Dick Morris: WaPo is wrong. Romney’s ad on Obama gutting welfare is absolutely correct

Dick Morris explains why the Washington Post, who gave Romney’s ad 4 Pinocchios, is wrong and why Romney’s ad is absolutely correct. And he speaks with authority as he helped write the bill:

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  • That was a rare moment that Bill didn’t get all weeweed up when someone told him he was wrong. Maybe he’s growing up?

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Don’t count on it. :-/

  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    0bomber is pure garbage.

  • p m

    Bill O’Reilly, an important message just came in for you: STFU!

    • 3seven77


      • p m

        Aren’t we naughty…but…isn’t he awful?!

  • JRD1

    Ted Baxter and the toe sucker. 2 people with credibility.

  • serfer62

    I remember that bill passage distincly

    Thee time congress send the bill to The Spoiler of Blue Dresse. Twice he voted it. But the third time it had veto proof majoities. To say that clinton had anything positive to do about it is a serious strech

  • drphibes

    Dick! I love the coiffe and the new teeth! Looking dazzling, my friend. Enjoy your daily lunch alerts at DickMorris.com.

    Folks, if you haven’t been daily checking his site or subscribing to his YouTube channel, you’re missing some wonderful encouragement from a man who is making the case that Romney will win this race. We need to work hard, of course. But the evidence is there, and we should be encouraged. Emboldened. Thanks, Dick.

  • drphibes

    Taking the Leprechaun to school. Good on you, Dick.

  • Linky1

    This is what Romney is up against-playing hard and loose with the truth. Sad fact is, you tell a lie often enough, people WILL believe it.

    Get these Romney SUPER PACS revved up and nail Obama where he lives, i.e. college transcripts, birth certificate, and the big question of all – “Who’s your Daddy?”

  • pdxlady

    Great clip. O’Reilly was all set to smack Dick down, saying…”but he (0) didn’t do it…” with his look of disdain, but Dick came right back at him with the truth!

    That was great, and O’R was stunned. So stunned that he actually let Dick make his point. He doesn’t usually let his guests complete their sentences before he cuts them off.

    Good one Dick!

  • Holy Crap! After trying to get mileage out of the add calling Romney a murderer of Mrs. skeptic, obama’s camp is now washing their hands of this add, saying they had NOTHING to do with it, or know anything about it. Seriously? I just can’t get over how full of $#!t these people are, or the fact that they expect to be believed.

  • kong1967

    I can see how these fact checking sites are going to go. “They will take the liberal spin as fact and call all of Romney’s ads lies. They called Romney a liar because he had an ad that showed Obama saying “you didn’t build that” because that isn’t what Obama meant. It’s bullcrap. Romney didn’t lie and Obama needs to learn how to speak without the teleprompter. You can’t call someone a liar for repeating exactly what Obama said.

  • CalCoolidge

    Thank God O’Reilly shut up just long enough for Morris to finish.

  • JoeMontana16

    Damn its nice to see someone able to make their point without getting interrupted on the factor. Why the hell does oreilly even have guests? He should just put a picture of the guest on his desk and speak too it. I can’t add anything to what Morris said. He was correct. He helped right the language in the law. Newt has the same feeling also. Why? Cause he helped right it too.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is among one of the great criminal acts of this pResident. He is lawless and wrong… and they (the LSM) lie and cover for their master – again. This is among the most clear and present dangers that faces this nation.

    And the sad thing is that ‘Joe Citizen’ will just sit there on the couch, hear this from the LSM and go, “Hmm” and turn it back to Jerry Springer.

    Having a lawless President who does what he wants when he wants (which actually makes him a dictator), who is supported by a lawless media, makes for a dangerous and disasterous mix that will kill this nation. And Obama knows it… so he walks around with impunity, doing ANYTHING he wants because he knows he’s gonna get away with it.

    Holder isn’t going to stop him. The panty-waste Congress isn’t going to stop him. The LSM is going to support him. And the American people aren’t going to stop him… for now. But once again, if we can wake up the sleep-walkers and make them open their eyes… then we have a chance.