the Earth.

      Hang on ABC, based on so many current events, I think our precious Jesus is coming soon.

    • freenca

      My take is that the Lord lets this creepy man speak lest His children Not choose to be saved. The clarion is sounding the time for choosing has come. The more vile the diatribe, the more heineous people will begin to see that it is. The great awakening is coming!

  • OG12

    Somebody oughta send that Son of a Bitch straight to hell!

    • Don’t worry, he’ll get there eventually.

    • Rshill7

      Right…and that someone is wearing his shorts…and horns.

    • They’ll try to toss him back when they find that he is too much even for them.

  • JohnOfPhiladelphia

    Common folks. Rush says worst things every weekday. Right? Right?


    • Hey, he says evil things even when he doesn’t say them…he’s that damn good.

      • 12grace

        Gotta love, Rush.

    • Jay

      Is that sarcasm or are you really that misinformed? Or perhaps a Huffpo operative checking in to troll the site?

      • I think it’s sarcasm.

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia


        Now keep calm and carry on.

    • 12grace

      JOP, either you are misinformed or you are a troll. Either way, it’s not looking good for you,JOP.

      • Oh I agree totally. The written word can leave a lot to be desired. When I’m joking, I add a smiley 🙂 When I’m being sarcastic or joshing about I add a winkie 😉 or write “/sarc.” at the end of the comment. It does help.

  • 12grace

    Malloy will be spending an eternity in hell unless he falls on his knee’s and cries out to G-d for forgiveness and repents.

    • Cindy09

      How true!

  • Rshill7

    This entity with a mouth is about as eloquent as a mute serial killer while in the very act of killing, and just as bereft of soul. I’m not sure what that is that replaced a human soul here, but it is other worldly for sure. Non-worldly even. It’s as if one of Satan’s sidekicks materialized from the same pit he’ll no doubt call his scorched earth condo for eternity and spewed brimstone and bat blood. It isn’t human.

    This is a liberal, progressive? Sure I knew they were fairly monolithic in their “evil” but this gives new meaning to the word. It is less palatable than 666 day old road kill would be, isn’t it? I mean, really? This is on the radio bearing the liberal progressive moniker?

    I listened for less than a minute and it, whatever it is, said “filthy” at least 4 times to describe Christians. It’s a wonder he didn’t burst into flames on the spot. Do actual people listen to this? Is this the kind of rotting corpse the shooter at FRC listened to? Rotting from the marrow outwards.

    Let me see if I can get this straight before I burst into flames myself. Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are inciters of hate and violence but this thing is just a typical progressive? Or is he an atypical one?

    That little that I had the stomach to hear was the vilest speech I’ve ever heard in my life, especially considering who the target was, the instance of hate-filled violence which brought about the speech, and the seeming approval of the act.

    What planet is this? What qualities are represented here? The word quality itself would never set foot in the same dimension as what is presented here. I’m disgusted. As a human I feel like apologizing to the rest of humanity for them even accidentally hearing this.

    Could someone please illuminate for me what the concluding thesis was here? I can’t play any more of it in my house. Demons might feel welcome all of a sudden. I think I’ll crank up some Chris Rice and/or Kathy Troccoli and perform an exorcism on my living room.

    You’re right Scoop. Wow. What evil resides in the hearts of “men”.

    Psalm 23

    • badbadlibs

      This song and it’s annointing will send hell back from whence it came:

      • Rshill7




        Thanks badbad. That’s goodgood 🙂

        • badbadlibs

          You have a way with words that always makes me glad I read your posts. 🙂

          • GreenBeretWay

            Look out Badbad I see a bear sneaking up behind you!!!! He’s looking for a hug.

            • badbadlibs


              • Rshill7

                Yeah, c’mere a minute 🙂

              • Rshill7


                Not sure if you’ve heard this yet but I wrote it in ’07 and would like to add it to this thread.

                • GreenBeretWay

                  And the Grammy goes to………..Rshill7

                  I love Ukulele Lady and To The Son.

                  You’re awesome R

                • Rshill7

                  Not compared to you sir. But thank you.

                  With respect.


                • See?! We have music in common too- those are 2 of my favorite Rshill songs too 😉

                  (well, actually there isn’t an Rshill song I don’t like) He’s a good talented bear isn’t he!

                • GreenBeretWay

                  Yes Ma’am he is.I just listened to a few of the ones you put up and he is of equal caliber. I am going to find him an agent.Problem is he would be a superstar and we would lose him on the scoop.Oh,I take that back,he would have us all as his groupies.LOL
                  How is my favorite lady tonight? I am trying to keep my eyelids open with toothpicks right now.I have to go pick up a few of my boys at the airport coming in on a late flight.

                • Rshill7

                  This might help. Just uploaded this one. My wife reminded me of it. It’s Christian Rock and one of her favorites. It’s about her too. It has some screamin’ Fender Telecaster Deluxe that I really like too, or it might be Gibson Les Paul…I forget. I was trying out my Rock and Roll voice on it.

                  Ya’ll have a great evening. Love you “guys”. This one is called “You”.


                • Splash some cold water on that sweet face of yours and go get your boys! Would these boys be coming home from far away? Either way, I’m so proud of you and them. God Bless you!! I’m doing better now thanks my sweetGreenBeret. It’s been a yucky day, but I’m re focusing on our Lord now, and calming.
                  Drive safely, you hear? 😉

                • GreenBeretWay

                  Cold water and hot coffee.Yes they are ‘coming back to the world’ (USA) I will be happy to see them,long time out.They will probably try to drag me to a bar to see real women with blonde hair,cold beer and tell me all the stories of days past.Hamburgers or pancakes is what you crave,so I assume I won’t see a pillow tonight.Well worth the loss of bunk time.

                • Real women, maybe, but real blondes? I doubt it. I am SO glad for them. I wish I could cook y’all up a batch of something and send it to you. Ah well, try not to let them sample too much of the beer or the women 😉 But God Bless you boys, have fun. Tell them your duckalicious is glad they’re home, and thank Them SO much. ((()))s

                • Who would have thunk a bear could play the guitar so well, and sing too! I’ve been misinformed about bears! 🙂

                  Great songs Rshill7!

                • badbadlibs

                  Beautiful! You are a man of many talents, so glad to see them used for the glory of the King! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • sjmom

        Praise the Lord! What a great song.

      • crosshr

        love Pastor Mangun from Alexandria, LA. I listened to him three months ago in Stockton,CA preaching about the Church of the Living God and the Ark.
        Thanks for the song badbad, as Rshill said awesomely wonderfully goodgood ! YES WE RISE and as were in the days of the Walls of Jericho, we will triumphantly Win battles with our Worship and Faith in our LEADER

    • Cindy09

      You’re so right Rshill!! Playing something that awful in the hours could welcome some dark forces in the house!! Yuk! Tell you something, I think this guy needs some exorcism. This type of hatred has its origin in the pit of hell!

    • I think we could all use some praise and worship music tonight. I know I’m a bit late to this and inturrupting yet again, but here’s a few of my favorites -that aren’t Rshill songs 😉 Mybear, I’ll be listening to some of yours later.

      Hope this helps all to forget the devil and focus on our Lord Jesus.

      And for those who aren’t sure of this Jesus,

      • Rshill7

        Yay! I can’t believe I just noticed this 🙂

      • crosshr

        ABiC, thanks for the YOU DELIVER ME song, I listened and decide to say a word of prayer for the awful torture beheading of the Christian brother from Tunisia I learned of few days ago. In this life ,yes we are yet separated from God, once we died, we’ll be forevermore with Him !
        From your song posted, I know, The Good Lord delivered his dear soul into eternal peace. I know this that I will praise Him forever, inspite of my condition, inspite of my imperfection. Please let Malory know, a brother got beheaded for loving the Lord while himself, Malory mock and taunt the Giver of life .

  • If Obama was truthful he would sound just like him.

    • GreenBeretWay

      If O had a son he would sound just like him.

  • Ranger1325

    I have never, ever advocated violence but this guy needs to be punched square in the mouth.

  • Romans 1:18-32…this man has given his soul to Satan and his soul in is God’s hands…someday, he’s going to meet his Maker.

  • Watchman74

    Replace his Christian rant with Homosexuals or Muslims and there would probably be protests and rioting in the streets. But Christians, it seems, are fair game.

    • badbadlibs

      Jesus said it would be so.
      The unfairness totally escapes those who drool over all things satan approves.

    • It’s only fair to Malloy and those of his ilk when it’s something they disagree with or hate.

  • Thank heaven Mike Malloy is old.

  • This guy could be a white Jeremiah Wright on steroids, with the exception that Wright professes to be “Christian”.

  • bayway48

    This is the Emporer of the Deathstar sans the black hoodie hiding behind a mic because Darth Vader isn’t there to protect him. Try your gig out here in Texas and then see who has your back. I double dog dare you.

  • GreenBeretWay

    God help this man repent and kick the devil out of his soul.

  • who the hell is this ? He sounds crazy. Who cares what this fool says.

  • sjmom

    It’s time to commit this loon. Hope he likes hot weather because the Lake of Fire will be very, very, very hot.

  • justplainbob

    This piece of cow dung isn’t even worth commenting about. He will rot in hell.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Pray that the Lord would open his eyes and close his mouth.

    • Rshill7

      There ya’ go. Right on.

    • sjmom

      Just heard a teacher say the first stage is oppression, the second is obsession and the third is possession. Mr. Malloy needs a deliverance ministry because it certainly sounds like demonic ranting to me.

      • Cindy09

        I read about this testimony a long time ago, it’s about the deliverance of Clarita Villanueva under the Ministry of Lester Sumrall. Demon possession is still rampant today. Possibly even more.

        • sjmom

          I think Dr. Sumrall knew Smith Wigglesworth.

          • Cindy09

            That’s correct! 🙂

            • sjmom

              Did you ever hear the story about Smith Wigglesworth walking into the funeral home and slamming the corpse up against the wall raised him from the dead? We’re going to be seeing a lot more of the Glory in these last days.

              • Cindy09

                Yes!!! and I have a copy of that book at home! My mother is an avid reader, actually has been all her life. She devours at least a couple of books per month. She bought me a copy of “The Secret of His Power” by Albert Hibbert, Wigglesworth son in law. It is an amazing read! It records all the major miracles that occurred under Wigglesworth ministry. I love the story about the guy who had an amputated foot and was sent to the store to buy shoes. When he tried one shoe or actually fit in what was left of his limb, he had a new foot miraculously grow and fill the shoe up. That’s an incredible miracle!!!

                • sjmom

                  I did not read the book but I may now. I heard the story watching Kenneth Copeland.

                  One day when we’re all together we’ll get to meet Smith and the other great men & women of God. There are so many and we’ll have eternity to speak to all of them, but first I want to spend time with Jesus and sit at His feet like Mary did.

                • Cindy09

                  Oooh!! You sound just like my mother! 🙂

                • sjmom

                  Great minds think alike. 🙂

            • sjmom

              PS. On you tube Lester Sumrall said we can get so busy with the Lord’s work we can fail to help others who are being assaulted by the “eternal fool” (one of my personal names for Satan). Personally, I am “looking up” to see what the Lord is doing because we have been so inundated by evil it’s time to put Satan under our feet where he belongs. Especially in our God founded nation its time to get the show on the road. Marantha!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on!

  • its so frustrating that those on the left (malloy, maher, & toure for example) can say the most insulting things imaginable and get a free pass but conservative get thwacked for saying anything that sounds almost maybe kindof like it might be insulting

  • aquaviva

    Malloy came to talk radio in 1987, moving from his position as a writer and producer at CNN.

    • That’s all historical revisionism… There is NOT ONE mention of where the rock was that he crawled out from under when he first emerged as a fully developed, ugly, hate filled troll.

  • 911Infidel

    This guy is an epic a$$clown. He is Satan’s lickspittle. Yeah shine them boots Mikey-boy. Old man when you die, you will pay a heavy price for your ignorance. Jesus might feel soryy for you, but I sure won’t. Enjoy your life while you can dipstick. Eat, drink and be merry, because one night your soul will be required of thee. Then what are you going to do when you drop into the hellavator? Happy landings dumba$$.

  • leftwinglooney

    Mike Malloy continues to rape little boys and run his mouth. This is the words I hear from my sources.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Who the hell is this guy? does he have a sindicated show or something?

    • kong1967

      I wish I could tell you, but I don’t know who he is, either, other than a radio talk show host that is athiest and hateful. The only time I hear of him is when it’s posted here.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Thanks I just think he is a hateful a.. Hole that I would like to know which companies are advertising with him, I just want to know for my own sake I never encourage anyone to boycott any company. But I would do it with my own money.

        • kong1967

          How to go about this is a struggle for me. I don’t want to silence somene (try to remove them from the air) because I disagree with them, but I also don’t want to lose this country.

          How do we know that the companies that advertise during this guy’s shows have any input on when their ads are played? And, most businesses are just looking for someone to buy their products and aren’t the slightest bit interested in the politics. I would advertise during the Limbaugh show even if I hated his guts. He has a lot of listeners that have money that’s just as spendable as anyone elses. I love Rush, by the way.

          I see it both ways, so I really don’t know what the right thing to do is, lol.

      • Same here. I feel sorry for the sad few that listen to his show.

        • kong1967

          He has to have a small audience. I can’t see that many people being attracted to this kind of vitriol.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I sure hope so if he has a big following that means we are declining faster.

            • kong1967

              That’s true.

  • He doesn’t know what he is saying! He is blind to the truth or he willfully rejects it!

  • brendawatkins

    I can see Mike Malloy having a brother who likes little 10 year old girls sexually, but, I’m sure Tony Perkins comes from a family with better morals than that.

  • Evil does indeed walk the earth.

    Take notice that once again Progressives are what they accuse.

  • hongryhawg

    When I see and hear bottom of the sewage ditch rhetoric like this, I am further convinced that my God exists, because if Satan is working so hard with tools like this, he too exists. If there is a satan, there is a God. This mouthpiece is too ignorant to realize it, but in speaking for satan, he is proving God’s existence. But this person is beyond ignorant. I would pray for an ignorant soul. My prayers are not with this POS. He is just hateful.

  • Linky1

    Satan himself could have not spewed anything as vile as what Mike Malloy did.

  • Hatred and Evil is what it is, and where it is. Good people all across the America know what hatred and evil looks and sounds like.. Hatred and evil is as obvious as day is to night..

    To reason and ask why hatred and evil like that comes from this individual Mr Malloy, who promulgates and proliferates his message and words of vitriolic hatred, dispensing it out like candy from a candy machine, is a futile task.. He is just one of many agents who just do not see their own hate and the evil they represent.

    That is their problem, but it is also ours.. But in so stating, ours to not to ask why, or appease it, or explain and understand it.. Ours is only to defeat it / them.

    Just like the Nazi’s, or the Marxist Stalinist Communists, or the current islamic muslim terrorists whose evil of hate for the sake of hate, ie; their militant religious ideological philosophy and policy of conquer and enslavement, via whatever means necessary, direct, indirect, soft internal takeover, or in your face direct attacks like 911, makes no difference. They must and will be defeated, period.

    Good is not something subjective in appearance, as in some sense of feeling, nor is it an intransient idea. Good is real, and so is evil. Otherwise, we would have no direction of morality.

    Quote-“All that evil needs to thrive, is for good men to do nothing”

  • how many people listen to him?

    • My guess is three.

    • Does it matter? Even if it is one, it is one too many.

  • LiberalBoycotter

    Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, please protect us from this kind of evil….

  • johnos2112

    Pray for this man! He needs help!

    • aquaviva

      He doesn’t need prayer.

      He needs to be locked in a room with Jack Bauer.

  • Jay

    I don’t even go to church and I find this offensive. Who do these people think they are anyway?

    • kong1967

      Christians are a threat to big government because they believe in a higher power and not government (as the highest power). Lefties look at government as being their god and Christians are in the way of an ever expanding socialist rule without the one true G-d. That’s my humble opinion, anyway.

  • kong1967

    How many listeners can this guy have? Two? And RS is one of those two doing opposition research.

    • Meh…and I guessed three.

      • kong1967


  • Haters gotta hate. I’d hate to be this man with this kind of garbage floating around in the space that’s reserved for his brain.

  • nullibist

    Mike was being pretty generous really. FRC is a well known hate group.

    • Freempg

      You’re a sociopath.

      • nullibist

        Mike just tells it like it is.

        • crosshr

          The nature of FART ! the noise, the smell and it dissipates in the thin air, whilest all the more, people grossed out

        • badbadlibs

          That you would associate yourself with hatred on steriods says all anyone would ever need to know about you.
          I wonder if the FBI is aware of your postings….haters need to be checked on often.
          Never know when your hatred will get you a gun and start murdering people like the wanna be murderer acting on your kind of hatred at the FRC.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    What a contemptible piece of human filth. He’s just useless and lost.

  • Evil will come in all forms and from every direction against Conservative Christians this year. These folks will do anything to keep their cause at the forefront of the news as victims being abused by the rest of America.

  • Who’s listening to Mike Malloy?

    According to Wikipedia (yeah, I know), he’s on 13 radio stations (all “progressive talk”) and he’s on Sirius XM’s progressive talk channel on delay (he was once carried live).

    So the answer to “Who’s listening to Mike Malloy?” is: hardly anyone.

  • crosshr

    Satan in many forms, Maher, Malory, Husein, Pelosi, Reid, Mathews, Madcow, Was-a-man, and on and on….. I mean, incarnated, and transgended from one form to another, Still, same old fool thrown out from heaven by the Creator I worship !
    While many cling to their guns and Bible, we at the same time also Lift up our eyes to the Heavens

  • maynardb50

    I simply will not listen! Thanks, Scoop for pointing it out once again. Keep the faith. We are almost there. November comes soon.

  • Hey I have not eaten a corpse in a long time!! Gave it up for Ramadon or whatever the beheaders call it! And to think Congress tried to imprison or forever silence Rush for saying “whore”. The double standard is so wide even Tingles and Andrea Mitchell “NBC News Washington” that they are calling it out! Oh and I most def prefer green chiles!!

  • keep talking . Gods waiting and the lake of fire is damned hot!

  • JD Olson

    “This might just be the most” attention MM has had ever since his last illogical and insane rant. Crazy? Mike knows how to keep himself alive. It’s schtick.