Doctors handing out fraudulent sick notes for WI union protesters

If you want to get a sick note so that you can continue to protest in Wisconsin, there are doctors that will happily (and perhaps illegally) oblige you:

So much for those democratic ethics! I’m sure Nancy Pelosi would be proud. No really, she probably would.

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    They should all be fired, and their character as it pertains to the certain work they do should be demeaned for life… ;x…

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Wow. They need to be arrested and lose their license. Kudos to the ladies for exposing the situation.

    Where is a blizzard when you need one?

  • Those folks probably *are* sick – sick of that union-bashing governor!

    • Browns44

      LIzzy, can I call you Lizzy? What those people are really sick of is the thought of having to work for a living and the nightmare of the rest of keeping more of money by not paying their stinking wages with our taxes.
      Union bashing my ass.

  • Josher

    How is this ok?……… I would never allow my child to be taught by someone of such low character. How do you expect the kids to come to school when the teachers are pulling this crap?

    • Anonymous

      Because most parents are stupid, or don’t care, or are not involved w/their children, or they have no choice because kids have to go to school and it’s the school system they are stuck with. It’s really sad. I am glad I grew up when I did and school was not like this.

  • Anonymous

    How I wish Reagan where here, everyone who skips out to protest should be fired. What happened to teachers teaching because they love it? Teachers should not be allowed to unionize, in the end, it ONLY hurts the children, but they seem to just be collateral damage in the eyes of progressives.

  • Anonymous

    The medical “profession” is one of the most disreputable groups in the world….

    Remember those “competent expert medical professionals” (working for BP OIL) who certified that the Lockerbie Bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi was minutes away from death so he HAD to be released from prison (so BP could complete its oil deal with Libya)? (FYI: years later, al-Megrahi is STILL partying in Libya.) Those are they same type of medical b-tards that flooded NY to “certify” thousands and thousands of “public servants” for BILLIONS of dollars in give-aways under the lunatic-left d-crat socialist atrocious taxpayer rip-off bill of “benefits” for 911 workers. And, if that’s not enough, thousands of the california-based “competent expert medical professionals” who certify the dire need for medical pot for millions of california stoners each and every day joined the other money-grubbers in that massive shafting of the American taxpayer. So, it certainly is no surprise that these medical lowlifes are in Wisconsin cashing-in on the dereliction of responsibility by the unethical, unscrupulous union teachers to “certify” their LIES about being sick so they can further rip-off taxpayers.

  • Zaza69

    That’s truly sickening! Hope they show the doctors’ faces later in the news… and their names!

  • Anonymous

    Wis Doctors Hand Out Fake Excuses to Protesters

  • simple thought

    and the unions as well as president obama wonder why normal Americans are fed up.

  • Browns44

    Special Ed Schultz would be proud!

  • poljunkie

    Throw the bums out!!!!

    • nick

      agreed, recall walker the first day hes eligible.

  • Ahhhh Professor O’Barry the great uniter. I remember the clueless Libs saying how he would untie the country and usher a new harmony in America.

    This just shows that we have nothing in common with the government gangsters, con artists, and looters.

    • joyfulgiver

      Nick is that an intentional typo in your post? I love it! Obama is certainly keeping up on his promise to “untie” this nation…

  • Anonymous

    here’s info on 1 of the drs

    Dr. Hannah M. Keevil, MD

    Office locations for Dr. Hannah Keevil
    Primary Location
    UW Health Odana Clinic
    5618 Odana Road
    Madison, WI, 53719
    Phone Number: (608) 274-1100

    Dr. Hannah Keevil practices family practice in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Keevil graduated with an MD 21 years ago.
    Specialties: Family Practice

    Education: See Where Dr. Keevil Attended Medical School…

    Medical & Undergraduate Education
    Medical School:
    Suny Downstate Medical Center College Of Medicine
    Brooklyn, NY, United States
    Graduated: 1990
    Residency Hospital: St Marys Hospital Med Center

    Affiliated Hospitals
    Meriter Hospital
    202 South Parks Street,
    Madison, WI

    33734-20 Medicine and Surgery KEEVIL, HANNAH M MADISON, WI 09/24/1992

    10/31/2011 expiration date

    Link to look up Wisconsin drs

  • Anonymous

    When I worked for the phone company, it was pretty tough to get fired. But there were a few things everyone knew the union wouldn’t even try to help you with if you got caught: falsifying a time sheet, stealing, and submitting a fake doctors note.

    It will be interesting to see if these notes get considered fraud. I bet they don’t. I bet they get away with it.

    • That is the thing, they are not “fake” . Fake would be filling out a Doctors note that was not signed by an actual doctor.

      These are Doctors wilfully committing fraud, and breaking their ethical oaths. Personally the MOST that should happen to the Teachers is that the “notes” be invalidated and then what ever course of action needed for the absence up to and including termination for illegal protesting should be followed, but the notes should not be the source of the disciplinary action on the teachers.

      Now the doctors on the other hand, at MINIMUM should get a couple months of Suspension from practising any Medicine, and possibly charged with criminal fraud and permanent revocation of their medical lic.

  • Anonymous

    When I worked for the phone company, it was pretty tough to get fired. But there were a few things everyone knew the union wouldn’t even try to help you with if you got caught: falsifying a time sheet, stealing, and submitting a fake doctors note.

    It will be interesting to see if these notes get considered fraud. I bet they don’t. I bet they get away with it.

  • Linkmeister2

    “On Saturday, a group of men and women in lab coats purporting to be doctors were handing out medical excuse notes, without examining the ‘patients.’

    “I asked this doctor what he was doing and he told me they were handing out excuses to people who were feeling sick due to emotional, mental or financial distress,” said Christian Hartsock. “They never performed an exam–he asked me how I was feeling today and I said I’m from California and I’m not used to the cold, so he handed me a note.”

    Notice where Christian is from….California. Not Wisconsin. “Nuff said.

    Proof positive that Obama and his union thugs are out of control.

  • Pgronemeier

    I heard there was a 2012 Dem ballot on the flip side of the note with O’bummer already marked…ha

  • I hope the government start getting STRONG with these people,

    So far he has let them have there fun, Monday be better start kicking ass and naming name… Play time is over

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm… must be a new benefit that Obamacare provides for the Unions.

  • destroyer of moonbats

    President Trump: Yah Fy-auud!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I had presume the Dr.’s were Planned Parenthood types. They are already confused about their oath to do no harm.

  • shorthorn

    Perhaps a note from their psychiatrist would be more appropriate.

    • Know what’d be even funnier? The doctors getting notes from the states they’re from, telling them the state bar has permanently revoked their licenses to practice, due to malpractice and unethical behavior, and the teachers getting one from their State telling them they’ve been terminated, a complaint of their unethical practices forwarded to the Department of Education, and a bar placed on any future state employment. Those would be some real knee-slappers.

  • Pauline

    The real reason the Union big shots are upset is because Gov. Walker’s changes include people not being forced to join the Union. The Unions will lose billions if this policy spreads to other states.

    All giving or getting fraudulent notes should be fired and legal action should follow.

  • joyfulgiver

    To ALL Wisconsin School teachers…What kind of example are you portraying to your students? What are you teaching the children? As teachers, how are you to lead? by example! Fraud, deception, lying, whatever you want to call it, this is not the example that you should be setting for the students you are teaching.

    This is a sad state of affairs in Wisconsin. The teachers and their union thugs are putting their selfish desires above those of the children they have “sacrificed” all to teach. Your actions right now are certainly speaking louder than your words. And, they are appalling.

    “He who is void of virtuous attachments in private life is, or very soon will be, void of all regard of his country. There is seldom an instance of a man guilty of betraying his country who had not before lost the feeling of moral obligations in his private connections… [P]rivate and public vices are in reality… connected… Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust be men of [exceptional] character. The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” Samuel Adams

  • Cheesehead

    What integrity! If these are the role models our kids get when they go to public school I say we need vouchers to fund more private schools!