“Didn’t McCain lose in 2008?” Mark Levin slams Nicole Wallace for smearing Ted Cruz

Former McCain campaign aide Nicole Wallace attacked Ted Cruz this morning on Morning Joe, calling him disingenuous and saying he is lying to people about defunding Obamacare. Mark Levin said she would never attack a Democrat that way and went on to say that the country won’t survive unless we win the political war against these Republican types like Nicole Wallace, McCain, etc.


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  • Desjardins

    Wallace is a dope, and nobody watches Morning Joke.  Who cares?

  • kong1967

    Yeah, McCain lost, but I don’t know if I’d attribute that to his campaign aides.  He was just a bad candidate, although much better than Obama which is why I still voted for him.
    I’m kinda baffled by the blame game of why we lose elections.  We lost because we had McCain.  We lost because we had Romney.  Really?  We need to be asking ourselves why we vote for them in the primaries, because if not for us they wouldn’t have been running against Obama.
    The problem is us….as collective conservatives.  We don’t like RINO’s but yet we vote for them time and time again.  Not us here, but other conservatives out there.  Why?  Until we figure out that puzzle we can only blame ourselves.

  • The Sentinel

    Wake me if Morning Joe says anything interesting or intelligent. Signed, Rip Van Winkle.

  • SpikeT

    Maybe Nicole is the first sign of the Rinos clearing the path for Christie.
    That’s gonna take some serious and capable Caterpillar efforts.

  • Tallgal83

    kong1967 “We don’t like RINO’s but yet we vote for them time and time again.” Sometimes I am unsure if folks outside of RS and Twitter are truly serious about booting the Rinos out of office.  The true test will be next year if Graham, McConnell, Alexander, and other Rinos lose their elections.

  • Mexi_Cons

    I have been waiting for Levin’s response all day…Wallace (GOP Strategist) for McRino…Didn’t McCain Lose?

  • Longiron

    Sooner or later Mark and Rush are going to have to come to grips with a 3rd Party!

  • stage9

    This is WAAAAAYY off subject here, but THIS IS WHY A FEDERAL MARRIAGE AMENDMENT IS NECESSARY:Coalition to defeat Indiana gay marriage ban has new name, Republican campaign manager
    This is why it is UTTERLY NONSENSICAL to argue that marriage should be up to the states. THIS IS EXHIBIT A as to why that notion is a joke!
    (This concludes this public service announcement)

  • Tallgal83

    Only 14 Senators have signed on to Lee’s letter to defund Obamacare, it should be more.  I understand defunding can only happen via the House, but more Senators should sign the letter.

  • Tallgal83

    stage9 Illinois is about to spend $3 million at the end of the year to try again at passing SSM.  They tried to pass it at the end of May, but didn’t have the votes after threatening, bribing, hold out black lawmakers.

  • famouswolf

    Well, I didn’t vote for McCain, I voted for Palin. In ’12 I voted out of desparation, pretty much.
    I think McCain and his aides were deliberately throwing the election, why I am not sure, but it seems we are facing one overarching ‘ruling elite’ (as they think of themselves) now, not two separate parties with differing ideologies but one beast controlling and sucking the blood out of all of us. I have grown to despise McCain almost as much as I do obama. He and his ‘gang of eight’ are part of the problem. I attribute to McCain and his little elves like Wallace a good percentage of the crap going on, including giving the democrats and obama a big hand with destroying the country. No hero he. Same crap, same weasels last time too.

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    Who is nicole wallace again? Oh I get it another idiot.

  • odin147

    Nicole….who ??

  • kong1967

    Tallgal83  I think a lot of conservatives want a centrist President so both sides work together to get things done.  Problem is, Republicans have compromised away our nation because the Democrats are so far left and anti-American that any compromise is a lurch towards communism.  Open borders, ignoring immigration laws, massive welfare, big government and it’s expansive overreach,etc.
    In other words, if Democrats want to spend $500 and Republicans only want to spend $100, they compromise and we spend $300.  Sounds fair until you consider the fact that we only have $100.  Compromising with liberals still leads to bankruptcy and huge, overpowering government.
    Both parties should be required to stay within budget, and all compromising can be done in the black, not the red.

  • kong1967

    famouswolf   Yeah, I voted for McCain as well, but I only liked the Palin half of the ticket.  I was referring to the primaries, though.  I didn’t vote for McCain in the primaries, but obviously a whole lot of Republicans did.  That’s where we need to work on improvement.  Our own primary results.  When it gets to the general election we don’t have a choice but to vote for the RINO that other centrist Republicans voted in.

  • Proud Army Wife

    The great thing about Ted Cruz is he has more intelligence in his little pinky than this nobody has in her entire brain.  That is the beautiful thing.  Cruz is brilliant and he is bigger than this.  He does not let little good for nothing has beens tell him what to do or what to say.  Go Ted Cruz.

  • Willie Heath

    Yeah, that is the same evil Nicolle Wallace that sabataged Sarah Palin and tried to undermine her in 2008. Why she always snarks and laughs at the mention of Sarah Palins name is revealing. Wallace is a loser on MSNBC, and Sarah Palin is a leader in the Conservative movement, with millions of supporters….Jealous much Wallace…
    Oh, and Sarah Palins books smoked those pieces of sh%tz fiction that Wallace wrote…….. Pour that in your cocktail glass and drink it Ni-coal!

  • Proud Army Wife

    Willie Heath Well Said!!!!!!!!

  • Betsy Young

    Just what I thought!!!

  • DHardy

    McCain is a loser and a closet liberal…I hope is recall is coming along nicely

  • famouswolf

    Yeah, but I just can’t shake the impression that the weasels in BOTH parties are engineering the outcome of the election process now from start to finish. Remember how they were changing the primary dates around? I never paid much attention to politics before, but was it always like that?

  • Laurel A

    This is the same woman who smeared Sarah Palin to cover for her whopping failure of McCain’s campaign. She smears anyone right of center, and so much so, that I’m beginning to wonder is she is McCain’s mistress.

    Use your search engine and check her out folks. She is a low life.

  • Laurel A

    Willie Heath I see someone did his homework! BRAVO!

  • Laurel A

    Tallgal83 Well we know who to vote out.

  • Laurel A

    stage9 Gee isn’t it nice to know we can all go to hell the bipartisan way?

  • Shamron

    Tallgal83 We have a bunch of cowards in the Senate.

  • Orangeone

    Proudhispanicconservative Another embarrassment to women and the GOP

  • Orangeone

    Tallgal83 kong1967 Alexander is down 5 points to an unnamed challenger

  • Orangeone

    The RINOs are terrified of Ted Cruz which makes me want to know more about his positions.

  • clockwindingdown

    Oh come on now, he’s not in the closet, he’s out prancing on main street…

  • marketcomp

    What value does Nicole Wallace add to any TV show, or campaign, even a losing one because I don’t know of one where she actually won. Oh wait, she adds nothing to a winning campaign because she hasn’t won one and we all know about the McCain campaign where she did lose. The last I checked Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin both won campaigns, overwhelmingly, without Nicole Wallace. What a complete moron!

  • marketcomp

    Longiron Nope, we have to fight this out! The problem with us is that we want quick answers to everything. But what we must understand is that we didn’t get here overnight and we won’t get out of this overnight. We must be persistent and vigilant.

  • kimber1911

    This woman is a twit.. She worked for a loser and as far as her opinion is about as flaccid as John McCain is..

  • nibblesyble

    I agree Mr. Levin..it infuriates me that she has a job bashing true conservatives and yes Mr. Levin..it does motivate me!

  • poptoy1949

    Perfectly said with audio aides to back him up.  Well done.  I agree that the old time Republican go along has got to go.  The dem’s don’t go along they push and force their way to things.  It is time the Republican party does the same thing.  The only way that is going to happen is if we, THE CONSERVATIVES, elect more Tea Party people in the place of establishment Republicans.  It is happening and will continue to happen.  The good people of America are tired of Obama and all his liberal crapola.  GO TEA PARTY.

  • Freempg

    Nicole Wallace arranged the hit-piece interview between Sarah Palin and Katie Couric. The GOP superstar was exposed to six hours of gotcha questions, including the one about what newspapers Sarah Palin read. Most of us at the time didn’t read newspapers or magazines like NYT, WaPo, Newsweek and Time for their having degenerated into propaganda bilge pumps. We were getting our news from the web, as was the internet savvy Sarah Palin.

  • JohnSchaffran

    Let those people hate Cruz.  They hate him because he is legit!

  • Willie Heath

    I vote to impeach Nicolle Wallace…oh wait, she isnt running for anything, Wallace sit on the sidelnes and bashes good folks who want change and reform.Wallazz is the little coward that goes on MSLSD and bashes Constitutional Conservatives and Tea Party folks, while Sarah Palin still lives rent free in her empty little jealous head.

  • ahill6853

    Longiron No. Make the Rhinos go 3rd party.

  • Longiron

    SP, Cruz Lee and TP conservatives scare the s*** so much out of the French RINO /GOP, Libs that any chance they get, even the no bodies like this person that go preaching. They know, fear that when conservatives come to power they are history because it will work and thier world will be rocked for the rest of their life times.

  • Conservator1

    Nicolle Wallace allowed the producers of “Game Change,” which was a 2012 American HBO political drama on events of the 2008 United States presidential election campaign that she didn’t vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin.
    That’s all you need to know about her and Steve Schmidt who was a higher ranked advisor in McCain’s campaign who are regular guests on Morning Joe.

  • xuxu


  • kong1967

    famouswolf  Are you talking about when they move the dates earlier and earlier in certain states…like (I believe it was) Florida?  I’m not sure, because I think that was in the general election and not the primaries.  That’s a state decision, not a candidate’s, and they’re trying to give their state more influence on the outcome.  I’m not sure about moving the primary dates around.
    I’m sure the candidates try to engineer the outcome and the candidate backed by the establishment has the advantage.  But we still vote to determine the winner.  
    Let’s just say that we need to figure out what the problem is that keeps giving RINO’s the victory and then we need to fix it.  Whether it be outcome engineering or convincing other Republicans to stop trying to broaden the tent.

  • ChesterSimms

    We inch, inexorably towards a third (Conservative) party,

  • USMC 64-68

    Talk about doubling down in treachery – she not only stabs her fellow party members in the back, she facilitates the cowardly republicans who are bending over for Dear Leader.

  • JaniceDura

    3rd Party looking better and better. GOP is going to repeat 2012. They are already pushing Christie. They know conservatives will never vote for a RINO. I don’t get it ……..they don’t think we have a big enough block? Remember the 3 mil who didnt vote will turn into 6 mil. Palin/Cruz 2016!

  • pmyers1934

    Shamron Tallgal83 And the House.

  • Shamron

    pmyers1934 Shamron Tallgal83 Yep~~

  • USMC 64-68

    Stalin had his useful idiots.
    The democrats were such admires of Uncle Joe, they copied him and acquired the low-info voters and kool aid drinkers.
    The establishment repubs were such brown nosers of the progressive democrats they developed their own brain dead groupies.

  • qianqian633


  • clubgitmo

    A johnny mac aide? That should say it all.

  • Willie Heath

    JaniceDura I like that avatar, and yes that is the ticket…..Palin/Cruz 2016!