Dick Cheney: My comments weren’t aimed so much at Palin, but rather at McCain’s VP process

Cheney said tonight on Hannity that he was commenting more about McCain’s process and that his comments weren’t aimed so much at Gov. Palin, who he said he likes very much:

I’ll post the full interview when it becomes available.

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  • p m

    Glad he looks so much better. His own daughter took his earlier remarks the way most of us did, so I don’t think this really undoes or explains them. Wonder if Liz re-schooled her Dad on Sarah’s amazing achievements.

    • Susanna958

      I think he originally got defensive about Palin because she had gone to Chick fil A, that day. I think he was defending his daughter until his daughter came out against what he said.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Not a good explanation, and it just looks to me he was trying to back out of the comments, and did not do a good job, the damage was already done.

    • sjmom

      You saw what I saw; a bad rendition of an answer. Sean gave him a chance but he did not do very well.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Exactly, thank god I wasnt the only one that notice that sean gave him a chance to rectify his comments and failed miserably. This guy has no idea how great Sarah is and how important she is for our cause.

        • sjmom

          That’s because Cheney is not part of our “cause”. He is establishment and part of what we fight as conservatives. Ours is not a one front war just against the Dems but also against the GOP establishment.

          I’m glad he’s doing well after his transplant and pray he continues to have good health but I don’t agree with his take on Sarah.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Me neither, I respect the vice president but his comments were horrible and served no purpose.

            • Actually his comments did serve the lib media and liberal democrats everywhere. And Rinos also.

              • proudhispanicconservative


    • Spartan4Palin

      I used to respect him a great deal. But this was utterly despicable and outrageous. Even during his ‘attempt’ to walk around this again, he managed to slap Governor Palin as a inexperienced lout. It was disgusting, and I’m so glad I didn’t go out and get his book.

      Dick,,,,,,,,,,Mr. VP,,,,,,,,,,,,You have like many others pissed off a great deal of people who have had their fill of entitlement elite minded morons like you!!!

  • CalCoolidge

    That’s not a retraction. His comments were aimed “so much” at Palin. Oh, so only partially at Palin.

    Nothing new here. Cheney has a history of shooting his own hunting “partners.”

  • unseen1

    so how much power does someone have to have to make a former VP of the USA walk back his comments. I guess the Cruz election made some people sit up and notice what is going on in the heartland. Oh na dshe holds that much power without any type of title. Just liek she said she doesn’t need a title to make a difference. Amazing really if you stop and think about it. Never saw anything like it in my lifetime. Maybe some moderates in the GOP who bad mouthed Reagan? nmot sure about that wasn’t following politics much day to day at that point.

    • sDee

      Good point. The tide is turning.

      I once heard someone from Alaska say “Only dead fish go with the flow.”

      Lets see if Romney is confident enough in his poll numbers to snub Sarah Palin at the Convention.

      • marketcomp

        Now sDee, that would be interesting. With all of the corruption from Obama I know that Romney understands that he needs every single vote. Now even a smart business man can figure that out, I hope.

      • If he does snub her he is a fool. I don’t think he will, but I could be wrong.

  • I don’t think he handled that all that badly. If I may do a bit of armchair quarterbacking, I would have added, “Now that I have explained my disappointment with McCain’s process, imagine my dismay when a man with woefully less experience and love of country actually became not just Vice President, but the ACTUAL President.”

  • Mr. Cheney, you need to stop digging.. I like Cheney too, I have not always agreed with him but I do like and respect him… On Sarah Palin we disagree… I think she was/is better qualified to be VP or POTUS than others we’ve nominated… Anyone who thinks these nominees can just walk in a run this Country are naive.. They have and will need every adviser available to them.. We hope they have the discernment needed to make the tough calls, but they have and need all the help they can get… No man or woman has all that’s needed to run this Country…

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’m not buying it.

    • sjmom

      Looks like all of the great minds on RS think alike because I didn’t either.

      • Sober_Thinking


  • sjmom

    Nice try, but the stuttering shows me it was insincere. Guess the former VP was told Sarah Palin has a lot of supporters. IMO Dick Cheney was wrong but I will go with what Sarah said that everyone is entitled to a mistake………… and it was a big one.

    • kessi7

      its not called a mistake, it is called a misfire…
      or so says Gov Palin.
      The wikipedia definition of misfire is
      “when one mistakenly shoots a co-hunter”
      And it would not be Cheneys first…
      Hope his last, cos he is no longer VP
      and he is beginining to shoot people we like

      • Palin is good at taking it and she is good at dishing it out-she likes using words that present an image as much as others use it on her. She is a politician for sure!

  • DocBarry1

    B.S. Cheney – you said that she was not ready – you said that she only had 2 years of being a Governor – at least if you are going to apologize – be honest

    Go back on ABC and other stations and restate your position on the Governor – if not go away

    • BSScoop

      Atta way, Doc. Conservatives are slowly waking up to the establishment as they reveal themselves.

      Cheney, Rove, Bush, Bush, Bush, Romney, McCain, etc., etc., etc. I am so sick of these politicians. Folks, the republican party has fooled us for way too long. They NEVER intended for us to be free. The Tea Party is all we got.

      Don’t Tread On Me

      • DocBarry1

        It really is eye opening

        Truth is not defined by
        how many people believe something.
        Ask. Question. Think.
        Decide – for yourself.
        – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

      • DocBarry1

        You are so right – they throw crumbs, if they even to that, to the Tea Party – where are they when the Governor was being attacked and attacked – hiding and silent

  • Here’s where McCains “process” was awful:

    It’s hard to run on a national ticket when you feel these knives flopping around in your back as you run.

    Keen grasp of the obvious, Mr. Cheney.

    • marketcomp

      Yea, I get the sense that he is doing a little damage control.

      • And he had to do it.
        This whole thing was a pre-fab walk-back.
        DC knew exactly what Sean would ask, even fidgeted with his hands as Sean wound up for the slow-pitch softball.
        He did it for the sake of party unity. But he doesn’t like admitting he’s wrong and didn’t.
        I’m glad he did the minimum. But I have less esteem for him.

        • marketcomp

          This is characteristic of an old man who refuses to up date his thinking. You know like John McCain. It doesn’t matter how wrong John McCain is he is still right.

  • Rshill7

    It wasn’t the VP selection that was the problem Dick. It was the Republican nominee who was the problem. Deal with that.

    Who “wasn’t ready” for his last interview, you know, the one in need of recanting here?


    • marketcomp

      Right on, Rshill7! You are on fire tonight!

    • See Dick run
      See Dick stumble
      See Dick fall
      See Dick still on the ground, stumbling

  • Horse flesh Mr Cheney. You are an establishment republican and Sarah is against everything you are for in terms of government.

  • Sorry, Tricky Dick.

    I love you, but no givesies backsies.

  • Jeff_the_Macedonian

    The ruling elite of the republican party hates true conservatives like Gov. Palin. Doubt me? What conservative is giving a keynote address at the convention? I’ll vote for Romney because BOBO is the enemy but these republicans are getting on my last nerve.

    • white531

      It is part of the burden we carry.

    • DocBarry1

      So true but really sad as well

  • Vice President Cheney doesn’t understand the first rule of holes.

  • He’s a Progressive. Establishment. Republicrat. What he doesn’t like about Palin is her political philosophy of limited government. He slammed her. He was criticized for it. He’s trying to backpedal but it won’t work because we know who you are now Cheney.

    • 3seven77

      Let’s hope that someday they won’t have to make them.

  • white531

    Back pedaling is such a lame exercise. People like Sarah represent change. The Republican Establishment does not want change.

  • FreeManWalking

    He!! Dick, not only was she qualified to be VEEP, she was more qualified to be POTUS than McCaint.

    How about speaking to the process that ended up with the nominee for the GOP in 08 and 2012, IMO that was the major FUBAR.

  • white531

    Here is the problem that the former Vice President and so many others in the Good Ole Boy’s club have trouble understanding. When the enemy is attacking, you close ranks and defend your position. You don’t eat your own.

  • white531

    Sorry, didn’t see that coming.

  • white531

    Getting late for me folks. Catch you on the backside.

  • That’s a bunch of double talking baloney. Cheney is trying to manipulate the process of his story, that’s all he is doing. He directly and indirectly is saying that Gov Palin was to blame for losing the election, by reason of saying McCain’s process of vetting, which put Gov Palin in the VP ticket, which was the reason why McCain lost the election, which is false.

    McCain was and still is a progressive GOP Establishment RINO to the core, for which Gov. Sarah Palin brought Conservative life into his dying campaign. If not for her, (who by the way was far more qualified to be President, let alone VP, than Obama was, still is and will ever be), his campaign would have been buried far deeper than it was.

    The fact is that before the housing and banking crisis imploded, McCain/Palin ticket were ahead in the polls of Obama.. But the crisis that the liberals created that finally imploded on Bush’s watch, caused the voters to react to Obama’s blame Bush campaign tactic and run against the Bush policy worked, who then voted in the radical anti-American Obama as US President.

    Cheney like the Bush’s, are typical good ol boy GOP establishment RINOs, who hates any and all Reagan Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives. He is just trying to save his RINO face in the face of all the backlash criticism he has gotten from his good ol boy GOP establishment Reagan Conservative Tea Party hating position and words.

    • p m

      Agree – using a typical lib device to rewrite history. Of course we don’t buy it. But he still gets respect for what he did as VP. But, that was then and this is now.

      Good news for us on the good ole boy RINO front – they just got their a$$es handed to them when their boy Dewhurst deservedly lost to Ted Cruz last week. They’d better wake up and see that train coming at them. They better get out of the way or it’s gonna run right over them.

  • What Cheney said at the beginning of his comment was exactly correct-imho-she is an effective spokesperson for conservative causes-she does this very well and she knows it and I think she would be a good speaker at the convention!

  • bindare

    Rember when the teleprompter went out when Palin came out to give her speach at the convention. That was no accident. McCain was picked to “throw” the election to Obama, the chosen one. McCain picked sarah for V.P. because he thought she was a country bumpkin from Alaska obviously (to the elite, anyway) out of her league, to seal the deal of McCains defeat to Obama. Having the teleprompter go out was the iceing on the cake, supposed to leave her babbeling and mumbling on stage looking like a fool.
    Sarah upset their plans. She gave her speech beautifully and didn’t miss a beat. She had charisma and the little people loved her and still do. She almost pulled it off for McCain. She single-handedly mobilized the base while McCain ran the most lackluster campaign he could. When it looked like The GOP was going to beat Barack anyway, (because of Sarah), the Kingmakers pulled the plug on the economy. The rest is History everybody knows.


    Hard to get those little toads back in when you let them out, ain’t it Mr VP?

    • Better than trying to polish one.

  • Freempg

    It was the process? O contrar, Dick. Did you miss A.B. Culvahouse’s “What I Learned Vetting VP Nominees”


  • mediaaccess1

    He’s an old geezer and his brain isn’t whole, but holey.

  • Cheney needs to sit down & shut up. He is a serial draft-dodger who, like Bill Clinton, had no compunction in sending other people’s children off to war. He isn’t fit to clean Sarah Palin’s hunting boots.

  • Rocco11

    Sean let him weasel out of that one, now I see why Palin prefers Greta’s show to his…

  • exodus2011

    All this effort to walk back the Cheney BULLSCHMIDT is happening because of that shock PEW sample DEM+19. Bias alone cannot account for such a huge difference. It looks to me like fed up Conservatives have ditched the GOP primarily because of the dissing of Palin, and are either affiliating Independent or other, or totally withdrawing from ‘likely to vote’.

    All this effort from Reince/GOP Establishment is to try and get these Conservatives back … Cheney is continuing to talk BULLSCHMIDT – listen to your DAUGHTER Dick

    Conservatives should play HardBall with the GOP Establishment – if enough Conservatives ditch the GOP then Poll samples will swing heavily toward the DEMs, and Romney will TANK

    this will force the Delegates to dump the LOSER and nominate a TRUE CONSERVATIVE Ticket = Palin/West, bringing an accompanying and immediate SURGE in Conservatives Voters

    and the DEMs/RINOs/Media won’t be able to stop the Surge because the Ticket is fully vetted, and NOTHING FOUND to bring it down …. all the opposition will be able to do is flood the scene with BULLSCHMIDT = lies, smears, distortions, which will be easily rebutted = nothing to suppress the RAGING Conservative Turnout

    there will be HUGE FEAR in DC if Tampa nominates Palin/West

    Let.It.Be.so. … for the RESCUE of America, nominate the NOT4SALE Proven Reformer

    • scrubjay

      I understand your Palin-West mania because I have it, too. They are the dream team. I remember when McCain nominated Palin. I was so pumped I immediately sent in a contribution. I couldn’t sleep that night and the next day I couldn’t get any work done. I get it. For me, Palin walks on water without getting her naughty monkeys wet. I just think that it is too late to change our nominee now. We have to acknowledge that the majority of Republican voters are not all conservatives and Tea Partiers yet. There is an element in the Republican Party that wants a cool, calm and collected moderate mainstream candidate and they all voted for Romney. So be it. The delegates pledged to Romney are not going to go against their own candidate. The rest of the Republican base does not have a reasonable basis to object to Romney. He has been toeing the conservative line. Now we have to focus on fighting the real opposition – Obama. So let’s support Romney and help him win.

      • exodus2011

        you may call it mania if ya wish jay – I call it focus

        America has ONE chance to avoid tipping into the DEBT Abyss, & that is sudden and relentless Reform of the US Govt in 2013 – if this does not happen, the problem will be taken out of American hands …. say goodbye to the American identity.

        the DEBT is so massive now, it is greater than GDP – ONE chance remains

        I am not inetrested in FAST DEATH Obama, nor SLOWER DEATH Obama-Lite = Romney

        ONE CHANCE …THIS CYCLE … REFORM or hello Greece

        Delegates, rescue America and nominate Palin/West

  • cathmom

    Nice try, Vice President Back-Pedal. How stupid do you think we are?

  • hramirez18

    Who cares what have to say the VP of one of the worst Republican presidents.

  • donmoffet

    The longer these career politicians spend in D. C. the more alike they become. Eventually you can’t distinguish the forest from the trees.

  • RKflorida

    That’s a lie. He dislikes Palin and has been consistent in voicing that dislike. Now you can officially say that Chaney is a liar.

  • What Cheney said the first time, he really meant. I would respect him more if he didn’t try to explain himself and sound like a phony. He’s an establishment kind of guy and doesn’t like Palin or want her around. Palin may not get the respect that she deserves from them, but I don’t really think that she cares. She cares more about this country and getting it back on track.

  • He didn’t do well because he meant what he said about Sarah Palin. He is just another Washington insider who does not want Sarah to play on his playground.