Dan Bongino releases great new ad: “The journey begins and a better tomorrow awaits”

A great ad by the Bongino campaign. I sure hope he wins!

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  • Steve Angell

    I voted for him for Senate Andy Harris for Rep. I can not vote for him, not in his district, but I sure hope he wins. I liked his Senate ads but he was poorly funded as a Republican can not win statewide in Maryland especially a Conservative Republican one of the few states like that.

    • clockwindingdown

      I notice in ad did not have party affiliation at the end, is it forbidden in Maryland or just a wise move to pull in more votes?

      • 2yves

        Third party maybe?

      • Steve Angell

        It is common here to not state party it drives me crazy. It is not the law Andy had adds with party stated. Time perhaps?

        • clockwindingdown

          Could be the message and avoiding people reacting due to party affiliation. Those paying attention know which party, and those not paying attention may cast their votes based on messaging… In principal a good strategy when dealing with ignorant people voting party line…

          Thank you for the reply, much appreciated.

    • Tom of the Missouri

      Like Cruz, Paul and Rubio, he needs to get the attention of the great conservative candidate creator Jim DeMint for funding. DeMint is to conservatives what Karl Rove is to RHINOs. The Republican National Committee, controlled by the RHINO wing of the Republicans rarely supports or gives money to conservative upstarts. Not sure about the Paul race, but the RNC gave all their money to the RHINO establishment opponents in both Cruz and Rubio’s first national races. Cruz’s opponent, wasn’t even that much of a RHINO, being that it was Texas, he was just more establishment, but Cruz still beat him

      • keyesforpres

        Rubio sure turned out to be a turn coat. Actually, he lied to get elected. He supported amnesty in the state legislature. Paul sucks too. He supports amnesty.

        • Tom of the Missouri

          I don’t disagree on those amnesty votes and was as likely as disappointed as you when I learned they leaned that way on that issue, however those guys are far better than most Repubics on almost all issues. If we wait for perfection in choosing who to support we will be waiting a long time.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I have liked this guy from the beginning, I have no idea why he doesnt get any attention from the big guys, it will really work for him if he was on Levin or Rush’s show.

    • Rightstuff1

      Didn’t he stand in for The Great One last week? I’m sure he did. He is awesome. He is so clear and compelling a real man, a real patriot!

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I didnt know that I will listen to his podcast and see, will report back.

      • Patriot077

        Yes, on Friday evening. You can listen to the podcast if you missed him. It was a good show.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Dan Bongino guest-hosted for Levin on 10/4 – I’d recommend listening to the audio rewind – an hour-and-a-half that’s never outdated.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Thank you I am going to listen to it!!!!!!!!

    • Patriot077

      Levin and Beck supported him in his 2012 senate run. I don’t know if other big names gave him attention, but I bet they do this time around. What a great guy. He gets it at the gut level and he’s in it for the right reasons.

  • Sentinel

    If a good man like this were to win in a backwards state like Maryland (sorry Scoopers in that state – no disrespect to you), then there is still hope in that part of the country.

  • despicablelowlifes

    It’s not delivery, it’s Bongino!
    Love this guy.

    • Press Watchusa

      LOL! – Let’s see who else gets it

    • Rshill7

      Very nice 🙂

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    He did a superb job guest-hosting Mark Levin’s 10/4 program; I wish he would run for Senate again, as he only lost by a small margin. Brilliant speaker with in-depth, first-hand experience.

    • canb0nly1

      I didn’t realize that’s who that was subbing for Mark. He WAS very good on that show. I listened to it twice.

  • Press Watchusa

    Hopefully he will win – The timing is right
    As a Secret Service agent – His background should be clean so any opponent would have a problem smearing him – No political track record is good too

    Good Luck!

  • Sigelitedark

    God bless you, Dan Bongino. You’re a true soldier for the truth and virtue, and we wish you luck!

  • deTocqueville1

    This guy is great and much needed in the DC cesspool to help clean it out He came to my attention I think through a Palin announcement last time. His spirit of optimism and courage is contagious and he expresses himself so eloquently and forcefully. If he is elected he will have star power for years to come. Nice to have this sort of ‘good’ news

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Well this ad really says nothing about his political-philosophical-economic-Constitutional beliefs, just a lot of swell sounding music and nice quotes from people who could be his aunts and uncles. I’ve heard that he has guest hosted for Mark Levin, which speaks VOLUMES more than this ad. I also notice there is no party affiliation shown, but that seems to be the trend (at least in Tennessee) in political ads these days. Sounds like he might be “the right stuff” but I’d love to know more about him. Subbing for Mark Levin is great… what else? If I were REALLY snarky, I’d say his protecting President Obama from harm is a negative, but that would be ultimately unfair, hehehehe… But if he’s a true Conservative, I hope he wins.

    • Rshill7

      There should be many videos out about him from last year when he ran and lost. I’ve heard several of his speeches in small venues. So far, so very good. No objections from this corner of the peanut gallery.

      If he were new to me and I wanted to hear more from him, I’d type his name into YouTube and click on a few.

      • Bill in Tennessee

        Good idea, I’ll check into it….although I wish him luck, he’s off in Maryland (is there really any hope for Maryland?), and I’m in Conservative Tennessee.

        • Rshill7

          I’m in newly conservative Michigan who in 2010 took the House, the Senate, the Governorship, the Supreme Court, and the Secretary of State.

          A lot of people don’t realize all of the above because our two DC Senators are still Levin and Stabenow. Levin is retiring. Perhaps he’s been reading the Tea leaves.

          • Something is really happening in Michigan. I wish you guys the best. I think it’s probably the embarrassment of Detroit. That city needs deliverance.

            • Rshill7

              Deliverance is right Booker…and mere dueling banjos won’t get it, get it? 🙂

        • Patriot077

          I’m in blue Washington state and therefore try to support candidates in other states that can make a difference. He’s one I will not hestitate to share my piddly dollar donations with again in this campaign. Wish I had real bucks to send the good guys. My two knotheads were both re-elected in their latest runs.
          (IMO, the best thing we can do is help those in deep blue states when they get a good candidate)

    • Tom of the Missouri

      I heard him on Levin. Had no idea who he was but for the first time ever I posted on Levin’s Facebook page to tell Mark to be sure to use him again as a subsitute host. Some of Levin’s subs are a little weak. He was great! He can certainly talk in complete sentences without hemming and hawing and seemed very conservative and very down to earth. He also seemed very informed and even knowledgeable about economics, which is a rarity for any politician. . His down to earthness/humbleness might help him in Maryland if he is in a blue collar district or with those voters. He does not seem like the kind of guy that would go moderate/left after he is elected ala Scott Brown or like that b….ch in Maine. He is a disciple of not only Mark Levin but also of Milton Friedman. His own words on Friedman on the Levin show. I would vote for the guy in a split second after listening to him for an hour. I would cast him as an Italian American version of Allen West from Florida. He seems brave, intelligent, articulate, humble, good looking (I looked him up out of curiosity) and genuinely concerned with the state of the country. If he loses there I hope he moves to Missouri. He seems to have a future.

      • Gregory Drew

        Same here, I had never heard him–or of him–before. I had to Tweet a shoutout to the man because he did such a great job. Tom Marr and now him are my favorite substitutes for Mark.

    • jgilman1

      He left the Secret Service because of Osama knowing he was giving up his retirement benefits.

  • freeperjim

    A conservative patriot running in Commie Maryland is a tough challenge.

    Best of luck, Dan!!!!

  • Swamp Fox

    Good Luck Dan! There will be a lot of people supporting you.

  • sjmom

    Great ad. I wish him well.

  • He’s a good man.

  • Laurel

    You are in my prayers.

  • misterlogic0013

    his year .. in Commie Maryland / wins going away .. has a place in history ..

  • crosshr

    My prayers are with you brother.

  • DHardy

    Beautiful family and ad, I would vote for him

  • MiketheMarine

    I voted for him in last time.