Did the media FOOL everyone about Trump’s butt-kissing cabinet meeting?

I’m sure you all saw this story. It was really funny, everyone had a joke about it, even Chuck Schumer’s video on it was pretty clever. But some are wondering if the media pulled a fast one on the public in reporting that Trump forced his cabinet to kiss his butt at their first full meeting before the press.

Andrew Ferguson at Weekly Standard sounded the “fake news” alarm:

“…I did what I, as a proud consumer of the mainstream liberal press, am not supposed to do. I second-guessed the mainstream liberal press. I watched the video of the cabinet meeting, all twenty-damn-five minutes of it, and I discovered that every story I had read or heard or seen that morning about the cabinet meeting was, as a whole, wrong or misleading, and in many particulars, just wrong.”

It’s a good article, he details how so many in the media exaggerated what they saw to fit their perspective that Trump is an autocratic dictator. But they’re not supposed to bend the facts to fit their story, they’re supposed to draw a story accurately representing the facts.

EVEN JONAH GOLDBERG, celebrated former reformed Never Trumper, and prolific Twitter user, pointed out that part of the fault was in the media acting like reality show producers:

Don’t get me wrong: Donald Trump’s need for praise is a real thing, so much so he has to invent it or pluck it from random Twitter-feed suck ups. (Remember when he told the AP that “some people said” his address to Congress “was the single best speech ever made in that chamber”?) So, yeah, Trump acts like a reality-show character, but much of the political press is covering him like they’re reality-show producers.

And later,

So, when you look at how that cabinet meeting was covered, it felt less Stalinesque and more like a creepy spinoff of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette or some sure-to-come non-gendered version (working title, “I Could Be into That”). I kept wanting the anchor to break away to a confession-cam interview with Mike Pence. If he doesn’t give me a rose but gives one to Reince, I will be like, “Oh no he didn’t!”

What’s the lesson here? In this age where all sides are now lying to us to push a political agenda, we have to be skeptical of what anyone tells us, especially, when it fits our pre-conceived notion of what is wrong with the world. We have to see it with honesty if we want to actually solve the problems we have. And we have a lot.

Here’s the entire supposedly butt-kissing meeting:

[This is still insane, however:

I mean. C’mon.]

Editor’s note: Some MEXICAN screwed up and said National Review when he meant Weekly Standard. We have docked him a week’s worth of tacos. That is not racist, because the editor is Mexican too.

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