DNC Delegate threatens to kill Mitt Romney

The “new tone” in the Democratic Party is apparently dead.

The Blaze reports:

During the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, TheBlaze took to Time Warner Cable Arena to speak with delegates about the most pressing issues of our time. Most of those interviewed were good sports, answering questions about the trajectory of the country under Obama, the Affordable Care Act and even Socialism.

One of our conversations took an unexpected turn, however, when we asked New York delegate Julia Rodriguez about her views on the direction of the country. Rodriguez promptly shouted that she would, in fact, like to “kill” Mitt Romney.

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  • sdw1000

    Secret Service needs to be on that woman!

    • keyesforpres

      Send her back to Puerto Rico.

      • Send her to Mexico! She speaks the lingo and the Sicarios need operatives.

        • keyesforpres

          Agreed. Most Puerto Ricans seem to stand with the Mexicans over Americans anyway. That Spanish surname and language seems to trump everything for them.

          • So very true.

          • Being one myself, I can say that many do NOT stand with Mexicans. Unlike the knuckle-head in this video, many are proud of the link with America. Not all are kool-aid drinkers like this gal. I, for one, will be voting Obama out of office. Unlike this broad, I don’t want to keel anyone.

      • keninil

        40 years and she still has not mastered English !!

        • lol

        • hbnolikeee

          That is the problem with many immigrants today. My grandparents came here and learned the language and as much of the American culture as the could. They were “grateful” to be here. Not the ingrates that we deal with here daily that want free government cheese while they do ZERO to assimilate and find a place in this culture.

          • You are so right, my grandparents were to speak English only in their houses to assimilate. Worked whatever jobs they could get and the country was a better place for it. Now we get these masses here just to freeload for the rest of their lives, won’t learn English and generally send our dollars back home to their motherland, killing our economy.

            • keninil

              My parents, both 2nd gen Polish, spoke fluently with my grandparents, but would not teach us any of the language–we were to be all American. Later they wondered why we had such a hard time in HS & college language classes. Go figure.

          • keyesforpres

            It’s time to end mass immigration. It is incompatible with modern society. It’s too easy to not assimilate now and we have become a welfare state. It used to be you could not immigrate here and get gov’t assistance. I personally believe that NO foreigner should ever be allowed to get gov’t assistance.

        • Rightstuff1

          But she has mastered the ability to mouth vile comments, untruths and pathetically project violence – what a good little card carrying dem whacko !!!

        • Hasn’t mastered dress or makeup, either. Suueee!

        • Most Texans live their entire lives and never master English.

          • keninil

            Think she is from NYC, but the same can be said for many of them.

        • So true!!! I lived in Brazil for two years and now speak Portuguese fluently as a result. If one doesn’t learn English after 3 years of residence, it’s because they don’t want to.

      • Hand hafta forty hoo yeeharz in Hamericar hi stahill speeek lahk Spaheedy Gonzalez ieeleegal seeestah! No, really.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I was thinking the same thing…

  • LIARS DNC is FILLED with DISGUSTING LIARS sooner we TOSS the SOBs out of DNC-

  • keyesforpres

    Good grief, this woman has been in this country for 40 years and she can barely speak English. Notice she is waving that Puerto Rico flag. Personally, I’d like to turn Puerto Rico loose. They don’t pay taxes, but they get our tax money and they have no loyalty to this nation.

    • A true member of the Democrat voting bloc.

    • Orangeone

      And they vote!

    • prgrunt

      I would like to reply to your sugestion that Puerto Ricans are not loyal to this country, that you are completely mistaken. Perhaps you might try getting some information on google about our history, especially as it relates to the good old USA.
      For starters Ricans have been serving in all the branches of the military since WW1. In my family there has been dozens of veterans who proudly served and were honorable in their responsabily to the nation. My granfather served in the Panama canal zone during WW1, uncles and cousins in WW2 and Korea, my brother in the Navy for 12 years, and my cousins and self in the Viet Nam war while in The USMC. Some are serving as I write.
      Aside from that Pueto Ricans are born US citizens, have contributed in making this a great nation. I grew up in New York back in the 50’s and In school patriotism was the order of the day. We were taught discipline and reponsability so the we would cherish and love this great country.
      Granted there are rotten eggs among us, but the again tell me of any race where ther isn’t good and bad people. Puerto Ricans are a honorable people, so don’t let nobody tell you differently. We love this country just as much as the other guy, and am sure many of us would give our very last drop of blood for the survival of this great country.
      As far as the lady at the DNC. you could tell she is an extreme fanatic. She should be ashamed of herself,and should be investigated. No one should be allowed to speak like that and get away with it. Long live the Tea Party!!!!

      • keyesforpres

        Didn’t say every single one of you felt that way, but I see more that support their Spanishness than view themselves as Americans. When I spoke at one of our Senate Judicial meetings to get our illegal alien bill passed there was a guy from Puerto Rico who was pushing big time for illegals. It was clear his loyalty was not to this nation.

        My personal opinion is we should turn PR loose. I find it outrageous they get our tax money, but pay no taxes. I don’t want people voting who recieve our welfare, but contribute nothing financially. Too many have this woman’s attitude.

      • keyesforpres

        Another thing, if PR’s love this country so much, why do they always vote “no” on statehood? It’s because they pay no taxes and recieve the benefits anyway.

        If they are born US citizens then I say it’s time they make English their official language.

  • rjcylon

    The new tone was only meant to silence the right. They said it because they knew the media would only hold the right accountable.

  • tvlgds

    Isn’t that a terroristic threat?

  • WhiteGuy2

    lol,… 40 yrs in America and she still cant speak english, except for “I kill him!”

  • Is this woman related to DWS? She meant she wanted to “kill him” with kindness, right? I know we shouldn’t judge the whole based on the actions or words of one person, but looking at the people who support El Presidente who are also community agita…organizers, union thugs, revolutionaries, avowed socialists and communists, etc., it’s hard to believe that there is only one person in the crowd who feels the same way. The hardcore left is definitely an unhinged and in some cases, criminally insane bunch.

    • warpmine

      No she’s more than probably related to Che Guevara.

  • Okay what this poster granny for Super Depends going to kill Romney with…HER BAD BREATH? OR FOUL GAS??? Get real granny….try to find a 95 year old that you can catch!!

    • WellBlessYourHeart

      Yes, as I watched, I was thinking good grief where is the germX sanitizer to wipe off that mic once she’s done spitting her 1 minute of fame and hate all over it. Gross!

  • yobabe

    And her name happens to be…JULIA. Isn’t that just perfect…

  • Wow! , what a charming old democrat , 40 years in the country and still haven’t learned the language or humanity

  • warpmine

    Lurking in her family tree somewhere is Che Guevara. LOL!

    • keyesforpres

      She certainly has the attitude.

  • NoToTyrants

    I am sure the Democrats are beaming with pride at Ms. Rodriguez’s display of “tolerance”, “civility”, “inclusiveness”, “bipartisanship”, “new tone”…. I am sure she said it all in the cause of “social justice”, the children, “women’s rights”, “GLBT rights”, “minority rights”, “Undocumented American rights”….

    Make no mistake that if a tea partier during a rally had made a similar statement with regards to Obama, the media would still be playing the clip in an attempt to indict all tea partiers. In addition, you bet your bottom that said tea partier would receive a visit from the Secret Service, as they should.

    • I’m in agreement.

    • Without a doubt!!!

    • Loonmagnet


  • She’s just saying what liberals are thinking. I wonder if someone could do an investigation on all Presidential assassinations and assassination attempts and list their political affiliation. I am thinking most if not all were liberal or communist.

  • I’d be upset, too, if someone was going to make me work for my food stamps!

  • white531

    Not worth comment. I’m sorry.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What a disgrace and how ashamed I am that this woman is a hispanic, I feel I have to apologize for her unfortunate comments to my fellow scoopers here.

    • NoToTyrants

      Stupidity crosses all racial, gender, religious, sexual preference, and national lines.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I know but this lady, that looks like she has never worked in her life to suggest something like that is just disgusting.

        • NoToTyrants

          Didn’t I read somewhere that the Governor of Puerto Rico is , at least by Puerto Rican standards, a relatively conservative Republican?

          I think he even spoke at the RNC convention.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Yes he is a conservative and has cut down on wasteful spendings, and if I am not mistaken the legislature is republican.

            • NoToTyrants

              Didn’t know the legislature was Republican.

              • proudhispanicconservative

                not 100% sure though

          • sno_warrior

            he did speak and did a pretty good job.

    • Landscaper

      no need, all good.

    • No need to apologize, proudhispanicconservative. I don’t believe she speaks for you. 🙂

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Thank you and she does not speak for me, she speaks from the people on welfare, section 8, and food stamps.

    • MaxineCA

      You should have stopped after “What a disgrace”. Anyone, and I mean anyone who would say such a thing is a disgrace and hateful. It has nothing to do with their ethnicity. What she said has absolutely nothing to do with you, so don’t feel the need to apologize for her. Think of it this way….. I don’t feel the need to apologize for DWS. Right?

    • Orangeone

      No need to apologize. Her demorat label is enough for us to realize she is worth less than an ant, no offense to ants.

  • Didnt Puerto Rican Communists once blow up the congress or sumtin? and Bill Clinton pardoned them before he left office.

    I’ve noticed that over the years PR have become very socialist. r we going back to those times when communism was big over there?

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Actually this lady lives in the bronx, and its the other way around, the legislature in puerto rico is Republican, and the governor is republican.

    • MaxineCA

      That’s an interesting question. I remember seeing their Gov. (I think that’s his title) at the RNC and he is very conservative. He took some drastic, but needed steps to bring their budget under control. Maybe she’s afraid Romney will do the same here.

      Perhaps the secret service should give her a little visit and remind her we don’t make death threats in this country, especially against a pres. candidate.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I hope the secret service pays her a visit and makes her life hell, there is no need to say those things.

        • Nah. They’ll ask her if she has some Colombian hotties stashed away somewhere.

      • Orangeone

        Doubt it will happen since they take their direction from O’Bambi. First the issue with Romney’s bus, then the SS chick left her loaded gun in the bathroom on Romney’s plane, now this. Crickets from the SS.

  • johnos2112

    Obama is destroying everything that he touches and this woman is brain dead! Imagine if a conservative said……….! Nevermind!

  • AbdulBX

    I live here in the Bronx with an umemployment rate over 13%, yet she is worried about Romney destroying this country? She needs to look outside her front door.

  • johnos2112

    I guess the secret service will just ignore those comments eh? If that was said about O that person would be in jail and charges filed!

  • FreeManWalking

    Such a sweet sweet Tolerant Totalitarian.

    If 0b0 had a grandmother would she speak better English than this woman.

    • lets hope this bitch gets arrested

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Correction this welfare, section 8, food stamp biatch

  • johnos2112

    Final thought on this. I would want to kill a guy too who wants ALL Americans to keep more of their money, keep seniors from getting ripped off by Obamacare, drilling for energy in OUR country and being the leader of the free world to impress upon others that very notion. I feel your pain miss. When those things happen here in the US it really does suck to live here!

  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    la cultura boriqua es muy extraño. da mucha pena.

    • MaxineCA

      Translation please…..

      • destroyer_of_moonbats

        the puerto rican culture is strange. what a pity.

        • drphibes

          they are strange. always killing their romneys. go figure.

  • Jsmith9915

    Let;s see was the question 4 years or 40 years?

  • drphibes

    She can really trill her R’s.

    Chrees Matt-chews hass a TRILL running up his legk.

  • Jsmith9915

    So much hatred, so little time.

  • batshit crazies

  • drphibes

    She is the hispanic cousin of that lady from Poltergeist.

    “Carol Anne! Don’t choo go near dee light!”

  • Flyoverman

    Enjoy your chat with the Secret Service madam.

  • Alright, Code Pink called…… they are missing a vagina.

    • keyesforpres


    • iaintlyin

      i understand the reason for the kind word, this is a public forum. I was tempted to say The Bronx called, one of their idiots escaped.

    • Ugh. I wouldn’t say they’re “missing” it too much.

  • iaintlyin

    momma mia, this dope has the same amount of votes as me? The best is, Puerto Ricans are supposedly a God loving people and this, this, this……idiot, is pro 0, and wants to kill someone. This carnival is getting better and better by the minute. This is only the side show, wait ’til the real clowns and verbal contortionists hit the floor.

    • toongoon

      Good rant!!

  • Secret Service will give her a visit

    • Yeah, they may mistake her for a Colombian mistress.

  • RKflorida

    This kind of hate and violent talk is sure to backfire on these folks. You can’t keep spewing this wickedness and not have to pay for it.

  • white531

    Scoop, this site has grown beyond anyone’s expectations. I know it and you know it. These conversations about current topics are good, but they fade quickly, as new topics emerge. Please consider putting up a general discussion area, where all of us can enjoy a continuing dialogue about all that is going on. Please. At least consider the idea.

  • thank you so much maam? wow!

    • Ha! The interviewer was probably like, “I gotta get the f*** away from this lady! She is bats**t crazy! I think I’ll interview some Tea Partiers after this. At least I won’t be in fear for my life. I think I’ll bring some OC gas with me the next time.”

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Your Democratic Party at work.

    • PVG

      Not mine anymore!

  • She should be deported. You know if she said that about bo she would be deported.

    • kong1967

      She wouldn’t get away with saying that about Hugo back at home.

      EDIT: Lol, I saw another post saying she was from Venezuela. No, she’s not. I listened again. I withdraw my Hugo comment.

  • PVG

    Was that the mad hatter??

    • KenInMontana

      His estranged second wife.

    • Yeah, the Mad “Hattan”…since she is from the Bronx and all.

  • There it is. Civility for me but not for thee. If someone said that about Obama, they’d be detained in Guantanamo probably for the rest of their natural lives.

    • kong1967

      As long as I don’t see Obama in there I’m ok with that, lol.

  • IBsaved2

    This lady needs to develop an attitude of gratitude. She is living in the United States of America. She is an American now. What a privilege it is to live in this country. Her comment was very disrespectful and uncivilized. I hope someone told her that her vile comment was not appropriate.

  • This is a party of lunatics!

  • Landscaper

    I watched the NFL Wednesday night game and “killed” some time and a few beers!

  • Susitna

    Mrs. Rodriguez is the kind of “women vote” Obama is seeking. She should first learn English and then kill some weight and not people……..Go back to Puerto Rico and learn to say Country!

    • kong1967

      ….and she has been here for 40 years…unless I misunderstood the babbling buffoon.

  • I wouldn’t kiss that sow with Bonnie Fwanks lips. But she is an icon of the left, throughout history. Hope she gets her entitlement checks on time.

    • Sean Penn saw this and is now on his way to pick her up and get her back to Venezuela to start her new job as Chavez’ enforcer.

    • kong1967

      Bonnie Fwank

      ROFLMAO!! Very good, very good.

  • The folks in La Raza could use her. They are full of haters and subversives. She’d actually feel right at home, I think.

  • kong1967

    Nope, she didn’t threaten to kill him. She said that if she sees him she would like to kill hiim. It’s a technical difference, but it’s a big difference.

    It was still completely out of line and very wrong.

    • rich wojcik

      Kong: say publicly you would like to kill -sayu, FuBar Ack.
      …………”would like”….of course…..
      See you in a few years or decades.

      • kong1967

        Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. Saying you would like to do something is different than saying you’re going to do it.

        In any case, she shouldn’t have said it whether it was meant as a threat or not.

  • Yazz55

    I wonder if the lapdog lamestream media would ignore the same comment if it was made by at the Republican convention by one of their delegates. That if they meet obama they would just want to kill him.

    • Spartan1975

      I do not even wonder…they would make it a story for decades to come!

  • Destroy this country HOW?

    Point 1: Yeah, she sounds nuts but the Blaze reporterette should have asked for DETAILS of how Romney would do a better job of destroying the country than Obama is doing right now.

    Point 2: Had someone from CNN or MSNBC gotten a similar response from her opposite number in the Tea Party re Obama, the Secret Service would have been called in to investigate. By the next day there would be hours of video devoted to “exposing” her and her family, including the shocking revelation that her third cousin Orville drove off a bridge and left his dog to drown back in 1969. (And Chrissy Matthews would ask if the dog had been strapped to the roof.)

  • Arrrggghhh

    I’m guessing that will be thoroughly ignored by the MSM.

    This is the “are you better off?” problem: For almost half the population, they are doing exactly the same as four years ago. They were getting their government cheese then and they’re getting their government cheese now. If Obama wins, they will continue to get cheese. if Romney wins, they may not get more cheese. They could not care less about the economy or the $16 trillion in debt or tax rates. Those mean nothing. They just want their cheese. That’s what “shared opportunity” means to them. We work and pay taxes and they get cheese.

  • 1mathteacher

    My goodness. I am truly saddened to hear this little old woman talk this way. “If I see him, I would like to kill him.” She is obviously speaking out of ignorance, but I believe that she truly believes what she is saying, that “Romney will completely destroy this country.” But ignoring the sheer idiocy of that belief, it should bother all of us that her response to that belief is “I [want to] kill him.” It’s one thing to want someone lose an election, and quite another thing to want them dead & be willing to say it out loud….on TV!

    Why do liberals approach everything from such an angry, violent, hateful point of view? Do they conduct their entire lives this way? It must be terrible for them & everyone they know.

  • Don Gaines

    Romney or Obama no difference. we need people from the middle class and the down & out to do right for this country.

    • toongoon

      How frustrating, we say that every election, and every election we end up with party elitists.

  • stevenbiot

    So they are filling seats with mental institution escapees.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    There’s no fool like an old fool. I was shocked to hear that old woman say what she said. For heaven’s sake the Left is losing it big time. I guess that means they feel like the election is slipping away and they are getting desperate. A person couldn’t say anything about harming the president without facing serious legal problems, so why can she say that about a presidential candidate without the same consequences?

  • Sober_Thinking

    How patriotic, she’s carrying a Puerto Rican flag.

    Where’s the media outrage over her comment? How about her flag? In their pathetic, touchy-feely world, this should get on their last nerve… oh, but wait… she wants to kill Romney, not their beloved messiah… oh, okay… my bad.

  • This woman is a delegate? To what, the Fraternal Order of Insane People? Wow, with “delegates” like this running the Democratic party, Republicans should be ashamed of themselves if they don’t win.

  • Sandra123456

    Hey …she learned English! See it is not impossible for Spanish speakers to to do that!

  • Is there no one in the Democrat party that isn’t unhinged? Even the speakers at DNC and leaders are unhinged.

  • Spartan1975

    I think she is such an example for Democrats and the Obama administration that they created the life of Julia in her honor…LOL

  • iaintlyin

    Imagine this nitwits vote counts as much as yours. As a delegate we pay her way to go down there as a representative? There are so many hypocritical, self serving, uninformed people making comments such as these it’s hard to believe. No substance in their comments because their either uninformed, misinformed or just plain hypnotized by the halo. I always thought the Puerto Rican bloc as a whole, were a God loving people with a sense of family, love and values. The Public Housing Project that this senile, ignorant moron represents must be a real doozy. If this is the best they have to represent any point of view God, yeah God, help us.

  • hramirez18

    She is not Puerto Rican, I’m sure she stole someone’s identity

  • Dan

    “New tone”??? This has been the liberal tone since at least 2000.

  • This woman’s comment is reprehensible, and I agree that she should get a visit from the Secret Service, absolutely. Threats of violence are beyond the pale.

    That said? This is one old woman, clearly upset and possibly — probably? — egged on by an interviewer for a comically right-wing outlet. (We don’t know what led up to that weird outburst.) Hard to imagine that anyone, even the most hysterical partisan, considers this old lady a threat.

    What’s more disturbing to me are the 100+ comments here, many of which are vile, hostile, xenophobic, and/or nakedly racist.

    What a tremendous and shameless outpouring of hate.

  • maynardb50

    How did she manage to even find her way there??

  • Katzize

    Ignorance… just can’t fix stupid…

  • As many Borriquen I’ve known since growing up in New Jersey, you can’t tell me this woman has been living in the Bronx for 40 years and CAN’T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE properly. She hasn’t a clue; she’s been fed the Left-Good, Right-Bad mantra since she came here, and if she truly knew what she was saying, she needs to be questioned by SS…the same way all of 0’s detractors seem to be.

  • TheOtherFromHERE

    Didn’t you get the memo? The “new tone” only applies to talking about Democrats!

  • I had to be a PUERTORICAN, I lived in PR for over 10 years, my parents are from there and still living in PR. What a disgrace, what a fool, what a clown and what a typical idiotic DEMOCRAT she is, buy hey, she is a DEMOCRAP and what else do you expect?

  • She’s in the political correct party, that’s for sure. She wants to “kill” and that’s exactly what the Democratic Party of America’s ideals are all about – the Culture of Death.

    Infanticide, eugenics, euthanasia, health-care rationing, assisted-suicide, abortion, partial-birth abortion, forced sterilization, etc.

    And, for her race, in New York city, a 53% abortion rate must really please her thirst for blood.

  • 3TTT


  • 3TTT


  • wodiej

    Well they are God less so this doesn’t surprise me.

  • tvlgds
  • LOL – Obviously, she was at a loss for words and her frustration took over. But I guess the right-wing media being as desperate as they are will take what they can get.

  • NY delegation was reported to be 2/3 against reincluding god and Israel stuff. Now this. WTF dept, isn’t it. May they all get pancreatic cancer.

  • Asessina

    A threat is a threat. If I said this of potus you can bet your arse I’d be arrested. So what diff? That she is older? Words have meaning.An intent to assault. My understanding is that SS is looking into and they have to take steps. If they dont then when someone does this to potus there will an outcry for more of a two face/lies of this admin.
    What a disgrace this woman is to the people of PR . I hope they disown her fast!

  • KSH

    I find it interesting that when I googled DNC Delegate threatens to kill Mitt Romney…ABC is the only major new agency that pops up with it. I thought at least FOX would show up in the search. The media is what gets to me.. I just wish Nov would hurry up and get here. The political process is dividing this country more then anything else.