Devastating new RNC ad “We’ve heard it all before”

This new ad highlights the fact that Obama is using the same tired rhetoric in 2012 that he used in 2008:

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  • OUCH!

    • Right into Obama’s gonads and into the hearts of Americans.

    • 3seven77

      That isn’t a good ad… that’s a GREAT ad. MORE please!

  • brendawatkins

    Hearing it all again is enough to make you wanna throw up!

  • We don’t need to retread the tires, we need a completely new set of tires.

    • warpmine

      Low profile tires that feel every bump in the road even the pebbles.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • SaraPFan

    Every Dem voter needs to see this video then see it a second time. He’s just a broken record. He’s been making the same broken promises since 2008. He promised more jobs in 2008. We have more unemployment, more people on foodstamps and more people underemployed. I really hope Romney wins.

    • sno_warrior

      That’s the problem. Every Democrat needs to see this but most never will. The lame st. media won’t show it and most of them arn’t going to come to ‘rightscoop’ to see it. How do you make the m aware of it?

      • Joseph ewing

        Do what I do…

        Donate to the RNC and Super PACs that make great video like this, so it will hit Mainstream TV as paid ads.

        Liberals love Dancing with the Stars and Glee – run the ads there. 🙂


      I think the Dem voters like it. He is speaking their language.

  • Joe

    What the difference ? – It’s the same thing on both sides !

    HMMMM!! — Let me think a moment !

    ————-OH WAIT !!- Now I see –

    —————————————-It’s the same thing on both sides !

  • Same speeches, same promises, same marxist.

    I was waiting for him to say, “if they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.” or something along that line.

    • Nukeman60

      In 2008, we brought a dull knive to the fight. In 2012, we’re packin’.

      • warpmine

        Yeah, sure, a bee-bee gun with little aim and little distance.

        • Rightstuff1

          You may not be a big Romney fan but he is packing a punch these days and if you dont like it then think of the alternative.

          • warpmine

            Politically no, I’m very edgy when it comes to him. He does have my respect in regards to family life and even private sector business but I;m going to be skeptical in regards to what he will do as POTUS. I pray that unlike Bush, he’s really a secret super-conservative that will do everything in his being to reverse the last century of progressive disaster.

            Oh and the alternative is voting for the communist whiner and hope it touches off a new armed conflict that will settle the argument between Liberty and slavery.

            • MLCBLOG

              Only it won’t be a settling up between freedom and slavery. What happens historically is that it devolves into general misery when freedom does not prevail.

              • warpmine

                Speaking in general terms throughout history maybe, however, there has never been a population that had this much freedom suddenly vanish overnight that was this well armed. As for me, I figure, we’ve been in slavery already since 1913 thanks to the shenanigans of that generation of thieving unscrupulous politicians. In any event, we shall see.

        • Nukeman60

          If I were you, I’d trade that in for something a little better. If you don’t see it, just step aside and watch the show.

          We have 2 of the best weapons on our side – everything Obama says and everything Obama does.

          • warpmine

            As much as I want him to wield a cannon, I know the timid will veer away from him if he used it. Damn if you do damn if you don’t.

            If you recall, McCain was a timid a creature as Bob Dole and that got us far right like the disaster we’ve got now.

            I’ll have to be satisfied knowing we’ve got better ideas (always had) on our side but wheat happens after is what concerns me and you. Will Romney unveil himself as a super conservative or RINO from Massoftwochits?

  • Nukeman60

    I promise you, change will come‘ – Obama

    [email protected] straight, skippy! Change will come, November 6th, 2012.

    Watch for it.

  • MJScanlonOH

    Oh.My.God! If this doesn’t break through the clutter, nothing will!

    • There will be people who claim it was “taken out of context” of course. Or “deceptively edited” if not outright forgery. Or it will be ignored.

      I’m guessing Ignored With Extreme Prejudice.

  • conservative58

    Time to… ‘HIT THE ROAD BARACK!’

    • warpmine

      …and don’t you come back…..EVER!

  • Absolutely devastating. One of the best political ads I’ve ever seen. It’s about time Republicans fought back in this way. This hits the Liar-In-Chief where it hurts. He is nothing but a snake oil salesman.

  • This is video evidence that I’m not just a crazy Obama hater who thinks he has been mouthing the same nonsensical arguments to support his agenda for over four years and everyone treats his every inane utterance as if it not only IS Truth but CREATES Truth.

    I can hardly stand to hear the man talk anymore. I think this is why RR are being welcomed so enthusiastically everywhere they go.

  • Its times like this I wish I had my own video production company. I’d LOVE to make ads against Obama, and I would pull NO punches. I wish the next time he got interviewed, somebody would show him this commercial, show his reaction, then start asking him questions regarding it.

    • Everyone has their own video production company if they have a computer that can access YouTube, heh.

      I wish I had video production SKILLS.

    • warpmine

      The little bastard might just begin to cry and then run off.

  • Yazz55

    4 year old reruns

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Its a web ad that is very powerful, now cut into a 30sec ad for tv and run it until nov 06. And I promise we will win easily.

    • sDee

      Has to be on TV. Best ad so far.
      Not only are his words the same, he puts on the same preacher voice and uses the same cadence as he did in 2008. Hell, I think he even had the same tie on in some of those shots 😀

      • p m

        Same gormless, ignorant look on his face too. He’s too old to do the gamine look.

  • And the Dems are trying to tell us that they are moving forward. Sounds like they are stuck in neutral.

    • warpmine

      More likely a replay over and over.

  • wodiej

    Romney is getting ready to take the lid off the cash jar from contributions collected before he won but couldn’t spend until after the convention. Watch out. I hope they have found the most clever conservatives they could find to write their ads.

    • nibblesyble

      cannot wait!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      We are all waiting for him to take it to Obama like he did during the primaries. Destroy him with your own words and use Obama’s words against him.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      There sure are a lot of clever conservatives here.

  • What upsets me isn’t the lying liar who is once again lying in this ad, what upsets me is the BRAIN-DEAD 40% of the county who see this AND STILL BELIEVE IT! The Founders were right that voters should be required to have a stake in the country to vote. OR at least make it law that people who receive ANY public assistance shouldn’t get to vote in Federal elections. Simple. You get other people’s money in direct checks? No vote in Federal elections. You pay INCOME Taxes? You get to vote.

    If they can expand the electorate with Felons, Illegals & the dead, why can’t we fight to RESTORE some sanity to stop people voting themselves other peoples money with the government being the Leg-Breakers for them!

    • warpmine

      This has been my attitude for the last decade.

    • p m

      We can refer to Mr.Eastwood’s vignette to answer that – this is your country and these are your employees. That’s the message that folks really need to hear, all the time, election year or not 🙂

  • Erdnay

    The only ad the RNC needs to run. (over and over and over).
    Looks like a “one term proposition” which is another of Obamas promises.

  • Reminds me of this video “Sorkinisms”.

  • friskyness

    That’s a good ad!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Same speeches.
    Same promises.
    SAME RESULTS……(crickets chirping).

  • Great ad….bringing the then and now to equal the same thing!! What a suprise….SAME OLE SAME OLE!! Great way to play it and show it….Obama has nothing new whatsoever and that is what people need to hear….nothing changes at all!! Surprise!!!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    As good as the ad is, its our job to spread it around, and combat the Obama administration on the social sites, I already shared it on facebook, twitter and emailed it to my lib friends. Please, please my fellow scoopers please pass it around.

    • nibblesyble

      I am on it!

    • DebbyX

      Just wondering, do you still retain those lib friends after you send them something like this? I don’t get any responses from mine.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        No I get total silence which tells you they are embarrassed. I have been able to convince a couple of them. Which is why we have to keep pounding them with the truth. If we can convince one vote that means my vote and your vote will not be cancelled out.

      • sDee

        Propaganda reinforces what people want to hear, what they want to believe, so they do not have to face reality. It makes them feel good about themselves.

        Facing the truth instead, is hard. Admitting they were part of it, were seduced by it, even harder.

        • Mike

          You usually leave the best comments on here sDee. You’ve got it completely right. It really is good vs. evil now. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I can not think of one decent thing this guy has done since 2008, that betters this country. nothing. divide, and pander to certain groups he has done well. he can’t create a job only destroy them.

  • G_unitttt

    doubling down on stupid!

  • Mary_Linda

    For 4 years we’ve had a Teleprompter as President of the USA.

  • gothicreader

    When confronted with the truth, it’s always devasting.

  • mediaaccess1

    And change has come, unfortunately.

  • This reminds me of MADTv’s sketch that basically parallels what Obama is doing now.

    Sketch: Two parties arguing and saying the same thing
    Obama: Arguing with himself and losing badly!

  • odin147

    Awesome ad.

  • 911Infidel

    Obama is like a dog returning to its own vomit. Same old empty promises, same old stale lines. Regurgitated over and over again.

  • rreidc

    stuck on stupid.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • oh baby…that’s gonna leave a mark…


    … Romney / Ryan 2012 , LANDSLIDE VICTORY on November 6 ,2012 plus with the votes of the Tea Party Patriots we assume control of the Senate .” (period)

    • PVG

      By the end of the debates, BO will be shovel ready!

  • NYGino

    An empty chair, an empty echo.

    • celestiallady

      And an empty head!

  • NYGino

    Einstein’s definition of insanity….doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • Wow, I knew it was bad but had no idea it was that bad. Ouch is right. Great ad.

  • Conservative_Hippie


  • AlabamaPatriot2

    Perhaps many of you are not old enough to remember Rocky Marciano delivering the most devastating body blows in boxing history. Folks, this is a Marciano right hook to the body, and the challenger is on one knee taking the 8-count.

    • michael carpenter

      Well said!

  • jwmort

    Sad thing is … the lemmings will still blindly follow him.

  • serfer62

    GBut what about


  • NCHokie02

    One of the best ads I’ve seen yet.

  • celestiallady

    Wow in 2008 confident, in 2012 he looks desperate. His face says it all.

  • Hits Americans right at home, as it rightly should.

  • p m

    Could only take that voice for a minute, that was long enough. But I do like the two still photos above, that show him with a real doofus look on his face. That’s the same as four years ago too.

    $5Trillion later, and the roads are still needing repair, bridges might fall down, 23 million are unemployed, security has gone to hell and so much more. What an utter failure.

  • GiantM

    I Love it!

  • A Sgt. Bilko look a like.

  • Hornet414fixer

    Ouch is right! He is not only a empty suit, he is that silly thing we did on halloween. Remember? We put bags of dog poop and the door step and lit it with lighter fluid. He is a real [email protected] BAG:-) All of his talking heads are just plain LIARS!!!! PERIOD!!!! They don’t know the TRUTH!!!!

  • PVG

    Now we’re talking!! That will leave a mark!

  • Our president is so full of it that he has the runs–the reruns that is!

  • aZjimbo

    That was fantastic. One of the best.

  • Sober_Thinking

    ROFL! The record keeps skipping… and he can’t run on his record. He is recycled cheese.

    I hope and pray this bum gets what’s coming to him. Liar.

  • Great ad–keep the pressure on, keep them coming.

  • Jay

    In black and white he looks kind of like a ’60s civil rights advocate. The resemblance ends there, of course.

  • Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Same as Bo ever was…

  • The king , his party are only broken records, for a broken man who has a broken presidency leading the way in a broken America, full of broken promises complete with shattered dreams for too many Americans.
    So another term for Obamas after all the shattered lives they’ve created? Not hardly.
    He is a one termer…. he earned it the old fashion way , failure.

  • wmath44

    Please bend over and spread em

  • Joseph ewing

    Oh Snap!!!

  • bobemakk

    The bag of wind sticking his foot in his mouth once again. I’ve seen this before. Between the “gaffe king” (Biden) and Obama, I think Obama is becoming worse. He lies and lies and lies. I actually can’t remember one thing he promised that did work out and I am sure most of US will agree.

  • Obama is consistent in his values.

    Not a flip-flopper who’ll say anything to get elected.

  • Fairly simple! He has no record to boast on so therefore peat and repeat. He is the sorriest president ever. If the idiots who voted for him the first time can’t see the fraud in this annointed one, then they too are a part of the problem. Hate to say this, but my gut feeling is he is going to buy this election and the United States will most certainly with all the corrupt democrats be a party to the ruin of our way of life as we have known it. I feel so much for our children and grandchildren and their future. It doesn’t look promising and that is sad. God Save America —- not alllah!

  • Trademaker12

    If these kinda ads were run on lame stream media stations the RNC could turn the tide.
    President Obama doesn’t beleave in JOBS, BUSINESS SUCESS, FREEDON or EVEN GOD!
    How could a true American go to the polls and vote for this man?


  • Same BS just a different day! Does he really think we are that stupid and ignorant?

  • “I’ll get on my knees and pray we don’t get fooled again!”

  • BAD

    I wish the American people would see move 2016. We are being led down the path to an Islamic nation in Europe and socialism anti-capitalist goals enshrined by the president of the USA. Why can’t the American people disregard party power grabs and honor the founders of our constitution and their struggles and lives it took to become ” The United States of America.”

  • Who is his speech writer? I know he’s stupid but is he that stupid?

  • Who is his speech writer? I know he is a turtle on a fence post, someone has to feed him.

  • Sounds like George Bush all over again


  • Dreaming_still

    It seems my hopes and dreams are not those of the current administration. How can the president say he believes in my hopes and dreams? Odd – he never even bothered to ask what they are.

  • Tom_B_Sr

    Nice. However, at the bottom it states, “Romney Will Cut, Cap, & Balance The Federal Budget.”

    How can he do that when Congress is the only entity having that power (to tax and spend?)