Disaster: Keith Olbermann interviews Alvin Greene

I thought the Shep interview was bad. But dude.

I think this was even worse. Wow.

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  • Yep. That's the Democrat Party.


  • punditpawn

    Downright frightening and Americans watching this should be ashamed at the caliber of uneducated ignorance that is deemed acceptable and even worse, electable. I don't blame this guy… he's going to become the Rosa Parks equivalent of the man who outed the Democrat's ignorance to the point they might actually have to do something about it. Even the liberal media can't hide this guy. Reminds of watching Mike Tyson… also painful.

  • gregatisus

    BHO without TOTUS

  • Jojode

    What the heck was that? Hello SC, Hello SC are you there? How did this guy ever get one vote much less 60% (as he says)? Did only 10 people vote? This interview would have been very painful except I kept thinking it was happening to Olberman so I kept listening, otherwise I would have had to turn it off.

  • jd73

    So bad. He just seems like a mistake. To be honest, I'm more inclined to believe that voter ignorance went for the first alphabetical person on the list, rather than a Republican conspiracy. I don't care how bad DeMint is… he's better than this guy.

  • W. T. F. ?.

  • This guy is a moron. Choosing between him and Jim DeMint is really a Scylla vs Charybdis proposition.

    That said, I don't really understand why people try and claim that Barack Obama is unintelligent. If anything his intelligence and bookishness are flaws in that they prevent him from getting anything constructive done.

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  • viewpoint

    Most now recognize that obam's supposed intelligence was highly exaggerated because he has been thoroughly exposed… with the fact that he said, “I've been to all 57 states, one more to go''…. even a school grader knows the correct answer. Furthermore, the only college records available show that obam was a C student… it's no wonder obam has opted to pay 2 million dollar$ to keep his other college records sealed. He was further exposed when it was revealed that he was not a professor as he claimed… the real professors said that obam was the most incompetent, lazy member on staff. In addition, although obam was quick as always to take credit for the work of others, obam's “brilliant” book he claimed to have authored, was actually written by his pal Bill Ayres. These are just a few of the reasons why most now see that obam's supposed exceptional intelligence is an artificially created myth. There's a big difference between being intelligent and sly… the proof is in the pudding.

    I suspect this is the first time anyone has attempted to suggest that intelligence is a flaw and prevention of any sort.

  • JimGordon

    HOLY S#IT!
    Riveting stuff, Keef – keep up the (aHem) good work!

  • Luker

    God has a great sense of humor.

  • KeninMontana

    Is it possible that the South Carolina electorate just decided that “Heck at least with this guy we already know what we're getting” and decided that since he didn't attempt to cover it up that he was slightly more honest than the average politician?
    Just a thought..

  • MikeU

    You know, I wouldn't vote for him either(my political beliefs are conservative libertarian), but it breaks my heart to watch him, the guy obviously looks like the proverbial deer caught in someone's headlights, he's not only up against conservatives, but democrats seem to HATE him because he spells a loss for them in the final race for senate. Both interviews I've seen so far with liberal interviewers causes me to really detest the interviewer. I don't believe there is any racism going on, but there is obviously the bigotry of elitists cursing the little guy, the underdog, the poor man, someone from a lower class somehow beating them at their own game. You can hear the utter contempt in their voices, and the unspoken “Boy, how did you get in here?”
    Look I realize politics is a harsh game, but this makes me sick.
    I pray he loses the race for Senate because I fear for him getting lost in the quagmire of corruption in DC and losing his soul.
    Edit: I say this because the man obviously has some soul left. If he can keep humble, stay honest, and the people vote him in, I may not agree with his politics, but more power to him.

  • m_quick

    Why is everyone treating this guy like dirt? At least he's not a real politician. Contrast him with every other pol who gets in front of a camera. I don't understand how those fakes can be given any kind of respect or be taken seriously. You know everything they are saying is just to get votes. This guy, on the other hand, is the dude next door. Yet the interviewers are so accustomed to the real freaks like Barbara Boxer that they just expect all candidates to blow smoke up everyone's ass and use the same talking points.

    Limbaugh is right, politics is just showbiz for ugly people.

  • 1) Try speaking in front of microphones all the time every day for years, you're bound to say something stupid at some point. It's extremely clear that he meant to say '47, one more to go' (i.e. the 48 continental United States) and for whatever reason misspoke. If you really think that he didn't know how many states there are, then you are an idiot.

    2) None of his school records are available at all, except we know he graduated Magna cum Laude from Harvard. I can tell you personally that I've spoken with professors who taught him as an undergrad at Columbia who said he was quiet, reserved, and extremely intelligent, and I spoke to them in 2004 before he was on the serious national spotlight (and I was a student there).

    3) There's absolutely no evidence to suggest that Obama's book was ghostwritten other than the testimony of some self-proclaimed “experts” that go in with some sort of agenda. I've read both books, I don't buy it.

    4) Are you kidding me? Intelligence without strong initiative will almost always lead to dithering on issues. There is such a thing as being “too smart,” that's why college professors tend not to become politicians.

    But I would like Obama to hold more press conferences.

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