Did Pam Bondi really defend RomneyCare?

There is some bluster going around the internets about Pam Bondi’s interview with Greta last night, suggesting that she not only defended RomneyCare, but that she will also help Romney institute it when/if he becomes president. But I’ve listened to the interview and I believe this is NOT TRUE.

I’m not a Romney supporter and I am not going to bat for him here. I just hate when misinformation gets thrown out there and people latch on to it as if it were true.

If you listen to the interview below, you’ll first hear Rush talking about the similarities between RomneyCare and ObamaCare. Greta then asks Pam Bondi, who is currently fighting ObamaCare in court, what she thinks about what Rush had just said. But for some reason, instead of commenting on what Rush said about RomneyCare, she does a switcheroo and compares what Rush said to Romney’s current plan on health care that he would implement as president. You’ll notice she uses the word “would” a lot in her answer. She’s obviously looking in the future and not in the past, which is weird, because she was asked specifically about RomneyCare.

You can speculate as to why she did that – perhaps she didn’t want to sit there and defend RomneyCare. But the way she answered the question has led people to believe she was talking about RomneyCare, and, because she said she’s been offered a job in the Romney administration helping implement his health care plan, people now believe she’s going to help Romney implement RomneyCare.

You can listen and decide for yourself, but that’s my take:

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  • Anonymous

    She was offered a job, she defended RomneyCare and will help implement health care in Mitt’s administration. Mitt is proud of his RomneyCare sooooooo he, with Pam’s help, will implement something other than RomneyCare? Sure they will!! OBTW, individual mandates on a state level is ok in Mitt’s world because it is a State Rights issue. Even Pam said so.

    I disagree with what you wrote.

  • Thanks Scoop. It’s amazing how many lies are being told to stop Romney. I’m no Romney supporter either, but the mountain of lies being told have me defending him as well.

    Thanks for your integrity.

    • Anonymous

      “I’m no Romney supporter”. But apparently you’re only incensed at the supposed “mountain of lies” against Romney while silent as crickets against the blatant falsehoods disseminated by the Romney campaign against Newt…

    • Richard Laycock

      The Volcano of lies is funded by Mitt Romney and the RNC. They are our enemy!

      Boehner’s #1 goal was to neuter the Tea Party. He succeeded. He is our enemy!

      Mitt was a liberal Republican in the most liberal state in the union. He lies every time he claims to be conservative. That the GOP “Wizards of Smart” are behind him 100% is proof he’s a liar and a two-faced traitor just as they have been for the last 15 years. Oddly enough, since they kicked Newt out on trumped up ethics charges.

      Want more proof sucker?

      Check this out… The GOP legislature in Florida has completed reapportionment. Guess who’s district was realigned to hand it over to the Democrat Party?

      Colonel West of course.

      The Republican Party just like the Dems views a real conservative like the Colonel as a THREAT. The GOP must be conquered or burned down. The Tea Party has to be the victor for America to be saved in 2012.

      Francis Cianfrocca described the difference a Mitt Romney administration would bring America, “…more of the same, but less evil.” That’s about right. Only a change of complexion and a lowering of the vitriol. The policies will continue as they did under Bush. Socialism Lite or Hard-Ass. That’s the choice between the GOP and Democrats unless the Tea Party kicks Romney’s ass and purges the Republican leadership.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t know that about Florida’s redistricting. That disgusts me.

      • Anonymous

        Spot on! The only difference between Maobama and Mittens is the hair.

    • bobemakk

      The real problem is the republican candidates themselves. They are destroying the image of the republican party by their criticisms of each other and giving Obama a second chance to ruin US further. They must stop attacking each other and focus on all the numerous and monstrous failures of Pres. Obama.

  • StNikao

    Bondi: “I’m going to be on Mitt Romney’s team…to create good health care.”

    Sounds like she’s in his camp, lock, stock and barrel. Poor dear, bless her heart.

  • StNikao

    Romney’s lies have been astounding. Two caught on air in the last debate alone.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she could have made more of a distinction, but she did what many of us do oft times we say what we are thinking instead of really paying attention.

    According to the following American Thinker article, the same thing happened in evaluating the South Carolina upset. The last three paragraphs of the article speaks volumes to where we are and what we want.



  • Anonymous

    Well we do have to replace Obamacare with something. Or the media and Dems will pull “he wants to go back to the status quo” crap.

    • Kari George

      How about if we replace it with bringing back jobs & new industries, cut spending, and lower taxes (& tort reform) so that that people are able to purchase their *own* insurance? To think that people actually choose to live with the risk of an accident or health issue that they can’t afford is cynical at least and just plain crazy at worst.

      Keeping the people broke and dependant is *not* the answer. It is slavery.

  • Anonymous

    Two plans with a “fine” distinction…O’s and Mitt’s.

    Semantics is no defence kitten.

    • Anonymous

      Spike are you saying she was Omitting?

  • K-Bob

    Jim Robinson typed up a transcript over at FR. (enter “bondi” in search terms)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll accept that she may not have been talking about RomneyCareMA, but if that’s the case, she was talking about RomneyCareUSA. Since Mitt still says that his plan for Mass. was good, how much different will his plan for the country be?

    The problem I have with her comparisons is that she either outright lied on some comparisons and was vague on others.

    The real takeaway is that she admitted to a quid pro quo. Besides, I’d like to know what makes her qualified to sit on a healthcare board. Just because she’s part of the suit against ObamaCare, it doesn’t mean it qualifies her to decide what should replace it.

    • Anonymous

      I really like your last paragraph and was thinking the same thing as I watched this. So she’s in the tank for Mittens. Great, just great. I used to really like Pam Bondi as a gutsy AG. If the FL lawsuit was started under the previous AG, she is just following through. Quid pro quo, gosh you think!!!!!!

  • MA Romneycare, and Gingrich’s 20 years of support for the individual mandate will make it impossible for either to debate Obamacare. Gingrich’s 2009 conversion, and his political past, and Romney’s numerous reversals one many issues have me supporting Rick Santorum.

    • Anonymous

      Bingo. Santorum isn’t perfect either but he certainly has less baggage. He’s my choice.

  • Anonymous

    She was cheap….

  • StNikao

    NEWT TONIGHT – 8pm – on CSPAN:


  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but Romney adviser Norm Coleman let the proverbial cat out of the bag already:

    “You will not repeal the act in its entirety, but you will see major changes, particularly if there is a Republican president,” Coleman told BioCentury This Week television in an interview that aired on Sunday. “You can’t whole-cloth throw it out. But you can substantially change what’s been done.”…

    Additionally, Greta repeatedly make it clear that she was referring only to Romneycare vs Obamacare – and not about Romney’s future healthcare proposals. Why didn’t Bondi preface her remarks by declaring that she was not referring to Romneycare vs Obamacare but instead, Romney’s proposals? Addidtionally, if Bondi was indeed alluding to future Romney healthcare proposals if he were to become president, which will supposedly oversee healthcare by allowing its enactment on state level, then why not leave it to…the states and their own laws, including oversight of insurance companies? Again, WHY must their be another FEDERAL panel of bureaucrats – which will supposedly include Bondi herself – who will act as top-down, central planners overseeing each state’s enactment of medical care. Simply put, IF Bondi is referring to Romney proposals and not Romneycare, the gist is that Romney and his govt bureaucrats will still exact enormous influence and planning for an issue that belongs in the hands of each state and their constituents.

    • blackbird

      That’s a very good point, I hope some one ask her about Romney’s proposals exacting enormous bureaucratic influence never the less.

  • Anonymous

    Why have a health care commission when Romney stated he would repeal ObamaCare? Wouldn’t that also mean no RomneyCare?

    The way Bondi compared the two, I get the sick feeling that Romney will implement his plan.

    Romney is such a liar. And, he thinks the voter is too stupid to catch on to his tricks!

    • Anonymous

      Sparky: “Why have a health care commission when Romney stated he would repeal ObamaCare?”

      Hit the hammer squarely on the nail, my friend.

    • Anonymous

      If he’s winning in the polls (yeah, those are accurate), then the voters ARE too stupid.

      I pray that God spares us this fate. Romney MUST not win.

  • K-Bob

    Conservatives and obviously Republicans keep buying off on the notion that the Government should “do something about healthcare.”

    This is exactly why we have Obamacare.

    Yes Obamacare must be repealed. But the calls to replace it are very disturbing. What we desperately need is to remove the government’s ability to intervene in “affordability” at all.

    Such intervention always increases costs.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly -that’s the presumption: that’s the job and responsibility of government to “do something” whenever there’s a problem anywhere.

      The presumption laces the questions of the debate moderators too.

    • Garym

      And we need massive tort reform to keep the shyster lawyers at bay.

      • K-Bob


  • Anonymous

    Bondi tip-toes around the elephant in the room… Romneycare’s individual mandate.

    Weird how Bondi forcefully opposes Obamacare’s individual mandate (each person forced to buy health insurance, or face taxes or fines), but she totally ignores the issue as it exists in both Romneycare, or “states rights” in creating their own health care systems.

    She buries the constitutional question of the individual mandate in a blanket ideology: states can do whatever is right for them, mandate or no.

    Not so, if we are talking about constitutional rights. You can’t, or musn’t, force people to buy a product they don’t want. And isn’t that the crux of her 26-state law suit against Obamacare????

    I think we are seeing, with Bondi, the corruption of a once principled constitutional scholar being wooed by the trappings of national politics, bribed, if you will, by offers of higher office in the “Romney administration.” Listen as she spews political rhetoric like giddy Romney canvasser.

    Sad… her once clear stand against the individual mandate has gone fuzzy. So has her actual facts regarding Romneycare… costs have gone up, and quality and availability of service has gone down. If Bondi is at the helm of the main law suit against Obamacare… we’re in trouble.

    • StNikao

      She has succumbed to temptation…

  • Anonymous

    So Blondi’s in the tank with Mittens, very interesting…

    I found the Flordia news article below painted an intriqueingly Romneyesque picture of Blondi…


    Newt’s Florida campaign chair is the former AG (prior to Blondi, who left office to run for governor) Bill McCollum–it will be interesting to hear him weigh in on Blondi’s endorsement of Mittens…

  • She said that Romney would repeal Obamacare. Clearly she said that because it is Romney’s policy on healthcare and the topic was healthcare. She also said that the Massachusetts plan is different, which is an argument to try to defend him, though it doesn’t appear to be terribly different, but more to the point, Romney only signed Romneycare for one state where it was overwhelmingly supported. Truly it was a bad policy, but it was constitutional, by the Massachusetts state constitution and by the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, so it’s not exactly what Obama did in so much as Obama applied it to the whole nation and signed an unconstitutional bill.

    • Anonymous

      Romney sucks.

      • Anonymous

        here I am going down the posts, scanning them quickly, and I catch a simple ‘Romeny sucks’ which cracked me up, as it is so true. Thanks for the moment of brevity.

  • I heard no solid condemnation of Romney’s socialism. It did sound like she was defending RomneyCare, at least to a degree. Kind’ve like she’s trying to get all states to implement their own versions of RomneyCare.

    • Anonymous

      Spot on VX…I heard a person speaking out of both sides of her mouth. Greta clearly established the debate around Romneycare vs Obamacare (and Rush as well) and Bondi responded by vaguely referring to Romney’s “plan” without specifically addressing whether it was Romneycare or some future proposal. One would think that on an issue as controversial as this one is for the Romney campaign, his surrogates would clearly articulate the message without ANY misspeak, evasion or equivocating – deliberate or otherwise.

      • I guess one should not be surprised when a supporter of Mitten’s begins to act like him, speaking out of both sides of the mouth; being intentionally vague.

  • Thanks for this post. I’m no Romney supporter and either, and I’m disappointed to hear that Bondi is supporting Romney and has already been offered a job. However, you’re absolutely right in that she did not mention implementing Romneycare.

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid Romney will try as hard and be as effective to “get rid of 0b0macare” as he has at telling the truth or his pac’s telling the truth.

    I am defiantly missing something here because to me she isn’t any better than mitt at defending romneycare or in differentiating it against 0b0macare.

    How is she going to represent FL against 0b0care in front of Supreme Court?

  • Anonymous

    I watched this clip last night and I guess I was fooled like a lot of other people. I really thought that she was talking about Romneycare and not a new national proposal. Listening to it today, I can see where we went wrong, but it still seems like Greta was debating Romneycare with her, too. Bondi did a real poor job of distinguishing that point.

    So, the difference to her, between Obamacare and the ‘new’ Romneycare is that Obamacare mandates all people of the US while Romney’s plan would mandate just the people of all 50 states individually? Okay, I feel better now.

  • Anonymous

    Just about everything Pam Bondi said about RomneyCare as implemented in Massachusetts was a lie.

    1. It was paid for by increasing certains fees which have the same effect as a tax increase.

    2. Small businesses with more than 10 employees were forced to provide health insurance or pay big fines. This is a cost increase for those businesses, which has the same effect as a tax increase.

    3. RomneyCare created a health exchange which increased the state’s bureaucracy.

    4. Choices were reduced because RomneyCare banned catastrophe policies.

    5. Romneycare raised costs because the state imposed new mandates on the minimum coverages that all health plans must provide. This also reduces choices.

  • She’s defending it thats obvious. Its also obvious she has an agenda (working for him) which makes her bias and not a seeker of truth on subject.

    In other words , she’s full of crap

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day, she defends and promotes Romney who implemented the mandate that she now fights at a federal level…any respect I have for her is gonzo.

  • Bondi keeps saying “Romney’s plan would not.” That’s a reference to potential future. She’s trying to wiggle out of the actual question by comparing Romney’s proposal for his presidency with Obamacare. But that isn’t what the question was about. Bondi never actually answered the question Greta was asking about Rush’s comparison between Romneycare and its offspring, Obamacare.

    • kim

      I agree.

      And what she says is entirely consistent with what Mitt has been saying… he keeps talking about getting the states to take on healthcare. We already know he is OK with the states doing top-down mandates.

  • Anonymous

    What is the chief law enforcement officer doing getting herself so mixed up in politics? If there is no law against it there oughta be.

  • Anonymous

    Herman is endorsing Newt!

  • It doesn’t need to be true. Paul Weyrich not only dropped his support of Romney in 2008 but DEMANDED that John McCain NOT pick him as VP – or he would urge social conservatives to bolt the party (or at least not vote.)

    Read it here: Paul Weyrich Believed Gingrich “TRUE CONSERVATIVE.” Romney? PLEADED w/McCain NOT to select as VP | PolitiJim’s Rants | http://bit.ly/AALL2e

  • Anonymous

    Get the government out of medicine – PERIOD!!! No federal mandates, no state mandates!

  • Anonymous

    Is she stating that the mandate is wrong at Federal level but if instituted and crafted at state level she finds it good?

    I thought the whole premise was a) getting government out of our lives b) reduce health care cost by allowing the public sector to propose such insurances.

    Obviously she is supporting Romney and won’t talk ill about him. But isn’t there some type of conflict of interest involved if the consultants who worked on Romneycare helped craft out Obamacare?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Scoop you nailed it. It is exactly as you said.

  • Anonymous

    Pammy’s been bought. The thing is though, if Romney is Pres. its you and I that bought her.

  • Anonymous

    “Obama, Romney, same thing.” George Soros

  • She’s right that the states can implement a healthcare mandate. That’s the only distinction in the two plans, one’s for a state (constitutional) and one’s for the entire nation (unconstitutional). I don’t believe she said Romney would implement it across the entire country, but I still believe that healthcare mandates are a bad idea. Can does not mean should, and Romney and his supporters have yet to acknowledge this.

    • Kari George

      Prediction: Watch for this.

      Some of Y’All may not remember that one of the most worn out rationalizations by the OFAs was “but states impose car insurance!”. No matter how many times the opposition reminded them that owning a car was *optional* (whereas living & breathing is not), it never seemed to “take”.
      I believe that this is part of what the focus on states is all about. (Constitutionality is the other)

      I know that, generally, people are against the mandate and socialized healthcare, but I wonder how many are aware of just how bad it really is. There were statements made (in earnest) at places like Fire Dog Lake, Talking Points Memo & HuffPo that were just breathtaking- “sell your car & ride the bus/ a bicycle”, that people needed to give their children healthcare *instead* of food to eat, if necessary, “sell your house & move into an apartment”. I kid you not. These things are probably searchable at FDL.
      It just blew my mind.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t take her interview that way at all. She was simply trying to make the point that “hey, I’m fighting Obamacare, I’m also on this task force for Romney, so don’t worry about it”.

    What everyone is missing is the REST of the interview. She sat there and bullet point by bullet point tried to disagree with Rush Limbaugh. If you’re a state AG, don’t try to say Rush is wrong…you will LOSE every time. I especially like how one of her “points” was that it would “lower costs”. Then Greta pointed out that Romney himself has said costs would NOT be lowered, because health care costs are continually rising. Romney has even said the point was coverage, not cost.

    Bondi got caught doing what I always have hated about all the Democrats who are in power – making up facts to suit the interview or situation. This is making me very, very, sick to my stomach, because I’ve watched so many Dems come on Hannity or wherever, and just say the opposite of what we all know is true. NOT opinion, but bald faced saying the opposite of some fact. Like, “Obama has created 3 million jobs”….that sort of thing.

    Now, I’m watching Republicans do the same thing. These party insider strategists…the spin people I mean, advise politicians with phrases like “this is what we want to say here” or “your ‘message’ should be this and this”. Even if the “message” isn’t true, they don’t call it lying, it’s just playing the political “game”.

    There are a LOT of us who are very tired of that game. Don’t sit there, looking me straight in the eye, (or in the camera as the case may be), and tell me something I KNOW IS NOT TRUE.

    Bottom line: Bondi is on the Romney team, and sat there telling the audience a bunch of crap about Romneycare that just isn’t true. I’m sick of it.

    • Anonymous

      That is my issue with her. How can she defend and support Romney..it is a conflict of interest. She made up lies, and she can now watch her support dwindle. Sarah endorsed her as well as the tea party and this is how she repays them? She and Nikki Haley can comfort each other when Romney loses, not just in Florida but the whole dang thing. And when they look back they can see the one who helped them win in their respective races (Sarah) will have turned out to be the one that was their undoing.

  • Anonymous

    It is obvious Pam does not want to talk about the extant Romneycare but always twists Greta’s question to Romney’s NEW plan. Also, the fact that she endorses Romney and seems to be campaigning for him, may cost her her job at reelection time. She sure dropped in MY estimation. She suddenly becomes one of the “establishment.” And Romney accuses Newt of going to states and sucking up to the voters! ArtinOcala

  • Anonymous

    Guilty. Anytime people like her are in a position to benefit from something controversial and dodge the question or “flip flop” their answer implies guilt or that they’ve been compromised. Based on her potential future and association with Mittens, she is now an unreliable source and has probably become a little biased. She’s no longer trustworthy on this topic.

  • Anonymous

    Did not hear it and find that hard to be true.

  • Anonymous

    As others have already commented, Scoop seems to have missed the real bombshell in this interview: Mitt Romney has a national healthcare plan and is already forming a commission to sell it to the country. The fact that whatever this plan is will be sold as state plans is immaterial. The Federal Government has no control over the states except through coercion and the only weapon the federal Government has to coerce is money.

    Pam Bondi is admitting that Romney has plans to get the states to adopt his healthcare policy and he already is on record as saying the states have the right to enforce an individual mandate.

    Also, as others have already commented, any fool who would argue with Rush Limbaugh must be pretty desperate to advance their political career. Don’t doubt me.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll admit that I voted for and contributed to Pam Bondi’s election as FL’s AG.
    But I’ve since learned that Pam Bondi is way out of her league as a political operative.
    She’s just another cheap political lawyer.
    Actually, what we have is someone whose few abilities are only exceeded by her craven ambition.
    She will never again be elected to a political office, thus her sucking up to the job offer from Romney. Bet on it.

    • Anonymous

      like you, I also supported her but what was the viable alternative…uugghhh! On the other hand, this is good timing for the anti-Romney vote…how can ANY conservative support nationalized healthcare???!! These people are exposing themselves.

  • Bondi was on Fox again this morning. She absolutely, unequivocally IS defending RomneyCare. I’ve got the video, and I’ll be posting it shortly.

  • I’ve uploaded a new video from Fox and Friends Sunday morning in which she reiterates her support for RomneyCare. She doubles down.


    • Anonymous

      this is almost too much to stomach…WTH..how can the Florida AG, who spearheaded the health care suit, support this monster? What a political whore.

      • Kari George

        I think she inherited it from McDonnell. (maybe read that at legal insurrection, but don’t quote me)

    • Kari George

      You nailed it, Otis, in your commentary.
      There is wailing & gnashing of teeth and righteous indignation up to and until the outraged get their hands on the money & power. Then, it’s all hunky-dory without a blip in the opposite direction. I watched Kos et al do it all the way from Bush to 2006. Well, beyond to Obamacare, really.

      Follow. The. Money. It was blatant with Obama (e.g. the back room deals with PhRMA & big insurance. Why didn’t they agree to lower costs, again?). How naive must someone be to think the Congress- and esp Romney (who pioneered this brilliant scheme) will not be benefitting financially from “socialized medicine”.
      It is a goldmine.

  • Anonymous


    I watched your FOX News interview with Pam Bondi, and although I DO NOT like mandates, she is correct in saying that INDIVIDUAL STATES (under the 10th amendment) have a right to decide whether or not THEY want mandates.

    I maintain that “the government is best which governs least” – Thomas Paine

    No more mandates that takes away our freedom and continues to enslave us to the government.

    • You can maintain that if you like. It is often argued that, under Obama’s plan, individuals will only have the “choice” to keep their doctors or private insurance for a short period. Obama’s plan is the “camel’s nose” that will ultimately lead to forcing everyone into a single payer system. That is absolutely true.

      I submit to you that “state run” healthcare is exactly the same path. All the states will eventually fall. It is the same end by other means, designed to lull people into acceptance.

      I note that the government educational system is supposed to be “state run.” But that doesn’t prevent the federal government from basically controlling it, does it? It is a semantical shell game.

      • Anonymous


        I’m on your side regarding Obamacare and our educational system and the mandates! My defense is that states, under the 10th amendment of the constitution, have a right to decide for themselves how to self govern, free from federal intrusion. Obamacare would eliminate that right.

        I DO NOT want ANY mandates, particularly from the federal government. It used to be that we could migrate from state to state if we didn’t like certain laws/mandates. The government has encroached on every aspect of our lives and the last straw is Obamacare. God help us!

  • Anonymous

    If healthcare is a state issue, as Romney reminds us at every turn, why does he have a healthcare plan at all, let alone a task force?

  • @Richard Laycock

    “Francis Cianfrocca described the difference a Mitt Romney administration would bring America, “…more of the same, but less evil.” That’s about right. Only a change of complexion and a lowering of the vitriol.”

    Lowering the vitriol? I don’t know about that. Romney is one of the nastiest guys I’ve heard in a while. The candidate of personal destruction for not one but two presidential campaigns. Sounds pretty evil to me while he’s doing his best to destroy NEWT with lies.

    Rush said Romney called him and wanted him to stop being so tough on him. That sounds like what Obama said to FNC.

    …just sayin’……

  • Dinky Dot

    American politics at its finest sell out anyone and everyone for a job with a few extra pieces of silver

  • Romneycare is a STATE right, just like how car inspections are mandatory in Pennsylvania but not Florida. If people didn’t like the mandate, they could move away to another state. It is nothing like Obamacare, which mandates the entire COUNTRY to pay for healthcare WITHOUT the states discretion. The Constitution was designed to empower states of making their OWN decisions and limit the Federal government from conducting far reaching powers such as making people pay for healthcare just for being a citizen of this country. There is a major difference and Romneycare was endorsed by The Heritage Foundation – a leading and reputable conservative think tank and even Newt Gingrich endorsed the plan in 2006! For Newt and conservatives to dismiss Romneycare as anything remotely similar to Obamacare is outrageous and hypocritical to even fathom. Critics really should do their homework rather than jumping to such ridiculous stereotypes.

    • The scenario is corrupt. the federal government takes what is wants from the states, then offers it back to the states as bribes to do what the federal government wants. Those who play along are rewarded (with the fruit of the labor of other states), those who do not are punished with “wealth redistribution.” The states will eventually be forced to succumb.

      Number two, health care is in no way a “right.”

    • Owning and driving a car is *optional*. Living & breathing is not. (Aw geez. I didn’t expect it to start this fast)
      Fully aware that was a waste of breath. Or keystrokes.


    • Anonymous

      The fact that it is a state program is not enough of a clear difference from a national program to be cleanly debated. I can see Romney & Obie on the stage saying “oh yeah, well you did it too”.

      Rick Santorum’s comments on this topic at the debate last week were truly spot on. You should look up the clip that scoop put up on that.

  • Kari George

    Get. A. Load. Of This. (via FR)

    Panama City Beach. Yesterday.
    Romney says that [he’s going to go after that waste in the DoD to pay for Obamacare].

    Uhhh What happened to repealing it?

    A liar always catches himself.

    • Thanks! I’m using it.

    • {{DISARMED}} It sounds like there is a “not” in there that is not immediately obvious because of the crowd noise.

      I’m terribly sorry for the disappointment this will surely cause. (I am)

      still waiting…

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that they are talking about mandating that the states have a plan that mandates health insurance. They just want the states to run it. In other words “Obama light”. I’m glad that there is such a big difference.

    Why don’t they just quit mandating that the hospitals give care, then nobody has to pay for anyone else? Then we don’t need mandates at any level, state, or federal. Then they can take the laws off the books that prohibit state to state insurance, and insurance companies can go back to free trade within the country. Then they could take all regulation off of insurance companies and let the market decide the prices. While they are at it, the states could take off all mandates requiring employers to cover their employees, because if they did, more people would have full time work. With the economy improving due to a lack of government involvement, people can buy their own insurance, or employers can freely offer it on an open market at much lower prices.

    Then they can take the restrictions off of hospitals and care providers that keep them from giving free care, and let communities support clinics in their own ways without taxation or regulation.

    Then the federal government could get out of the drug business, and allow free trade across the borders, which republicans kept from happening. When drug costs get cut by 75%, maybe people could afford their own health care costs, and wouldn’t have to be slaves to insurance companies and drug companies.

    This would require that our politicians were not corporate lap dogs.

  • Anonymous

    Big, beautiful Nordic blonde Pam Bondi is super sexy. She really rocks! Ugly Greta keeps interrupting her.