DISGUSTING: New Obama ad asks who would you rather do it with, Obama or Romney?


Talk about desperation. They’ve finally sunken to a new low trying to get the youth vote by comparing voting for the first time to having sex for the first time. “You’re first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You wanna do it with a great guy…”


Megyn Kelly wants to know if this is appropriate:

UPDATE: Imagine that, Putin had a similar ad earlier this year:

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  • Patriot077

    This beats the “B.S.er” as UNPRESIDENTIAL. Is it even possible to count the number of ways that label fits Zero?

    • sDee

      I think Pamel Geller put it well today:…

      “President Obama called Mitt Romney a bullshtterr in an interview with Rolling Stone. What a lowlife. He thinks that over half of Americans are trash like him. He’s wrong. He has always underestimated this country. The country didn’t elect him because they were stupid; they elected him because they are exceptionally idealistic and they believed this snakeoil salesman.”

      • Patriot077

        Pam does have a way with words!

        He is showing himself to be trash every day. Can’t wait to take out the garbage on Nov 6.

        • If Obama is so close to losing I question why so casual? Have you seen 2016? Do you understand the NDAA and that we are officially already under declared Martial Law? Yes it has not been enforced but U.N. Hacks at American Polling Places? Under the Articles of Confederation and Monroe Act that is an Act of War. Even if Obama loses we still have to get to January without a Major Natural Disaster, Pandemic or Act of Terrorism. We also have to make damn sure Mitt lives until the Inauguration. A Socialist Dictator seeming as relaxed as Obama does when the Election is so close and after he has already made promises to Russia and who knows who else quite frankly scares the hell out of me.

          • Patriot077

            I don’t think anyone here is unaware of the dangers we face or the seriousness of the election. I don’t think we take anything for granted but we do appreciate the momentum of the Romney/Ryan campaign.

            Speaking for myself, I also have faith in the divine providence of God to help us take our country back from those who would do her harm.

            I did see 2016 but because I’ve been informing myself about his past there was very little in the movie that I didn’t already know. And I join you in stating that his anti-freedom agenda scares the bejeebers out of me. It gags me to hear him talk about the importance of trust. What does he know about trust? Zero. just.like.him.

            • I too have Faith my friend but Providence, Divine or not, is sometimes not enough. The Good Lord gave us the ability. Scripture states “Vengeance be Mine saith the Lord” but I have had to on many occasion use that very Scripture to evidence to Preachers that the God I Worship has used man to exact the Revenge. What I am saying is that yes, vengeance is the Lord’s but I and yourself at times are called by Providence to be the Hand of the Lord in exacting that Revenge.
              As I stated I have seen in just my short 38 years many a Dictator, Obama’s Buddy Putin for one very good example, hold Elections. And it is quite Ironic the Nations where people are suffering the most behind the Elitists Dream of Equality through Redistribution are the very same places that these “Dear Leaders” continue to seemingly be so loved they win for decades on end. I am still worried about what will occur. I wonder if you recall in Obama’s 1st year when he spoke of his “Civilian Army”? Seems groups such as Occupy and the Black Panthers, not to mention the recent graduation of the first class of so-called “FEMA Kids” eerily similiar to the Hitler Youth all seem to fit the bill. I want to share a little background with you. I am 4th Generation 75% Irish-American. My Ancestors came to America doing the Famine times which coincided with the Civil War and I had Family that were members of the elite Fighting 88th. I by definition am an Ex-Pat. Since arrival my Family has fought in every conflict America has faced. My Father joined the Army at 15 and was in the occupying force in Okinawa and he served 21 years making him a Veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Not many men ever did as much. I heard the stories of racism my Ancestors dealt with being regarded as “Niggers” but because our skin is pale Revisionist Liberal History has stolen that Fact and now we are just “White”. But the “No Irish Need Apply” signs still exist that hung in the very shops and factorys a Black man could get a job. I harvest the rage of my ancestors because unlike Black America my People contributed like no other Race. We took the lowest jobs (Fire Brigade, Police Officer, Waste Removal, Politician, etc.) and made them careers that are today considered essential and respect worthy. So I be damned if my life as an American Citizen by Birth in a Land that held My Race in utter contempt will be destroyed without a Fight. Sad is the majority of the Forefathers, including Washington, Franklin and Jefferson had but denied their own Irish Heritage out of British Ethnic Supremacy. But I am one Irish Expatriate and American Dissident that is willing to Die to assure My Daughter and all My Kin Folk have an opportunity to know the God Blessed Personal Liberty Our Forefathers Fought and Died to Secure for Us.
              I also knew many of the Facts in 2016 but I commend D’Souza for his ability to tie everything together and from his point of view as an immigrant be able to see the greatness of what America is and how Evil and Demented of a Man Barrak Obama truly is.

              • “because unlike Black America my People contributed?” Go FECK YOURSELF and don’t forget you hood klan boy! Just another racist loser who can’t handle a successful black president. Now, that’s the truth, hurts don’t it?

                • Like a classic Liberal you quote a part that helps make your argument sound so grand but I stand by my contention that the Irish contributions have been bastardized by Leftist Lies. We have been minimalized as to what we did for this country and now we are just White? Bullshit. We did the work that nobody else would and that has been trivialized by Liberal Propaganda. As for your ignorance in trying to say I am Klan it is obvious you are too stupid to know Truth that being I am Irish Catholic and in as much I could never be Klan. As for Success, well that is an utter fallacy. Obama’s policies have done what exactly? Oh right, he has the plan but we have to give him 4 more years to see the results! What a pathetic joke. What he has done is spend more money than every past President combined which has led to the devaluation of the dollar and made us even more indebted to China while he is busy making promises to Russian President Putin. Obama’s Policies have furthered the cause of Socialism and Wealth Redistribution while pissing on the Constitution. Obama let’s American’s be Murdered by his Islamic Fundamentalist Brethren while trying everything possible to keep the Votes of Military Service Members from being counted. He is a Traitor and I will be happy as a dissident but I will never honor a piece of shit Muslim Liar. He is a disgrace to what America is supposed to be about. Obama is Not My President. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written to assure Personal Liberty for those willing to take the Personal Responsibility and not entitlement minded savages that would rather settle for a hand-out of other peoples money than work for their own. Yes, I imagine the truth does hurt. By the wat I would readily support and vote for Col. Allan West. But then again he believes in a work ethic. Two words that are hated in certain segments of society.

                • Anoush Dadian

                  wow, you really eat up all the bull the media feeds you huh? Obama is not a Muslim. That’s just incorrect and ignorant. Your words are silly and misinformed. But it makes sense. If I didn’t read facts and relied on FOX for information, I’m sure I’d be hanging on to the same lies that you are. They simply are not true. We don’t have socialism in this country, nor will we ever. Just because Obama has offered healthcare and wants to tax the super wealthy, that isn’t a plan to socialize the country and go crazy into a non-constitutional state. That’s propoganda that has been fed to you, but it isn’t true. Look at the vast majority of other countries in the world that offer FREE education, FREE healthcare, and much much higher taxes. These are not communist countries. The Right will continue to be fueled by greed and racism as long as people like you continue to propogate fear and hate.


                • keyesforpres


                  Free healthcare? No such thing. We are going to have to buy health insurance or be fined. Tyranny.

                  You can’t be readmitted to a hospital within 30 days. I just met a woman today who tried to readmit her mother. They took her to the hospital for a broken hip, but it wasn’t broken. Got her home and she was having a stroke. The hospital said NO. That is because of Obamacare. They took her to another hospital. I guess the “Do not render live saving aid to those having a stroke” had not kicked in yet because they saved her. She is what your ilk is calling a “unit”.

                  Obama said he was muslim and he said it in Egypt in 2009. He canceled the National Day of Prayer but celebrates ramalamdingdong. He’s put muslims throughout the gov’t. He has sided with the muslims every single time.

                  He is going to have direct access to our bank accts. and make no mistake…he plans on cleaning them out…just like all Communists dicator pukes do.

                  Obama is evil. You are either clueless or evil. I’m guessing evil.

                • Actually Obama is a Muslim. Not sure how the heck he got in office.

                  Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCAffMSWSzY

                • There something wrong with being Muslim? Better than Christian if you ask me.

                • Christians get mocked all the time (there are tons of videos against Christianity) but we don’t go and burn other countries’ flags and kill a bunch of people, most of us just ignore it because we don’t take every single thing personally. Did you know Pakistan banned YouTube.com in the entire country because of Anti-Islamic videos? That is so silly!

                  Islam has the most absurd rules. They can’t date, and they can’t even talk with the opposite gender unless they are married. That’d suck to be a Muslim, everything is so restricted.

                  And, although I don’t hate Muslims (I don’t hate any human), they have a pretty bad reputation in America. This is due to:

                  – Muslim terrorists were the terrorists that killed many on 9/11.
                  – Muslims in other countries hate America a lot.

              • keyesforpres

                I have Irish blood too. Remember this, the folks that put up the “No Irish Need Apply” were white too. The reason they put those signs up is many Irish were causing trouble. Remember that movie, “The Gangs of NY”? That was about the Irish immigrants and the troubles many were causing. THAT is why those signs were put up. Many Irish immigrants were trouble makers back then. Not all, but many were.

            • This atheist is here to tell you that most of what you “know” doesn’t exist, or is made up in some one’s fevered mind.

            • You know that there is no such thing as “god” right… its just a superstitious myth created by bronze age sheep herders who were trying to explain the world around them. Good luck on “god” helping you take the country back.

              Meanwhile, back on Earth, Romney is going to lose. The USA will continue to lead the world, just like we have been for the past four years. Cheers!

              • Patriot077

                just hide and watch.

          • Another coward for RoMoney

            • The most common reason for the signs was blatant racism. GoNY is a nice piece of fiction but check history and you will see the immigrants were taken off the boat and registered to vote and enlisted in the Army most often before they could even have a meal or a few hours of sleep. Tammany Hall is a prime example of how our Ancestors were viewed as commodities for the back-breaking labor they could provide. They were forced into shanty living in the Five Points if they were lucky and indentured servitude, i.e. slave labor for set amount of years. The gangs did form but out of necessity in order to survive. The facts I laid out in the initial post are just that, facts. The Irish have only been part of “White” America for a decade or less. But today we suffer the indignation of our Pride being either a novelty or racism. I hate the “Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day” rhetoric when Blacks have Kwanzaa, Jews have Hannukah and Mexicans have Cinco de Mayo, not to mention Black and Hispanic History/Heritage Months. And what did I learn about the Irish in Public Schools? They like Whiskey, get Drunk, eat Potatoes and Corned Beef and most importantly wearing Green one day a Year or get Pinched. Yes I am a Cynical Irish-American Dissident Expatriate. Btw, I am glad the conversation has turned to something Civil between two Celts. Slainte’.

              • keyesforpres

                Many Irish were causing trouble. A business owner has a right to hire whoever they want. Why are you whining about this?

                • Correction, a business owner should have the right to hire whom he wants but there is a pesky little racist clause in the “Land of the Free” known as Affirmative Action. Regardless of semantics I don’t see how any rational thinker would misconstrue vitriol for “whining”.

                • keyesforpres

                  There was no affirmative action back then. Your posts were vitriol?

      • Well, Romney IS a bullshitter. He’s a Triple-A grade bullshitter, a shyster, a con man, a flimflam man, a sociopath and a bigot. Romney is out for Romney and his family and his ‘godhood’ after death. Period. I think Romney wins in the ‘lowlife’ category.

        • chefboyrb55

          you are out of your effing mind!!!!!

        • Wow, you’ve convinced us! Romney is out for only Romney and his family. And they’re gonna be filthy rich one day if he wins this election! And instead of running for and serving as President, it would have been a lot more work and stress for a 65 year old guy to have simply hung it up to enjoy the semi-good life that his median-wealth would have ensured. Oh, and he wants to rob from the middle class and the poor if elected because that’s what would guarantee his “godhood after death.” And with his Triple-A status, Romney would have been able to BULLSH_T A LOT longer than Obama and his administration did about how some video that nobody watched was responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans.
          LMFAO! You are a TOOL! Go back to mediamatters and post your insanity there. You ain’t gotta chance in hell of slowing Romney/Ryan’s momentum on this site buddy.
          (You actually edited your post about 2 hours before this very post. I can only wonder how much more illogical it was before your edit.)
          text me your number; I can’t wait to call you in the early AM on 11/7.

          • You really believe what you’re saying don’t you?

          • I bet you’re feeling pretty stupid after the election results, huh? XD

        • Let’s argue policies and ideology, instead of hurling insults. We MUST elevate the level of debate in this nation or none of our problems will be solved. Your post serves no good purpose; it’s just angry spewing.

        • And the little balls whirl round and round while the blinking lights twinkle mesmerizingly in your vastly overrated opinion of yourself.

          Don’t worry pal, it’ll all be over soon.

        • You just described Obama perfectly! And if you think Obama cares about you,you are a total idiot!

        • can you explain this without quoting spin?

        • ScarletDove

          I think you twisted the names and misspelled–it is spelled this way O B A M A.

        • eseBoy

          Wow! Straight out of the fever swamps of the left! Keep spewing – it only helps underline your overall insanity!

      • imarksports

        I think it is safe to say that both of these guys would sell their sole to be president.
        Let’s call it the way it is.
        As much as you want to make it about One America in your little Fox world. There are dreamer’s as great as Mitt Romney and they all came from foreign countries (immigrants).
        It’s all right for your guy to say that 47% of this country are pieces of crap but you are upset about the President calling Mitt Romney a BS’er?
        You can’t change everything to fit in your little mold. That’s what immature children do.
        You can’t change the fact this country has had a rough 4 years and President Obama was in charge.
        Or that Mitt Romney’s tax plan will only hurt the middle class according to the Tax Policy Center. But no, that has to be cooked book or conspiracy if it’s against your guy.
        Since even Romney’s people can’t tell you how it’s gonna work besides faith in a 1% ‘er who is surely going to take care of his 1% first.
        You can’t tell the truth when you are living a lie!
        Hope you enjoy the spoils.

        • Mel

          LOL “SOLE”… really?

          • keyesforpres

            The Left knows NOTHING about SOULS.

        • keyesforpres

          He didn’t say the 47% were crap. He said they were getting gov’t handouts and would not vote for him.

        • keyesforpres

          Also, you do know Obama is a 1%er don’t you? In fact the entier US is in the 1% of the world’s population. That includes the “poor” in this country who have cell phones, cable, etc.

      • He didn’t mention over half the country, but he did call a bullshitter a bullshitter, it’s called being frank and calling bullshit

      • ShastaMarque

        I didn’t vote for him and I have not believed a word he has spoken. He’s a lowlife wearing an expensive suit.

    • SOMEBODY, anybody on here that knows all about computers and video needs to “copy” this ad and re-post it back on to YOUTUBE immediately! I would if had a clue how to do it. Why? The BO campaign will certainly yank this down by morning based on all the “thumbs down” and biting comments on the direct YouTube link, and then we wouldn’t be able to share it with the “still undecideds.” Please post a link on here to your copy for us to share with EVERY conservative website and EVERY young woman that each of us knows well enough to share advice! (You might want to adjust down the volume when she says BO’s name and slightly blur out the final blue screen shot so the BO campaign can’t claim copyright infringement and get the copy yanked down right away too.
      That all being said, if the average young single woman is that DUMB to respond favorably to this ad, it really won’t matter who wins… Because we’d be F__KED for generations in this country!
      I’ve gotta go throw up know…

      • larry1235

        Do you REALLY believe that the young single women who watch this ad will NOT understand the sense of humour and the marketing tool behind it? Come on, we are in year 2012, a year where minds and people are use to think far from the first degree of understanding. Everyone, I mean everyone (but the stupids or retarded, which is far from the majority- I hope-), will get this message as a funny ADVERTISING for the Obama campaign. How can someone take this as a deep and sincere comparison between your first time sex and first time voting?? Everyone has sex, not everyone is voting. SO this video might actually be a good marketing tool to increase the number of voters 🙂

  • Yeah, she sure did get F*cked.

    • *winner*

    • keyesforpres

      Sadly, we all did.

      • 3seven77

        Not only did we get f*cked, the [email protected] stole our wallets and maxed out all our credit cards on worthless sh!t.

      • sunny_1

        Aint that the truth.

      • BlueGood

        OMFG…O’Bama bin Lyin taking Re-Election Advertising tips from Vlad the MAD?????

        JAYSUS AMERICA..this is Much more dire than thought….

        Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave faster than a Leftoid W.H. Press Release!

        • Jason Tak

          Haha your comparing Obama to the person he killed? Some one has clearly gone full retard.

          • keyesforpres

            He didn’t order the kill. He vetoed it three times and Paneta went behind his back.

            What’s the difference between Obama and Osama?

            A little “bs”.

        • If you had a brain, you would realize that Ronald Reagan made the same joke more than thirty years ago. Unlike John Wayne, Reagan was a real person, not the myth you have been hearing about.

    • MrMicawber

      Mrs. Micawber – I am so glad you finally threw down the proverbial gauntlet.

      Warmest Regards,

      Mr. Micawer

    • BlueGood

      Bet she never got kissed though….just like the rest of America

    • Arrrggghhh

      I think we all got F’d.

      • you know, when i get f’d, i at least like to get dinner and a movie first.

        • Gee, Cecil, I have never heard that before, that’s a riot.

    • PERFECT!!!

    • sjmom

      I can tell you what she would get if she were my daughter and it would not be a congratulations.

    • Clearly she is the Sandra Flake Award winner for dumbest reason to vote with your #ladyparts

      • Sadly most of the college kids are indoctrinated by the professors and teachers they are exposed to daily. Liberalism is something that should be shown on the show Intervention. Maybe some could be cured of it…oh yeah, they are when they start working and supporting themselves in the REAL world.

        • Danasaur18

          I actually found that high school teachers attempted to indoctrinate us more than the professors at my college have. Or maybe it’s just the professors I’ve had so far. And if liberals ever got paid (if they actually got jobs) as private contractors, they would realize how much they have to pay in taxes when the number on the check is a third higher than the amount they get to keep. Not looking forward to filling out my 1099 in a couple months…

    • Yes she did! WELL SAID!

  • justplainbob

    What…you were expecting anything less from Barack’s people ? When you are scraping the bottom of the gutters of Chicago, this is what you find. Ads like this.

    • TheLittleRedHen

      I guess he gave those College age kids the boot and turned his Campaign Ads over to the High School Video Club. Some of them still believe his “Shuck and Jive”.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    That is utterly disgusting and abhorrant!

    • BO seems obsessed with sex. It’s a disgusting ad, but typical of this administration. As a woman, I can’t, for the life of me, understand who he is appealing to? Even someone with half a brain would be offended by this. Maybe he’s not getting any?????

      • LOLLLL Martha..if any man had to get that from Michelle, I guess they would be kinda bitter..They both need to go F themselves somewhere other than our country….INDONESIA comes to mind!

        • larry1235

          Why so much hate and reject of the others? Don`t you understand the level of humour with this advertising? Young single women have a brain, and everyone, I mean everyone, has sex on a regular basis. So this matter is part of life, maybe an important part of it, if I refer to random discussions I can hear at my office, in the bus, in a party, in a restaurant. Sex is part of life and there is no reason to reject this. And why hating other countries as well? Indonesia is a rela nice country. People are peaceful and very easy going. I guess you never travelled out of the U.S, this is a typical reaction of someone afraid of the unknown…. Don`t be afraid, and get some nerves to try something else, someone else than just your average daily routine. You will see, it brings more knowledge and maturity. Fear is your issue so don`t heal your fear by hate.

    • sjmom

      Its amazing how low the Dems will go. Now they’re digging all the way to hell. I have no doubt they will be swallowed into the abyss.

      • Jason Sherman

        Yup. I’m one of them evil “Dem’s” and if it keeps ol lying ass Mittens out of office, I will gladly DANCE straight to hell hand in hand with the “gays” and those slutty, abortion having, planned parenthood attending WHORES. This is almost as disgusting as exploitating American deaths as a slant against PRESIDENT Obama. Yup. If you guys want W in office again THAT BAD, build yourselves a time machine and please go back in time 10 years to suffer through that great time for our country and spare the rest of us that have a brain.

        Thank you, and GOD BLESS.

        (This message has been approved by a non bible-thumping American that has some common sense.)

        • Holy crap! Aren’t you an ignorant voter. Mitt had better not get into a lying contest with Obama. Obama would beat the hell out of him with his experience. I can’t believe Obama, the Prevaricator in Chief, has the chutzpah to accuse someone else of lying. That is the foundation of his administration.

          • Jason Sherman

            I don’t know what you have been paying attention to, but Romney lies like a rug. Maybe saying “I can creat 12 million jobs.” Then later saying in the SAME DEBATE “Goverment can’t create jobs.” Is truthful. But I guess that’s just my ignorance. And yes, I DO support Obama, because I believe in a president that believes in HUMAN rights for all people, gay, woman, not someone that could give less than a shit about the “47%”.

            • Too bad, Barry didn’t have those same views on human rights in 2008.

              • I fail to see what is wrong with a bull shitter calling some one a bull shitter

            • keyesforpres

              LMAO. You do know that under ObamaNOcare, doctors have now been intructed they are not to save anyone’s life over 70. Just make them comfortable. They are now being called “units”.

              Too bad Obama aka Barry doesn’t care about babies. He’s fine and dandy with murdering babies.

              He’s down with shariah too. Where women have zero rights. He supports the muzzie scum in the ME and is letting them butcher the Christians. Yeah, he’s a swell guy alright.

              • Jason Sherman

                Yeah, and I’m pro-choice too, because I’m a MURDERER.

                • keyesforpres

                  Yup. You are “Pro Baby Murder”.

                • 3seven77

                  An apt description. None of us could have said it better.

                • Jason Sherman…complicate in baby killing! God hates the spilling of innocent blood.

                • Hitler was to be aborted, but his mother was convinced not to because of lines like what you said. “God hates the spilling of innocent blood” when Hitler was responsible for over 6 million deaths of INNOCENT BLOOD! Let’s see, 1 or 6 million? You choose. Not saying that every non-aborted child would turn into a Hitler but God also created Free Will which allows us to make choices. Whether or not to get an abortion was a choice God also made so it looks like the same person who hates the spilling of innocent blood also created a species with the option to do it or not.

                • keyesforpres

                  Really? God gave us the option for abortion? You secular leftist have NO clue about God and the Bible. It is so sick the way you try to twist the Bible to suit your sicko ways.

                  I guess you do have a point though, we’d be better off if Obama’s mother had aborted him.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  Please watch 180movie.com. See why others changed their mind about being ‘pro-choice’.

                • I second the recommendation of the 180movie.
                  It will make any idiot rethink their stance on abortion.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  I am glad you second the recommendation. :0)

                  But don’t you think calling someone an idiot will be a turn off to them watching?

                • Danasaur18

                  I have now rethought my stance. By the way, I’m not an idiot. Like the narrator of the video said, when people are given a different perspective, they’re able to make more intelligent decisions. Idiots are those who refuse to listen to facts and refuse to attempt to think about things in a different way. I, on the other hand, do. And I must comment on the fact that the young people shown at the beginning of the video are so completely ignorant. It’s appalling. And then there’s the bigotry. I have no words for that…

                • a fetus will grow into a baby…nothing else. as long as it has a womb to thrive in, it will become a baby. so abortion is killing babies.

                • Nice definition. Would you like a cookie for your accomplishments?

                • keyesforpres

                  Well now, isn’t it great that you now understand that a fetus IS a baby? Good boy!

                • I tell everyone who thinks abortion is no different than murder to make me a dining room table out of an acorn.

              • WELL SAID! O will try ANYTHING to stay in long enough to become dictator..well the DIC part is right. It’s a shame that he’s told so many lies that young ppl think he’s just swell. He said mammograms would not be given if Romney gets elected…TOTALLY pulled that one out of the sky…just like SO many more he’s told. I WISH ppl would GET OVER Bush….THEY DO KNOW that Bush isn’t running and that O had 2 yrs of Democratic run gov’t to do what they THOUGHT he would. What a bullshitter..I CAN SAY THAT SINCE OUR SO CALLED PREZ CALLED ROMNEY ONE! What a thing for a president to say. HE IS DISGUSTING with his Chicago politics.

                • keyesforpres

                  What is so ironic with all the Bush hatred is the economy was going great after his 2003 tax cuts. Unemployment was just under 5% throught Sep. 2007. Then the dems policies manifested themselves in 2008.

                • That’s the truth keysforpres. Everything was good!

                • Suzanne Kaiphas

                  the dems controlled congress in 2008, the economic meltdown began..the left doesn’t pay enough attention to those facts!

                • Danasaur18

                  I’m proud to say that I’m a young person who will be voting for the first time in just a few days. And I’m voting for Romney (:

              • Suzanne Kaiphas

                Obama is a unit

                • keyesforpres

                  So is the Mooch.

              • Get Professional help soon.

                • keyesforpres

                  You are either in O’s inner circle and are panicking. Or you are clueless and haven’t hear about the doctors that went to DC recently to be instructed that if they get any “units” that have a stroke, they are NOT allowed to save their lives. EVIL.

                  You guys blather on about a woman’s “right” to choose to murder her baby and that you think it’s horrible that we want to tell a woman what to do with her body (the baby is not her body). Yet, you are just fine with the gov’t controlling every other part of our body. Of course, they will control the womb as well….if a woman has uternine cancer and the death panel tells the doctor he is not to save her life…well that’s the breaks.

                  Keep up the flack….you only catch it when you are over the target.

                  Hugs and kisses sweetie pie!

              • larry1235

                Do you remember how many millions of people the christians killed in ther religion wars in the history? And where the hell do you see that Obama is “down with shariah” and “support the muzzie scum”? Do not listen to others please and make your own judjement on facts, not on what you hear on bad TV with bad journalists. Also, please do not mix the muslims and the extremist muslims. Islam is a peaceful religion when you read the coran. Extremists islamists are killers and terrorists. By the way, I`d love to hear your thoughts on extremist christians too.. Are they nice people??

                • keyesforpres

                  There has never been a Christian religious war. Christians have not gone around killing in Christ’s name. The Crusades were defensive wars against the murdering muslims. Have there been so called Christians in the past that have done bad things? Sure, but they were ignoring Christ’s teachings not following it. It is NOT Christian doctrine to spread Christianity by the sword.

                  It IS islamic doctrine to spread islam by violence. Muslim think they go to heaven if they kill us. There is NOTHING peaceful about islam. It is a hateful political doctrine. EVERY sect of islam MURDERS you if you leave islam.

                  Obama has put muslims throughout the gov’t.

                  He ILLEGALLY campaigned for Raila Odinga in Kenya in 2006 or 2007. Odinga lost, but encouraged muslims to go on murdering rampages. Odinga made an agreement to establish shariah law and Obama knew that.

                  Obama has said he is muslim and his middle name is muslim.

                  TAQIYYA is deceit in order to advance islam. It is basic islamic doctrine. In islam it is considered a virtue to lie. Women have NO rights under islam so don’t tell me it’s peaceful. I’ve been reading up on this filth since 9-11 and I see what they are doing in the name of their “god’.

                  Met a muslim on the streets of NY a couple of years ago and he told my girlfriend he would not hurt her unless allah willed it. Despicable. You know of any Christians that would think it was ok to hurt a woman if “Christ willed it”? Seriously? You are that ignorant? Or are you a taqiyya miester?

            • what human rights has obama supported? he sure hasn’t supported human rights in africa and the middle east. hell, he won’t even let eastern europe keep a missile defense system. oh, obama got rid of don’t ask don’t tell. that affects 1% of 1% of people. as in nobody. oh and it affects volunteers. obama says he’s for gay marriage as soon as his term is up and he has a lame duck session? he says it after he can’t get anything big like gay marriage passed? he could have gotten anything he wanted done in the first 2 years of his presidency, when he had a supermajority. no, instead he decided the best and most important thing to spend all the time on was obamacare, which is a federal mandate that says you will buy health insurance at threat of fine or imprisonment. we are living in an extra-constitutional society and we’re at the brink. but it’s nice to know that federal policy on abortion and gay marriage is the most important thing in the world.

              • Jason Sherman

                Having a gay sister and many gay friends, it’s pretty damn important to me, but you know, let’s throw more money that’s I’d not needed into the military, kill Planned Parenthood and Big bird. POOF, economy fixed! I’d love to live in your state, it mus be the one of delusion.

                • keyesforpres

                  Oh boo hoo! You are worried about Big Bird? You are aware that PBS could do like all the other channels….sell advertising.

                  You do understand that Obama is muslim (his own words) and he wants shariah law? Do you know how gays fare under shariah law?

                  Here’s some websites you should start reading:


                  Obama doesn’t care about your gay friends or sister. He hates them all.

                • government shouldn’t be nearly involved in businesses as they are. did you know that some of the bailout money went to nbc/msnbc? they were owned by ge for a long time. more political buddies of obama. there’s already several networks and a nationwide apparatus. they have pbs and npr. most of their money comes from private sources. government funding makes up less than 15% of pbs/npr’s budgets, and makes up less than 5% of planned parenthood. these businesses won’t close, that’s already been proven. but they are things that government has no business financing. how many government-owned media outlets is too many? why should all taxpayers be paying for something they don’t want to pay for, that they may be against? the federal government has grown way too massive and is involved in too many things. either it’s fixed or the country will be fundamentally rebuilt, just like obama wants.

                • Big Bird and his crew make MILLIONS a year..just in TOYS. GOOD GRIEF. Our country is going down the proverbial drain and all you guys can talk about it BIG BIRD???? How about thinking about our AMERICAN FLAG AND THE BALD EAGLE? THAT is Romney’s bird..the one that represents FREEDOM. IF your man wins, your gay sis and her friends could be killed…you DO KNOW that Islam stones gays to death…right???? Just sayin’..you might wanna rethink your position.

                • Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a front for abortion on demand and PBS can survive like any other network. Get more donors, sell advertising or die…

                • You are so ignorant about everything. How old are? 12?

                • I have been reading your comments with benign interest but must conclude you are in high school, or not very bright.

                  Consider: which is more likely to scoop the homo up in a van for whatever reason, the Christian who is called to love and help the homo? or the Progressive Atheist who views the homo as an unproductive human animal not working to better mankind.

                  Now it is true, some Atheists like the ones who run the Club of Rome positively LOVE the homo because they are consumed with their plans to control global population which will actually begin to DECREASE after we hit around 8 billion…about 15 – 20 years from now. It is unstoppable, the global manpower shortage, unless we start kicking out 4 babies per family globally. And yes, the planet can handle it…

                  But alas, I digress.

                  Currently PBS, NPR, etc are GLOBAL CASH COWS. If you aren’t aware of this, then you really do have a “Sesame Street” worldview.

                  Et fin, mon petite enfant, Romney is correct: gov’t doesn’t create jobs, and HE CAN HELP TO CREATE MORE JOBS by ensuring that GOVERNMENT DOESN’T ATTEMPT TO CREATE MORE JOBS!

                  Think on this. Meditate on your chokrah, Stop playing with your dhong and yoni and focus. Then, while no one is looking, ensure that you have a job come January and vote STRAIGHT TICKET REPUBLICAN.

                  Because adults know that politicians are inherently untrustworthy. But with the Republican party you get at least a 50% chance that some will do the right thing.

                • nogo

                  I love the argument “money the military never asked for, money the dont need” Eh folks blah blah!….try telling oblabla he doesnt need a vacation in marthas vineyard, golf, basketball, Wednesday night parties, etc…

            • demosslauren

              human rights for all…. except the unborn. and talk about lying and exploiting deaths? Obama watched them die, refused security, and then went to bed to go to vegas the next day. He literally killed them, and lied about it for weeks. When it all comes out, you are going to have a lot of sorry’s to say.

              • While Obama was Senator of Illinois, he voted three times to not give medical aid to fetus’ who survived abortions. It was OK to take them to the back room and let them die! He is a cold hearted man.

            • Government can’t create jobs directly, but they can influence the environment of business (via the right choice of rules and regulations) in such a way to indirectly cause 12 million jobs to be created by others, not by government directly. So Jason, your shallow thought process of how jobs are created shows. So quick to judge Mitt as a “liar”. So yes, Mitt was truthful. What you need to consider is that O does not want jobs created… the more people he can get to depend on government for their existence, the more power he and the liberals will get. That’s why for 3 consecutive State of the Union addresses I heard him say jobs were priority-one! Yea, right… and then he did nothing about it. What jobs bill did he pass? Instead he cancelled things like the oil pipeline that would have created jobs.

            • yeah, Obama supports gays about as much as I support colonizing Uranus! Obama was firmly against gays until someone whispered in his ear it might help his campaign. He hasn’t done a single thing for the gay community mind you, just said he was for them, and you all fawn …. sheep.

            • Record numbers on unemployment, one in six living in poverty, one in seven on Food Stamps, gas prices has doubled, health care premiums have skyrocketed despite Obama’s promises, our foreign policy is in shambles. Egypt now is moving toward Iran after Obama forces out Murbarak, with the Muslim Brotherhood running the country. Four Americans are killed in Benghazi and Team Obama lies about the time frame and reason…I don’t see how anyone could do worse…

            • Suzanne Kaiphas

              Mitt can create jobs as president by removing the government road blocks…that’s what he was referring too. NOT that “he” as the government. Extend your brain a little and exercise your critical thinking skills. BO has NEVER HAD A REAL JOB in his life, not even punching a register at a 7-11. How is that identifying with the working class?

          • Jason Tak

            Just google times Mitt has flip flopped and get back to us about lying

        • Rebecca Randolph

          You can get royally f*cked too, just like this b*tch….just bend over and grab your ankles, Barry prefers men anyways!!

        • Lydia Smith Jones

          I take it you have never heard of Benghazi, or Ambassador Stevens. I mean…lying is so offensive to you right?? Yeah…the biggest cover-up in my lifetime, possibly ever, and you call Romney a liar. HILARIOUS!! Fast and Furious?? You are happy to just keep your head in the sand. How secure is YOUR job in the next four years? Or is it your food stamps you are really worried about?

          • Jason Sherman

            Pretty sure W knowing about a terrorist attack an doing NOTHING about it was a little worse, but you right wingers never have anything to say about that. As for my job security? It’s very well, thanks for asking. Been working for a massive company that isn’t going anywhere for the past seven years. Although,I’m thankful that Romney isn’t outsourcing my job to China anytime soon. Sensata anyone? And how dare you imply that I’m on food stamps. You don’t know a DAMN thing about me.

            • keyesforpres

              We know you don’t love this country because you support Obama.

              Bush did not know about 9-11. You are truly grasping if you have to go back to Bush. Deflection…I can smell the desperation in your posts.

              • Jason Sherman

                Ummm, actually, he kinda did. But, you know, believe whatever you want to believe.

                • Nukeman60

                  He kinda did? lol.

                  We all know about 9-11 (well, almost all of us. Sorry about you).

                • keyesforpres

                  If you mean did Bush know of a general threat that al qaeda wanted to hijack planes? Probably. So what? Again, nice try at deflection. You are getting desperate. We don’t usually get trolls around here, but we have been getting a number of you these past days.

                • Nukeman60

                  It’s actually a good sign, I think. Their barrel is empty (I’d say their guns are empty, but they always have been) and they are throwing whatever they can before the big van comes to take them away to MSNBC. It’s actually quite amusing to see the unraveling. 🙂

                • keyesforpres

                  Oh, I think it’s a GREAT sign. Their desperation is pathetic and it gives me a thrill up my leg!

                • Nukeman60

                  Oh, now that’s just racist! 🙂

                • It is because it is now DESPERATION time for the libs. THAT and trying to help the ILLEGALS vote by sending in the U.N. to “monitor” our polling stations is ALL they have~

                • keyesforpres

                  Yeah, the UN is run by the OIC-Organization of islamic Cooperation! They want to make sure we Conservatives don’t pick on anyone at the polling places!

                • Wish One of You would try and keep me from Voting…..But then again it’s not the 60’s anymore …..

                • Why on Earth would anyone wish something like that? Stuck in the 60’s?

                  Just be a legal voter.

                • keyesforpres

                  Dear Donna,
                  It was the democrats that kept blacks from voting…and not just in the 60’s…They were doing it for a hundred years.

                  Read the book, “Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White”. Right after the Civil War blacks were all Republicans (the Republican party was formed in 1854 to stop the spread of slavery into the Western terrotories). There was actually a black speaker of the House shortly after the Civil War…Republican. Then when the Union troops pulled out, the democrats cracked down on blacks. If they hadn’t done that, there would have been no need for the Civil Right movement in the 1960’s as they would have been equal for a hundred years.

                  The democrats founded the KKK shortly after the Civil War to go after Republicans, and since all blacks were Republicans, they went after blacks with a vengence….democrats lynched over 3000 blacks…but did you know they also lynched over 1000 whites? White Republicans since Republicans believed blacks should be free.

                  Hey Donna, did you know the KKK was part of the dem platform in one of their conventions shortly after the Civil War?


                • keyesforpres

                  Dear Donna,
                  One more thing:


            • Nukeman60

              Can’t you get any other channel on your TV than MSNBC? Or is the remote run on solar cells from Solyndra and you can’t get replacements from China?

              • No, Jason gets Current TV too. That’s why he thinks he’s well informed.

          • all the green companies that are bankrupt but got almost a trillion dollars? political donors and buddies. the stimulus literally went to politically motivated targets. not the overall population or average americans. obamacare, which is unconstitutional and will be the biggest tax increase in history and threaten liberty. it goes on and on

        • Nice argument… I’ll go ahead and start building that time machine. Clearly you live in a fantasy world and it’s so very obvious you have a brain.

        • keyesforpres

          LMAO…you said you have common sense!

        • damn gays, they really get my goat.

          what will we do if we have a president that says, hey california, you want to grow pot and have gay marriage? that’s cool. 10th amendment. go for it! or to any of the other 50 states. it will be much different from what we have now, which is an imperial dictator that says the federal government will tell you what to buy, what to build, what to do and when to do it. and then somehow you’re supposed to feel guilty about jumping through the damn hoops of fire with some money not burnt by uncle sam.

          don’t worry the millionaires and billionaires will cover the bill.

          • keyesforpres

            …speaking of 10th Amendment…the American people have voted NO on the mythical gay marriage EVERYTIME its come up for a vote. The Gaystapo needs to take the hint.

        • Nukeman60

          Looks like we win twice then, ’cause you get your dance and we get Romney in 11 days. 🙂


        • Mitt aint Bush, and O certainly aint Clinton … quit living in the past, your boy has no plan, and after four years he still has no idea what he is doing. Let a grown up that has had real world experience run the show.

        • Mitt aint Bush, and O certainly aint Clinton … quit living in the past, your boy has no plan, and after four years he still has no idea what he is doing. Let a grown up that has had real world experience run the show.

        • I sure hope ObamaCare covers mental retardation b/c you are sure needing treatment…

          • keyesforpres

            Nope. Folks with special needs are not going to be given medical care. Jason is in BIG trouble if we don’t get ObamaNOcare overturned!

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Repent, turn from your sins. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, Who died on a cross for the sins of all who would ever believe on Him.

          Hell is not a place you would enjoy. In it there will be weeping and eternal torment. There will be no escape from this endless second death. I take seriously that life here is short, but your soul/spirit will live forever. Though we know the death rate in the world is 100 percent, none of us knows how long we have here-we might even die even this very night! You are not ready. Please think seriously about that.

          If you would for a moment, put politics out of your mind for the following scenario:

          If some people you cared about had their home attacked, a huge hole was blown in the entryway to their property, and you were in command of a large security force and those people you cared about repeatedly asked you to provide some protection, would you deny them repeatedly? When their home was attacked again, would you go to bed and not change your plan to go to Vegas the following day? What would your common sense tell you to do?

        • You might think you have common sense, but your comment only showed ignorance and bigotry. You’re done.

        • You might think you have common sense, but all you showed in this comment was ignorance and bigotry. If you can’t read the rules of conduct and carry on a non hateful conversation, then you will be done here.

        • I actually like “W”. :/

      • What can we expect from the party who denied God three times.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          It was taking His Name in vain to put it back into that anti-God platform.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Many of all our political parties sadly are on their way to hell.

        “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.” Matthew 7:13 NAS

      • so im guessing you never have sex? this commercial was obviously trying to appeal to anyone with any kind of sense of humor. You ignore it and say its low for the Dems to go but I bet your a$$ that if the republicans did the same thing you would be defending it and saying to all the people who degraded it that it was suppose to be funny and attract votes because it shows that someone can be in the heat of running for president but still have the humor anyone else would have. And really going all the way to hell? So are you saying that referring to sex in an ad is the devil? I really don’t understand why you are comparing hell and this commercial when sex has nothing to do with hell unless it is abused. And it certainly isn’t in this commercial.

        • sjmom

          Because using a young woman to attract voters through sexual innuendo is straight from the pit of hell. As an independent voter decorum and good taste should not be lost by either party, however, the Dems have now through Big Bird, binders and sex brought the political discourse to such an immature, childish level it defies good manners. I have heard of gutter poltics but this is a new low. I would think Ms. Dunham at her age would at least have the good sense to keep sexual conversation where it belongs; in the bedroom not in the voting both.

  • AbdulBX

    I called him a phony and fraud in 2008, and thanks to guilty conscious white folks…..this is what we got.

  • I would think women would be completely disgusted by this type of innuendo.

    • sDee

      old enough to remember the slogan, “we’ve come a long way baby”?


      • Orangeone

        And just look what was hiding behind those Virginia Slims ads, cancer.

    • sjmom

      I am.

    • p m

      You’re right, Stewie. Can we all spell BACKLASH? It’s coming. This is Weiner redux, no less graphic either.

      • I’m betting you’re right. Who in their right mind would approach a political campaign this way? You know somebody had to think it was a great idea.

        • keyesforpres

          The Choom Brigade came up with it.

    • Joe

      ONLY Conservative LADIES would be offended

    • women are supposed to be sluts now i guess.

      besides this girl in the ad is obviously a lesbian.

  • Lower than detritus and just plain creepy. Eeeew!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Best ad yet, in my opinion. It’s about time I had a good laugh! The silly season is late in the playoffs and about to compete in the Super Bowl. What a wonderful choice is what this says to me……..UGH!! Too funny to be true.

  • Certainly not Obama…

  • NJK

    As the parent of a young girl, this makes me sick. Nothing is beneath the sleaze of the Democrat Party. You’re preying on young girls. It’s like pedophilia.

    • Rightstuff1

      This is the base vote of the Democrat party and when I say base it doesn’t get more base than this.

      The good news is that this is what they are reduced to spending their money on. I heard Lily Ledbetter, contraception and and and errrr…nothing else. That’s his vision for the next 4 years???

      But hey at least we don’t have to listen to crapola about the planet healing, oceans that are no longer rising. What we hear now is contraception and errrrr contraception oh and Lily Ledbetter.


      • Orangeone

        This generation believes that women have equal rights because of Barky Boy. Have the public schools fallen this low in their teachings? Rhetorical question that needs no response.

    • badbadlibs

      *ding* *ding* *ding* we have a winner here folks!

    • p m

      And boys, considering the reference to gay marriage, and zero’s past. Fifty Shades of Grey is also all about pedophilia – it’s the culture, yaknow, and the Frankfurt School’s version of education.

      • Yeah, she’s talking about voting, so you think she’s talking to guys as well. And then doing for the first time with Obama!!! I’m going to vomit.

  • Jazzee

    OH GOD BARF that was the dumbest ad yet

  • WordsFailMe

    Sometime I wish I’d been born a pimp. These liberals whores are so easy to catch, Umm, umm,umm.

    • Rshill7

      “Congratulations Mrs. Words, you’ve just given birth to a bouncing baby pimp. Just look at his hat, his fur, and all that bling. Precious is what he is…precious as can be.”

    • freenca

      They’ve been telling them to vote with their ‘lady-parts’, I s’pose this is what they mean. UHGGGGGGGGGG!!! Makes me want to slap her.

  • M_J_S

    She said she “went into the polling booth and pulled back the curtain”, I wish should wear a curtain over her face. DAMN.

    It doesn’t get dumber than this folks.

  • SKL53

    THIS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IS NOT ABOUT SEX!!!! These stupid people who think five more cents will buy them birth control need an education! They are stupid because abortion and birth control is more important than jobs, economy, taxes, gas prices. This is what Obama is banking on the dumb uninformed voters! We tax payers want this lying…dishonest…jerk…OUT!!!

  • keyesforpres

    It must be a requirement to be totally ugly to be a female democrat.

    Interesting evolutionary sidenote:
    Liberal women have more testosterone than their liberal male counterparts.

    • MrMicawber

      I really and truly believe that liberalism is a hormone disorder.

      The men seem to have inordinately high estrogen. Perhaps this is what makes them subject to the same “arousal index” as liberal women?

    • Nukeman60

      Maybe they just wear each others clothes, so we don’t know who is who. Look at Rachel Maddow. They had to tell me she was female. I’ll take their word for it.

      • keyesforpres

        NEVER take their word for it!

      • Jason Sherman

        What a classy thing to say. I’m HAPPY people like you are the complete opposite of someone like me, cause that comment is more disgusting than anything on this video.

        • Nukeman60

          It’s disgusting to not know whether she is a male or female? I think that onus is on her, not me. Ha.

        • keyesforpres

          Reread some of your posts…….

    • freenca

      It’s their birth control pills. A study out recently is now touting that the testoterone in those pills is also making these floozies gravitate towards less manly men. Must be why they are such fans of the BO in the WH.

      • colliemum

        But if they take birth control pills – why would they need abortions?
        That is something which has been puzzling me for a long time.

        • freenca

          That is puzzling. For the pills to work, you have to take them, is all I could think of in that regard. With all the sex-ed in the schools today, even down to elementary grades, eeew!, it doesn’t seem to be working very well!

    • Well there are studies out there that technically prove this point. Apparently Conservative women have more femine qualities than Liberal women and also according to anotherstudy out of England women who are on birth control long term prefer adrogenous, less masculine, men. Sorry I suck at spelling and I am pretty sure that I just misspelled adrogenous.

  • NJK

    Obama’s preying on young girls. He’s a pedophile.

    • MrMicawber

      LOL – that was funny sir!

    • tshtsh

      He prefers older men.

      • keyesforpres


      • Orangeone

        I thought he liked the guys younger

        • keyesforpres

          I think he likes both.

  • JeffWRidge

    Well, there you have it. These are the people we’re up against. They are flakes and they vote. It’s as if they’re trying to get someone elected class president in high school, rather than President of the United States. Next I expect them to steal the other team’s mascot.

  • DevastatingLegDrop_22

    I… I… I don’t know what to say. Where am I? Who am I? Should I “reduce my overhead by taking less profit”?

  • A new low, even for him

  • cathmom

    OMG if that was my daughter……….forget it I don’t want to even think of that.

  • toongoon

    No integrity whatsoever.

  • MrMicawber

    I kinda wish people like this would go to a deserted island and ruin everything for themselves alone. I’d pay to see how long their “community” would last.

    • Jean Jackson

      I agree. If liberals were on their own island, everything would totally go to shit. I mean, look Great Britain. They’re like, basically China, and totally backwards with their free health care ideals and spirit of the blitz shit.

  • The difference is that Mitt Romney will still respect her the next day.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      LOL! You know Barry would lie and not pay up! I have a grown daughter and I know she would laugh at this because it is so silly to even consider being serious. Talk about straw men!

    • Jean Jackson

      Totally! His mormon believes tell him otherwise, because she’s a woman with opinions and short hair, but as he’s running for office and her parents are filthy rich, he’s still going to suck up to that 1%!

  • Rocco11

    Give me a child I’ll give you the future…

    • Jean Jackson

      Give me a choice and I’ll be your future.

  • This ad is homophobic

  • Joe W.

    I wonder what Malia & Sasha think about their Daddy’s new ad??

    • vinny

      They wouldn’t think it’s BS…lol

    • They are retards…

    • keyesforpres

      I hear he’s not their daddy.

    • Orangeone

      They probably wish they were old enough to be in it and legally vote (probably voted with daddy today)

  • toongoon

    She’s voting with her lady parts not her lady smarts.

    • sjmom

      She cannot have any smarts to do this kind of ad.

    • Orangeone

      She doesn’t have any lady smarts

      • keyesforpres

        Are we even sure she has any lady parts?

    • Jean Jackson

      Totally! A women isn’t defined by her vagina, she’s defined by her brain! Except, of course, if she gets raped and doesn’t want to keep the fetus. Then she’s defined by her vagina. And then we condem her for dressing slutty and tell her that because she has a vagina, she also has to birth this pooping machine she wants nothing to do with. Conservatives are the best!

  • BrokenGlasses01

    BO campaign. Low. Lower. Lowest!

  • hosepipe

    Only thing missing from that political commercial is who is more apt to support your FIRST abortion.. Zero would be the choice.. Romney might recommend adoption.. meaning not committing the required and accepted abortion..

  • vinny

    She kinda looked like a lesbian….probably her first man. lol..

    • keyesforpres

      His first woman too!

    • Jean Jackson

      LOL because lesbians aren’t real people and don’t deserve any respect/rights, and they can’t have opinions. I love hating people based on their ideas and opinions, it’s exactly what God taught me to do, and I’m always right!

  • TheLittleRedHen

    I have no words. Seriously…. no words. *sigh*

    • TheLittleRedHen

      I thought of a word……… Twit!

      • keyesforpres

        I thought of a word almost like that,but with a different vowel.

      • !!!

  • marketcomp

    This advertisement should tell everyone what that sick little pervert Barack Obama and his campaign really thinks about women. If either one of my daughters told me that any adult was trying to persuade them into voting for Barack Obama using this language I would have charges brought up. Sex to the democrats is used for everything. Last month we got a tweet from the President that women breast were interesting and we all know that is phony. We also saw tweets urging women to vote like their lady parts depend on it. And let’s not even mention Bill Clinton, that sex maniac. This is really disturbing. Now I see why the women in that party and in the White House are treated like dung. It’s because the men do not respect them. There is something very troubling going on in that campaign.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      I think you meant dung, but then again the women of the White House might like the dong approach! Sorry, I am in a silly mood this evening.

    • famouswolf

      Like, maybe there is a strong Moslem influence in the White House these days?

      • marketcomp

        I know given how they respect women so much, right!

    • sjmom

      Let’s not leave the women out of this because it is they who have subjected themselves to this. This is what the feminazis have brought upon us.

      • marketcomp

        So right! I must like being treated like objects.

    • Jean Jackson

      As we all know, women can’t talk about sex, that’s just vile and something only middle aged men can discuss. Also BIRTH CONTROL? What is that about? We need our women pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen! How dare she even have an opinion! Women are the worst.

  • The woman in that video is so messed up, I don’t know where to begin. And yes…this is particularly sinking to a new low, exposing children to this filth.

    • Jean Jackson

      Trash! Filthy trash! Who needs to vote? Why is voting important? I mean, your first time voting shouldn’t matter at all– especially if you’re a woman. This is an outrageous claim by the liberal-communist media to trick our children into becoming swinging sex-slaves! Lord save us!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    With these ads Obama is achieving one thing its motivating and pumping is up even more, keep them coming.

  • tshtsh

    She must have been on birth control since she was fourteen (re: Rush Limbaugh show today) to want to have anything to do with that barely a man (no Alpha here-ugh).

  • That is just one of many most “Unpresidential” things he has said. Or had in his ads. I can’t believe people trust him to lead our Nation. Very sad. 🙁

  • vinny

    She looks like Rachel Maddow’s little sister….lol

    • Is Maddow the anchorman on msnbc? Why does she look likea guy?

    • I thought it was Sandra Fluke’s.

    • keyesforpres

      …or brother.

    • Now I see a young Elena Kagan.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Well, at least they got the ugliest boy they could.

  • First, this is done by the same pedophile looking guy who works for Obozo. Second, 47% of Americans voting for Obozo are retards and stupid. Third and last liberalism is disgusting and creepy. I am done 😉

  • 36Free

    I have been showing as many people as I can these Obama web ads. Its motivating more and more people I know to get out the vote. Countless people I never thought would be terribly bothered by ads like this are ready to grow up and restore our future.

  • FromTheCapitol_com

    Did the President of The United States really approve that ad? This is a joke right?

  • PhillyCon

    This person needs to be sent to Iran or NK. It would fix her stupid real quick.

  • Nukeman60

    …before – I was a girl, now – I was a woman…‘ – ad

    Wow. Is this the level they are shooting for?

    Overall, this has got to be the most disgusting political ad of the season. I thought we had gotten to the bottom of the barrel and now we find there is a secret barrel basement. I wonder if Joe Biden devised this ad?

    I also wonder how many liberal heads would explode if we came out with an ad asking the question, “which candidate would you rather have on the bullseye at your favorite target range?” It’s a big decision to know who you despise and who you don’t.

    • Rshill7

      “…a secret barrel basement.”

      Dat’s good stuff right there sir. Real good.

      Aw heck, the entire post is great 🙂

    • “Overall, this has got to be the most disgusting political ad of the season.”

      Hm… even compared to Rick Perry’s “Strong” ad?

      • Nukeman60

        Well, let me see now, an ad promising to end Obama’s war on religion or an ad asking young girls which President they want to have sex with for the first time.

        Hmmm, you’re right. It’s such a tough call.

  • Sandra123456

    A Valley Girl speaks and removes all doubt. Nice black and blue mark on her arm. ( I know it’s a tatoo, but that is an idiotic thing to do to yourself but what to expect out of a Valley girl.)

    Well, my vote will neuter hers.

  • theresaaa

    Ok , Now I’m confused . Is Obama running against Romney or Clinton ?

  • MaxineCA

    I really think this trash will backfire once again. Guess Axelrod and Messina haven’t figured out most of us don’t live in the ghetto of Chicago. Perhaps it will switch some parents who were leaning O to change their minds. How low can they go??????? First O calls Romney a BS’r during his Rolling Stone mag, and let’s not forget the Fluke fiasco. I mean how ANY woman could vote for this man is beyond me.

    I sure hope Megyn does a segment on this tomorrow.

  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure she won’t be too picky!

  • vinny

    Wow…Obama took the idea straight from Putin. Take a look. http://youtu.be/BVtvqFphcbg

  • aZjimbo

    Just how did Ann Coulter phrase that the other day?

  • sjmom

    This is disgusting, disgraceful and despiccable. Have her parents seen this and are they pleased she would make such an ad? Someone should take her aside and teach her self respect because she has none.

  • Did she get a free hair cut when she voted? It sure looks like it.

  • Did she get a free hair cut when she voted? It sure looks like it.

  • stage9

    Liberals SHOULD NOT be allowed to procreate!

  • vinny

    Seriously….taking ideas from Putin is really low.

  • Couldn’t they put a cleaner cut woman on? With all that ink she might need free hep. shots.

    • Orangeone

      Likely will want health insurance to pay for the ink and annual removal and replacement

  • Haddison

    Coming from the party who believes you should give as little thought with whom you have sex as a Labrador gives to jumping into a swimming pool. It appeals to their base and won’t move the needle one little bit in Obama’s direction.

  • I’m absolutely lost for words! What in the hell is going on?????? Who came up with this idea? Jesus!

    • Rshill7

      Nope. Definitely not Him.

    • 3seven77

      Want to know the most pathetic part? Someone in O’s campaign thought this was *clever*.

  • shukov

    Stifle, you tattoed slut.

    • marketcomp


    • Orangeone

      Oh now, the slut police are looking for you

  • iaintlyin

    Hard to believe it ain’t a guy speaking unless theres another one tomorrow with George Clooney or Harvey Weinstein

  • As immature as O and the entire campaign.

  • josheinstein

    Ugh I wouldn’t touch that girl with either candidate’s d**k.

  • Greg Halvorson

    Over the course of these 4 years, Barack Obama has repeatedly proven himself incapable of rising to the level of his title, incapable of carrying himself with the expected decorum and class befitting a position of responsibility and gravitas…. He does not possess the class, respect, historical knowledge, or seriousness necessary to bring DIGNITY to the Executive Branch…. His legacy will be that of a reprehensible loafer whose intellect was manufactured and whose character is weak.



    WOW She should go back to Girls

  • Typical Liberal WHORE.

  • LoudCitizen

    I think this girl’s first time was with her uncle. Just sayin’.

  • is this Sandra Fluke’s slutty little sister?

  • More desperation from the left. Hohummmmm…

  • Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen

    Tattoo-ed clueless teen loser…

  • More “Ass” than “Class”.


    Shows you how no one watches her show Girls.

  • Jer

    Beyond creepy, and a new low in a campaign where new lows come at us too quickly to keep track of.

  • 3seven77

    Eww, eww, ewwwwwww. This is revolting on every level. The skanky creepy narrator, the thought of “doing it” for Obama, and the nasty case of chlamydia that comes after.

  • OK, so her first time took her from a girl to a woman? I wonder if she was hammered, and got the tattoo at the same time?

  • OK, so her first time took her from a girl to a woman? I wonder if she was hammered, and got the tattoo at the same time?

  • texasgirl46

    That’s not only disgusting, it’s just plain freakin stupid…..does this girl not realize how dumb she sounds? Absolutely stupid…

    I’m so glad I raised my girls better than this…..

  • This girl & S Fluke must be bff

  • Oh…ok…I was going to write something after i watched this…but i had to go puke first..can we say ” disgusting?”

  • This is one of the most appalling things I’ve ever seen in a political campaign. Where’s the mention of birth control? Where’s the appeal to gay voters? Where’s the class? All absent. FAIL on every level.

  • This Hack’s days are numbered courtesy or the Media, Actors, and all the other fools who idolized him instead of holding him accountable!

  • Poor girl now has STD’s… Silly Twit Disorder.

    • sunny_1


  • TexasEnforcer

    The typical obama voter; immature, uninformed, & completely void of reality. She also appears to have gender indentity issues. Very stupid. If this is all the democrats have left, obama should start packing already.

  • Watchman74

    Translation:if your young and cool vote for Obama.

    • “If you’re young, AS STUPID AS A BASKETBALL HELMET, and cool, vote for Obama”.

  • sunny_1

    Just when you think they can’t go any lower….they do.

  • Obama has brought this country to economic crisis, military crisis, foreign policy crisis,healthcare crisis,racial crisis and of late… he added immorality to the list. Never have I seen the likes of all the sexual/vulgar undertones & blatant indecency in a Presidential campaign.Is this what we are ? Trash ? No thank you,Obama. Take your BS and go back to Kenya !

  • Angus

    If they just wait their turn they can probably get a shot at Obama. Don’t think Romney is like that.

    • sDee

      Doubt it. Hussein’s on the down low.

  • Rshill7

    Well, I finally watched this ad, and I seriously want to punch someone in the face. Whoever is responsible for this. After they get back up, I want to punch them again. If it’s a female, my wife will punch them in the face for me.

    Have you ever heard of a bone burying itself? Well, the Obama campaign is doing just that. They are going to snatch a landslide from the jaws of defeat.

    I want to throw up now 🙁

  • sunny_1

    Lena Dunham and Sandra Fluck are the best this party can come up with? I’m astonished they have such high contraception needs.

  • First we had Sandra Fluke, now we get this Sandra F**k

    • StandProudNow

      This will be the year when the name “Sandra” was never uttered in one baptism.

  • where did they find this bimbo

  • I would think most women would agree that the first man we did it with had no idea what he was doing… just like Barack Obama.

  • Chevypowered

    Wow, has it come to this…?

  • KM

    I bet the only thing she’s “had”, is a vibrator….

    • Someone actually sold a vibe shaped like the grinning face of Obama. Google it.

  • Pittsburgh1

    I think we just found the stupidest girl in America!!!!!

  • This child is destined for failure. All she wants him to do is lift her legs up a little more.

  • StandProudNow

    Folks, get the link out to everyone you know. This ad will be canned once the campaign realizes the reception it is getting.

    Go Bama, Go!! Show your true self!! Woo-Hoo! Handle on your shovel not long enough?? No wurries! I’ll get a 1300 foot extension and a ticket to Hawaii!

  • Chevypowered

    Okay I’m not trying to stir the pot or anything but she don’t look like the type that’s into men…just saying.

    Edit: I did not know she was an actress…I never even heard of her and I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way I just never heard of her.

    • your gaydar going off too? mine is blaring.

      • Chevypowered

        Yep. Hey if that’s her thing whatever but if she is playing off like she is otherwise, she is being disingenuous and just add to the complex stupidity of this ad.

    • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

      I never heard of her either.

  • gmillerusmc

    If this girl and I were stuck on an island in the South Pacific, the only two people left on Earth, we had to procreate to continue the human race, I was guaranteed to not get a disease, our child was guaranteed to look nothing like her, I had a paper bag to put over her head, I hadn’t seen a woman in eight years, I was into gross women with big tattoos on their arms, and I didn’t even have to have sex with her to get her pregnant, all I had to do was spend five minutes looking at her… I would prefer ending the human race.

  • sunny_1

    The amazing thing is, this girl probably thinks she’s clever.


      And she made sure to show her tattoo!!… like she trying to be hip and edgy…cheesy!!

  • Talk about a war on women? This is a disgusting ad. I think Obama is so desperate that he is flailing like a fish out of water.

  • Sober_Thinking

    So a whorish-seeming ignorant little girl endorses a pimp… nice. (sarc off)

  • is that rachel madcow’s sister or twin, or lover?


      I would rather go rub one out to some Kate Upton pics, than do this rich maddow look alike 🙂

  • larrytg2

    I don’t even know how to respond to that. But let me give it a try.

    What the hell is your (girl in the video) hormone eruption got to do with who is best qualified to lead the country out of the crap hole Obama has put us in?

    BTW, you’re not so hot. In that arena, give me just about any reporter on Fox. He he, they don’t call if Fox for nothing….LOL

  • Pittsburgh1

    I ‘ll bet that Bill Clinton will try & find her. He’ll give her the Monica treatment.

  • Bill T

    Doesn’t get much lower than this!!!! Fine women of this great nation should not be subjected to garbage like this!!!

  • 1randiec1

    the man that approved this message is our president….I, for one, am humiliated and embarrassed by this ad, especially knowing that this is intentionally aimed at women to get their votes….you should be ashamed of yourself Mr. President…it’s not women that think with their crotches; we have brains…and apparently, you do not.

    • fly on the wall –

      David Axelrod: You’ve lost the gender gap BHO!

      Barack Hussein Obama: How can that be? Didn’t Sandra Fluke make that big Sac-n-Save gig last weekend?

      David Axelrod: Plough’s still working on the numbers but apparently some women have brains, too, Mr. President!

  • Holy fing shit is this for real? Who are these people? What kind of morons are running our country?

    • One of many reasons WHY this president and his gang has to go in November!

  • Do they really think any 18-20 year-olds want to imagine having a “first time” with Obama… who might be older than their parents?

  • 1randiec1

    this is the most embarrassing ad approved by our President and it’s appalling that he feels this is how to reach women….this is repulsive….you should be ashamed of yourself and your very narrow opinion of women….it’s very apparent that you feel women think between their legs instead of with their brains….how very pathetic you are….

  • iotbs2

    Okay, so she didn’t make much sense….but that WAS a pretty nice tattoo*, don’t you think? (*or ‘cockamamie’, which I believe is much more descriptive of the entire presentation).

  • This is gayer than gay, lamer than lame and dumber than dumb. A new low from the people in charge.

  • TexasGirl

    Oh. My. Gosh. My mouth is hanging open. Please, God, don’t let our young people be that dumb.

  • That is disgusting.

  • gunsmithkat

    That is about the creepiest political ad I have ever watched. Yikes!

  • So creepy and erroneous too. Lord these people are in trouble. Who is running this campaign?

  • spottedreptile

    This tells everyone what Obama really thinks of women, doesn’t it.

  • HuandaRulz

    She wanted to make it Oficial and become a Moron with a title to go along with it. Still can’t believe that many liberal women are ready to let our Country go bankrupt just so they can get free contraceptives.

  • thmiuatga

    This is beyond sick! it’s bad enough they attack the youth which they trumpet endlessly as being the “future” of our nation (as we all know they are, and I’d like a properly “informed” youth) but they assume that all the youth think about is sex and their decisions revolve around that. Truthfully, they think even less of the youth (but they’d never say that openly) and their actions betray them.

    This has nothing to do with sex whatsoever though it has been used as an issue along with abortion, and birth control. There are far more important issues to look at instead of equating the election or re-election of a president based on sex and his so-called “appeal” or “allure” to young women. I’m a man and even I find this disrespectful, demeaning and this certainly does not project a positive light to women who truly seek to find a good man, but I digress.

    They truly do not respect women and assume to know what women truly want by equating the importance of voting for one man over the other on the basis of sex, abortion and freedom. It’s not the 1800’s anymore and they continue to use despicable tactics of deceit to keep their power and positions.

    Obama said his job was to tell a “story” to the American people. All we’ve been getting are stories instead of the truth, and ladies, they think you’re dumb enough to fall for them but they view the young women as more eager to accept what they are told based on emotion.

    Pass on the wolfticket and the “O” cause he’s got to go!

  • Sick, pathetic campaign strategy – One more reason to vote for Romney-Ryan 2012.

  • Staceycarverd

    Classless and expected from such a source as the demonicrats. Is there no level lower they can stoop to? …..I know, give them time. Maybe they’ll even be able to cite something factual or relevant then too.

    At least there’s one thing that is likely to happen, it will take once and you’ll choose to be celibate (non-political), or you’ll be on the hook to support your foolish one night of passion for the next 18 years.

  • famouswolf

    What is terrifying to me is that this is the future if we lose.

    I pity her, and every other kid in the world if o cheats his way back in.

    Utterly shameful and evil, what is being done to the young as we type.

  • Lara315

    That is a very weird ad. And on another note, please make sure someone checks for spelling and grammar errors in the text you introduce the video with. Embarrassing.

  • Disgusting.

    P.S. She just proved the BC study correct and is proving precisely why men didn’t want to give women the vote.

  • The inmates are truly running the asylum. Decency is gone. Moral bankruptcy is in vogue.

  • Jason Sherman

    Obama supporters: Warren Buffett, Colin Powell, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates.

    What a list! Absolutely doesn’t compare to this, though.

    Romney supporters: Lindsay Lohan.

    We all know she makes excellent decisions.

    • Nukeman60
      • Jason Sherman

        And?? Bill Maher is awesome.

        You repubs also have Jenna Jameson on your side. She is the DEFINITION of moral decency.

        • Nukeman60

          What? Awesome to give a million to Zero or awesome to ask for it back?

        • You left out the dictators of North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and i missed a couple, it’s late.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Lena Dunham’s “Girls” on HBO is pretty controversial too. She’s 26, an accomplished director and film maker. This is her “schtick” if you will — you would have to see “Girls” to know what I mean — but I suggest you don’t. Let me just say I’m not a fan (more like appalled), but having landed on Girls one night while channel surfing, this ad does not surprise me one bit.

    • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

      I was just debating whether or not I should dare to look it up. I don’t really follow who directors and film makers of anything are. After what you’d said, I was thinking, “Well, let’s see who she is and what type of personality she presents”. Now that I think of it, if it’s on HBO… I can probably get a little idea of what it is… x.x I’ll probably do it anyway, just to know.

  • nibblesyble

    One word..depraved.

  • This is be archived for generations to come as one of the basest, most tacky ads ever by a President of the United States. If Democrats had any class they would rise up against this kind of sexual exploitation of young, single women. Warn your daughters now that if they ever want to be respected as women, they must abandon liberals and liberalism.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Lena Dunham’s a one-percenter too. Besides her HBO series, she recently signed a $3.5 million book deal.

  • A worthless POS both the ad and the man.

  • Linky1

    “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this ad.” (Says a lot for the sitting POTUS, to have his name associated with this crap)

    “I’m linky1 and I WHOLHEARTEDLY disapprove of this ad……”

  • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

    I find it interesting that as people say this ad is so classless, they’ll then turn around and attack this *actor* (that’s all she is here) stupid, slutty, a boy, gay, skank, bringing up incest, attacking her decision to get a tattoo (which has nothing to do with intelligence – intelligent people get them, too),etc.. She herself is just reading a script made by someone else, and more than likely, no one here knows anything about her in the real world. Let’s keep our focus, folks. 🙂

    • Nukeman60

      She herself is just reading a script made by someone else‘ – r

      Says a lot about her character, then, doesn’t it.

      • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

        All one could gather, it says she needed a job (how desperately is unknown). Anything else, I don’t know about her. But that’s all I was saying: that no one does (except the people…that actually do.. haha), and it seems a bit out of place when the focus should be why they (Obama and co.) felt the need to make an ad of this type, what they’re really showing of themselves, etc.. It seems that’s made me a “troll” lol. Feel free to rip the contents apart! I don’t like the ad either. But I don’t understand why people berate the actor when she as a person has nothing to do with it. Didn’t think my comment would get anyone’s ire raised >.< But people do get passionate about their politics!

        • Nukeman60

          I think that people have to take responsibility for their own actions. If one takes a job doing something that is disgusting just to get paid, is that any different from being a prostitute. Too many people try to say, “it’s just a job, not my fault”. I think that’s where this administration is in it deep in the Benghazi fiasco.

          You’re entitlted to your thoughts, and no, it doesn’t make you a troll.

          • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

            ehhhh. I think doing a commercial that people won’t like isn’t exactly on par with having sex for money (but there are people who see nothing wrong with that, either…). “Disgusting” is subjective, I think, but I don’t think this is justification for some of the things that were said.
            Of course, she should take responsibility. And, having free speech, people can call her what they like. It just seemed very ironic to me that some of those same people shouting, “this has no class!!!” are the ones saying the worst personal attacks that have nothing to do with politics.
            I’m only 22, so…. what do I know? X.x

            • Nukeman60

              You think this ad is just ‘doing a commercial that someone doesn’t like’? The biggest problem with Liberals today is that they feel no need to be responsible for what they do. It’s why abortion abounds so much in this country and over 50 million totally helpless babies have been murdered – because someone didn’t think they need to be responsible.

              • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

                Well, kind of. Yeah, I do. He’s not really bringing anything new to the mix. He still supports the same things, and is against the same things as he did right before this commercial came out. He’s just being magnified for what he really is by doing this.
                o.o Did I miss when abortion came up? Um… no. I don’t think the commercial is on par with abortion, either.
                If someone going to be so easily convinced by this commercial, they probably weren’t going to make a good decision in the first place.
                She has a different political view. Fine. Whatever. Jolly good for her. ALL I was getting at is that those comments had nothing to do with any political message in the slightest way, and were purely personal attacks. I suppose it can be good for venting, etc.. But for one to say anything about having class, one must first show it in their own actions/words.

                • Nukeman60

                  Okay, I’ll try one more time. Be sure to read carefully this time. I have read both Rules for Radicals by Alinsky and The Little Blue Book by Lafoff, so twisting peoples words don’t really work on me.

                  Referring to abortion was all about Liberals not taking responsibility (as I said). Doing a commercial that might be disgusting has something to do with ones character (as I also said).

                  What is disgusting about this video is not that it wants you to vote for Obama. The disgusting part is that they try to relate to younger woman to say voting is like having sex for the first time. You seem to have gotten away from that point in your last post. Period.

                  People responding to this video are not putting ads on TV or internet for a political candidate. There should be a standard of decency somewhere. But then I digress back to taking responsibility, so I guess we’re done here.

                • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

                  My intent was never to twist your words. I simply replied to them as I read them. If I misunderstood you, by all means, I do apologize. Not once did I say the commercial wasn’t distasteful, or a low-blow insult to young women (of which I am one of them). I agree, and I think it’s an awful attempt to reach potential voters.
                  I agree a standard of decency should be in place. But the ONLY thing I was referring to was the way in which people disliked the commercial, and proceeded to say what an incestuous slut she is – aka my original post. I simply think that that standard should apply to everyone. My comment had nothing to do with liberals/republicans, only humans and common decency.

                • You are being nuked for no reason. It is annoying (ironic?) that people say she is an vulgar and say it in a vulgar way.


      LOL, piss off troll… this ad is the lowest of low!!! this is appealing to the dumbest brain dead idiots.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Um…. she’s an accomplished film maker and director named Lena Dunham, has her own HBO show, and just signed a book deal for $3.5 million. I’m not defending her by any means, but at least know what you’re talking about. She not just an actor reading a script. She’s actually quite famous in the 30 yrs. and younger world.

      • RemainFocusedKeepCalm

        30 and younger category right here! lol… Idk.. guess that’s what happens when you don’t have tv, let alone HBO?

        If she really is all of those things personally, then I absolutely retract my statements, and say have at ’em! However, I don’t know her, so I can’t say. And my first instinct is that it’s not the right thing to do, so yeah… I’ll say something. Then again, I’ve been called naive on several occasions…. hmmm lol

        My point was, it seemed to me that the attraction should’ve been the ad itself and the meaning behind it. Calling names (to anyone) isn’t something people who decide to judge what “classy” is should do to prove their points. Just my opinion.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          No, your reaction is spot-on. I just wanted to let you know who she was. I think you’re better off not knowing. 😉

      • Wow. I thought she was just some pompous ass of a kid. I guess I don’t have to change that opinion because she has money and notoriety. She is a popular pompous ass.

  • Charles Ferrari

    Not even worth commenting on. Heck anybody can post an add on You Tube.

  • Lou

    Geez,and they wonder why they are losing.No ads on the economy,no plans to cut the debt.WOW

  • Someone should tell this clueless wonder that over 50% of recent college graduates are jobless or underemployed.

    • Yes. But they can screw!

  • Mary_Linda

    This is UTTERLY DISGUSTING. God help America !!!

  • i wouldn’t f**k O with Pelosi’s dick and Hillary pushing.

  • FreeManWalking

    She opened her mouth and removed all doubt.

  • AgentRose

    This reveals the sexual liberation crowd of the 60’s for what they are and were—not sexual libertors but sexual perverts. That is what they represent. And for every problem that results from their perversions—they will have a solution. Infertility from diseases related to promiscuity–OK we have a solution—IVF. Drug and alcohol addiction as a result of abortion–OK we have drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Breast cancer from abortion–OK there are new drugs for that now. And on and on—but someday they are going to look themselves in the mirror and realize this is a dead end for themselves and their daughters. The fallout, misery, disease and death resulting from these “liberators” is incalculable.

    This ad is SO SO evil you can touch it. Satan himself must have written the script.

  • I’m simply speechless. Every time I think we’ve gone to a new low–we go even lower.

  • This is disgusting. Every time I think we have sunk to a new low–we sink even lower.

    • There is no “we” in liberal.

  • AgentRose

    This reveals the sexual liberation crowd of the 60’s for what they are and were—not sexual libertors but sexual perverts. That is what they represent. And for every problem that results from their perversions—they will have a solution. Infertility from diseases related to promiscuity–OK we have a solution—IVF. Drug and alcohol addiction as a result of abortion–OK we have drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Breast cancer from abortion–OK there are new drugs for that now. And on and on—but someday they are going to look themselves in the mirror and realize this is a dead end for themselves and their daughters. The fallout, misery, disease and death from the sexual liberators is incalculable.

    This is SO SO evil you can touch it. Satan himself must have written the script.

    • sDee

      This one also lies squarely at the feet of the women’s movement. We all share blame if nothing else, in our silence.

      And yes it is the design of evil……

      If I were the Devil

      Paul Harvey, 1965

  • AgentRose

    How sad and yes tragic that the most beautiful and intimate act between a man and woman is cheapened and degraded by a political party. Remember the party and groups that said in Griswold v Connecticut that the government had to respect the right to privacy and stay out of the bedroom? So now you have a cheap politician and political party taking the bedroom into the voting booth?

  • Has someone copied this vid? I can’t see this staying up that long. ba-ding-bish.

  • Damn….Barry’s Naive Useful Idiot Children truly have self centered immature priorities. Honest to God, their undeveloped brains should not get anywhere near a voting booth.

  • This add is intellectually dishonest, and borders on ones stupidity and ignorance.
    She sounded like a valley girl on steroids, and she is definitely the face of a Democratic party that is morally corrupt, and distorts lies as truths….How sad.

  • tofubamboo


  • NottaDrone

    If we’re now equating voting and sex, that means that Democrats are literally raping 100s of people all across the country with tax fraud! They’re forcing them to vote against their will illegally. They’re even having sex with dead people and dogs. How disgusting they are!

  • keyesforpres

    Or as Obama supporters would say, “FOWARNED” along with moving “FOWARD”.


  • RowdyRepublican

    Boy, I can’t believe I made it through college without Smilin Joe and Barry’s policies…and was able to go on with my life. What the heck are these chicks smokin when they make these ads and hold their rallies?

    • Where would this girl have fit into your social group in the college world? She would have been laughed out of mine back then. Now, I would smile politely and walk away. She would be a self-important weirdo. I hope she got paid more than scale to humiliate herself this way.

  • PhillyCon

    Check out Ace’s commentary on the ad.


  • hongryhawg

    Typical trash representative of his supporters. Number 1, I doubt she gave any thought at all to who her first was to be and I’m not just talking voting. She obviously follows her little social pack. Monkey see, monkey do.

  • bjohnson55

    Her parents must be so proud.

  • NottaDrone

    If they are equating voting with sex, then that means Democrats are raping 1000s of people all across the country with their voter fraud. They’re forcing people to have sex (vote) with them against their will. They are even having sex with dead people and dogs. For shame!

  • OH-MY-GOODNESS! WHAT can a person say to THAT? SO, now…this is the best they can do? I do believe that our youth is smarter than THIS! I surely hope so. THIS is sinking to an even LOWER depth that is even surprising for O’Bama! GET OUT AND VOTE THIS POS OUT! AS HE said about Romney…O’Bama is a total BULL SH*TTER!

  • neo_chimp

    yep definitely felt the stomach turn on that one

  • notebene

    So the Odumbo team is pro-women? Looks like all they want women to do is vote and think with their lady parts. It’s an insult to women and any woman who falls for this is truly a disgrace! Shame on the Dimocrats for pushing more of this garbage!

  • News Reporter

    All I could think about when watching this young woman… YEAST INFECTION and RED DOOR CLINIC

    • Odd, my thought was, she’s a lights out kind of gal. She looks asexual.

      • colliemum

        To me, she looked like someone who urgently needs a good long session in a bath tub, with lots of soap and brushes.
        She really looks as if water and soap are foreign words to her, and as if she is unacquainted with the concept having a shower.
        Unwashed and dirty, that’s what she looks like to me.

        • Your perception is reflecting her inner beauty. Skeevy is as skeevy does.

  • This is not only incredibly stupid, it’s insulting, childish, totally void of common sense and class….Who the Hell approved such an ad?

    • Who would apprve it? The Dumbocrats of course. This should come with a caption.. I am Mitt Romney and I approve this message

  • hbnolikeee

    Hey she’s right. We all know that after they voted for Duh Bumbler we all got f-ed.

  • Justine Kruk

    This commercial is BEYOND distasteful, and I’m a 23-year-old woman. By the way, my first time WAS with Barack Obama. IT. WAS. HORRIBLE. And like most few times, I was filled with regret shortly after. #anybodybutobama

    • Yes. He didn’t even kiss you first. Then after, he made fun of you.

  • carmtom13

    Did BHO let his daughters see this ad that he approved? These lierals are all PERVERTS and I include BHO in that category. Where is the outrage??? This is disgusting!!

  • Alex Gregory

    I think Obama should just add messages to the end of each ad that read: “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message,” because clearly he doesn’t want to be reeleted if he’s running crap like this…

  • aboutdat

    Unfortunately, what we see is an “empire” in decline, sort of a new SODOM
    and GOMORRAH. I am not a prude, but discussing his idiots AD for OBOZO is I hope one of the last straws….GONNA take some BACKBONE to stand with Mitt/Paul….

    They say it happens every time, but we as Americans were hoping with our Constitution
    and Judeo/Christian values we were hoping we could get by and self correct.

    If we don’t correct to soon , well, you see the coming attractions and these DEMs and nasty PROGRESSIVES are jusr going off the rails.

    Our polls are showing a self correction right now, and don’t discount DIVINE PROVIDENCE,
    if it ws good enough for our Founding Fathers to beleive in, it is good enough for us.

    BTW, this AD is so bad and distastful, it is showing REAL desperations by the left, and BOY, are they all coming out of the wood work.

    Cowlen Powell, and others praising OBAME as a good President is just making me quesy and worried for our country. I never trusted that man, but I did not know he was this shallow.

    Seems like we are going to lose even if we win, after being called so many names and racist over everthing, I am not sure we can hold our selfs together.

    I wish the Senator Candidates would stop talking about abortion and rape. It does not matter what they say, they will get attacked to take down ALL Republicans.

    WE are a GOTCHA nation at present, but if you play GOTCHA on a PROGRESSIVE, they wail like baby, even on the real digusting things they try to get way with.

    Something not right here, something spiritual we just need to keep on praying GOD will deliver us through this.

    And please, don’t anyone “fair” say this always happens at election time for a President.
    That just means you have no fair perspective and are not being honest with yourself….this is real bad….but with faith we can survive.

    My heart goes out to those suffering and worrying to much (hey, count me as one), you certainly don’t deserve this unless you voted for OBOZO LAST TIME…..

    Let’s fix this mess and get to work saving our country with Mitt and Paul, they need our help…BIG TIME !!!!

    Something wonderful is happening, and old Dick Morris is right again, if all the undecided independents vote for Mitt/Paul.

    I mean, how could they not after seeing this “thugs on parade” media and WH team for O-BLAME-O.

    Oh-uh-oh is shrinking everyday….GOD at work………

  • Time for Obama to go home and give it up. When you have to stoop so low as to do things like this to beg for votes, you’re finished.

  • Pathetic.

  • jdog

    That chick embodies everything that is wrong with America. What a moron. Dislike.

  • STUPID Grow up little girl! Adults need jobs.

  • MominNV

    Another, “EPIC FAIL” courtesy of the mooslum marxist regime.

  • chatterbox365

    It is very difficult to comment on stupidity. Good grief. The democratic party has a platform of racism, class warfare and degrading women – that they only care about their p***ies and f**king. Keep it classy liberal pigs!

    I am waiting for Scoop to post the article about Obama using profanity to describe Mitt Romney in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine.

  • Mike Dev

    Very statesman like, a real gentleman.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    This ad shows Obama’s internal polling is really bad – 2 weeks before election and his hard push is to shore up his base (his stupid, uninformed base!)

  • Lou

    this ad is as appropriate as putting UN observers into voting sites…what the hell is that about…are these observers going to be there to protect against demoRat’s voting fraud, or to help the demoRats out with their voting fraud…???

  • ColoradoTim

    Someone thought that this last-ditch ad would swing more women voters to their side? I can just imagine the desperation going on in Chicago. “Hey boss, I’ve got an idea! Let me try this meme.”

    They’re throwing everything up everything as a trial balloon, hoping something will stick. Ant they’ve given up on all issues except one – “abortion.”

    They’re done. This is now just getting sick. They’ve just killed the entire Democratic party, and they don’t even know it.

  • snowmaggedoned

    She isn’t a woman…..she isn’t a lady either to make this disgusting ad.

  • Illustrates the poor level of intelligence to which these two candidates are pandering.

    pander |ˈpandər|
    verb [ intrans. ] ( pander to)
    gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire, need, or habit or a person with such a desire, etc.) : newspapers are pandering to people’s baser instincts.
    noun dated
    a pimp.
    • archaic a person who assists the baser urges or evil designs of others : the lowest panders of a venal press.
    ORIGIN late Middle English (as a noun): from Pandare, the name of a character in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde (see Pandarus ). The verb dates from the early 17th cent.

    • Two candidates? Two? Romney would NEVER put out or approve a message that degrades women like this.

  • On the bright side, we’re one day closer to Jesus coming back so that we can leave this disgusting world. In the meantime, vote for the nice guy who actually likes people: Mitt Romney.

  • wodiej

    I’m not even going to watch it. I’ll just say obama gets more desperate by the day.

  • victorykd

    This is revolting. I can’t help but wonder how many parents are reacting with anger and disgust.

    • Landscaper

      If they (parents) caught Fox News tonight, they played this ad…… maybe some college ladies got a call from mom and dad.

  • iHeartLife

    If there was a country whose president/prime minister would endorse an ad comparing first time voting to first time having sex, I would NEVER EVER EVER have thought in my lifetime that America’s national leader would number among them. Russia has no respect for anyone so I’m not surprised. But the President of the United States?!!!

    I hope zero and his pathetic excuse of an administration face jail time over Benghazi. Their abandonment of their people who were calling out for help, and whose calls they received in real time but did not respond too, is noting but criminal! They are the government power meant to protect those who serve, in whatever capacity, this great nation. But the cover-up…DISGUSTING! Life sentences for them all!

  • Really? Gag. This campaign doubles down on insulting. I hope every female who sees this has the self confidence to laugh at this transparent manipulation. Then go vote out the people who are insulting our womanhood at every opportunity. (Hint to the kids–The Dems are the ones who make fun of us. If this doesn’t make sense now, you will understand better when you grow up.)
    Think for yourself. This is the equivalent of the stupid boyfriend who says “if you love me, you will do as I ask.” The translation…”if you love me, you’d do whatever I say.”

  • amyinwonderland

    As if American women don’t already have enough disrespectful, perverted men in the form of classmates, colleagues, bosses, journalists, musicians, entertainers, film and tv writers and producers, and men we encounter anywhere we go, talking to and about us as if we were the slutty bimbos they wish us to be, we now have to hear it from the President of the United States, as well? The truth is that we are intelligent, hard-working citizens of this country, and without us it would not be as great a nation as it is today. We are smart enough to know when someone is treating us disrespectfully or trying to manipulate us, and we have enough self-respect not to allow it to continue. American women know who is waging a war on us: it is those who think we are simple-minded and gullible enough to give up our freedom – to turn over to them the control and power in our own lives – in exchange for a few shiny baubles.

  • Landscaper

    Would it be rude of me to suggest this young lady and Sandra Fluke won’t need condoms or birth controll? Read between the lines…..

    • SineWaveII

      Not rude just accurate

  • now that’s sure to turn out the…. tattooed, freak virgin? vote, block? (0.0003?), …i took off a zero.

  • any link to putin’s ad?
    ” ve all vould like to luv de pootin!”

  • A racist ad as well as an unpresidential one. And Chris Matthews thinks Romney is racist. I don’t think Romney has ever made an ad portraying African-Americans as oversexed beasts “threatening our white women.”

  • SineWaveII

    Has anyone checked to make sure that this campaign video has the required paperwork on file proving that everyone involved is eighteen or older?

  • It REEKS! Just like everything else that is connected to Obama, his administration, and the Progressives, et. al.

  • Arthur Retallick

    0bama is a pimp.

  • rjcylon

    Everyone needs to read Rush’s transcripts about birth control from today’s show (10-25-12).


  • Tiffini

    As a mother of a 12 year girl, I hope I teach her about real issues and to think for herself. Young women like this one, send a dangerous message, better to be “cool” then to be principled is what got us Obama’s first term. I shudder to think what a second term would look like.

    • OUmom2013

      the ad was obviously not meant for a 12 year old girl but for 18 and up… she as just as much a right to send out her message as you and I do… no one made anyone making comments on here watch her video… we did by choice and free will… which is what the election allows us to do as well.. I just hope and pray that everyone looks at ALL of the issues and not just those they wish to complain and “b” about… what have all of you done lately to improve this country??? be open minded about all of the issues and the truth behind EVERYTHING!!!!

      • Tiffini

        I thank you for your comment, but I fail to see where I said anything about her not having a right to make the ad or where I complained about someone making me watch it, yes we all have free will and I did choose to watch it. And I like you do hope and pray all people are looking at all the issues.

  • OUmom2013

    Okay, so those who want to bash and make snide comments, really… this was not an “approved” message so don’t lump this ad in with those that are.. In addition, you would not be all wrapped up in negative comments is you really got the message behind the ad, I mean really people are you that lame you can’t see that it’s a parody on a person’s first time… OMGosh get a grip and look at the bigger picture here… at least she’s trying to get young adults to get out and vote, what are you doing???

  • LifeisSoGood

    With a name like OUmom, I would have hoped you had better morals than that. Yes, this probably wasn’t “approved”. Yes, it was a parody.
    Can you honestly say you didn’t feel it a wrong message to send our young?
    My 21 year old son joked back “Is that all I need to tell her to get in her pants? Tell her she’ll feel like a “woman” after?” Glad to know my son has better morals than that because his first comment was “Do they think we’re all that naive?”
    Approved or not, as a responsible parent and adult, this ad went too far.
    And yet, people act like they don’t understand why our youth are wild and out of control.

  • Maurizme

    It’s a new lowest low for Captain Obvious – I thought Dumbo (if you look at the ears, there’s a distinct resemblance) had about reached that point with Rolling Stone Magazine and the idiot “Romnesia” comment, but I was wrong – stupid, apparently, isn’t something we can fix, but we can VOTE IT OUT OF OFFICE!!

  • Linky1

    If it wasn’t “approved”, why, at the end of the ad, does it give the website vote.barackobama.com and that it was paid for by ObamaforAmerica?

    Hmmmm.someone had to “approve the ad”, it jjust didn’t materialize out of nowhere.

    BTW OUmom, I’m not “lame,” unlike the people who approved this ad. What I am is saddened that it has come to this, to use sleaze to get people to vote instead of say, a duty to yourself and your country.

    • Good post and well said Linky1.

  • sunny

    sandra fluck probablyl started this and we know her answer already….ANYONE but, Romney and surely she has proved that in front of Congress

  • Anyone remember this comment from His Royalness, Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm)?

    “I am going to teach them (his daughters) first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

    Seems to me if America makes a mistake on November 6 – for the next 4 years the entire world will be “punished with a baby”.

    Just saying…

    • maybe his daughters have found his preferences typing “Larry Sinclair” on Youtube? 😉

  • I think this is vulgar and disgusting. And a shame that it is representative of the President of the United States of America.

  • Yazz55

    Useful idiot promotes the regime’s war on women.

  • Imagine trying to use this kind of ad to get guys to vote for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    I’m guessing a bag would come into play somewhere.

    What this really underscores is the ridiculous pressure kids have in school to have sex at an early age. Not that they don’t all WANT to, but nowdays it’s more like you are considered a total loser if you don’t.

  • kong1967

    Lol, I was going to mention the Putin ad but it’s already here..

    Seems like the WH has a new mentor.

  • mike johnson

    WTF even Barack would pull a Clinton with this wench, OMG I never even thought this administration would go this low lol, I laughed my a$$ of when I saw this pathetic piece of $hit desperation move. Lets all gather at Romneys Inauguration, to sing nanana-nanana hay hay good bye to Obama like his peeps did to Bush, it would be priceless!!!!!!

  • Lobur12n12

    The message seems to be, “Don’t vote for Yobama without a condom.”

    Or if you wake up in the morning and discover you’ve had unprotected vote with Yobama, don’t forget that RU486 is now avaliable free from the Catholic church

  • Both Obama’s and Putin’s ads are absolutely deplorable, but the ex-KGB agent’s propagandists get kudos for one thing:

    Putin’s girl is absolutely beautiful compared to the pseudo-Butch on Obama’s ad.

    • colliemum

      You took the words right from my keyboard!

      That Russian girl looks clean and beautiful – the one on this ad looks unwashed and as if she’d smell.

  • Lobur12n12

    The message here seems to be, “If you vote for Yobama, don’t forget to use a condom.”

    Or if you wake up in the morning and find you have had unprotected vote with Yobama, get your free RU486 from the Catholic church.

  • Rocco11

    Is that Rachel Maddow?

    • iaintlyin

      No silly, Maddow is…. ummmmm….forget that. This kid is Chris Matthews and Bill Mahers love child.




    UNBELIEVABLY DISTASTEFUL and UNPRESIDENTIAL! It is shocking to say the least. I’m embarrassed that our president would stoop to such a creepy low.

    • Embarrassing, but not surprising.

    • And Bill Clinton smiles.

  • First time was amazing ?? God HELP US if women are thinking so shallow and like total idiots. Obumble only cares about making this country MUSLIM and this “sweet young thang” will be covered UP with only her eyes showing if that happens. THEN see who starts screaming. Oh yeah… Her first time was amazing… let’s see her first time getting beaten into submission. Bet her pretty tat won’t show then.

  • makes me ill to my stomach, we have so many problems in this Country and it comes down to a “Pill” or an “abortion”, REALLY????? Sodom and Gomorrah have we become, are we so dumbed down?? I am embarrassed at times to call myself woman, but then again woman got blamed for electing Clinton and look what he gave us (Glass-Stegal breaking, unfair trade agreement act, NAFTA, Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac, paid UN dues etc-not a nice person-why do they like him again-oh the speech writers-oh he had charisma) Hey folks “O” has Charisma (had)….I digress this Country is so divided on so many levels, it is so sad and this election is aiding that divide and making it worse, no one trusts anyone,,sad, sad, sad

  • aposematic

    Why not! Most women loose their virginity to a lying piece of crap!

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I Larry Sinclair would like to bed with Obama again but this time not in the back seat of a limo. I think if Donald Young and Larry Bland were still alive, both black homosexuals from Jeremiah Wright’s church would prefer Obama.

  • Philo Beddoe

    After looking at the woman in the ad, I’d rather be celebate

    • iaintlyin

      Actually it looks more like a waiting room at an abortion clinic.

      Edit: on second thought it may also have been filmed in the Registrars office of a private college…….But hold on, jeez… maybe…. maybe its the green room for guests about to be on Letterman, and this intern was promised a chocolate banana split for her time.

  • I dont even know where to begin. First of all this street rat looking dyke chick doesnt appear to have a clue how to brush her own teeth let alone know who to vote for. Lemmie guess! She voted for BO because her friends did or Bono did or Oprah told her to. She voted for BO. Thanks honey, look at the mountain of hell you helped plunge us into. You should feel SO proud. Dummy.

  • maivey3

    The bottom of the barrel has been reached.

    Another coffin nail in the Republic.

    • iaintlyin

      The bottom of the barrel will never be reached by these worms. I’ll tell you this though, both my daughter and my wife were totally repulsed by the ad. Granted, they both have right leaning political beliefs but looking at the ad from a non partisan female point, they’re disgusted by it.
      The bottom of the barrel is along way off for these freaks, their antics manage to bring out an array of emotions from me daily from stunned to amazement to embarrassment to disgust…….Good God Be With Us

  • ScarletDove

    This disgustng ad is so indicative of what Obama and his minions are all about. They are obsessed with women and relegated them to sex. Where is the discussions of a woman’s mind, spirit and contributions, for they are no different for each gender. I can’t help but wonder if the libs/socialists/marxists all think we are solely driven by sex; unless of course this is part of the Alinsky list to degrade our society. As a woman, I am highly offended by this piece of garbage; Obama and crew are nothing but degenerate gutter trash.

  • reason1984

    Is Sandra Fluke putting on weight?

  • Occupy Wall Street written all over her! What a disgusting, degrading and condescending ad! Reduce women to nothing more then life support for their sex organs, concerned with nothing more than where to get their next birth control “fix” and putting the nearest abortion clinic on fast dial on their phones. I’m mad about this and I’m a man, I can only imagine how outraged women must feel watching that piece of garbage!

  • cheyennecowboy

    Vulgar and disgusting! Typical fare for odumba and his company of chicago thugs.

  • AgentRose

    Every sixth grader and above (and maybe their teachers) are snickering at this ad this morning. They will be used as “useful idiots” to influence their parents. Their parents will think their children have suddenly taken an interest in civics. They didn’t know that civics and sex education were merged in the new curriculum from Arne Duncan and the Chicago mob.

    Do women ever wonder why MEN are SO INTERESTED IN PROVIDING BIRTH CONTROL AND ABORTION? It’s a simple matter of math—or child support. Wake up!!!

  • AgentRose

    Funny thing from what everything that has been buried has said that Obama is gay. Look it up.

  • Should suprise no one after the raw display at the Democratic Convention. Out with God, Israel, and glorify Sandra Fluke and sex. A logical extension of the Democrat perversion during the Clinton Administration [with the intern] and the sewer from Hollywood [a liberal and Democrat water hole], and in the mind of Obama’s pushers.

  • MiketheMarine

    Ok, quick poll. Which is more disgusting? My comment on the gay thread or this advertisement? I’m really curious. Put on your unbiased hats and let me know.

  • hventure22

    Um. I’ll pass.. No really lady, no thanks.

  • Obama is a disgusting person.

  • iaintlyin

    Did she mention she has already committed her wedding gifts to the Obama campaign fund? Or that the tatoo on her arm pro’bly cost twice as much as her birth control would have cost her for the next three years. What a bunch of morons these people are.

  • She pulled back the curtain did she? How many polling places still have curtains…I’m calling her out on this one!

  • agas84363

    In the words of dean wormer…….Mr Blutarsky (and Mr Obama)….”0.0″….saw animal house the other day and this came to mind

  • not only is this ad dumb, it shows that obama thinks women are stuipd.

  • WordsFailMe

    From Legal Insurrection:

    “Perhaps Obama’s new campaign slogan should be ‘Screw Obama.'”


  • I’m not surprised, and to be honest I don’t think it’s actually going to convince anyone to change their minds. I’m in college now, and as dumb as they are I still can’t see any of them being swindled by this ad (unless they were ALREADY going to vote for Obama, but were playing Independent and THIS was their ticket to finally DECLARE who they support).

  • bobemakk

    Obama has been unpresidential since day one. Now he has a similar ad to Putins and he spoke with Medvedev that he would have more leverage after he is re-elected. This ad sounds like “disgusting” desperation on the part of the Obama regime and he is following the same idea as Putin, proves he does NOT love US. Romney has to win.

  • iaintlyin

    Tomorrow there will be an ad with that biker chick that sat on Bidens lap a couple of weeks ago. The chick will be saying how later that evening (after the photo op) she met Uncle Joe in a parking lot where he attempted to have sex with her but due to the inebriated state he was in he couldn’t do the deed. BUT, he did let her keep the condom “just in case”. Thats why She’s hooked on the left Too

  • If your daughter, wife or sister was to be trapped for 14 hours in an elevator. Would you feel more comfortable in the knowledge that it was with Romney or NObama? If you said NObama, you’re on the wrong website! LOL!

    • johnbradleycopeland

      What is a “wolfie”?

  • drphibes

    I can’t wait for the adults to be in charge again.

  • drphibes

    If his campaign slips further, O will be sporting tattoos and piercings in a bid for the youth vote.

    • joyfulgiver

      Please don’t give him any ideas! :o)

  • grandmafromTX

    If I was voting my first time, this ad would keep me from voting for a man who thinks this was all right to say! That a definitely anti woman ad! It also says young people are stupid! I am offended by that ad!

    • johnbradleycopeland

      Hows that pipeline working for you in Texas. I heard a lot of Texans are not happy to have thier land taken without want to sell or even just compensation?

      • They don’t take land to build a pipeline. They pay the landowner for right of way.

  • Hayden Bunker

    Lena Dunham already knows it’s absurd. She wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t, and THAT’S why it’s funny; if you take her too seriously you WILL find her appeal disgusting and crass– but then you’ve entirely missed the idea.

    • nedarc

      Yes it’s just like Obama and the Democrat Party…..ABSURD, you are so right !!!

  • 1Hoss

    We’ve all had a taste of sex with Obama: he’s been screwing us for almost four years now.

  • Special K

    But what’s a girl to do? He’s such great eye candy!

    • If she believes that, the first thing she should do is get a pair of glasses!

      • Special K

        Hey! Then she’d be out of luck altogether. Guys, you know, don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses. (And in it’s “green energy” reincarnation: “Bulls don’t make passes at cows who emit greenhouse gasses”).

  • Ollie_Owl1

    We have been handed a great opportunity to return America back to sanity and decency. The choices are clear….we can keep trillions of dollars in debt, unemployment, incompetency, czars, executive orders that skirt around the congress because the Emperor knows that the American people would not tolerate them, and the list goes on…or we could drain the swamp and replace the present dregs with a leader who know how the economy works, has had experience in governing and running businesses compared to the community organizer who is good at instigating division amound the electorate. So, let’s go for it and take care of America.

    • johnbradleycopeland

      Please do tell when the Repuplicans are going to pay for the two Bush wars and all of the other money they spent on Cheney and his no bid Halliburton contracts? chirp, chirp, chirp!

      • Typical reply for four years of destruction under Obama: bushdidit!


  • Linky1

    Interesting little tidbit for Canadians who may read this thread:

    I heard this on SUN News this morning: This “actress” actually promoted the idea of people dressing up as convicted Canadian serial killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka for Halloween.

    She did have to retract this sick idea (think it was on Twitter), but the whole idea of promoting something so abhorrent….well, there’s her mindset, she would have no problem promoting an idea like this.

  • joyfulgiver

    Under this president morality is fleeing faster than the speed of light!

    • Linky1

      Think Nero and the Fall of the Roman Empire. Obama is Nero and he is off fiddling while Rome burns.

      Sound familiar?

      “Why did Rome Fall?

      There are adherents to single factors, but more people think a combination of such factors as Christianity, decadence, lead, monetary trouble, and military problems caused the Fall of Rome. Imperial incompetence and chance could be added to the list. Even the rise of Islam is proposed as the reason for Rome’s fall, by some who think the Fall of Rome happened at Constantinople in A.D. 1453.”


  • sly311

    I especially like the tats all the way up her arm. A real class act. This is the future of America?? What is the show this ho is on? Girls? Sluts? Apparently this is the only America BHO knows. It’s comforting to know he has two daughters.

    • johnbradleycopeland

      It isn’t very social of you to call women with tats “sluts”. Half of the women attending the Baptist Church here in SC have one or more.

      • poljunkie

        I dont think women with tattoos are sluts, but I think it is a generation gap thing. When I was growing up, tattoos were for bikers, sailors and gang members. Gals if they had them, had a little one in a discreet location. Now every other person has one. They used to set you apart, now if you DONT have one you are different.
        In my opinion it is another fad, like piercing-

      • sly311

        Talking about the HBO show this ho stars in. What’s the name? “Girls” “Sluts” Not watching HBO, I’m not sure about the name. But, Obama is gearing his last desperate efforts at the inky crowd. Actually I find all the “church” crowd pretty liberal. Virulently opposed abortion and maybe gays but very liberal on every other issue. How many of you are going to vote for the Mormon??? Hmm?? Oh, btw I am very Christian and very social. This was a very tasteless and offensive political commercial. Too bad you took it soooooo personally. Grow up.

  • sly311

    As they say Kelar it takes one to know one. I trust you on that.

  • Edward J Baker

    i wish it were true that America is not as stupid as Obama assumes. But in America’s cultural decline, there are vast numbers of people who would find this young airhead to be intelligent.

  • doughpro

    I have a hard time believing that this girl is into guys……period.

  • GOPsucksnuts

    “Sunken to a new low”

    Ba hahahahahahaaaaaaaa! Nice English, dickwad.

    I can see how much the thought of consentual sex with a woman bothers you assholes. Don’t worry. You can still have your legitimate rape and Larry Craig bathroom encounters.

  • GOPsucksnuts

    Awwwww… I can see how much the thought of consensual sex with a woman bothers all of you. Don’t worry! You can all get back to your legitimate rape and Larry Craig bathroom shenanigans after Obama is re-elected.

    Also – “sunken to a new low” – GREAT English skills there, dipshit.

    You guys are hilarious. For a bunch of inbred uneducated yokels you’ve all managed to figure out how to hate the black guy AND log into a computer. Congratulations to you one and all.

    • Go home troll, we ain’t biting.

  • ArnoldLayne

    A bit extra sick, since the girl’s last name is the same as Obama’s mother. ewwww.

  • True proof ODUMA is a low life scum. Piece of desperation, to go along with everything else Oduma does. Obama feels he has been successful and I guess he has.He has fulfilled a lot of his agenda. Women against men unemployed against employed poor against rich black and all races against white muslims against Jews and Americans Single women against married women Higher gas,food,utility,insurance and clothing prices Destroyed the healthcare system Doing harm to the Christian,Catholic and Jewish belief system And 50% of this country agrees with him. HOW? WHY? Confusing as HELL to me.

    • johnbradleycopeland

      I don’t understand your confusion. Did you want the Republicans to come back and give more fr our money to the banks to bail them out like Bush did? Or did you want them to come back and keep us from having the new Freedom Tower burned to the ground like the Twin Towers where 3,000 Americans died under Bush? Why would we want more of that?

      • I’m leaving this one up so people can get a good laugh.

  • poljunkie

    I tried to come up with some thing witty to say about this shameful ad but couldnt.

    I found these at AOS.

    Look…just because @barackobama’s Chicago home is full of dead voters, that doesn’t mean his first time involved necrophilia. #ShameonYou

    Voting for Obama is like my first time: I was nervous, a little arrogant, and a 75 year old woman made sure I was in the right place.

    • johnbradleycopeland

      sick perverted POS post

      • poljunkie

        How many times are you going to say POS? If you find everyone here so revolting -why stick around? Im sure there are sites that are more to your liking.why not go there and hangout?

        • Because they are bored with him there, too.

          • poljunkie

            Ha ha good point.

  • bluesborn

    Come on lighten up-what is this 1952?Disgusting?I thought it was cute.

    • Actually, I think it would have been better if a man had been featured. It would have really been nuanced, enlightened and edgier. Plus, it would have cemented the Presidents position with the LBGT crowd and confirmed the story of Jerome Corsey and the “Down Low” club at the Trinity United Church in Chicago with pastor Jeremiah Wright.

      • bluesborn

        By “lighten up” I didn’t mean impale me with rapier wit. Still-you’re a funny guy.

    • poljunkie

      I didnt think it was cute, and if I had a daughter who was 18 I would really be offended. Some times its best to show some class. One of those times is when you are President of the United States.

  • Do we really want as President a 50+ year old guy who thinks it’s appropriate to engage in sexual innuendo with teenage girls?

    Can you imagine if Romney ran an ad like that, the feminist groups would be outraged, saying it was degrading to women….and they’d be right.

    And this wasn’t from some Super Pac, it was from Obama himself. I only wish he was at the end saying, “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.”

  • DTDoyle

    Is this an internet ad or is it on T.V.?

  • One more thing: Can you believe the arrogance? Obama is saying that voting for him is akin to making love for the first time. Really?

    I can just imagine the SNL skit now: the Obama look-alike suavely cozies up to some attractive girl in her late teens, as a sultry Barry White song plays in the background, and says to her “Hey, honey, I have a proposition for you. I want your first time to be with me, baby. I’m soooo good, it will rock your world. I’ve already started to heal the planet and made the oceans recede, but we can move the earth together! Just come into this little booth with me….and close that curtain to give us a little privacy, baby. Now just go ahead and grab that thing right there and yank it. Oh yeah! Now do that again and again, honey. Yeah, that’s how we do it in Chicago. Was that good for you baby?”

    • johnbradleycopeland

      You are just sick! Very sick. Stop eating that fox or you may die.

    • Thats actually pretty funny. They should do another commercial just the wayt u described it.

  • madeleine

    Everyone should read the Comment Policy. Evidently, not many of you do.

  • For a president who stars in Leno and Letterman this is right up his alley,, don’t you know hollywood is fake ,, as well as You know,, Vote informed,, not because a celebrity tells you to. I have a lot more respect for this up and coming generation please respect yourselves and file this under stupid

  • So, what’s the difference between this ad or one that says, “Do you want to get screwed by Obama?”

  • This commercial really shows that he thinks women a little air heads. And all the while his wife was working as the major bread winner and he was out organizing his community. How touchy feely. Just don’t touch my Constitution!

  • This just shows he thinks of women as little air heads that will follow him willingly if he wears cool jeans. His wife was the major bread winner in the family while he was a community organizer. If this is what he thinks of women, all I have to say is keep your hands off my Constitution!

  • Cathy Peters

    It’s one thing that kotex, yeast infection and menopause is no longer a private thing, but now politicians are trying to encourage the way a young girl loses her virginity in a “vote for me” ad?? Our country needs to get back on track with honor, self confidence, respect, loyalty and keeping sex out of the equation, especially when it comes to voting. Gays trying to get rights is based on sexual preference because that’s what they are fighting for. Young women voting for the first time should be just about that…not about sex! Shame on you President Obama. What do your daughters think about this ad? Do you even want to know? I wouldn’t want my daughter or granddaugthers to be influenced by this ad.

    • johnbradleycopeland

      Are you really a “dirty old man”?

  • Cathy Peters

    It’s one thing that kotex, yeast infection and menopause is no longer a private thing, but now politicians are trying to encourage the way a young girl loses her virginity in a “vote for me” ad?? Our country needs to get back on track with honor, self confidence, respect, loyalty and keeping sex out of the equation, especially when it comes to voting. Gays trying to get rights is based on sexual preference because that’s what they are fighting for. Young women voting for the first time should be just about that…not about sex! Shame on you President Obama. What do your daughters think about this ad? Do you even want to know? I wouldn’t want my daughter or granddaugthers to be influenced by this ad.

  • Theconservativechic

    That’s a girl…..

  • Erdnay

    I can tell how thoughtful, mature, and concerned about the future is by the tatoos.

    • johnbradleycopeland

      I guess you haven’t been to church in South Carolina lately where all the Baptist have them.

  • Erdnay

    Wearing a cross around her neck and voting for a communist ? Is that what I saw ?

    • johnbradleycopeland

      POS Award.

  • rich wojcik

    wouldn’t touch her with a 10″ pole, with 6′ Pole…………maybe with a baseball bat? Yep, right on the other side of her “main interest” – that lower brain she uses for “thinkin'”
    what a pitiful, brainless obamette

    • johnbradleycopeland

      POS Award!

  • The moral: Obama has already screwed us all. And I’m sure Romney would follow in his footsteps.

  • poljunkie

    I havent heard that word is ages.

  • I cannot BELIEVE this new ad. As a woman, this is the most insulting ad I have ever viewed. I thought Obama was trying to WIN the woman vote, not get them to actively turn against him. What a jerk!

    • johnbradleycopeland

      I guess legitimate rape and being forced to carry the rape zygote to birth is ok with you as well. Will your husband let you vote?

    • jambro59

      oh brother…relax and have a glass of wine it’s just a joke.

  • It said when all the arguments here a such a fraction of the truth. You wanna blame the president go for it but should probably use facts not half facts but whole facts. GOP wants people to trust them,yet they use words like “takeover” when trying to get congressional votes. Was the ad offensive, no more then a VP candidate swinging by a soup kitchen washing clean pots for a photo op. Both cases they are trying to connect. the comments posted below are more offensive then anything. If you want to criticize someone and not throwing you hat in the ring to do the job sit down. How is any of this helpful?

  • Yes, “legitimate rape” and “God wanted you to get raped” is not offensive, but this is.

    Tell me something: When you sold your soul, did it hurt when it was being extracted from you?

    • johnbradleycopeland

      Excellent and I support your sentiments! If “right scoop” is “disgusted” it should be because MIttsie can not tell America specifically how he plans to “do” anything!

      • Don

        Unlike Nobama who does have a plan, unfortunately it’s the same BS as the last 4 years

      • You could always grow a pair and read his plan at his website.

    • Don

      Hey numb nuts, the nimrod that made the comments about legitimate rape was not an ad for Romney, as this ad is for Obama,

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    Utterly creepy that the girl, Lena Dunham, has the same last name as Obama’s mother. Dunham. Ewwwwwwwwww.
    But that PALES by comparison to the content of the Ad. Talk about the WAR ON WOMEN. This ad proves that Democrats see people as something to buy and sell and murder– which tracks to their support of slavery prior to the Civil War, their support of lynching and the fact that they started/promoted the KKK to terrorize African Americans, that the Democrats started and promote Planned Parenthood via their own personal Hitler named Margaret Sanger whose plan was based upon Hitler’s “final solution” and now they are attempting to take the innocence of young women and turn it into some kind of freakshow voting booth sex act. Repulsive, repugnant, reprobates.

  • Kurt Haverstock

    You all really need to get a sense of humor and loosen up a bit. There was absolutely nothing disgusting about the message conveyed…you all made it disgusting by bringing your own prior knowledge and puritanical mindset to the party. Also, your headline says “New Obama ad asks who would you rather do it with, Obama or Romney?”, when in fact, no such question is asked in the ad. She did mention gay people though **GASP**

  • ad is fine and mildly amusing although she talks too fast and sounds like she is just rambling. all the naysayers are prolly the same uptight nimrods that are against marijuana legalization

    • poljunkie

      If you want to discuss things, great. Name calling isnt a way to engage.

  • johnbradleycopeland

    “Abhorent” as in the Republican legislation that forces women to have transvaginal ultrasounds or accept rape as gods plan?

  • Seriouly, everyone who has their panties in a twist over this commercial needs to yank out the pole thats stuck up their butts and chill the eff out.

    • poljunkie

      Its always interesting to see the drop in posters. You stop in and make coarse comments. Youre not advancing the conversation in my view.

  • Honeytrap

    God, I haaaate the idea that we are raising a generation of kids stupid enough to fall for a crappy ad like this. This girl sounds and looks like a stupid whore. She may not be but if you put yourself out there like that, you get to take the lumps. Thank God I see intelligent 18 to 20 somethings around me every day who think this ad stinks. There is hope for America after all!

  • Ollie_Owl1

    Why don’t we start with how your prince is going to get us out of the portion of the trillion debt that is facing us because of his stupid policies….and then we could go on to the money sunk into those equally stupid projects like Solyndra for instance, not to mention the bill the taxpayers are footing because people are on welfare and on foodstamps because your prince does not have any idea on how to get this economy moving so people will have jobs, and then the prince can also write us all a letter and tell us where all the stimulus money is……oh yes, the banks have grabbed it all…I DON’T THINK MR. PRESIDENT IS IN ANY POSITION TO THROW STONES BECAUSE HE HAS NOT MADE ANYTHING BETTER. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN HIS PROMISES..

  • some pretty crazy and violent folks writing comments on here. Wow republicans sound like prisoners.

  • thediagnosis

    How disgusting and disturbing can Liberals become? This is a travesty of all things the great men known as the Forefathers fought and at times died for. Is anyone surprised that not only would this be an Obama Ad but it would happen to be a White Woman? No one wants to hit on the taboo facts but in America their is a true Genocide occuring and it is hidden behind a facade of Multiculturalism. Islam supports polygamy as Obama’s Father practiced while Romney and his Mormon Church banned the practice. Who has the Moral highground is not even worthy of debate. I did NOT Vote for Obama in ’08 and I stand by my statement that Barrak Hussein Obama was not then, is not now and never will be my President. I am an American dissident. I am an American Expatriate living in Bizzaro World. Personal Liberty requires Personal Responsibility. That is what the White European Forefathers afforded “We the People…” Are you all so ready to let a Traitor Muslim Destroy your Nation, take your Freedom and all of your Money and Assets while leaving the Americans of Caucasian descent destitute and unprotected? Watch the Movie 2016: Obama’s America and tell me that is the future you want. Read the unreported and rampant Black on White Violence and Black Mob activity that is becoming the Norm in Urban America at WND News and tell me are you ready to become Extinct? Wake Up! Strap Up! Prepare for what is about to be Full Blown Chaos where your last choice will be that of Fight or Die. God Bless.

  • chatterbox365

    Ignore the trolls…they are a bunch of misguided a$$wipes who have nothing better to do than come over here and try start sh*t.

    You wanna know the difference between a catfish and a liberal…one is a fish and the other is a scum sucking bottom feeder.

  • How disgusting and disturbing can Liberals become? This is a travesty of all things the great men known as the Forefathers fought and at times died for. Is anyone surprised that not only would this be an Obama Ad but it would happen to be a White Woman? No one wants to hit on the taboo facts but in America their is a true Genocide occuring and it is hidden behind a facade of Multiculturalism. Islam supports polygamy as Obama’s Father practiced while Romney and his Mormon Church banned the practice. Who has the Moral highground is not even worthy of debate. I did NOT Vote for Obama in ’08 and I stand by my statement that Barrak Hussein Obama was not then, is not now and never will be my President. I am an American dissident. I am an American Expatriate living in Bizzaro World. Personal Liberty requires Personal Responsibility. That is what the White European Forefathers afforded “We the People…” Are you all so ready to let a Traitor Muslim Destroy your Nation, take your Freedom and all of your Money and Assets while leaving the Americans of Caucasian descent destitute and unprotected? Watch the Movie 2016: Obama’s America and tell me that is the future you want. Read the unreported and rampant Black on White Violence and Black Mob activity that is becoming the Norm in Urban America at WND News and tell me are you ready to become Extinct? Wake Up! Strap Up! Prepare for what is about to be Full Blown Chaos where your last choice will be that of Fight or Die. God Bless.

  • annedanielson

    Minds that think alike

  • Sad thing is the girl in the Video is such a Cutie. It is our own fault that we send our children to schools staffed by Liberal Socialist Teachers and then allow them to go to Colleges filled with Socialist American-Hating Professors. Time for “We the People…” to take on the Resposibility that is required to assure Personal Liberty.

  • Economy is recovering. New construction is up 82% from 2009. We are about to surpass Saudi Arabia in oil production. Positive consumer sentiment/spending has propelled the GDP. We are on a rebound.

    Conservative policy is obsolete. This isn’t the 80’s, military strength is NOT directly relative to spending, trickly down does NOT work, I’m sick of paying double taxes than the wealthy, your candidate has no details in his plans and his math doesn’t add up. None of you can actually argue any policy intelligently, and the bulk of extreme rights don’t even know what they are voting for.

    Thankfully since the recent poll numbers show Obama carrying Ohio, you will all be better off as middle class people being DIRECTLY helped by policy rather than via some wealthy american who has been provided relief in hopes that they will pass it to you somehow.

    • poljunkie

      Oh we know what we are voting for Steve —-We are only sorry we dont have a more conservative candidate.
      If you think the economy is recovering you are clearly not living in the same place as me. The stock market “looks good”. Thats because businesses are sitting on the sidelines, hoarding their cash.
      Real Estate is still struggling. Here in Arizona, values are underwater. We live in an affluent area, and even it has been hit with the epidemic of short sales and foreclosures.
      The commercial market is terrible. In my town- so many businesses have gone under. In 2010 a large amount of small businesses went belly up, and in 2011 more followed. A hefty quantity of marketable storefronts have been for lease for years.
      Companies have laid off their employees and are running on skeleton crews. As an example, a national fast food outlet here in town, used to have 24 employees during the lunch hour rush, now- they have four. Another National chicken/Mexican food (two well known names) that were a dual location) opened and lasted just 4 months.
      Those wealthily people you have such disdain for, typically own the small businesses that provide job opportunities for others.
      AND by the way, those same people pay quite a bit of taxes. You really need to stop with the wealthy American getting benefit relief bull. Its class warfare -at its finest but its simply is not always the case.
      When did it become a crime here in the US to work hard, make money and become successful? Oh I know – when Obama became President.
      Approx 40% of the Nation doesn’t pay a penny of taxes each year. If they contributed something- anything- we may start to make headway toward our bet/deficit.

    • The economy is crumbling. And it’s getting worse. New layoffs are happening, Q3 earnings reports are coming in, and headed mostly below “expectations.”

      The economy grew at a ridiculously weak 2%, not keeping up with anything.

      Stocks are flat and the Dow is down.

      The debt-to-GDP ratio crossed 100% last month and is climbing, and municipalities entering bankruptcy are on the rise.

      And the jobs outlook is also being hampered because CEO’s are cutting back (due to the fact that the “fiscal cliff” still hasn’t been repaired), thanks to Obama, and Harry Reid.

      Obama has lost this election. Get used to it.

  • poljunkie

    My son looked up the actress in the ad. She actually voted in the 2004 Bush/Kerry election. So this year isnt even her first. Epic fail.

    • Who gives a rat’s ass?

      • poljunkie

        Well, she’s a poser. I thought she was supposed to be first time voter making such a “big” choice?

        • They sell bridges to people as clueless as you.

          • poljunkie

            James R. You are so thoughtful in your response. But thanks for the reply.

            Have a beautiful day.

  • jambro59

    it’s a joke people, relax and remove the stick that’s firmly implanted up your republican A**** it’s a silly ad not an assault on the morals of American youth. Yes, it’s a cheap joke and to some in bad taste but leave it at that and remember that this week two young women were sent to a Russian gulag because they acted in a way that was labeled “Morally Indecent.” Putin’s quote was “They got what they deserve” Defend the right of free speech no matter how much you disagree with the message, it’s what separates this great country from most of world. Oh and i’m an independent and will be voting for Romney so go ahead and slam me now.

    • It is not a joke when it suggests that voting for a candidate is like giving your virginity to the dirty old man asking for it.

    • Why is it that people scream “free speech” whenever others are exercising the same?

  • saintlaw

    There is so much lol here I don’t know where to begin.

    A speshal prize has to go to the squeaky little worm who posted this:”You aint got a chance in Hell of slowing Romney/Ryan’s momentum on this site buddy.”

    You can have the site, deary. And Obama will have the country.


  • Kara228

    What I think about this ad: To the point, and hilarious. Maybe you guys are just bitter that someone didn’t care enough about Romney to make this commercial for him.

  • This is hardly desperate or disgusting; cheeky and perhaps a bit tacky but hardly disgusting. Tone down the woe is me, cluching at my pearls rhetoric, you embarrass yourselves.

    To be sure, the ad is racy but please, a little honesty. Have you seen or heard any of the videos, blogs or tweets from many on the right, talk about disgusting. From Rush Limbaugh’s calling someone a slut to Ann Coulter’s retard comment and all of the nasty in between, there’s enough blame to go around when it comes to disgusting.

    Fact is, the U.S. has become so polarized that the truth has long since disappeared. Whether it will ever be seen again will depend on whether the radicals on both sides are removed from the equation……..not that I’m holding my breath.

    • You don’t need to hold your breath. You are simply wrong. And that’s okay.

  • Well, since the first time most people have sex these days is in their teens how does this ad apply? Teens shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

    Secondly, why can’t the libs in this country find a good looking girl to support their cause? I suppose, relatively speaking, this girl IS good looking, for a lib. It seems all they have is bull-dyke looking she-men, or something.

  • ncdave

    Putin’s girl is a lot hotter.

  • ncdave

    Click on “Watch on YouTube” to see the translated subtitles.

    Anyhow, Putin’s girl is a lot hotter. A LOT hotter.

  • Shouldn’t be a suprise to the right wing nut jobs who only want women to stay in the house and do as they are told. The is the root definition of conservative!

  • It’s “your” since it’s a possessive, NOT “you’re.” Please learn grammar first and then we’ll take you seriously.

  • Lauren Burns


  • Lauren Burns


  • mibmandavid

    “Totally cool! I love it! Even she’s got my vote. Thank Gawd there are some hip young women in their 20’s around that get it right the first time.”

  • mibmandavid

    “Totally cool! I love it! Even she’s got my vote. Thank Gawd there are some hip young women in their 20’s around that get it right the first time.”

  • Edward J Baker

    Much like a prostitute in love with her pimp.

  • Lori Tee

    I wouldn’t put anything past this man, Obama. To get a kid, or kids, to compare voting for him with having sex for the first time is disgusting, immoral and dirty. Just like him. Can you imagine what is going to happen to us, our children and our grandchildren if this man has four more yeas in office? Say good bye to America. She will go the way of every Great Empire before her. She will no longer exist and neither will we.

  • keyesforpres

    There is nothing funny about this video.

    • Really? I thought it was a riot, and so did Ronald Reagan, but of course you are not old enough to remember that, are you?


    Forget this latest smoke screen and concentrate on the Benghazi infamy. Here in Britain there is a complete black-out on news about it. The UK MSM is in the tank for Obama and his Comintern project. The opportunity for the American electorate to halt the ‘Long March through the institutions of the West’ is now. It is too late for the UK, which is already in the thrall of Socialism (soft communism) in an unholy alliance with Islamic jihad and their ‘soft propaganda arm, the Muslim Brotherhood; the EU project is part of that march. The US is the last bastion of freedom. You made a terrible mistake four years ago and allowed the footprints of the LMTTI reach the Oval Office. You MUST rectify it on November 6th. The infamy of the abandonment of the US Ambassador in Libya is an indelible stain that Obama cannot remove. It should debar him from any office in the future and all his crew of traitors in the White House. Act now for all our sakes and particularly for those who died in WWII, who must be turning in their graves.

    • We’re going to insist on trails over Benghazi. But they won’t happen until after the election.

      I hope we can help forestall the decline in Britain, once we get these clowns out of office here.

      • Traditionally, K-Bob there must be a criminal act before a trial is called for, No?

        • What else would you expect?

    • That’s nothing Frank, there was also a complete blackout of the force which invaded earth from outer space yesterday. There have been people suggesting that the reason no one is reporting on it is that it didn’t happen. What do you think?

  • Oh, the humanity, it’s even worse than that. Final update; Ronald Reagan (you remember him don’t you) said exactly the same thing over 30 years ago, so it must be alright, amirite? to the fainting couch,to the fainting couch!

  • Looks like the trolls have gotten mad that we don’t appreciate the idiocy of the left.

    Just remember, read and follow the Comment Policy.

  • K-Bob is your definition of troll, a commenter who has a different opinion than you?

  • Alexander Gibson

    You know, usually I stay out of posting on these things because people are so stuck in their own little belief systems that it’s pointless to bring things up. So instead of me throwing out some pro-Obama crap, or anti-Romney shit, I’m simply going to humbly request that people outline for me why they prefer Romney over Obama. I mean, I have my own views (Yes, I support Obama over Romney), and have seen countless flip flops on the side of Romney, and I have seen that Obama failed to make many things happen as promised. But what confounds me is the hatred and blame. I mean, everyone realizes that many things Obama may or may not have tried to put into effect were blocked by the Republican party, just as Romney will get blocked by the Democrats right? All of the parties are at fault for the countries failures because without compromise and team work, nothing gets done. So I would really appreciate some intelligent insight, no ranting, no raging, and try to produce facts – not silly comments that you may have belief in because an ad campaign told you this is what this guy or that guy said. I don’t expect any thoughtful responses, but I preemptively thank you to those who do leave some. 🙂

    • Its quite simple really – Romney clearly believes whatever I believe. Sometimes I just simply think Obama is wrong, but I can always find Romney saying something I can agree with. He is just lying to those other guys, who wouldn’t vote for him if he told the truth. But he wouldn’t lie to me.

      And hes really religious, too. More than Obama, why, did you know Romney will become a God if he does everything right? And the Mormons are real progressive, did you know they now allow Blacks to be Mormon? And no, Mormonism is not a cult after all, Billy Graham took that back.

  • That was so RUDE! What a disappointment. We have to deal with sex thrown in our faces at every turn; I expect a little more from someone like the president. Shame on you

  • Yureiblank

    I find it funny that quite a few of the republicans are quoting the bible and saying God will help them and that God will save the US, God this and God that. I wonder how many things will get shot down if Romney gets elected? Your “God” has no place in a house of law. Your “God” has no place in Politics at all. If I make a mention of a talking rat, I’m a mad man. But Christians have a talking snake, prostitution, whores, murderers, AND those who divulge in incest in their holy book and they’re “Pure” and “Righteous”? Not to mention the whole Zombie Jesus and the disembodied voice that told Abraham to murder his own son. Jeez, and here I am with this talking rat being crazy and immoral. Crazy how the world works.

  • Yureiblank

    I find it funny that quite a few of the republicans are quoting the bible and saying God will help them and that God will save the US, God this and God that. I wonder how many things will get shot down if Romney gets elected? Your “God” has no place in a house of law. Your “God” has no place in Politics at all. If I make a mention of a talking rat, I’m a mad man. But Christians have a talking snake, prostitution, whores, murderers, AND those who divulge in incest in their holy book and they’re “Pure” and “Righteous”? Not to mention the whole Zombie Jesus and the disembodied voice that told Abraham to murder his own son. Jeez, and here I am with this talking rat being crazy and immoral. Crazy how the world works.