DNC admits they deleted Jerusalem language to reflect Obama policy

The DNC admits that they deleted the 2008 and prior Jerusalem language in the Democratic Party platform to follow Obama and his policy that refuses to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel:

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  • 12grace

    Why would ANY Jew vote for obama?

    • playsalieri

      Why would ANYONE vote for Obama?!?

      • proudhispanicconservative

        A poll that came out today says 54% say Obama doesnt deserve to be reelected 40% think he does. That is music to my ears.

        • I’m surprised 40% think he deserves reelection.

        • 1stBeStrong

          I saw a poll that said he was ahead on the ‘electoral’ votes. So once again, which are we to believe.
          I think if this entire issue of this video was true, we would have heard the Jewish uproar across the nation from 2008 til now if a word of it was true. I wouldn’t put it past the Rep. to have video taped it during their convention. I don’t believe he is anti-Jew. The USA has always supported Israel!!

          • 1stBeStrong, I dare you to do as Obama did and spend 20 years sitting in the pew listening to Jeremiah Wright, and then come out and tell me Obama is not anti-Jew.

            • 1stBeStrong

              Grow up. I don’t do ‘I dare you’ games. “I dare you to eat that bug”! I grew up my whole life in a straight, republican household and I am a lesbian democrat!! I think that tops your ‘dare’. ☮

      • morons vote too.

      • 12grace


    • There are morons in any racial/ethnic groups.

      • 12grace

        Unfortunately, you are right WS.

        I mentioned Jews because the RS post is “DNC admits they deleted Jerusalem language to reflect Obama policy”. And of course, Jewish people and Christians that support Israel as is commanded in the bible, would not support any leader that would suggest Israel go back to 1967 borders, etc.

        obama has betrayed Israel, our greatest friend in the Middle East, at every turn.

        • I used to have a supervisor who is a Muslim. Back in 2008, she told me that if she could vote, she would vote for Obama because he is Muslim. I told her he is not Muslim, he says he is Christian. She told me that if a son or daughter is born to a Muslim father, that person is Muslim. This is the alarming part: She then told me that if he says he is Christian, he is just doing that “to be accepted by American Christians.” I asked her how she could draw such a conclusion and she just laughed, pointed upwards, and said, “God knows.”

          I don’t buy into the Obama closeted Muslim theory, but this does give food for thought on why he would refuse to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and snubs Israeli officials at every opportunity.

          • 12grace

            I have spent a lot of time in South East Asia and I know first-hand that your supervisor told you the truth, once you are a Muslim, you are always a Muslim. The crime for converting to Christianity from Islam, is death.

            • They and the Mafia are just about the same. Once you’re in, you’re in. The only way out is death…or the witness protection program.

          • During the 2008 campaign, Obama gave an interview where he made the famous comment about the Muslim call to prayer being “one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.” But here’s the part that most people have missed: Obama then proceeded to recite that prayer. The problem is that the call to prayer INCLUDES the “Shahada,” which is the Muslim profession of faith (“There is no god but allah, and muhammad is his prophet”). Muslims believe that RECITING THAT SENTENCE ALOUD MAKES YOU A MUSLIM.

            For what it’s worth, I don’t believe that Obama is actually a Muslim. But reciting that prayer — making the Muslim profession of faith that, to real Muslims, MARKS you as a Muslim — was a “dog whistle” that he knew would send a certain signal to everyone in the Muslim world. He’s clueless enough — and narcissistic enough — to believe that this signal of Muslim fellowship from him would magically turn our enemies into our friends overnight and bring about peace on earth.

            Obama worships himself too much to worship any other god. He is a warped, power-tripping communist/fascist who sees the Muslim world as a useful ally in helping to destroy that thing that he and other communists hate so much, Judeo-Christian civilization.

        • Right On!!! As one who is of the Jewish faith, that any Jew (no matter who they are) who votes for Obama, gets exactly what they deserve !

    • poljunkie

      A lot of American Jews are worried about social justice and they view the democrat party as the ticket for SJ.
      They are more concerned with self, than Israel. Sad but true.

      • Steve Cohen

        You are correct that Jews are worried more about social justice and anything and the biggest reason is that their leaders think its the most important value vs the religion itself. Its ironic that reform Jews (which I am one) are taught to respect everyone’s view and opinion but in reality its only true if you agree with the establishment. I am the minority in my congregation (I’m a Conservative Republican) that think Obama has been a total waste and if Jews really cared about longevity of the Jewish religion that they should vote for Romney/Ryan.

      • You are quite right on that score. Unfortunately, many liberal Jews think that way, (to their detriment) They also do not know history. As one who is of the Jewish faith, a lot of liberal jews simply do not get it

    • Rightstuff1

      I hate to say it but because they are sheep. Beyond that I have no answer….sorry, don’t mean to be offensive. But seriously, you have THE most anti-Israel and by virtue anti-Jewish president and the majority f Jews will vote for him.

      • Right on RightStuff! As a proud Jew and proud American, through out history, some liberal jews NEVER LEARM TO THEIR OWN DETROMENT!

    • How could they be Democrats? Look at the chairperson for the DNC, Debbie Wasserbot-Schlitz. She’s a Jew. In her defense, she’s quite insane.

      • Chris, as a jew, I cannot stand her!!! you are RIGHT ON!!!

    • CalCoolidge

      IMO, liberal Jers are like any other liberal. The cause of big-government comes first. Anything that gets in the way can be thrown under the bus.

      • 12grace

        I think you are right, CC. I wish it were not true.

    • bobemakk

      That is the problem, Obama threw Israel under the bus many times, and they are our only ally in the middle east. JEWS MUST WAKE UP, ROMNEY SUPPORTS ISRAEL, OBAMA DOES NOT. The Jewish people must support Romney.

    • Jeroboam

      Because the Democrat Party is the only nation, the only religion, and the only family that most American Jews have left.

      • 12grace

        Ironically it has been America, a Capitalist Republic democracy, that has made it possible for Jews to practice their faith with our persecution. And allowed them to reap the financial benefits of their hard work. Yet many Jews continue to support Socialism and it’s tenants like Social Justice- the system of government that has a horrible record of oppression and persecution of Jews and Christians around the world.

        About being part of the Dem aka Communist family.

        It is a dysfunctional family.

        Perhaps the Jews and other minority groups, behave like abused women, that is, when asked why they don’t leave, they say things like ” But, I love him” and they stay in spite of their bloodied faces, smashed bones and broken hearts.

        Somehow the abused woman thinks that her abuser will come to his senses and be loving. And at times, her abuser does show signs of kindness- usually after acts of violence. And of course, he promises that he will never hurt her again. But, he does.

        It is nearly impossible to get an abused woman to leave her abuser. She makes excuses for her abusers behavior, the rate and level of violence increases over time along with her deep feelings of denial. And in the end, many abused woman, come to believe that they are somehow responsible for the abuse they suffered at the hands of their violator.

        The abused woman inevitably loses her soul and spirit.

        Same with the minority people that vote for obama or any liberal, when the pattern is complete, the obama supporters will lose their soul, spirit and will have destroyed our precious, America.

        I pray that the “cycle of minority abuse” via the Dem and liberals of both parties will not run it’s devastating course on a national level.

  • Hey Obama here is an idea you will like MAKE TEHRAN the CAPITAL OF ISRAEL!! That will work with your policy JERK!!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I Can not see any Jewish people voting for barry. He in no way supports Israel. jmo

  • MaxineCA

    Well then, I guess dear leader has spoken and the delegates have no voice or vote regarding their platform. I wonder if the delegates actually get it, or if they are just mere puppets of the party. Oh, never mind, I know the answer.

  • keninil

    Hopefully it helps PO all the Jewish broadcasters and moneymen.

  • sybilll

    Thank Goodness you got this Scoop, as the video has already been scrubbed from YouTube. Brace for a Drudge link.

  • Obama is an anti-American, Anti-western manchurian candidate.

  • Arrrggghhh

    A smoking hole in the ground really doesn’t need a capital, now does it?

  • NYGino

    “The other thing that it goes on to say is that they want to underscore that the President has undeniable and unshakable commitment to Israel’s security”.

    He really thinks we are total fools.

    • p m

      They forgot to put the ‘in’ before security.

    • 12grace

      Have you seen this?

      Many Thanks to Devvy for the above Truth

      51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute
      Barack Obama’s Identity & Eligibility to be President

      • NYGino

        Thank you 12grace. Very in depth and very convincing. Too many points to be pushed aside and ridiculed as ‘birtherism’. Some day, hopefully soon, the truth will come out and it wont be pretty. There will be a lot of conspirators unveiled.

        • 12grace

          I’m glad you found it helpful,NYGino.

  • deeme

    I’m pretty sure AlQueda has taken over Detroit, give him four more years and see what this country looks like..Not to mention everything is about the manipulation of language to them..What they say, what they don’t say, redefining words, making words a hate crime..Unless you are a Christian, Patriot or teapartier then anything goes.What are his policies anyways.?.Aside from acting like Israel doesn’t exist, he must know something we don’t know because if ahmadinejad get’s his way they won’t.

  • NObama voting Jews – WAKE THE F UP ALREADY!!! NObama HATES you! He’s only interested in you if you’re willing to pay him! This man does NOT have the interests of either America or Israel anywhere close to his heart! You MUST stop supporting him! Do you really want to be compared to the sheep voting for slaughterhouses? I thought not! So do something – WAKE UP! Smell the coffee or the roses or both, but stop supporting NObama! You know it makes sense!

  • cenalott

    Why would any African-American vote for a party that supports a practice that kills nearly 60% of all black children??? The Dems just basically announced support of partial birth abortion in the official DNC platform…as if “normal” abortion isn’t bad enough!!!

    From slavery to segregation to infanticide and the blacks keep pulling the lever for their destroyers…

    I fear our American Jewish brothers and sister have wandered too long in the “desert” too far from the Holy Land…Now the “Golden Calf” (or horse’s ass) in the White House is walking them down a similar road to perdition…

    I’m not a Bible thumper (no offense to those who are) but I would refer you to the “itching ears” syndrome described in the Bible…

    • Because the DNC owns the teachers unions which keep most blacks ignorant of the reality that throughout the history of the United States the Democrats have been the ones putting blacks into slavery and keeping them there then chain gangs and sharecropping then segregation and now broken families through welfare and schools that teach children they have no chance in life except in crime or wining the lottery.

      • 1stBeStrong

        Why do people ‘pull the race card’ still in the 21st century. People of color have more opportunity now days than anyone that is LGBT. The harder you work in school, the better off you are when you get out. Period. It has nothing to do with the color of the skin, the flesh is all the same & so is the brain. Just some do not choose to use theirs. I didn’t go to college and it was a bad mistake on my own part. But I refuse to blame it on anything or anyone, but myself and my choices & goals at that time. Parents need to be involved and follow up with their kids; make sure they do their work and keep their grades up. Screw their ‘groups’ they hang with, they will be gone when school is over and your child is off to college. If they don’t go, it’s your and their own fault. Don’t blame it on some shit that happened generations ago. You have the same rights as everyone else does with the exception of LGBT that are denied over 1,100 civil rights. If you are gay, then you can complain.

    • 12grace

      Christian or not, it is unbearable to understand who and what obama is and plans to do, and find that groups that he has hurt the most will continue to support obama. And too, if enough fools vote for obama and he gets back into office, we all suffer.

  • wodiej

    Good Lord…obama must go.

  • Patriot077

    We knew it was Obama’s agenda all along; hard to believe otherwise considering his shameful treatment of Bibi at the White House.

    Whether Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or any other religion, every voter should be concerned about the lack of humanity on display here.

  • The thump, thump, thump you’re hearing is Israel being thrown under the bus. Obama has no use for Israel and thinks it’s nothing more than a “distraction” from his massive domestic policy spending. If Israel attacks Iran before the election, they’re on their own, and Israel knows it. They are in a really lousy position right now and the only thing left to do is for Congress to by-pass the president and declare their full support for Israel. Funding comes from Congress, not the president, and I doubt anybody in Congress wants to be seen as weak on supporting Israel during an election year. The moment of truth is fast approaching, and it’s looking more and more that Obama has no problems with a nuclear armed Iran. It’s up to Congress to hold out and support Israel if the worst happens over the next two months.

  • Jaels_Song

    Idiot Godless reprobate Democrats…

    God made Jerusalem the capitol of Israel.

    • p m

      And Marx made the abolition of religion a plank in the communist manifesto. All of a piece…with zero’s outlook.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Even they can’t explain away the issue that this president does NOT stand with Israel. And as much as they are in the tank for him, their inner circles will be pressuring them on an answer. I’m afraid that the liberal American Jews have now seen this generations nightmare! Obama! Will they vote for him, probably so? Because with them, party always comes first!!!!!

  • poljunkie

    ….And yet American Jews will still vote en masse for Obama.


    Note to The American Jewish lobby- sending money to Israel for trees is not supporting Israel.

  • sjmom

    Just another affront to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Thank God there are still God fearing folks among us whose prayers and intercession are saving this nation from what has happened to others who turned their backs on the Almighty.

    Jerusalem, regardless of Obama, will remain in Jewish hands and be Israel’s capital until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ! May it be soon.

  • Howzah123

    The activist pretending to be a journalist can’t even spin it

    The liberal evolution to Jew Hater is complete. If the Jewish People who donate to Democrats had any sense, they would abandon the failed ideologies of Collectivism and Liberalism and come to the Party who wants to prevent another Holocaust.

    Obama is “paling around with Iran” as loyal Democratic Jews who bankrolled his campaign in 2008 are fed to the wolves. Unbelievable.

  • Janovus

    Obama is pure evil…

  • stage9

    The CNN two-step…

    So Obama won’t acknowledge Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, and he assured her enemy Iran that he will not stand with Israel if she decides to strike Iran, BUT despite those two knives in her back, he has promised her security.

    My question is: Whose security? The Jewish people? or islamic radicals?

  • mark1955

    Yet, Karl Rove say’s, “We can’t be Mean to Obama”. Bleephead!

    • Karl Rove is the typical establishment GOP type. He may have served G.W. Bush well, but he is not serving the Republican party well.

  • johnos2112

    How many Jews, Catholics, etc. will continue to accept this clown and his party platform? Seriously! If you are of Jewish descent or a Catholic how much of this crap are you going to tolerate? What will it take for your folks to see this? Have a liberal spit in your face before attending service on Sunday? I am being serious here!

  • Sober_Thinking

    And yet the Jewish people will still vote for this monster? Lol… idiots.

  • p m

    It would seem that the muslim brotherhood has taken Israel’s place as zero’s staunchest ally, at least in his eyes.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    How could anyone have any doubts about obama’s feelings toward Israel?????? He dislikes and disdains Israel and its people. It’s obvious to everyone, yet he’ll garner votes from American Jews. That I don’t understand, unless American Jews have lost their connectivity with their homeland.

  • bjohnson55

    What will it take for the American Jewish voters to finally get the fact that this President will throw Israel under the Iranian bus the first chance he gets? Does he have to throw gas on Israel and light the match before you people get it?

  • bjohnson55

    The Socialist Party (Democrat party died a long time ago) has taken the mention of GOD out of their platform also but they were to sure to support the murder of innocent unborn babies. How extremely modern and utterly cosmopolitan of them. They are looking more and more like the old USSR every day, bless their hearts.

  • mike3e4r7

    Good on CNN for reporting this. There are many people in this country that refuse to watch FOX (the only other station that would report on this issue) that need to hear about this.

  • hongryhawg

    The Jews will probably vote again for Blowbama, thereby showing the world why God continues to smack them.

  • sno_warrior

    They mentioned Jerusalem but the could not bring themselves to say the word ‘God’…so he couldn’t ask her the question “WHY God was taken out of the platform?”

  • Rocco11

    If Obama ain’t a muslim, he sure is wearing the uniform…

  • CalCoolidge

    Obama’s reference to “final status negotiations” sounds to me like he doesn’t recognize Israel uneuivocal right to exist. After all, he is a “Hussein.”

  • Zeleznoc

    Jews need to wake up before they end up massacred again!

  • Joseph ewing

    And yet American Jews are one of the Dem’s biggest voting blocks.

    I’ll never understand it.

  • mike morrison

    Uh oh…someone screwed the pooch on this one. This ain’t goin’ away anytime soon.

  • 1stBeStrong

    I find it hard to believe that they are saying that they did half of what this woman is saying. I have always heard believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

  • leonard

    this means the writers of the platform decided to focus on the important stuff. the statement on jerusalem is meaningless since everyone knows it is the capital but to add the lies that it is undivided after Bush and Clinton both brokered deals to give it away is stupid read this link for the info http://gwbushandobama.blogspot.com/

    • WRONG. The democrats denounced God & insulted our closed ally after UK & only democracy in the Middle East. If you don’t get the ramifications, you are too far gone. Obama told Israel to go back to 1967 indefensible borders months ago. Now, on the verge of Iran’s attack on Israel as they swear to do, & today’s Libya & Egypt consulates attacks (despite willingly taking millions from us in aid) Obama refused to see Israel’s Prime Minister. YOU SUPPORT A DANGEROUS, ILLEGITIMATE, INELIGIBLE, INEPT, UNWORTHY, CLUELESS America, Jew & white hating usurper who is going to get us all killed. http://www.TheObamaFile.com & is controlled by Muslim Brotherhood that will round up the LBGT & liberals first. FOOL. Obama flip flopped on gay marriage and abortion. His Muslim supporters are PISSED. They paid a lot of money for him to take office.

      • 1stBeStrong

        According to you… everyone “WRONG” with the exception of you. I’ve heard it said, “Don’t believe half of what you hear or any of what you read”. If you are against someone in politics, you are going to say whatever you want in a book/video to make that person look bad.
        Pay attention to what is coming out of your Romney’s mouth and his own party’s disdain for his jumping to comment too fast and mis-speaking all the time!