Division in the union ranks: Union members unhappy DNC held in right-to-work state North Carolina

Looks like Obama’s got some union problems:

SEATTLE TIMES — Unions and Democrats go together like bread and butter, right? The Democratic Party and unions have had a reciprocal relationship for years: Unions provide the party with both financial and political support, while the party supports them in national legislation.

But the choice of holding the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina — a right-to-work state that does not allow employees to collectively bargain — has ruffled some feathers among unions in North Carolina and around the country. Unions like the AFL-CIO have curtailed their involvement this year, and the United Mine Workers, a strong supporter of Barack Obama in 2008, are still deciding whether to officially endorse him this time around.

Chris Cecil, a shop steward with Teamsters Local 391 in Greensboro, NC, is dissatisfied with the convention location and Obama in general.

“Just look at where he’s giving his acceptance speech,” he said as he hands out leaflets to passersby: “Bank of America Stadium.” …

Cecil, a lifelong Democrat, campaigned for Obama in 2008.

“I remember how elated people were, and thinking things were going to change,” he said. “And really and truly, things haven’t changed. When Obama was on the campaign trail in 2008, he said that he would walk the picket lines with labor and we haven’t seen it. He’s unwilling to stand with us.”

Tensions among unions that officially endorse Obama at the DNC and other workers’ rights groups ran high at the Labor Day march in Charlotte yesterday morning. The march ended at Frazier Park, where Occupy Charlotte was camping out. While members of SEIU were chanting pro-Obama slogans, Occupy protestors shouted anti-Obama slogans, until some SEIU members decided to leave the rally.

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  • Nukeman60

    Awww, Dickie Trumpka won’t play with Valerie and now Julia wants to abort Barry. Whatever are we going to do? It almost breaks my heart the way these kids just won’t get along. Heh.

    The final stages of any Tsunami are the piles and piles of wreckage left on the shores.

    • Sober_Thinking


    • conservative61

      It’s a helluva time we live in when accepting a bribe doesn’t mean staying bribed. Union leaders and their minions should know by now that Dear Leader Obamao has even fewer scruples than they do. So much for “honor among thieves.” The unions, more than ANYONE, should understand that, so their bellyaching is so much pi**ing into the wind.

  • Could it possibly be that some on the left are actually starting to wake up a little and ask some questions? Naw… They’ll fall in line as soon as Kool-Aid in Empty Seat orders them to. Or will they?

    • ColoradoTim

      They’ll sit in the seats as ordered. But they won’t clap or cheer enthusiastically. They will probably let out a few bronx cheers on occasion. Listen for that.

    • Sober_Thinking

      One can only hope. I expect the Tea Party in particular to keep ringing the alarm bells of truth, to help them wake up.

      • “ringing the alarm bells of truth” – Great turn of phrase! 🙂

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          It’s ringing out “Danger”, it’s ringing out “Warning”.

          • But are they listening? 🙁 I think some are beginning to hear them, but like a slumbering sheep, they momentarily wake up, notice the bells, turn around and go right back to sleep. We have to make the bells so LOUD they cannot ignore them!

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              I think some are deaf to the bells or just find they annoying. Some are being hit where they live and may heed the signals.

            • Nukeman60

              I like your analysis of ‘slumbering sheep’. Yes, Some woke up in ’08, but many went back to sleep. Even more woke up in ’10, and fewer went back to sleep. Most are awake now and it’s doubtful we will ever allow them to go back to sleep again (with ’14 and ’16 down the road, the bells are deafening, while the ‘sheep’ are ‘lumbering’ now rather than slumbering).

              • We are saving them from themselves. Or trying to at least… 🙂

  • Joe

    Picking Charlotte for the DNC

    was one of the dumbest decisions made

    BUT that only shows that the RATS are only concerned with votes –

    They though they could permanently “convert” North Carolina to blue

    BACKFIRE >> http://www.rebelyid.com/wp-content/uploads/Gun-Backfire.png

  • Don

    When the president of the NEA union was asked why if they were educators that they wouldn’t represent the best interests of their students, he responded,”When students start paying union dues, then we will represent the students’ best interests.” I guess our society is evolving into what you get when public educational systems in our major cities are represented by labor unions. Their indocrination of students is just another step in the “transformation” of our way of life.

  • Yazz55

    Don’t worry, by next week all will be forgiven and they’ll all be on board campaigning for the obamessiah.

    • PhillyCon

      Yes, this is what always happens. Even Philly’s mayor said almost the same thing.

      • Good sheep always go where they are told. 🙁

        • I wish you would quit disrespecting sheep. These are liberals.

          • I apologize to sheep worldwide if they felt slighted by comment! We all know you are not only cute, but… (whipers: My teleprompter stopped working, I’ll have to wing it) er… You taste as good as you look? no? er… Gotta go! 🙂

    • Sober_Thinking

      Sadly, that’s true. And as the sheep stroll back into their pen, Obama will be sitting there, grinning, with the shears in hand…

    • leel004

      True,but money will have fallen into nonunion pockets. Bit of a chuckle with that.
      And of coarse those state workers will have to clean u the occupiers ~#£¥ !

  • PhillyCon


    Here’s a Philly source that also says it’s one of Obama’s “landmines” in the state. Also, note the references to Rendell,”street money,” and voter ID.


  • Betsey_Ross

    To all the union memebers out there………He’s been using you, punks. Learn it, live it, love it.

    You’ll have to learn to succeed on your own.

  • Sober_Thinking


    This is already an unholy alliance… so glad to hear that the honeymoon is nearly over.

    Kick this devil out, then we can sweep up the mess that the parasitic unions have created.

  • Joseph ewing

    Wow, he lied to the Unions too?

    Who’d have thunk it?


  • Who cares…this means nothing! Why waste the space Right Scoop! The AFL-CIO will vote for Obama no matter what!! This is another BIG WHOOP about nothing! The Unions are pawns that like being used….scratch my back I’ll scratch yours! Many people in unions are too stupid to see them for what they are! The union leadership sells out to the Dems NO MATTER what the grumbling or complaining….this is a joke!! Union membership shrinks for a reason….they are past their useful life!! It is all about power!

    Go North Carolina!! If the unions do not like TELL THEM TO POUND SALT!

  • RedDaveR

    “A Right-to-Work state that does not allow employees to collectively bargain”. That is just blantantly false. Workers have every right to collectively bargain in NC and in RTW states. It’s just that you cannot force people to collectively bargain against their will, or to force people to join unions or pay compulsory dues. The Seattle Times is exposing themselves as a union-label, left-wing propaganda piece.

    Union bosses and the Dems fighting each other. Getting the popcorn ready.

  • Double Awwwww, those SEIU dogs and AFL/CIO thugs can’t get all the love they think they deserve. Well, maybe if they spent more time actually trying to work with corporations to create more jobs rather than constantly trying to rape state governments, companies, and their own members (through union dues), maybe they would be more popular. But right now, unions are about as popular as either the IRS or a root canals, and I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Happyface2

    This is all goooooood!

  • a right-to-work state that does not allow employees to collectively bargain
    big lie.

  • jdbaird

    “…the United Mine Workers, a strong supporter of Barack Obama in 2008, are still deciding whether to officially endorse him this time around.” I think when your candidate says he’s going to bankrupt your industry it may be a wise move to endorse someone else.

    • DebbyX

      Jeesh…………they really have to THINK about?!

      • jdbaird

        Well they’re democrats, they have extremely thick skulls and they’re not very smart to begin with, that’s a bad combination.

  • aposematic

    Obumbo has already counted their votes so they have become insignificant…same for blacks, students, and tit suckers. The vote Obumbo has to have to win are women. Obumbo and everyone else should know if the don’t that women will decide the winner of this election. See the Obumbo platform, speakers, convention theme, etc, etc, for proof. Killing babies as a form of birth control is immoral…period. Has America become an immoral Republic…we will find out Nov. 6.

  • Jim Gilman

    Ok but what did the leaflets say? Nevermind.